Nov 20

The end of the year is drawing near and this week we take a peek at the very neat-looking Master Grade GM Sniper Custom! In the new arrivals section we have another new addition that just came in: the Real Grade MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II! Both kits look to be a treat and we hope to have the RG Zaku II ready next week!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/100 MG RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom
1/144 RG MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II
1/144 HGBC 24th Century Weapons
Lighting Unit (2 Lights Type)
1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2202



  1. Grunts are all good and nice. Nice hardworking boys.

  2. I really what the GM Sniper White Dingo, but the P-Bandai store for the US sucks…:(

  3. You guys are amazing. Go sniper going straight to the top of my wish list.

  4. Hey todd and Lindsey thanks for answering my question still loving the show I’ve build a lot of hg kits but i never could get into building a rg or a mg kits any tips on how to start on rg and mg kits?

    • Just go for it. Follow the directions as best you can. RGs do have tiny parts, and are more fragile than HGs. MGs actually have larger parts, so in some ways they’re easier to build — although I’ve only built one, the Gundam the Origin.

  5. Cmon RNG!!! Would love to get the lupus rex!! Great ep as always!!

  6. I think the proportions of the Full Mechanics Rex is better than the HG. But hey, at least the HG can hold his giant meracah on it’s own.

  7. Honestly, I like the look of Lupus more than Rex, although… if they had had a canine transformation for it, the longer limbs would have worked better for it. An idea for a custom build, perhaps?

  8. me lupus rex! me am king!

  9. Great Show Lindsay and Todd

  10. Barbatoooos

  11. Question 1: Do you guys use top coat and do they protect the plastic from degradation?

    Question 2: My notifications in is piling up but they don’t show up when I chose them. What do I do?

    By any chance I get lupus rex, please give it to the comment below me, I already have it.

  12. I’m not impressed with the GM sniper custom. Bandai needs to start making kits that have not been released before(completely new design),not a variant of an old or fairly new kit. There is a market for A.O.Z. so they need to work it out with Dengeki Hobby so they can start releasing kits from this universe instead of releasing Zaku’s and more Zaku’s and wait for it…more Zaku’s. I personally don’t find the Zaku that great looking. It’s way overrated if you ask me. Anyway, lucky #13 this time. Let’s see if I win the prize this time around.

  13. Hit me with that Mace-chan, I need those lupus parts for a custom I plan on doing

  14. Dear random number generator god…pick me!

  15. I like the mud army style color scheme and that neutral colors also work on me.

  16. Wow the MG GM Sniper looks sick!

  17. Wow the MG GM Sniper looks fabulous!

  18. Wow.. Another great episode, Got to have those GM Sniper Custom.. Nice Kit..

  19. My cat really hate the g 30th Gundam. She always punch that kit. Other kits were fine.

  20. More MG GMs is always a good thing. I wanna build an army of them!

  21. Lupus Rex is my son’s favorite form of Barbatos.

  22. feelings for the MG realeases: Eh.

  23. because it walk like an egyptian and I am an Egyptian Obviously It has to go to me XD
    that RG snuck on us

  24. Great episode.
    I would be happy to win Barbatos 😀
    Keep up the great job.

  25. Between this and the Sniper 2 I think the 2’s design is more appealing but the custom has better accessories. Damn, which one should I pick?

  26. That Rex tho, I’m sure he’ll be good in Thriller with those arms.

  27. these models look so cool!

  28. new RG is nice

  29. Great episode as always

  30. I know a lot of people love the GM’s, but I wish we co

  31. I know a lot of people love the GM’s, but I wish we could get more Zeon ms in master grade, come on Bandai, give us a Zaku 3.0

  32. Boxarts on those new MG GMs are so impressive! It sure helps to make them more attractive even though the kits are on the simpler side [of design] 😉

  33. Another GM Sniper and it’s IMO the best one. The MG GM Sniper Custom is basically a perfect in every way asides from maybe aesthetic taste, it might not be for everyone, but as a kit, this thing excels.

    24th Century Weapons is a good option, more accessories are always good.

    RG Johnny Ridden’s Zaku is our new RG, and surprisingly it’s got more new parts than you’d think. It’s actually got new parts and different assemblies as opposed to the original Zaku, so that’s nice, hopefully that means Bandai has fixed a few of the issues of the original RG Zaku.

  34. “All the Japanese with their yen, way oh, way oh…..”

    Gm’s rule. Johnny Ridden RG! Awesome show.


  36. RG Zaku review next episode. Nice.

  37. No mention of the Exia Perfect grade?

  38. i may never win but i will always watch great show guys and gal.

  39. I’m going to be honest: I’m starting to hate P-Bandai now. Kits I want unbelievably badly become P-Bandai, and not only do they cost more, they sell out faster than light.

  40. The GM Sniper Custom is really nice and simple!

  41. gundam gods will bless me one day

  42. nice GM.

  43. great show looks like lots of new RGs in the future

  44. I’m doing what you said, posting on Gunpla TV to get the Barbatos lupus REX :P, will the random number genarator be on my side? i sure hope so 😀

  45. Would love to see the Gm sniper custom in HGUC.

  46. Nice episode, the sniping poses are always difficult not only in gunplas, in other type of models and all kind of articulated figures too… at least to me.

  47. my barbatos won’t be alone with that king.. may you always build Gunpla TV!

  48. Crunchyroll has subbed, while Funimation has dubbed episodes of Full Metal Panic streams available, Todd at the minimum watch the first episode. It is a great take on Alternate History. Perhaps Lindsey should buy her cats a Roomba to keep them occupied?

  49. Baba!

  50. Great show guys!! I would like to win the barbatos:)

  51. this was probably ask or mentioned before but on the weeks with no gunpla delivery, maybe you can do a model that has yet to be on gunplatv..? keep up the great work!

  52. Dear Todd and Lindsey
    Would it be possible to show the latest issue of Hobby Japan and say something about it each month as we are buying blind here.

    Hope their going to be a Christmas special episode and keep up the good work.

  53. Bandai needs to up its Master grade game next year! Especially for the 00 series!!! And I don’t mean Setsuna’s suit I mean other other protagonist as well.

  54. mm, gotta love the old kits coming back!

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