Nov 6

This week we take a look at a non-Gunpla kit, the 1/48th scale Armslave Gernsback M9 Ver.1.5 from Aoshima! This cool looking mobile suit was piloted by Melissa Mao in the hit anime series “Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid”. Just how does this no-glue required snap together mobile suit kit stack up to other Gundam kits? Watch to find out!

Items featured in this episode:
1/48 Armslave Gernsback M9 Ver.1.5 Melissa Mao
1/144 HG Zaku I (Kycilia Zabi’s Forces)



  1. Hi im sorry i dont know your names very well i love the show and wish to see more in the future but i wanted to ask what happened to syd and ryan

  2. That Zaku I is looking sick

  3. Oooh that’s nice

  4. Haha that comment was amazing to hear, dont worry Lindsay you didnt butcher it too badly 😉
    I usually have Gunpla tv on the side to listen to unless there is a kit im interested in so when i heard Full Metal Alchemist i was super excited thinking there would be some cool model of Ed or Al alas twas simply Full Metal PANIC.
    Great show as always. Did either of you buy the .Hack//G.U Last Recode released a few days ago?

  5. Nice! that Aoshima AS kit looks great, hope they’ll do the Codarl and Venom as kits. I’d totally kill for those two.

  6. Speaking of LED’s, I can’t wait for the eventual PG Exia to be on here. Boy that thing looked great.

  7. Well, I guess it’s time to watch full Metal Panic, recently I have seen it everywhere, and that kit just sold the serie to me, love that more human like armament.

  8. What can you say about that PG Exia in the new Battlogue?

  9. Always nice to see non-gundams. They don’t get as much love as they deserve

  10. Thank you for answering. That gernsback, old MG Ingram and the guren mk2 are my favorite plamo.

  11. Would love to win this kit! Tanks for the show again.

  12. Nice to see alot more different types of kits being reviewed, keep it up you guys!

  13. I built the first Gernsback kit. The knee armor keeps falling out, the shoulder shields will destroy the little peg they have to keep them in place, and the foot add-on does not stay on. It’s a kit that will test your patience not to use super glue all over it.


  15. Great episode as always

  16. Hope to win the Dom!

  17. If only they have this Gernsback in the same size as HG Gunpla.

  18. If I remember correctly flash is caused by the plastic “leaking” from the mould during the injection process. This is most common in older kits as the moulds slowly wear with time and use.

  19. Love the Dom!

  20. Wow, this is one of my favorite anime in my child,Got to have one of those..

  21. Love how you guys are keeping things going. Keep up the great work.

  22. Can’t wait to see Todd’s build of the new Yamato ship!

  23. That Armslave Gernsback looks alright in my opion.The only reason i would pick it up is to see how this company goes about making snap fit kits.

  24. Gimme that Dom!

  25. Nice review of the Gernsback! Always nice seeing a mix of different kits up for review. With November’s gundam releases being on the lean side and seeing as Arbalest is the main protagonist’s, Sousuke, suit. I think a review is in order:) plus Bandai is making a metal build of the Arbalest!

  26. The M9 is an OK Arm Slave, but of course I favour the Arbalest. Venom’s ponytail also made it kind of fun. We never saw the Laevatein in action, though. I hope to see it in the new series.

  27. Just like the Japanese, Todd likes puns.

  28. Lindsay will rock that Zaku I. Awesome. Todd, nice comparison of scales. You’ve got a good knowledge of kit history. But you better jump on that Gojulas or Lindsay will get you! Another great installment of the mighty Gunpla TV. Thanks to everyone involved. Cheers.

  29. Full metal panic gets some love finally can’t wait to see the new Arbalest and Melissa Mao’s M9 is better looking than Kurz Weber’s who by the way in the English dub is voiced by the same guy who voices Ed in Fullmetal alchemist just some FYI for those who might be interested

  30. If BanDai does follow through with that poll (they don’t have to) and we get an MG G-Self Ver. Ka, I wonder if they’ll use a frame with built-in lights like the pg exia. One of G-Self’s main design gimmicks is all the lights it has around its frame.

  31. This is a typical comment just to win the Test Dom!

  32. Herro again herro again!

    The Kycilia’s Zaku I looks neat, I like the black and nub on the helmet, and i’ll likely pick this one up.

    Sad the Armslave M9 needs paint despite being snap fit, but I couldn’t expect too much from Aoshima. I expected the flash, which is going to be annoying to deal with, but expected. I hope their VFG is more refined and includes decals for the colors.

    Puns are amazing.

  33. after years of trying will this be the time I win a kit? I’m all commented out! How about reviewing some gundam products that you offer other than kits?

  34. It is nice to see new general purpose Gundam Decals released! You should do better promotion so Bandai will make (and restock) more 😉

  35. Hopefully Todd will get around to that Gojulas!

  36. perhaps rng gods will bless me

  37. That FMP kit is actually pretty good for being so old

  38. That Dom has some big feet. Must be hard to find shoes that fit

  39. I like the origin kits but I’m starting to miss the large clean surfaces found on the older kits.

  40. Thanks for another great episode, guys!

  41. I need my good thicc leggy bazooka friend

  42. Gotta say it’s nice to know another season of Full Metal Panic! is coming out, great kit btw. The zaku 1 seems to be just a re-color of the Char’s Zaku 1 Origin, I think, hopefully it has something different with it. Great episode as usual Todd and Lindsay, the koolest thing about the Dom test type is it comes with that BEAM BAZOOKA!!! Should have been with HG Psycho-Zaku from Thunderbolt. Has anyone else wish Bandai would do a revive line for some Gundam Wing Oz mobile suites, like the Leo, Aries, and Torus. That’ll be so awesome! Time shall though.

  43. Ugh, I got to watch the rest of FMP, I’ve only seen the first season!

  44. DOM DOM DOM! the orgin kits are very nice and add more to the lineage of the MS sotry and designs

  45. i won the giveaway from episode 249! so excited to hear from you guys! you guys are the best!

  46. Hoping to get that Dom!

  47. Todd and Linsey are great hosts :). Happy to see gunpla TV still going strong after 251 episodes. The review of the Armslave Gernsback M9 Ver.1.5 was well done too. That Dom looks NICE might need to invest in Origin Kits ;).

  48. Great show. Found the M9 review to be very informative. Always enjoy when gunpla tv features other kits asides from gunpla just to mix things up a little. Looking forward to the next episode.

  49. Thanks for showing Gernsback kit! I was waiting for live review of tis model since announcement.

  50. How Green Is Your Gunpla
    How much damage is my hobby doing to the planet? The plastic, sprays and glues, not to mention the transportation across the world worry me.

  51. Origin kits coming out a lot this year. Mm gotta love those zakus

  52. Hope to win. Nice model kits as always!!

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