Nov 13

We have a number of new Gunpla kits to talk about this week! We take a look at the new November Gunpla releases now in stock as well as the newest Gunpla pre-orders now available on!
Lindsay gives us a great review of the new Origin HG Kycilia Zabi’s Forces Zaku I and Todd is overjoyed to have another chance to build and talk about a ship kit — this time the new 2202 Yamato!

Items featured in this episode:
1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2202
1/144 HG Zaku I (Kycilia Zabi’s Forces)

1/100 RE/100 Guncannon Detector
1/100 MG GM Command (Colony Type)
1/144 HGBF Striker GN-X
1/144 HG Act Zaku (Kycilia’s Forces)

1/100 MG GM Sniper Custom
1/144 HG Zaku Half Cannon
1/144 HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga TYPE.GBF




  1. Good to see a new MG that isn’t the size of a PG don’t see that as often as we used to

  2. Hey todd and Lindsey i love the show and i huge fan of gunplaTV an i have a question about diorama will you be doing a episode about dioramas for beginners and up ? And please keep the episodes coming yea ><

  3. Hey todd and Lindsey i love the show and im a huge fan of gunplaTV an i have a question about diorama will you be doing a episode about dioramas for beginners and up ? And please keep the episodes coming yea ><

  4. Cherudim is pronounced “Ke-ru-dim” because it’s German voice. I think it’s based on Cherubim, or winged baby angel of god.

  5. Really liking that new HGBF GN-X, can’t wait to get one or maybe two of ’em 😀

  6. I love that zaku color scheme and that yamato being able to fit all this details into a tiny kit is awesome!

  7. dayum the zaku variations are getting higher!!!!!

  8. i want the cute 00 Gundam 🙂

  9. The IBO kits all look really wonderful. Hopefully Bandai can keep up the high standard for future lines.

  10. Great show as always, I like the Zaku with all her weapons and the Yamato was decked out with a good few options as well. Im not sure i like that they are making another MG Gm it seems like they are as many of them as there are Rx78-2. Either way looking forward to next weeks episode.

  11. Glaze up for Reginlaze

  12. with that simple color the zaku look really amazing

  13. great episode as always and SD double o please.

  14. todd, please compare cherudim saga kit with the robot damashii version…

  15. LET ME WIN!!! And lets have a huge xmas giveaway and discounts pls 😀

  16. I still wonder how long it will be till an MG Barbatos. I feel like it will happen some time next ywar for like an anniversary event or something.

  17. like the show with you two,but I have to say..Todd, if you’re going to do a review of a kit like the Yamato in this instance, do a full review like actually getting the needed batteries to show of it’s funtions. If the company can afford to give away all these kits I’m sure HLJ can afford to expense some batteries for your gunpla tv reviews. Come on guys you’re trying to sell these kits but don’t wanna do a proper review of said product? With that said looking forward for the next episode.

  18. Guncannon needs to detect with his “interesting third leg” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Todd,keep at it.Lindsay,if Kycilia heard you she’d nod then probably shoot you.

  20. I was hoping that Zaku to be more than a recolored version 🙁

  21. give me the kit… peace.. 😀

  22. i want the cute 00 Gundam!!!

  23. wow~~~~sd 00 gundam!!

  24. Would you get the Cherudim Heavy Weapons or the Cherudim Saga? Decisions, decisions. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the Masterpiece Dinobot, except he’s twice as expensive as Optimus Primal.

  25. Got a little worried when Lindsay told Todd to “stop stereotyping” and seemed upset. But by show’s end the usual good vibe was back. Kycilia’s Zaku looked great. Todd, I’m cool with your review, even without the batteries. And I appreciate the time it takes to build a kit, even without paint. Thanks, guys!

  26. good episode as always~

  27. The Guncannon DT is a kit i’m ultra, ultra hype for. It’s one of y favorite obscure designs and I never thought it would ever get a kit. Glad to be proven wrong though as the RE/100 is coming at us full speed, and i’m so excited!

    GM Command is a retool of the P-Bandai GM Command Space Type, which itself is a retool of the GM Sniper II. A little disappointing for MG #200, but it’s still a neat release that i’m willing to pick up.

    The GN-X Striker looks really cool, definitely a unique take on the GN-X and i’m glad it’s retail, I wish the Accelerate GN-X was the same.

    The ACT Zaku is neither a Zaku I or Zaku II, it’s it’s own MSV variant, and i’m glad it’s finally getting a kit. Although this means the more unique ACT Zaku from MSV would likely be P-Bandai as sad as it is.

    Cherudim Saga is a nice design, and while the GBF colors itself looks cool, the kit’s grey looks really bad frankly, it looks like unpainted resin parts or primed pieces, and it just looks incomplete, I don’t think i’ll be picking this one up until I paint at least.

    Zaku Cannon also has one Cannon, the Half Cannon is just not the full Zaku Cannon variant, and is instead halfway of one with the Zaku II. However it’s really lazy as it just reuses the HGGTO Zaku II and adds a few backpack accessories, but the Half Cannon is meant to have more new parts different from the original Zaku like the shoulders, oh well, at least it exists.

    The MG GM Sniper Custom looks amazing, is amazing, and is a kit I am so happy to see. I’ve waited ages for it, and it’s awesome too, definitely my second favorite kit of the year under the RG Unicorn.

    HG Kycilia Forces Zaku I seems really nice, a minor variant sure but a cool looking one that’s welcome on my shelf any day.

  28. One of the worst things about having a cat is when you’re painting, and one strand of hair just happens to fall right on to the wet paint.

  29. While I would love the reginlaze (I recently got an option set that comes with a gun for him) the SD raiser would be perfect for a HGxSD project that I have in mind.

  30. OOO I can’t wait for next weeeks GM sniper review! Thanks for the great show as always!!

  31. I am really digging the vibe the Cherudim Saga is giving. It’s like the designers asked the MS:
    Designer: “What do you need?”
    Cherudim:”Guns, Lots of Guns.”

  32. great show guys, i’ve been wanting to build a Model ship from one of the gundam series.

    that SD “knuckle Bite”

  33. Yar, I be a space pirate!

  34. After getting Bugu (bugu bugu bugu) I just don’t understand why the rest of the Zeon Origin kits don’t have a self moving eye.

  35. Liked watching your Yamato review, but think Bandai fell a bit short on the LED setup on that one. The kit should have an external switch gimmic somewhere not having to pull it apart each time you want to turn them on. Whawha whaaaa.

    Would love to win that IBO kit. Come on Mr Random Number Generator…

    Keep up the great work guys.

  36. Very nice yamato review, glad the show is still pretty good, despite syd leaving, please keep up the good work

  37. Would have been nice if we saw the picture of the upcoming kits you were talking about. Just speaking my mind.

  38. I actually like the SD-EX line and am hoping they pump out more kits. The F91 or Turn A never got an updated sd design. Also hoping the rng gods pick this even number

  39. Loving the look at that Yamato!

  40. Todd: The Gundam Gusion was from IBO.
    Lindsay: Nice job on the kit and I would have liked if you showed off the articulation.

    What gets me is the HG Bugu had the gimmick where his mono-eye moves while you turn his head. Only MGs and that kit has that feature, why doesn’t Bandai implement it on more mono-eye HGs in the future?

  41. Gotta get in early. The “random” number generator always picks a low number.

  42. Bandai really does have some of the greatest fitting kits. Though you can definitely see their technique improving if you build some of the older (pre to early 2000) kits.
    Kotobukiya has some really great edges on their kits though. Been “bitten” by a Zoid once or twice

  43. oppa gundam style.
    I want to knows whats the next RG would be 🙂

  44. wow, from MSG Unicorn, Guncannon Detector looks so cool…

  45. Another good episode.. need to stock up on some batteries!haha would have been nice to see the Yamato all lit up.

  46. More and more i am seeing the value of the Zaku. i built the rg chars zaku 2 and it really opened my eyes to them. so awesome.

  47. Please number generator, be kind with me 😉 BTW, continue your awesome job!

  48. Wow must get one of the MG GM Snipers soon!

  49. I’m not yet able to watch the origin where this Kycilia’s Zaku forces appear. Hopefully some cameo appearance of Johnny Ridden was included, which piloted the upcoming RG.

  50. Kycillia’s forces are definitely a force to be reckoned with!

  51. Wow another addition on my Gundam The Origin Collection.. Hope I win the freebies.. More power guys..

  52. the white led unit from bandai is available again from hlj

  53. Awesome show, guys. Battleship Yamato looks great!

  54. that Yamato look sick, maybe i’ll get one too.

  55. Hope to win! Keep the cool work up!

  56. It takes me longer to log in and make a comment that to watch an episode, I would like to build my kit while watching but its over before I have sanded my first nub.

  57. Always happy to see more Gundams in the MG line-up, but a GM Sniper ain’t gonna make my heart go doki doki xD

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