Mar 28

In this episode Todd is probably a little too excited talking about the newest Option set while Syd finally finished the MG Providence Gundam and brings everything out for all to see.

Don’t forget that the Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest is in full-swing. There is still time left to join and enter for a chance to win some amazing prize packages.

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan
1/100 MG Justice Gundam
1/144 HG Gundam Dantalion
Figure-rise Bust Gundam Build Fighters Try Fumina Hoshino Ending Ver.
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Rusty Orange & Placard
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Surfacer Gray & Placard
1/144 HGBF Gundam Schwarz Ritter
1/144 HG Gundam Ground Type S (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HGUC Barzam
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Chara’gguy Fumina
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Chara’gguy Gyanko

Check out the entire list of just announced Bandai plamo here!

1/144 RG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
1/144 HGBF Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver.
1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Bael
1/100 MG RX-78-02 Gundam (GUNDAM THE ORIGIN Ver) Special Edition

1/144 HG MS Option Set 9
1/144 HG Man Rodi
1/144 HG Geireru
1/144 HG Graze Custom

1/100 MG Providence Gundam
1/100 MG Providence Gundam Premium Edition

Gundam Panel line markers!


Gunpla TV


  1. Wonder if MG justice will be better than RG counterpart?

  2. Really love the providence Gundam, hopefully we will see a Legend MG gundam

  3. Nice episode keep up the good work. and that MG RX-78 origin is one of the best.

  4. I want the next RG to be ground gundam. Then the fragile mess that will be the unicorn that then would only not be in RE 1/100 as the only active line that it doesn’t have at least 1 version.

  5. Would love to have another Origin Grandpa and make it into its prototype form

  6. You know what would be nice a totoro gundam


  8. I like the Origin and I love MG’s!!

  9. The Providence looks really good. I really want to see how the Bael looks in its 1/100 form, wasn’t a fan of the 1/144 HG unfortunately.

  10. MG Origin looks cool

  11. Origin Gundam!

  12. Cant wait for the HG UC Tristan Gundam

  13. That origin looks sassy. Sassy grandaddy. Me likey.

  14. great reveiws guys

  15. The man rodi definitely looks better with the new legs but now the arm color looks off lol, and whoah o.o mg RX-78!

  16. MG Origin Guntank please Bandai

  17. Haven’t had any Grand-daddy kit in my collection. The origin would be great

  18. Im so hyped for a landman rodi

  19. That origin kit would look great on my son’s shelf 😛

  20. would love to get that origin mg

  21. HGUC Tristan seems to be reusing the old HGUC Alex mold, can’t say i’m not skeptical about that. Love the design, but i’m not super confident the kit’s going to live up to modern expectations. MG Justice is looking awesome, now to debate whether I want this or the RG. The HG Dantalion is what i’m the most hype or here, the design is so sick, and while i’m scared for color separation due to it being an HGIBO kit, the design wins it for me anyways. Fumina fanservice needs to stop, the new Petit’gguys are interesting with their signs. Schwarz Ritter is looks absolutely sick, the lame gold is lame, but the design is an absolute winner, I want one. The Ground Gundam S looks epic, that beam effect makes me instantly interested, now I want to see it colored. I’m extremely hype for the Barzam, I really love the design of Barzam, and this HG looks awesome. It’s nice to finally have one, and I definitely want one. The new chara’gguys are interesting, i’d like to see more though.

    The RG gold frame Amatsu Mina looks completely killer. Even with the lame gold, even that looks passable-ish due to the multiple shades, and that’s my only problem done with. The accessories are epic, the gloss black is beautiful, the detail is super well done, and the design is extravagant, this is a must buy for me. Super Fumina fanservice needs to stop. Already got my own FM Bael WIP, and it’s looking to be an awesome kit. I’m so happy with the stand, it’s such a great addition and i’m happy I own it. The Origin Special Ver. just replaced the original Origin (heh) on my wishlist. They’re adding 2 LED colors, a poster, and a new v-fin, all on the original already awesome MG RX-78-02 Origin? Wishlist prioritised to the max.

    The Option Set 9 looks awesome, i’m extremely happy they gave us green Landman Rodi legs, that means non-painters can already get the Landman in brewers colors. Not to mention the other stuff like the Scharfrichter Geirail parts, Graze Ground Type parts, Rebake rifles, and a nice bonus for a Barbatos Lupus Rex Repair, that’s awesome. MG Providence looks like a beast, the detail is nice, the presence is huge, and the articulation looks awesome, the waist joint scares me though. Probably going to get the regular version, the stand is awesome but the price is a bit high for that and decals I won’t really use. Nice to be given the option though,

  22. Hi! Nice episode. 🙂 I would like to have an RX-78-2 Origin because I still haven’t got any Grand Daddy since i started building Gunpla. And what better way to have it than winning it from HLJ. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. RNG god, please bless me

  24. RNG god, please bless me too.

  25. *insert cat meme*
    I really should buy the RX-78-2 Origins Gundam

  26. Love the Gundam origin, super excited about this one, fingers are crossed. Love you guys! Thanks again.

  27. Is it about time for some new 00 MGs? It’ll be a decade this year since the anime first aired. I want a MG of my favourite gundam, Virtue!

  28. gunpla is freedom!

  29. If they keep pumping out these charaguys I hope we get some of the older gundam characters, would be hilarious to see deadpan heero yuy as one.

  30. No more IBO series !!! I hope for season 3 or they should keep up with the manga. I want to see all the gundam frames in the IBO gundam series. That HGUC gundam tristan looks interesting.

  31. Loving Gundam thunderbolt. Looking forward to some ass kickin mg’s this year. Also if I win the origin kit it’s my first rx78 kit. Fingers and toes crossed………..

  32. RX-78-2 Gundam with a shoulder cannon. Boom!

  33. Wish Bandai make a mg origin char’s zaku 2

  34. the chara guys are horrifying.
    I want so see one with your faces photoshopped in 😀

  35. I want that origin kit please pick me pick me

  36. Love gundam! Love you guys too!

  37. that dantalion gundam is from IBO side story manga if i am not mistake..

  38. That MG providence looks like a beast, I have to go get one myself soon too!

  39. Omg providence looks awesome

  40. The schwarz is strong within the Providence.

  41. PM said on March 28, 2017

    Great episode guys and providence looks awesome

  42. Now that Bandai is focusing on SEED again, I hope to see a RG Providence.

  43. Finally I see a few new mecha designs that I really like! That ms from a side story of IBO it’s very interesting! Strange but cool at the same time.
    What could be the next Rg? Only Bandai knows it. Since now the Rg series is 90% Gundams! So I really want to see some Zion design.
    For example…the Dom Tropen! wow! And Rg Dom Tropen Ver.Ka! Wow!

  44. Those providence shoulders.

  45. I am looking forward to getting the providence

  46. The option sets may make me buy a Man Rodi

  47. I love master grades

  48. Great show guys. I dont think a demon would enjoy being called Dandelion, but whatever. Providence looked great.
    I havent seen an episode of Origin yet, but the RX is looking good.

  49. The origin looks great

  50. So now all we need is an MG Legend Gundam and I’m pretty sure the Seed fans will be extremely happy.

  51. this episode felt shorter than normal. DAT providence though.

  52. The Providence looks like something that came out of Zeta

  53. Im just getting started with the mg line. I have the mg rx78-2 oyw version and im waiting on the mg zaku 2.0 i orderd from you guys. I have only built one mg and im in love with the mg line.

  54. Great episode guys!

  55. Just in time for my birthday! Thanks gunpla tv may you always build..

  56. I like Gundam Origin. After school special. The Swartz is strong with this one

  57. I hope we get a new PG announcement soon.

  58. Realy looking forward for the next episode. it will b epic!

  59. That providence gundam is awesome! Is there going to be a new MG strike freedom in the near future?

  60. Awesome! My favorite gundam is Providence. I hope it gets an RG soon!

  61. My MG Providence Gundam is on it’s way I can’t wait to start building it!

  62. Great episode guys. I’m looking forward to that RG Gold frame!!

  63. Very interesting choosing to go with Amatsu mina for rg

  64. Thanks for the origin guys !cant wait for my money to get more kits

  65. gimme that RX78-2 Origin… I demand it!!! hahahaha

  66. March has been a crazy month for gunpla. I’m enjoying seeing all these kits.

  67. That Barbatos shoulder thing with the Man Rodi legs looks really stupid. No wonder the idea was dropped.

  68. Great episode guys, hope I win this time.

  69. A real grade Zeong would be pretty rad.

  70. Hopefully they’ll make more and fuller conversion-kit esque option sets in the future!

  71. The RX78-2 Origin would make a good looking GM. Im on a GM buzz with the ongoing comp.

  72. Two thumbs up for MG RX-78!

  73. I like to win !!!

  74. I loved all the IBO kits that have came out so far but I gotta be honest I’m ready for something new. Kinda happy it’s over lol

  75. Just received my order from HLJ, will work on it from the contest.

  76. Excited to get my premium edition MG Providence Gundam from you guys. Much love and support. I’m new to buying kits online and the first one I bought from you guys was the MG Psycho Zaku Ver Ka had no regrets with it.

  77. Origin gundam ftw!

  78. hope I win

  79. I don’t know about anyone else. But I want Bandai to release a Mg Kshatriya and a Pg Nu gundam. Than I would be a very happy gunpla builder.

  80. Syd:”I’ve seen your ball”
    If taken out of context,very good “material”
    In all seriousness though, MG line seems to follow SEED main suits.Does this mean a SEED Renaissance?Foes this mean another SEED RG?
    *Shrug*Who knows
    Let the nippers keep on nipping and the empty runners keep on piling,

  81. If I win taht MG Origin I would probably kitbash it with the RGM-79C I have around.

    I don’t care too much about SEED but the fact that the Providence has a ton of extra parts makes the kit seem more appealing to me. Im still crossing my fingers to see if they do more grunt suits since they released the GM Sniper. Stark Jegan and the Aqua GM.

    Still working on the contest entry. Panel Line scribing is the scariest thing I have ever done to a kit (being the first time I do it).

  82. These option sets are really cool, sadly they’re only for HGs. I’d love that would allow me to turn a regular 1/100 graze into Carta’s Graze Ritter.

  83. I’m looking forward to seeing how the FM Bael differs from the HG version. I’m also anticipating whether that Astray Gold can stand up to her hype. But it doesn’t look as if they fixed Fumina’s issues with the new version. Ouch!

  84. Oh man I could really use a new MG kit. I haven’t done one in over a year 🙁

  85. Excited to see how the 1/100 Bael comes out, because honestly…the 1/144 looks pretty lame. Also Strike Freedom and Destiny 2.0 when!?

  86. I’m surprised that you guys did not mention that the Gundam Tristan is using parts from the HGUC 047 Gundam Alex. A lot of people are upset about the use of old, recycled, parts limiting articulation and a cheap cop out on Bandai’s end. Also, the P-Bandai Zaku III Custom from Twilight Axis is simply a re-color of the Zaku III Custom that came out 20 years ago and this too has angered some Gunpla fans. Is Bandai simply getting lazy? What are your thoughts about this?

  87. There are two suits Bandai keeps over looking for RG: GM and Gouf.

  88. Still never built the grand daddy, would very much love the opportunity to do so 😉

  89. I hope I win i always wanted the original gundam. But knowing my luck i wont win.

  90. When are we going to see a 3.0 zaku
    And a PG sinanju
    Seig zeon

  91. RX-78-02 MG! I’m also excited to build an RX-78AL HG. How many RX-78 MS are there?

  92. Great show, really tempted to get the Providence Gundam ^_^

  93. oohhhh, MG Origin Gundam! i want, pleeeeeaaaaaassseeee!

  94. MG ORIGIN LOOKS AWESOME!! Hope to win! Also keep up the awesome work!

  95. An RG Nu Gundam is too obvious. Seeing as they’ve covered a unicorn, build fighters and seed kit and that we’re already getting an MG ZZ. There’s only one logical solution, RG Neo Zeong. But srsly an RG f91/ crossbone/x
    /god Gundam would be great

  96. Now im really gettin my hands on that providence, hope to win the give away…thanks guys!

  97. the providence looks really sweet the detail is awesome i think i might get one

  98. i hope we also get the amatsu mina in mg.

  99. Theeey’ve got…a power you cannot seee with your eyes.
    Theeey are…feared by nubs, loose joints, and large stickers.
    Nooothing…will ever take them down!
    Gunpla lies on their sie ie ie ie ieeeeeeeeede!

  100. Origin!

  101. I’ve been wanting to make a HG version of the ground type graze!

  102. Very nice!

  103. Looking forward to the Tristan.

  104. I hope I win that kit, but if not I guess I’d just have to buy the special edition. Still waiting for an MG Char Zaku origin version. BANDAI PLEASE!!!

  105. I have the MG Providence (special version) in my Private Warehouse. This video is just teasing me to have it delivered already. I am only holding off because i am waiting for the MG Freedom 2.0 (Dramatic Combination) to restock so i can have them delivered together. (Any word on a restock coming soon?)

    Oh also, you really upped the ante there Master Syd. MG 78-02 Origin Ver. Now that is even more exciting to work on. Maybe my lucky stars will smile on me now. Thanks for the videos guys. The reviews really help me plan ahead on what to work on, on kits i have already ordered.

  106. The next RG should be the Blue Destiny Unit 1 because why not.

  107. Oh no, now I really really want that RG Nu Gundam! Even though I imagine those fin funnels beeing really finicky. :’D

  108. I want to work on Gunpla, but Zelda Breath of The Wild is eating up 99% of my free time lately!

  109. I sure wish I can get my hands on that ver. S2 gundam. 😀

  110. ORIGIN !

  111. Can i win something?

  112. Wanna see the busty Fumina!!!!

  113. love how they molded the option set in color (partially). also GIVE ME THE MG RX-78-2 PLZ I DON’T HAVE ANY MGs!!!

  114. Do you guys think will we ever see a gusion remake full city 1/100 scale? Fall maybe?

  115. Origin!!!!

  116. Good episode

  117. RX78 to go with my mg char zaku!!!

  118. well, i would like to win.

  119. love the providence but hope i win the origins.

  120. Just wanted to mention that those IBO-stickers that came with the 1/100s are same that came with the IBO-stand campaign you had earlier this year. There were also C and D stickers which had the Seven Stars and Turbines logos.

  121. Is it just me or these Bearguys are getting weirder and weirder?

  122. providence looks pretty sweet.. Can’t wait for the time u guys giving that away.. At the meantime.. I am cool with getting the orgin.. 🙂

  123. Todd keep your hands off Fumina

  124. I’d love a grandaddy gundam, never had one.

  125. Question about the plamo competition my sister doesnt have a credit card or any means to shop online so when he wants stuff from your site she does it on my account and she pays me. so i was wondering if she can enter the competition.

  126. Afterschool moral of Gunpla TV: Inclusiveness because Gunpla is freedom!

  127. But of course we’ll forgive you Syd if you don’t put it together right!

  128. love me some RX78-2, I was hoping you guys will do a tutorial on chisels. Well keep up the great work

  129. BOOM!

  130. I already have the Origin but it would be pretty cool to win it for my friend. He’s a big RX-78-2 fan. an’t wait to see the Bael. Looks great and was pretty cool int he show. Too bad we won’t be getting a 1/100 Kimaris Vidar?

  131. That MG Providence is a BEAST!! I’m looking forward to getting mine and waiting on the MG Justice Gundam to finish up the Seed Gang! I really hope they announce the RG Nu-Gundam at the hobby show. Imagine the possibility of an RG Sazabi after that~ It would be MASSIVE!

  132. looks like i’m gonna get that MG origin kit..
    nope. wait…imma win it instead!

  133. I am wondering if the Mg Justice is also using the Freedom 2.0 frame.

  134. Oh, really like that Rx-78-2 Gundam. Can I have it?

  135. I’d love to have that RX-78-2 Origin. Come on random number generator!


  137. You guys are awsome! Can’t wait to see the RG Amatsu Mina built up!

  138. Hope they make an mg legend now.for those who dont know the legend gundam is the upgrade of providence like freedom to strike freedom or justice to infinte justice

  139. Hope I win that 2015 MG Gundam The Origin RX-78-02 model!

  140. I dare ya giving away grandpa! 😛

  141. Another great episode

  142. nice. for a gundam fan i never built a rx-78 maybe i need to.

  143. If only Bandai gave some love to the Stargazer. That’s probably the the only Seed MG I’d buy.

  144. I Like the Origan:). Love the retro look of it. If i win it would be my 1st Master Grade Kit:D

  145. Providence Gundam looks awesome.

  146. Great show as always Syd and Todd, I would love to win The Grand Daddy RX-78

  147. Heys first time poster for ur show i love ur show i recently got into gunpla and every episode i watch i learn something new so thank u guys keep up the awesome work and the mg providence looks sick the freedom 2.0 was a solid build i cant wait too get this one

  148. AMURO!!! great episode, curious as to where you guys get your Gunpla posters, I’d really like to get my hands on a few.

    -PG, Anaheim CA

  149. A little sad to see that the providence needs help standing up.

  150. Thank you for making all the videos!

  151. Wile I was submitting my kit my computer froze so I wasn’t sure if it sent. So I resent my submission just in case, hope this doesn’t disqualify me.

  152. Great Show, Started to watch from the begining now I’m at episode 178, and wanted to check out if you still habe the give away. I hope I can win this kit.

  153. Now you didn’t hear this from me, but I wager the new RG is a Shining Gundam to commemorate the upcoming Olympic games. Y’know the one they’re making 1/1 RX-78 walk for?

    What do you think the chances are of bandai launching a 1/100 RG or MG+ line? I want to make complicated things, but I get intimidated by the 1/144th scale.

  154. Really, really, really hope that Bandai is gonna do something about the lack of Gundam 00 MGs. Hopefully we get accelerate evolution gundam 00 kits (not Setsuna’s) or even FLAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSS

  155. Soo I guess I’m not winning this one either?

  156. So many goodies, so little time…nice work, fellas!

  157. Love the show!! wish I could win this giveaway.

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