Jan 31

We have a big episode for everyone showing new kits in different grades and talking a bit about handling those frame covers on the MG Psycho Zaku Ver. Ka Thunderbolt kit. We also talk about the just announced March release info. The Playing with Plamo 2017 Competition is underway! If you’re not yet participating head on over to the Contest Page and check it out.

And be sure to check out our Iron-Blooded Orphans HG Display Stand campaign!

Kits featured in this episode:

Just announced March release plamo from Bandai!
Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
1/144 HG Rouei
1/144 HG Helmwige Reincar
BB Gundam Barbatos Lupus DX
1/144 HGUC RGM-79 [G] GM Ground Type
1/100 MG GM Sniper II
1/100 MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.)


Gunpla TV


  1. That Barbatos Lupus Rex look awesome

  2. That astaroth origin would be nice. I always like the way you guys go over multiple kits each episode.

  3. at times i like solid kits, at times i like flashy kits, guess the only solution is to buy them all

  4. Putting all the weapons on the ship is so dumb but amazing at the same time. They really made the most out of what they could fit in that one package.

  5. Seeing ryan the other day sure made me miss him in these weekly episodes

  6. New episode means new fun!

    The stand campaign is interesting, I might get one if I can. I’m very excited for the HG Atlas, it’s going to be awesome. I’ve always liked the MS and it’s certainly a unique design and has a lot of display options, super excited for it. I’m likely getting the new Origin because it has more stuff and I don’t have the old Origin yet, so this is a pick up for me. I’m also picking up the regular Char’s Zaku I. This one is more like the standard Zaku I and has a better colorscheme so i’m definitely getting this one. Not a big fan of the Lupus Rex, so I probably won’t get one. Bael on the other hand looks awesome, i’m very likely getting one. The new option set seems to be something I will get if only for the Landman Rodi, still nice to see conversion kits, these are sweet. The new Petit’gguy is interesting with it’s smaller teddy bear, so I can have some Bear-ception with the Beargguy F, which is nice! I’m very excited for the Amazing Strike Freedom, which is a shame that others don’t share my sentiment, because i’m a fan of how it looks, especially with that red frame. Super Fumina is a joke that still needs to die and me no gusta. MG Providence looks amazing and i’m super excited for it, it would look great with the freedom 2.0, don’t think i’m getting the limited version though. RG Astray Amatsu Mina has got me super hyped. RG Astray Red Frame one of the best looking kits out there IMO and this thing looks great as well, I need one. I’m a fan of Macross Delta so i’m definitely getting the new Draken III.

    Not too interested in the Figure-Rise standard DBZ kits but my friends might be. I need a Rouei, I was a big fan of the MS and the Hyakuren was a nice little kit, so this has definitely got my attention. I wasn’t a huge fan of Helmwidge Reincar’s colorscheme at first but it grew, the mustard plastic is not that great looking though.

    The BB Senshi Barbatos Lupus initially interested me, however seeing the Mobile Worker and Isarabi molded entirely in grey without any color at all turned me off, it was disappointing but eh, oh well. I’ve got the Robot Damashii GM Sniper II only a week before the MG was announced, so I unfortunately did not share the hype for the MG, but I still might get the White Dingo version, and the kit itself is quite impressive. I’m also definitely having the GM Ground Type, been waiting for the HG and Bandai finally delivered, and it doesn’t disappoint. Definitely getting this guy, he looks very good and it’s nice to see another MS get a new HGUC kit.

  7. If I won that Astaroth I would be compelled to buy a second one to make them symmetrical, fingers crossed for the Origin form then.

  8. finally, new episode! that was a lot of stuff covered in this episode. awesome job guys. now, can i have the 2 astaroths, please? xD

  9. I want to have a complete collection of the IBO series but Astaroth is the only one I can’t get. I wish I could win this one. Seriously, IBO is the first series that really got me into Gunpla.

  10. Can’t wait to buy the GM Sniper 2. Really great looking kit. And of course wouldnt mind winning those astaroths!

  11. damn nice episode again, XD a good watch while building the kit for the competition

  12. nice ep loving that gm sniper would like to win

  13. I just started gunpla build, so excited from watching all the past episodes and this lated episode. Metal gear absolutely looks amazing.

  14. I need the Astaroth Origin so bad

  15. Gundam sephirotthhh!!

  16. Oh the nostalgia! This episode made me want to watch MS 08th Team all over again. Long live the Universal Century!

  17. tried to buy those 2 kit. but sold out :/

  18. This sniper kit is really nice. I hope for the Red Astaroth.
    Also a quastion.
    Syd, what is your favorite grade of gunpla? I think that you have answer that before but I don’t remember. TNX!

  19. That red asteroth tho ,its finished in my area


  21. cant wait for the Barbatos Lupus Rex, or lets just say… the B-REX..

  22. Great episode guys, the new IBO kits coming soon look great, tough choice to decide to get IBO or thunder bolt kit.

  23. give me my astaroth

  24. Love the new kits 🙂

  25. Maybe one day Todd will get a promotion, and then he will get build the cooler HG kit. But not today.

    Also, one of the shoulders on the SD Barbatos Lupus is upside-down. Whoops.

  26. That GM Sniper looks tasty. Not so sure about those colors though…

  27. I could use a spare asteroth

  28. That GM Sniper is really crying out to be modified heavily. I’d love to get one of these.

  29. roll on march atlas astray gold frame and providence oh yes. dam you randon number generator god. please guys is there any truth about bandai being able to sell star wars kits outside japan again soon

  30. Thank you Gunpla TV, you guys are the best.

  31. It’s IBO hype, hope to win any of the two Duke’s of hell… Nice episode, always love it if the episode is more than an hour, more content more gunpla… More power,
    Hope I win!!!

  32. Thank you Gunpla TV, you guys are the best.

  33. I love the Astaroth, the assymetrical design I find really appealing and I love the sword. Still haven’t gotten my hands on the origin version because theres been so many kits, but I’d love to get my hands on one.

    Can’t wait to see that Providence Gundam in action when it comes in and gets built.

  34. Wow so many gunplas this March and 2 IBO giveaway. Great episode!

  35. Trying to win again. Not a great comment but…you know…i just want to win!

  36. I like variation IBO kits.

  37. Ooohhh Bael Is Coming

  38. i would love to have my very first IBO Gumpla, as much as it bould be Astaroth. that left arm is sexy as super fumina

  39. Thanks for the tutorial. Don’t have that kit, but good to know more techniques.

  40. I think my gunpla have started fighting each other.

    I woke up this morning and my MG Zaku was mising an arm (it was on the floor, still holding it’s gun), my RG RX 78-2 had fallen over, my RG Zeta had dropped it’s beam rifle and my MG Wing ver. Ka had fallen off it’s action base…

  41. Great show guys! Thanks for the reply.

  42. Thanks for the episode gunpla tv! May you always build

  43. Great long episode guys, great for listen while working on my entry. Todd, GM ground type’s abs joint was used on the HGUC RX 78-2 revive. Helmwige Reincar reminds me a bit of reinhardt from overwatch. It just need to replace that sword with a hammer. Hammer Down!

  44. My body wants that Astaroth.

  45. GN Sniper seems so cool. not sure if I like the color scheme tho

  46. Great Video, i watch you guys on Youtube and then pop over here so I can maybe win some Astaroths! Also, time to save for March with so many cool releases.

  47. Welp time to not win another HlJ giveaway.

  48. dat sniper! The detail from your tutorial was incredible. hope to win this year!

  49. Thank you for the prize.

  50. Great episode. Not a SD collector but you guys manage to make even that interesting. GMs are always cool. Todd has a cool take on the kits….a nice counter to Syd. Great team. Thanks guys!

  51. RG Amatsu Mina?!? I hope someday there will be an MG version, since the only 1/100 is NG.

  52. Oh RNGesus. Bless me like a “asteroid” hitting “gaia.

  53. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the gm sniper 2

  54. Astaroth Origin, please. And please ensure all parts are functional so I can repair that damage. Need that Sarge Special.

  55. I actually heard people bashing on that new Fumina kit, as it looks a bit outrageous to them, haha. Personally, I’m just not in fond of the weird face, the Bust Fumina looks nice though imo.

  56. I wouldn’t mind having a third Astoroth

  57. Been awhile since I’ve seen one of the giveaways i was interested in…lets give it a shot.

  58. I would like an Astaroth. Thank you!

  59. Its pretty funny how the GM Sniper 2 got a MG instead of the RE 1/100 kit it was upposedly getting also I hope I win me a astoroth probably won’t though, love to be proven wrong.

  60. BANDAI! I sincerely hope that the Woundwort gum candy figure isn’t another teaser with nothing to show for it. You and I both know that it’s one of the most popular MS designs out there still lacking a kit. Do us all a favour and work with Dengeki Hobby to get an actual kit made instead of forcing us to rely on fix-pose resin models!

    • Same here! I’ve been itchin to get that Woundwort Gundam kit,hope Bandai released her as HG 1/144 first before rising up to MG 1/100 soon because the resin kit version her is not pleasing enough for me!

  61. The build strike didn’t really catch my attention BUT that new Astray is looking like a MUST buy. 0.0

  62. I wish i had more time to build Gunpla…University take all my time!

  63. Love that Helmwige Reincar! can’t blame Sid for taking it for himself, definitely gonna get one myself when I get the chance 🙂

  64. I was never a fan of the designs of the UC Federation grunt suits, but that GM ground type looks really cool!

  65. MG N-666 Kshatriya when?

  66. Keep the cool reviews! Hope to win 🙂


  68. the GM Sniper II is going to be a must buy for me.
    Strange how you bring up Sephiroth. I’ve actually started to replay the original FFVII again on the PS1.

  69. The Astaroth kits look pretty cool.

  70. Man that mg gm sniper II is awesome,it tops the hguc one but too bad it doesn’t come with a little mobile worker like the hg one.

  71. Thanks for the shout out guys that really took me by surprise ha ha.

    Loving the new Barbatos Lupus Rex, will definitely be getting one soon !

  72. Ooh Astaroth Origin….

  73. i want the gunpla girls doing a review of the puchi-puchi guy.

  74. Very nice! I like Astaroth, the Origin version is so much better, though.

  75. I like both versions of the Astaroth. Would be nice to have them both. Also that GM Sniper looks amazing!

  76. GM Sniper for the win

  77. nice show guys. 🙂

  78. Sweet! 2 Astaroths. Btw Todd placed one of the shoulder armour on Barbatos Lupus wrong lol.

  79. newbie at plamo here. .but i find it interesting. .so very informative video. .tnx guys

  80. looking forward to Barbatos lupus Rex review.

  81. oh I almost forgot, how do we know that HLJ has successfully received our photos for the final entry? all I have as proof is a computer screen shot of the line “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks”, is it enough? thanks in advance.

  82. Cool

  83. I like to win one of the Astaroth.

  84. Super Fumina!

  85. great job guys, I’m looking forward to seeing all the competition winners.
    I just had a few questions, you said that if your model looks too good for a beginner then you might get moved up to intermediate, I’m just wondering will you let someone know before the end of the competition for is this done when you are judging?
    I would also like to know if there is a rule against using a logo from another franchise for example is I were to paint a super-man “S” on my shield would that be a problem?
    Last thing have you ever had it where the person who wins the model give away doesn’t want it?

  86. It’s the year of the GM!

  87. Both of the Gundam Astaroth looks nice, but I prefer the red one.

  88. the astaroth origin will be mine ,all mine!!!!

  89. Pick meeeere

  90. The SD DX Isaribi looks cute. they gave a free Barbatos with it how cool Bandai is that from giving us a free Barbatos

  91. love when they made a long episode.

  92. I really want to see a Sephiroth inspired Astaroth now.

  93. Astaroth! Have the blue one already, please let me win the red one.

  94. Astaroth!


  96. I want it!

  97. the 1/144 HG Helmwige Reincar looks kind of ugly, but at least it has a big sword which makes it automatically cool in my books.

  98. Astaroth and its Origin form, pretty much like Two-Face looking at himself on a mirror.

  99. UC Line best line ever. 🙂 I am kinda new to this site (just discovered it) It is cool that we now have a facebook-esque site for Plamo Builders.

    Also, question… can we use pla plates in the intermediate category?

  100. I was suprised how small the gm snipers box was

  101. Sorry if asked before

    Hello HLJ and Master Syd.

    So yeah… a couple of questions:

    1. Can me and my wife both enter the competition (me in intermediate, she in beginner) as you know we are both fans of Gunpla and both build our own different kits?

    2.We have two HLJ accounts, however both are named after her and me as a care of in the address section as she has more time to pick up the kits at our post office and in times she cannot, i do so… Is this okay?

    Thanks for the response

  102. Great Video! Can’t wait for the master grade Providence Gundam but still waiting for the master grade Legend Gundam.

  103. Loved the episode, guys! Trying to plan my next HLJ order soon!

  104. Thanks for the tutorial, it really helped ^_^

  105. I wish the prize was a KOS-MOS version 4 figure, but any figure of her is more than welcome.

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