Aug 1

The show returns after a brief hiatus! Todd is joined by a very special guest host this time around and they take a quick look at the nicely detailed new Master Grade 1/100 Justice Gundam and the monstrous new RE 1/100 Hamma-Hamma!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/100 MG Justice Gundam
1/100 RE/100 AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma




  1. Still not sure whether I want the RG or MG Justice, but first things first, need to try to finish my PG Unicorn before class starts.

  2. It’s ALIVE!

  3. Holy moly you guys are finally back!! Looking forward to more Gunpla TV!

  4. Glad you guys are back!

    Since Lindsay is probably gonna be with you Todd from now on, and since a new company announce new line of mecha musume kit at wonfes, will any of you start reviewing mecha musume kit like Frame Arms Girls or Megami Device? I know it’s not a Gundam Plastic model kit, but I just hope you guys will do review on non bandai model kit more.

    • We didn’t have plans for those kit lines, but we’re now taking it into consideration, thanks!

  5. welcome back guys, it would be great if you reduce the music volume of the intro and outro a bit, and can you review the gundam candy toys like assault kingdom and universal unit?

  6. Ho man, the return hits strong!

    Chinagguy is from the new GM’s Counterattack special, not out yet, but it’s exiting and I want one!

    The fact the MG Justice comes with a stand is what wins it over the RG for me, this kit looks awesome and feels awesome, it’ll go great with my eventual Freedom 2.0 and Providence MG’s. Just like the other two, it seems like it’s a really awesome kit, we finally all have our MG Justice, happy times.

    The RE/100 Hamma Hamma looks awesome, the whole MS is awesome and i’m very happy it finally has a kit. Parts separation and appearance also looks astounding, I love the fact that no stickers are really needed. The hollow sideskirts look awful, but it’s good you won’t see them from most angles. His arm gimmicks combined with his size can really give him awesome shelf presence on the shelf. Definitely want to get this kit one day.

    As other people in some comments section say, it’ll really be awesome to see some other kits from Kotobukiya and other companies. Frame Arms, FA Girl, Megami Device, and their Evangelions are some really good kits that might deserve some recognition on this hopefully.

  7. great to see the show’s back! (honestly i got a bit worried) can’t wait for more episodes. can you show the tristan on the show? i’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions about it and want to see it.

    • We’d actually reviewed the Tristan in something of a lost episode that didn’t make it to editing before. We’ll see what we can do, though!

  8. Love the new intro

  9. yay new gunpla T.V

  10. YAY!!! Welcome back, I hope you guys have been well. The new intro is awesome. I loved the RG Justice, so now I must has an MG! The Hamma-Hamma really needs a base, its joints need to be somewhat stiffer too.

    Nice to see you guys back again, keep up the great work.

  11. I can’t WAIT for you guys to get the RG Unicorn!!! Or even (if possible) the MG XN Raiser!!! Those kits get me so hyped and really remind me of why I love gunpla! Great to see that you guys are back!

  12. great to see u guys back ! hope to see ryan and syd too next time !
    (that’s a very reflexive catch lindsay)

  13. When I grow up, I wanna be a Gunpla TV host

  14. I forgot how relaxing these episodes were to watch! Welcome back! Also, any info on the Playing with Plano contest?

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll see what I can get done for you (and the others who were wondering about the competition) — the boys had been planning on reviewing the winners and judging before, but with the gap in filmings it was put on the back burner.

  15. Very nice job, Todd and Lindsey is a great addition. Give her some kits to build and offer her the permanent co-host chair. Gunpla TV is back!!

  16. Both Todd and Lindsey are sooooo much more natural in front of the camera now, I’m really thankful to see this show continue even if backpack-traveler Syd isn’t here, do miss him though. :/

    Todd will do great, and I hope Ryan will join in from time to time.


  17. Welcome back!

    Ah, so Lindsay is an editor and does 3D animation. Some of the new intro your work. The Todd has some big shoes to fill, but fortunately Syd is still posting on Gaijn Gunpla.

    Let’s see how this goes.

    No kits to give away this week.

  18. ?great show when are the winners gonna get announced ?

  19. Where is Syd? 🙁

  20. It will be a accommodation time with the new format, but all in all glad to have you back, will there be any episode lucky draws like before?
    Welcome back…and i hope no major pause time any time soon 🙂

  21. YOU’RE BACK!!! Haha wow i’ve been coming to the site every few days to check for anything new and now you’re back, and with Lindsay too! I hope her and Anna will be seen a lot more now.
    I love the look of the Justice so much but do the wings not lock into place??
    Anyways a great start to the new Gunpla TV especially that opening bit keep it up guys

    • Lindsay should be around more, but I’m more of a behind-the-camera person. 🙂 Thanks, though!

  22. Finally, a new episode.

  23. Good to see you back. Welkome Lindsay!
    Hope you will air regularly and hope to see your review of RG Unicorn soon.

  24. Welcome back!

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