May 30

Here’s the second half of our feature on the Thousand Sunny, a Bandai plastic model of the famous ship from the One Piece anime. In this episode we look at the sails, rigging, and more of those enormous decals!

Kits featured in this video:

– Thousand Sunny
Spring Super Sale

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  1. for a future video could you please show the DX-03 Team Keroro Mk.II God Keron or at least a part of it like the keroro mk II, i’m considering buying it

  2. are you guys (hlj) still going to sell some tamiya paints or mr.color paint ????

    • @ carlo sorry but we can no longer sell those paints overseas due to international custom, sending cans that potentially could explode in air planes etc.

  3. The two flags are blowing in opposite directions. 🙂

  4. That is huge! Wow! Amazing piece of kit. One Piece is a great shounen manga, I recommend it for Pirate fans XD

    Also I have a question, Mark softer (or setter). I brought one bottle a while back from HLJ and the usage is my question. Do you apply the liquid to the decal after you set it in place?

  5. I second the request to feature the Keroro kits. I’ve been contemplating it for a while. It should be no problem for Syd to pick his favourite out of the five and have a go at it. They look simple, but maybe too simple to the point of being disappointing, and a video review would help alot. Just be sure to stock on them 😉

  6. @Luke, oh~ so there is two things to use. Thats a lot of help! Thankyou!

  7. Josh said on June 3, 2011

    Hey, you know what would be cool? If you did a GunplaTV on the HGUC Dendrobium! I just finished watching 0083 and it would be sweet to see that thing built!

  8. You know, personally I’d say for a giant mark like the mugiwara jolly roger on the sail, decals would actually be easier than stickers. Why? Because if you put a sticker on, and you get it wrong, it sticks. Each time you move it, you damage the sticker a little bit – make it less sticky, mark it up, stretch it, whatever. But a waterslide decal can be moved easily before the glue sets up – and even if the glue does set up, it’s usually not too hard to get water underneath the decal and get it mobile again, as long as you don’t wait too long. It’s only when you start putting on decal solvent that the decal’s position becomes truly permanent.

    • @George, the stickers are rather large which makes them far more quicker and easier to apply. They are not small stickers that require a lot of time to line up, quite big and very easy to apply.
      Waterslide decals are very easy to apply also, I think we mention that in every episode where they are present but to save time we used the stickers. If you want to see us applying waterslide decals please watch previous episodes of Gunpla TV. Better yet you sound more than qualified when it comes to stickers and decals next time your doing some waterslide work why not put a tutorial together? It would be a waste to spend all that time writing long comments when a nice tutorial with pictures and advice would be far more appreciated by the users of trying to learn more techniques. It never hurts to have more experts on the site.

  9. You’re as masterfully tactful as ever in response to my (I imagine) somewhat annoying comments… 🙂
    Syd’s method for lining up the sticker did seem to work out quite nicely. It wound up a bit low, perhaps, but nothing worth worrying about.
    But it did strike me, just yeaterday, that (IMO anyway) the decals really would be the easier choice in this case. I think that goes against people’s usual expectations. I know I kind of rally against the use of stickers in general but apart from that I think decals have value in cases like this that’s often overlooked.
    As for contributing to the site – I see your point about the value of a more organized presentation, but at present my hobby time is rather limited, and when I document my work it takes longer… But maybe I can put something together. That Hasegawa VF-11 is coming out soon and I’m hoping (in spite of years of experience trying and failing to meet such deadlines) that I can finish it in time for Otakon. I could post the progress of that build, maybe.

  10. I’ve already post this question in youtube but just in case..

    Hello syd, just want to confirm.. Is the new world version of sunny same with the 1st release except for the included strawhut crew figures? If yes, Is there a separate item for purchasing the new world figures without buying the the new ver. sunny?


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