Feb 21

For this week’s episode of Gunpla TV we have two kits to show with very different looks but we had a lot of fun with both.

Be sure to check out the ongoing Playing with Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition on HobbyLink TV! You can find the details here!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Soda Pop Blue & Ice Candy
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Bittersweet Brown & Chocolate
1/144 HG Reginlaze Julia
1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex
1/144 HGBF Papagguy
1/144 HGBF Beargguy P
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex


Gunpla TV


  1. I like giant robots.

  2. Dappergguy is dapper.

  3. I’m just not a fan of the Rex’s proportions.

  4. Not really a fan of Rex’s design and the lack of yellow on the HG is highly disappointing. I wonder if the FM also has the same problem

  5. The Papagguy is quite the dapper gentleman, but I think that top hat should rightfully go to Ballguy. Never forget Ballguy.

  6. Papagguy looks quite proper

  7. The Lupus Rex’s sub-arms would look cooler in action if they were holding some guns or swords from other kits/ option sets while wielding the corncob mace! Also will Gunpla TV show kits like the Mechatro WeGo? They look cool

  8. Oh gods I have been looking for that powerdoll kit everywhere! So hard to find!

  9. I like the shoulder armor of the lupus and the long arms of the rex? does the 1/100 come w/ the red shoulders of the lupus?

    …and hand that powerdoll over here thank you.

  10. Not looking forward to masking and spraying those yellow fingers, I can understand that the correct color separation is a bit much to ask but couldn’t you at least give us some stickers Bandai?

  11. To be perfectly honest, I don’t like how the Lupus Rex (or even the regular Lupus) look. It’s too much for my taste.

  12. I was hopeing you would try a 4 legged pose with the lupus rex for the entire review!

  13. I hope I’m not to early in commenting to win this weeks price.?

  14. Would like to get Powerdollz. Hope i win.

  15. Wow that lupus Rex is awesome! Nice episode guys!

  16. Isn’t “Lupus” a disorder or something? Maybe a failure in the Gundarium alloy?
    Beargguy is pretty cool.

  17. Hmmmm! I know I have a spare Acguy kit somewhere!

  18. On a scale of 14 to butts, how much do you like gunpla?

  19. I would like to the that powerdoll2 please give it to me!!!!!!!

  20. it would be awesome to have that mustache in rx-78-2
    lova that powerdolls2 it looks smooth and bulky.
    looking forward for the next show.

  21. That Reginlaze kit looks surprisingly good. Love the angular design on it, plus the included basic stand is a good plus.

    Definitely going to have to get one for myself soon

  22. If Tod love big feets, what does Sid love?

  23. Im Waiting for Bael and the New Kimaris, You can Kitbash Lupus Rex with Lupus’ Arms if it looks Disoriented, I think those Extra Arms can hold all Barbatos’ Maces

  24. I didn’t know they made POWER DoLLS kit, The More You Know.

  25. wow, I didn’t know that Barbatos come with a base.

  26. That’s a big box for the 1/100 barbatos.

    How about that Kimaris Vidar?! Undecided on whether I like that or not.

  27. awesome show,

  28. I would like the POWERDoLLS2

  29. the papa guy is very classy, definitely a must have for me

  30. Cannot wait for HG gundam bael on March 2017

  31. I don’t know what that is but I need it.

  32. The giveaway kit looks great

  33. Cool Rex. Also luv that thunder thigh kit!

  34. I agree with you on the Lupus Rex kit, they should’ve at least included the stickers for the fingers. Papa bear looks cool with the top hat and mustache.

    Lovely giveaway kit, I want that!

  35. Dollz

  36. holy cow that kit has massive thighs.

  37. ME … WANT … POWERDOLL … never seen that kit in my life but it looks awesome. … Syd and Todd as always, great job, and yes please please please let’s get away from building Barbatos and all his 500 forms, there are plenty of kits that we will love to see you guys build and review other than IBO, just my opinion of course 😉

  38. When will it be my time to win.

  39. The impression I get of the Rex is that Bandai rushed it to roll-out, and that’s why it doesn’t have the coloured parts it should. I’m hoping the final version is ‘finished.’

    From pictures I’ve seen, Kimaris Vidar continues the trend of being armed with modelling tools. This time it’s drills. But I like the Dendronium-style shields.

  40. 40th comment ftw!
    oh well..

  41. I would like to win the POWERDoLLS2

  42. My lucky day! May you always build gunpla tv!

  43. Big fan of papagguy but sadly I dont have the money and I cant find it in any of my local hobbystores:(

  44. What’s a Powerdoll? Looks cool though.

  45. OMG, now I feel old cause I did play PowerDoLLs 1 & 2. They were really old school turn based strategy game for PC, I played them as a fix for more after playing the Front Mission games back then.

  46. I need powerdoll power now!

  47. Man I cant wait to get that Barbatos Lupus Rex!!!!!!

  48. That Power Doll’s thighs make the Tallgeese look like it skipped leg day.

  49. wow a new kit sadly it looks really cool so it would have been interesting to show on the show

  50. I would like to win the doll.. Out of all the papa bears.. I think this dappler is the one who is going to make me buy this line.

  51. I would love to see a 1/100 of the reginlaze julia.. I hope they make one

  52. Ducks go quack. Cows go moo. Gunpla is awesome, and you guys are too.

  53. Awesome show guys cant wait to get back into building plamo again

  54. Nice! Totally wouldn’t mind that Powerdoll S2 kit as the only Plum kit I have is the Murakumo ARK Cloud Breaker 01. Anyways great episode as always!

  55. I love Powerdolls!

  56. I can’t wait for Lupus Rex to come in 1:100, gonna be a good day

  57. I want that!

  58. plum? plume?

  59. Great show as always guys! Short and sweet~ Makes my Mondays a lot more tolerable! That Papa Guys is so dapper! I’d like to slap that mustache and top hat on the PG RX-78-2 and make a dapper PG complete with a bowtie! That black and white color scheme would be awesome!

  60. More Gunpla news is always awesome.

    Both new Petit’gguys are amusing, I might get the soda pop one because I like blue and ice cream. The Reginlaze Julia is a must have for me, the hollow parts are a disappointment, but otherwise the kit looks sick, i’m definitely getting one for myself. I might get the FM Lupus Rex one day for a Rex since the HG has parts that i’m not fond of, but since i’m not a huge fan of the MS I probably won’t anyways. The stand is a nice inclusion for the first timers though, and I can see fans of the MS buying this great kit.

    Not a huge fan of the Beargguys in general because the concept doesn’t fit my tastes with me, but I think this is a neat one despite that. Still won’t get one myself, but this guy is certainly a dapper fellow.

    The HG Rex was unfortunately disappointing to me. My main problems are the stickers, missing color applications and incorrect arm proportions, although the Full Mechanics will serve as the kit for me anyways. Oh well, the standard Lupus will be my Barbatos’s king.

  61. the lupis rex is looking pretty sweet

  62. Not sure about the papagguy thing, seems like it should come with a ball gag and rainbow stickers but i would like to win the powerdoll

  63. Nice video!!! cannot wait for 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex review for next video. Love the Powerdoll hope to win it.

  64. Let me win those Thunder Thighs Please

  65. forget MG beargguy, i want ballguy v2: MG ball on HG beargguy body!

  66. 1/100 Barbatos lupus rex looks great and even better that it comes with a stand, can’t wait for your review on it!!

  67. I love those arms and tail but I also like that doll!

  68. I would love to put that mustache on the Turn A Gundam…

    Yeah POWERDoLLS2!

  69. it’s awesome that they provide a stand with that rex. weird they call it rex but the arms are long…. i want powerdolls!

  70. I have used the spare acguy bits to make a gas mask for a beargguy towards a fallout power armour i’m working on

  71. PLUM!!

  72. I want Powerdolls, I like dolls, I play with dolls…^^

  73. Powerdolls2 looks so much like Hyakuren. Maybe it is just me. Maybe this time i will be lucky-er.

  74. Always a great episode keep up the good work and i would love to win that Powerdoll Kit it looks amazing

  75. PowerDolls baby. Yeah!!!
    never heard of them, but i won’t scoff at a free kit
    cheers 🙂

  76. i love dolls…robot dolls!

  77. REJECTED!!! Papagguy needs to find a new hobby!

  78. Great new kits!

  79. I just hope that the Bael kit lives up to the hype in the same way McGillis has set in the anime.

  80. Lupus Rex defies Gundam designs..

  81. Just ordered my Barbados Lupus Rex in 1/100. can’t wait. for a project. Big, pretty, unassembled kit? count me in.

  82. I hope bandai makes a 1/100 helmwige reincar and flauros. Those kits would look much better up scaled.

  83. power doll … not I cant use my “they are not dolls they are action model” argument 🙁

  84. Man, that PowerDolls Suite looks awesome.
    Too bad their out of stock.
    But maybe I can win one?!

  85. Have yo guys decided yet whether or not you’re coming Anime Expo this year? I really hope you guys do!

  86. Quite a huge departure is the rex from the common barbatos design. It’s strange but quite intriguing as well. Keeo up the great job guys.

  87. I think you’ve just sold me on the Lupus Rex, I was on the fence for the longest time

  88. Imagine a Turn A with the Papa-guy’s mustache.

  89. I hope Bandai stop this Bearguy-mania soon!
    If they want to do other mobil suits that looks funny that ok! Just stop the Bearguy (and sons, and wife, and mother, and…I don’t know! Whatever!)

    Guys I interested in the line called “Super Minipla” because is about the Super robots of the 80’s. Can you show us those kits?

  90. I’m really enjoying all of the IBO suit designs and I really need to get my hands on a 1/100 Lupus Rex.

  91. logic

  92. what ever happened to Ryan?
    and i’m really tempted to buy that julia. I have a thing for those buff, oversized, power house kits. maybe i’ll include it with my order of the HG Atlas from you guys? we’ll see..
    oh… and Powerdolls!!!!

  93. Can’t decide between 1/144 Lupus Rex or 1/100.. Hope they do a Mega size Barbatos or just more Mega size 🙂

  94. Come on Mr. Random Generator, we’ve had our differences but we both can agree that PowerdollS2 would look great in a Titans/Aries color scheme.

  95. wait Syd you’re passing on the powerdoll “S2”?? that’s weird, but i wouldn’t mind building it in your stead

  96. it’s that possible for berbatos to get another final form?or rex was his final?

  97. And Syd has cut his finger again. Nice show guys!

  98. I’ve never built a Powerdoll before.

  99. wow that power doll s2 kit looks awesome! great show as always!

  100. You guys excited for the Switch? Any games you’re planning to play?

  101. Yo an unbuilt kit, sign me up

  102. Power Doll? Never heard of it but sure, send it to me. Thanks!

  103. I do want that POWER DoLLS kit I missed on the cosmos hahhaha

  104. thunder tigh

  105. Those soda popsicles are pretty good

  106. Hope i win the Doll.

  107. I want that power doll!

  108. Hello Syd and Todd, I do have a question but also wanted to introduce myslef. I am a Paramedic in Oregon (United States) and I am brand new to both Gunpla and models. My only experience is a few models when I was a kid. I work the night shift and stay on nights during my off days. I have been looking for something to do at night on my off days which wont wake up my wife and kids and since I have been a life long GUNDAM fan I figured I would give Gunpla a shot, plus it’s crazy cool looking. I Began to watch YouTube on the topic and came across GUNPLA TV, and the PLAMO competition (I am going to be submitting my first build). I am currently watching all the episodes and I am currently up to episode 80 along with the most current 2 episodes. My question is what are both of your favorite Gundam Series, mine is 0083 Stardust Memory, but the mobile suit fights in Iron blooded Orphans are so rough and tough that its a close second.

  109. I come to take that power dolls 2! Oh dear RNG God I plea Thy to get this for me!

  110. I guess calling dibs won’t work, lol.

  111. How’s it going Todd and Syde, feels strange to have an episode “so short” compared to recent ones. LOL. Any ways great show you guys and everyone else at HLJ, keep up the great work. As soon as I get my digital camera in the mail I’ll be able to post my entry in the 2017 modeling competition, got a lot done so far, still got a ways to go before I’ll be satisfied with the end results. After viewing the other entries in the intermediate level I feel torn, on one hand I feel more motivated to complete it, on the other I feel like I didn’t do enough work based on what I have seen so far. All the entries look really good so far, soon my entry will join the legions of other gunplay to be judged worthy of the prize. LOL Best of luck to everyone else in the competition. May Gunpla TV go on and on for ever!!!!

  112. “No, sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again.”

  113. Great episode, have heard the 1/100 Rex has better proportions. Excited to get that kit in!

    Also, that powerdolls 2 kit has some major Chun-li like thighs… I need it!

  114. I’m really tired of seeing new Barbatos, but it won’t probably stop even after the show ends.

    Guess that’s how people feel about the Unicorn gundam for those who don’t like the design (should be one or two people out there, I’m not one of them though).

  115. Over played bear guy but I’m still gonna buy that Papa guy!….really though bandai….stop.

  116. Thanks again for another great episode. I’ve never heard of power dolls, but that kit looks pretty cool.

  117. Fuyoohhhhh hope to get that power dolls 2 hope so la

  118. thank you for another great episode …

    as for the reginlaze julia review next episode..please.. can you show me the leftover part from the new reginlaze?? can it be made into the old reginlaze even if not perfect??
    thanks before..

  119. power dolls pls. It’s my turn now.

  120. I now want to put a mustache and hat on all of my kits.

  121. Thank you for making all the videos!

  122. The thighs on that powerdolls are on point!

  123. I miss Ryan. Great episode guys.

  124. Thank you guys so much, HLJ is the best!

  125. Oh well, screwed up my a levels. At least gunpla is still there for me hahaha XD

  126. I am 2 minded about getting the Rex.

  127. The Papagguy’s mustache on the Turn A would be cool

  128. pls!

  129. I like dolls i play with dolls

  130. I wanted to get the power dolls back I remember that kit hope I’m not to late it was a crazy week. Love your store and your weekly update videos. I will soon be back to building Plammo. My thumb is working again got a back logged of 30 kits and more coming lol.

  131. Gunpla!!!!

  132. Wow, wow, wow. Everything is nice. Powerdolls? Sounds gooood. :):):)

  133. The box for the 1/100 Lupus Rex is going to drive me crazy. I love the look and idea of it from a packaging design standpoint but a box lid that doesn’t fully close is going to annoy me.

    Stupid complaint, I know. Great episode!

  134. I recently saw that Bandai is making more Petit Beargguys. They have blank signs that you can draw or write on. I bet the first one that gets built is gonna have something lewd drawn on it!

  135. ey bOss pls I want Powadolls to play with ma Barbie Lupus Rex

  136. Will you be making a feature about the current contest entries and their work in progress images? it be nice to hear what you guys think about them.

  137. Damn, I need that powerdoll! Love the big thighs and weird proportions!

  138. Hey guys, was the HMM Gojulas The Ogre kit from Kotobukiya a limited release, or will it be available once more at a later date?

  139. i want powerdolls2!

  140. nice doll, power doll that is 🙂

  141. Hey guys, for the PLAMO Competition final entries will a smart phone camera work? Or am I gonna be stuck purchasing a camera?

  142. Hi there!!! Great show keep it going! Still new to gunpla, i receved the RG Zaku II, quite tricky those big cables on the legs… but it went well afterall. That kit you are giving away surely make a great piece in my new colection 😉

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