Aug 18

Summer, summer, summertime! Time to sit back and unwind with a new episode of Gunpla TV! Todd and Lindsay return from their summer break to check out the all new RG Unicorn. With so many small parts and transforming feature does this RG make the grade? Watch to find out!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/144 RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
1/144 HGBF Ninpulse Gundam
1/144 HGBC Ninpulse Beam




  1. I will have to order the RG unicorn since it looks so good.

  2. 1:1 Unicorn gundam statue are the beast that can transform,so awesome. I pre-ordered p bandai hgbf 1/144 accelerate gn-x cannot wait

  3. Nice show!! Great kit, maybe some day I would buy it the Unicorn Rg version.

    If I won the price, I will be very happy!!, because I’m from Brazil and its realy hard to buy gunpla from out side of my country, their is to many tax to pay. With all of the taxes, we pay more than the kit costed.

    To finish I you guys in next Gunpla TV Show!!

  4. To Todd (and Syd if you’re watching): I told you!! The 1:1 Unicorn in Odaiba means a promotion for RG Unicorn,… or vice versa. And you both denied it!!! I don’t need an apology, the HG Lupus would be enough though.

  5. Waiting to recive my MS Unicorn, even the Rg after saw it i am thinking about him and get the RG MG and MS family 😀

  6. great episode of new RG

  7. If at first you don’t succeed,

    Skydiving isn’t for you…

  8. Yay! I hope there will be more non-Bandai kit reviews. Excited about the Koto-kits etc.

  9. Great show, Lindsay is a great addition. Hope to see her build and review some kits in the future.

  10. I am in doubt if I buy Unicorn RG … it seems a bit difficult/delicate to transform. As for the shades of white, gave to notice a little difference between them.

  11. Todd,you make a mistake, you didn’t do it as the manual said, The manual never wrong, you just pull the leg thruster and the knee psycho-frame will magically pop-out,you don’t need those stupid sprue to push it. It even mentioned on the box.

  12. Can’t wait to get my hands on the RG Unicorn so I can display it battling with my RG Sinanju in front of my PG Unicorn.

  13. I still think the shoulder of the RG unicorn is too big, but I guess they have to sacrifice something for a solid transformation.

    Can’t wait for the 1:1 unicorn to be completed. I suppose the Psychoframe would look gorgeous at night.

  14. I was amazed that the RG Unicorn stayed together much better than some of the other kits featured on camera.

  15. The Ninpulse and it’s effect parts turn me on, I love the whole aesthetic and the Ninpulse really seems like an awesome kit sans the hollow parts. Even the lame gold looks fine, a must buy for me eventually, especially with those beam effect parts, I love the mouth beam. The whole arm blade type weapons always appealed to me, and now I need this.

    The RG Unicorn is again, one of the best kits i’ve ever built. Fantastic RG all and all, a kit that could have possibly redefined the entire grade. A mix of MG and RG engineering and we not only have the most sturdiest RG, but also one with fantastic detail as per RG, and a very solid transformation. Truly an epitome for RG’s to come.

  16. I hope u guys can do reviews for Megami device kits soon!

  17. The IBO was 1 of the best gundam series and has the coolest gundums, i hope i win

  18. i want barbatos !

  19. Im here to win the Barbatos too!

    I’ll be honest! I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t like Unicorn design. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s just that is only White (or blue)! If one day I’ll buy a Unicorn I’m sure I will change the colour scheme to something more “gundamish”…but then I need a trasparent inner frame to change the colour of that too! Not so easy to do.

  20. Ninpulse…nininger?

  21. Hi Todd! RG unicorn seems to be a one tough and solid kit. Im Looking forward to my pre-ordered kit. Keep up the good work! 👍🏼

  22. i cant wait to get my hands on and RG unicorn

  23. I’m looking forward to when Bandai inevitably releases the RG Full Armour Unicorn.

  24. I am glad Bandai vastly improved the stuffiness of the rg line over the catastrophe of rg sinanju.

  25. Well done bandai, well done. very impressed with unicorn.

  26. Here comes Banshee and Phenex. RG Unicorn is awesome by the way.

  27. Now that the RG Unicorn is out of the way. I wonder what’s next. Unicorn is done and they can’t do another seed kit since before was the Gold frame Amatsu. Maybe we can expect a wing kit that isn’t the Wing Gundam. Maybe another build fighter release. I’ve always wanted to see a Turn A rg

  28. Yas

  29. Thx for the pics from Odaiba. It’s like they’re building it like a model kit. Giant size metal build.

  30. Plase tell me that you are going to make a Gundam Base special!

  31. I’m really liking all the Gunpla Evolution line so far! HG, then RG, I wonder next there’ll be an MG and eventual PG?

  32. Rg Unicorn wow!

  33. Rg Unicorn is surprisingly sturdy. Hoping for a new Mg Sinanju with Rg style gold trims though.

  34. Where’s Sid and Ryan?

  35. You guys should definitely have a face off at building/customizing kits.

  36. I’d really like to see Lindsay build a kit!

  37. I would love for them to release a new MG 2.0 Unicorn (now that the 1:1 is almost finished) with the real grade engineering as the MG Unicorn is pretty average but not great.

    Still crossing my fingers for a MG Kshatriya.

  38. i want that barbatos 😀

  39. My HG barbatos is lonely. May you always build gunplatv!

  40. Hey Guys great show and the competition is not a bad idea.

  41. Goodluck with the show guys. I hope I can buy that RG Unicorn someday…

  42. Now that we have a RG Unicorn to go along the RG Sinanju all we need is a RG Banshee Norn

  43. Another great show. Excellent review of the RG Unicorn. Looks like Bandai really gave 100% effort on this one. My HG “Banshee Norn” is a personal favorite. Just a great kit. Thanks!

  44. I want all the unicorns

  45. great show can’t wait for my RG unicorn..

  46. Have every other grade of Unicorn so guess it’s time to order me up some RG.

    Look forward to seeing all the latest releases and news on HLJ. Keep up the great work.

    And… come on Mr-Random. I could use some IBO swag!

  47. i think i might pick up that unicorn

  48. The 1/1 Unicorn looks like it’s close to completion!

  49. definitely picking up an RG Unicorn!

  50. I love when new RG kits are released, and the Unicorn is looking sweet! I can’t wait for the different variations of it.. I just hope they won’t be P-Bandai. For now I wanna wait and hope for a full armor release, but man that Unicorn is just so tempting as is!

    Also, thanks for the chance to win, I’ve been wanting a lupus for the longest! I just recently finished the anime so now I gotta get one.

  51. I need that lupus for the weapon, my mace was broken :'(

  52. Cant wait to get my hands on the RG Unicorn and love the lupus, I only managed to get the first gen Barbatos so far

  53. Great show and tell on the RG Unicorn!

  54. Really excited for the RG Unicorn. Would love to see Ryan return for the Mega Size Unicorn because I hear he likes the big kits.

    Also, whoever wins should kitbash Mika’s head onto the Barbatos.

  55. The RG Unicorn’s engineering stand-point is absolutely fantastic. Definitely picking this up and as always, I really hope that I can win this giveaway!!!

  56. Amazing RG that would be an amazing piece for the collection.

  57. The RG unicorn is almost perfect the only flaw in my opinion is that the head is a bit too close to the torso especially on destroy mode

  58. The head transformation of the RG Unicorn is simple and effective.

  59. Hope to win! Keep up the dope reviews guys!! 😀

  60. awesum!!!1

  61. The message has not been sent right cuz I have not received the message or any notifications on any message yet. truthfully my acct seems abit weird when it comes to notifications cuz ive got a friend request from raisuke but i went into the notifications page, no friend requests were shown

    • The notifications bug is a known issue that we’re working on, but expect long-term work to reach a solution. We’re sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

  62. Hi guys
    How about making a kit together?

    Keep up the good work

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