Nov 27

Things are getting real this week with a detailed look at the new Real Grade Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II! Just how does this lean mean red colored spiky fighting machine RG release stack up? Watch to find out!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/144 RG MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II
Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon
Figure-rise Mechanics Dorami
Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon’s Secret Gadget: Time Machine



  1. Grunt units are truly precious and beautiful

  2. I am the Cavalry

  3. the Custom Grunt suits are some of my favs. I mean they add little to the kits but so much at the same time

  4. well it looks like this will be the zaku to repaint into all the other zaku high mobility variants

  5. That zaku 2 looks awesome i have the zaku amazing in my collection with a black star zaku 1

  6. Ooohhh, can I have the giveaway prize?! I guess I’ll find out next episode.

  7. RG zaku 1.

  8. new parts look like HG to me.

  9. Can always use an Origin kit..

  10. May the RGN gods smile upon me!

  11. Haven’t seen an RG for some time, the plastic looks magnificent.

  12. I like the color of this rg instead of red pink of my rg char zaku ‘_’
    I think I’m gonna buy this someday and yes that small part on the chest come off very easily too on my zaku char and I already got lost 1 too ‘_’

  13. Is it bad that I have over 90 kits build and none of them is a Zaku?

  14. Heck yeah Johnny Ridden

  15. Not a fan of this RG Zaku but a great episode nonetheless!

  16. This Guncannon looks great !

  17. So I guess we can now expect RG high mobility Zakus of all sorts of colors. Shin Matsunaga anyone?

  18. Wait for next RG line product black unicorn

  19. I would imagine that the reason Bandai haven’t been releasing 3.0 MGs is most likely due to the challenge of making the improvements from the 2.0 designs significant enough to warrant a 3.0 kit being made. Not only do Bandai need the technology to advance enough, they also need the layout of the model to be perfect, otherwise you just end up with a slightly redesigned 2.0 instead of a 3.0

    Think of it as 2.0 being the equivalent of HG (I’m not saying HGs are bad, just that RGs are a completely different tier, whilst still being the same scale.) and 3.0 being RG; if you only change a few elements, you just have a (possibly) better HG variant. But give it a complete overhaul and make everything line up just right and you have something magical

    I suppose it’s somewhat similar to trying to reinvent the wheel… over and over again

  20. This will probably be the first RG Zaku I get because something about it just makes me want it more than the others. Maybe it’s the shade of red?

  21. guncannon is love.. may you always build GunplaTV!

  22. Everything from Origin is awesome!

    A Zaku 3.0 it’s just a scaled up Rg Zaku. Same details, same colours variations. Just bigger. But same Style.
    My idea for Bandai is to produce more kits from other famous mecha designer! Not only ver.ka from Hajime Katoki. For example I dream an Mg from Kazuhisa Kondo! A Ver.Ko eh eh eh…
    Can you imagine one of his creations in Mg…like the Goblin…

  23. I like a lot the Origin kits!

  24. Lupus Rex should have had a Beast Mode.
    So many Zakus…
    Oh, I don’t have a Guncannon yet.

  25. Something “Big” eh, I definitely have no idea what it could be Todd? Side note to Todd, Full Metal Panic (FMP)definitely a show that you need to see at least once. If I was living in Japan, I would let you borrow my copy of FMP and its spin-offs. But don’t worry, FMP Season 4 “Invisible Victory” comes out next year (fingers crossed).

  26. Hai there!

    Doraemon has always creeped me out since I was a kid, can’t say the figure-rise mechanics interests me too much. Still the mechanical detailing and the clear bits are a nice aspect, it’ll hopefully sell to those doraemon fans.

    Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II seems like a slightly upgraded RG Zaku II with more modern engineered parts and connections, which is great because the original kinda had a few issues. The 90˚ knee is great news, meaning this is the J-Ridden HM Zaku kit with the largest knee bend, which lets me stop debating on which one I want. Definitely will buy it eventually, if not sooner than others.

  27. Next time it will PG of that lightning model, what else can be called ‘big’ in november/december.

  28. The RG johny riddens zaku looks pretty great, i probably will pick it up soon.

  29. The Guncannon first type always makes me sad, they look a lot more cooler than the final design, yet they were living coffins that couldn’t stand a chance against the zeon suits.

  30. I’m guessing the big thing in the next episode is gonna be Todd’s Gojulas.

  31. Johnny Ridden will look great parked next to my Black Trinity. Looking forward to that “big kit” reveal! Great show, guys.

  32. I like this Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku than the other counterparts, especially the color. By the way, I have a couple of customized kits and I would like to share the pictures with you guys. Can I do that and how I can do that?
    Ps: Great show guys!

  33. Bandai! I would like to see Origin version of the rest of the V-Project suits too!

  34. Excited for the holiday season where I will finally have some time to get started on some gunpla!

  35. If you’re not a high number in the comments you don’t stand a chance of winning. “random” my butt.

  36. another great show keep up the good work guys.

  37. i have just recently built chars rg zaku. it was great. I only wish it was the deep awesome red of jonnie riddens kit.

  38. Screw the vacuum cleaners, I have cats!!! XD


  40. Todd did you make a lot of kids cry with your Disney voice?

  41. Definitely need more Zeon grunts. Would love an MG Zulu.

  42. Is the RG psycho zaku ’round the corner?

  43. I got a Doraemon for my wife. She built it. And she liked it so much. A perfect way to get someone into the hobby. Hope there be more that’s coming from this line.

  44. I’m excited for the Shin Matsunaga version!

  45. So many cool kits

  46. My comments don’t show sometimes, I am last again anyway, probably.

  47. pg exit came out!

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