Sep 19

Our fans have been wanting to see some different items featured and this week we deliver! We take a look at the newest hot model line from Kotobukiya called HEXA GEAR which features kits for pilots known as ‘Governors’ as well as animal themed robotic mounts! Frame Arms Girls finally makes an appearance on Gunpla TV as well with Lindsay showing off her great work building the Baselard!

Items featured in this episode:
1/24 GOVERNOR Armor Type Pawn A1 (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 GOVERNOR Para-Pawn Sentinel (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 HEXA GEAR Voltrex
1/24 HEXA GEAR Rayblade Impulse
1/24 HEXA GEAR Hyde Storm
Frame Arms Girl Baselard
1/72 Gojulas The Ogre
HMM Highend Master Model EZ-036 Death Stinger




  1. Good to see different types of models on the show, hopefully you can look into the option and weapon sets from kotobukiya in a later episode.

  2. i’v been a fan of HMM Zoids for a long time.
    one day, you and me gojulas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. I need to start building Zoids.

  4. gimme!

  5. Please do more FAG Review, and another difference of MG to FM is MG had cockpit and pilot figures while FM have not.

  6. I would love to win the vidar but anyway I have a burning question I want to ask. In the recent poll for the new MG ver ka what will you two personally want to have a ver ka? Barbatos,G Self, God Gundam, or Age FX?

  7. Great show guys… I’m not really into zoids but looking forward to seeing the review of the Gojulas The Ogre. I’ve been pronouncing Baselard is the same way as Todd did too but speaking of IBO kits and the ZZ ver KA, have you seen the latest voting poll on Gundaminfo regarding next possible ver Ka kit? Without trying to start any controversy, which kit on the list would you guys like to see get the ver Ka treatment next?

  8. I absolutely love the Vidar. It’s one of the best looking IBO kits in my opinion. I love the replaceable rapiers and that angular design looks amazing. Can’t wait to see that Zoids kit on the show when it’s built.

  9. good show.

  10. i love the frame arms girl kits i have almost all of them now <3.

  11. Thank you for frame arm girls review

  12. Crikey! Tha Goujulas looks monstrous!

    I’m not australian BTW

  13. BUGU!! also the gundam girls seem to be a more affordable option if FA girls are out of your price range

  14. Zoids kit look cool

  15. Glory. Majesty. Unity.

  16. Almost nothing beats the sharpness in details of Koto-kits. Somtimes the,edges are so crisp, you can almost look through it. Compared to this the latest Gundamkits lag in surfacedetails, especially when it comes to the armorparts. I recommend the new Z Knight series,of Koto.
    And when,it comes to cats… painting is the part when catfurr becomes a problem!

  17. Vidarruu! May you always build gunpla TV!

  18. Nice bag trick indeed. Great job todd.

  19. Koto stuff! Hooray!

    Hexa Gear really seems like an awesome line so far, almost by combining Zoids and Frame Arms and more added stuff sprinkled into the mix, Kotobukiya have made a new line with an enormous amount of potential. Voltrex looks awesome, I love the green they chose and I love dinosaurs, so I definitely want one eventually. The concept of the riders, accessories, vehicles and variety. The line even has the compatibility and gimmicks for awesome products, so i’m very excited for future releases.

    I loved Baselard in the anime, I wish the kits were more faithful to the show, but considering they came first, it was to be expected. The kit of Baselard looks great, she’s the most innocent of the group and wears the most, and is an epic kit with a lot of accessories and fun too, I really want her, but I want the anime version more…

  20. Vidar! Not bad at all. Except for the absurd feet! If I win I will scratchbuild new feet for him!

  21. The Gojulas kit is amazing and huge. I painted mine and it look gorgeous. Have fun. 🙂

  22. VIDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Yo if I find a lady that loves Gunpla/Plastic Models I’m gonna use that pickup line from Todd: “Nice to met you! You’re my kind of scale!”

  24. Baselard looks great, really excited to eventually pick her up.

  25. I really need to get a Frame Arms girl one of these days.

  26. these kits are way more expensive than Bandai’s, but they do look better out of the box though

  27. I could use a Vidar.

  28. Kotobukiya kits are always a fun change of pace. The name “Baselard” alone makes me want to buy one.

  29. Yeeeeeeeeeey!!! Thanks for my Barbatos Lupus!!!!

  30. the colors make me think the Voltrex is the Graze Ritters son…

  31. Nice episode. Are you going to review some Bandai Star Wars kits?

  32. Great Show HLJ i cant wait till i can build my next custom Gunpla And hope to improve my skills

    GUNdam Vidar 0.0

  33. What I am most impressed with the Full Mechanics Vidar is that the wrists were engineered in a way to give the mobile suit a good range of articulation around the wrist for all his weapons. It would be nice to use those in a kit bash with other IBO kits.

  34. that hexagear looks like something kitbashed from IBO

  35. wow that goujulas kit is a wall of plastic!

  36. i like the fact they show other stuff it should just be ” Plamo TV”

  37. Baselard is a terrible name for a girl. What were her parents thinking?

  38. I really like the look of those Hexa Gear kits, and i love the Frame Arms Girls. Id like see more variety in the content like you do in this episode.
    Do you have plans to show more Kotobukiya kits like the Megami Device ones?

  39. Even if the Barbatos is a Full Mechanics 1/100, it’s not stopping people from asking for a MG Barbatos. There’s a poll from Bandai on what people want as the next Ver Ka, and the Barbatos is winning so far (second is the G-Self). They could make a Full Mechanics Ver Ka, but I doubt it since Ver Ka has been apart of MG’s since the idea was first made.

  40. Yamato, Frame Girls, what’s next on HLJ TV? Stay tune to find out! Great work on the episode BTW. The one thing I always like about the Vidar was it had those pistol stored in its front skirt. It looks really gangster to me.

  41. Picking Ver. Ka G Self or Ver. Ka Barbatos is ripping me apart

  42. YOU DARE DEFY THE DARK LORD!! The evening hangs beneath the Moon. Todd the last thing you will see is a green flash of light and remembered on your face will be a horrid look of fright! Your eyes will fade to gray as your soul slips away. Soon you’ll rue the day you ever came my way.

    On topic, I am so excited to see the what the Guajalas turns out like.

    -He Who Must Not Be Named

  43. Love your videos guys! Keep it up 🙂

  44. That gojulas box is massive! and it weighs over 6kg!?

  45. Look at the size of that box…The shipping will cost more than a Perfect Grade!

  46. I would love to win that sexy VADER.

  47. If only Bandai can make prepainted face or Eyes for the Fumina kits, they will look less creepy, like look at the Figure-rise Bust Fuminas, they are not creepy looking


  49. Kotobukiya got some nice ngs kits

  50. Hell yes! You are bulding the ogre. I’ll deff look forward to seeing the progress as time goes by on that. Don’t want to ask for more since your building the massive ogre already, but if Lyndsay would like a intro to zoids, the storm sworder is going to be released this November ans its a lot more manageable size.

  51. Ooooh, a FM Vidar. I want it.

  52. Great show guys!! but Gundams will always be better:P. would like 2 win the Vidar

  53. can’t wait to see that gojulas todd please build it as fast as u can >.< and it would be nice if syd is around when the gojulas is finished…

  54. Lindsay, please don’t forget to cover the rest of the fantastic ARTICULATION on the kits you build. I have my own FA Girl Baselard waiting to be built — after I complete my entry for the GBWC 2017 Canada, perhaps? I had to paint Innocentia to make her presentable (you can check out my review on YouTube (shameless plug) if you like). I can also recommend Kotobukya’s MSG Heavy Weapons Gun Blade Lance, for FA Girls and 1/144 gunpla.

    Review of SOL Hornet coming sometime soon too.

    I want me that FM Vidar!!!

  55. Great show as usual 😉

  56. I hope i can win that vidar! I’m so digging that design.

  57. Great to see some Koto kits. The Vidar was also my favourite design from HBO so fingers crossed.

  58. I agree, the Vidar was one of the best looking suits in IBO.

  59. With that Gojulas thing standing around I don’t need a Christmas tree. It is the Christmas tree!

  60. Hi guys,
    That was a great show . You are definitely getting better with each show as you become more accustomed to each other behind the Gunpla desk.

    I think mixing in some other products between the gunpla would be appreciated by those of us not too familiar with them and may generate some new interests in other mecha. Looking forward to the Gojulas over the next few weeks.

  61. Those 1/100 FM kits look nice, should pick up some. I also hope that the Astaroth Origin will come back into stock soon

  62. Vidar is the best looking design in ibo.

  63. OMG The vidar is so sick! Keep up the good work !!

  64. Super glad you guys did a hexagear full look like that, was on the fence about it about but im getting some for sure now

  65. fun episode nice to see other kits. XD happy to finally see Frame arms girl on the show been a fan of these kits since the gouri kits I still remember how rare and hard it was to get the kits.

    That Gojulas looks like it will be a big challenge painting it Todd ?haha

  66. Vidar is one of the least cool designs imo… Ah well, taste and such.
    Hexagear looks cool!

  67. Hi team
    How about showing us your collection and can you answer the question that has been bothering me for some time, Can kits share the same shelf as figures or do you think they clash in some kind of Hoi Hoi san conflict when left alone?

  68. The show just keeps getting better. You guys must rehearse? Lindsay’s right about the Frame Arms Girl Baselard box art. Excellent. Todd, Gojulas is the boss, bro. Seeing one under each Christmas tree, planet-wide, would be like a world peace thing or something. Great idea.

  69. I’m just finishing up lupus and no it’s not as complicated as an mg but it’s still fun!

  70. I have been thinking of buying some Frame Arms Girls kits for awhile now, but I have the lack of funds to do so… T_T ONE DAY~!

  71. I wish Kotobukiya would reprint their SRW kits more often.

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