Oct 23

Things are looking bright this week with a look at the all new and very glossy High-Resolution Wing Gundam Zero EW! Lindsay and the Todd also show off the latest and greatest offerings that are in stock from Bandai, the new 1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 and HGBF Reversible Gundam!

Items featured in this episode:

1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 by Bandai
1/144 HGBF Reversible Gundam by Bandai
1/144 HGBC Ballistic Weapons by Bandai
Idola Photo Etch Parts



  1. Hi-Res is a weird line since it’s detailed but fragile. Not to put it down for the possibilities, since there have only been two so far. Plenty of room to learn. On my budget, the most I can afford are MGs, and then not many of them.

    My favourite of the 3 HGs based on the Reborns Gundam is the 1.5 Gundam, since it’s straightforward, and looks good at all angles. Reversible looks very strange in Tank Mode from any angle but the front.

    The axe from the Ballistic Weapons set is supposed to have beams. Guess we’ll have to paint them. The set is designed for the Origin Zaku II, but it duplicates some parts from the Reversible. I’m interested to see what people do with it.

  2. Time to and get me one of those Hi-Resolution Wing Gundam Zero kits! Thanks for the review guys!

  3. The 35th anniversary for Macross will come with lots of new kits and products, hope you guys can show us soon.

  4. HiRM Wing Zero is so cool!

  5. HiRM stuff looks so nice, I wish I could own one someday.

  6. I like very much the Reversible Gundam, also i’m waiting for the Cherudim Saga next month.

    I hope to see some surprises in your 250 program.

  7. Even Tod isnt happy with the End of IBO Season 2, hope we get a Hi Res Astray Red Frame

  8. Hi-RM RX-78 when??? Usually, the granddaddy Gundam gets a kit in every grade/ model-line (Except I guess Advance Grade) Bandai puts out.

  9. Hope to win!! Keep up the cool videos!!!

  10. great episode as always

  11. I’d love any form of the 1/100 Sazabi at this point, but they’re just so expensive unless you get the really old one. I’ve seen so much impressive work done on it, really I’m kind of glad it’s so expensive because it’ll make me wait till I get really good at painting.

  12. Wow that is some crazy temperature fluctuation where I am we had 25°C on Friday and a blizzard on Monday with 150Km/H wind

  13. the whole episode felt like a todd fever dream. get well you 2

  14. Those sub-arms on the Reversible give me hopes for a revive Nataku Gundam.

  15. Reversible’s a nice MS, it’s cool that they took the source of the Reborns and managed to give it another form from a simple weapon and backpack switch, and boom another awesome BF MS that i’m going to have fun buying.

    Learning the Ballistic Zaku was just a weapon set instead of a full on custom kit, still i’ll pick it up one day, because Origin Zakus are awesome.

    The Hi-Res Wing Zero truly looks awesome definitely an interesting kit and it sure looks amazing. Seems like the gloss plastic is what affects some of the parts, it’s definitely more of a looker anyways, so it’s not that bad.

  16. Going to paint that Reversible Gundam in my favorite colors, the white color it already has looks almost like it has primer already on the plastic.

  17. Hg 1/144 Gundam deathscythe & D-Hell…please, Bandai.

  18. Great models GUys One day i might get a RX 80-PR Kit in mass market

  19. No chance of winning since im not an early comment so heres a useful tip instead for people with Godhands. The other case were you might encounter nipper breaking hard plastic is clear plastic. There are to types:

    The rubber like beamsaber plastic. Dont even needd ghodhands to cut through it like butter.

    The brittle super hard plastic that you will find everywhere else. that one can easily break your nippers!

    The Rg shinanju also has brittle gloss plastic. Luckily rgs have very thin gates!

  20. It’s Gunpla TV flu edition! That Hi resolution 4K full HD Wing Zero looks great but the armor parts seem a bit flimsy.

  21. Gimme dat BAE….L. On the Metal Build thing, i agree with you on it selling out. the one day i see it in a listing is the friggin same day that the preorders for it sold out. Referring to the Metal Build Arbalest Full Metal Panic! Check it out if yall like to.

  22. Man..the redesigned gundams nowadays are getting dat unicorn treatment. IT’S TIME TO STOP GUYS!.

    On da side note gimme dat BAEL mane.

  23. Bael!

  24. That HI-Res looks stunning!!! I want one…

  25. The hi res kits look great, shame they’re so expensive. ^^

  26. I’m looking forward to the HGBF gn weapons next. Also, Gaelio!!!

  27. I haven’t built a Wing Zero from EW ever. Maybe I should get this Hi-Resolution one down the road. I still want to pick up that MG Justice Gundam soon though! So many kits I want to build, so little money. >_<

  28. No one’s perfect, and perfection doesn’t exist. Don’t feel bad for it.

    Also, there might be more MegaBot battles in the future.

  29. Get well guys!! would like 2 join the give-away:)

  30. The soul of Agnika Kaieru resides within this Gundam!

    Anyways great show sad to hear you guys are sick, hope you get better quickly. I really like the look of the Reversible Gundam it looks much better than the Reborns origin Gundam in my opinion. Not much of a fan for the Hi-Res Wing though it looked neat originally but i deffinitley prefer the the Wing Proto.

  31. I know it’s only high res wing kit, but it is super cool looking. I am happy with my proto zero but wing custom high res is pretty.

  32. Hoping to win the Gundam Bael!

  33. Glad i was able to pick up the high res wing zero at new york comic con, i feel like i can ignore some of the faults on the kit. Been a while since i watched you guys, glad to see Lindsey again(last time i saw her was like 2 years ago with the other girl, forgot her name)

  34. You guys really need to cut down on the banter. 10 mins of nothing in the beginning isn’t very professional. This is supposed to be about gunpla…
    Get well soon to the both of you.

  35. Wing Gundam Zero looks awesome!

  36. good to see the show up again. need to update the gunpla tv page, missing some eps.

  37. I bought my Hi-Res Barbatos over a year ago and I still haven’t built it yet because I’m afraid that I’ll mess it up. I have a pair of Tamiya sharp point nippers, but they’re not the best for getting a 100% clean cut, plus I’ve been using them since 2015.

  38. Great show as always. Thanks a lot.

  39. Awesome show as always, i would like to do a awesome custom paint scheme with that

  40. ASW-G-01. May you always build gunplaTV!

  41. dont worry tod rebake full city can lend you a new cutter haha

  42. Lindsay, Todd and Random Number Generator, I really appreciate the Origin “mobile worker” kit. First time I’ve won anything. Great show. Your conversation about “multi-media” kits and photo etch, etc. was good. I remember being somewhat disappointed with the first PG kits, as I was looking for maybe some B-Club resin parts and other hi-end detail pieces. But Bandai has a winning formula with their snap kits so much respect there. Cheers!

  43. Cool show again, What anime are you two watching at the moment?

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