Aug 7

Lindsay and Todd are back and the most hotly anticipated kit of the summer is here! Join Todd for an unboxing of the brand new RG Unicorn! We also take a look at the HG Tristan as well as the adorably cute HG Chinagguy.

Kits featured in this episode:
1/144 RG Unicorn Gundam (Premium “Unicorn Mode” Box)
1/144 RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
Gundam Decal No112 RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam
1/144 HGBF Chinagguy
1/144 HGUC RX-78AN-01 Gundam AN-01 Tristan




  1. Good to have you guys back

  2. I want An RG Banshee

  3. Ecited to see the the unicorn it’s look so good and let’s try my luck to see if I can win the guncannon

  4. Interesting camera angle when showing the runners. The vibration / camera shake was slightly distracting. Color / grading is a bit different.

    Really happy this is starting up again 🙂

  5. Hey there!

    The HG Blue Destiny Unit 01 is a happy surprise and i’m really happy we got it. It seems to be a really awesome kit and I love all the things it does better compared to the original kit, a definite must buy for me.

    I’ve built and will review the RG Unicorn for myself and I have to say, this is the best RG i’ve ever built. It’s just so fantastic in every category, I can only bring myself to love this kit every time I see it for all the amazing and groundbreaking things it does, truly a piece of work for an RG. Very sturdy, transformation is both easy and well engineered, joints are very friendly, and it’s just such a great kit from all standards, I cannot emphasise how far they aced this kit.

    The HG Tristan was just a disappointment for it’s age, I don’t think it was a very savory idea from Bandai to reuse the HG Alex’s joint in a kit from 2017, especially if it’s only the joints, it’s just wasted potential really.

    Chinagguy seems to be a new step in the Armored Girl kits for Gunpla, and it seems like the best so far. The eye stickers are well done, there are a lot of gimmicks, and it just seems to be the best we saw so far. I like how Bandai implemented elements from SHFiguarts into this kit, they really did improve here and that’s nice to see.

  6. Super stoked you guys are back, keep the videos coming!

  7. I believe there is a pilot from Build Fighters Amazing Ready named Lindsey who pilots the Gundam Transient Glacier. Lindsay should maybe build that one?

  8. thanks for the kit !

  9. Thank you for answering my question in this episode
    Fun fact, Sya is my ex gf name
    Maybe I should change it

    Can’t wait for Lindsay to review a model kit, Megami Device would be pretty cool

    Also I wouldn’t mind getting that HG Origin Guncannon XD

  10. would love to see Lindsay build and have Todd’s built kits sometime

  11. hghghhghghhhghahghghhgagha (the sound of words being put into my mouth)

  12. Todd did you watch the Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue episode with Char? What were your thoughts on it?

    On one of those slow weeks, you guys should both select an old kit (both the same) and have a sort of competition and let the viewers vote on the best one. One week it could be judging based on kit bashing, another week, it can be the best custom paint job…, etc.

  13. I’m dying to get the RG unicorn but I should wait for the full armour version first

  14. Its been a while since i build a RG kit..actually i only build once which is the RG Freedom gundam (2012 maybe) and i might gonna get that new RG Unicorn simply because Unicorn Gundam is my fav ms and that RG look promising to build!

    Anyway guys, i am happy that GunplaTV is back! Cheers! 😉

  15. So very excited that that this is back, and even more excited for the chance to the the guncanon. A big thank you to the two of you, and all others who help behind the scenes to make Gunpla TV.

  16. gimme some guncannon love

  17. PM said on August 7, 2017

    great episode as always

  18. Keep it coming!

  19. It’s great to see the show continue, along with the giveaways. I’m curious to see just how solid that RG Unicorn really is, and which of the full armor and banshee variants they will release afterwards as normal releases.

  20. Can’t wait for Build Fighters GM’s Counterattack on the 25th! Also episode 1 of Build Fighters Battlogue was good.

  21. I hope I wine, Cannot wait for the Build Fighter series

  22. one original Syd build kit please… may i have it 😀

  23. RG Unicorn?! TAKE MY MONIES!!!!!

  24. Gunpla TV 2.0

  25. Nice to see Gunpla TV coming back at cruise speed! 🙂

  26. Cant wait for HG BD1!

  27. RG Unicorn looks great.

  28. Dont have a guncannon yet, may you always build gunplatv!

  29. I’m still shocked byt the view of the first episode of Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue.
    But I’m still able to comment to win a gunpla! Expecially if it’s a Sid gunpla! It’s like a precious relic!!

  30. Unicorn looks sweet!

  31. Imagine the size difference between the RG and the Megasize Unicorns

  32. Great show! And thank you for reading my comment. Really love Todd’s idea of building all the HGUC kits. Can’t wait to see Lindsay’s kit review. Anyway, thanks to Anna, Ryan, Todd and Lindsay for the “behind the scenes” hard work to produce GunplaTV.

  33. I absolutely WANT the RG Gundam Unicorn. The second I saw a review, I clicked on it. And I must admit. It’s GOD-LIKE. Pretty smooth transformation, nice clear pink plastic, and rigid unicorn and destroy modes just add to the millions of reasons why I want this kit so bad!!

  34. I already asked this once, but will the posters that are in the background ever be for sale? Not those exact posters but Gundam posters in general?

    • The posters in our office are promotional materials and so we aren’t able to sell them. If Gundam posters are released as retail products in the future, we’ll be happy to offer them!

  35. Those chinagguy eyes… Spawn of sa…. I wanna have a RG banshee with those armed armors(claw and railgun)

  36. Can Sid make an appearance for HobbyLink TV 300 episode

  37. sweet ep good to see you guys back

  38. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the unicorn. The wait better have been worth it……. or else we riot.

  39. Great episodo as always 🙂
    When I have the rg unicorn in my hands i’m going to install leds everywhere

  40. Hi guys,
    I just finished watching the first 2 episodes of the new GunplaTV and was pleased to see it back again after a long break. And a big thank-you to Lindsay for stepping in to fill the big Syd shoes – hope she realizes what she has got herself into!

    Especially looking forward to the Rg Unicorn build and transformation, which makes me wonder if Ryan will try to build the new Mega-size Unicorn.

  41. I’mma wait for the RG Full Armour Unicorn. I hope it’ll come with the Hyper Beam Javelin. I got one a couple of sales ago, but the Strike Freedom is using it.

    Speaking of ‘Hyper,’ I’m looking forward to the Hyper Gyanko, as well as the Winning Fumina.

    I’d like to see Lindsay build and review FA Girl and Megami Device. MD is apparently the successor line to Busou Shinki. Naturally, being Kotobukiya, MD is sideways-compatible with FA Girl and Koto’s MSG equipment. I’ll be confirming that between the SOL Hornet and Innocentia when I get the Hornet. I already have Inno built and painted.

  42. welcome back guys!Been waiting a long while for new vids to get posted! keep up the good work yall

  43. Please make a Review about the Schwarzritter, the Dantalion, the Renascimento, and the Ground Type S

  44. Its good to see you guys back!


  46. It’s been a long time, what ever happen to Cid? And what’s with the kit give away it’s like the way it’s presented it’s like Cid just…. Oh I hope not

  47. Syds Spirit lives on in his gunpla XD

  48. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a Shia Quan[T]ver.

  49. w00t! you guys are back!

  50. We definitely need a co-host, the current combo seems to work fairly well I’d say! Even though this is only the second episode since the “reboot”.

    The main thing that made Syd and Ryan combo work so well (imo) was the talkshow/podcast like atmosphere, of course the key is also to talk about relevant stuff Gunpla fans are interested in! 🙂

    Keep em’ comin’!

  51. Will i win? I doubt it.

  52. really tempted on the RG unicorn. didn’t get the master grade due to poseability issues and flimsiness, so i opted for the GFF Metal Composite versions. then the PG got on my radar but the RG seems to be an excellent option too now…

  53. I am very interested in knowing if the Frame Arms weapons can be kit-bashed into Gunpla hands.

  54. Glad to see you guys are back. Looking forward to the RG Unicorn episode!

  55. No you can’t join the contest Lindsay – haha

    Good to have the show back, definitely want to see different kinds of kits besides gundam.

  56. good to see gunplaTV back, you guys should definitely keep doing non Gundam, zoids and such are just as good and don’t get enough coverage elsewhere

  57. Glad to have you back!

  58. Goodluck with the show guys 😊

  59. Hope to win!!

  60. i would like to join the give-away!!:)

  61. I wish they made separate RG Unicorn [Unicorn mode] and [Destroy mode]. Maybe then the articulation would work out better.

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