Jan 23

It looks like this episode features kits that can be built different ways. While we didn’t plan that when we prepared this episode we do think it’s kind of cool. Also, we clarify some rules for the Playing with Plamo 2017 Competition.

Be sure to check out the Plamo Competition page found here, for more details.

Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 MG GM Sniper II
1/144 HGUC RGM-79 [G] GM Ground Type
BB Gundam Barbatos Lupus DX
1/144 HGBF Lunagazer Gundam
1/144 HG Stargazer Gundam
1/144 HGUC Type 100 (Hyakushiki)
1/144 HG Guncannonn Mobility Test Type / Thermal Test Type
1/144 HG Guncannon Early Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron)
1/100 MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Red or Green Frame Twin Frame Edition) Titanium Finish


Gunpla TV


  1. shiny unicorn kit looks awesome

  2. Cool, hope I win.

  3. May you always build gunpla tv! Thanks for the philanthropist

  4. Time to start planning out my White Dingo squad…

  5. The Unicorn looks great, and the MG Sahelanthropus is awesome. I really like what you’re doing keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for clearing up the rules for the competition. one more question though. we can post progress of multiple kits, but only submit one as a final submission, correct?

  7. The unicorn looks awesome, might consider buying it

  8. Papa Kojima, please bless me to win the Sahelanthropus

  9. Metalgear!!!

  10. A weapon to surpass metal gear!

  11. the MG GM sniper looks awesome!

  12. Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKE!!!

  13. would like to have that unicorn red on the other side and green on the other

  14. I use YouTube to watch too o.ob I’m not sure if this is asked before but does top coating the kit for Playing with Plamo still place the kit in the beginner category?

  15. Great show guys stay awesome

  16. Sniper II looks pretty good so far.
    Hopefully I’ll have time to enter this competition.

  17. Love that Unicorn, might have to get one.

  18. metal gear giveaway…i won’t win it 😛 prove me wrong 🙂

  19. On the topic of standing on plastic, one thing i can stand by (#lamepun) is the next worst thing than stepping on legoes is a gundam….

    Was posing my Kyrios when it fell over when i turned to get some thing, took a step back and I hurt my very soul more than my foot. Needless to say its now ‘battle damaged’

    P.S appreciate the clarification on the rules, now i can go ahead and order my kit.

  20. Totally need that for my MGS collection!

  21. Can’t wait for my GM sniper II to arrive, its been a long while since Bandai made a MG grunt suit and it is most welcomed.

  22. Oh My Goodness!!! I would love to get that machine!

  23. MGS kits are great, help a mate out!

  24. Lovin the Unicorn. I’m not even a bit mad that Bandai keeps releasing new and different versions of the Unicorn

    Question for Syd and Todd, will you guys be going to the Gunpla Expo in the Philippines on February?

  25. i want that lupus rex!!! i mean.. metal gear rex!!!

  26. Didn’t like the color of the lunagazer but you can paint it any way.

    Looking forward to win that kit. It’s been a while..

  27. I Hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61

  28. Metal Gear sweetness

  29. I want that Metal Gear kit!

  30. that philanthropist dude. I need it

  31. New episode! I might go for the beginner category in the competition but I don’t think I have any ultra-impressive kits that would help me win. Oh well, the spirit is in entering. I’m thinking of getting an IBO kit so I can do my first detailing job with some gundam markers.

    MG GM Sniper II got a lot of hype and it seems like a pretty great kit. Sadly though, I wasn’t part of that train, more in the salt train, because I had bought the Robot Damashii only a week before it’s announcement. Oh well, maybe i’ll get the P-Bandai White Dingo. I was interested in the Lupus DX until I found out the Isarabi and Mobile Worker were completely grey. That turned me off instantly unfortunately. The HG GM Ground Type is a must have though, I need that thing quickly.

    Lunagazer doesn’t seem to be very popular, but rest assured it can get all the love it needs from me. Being the baby of the Stargazer and Hyaku Shiki, this kit is an instant must buy for me. Excited to get mine one day.

    The Guncannon is also a must have for me, I love Guncannons and I love Origin kits, and this guy just looks sick. I might actually get 2 to have both of them on display! I love the way it looks and I love everything from the Origin line so far.

    Honestly i’m not very interested in the Titanium Finish MG Unicorn. Even with the Twin Psychoframe, does not help the nubs and it just makes the kit more expensive than it already was. Wouldn’t mind building a christmas Unicorn if given the chance but i’m not going to buy this one intentionally.

  32. I’m excited for the MG GM Sniper!

  33. Sahelanthropus for the win!

  34. Awaiting to recive my model to enter in the Plamo :), great show and finger cross i wanna this Metalgear

  35. Sweet! I’d love to have a Metal Gear kit!

  36. Did anyone say metal gear?!!!!

  37. Sahelanthropus – pick me oh random number generator god.

  38. Always love those Metal Gear kits! Looking forward to learning more about the Hi-Res Wing Zero EW in the coming months.

  39. ey b0ss pls don’t let dat metal ape escape!

  40. Still not sure if I’m gonna enter the contest or not, I’ll decide when my current order from HLJ is gonna arrive. For now, I’m really unsure if I have the time or not.

    And oh man! The Sahelanthropus as a give-a-way! Now that would be cool to display on the shelf!

  41. that selantropus-thing is in 1/100 scale? where are the gunpla girls?

  42. So, how do we get a Lunagazer Gundam? Well, when a Hyaku Shiki and Stargazer love each other very much…

  43. Can I enter 2 or more categories? I want to do a kit bash and a straight build with paint so if possible I’d like to enter Beginner as well as intermediate.

  44. Great show guys, MGS V has been one of my favourite games in recent years, and I love the design of the Sahelanthropus!

  45. win

  46. Any metal gear kit is a win for me


  48. Those nub marks X_X, bundai need to consider what kit to make a Titanium finish before making it. plus don’t we have enough unicorn gundam kits already, last time i counted we had 14 unicorn kit (not including banshi or phoenix).

    not to complain. but there are other kits that could use a Titanium finish.

  49. I love that new gunpla smell in the morning

    P.S. It’s nice that you still have Luke in the credits

  50. God please let me win..

  51. Thank you for the clarification on the PwP contest rules.

    Quick follow-up question: my nephew and niece don’t have customer IDs. Would they be able to enter separately from me, or do they need to register and make their own purchases (with parental assistance)?

  52. if don’t have metal gear, plastic gear is fine too..

  53. Lemme win that Sahelanthropus!!! I’ve been playing MGS:V for awhile now and Ilove the design!!

  54. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MGS <3

  55. That titanium unicorn looks awesome.

  56. i can’t wait to see the GM sniper review!

  57. wew that star gazer look fiiiiine

  58. Can’t wait to get my GM Sniper!!!
    Unicorn looks good but like you guys I prefer it in Unicorn mode so all the extra plastic for the physcho mode is a bit of a waste 🙁

  59. SO SHINY!!!

  60. StarGazer Gundam is one of my favorite HG kits ever but I am upset that they haven’t released a updated HG or a MG version.

  61. i hope i win.

  62. Is it safe to assume the Firepower/Mobility test type does not include the First Type/Iron Cavalry shoulder cannon?

  63. Is using super glue okay for the gunpla and other plamos? Or is there a special kind of glue I have use for them? I use superglue to hold small parts and loose parts together.

  64. Did Syd say syphilis?? Haha hope to win the Sahelanthropus* haha

  65. Nice episode and clearing things up for the contest. I havent been active in the site but with the contest, i’m back for some action.

  66. Great video again guys. Love that you guys build such nice kits such as the mg titanium unicorn to give us all a good look and review!

  67. Another great show I can’t wait to get the gm ground type I have been waiting for a long time for bandai to make a new version of that kit.

  68. I need this, like the flowers need the rain, you know i need this, i neeed thiiiiis. please Sahelanthropus come to meeee1

  69. ya’ll rock

  70. TF Unicorn looks awesome, and I’ve been thinking of having my first PG as the Unicorn Gundam too. I also recently ordered the 1/100 and SD Barbatos Lupus from HLJ!

  71. Its a shame that the nubs are so visible on that unicorn, i would have bought it. guess ill settle for sniper 2.

  72. More HG IBO kits will be release, cannot wait 🙂

  73. I wanna build the “white dingo” version of the MG GM sniper. Also a question can I enter a kit in the building with plamo that is out-of-stock on the site?

  74. Thanks for the rule clarifications. That is what I thought the rules were, but the site stated that the kit had to be bought from HLJ. In either case, I am good.

  75. What kit do you want with Titanium finish?

  76. sounds naughty to say but I still havent bought a unicorn kit haha. one day i will.
    would love that metal gear kit

  77. For a HG, that GM ground type’s runners looks amazing, since there here are so many places for panel lining. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail this week.
    Bandai has really stepped up their game recent years. Here are some of the things I noticed and liked:
    1: New kits’ manual have both English and Japanese text.
    2: Better gate placement, so numb marks are not too visible.
    3: Using universalize poly-caps for the joints; great for easy kit bashing.
    4: Almost a full inner frame for the HG IBO kits.
    5: A higher degree of detail in the new HG kits.
    6: HG Accelerate Evolution hints we might get a fully transformable HG Zeta Gundam. We have to see in April 2017.
    All and all, it is a great time to be a gunpla fan!

  78. great episode, should’ve brought out a regular unicorn for comparison to the titanium finish.

  79. The shiny stuff!

  80. I really want to see the white unicorn with the gold banshee inner frame!!

  81. So good to see the MG Unicorn Titanium Finish again. Great show guys!

  82. Still nothing on the helmwige reincar? the kits I want the most seem to be MIA :/

  83. Insert comment here.
    Great show as always

  84. Haha where is that guy who told everybody.. the mainkit has to be from HLJ? I want to charge him my express-deliverycosts…

  85. Will this be the winning comment? I guess I’ll find out on the next episode. by the way That unicorn looks nice. I think it would look better with blue clear parts as far as the overall look with the titanium white body goes. The red just looks a little to “pinkish” for me. I know that this show is for gunplay(gundams), but maybe you could have a segment for Macross or other sci fi kits. Just a thought.

  86. As much as i love the design of the unicorn gundam i’ve got to say it’s a pretty terrible master grade.

  87. I dont think i’ve wanted to win the give away kit as much as i do right now

    you guys rock

  88. At first I liked the Lungazer + Stargazer backpack, but now that I’ve seen it in the vid…it feels like the backpack is a bit too high. Still great though.

  89. I just spent so much money on kits to get free action bases. Awesome campaign!

  90. Looks like i will never win. 🙁

  91. My birthday just past. If I win it, it’ll be a late gift.

  92. I’d love a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist.

  93. Hey guys! Wondering if you are ever going to bring back de star wars kits in the show, since they are now available in the americas again! 😀 I’m sure that would push Ryan to come back from time to time hehehe

  94. Kept you waiting, huh?

  95. Playing with Plamo Question! Hey guys, after you post the WIP pics into whichever group you are entering, Where do you submit the “Final Entry”? Will there be another group for final submissions or do you post final submissions into the current WIP groups? Thanks.

  96. Like the Lunagazer Gundam gimmicks, Syd and Todd. Did you guys learn about the new Star Wars Episode VIII official title The Last Jedi?

  97. So Shiny!!! rubbing hands together

  98. whoo some koto magic!! as for me, i will be waiting for the hg barbatos lupus rex and the atlas gundam!!

  99. Ahh, I get itchy just looking at those gate marks on the titanium finish.
    Hopefully I’ll get my stuff together and start posting my entry for this year’s plamo contest.

  100. Cool wei i want to win it!

  101. Thumbs up for the gun cannon twins! really like the color scheme of the fire power/mobility! Man, that Unicorn looks awesome with the titanium finish but shame for not being under gated.

  102. Metal gear shiney box yes please. Guys is there any truth to the rumours that bandai will soon be able to sell star wars kits outside japan again soon ??

  103. Question for the Contest – Warhammer kit are not allowed in this, am i right?

  104. Damn, that finish looks awesome, especially on the head. Just sent out a big order from HLJ, including the Sniper, HG Origin Char’s Zaku II, and the MG Unicorn OVA Ver. I’ve been wanting it for so long, can’t wait!

    Need me that Salalalapus kit.

  105. Metal Gear!!!!

  106. Now that is one pretty Unicorn kit. I have to admit that those Origin kits are getting better and better. I just want to see more MGs from the series! The sniper also makes me super happy – since I enjoy mostly grunt suits and exclusively Common Era time-line kits (the original time-line). Yep I am that old!

  107. Hi Guys!
    The Titanium Unicorn looks great and is something I hope to get. Also,that MG GM Sniper would look good painted in some custom colours.
    But after watching Todd’s presentation I think the best HG kit there was that Stargazer. Guess some old kits are still good-looking.

  108. Hi Syd and Tod, could you talk about the new Star Wars Bandai kits?
    I know that HLJ can not sell them outside of Japan but they still arouse great interest.


  109. those huge metal gear kits always scare the life out of me so winning a pre built one would be perfect!!

  110. that metal gear looks good. the lunagazer also looks fantastic

  111. I need that kit for my friends birthday present please!

  112. Oh god if I win anything please let it be that salehanthropus hngg

  113. nice episode, love that titanium finish on the unicorn.
    Hope I win.

  114. i need to win!!!

  115. A METAL GEAR!!!!! me me me. over here

  116. nice!

  117. thanks for clearing things up. I was wondering what kind of WIP image do you guys want to see, or need to see?

    Metal Gear! Nice!


  119. Free Sahelanthropus please!!!

  120. Really like the MG GM sniper. Looks awesome!
    But I will go with an urban camo.
    Thanks guys

  121. I really like the gm sniper. But I will go for an urban camo on that one
    thanks guys.

  122. damn, that metal gear bot is cool!

  123. I have a question, but not exactly related to this episode.
    In December 2015 there was some announcement about RE/100 Kshatriya kit.
    Do you have any info about this release?

    BTW. I prefer watching episode here, because you see all those pictures of the kits.

    PS. Man, that Sahelanthropus is awesome. It will look good next to my Rex 😉

  124. kits with different configurations like that guncannon are great for bashing

  125. Metal Gear. That’s a sweet prize to win.

  126. That unicorn is cool

  127. I would like to paint that Metal Gear kit!!

  128. The gm sniper looks great can’t wait to get some eyes on that shade of blue

  129. I always have wonder … Why does the Gunpla boxes don’t have any seal or plastic to secure the contents? Amazingly I have never received a Gunpla box with missing contents even when they have traveled across the world. Is there some Bandai magic that keeps the content all together?

    I remember my old Revell kits having protective plastic on the outside box but not my Gunpla kits.

  130. You guys are great. That shiny giant Hugo looks cool.

  131. looks like i need to buy two unicorns

  132. it may be a long shot,
    but Bandai releasing an MG GM Sniper II may mean we will have an MG GM Striker. hopefully.
    that’ll be sweet.

    great episode guys.

  133. Is that unicorn panel-lined or not? Is it because of the titanium finish which gives it a panel-lined look? By the way, those Guncannons sure looks great.

  134. I could use a second Sahelanthropus….

  135. That Stargazer is an oldie but still a goodie. (Also such a good-looking design on its own, and way more inspirational than Gundam typically is. The name, the story, “Voiture Lumiere”… I love this mobile suit so much.)

    1/100 kit when, Bandai!?

  136. definitely one the best looking Guncannon design so far, really love the design aesthetic of the Gundam Origin Series. Simple yet appealing.

  137. OMG I want a Metal Gear Sally!

  138. Thanks for another great episode, i got my fingers crossed.

  139. Man, that Titanium Finish Unicorn is way too cool.

  140. Sahelanthropus!!! Can I have it please

  141. Glad they rolling out old school show kits

  142. Such a lust for titanium! Whoooooo!?

  143. Thank you for clearing up the rules! Can’t wait to get started

  144. and i was thinking @Todd would go with Kamen Rider Double scheme for the Unicorn…..

  145. just a comment

  146. just a commentthat i need to put

  147. just a comment that i need to put

  148. Thank you guys for another good episode 🙂
    Just for my inquiry ,until now, how many unicorn MG that released by Bandai (including Banshee because used almost same frame)?

  149. everyone wins with your videos… 🙂

  150. Metal Gear!?

  151. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work for the contest. Good luck everyone :3

  152. shame the lunergazer doesn’t com with all the parts for the hyaku shiki. if it did I would buy it and build it with the hyaku shiki parts to make the byaku shiki. heck bandai could have advertised that in a similar way to the gun-cannon twin set with the whole “one kit two, options gimmick” tube

    Also I watch gunpla TV on youtube. #rebel4life

  153. Hopefully, I will win that Metal Gear kit.

  154. Another awesome vid thanks guys

  155. Syd,Todd what grunt suits would u like to see bandai do a kit of that hasnt got akit since the 80’s or never did. Id like a Hg galbaldy beta from zeta, and hg Mobile dinn from seed.

  156. Great show guys!

  157. the gm sniper looks tempting..love it

  158. Gimmie metal gear! One question about the plamo contest,can we enter conversion kits and p bandai kits too?

  159. I would have done a ship kit (U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6) for the contest but unfortunately, I started the build on it before I found out about the contest.

  160. I could use another Unicorn.

  161. Those… nubmarks…..

  162. that GM sniper looks great!

  163. I have my eyes on that Unicorn…hopefully I win the contest! :O

  164. The color of the Unicorn is just fantastic.

  165. GM Sniper II is a great kit. Really glad I grabbed it.

  166. Love me some gunplatv

  167. GunplaTV always gives me good comprehensive coverage of a kit. Will always tune in!

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