Dec 26

Merry Christmas everyone! If all goes according to plan (I think we’re batting .500) then this episode will be airing on Christmas Day for a large number of viewers. We get in the spirit of the season by bringing a Christmas tree and a lightsaber on the show. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the plamo!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Vidar
1/72 Gojulas The Ogre
1/144 HG Mobile Armor Hashmal
1/100 MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.)
Hobby Japan December 2014 (with/ Gundam G-Self Head Display Base)


Gunpla TV


  1. Love the new kits 🙂

  2. Awesome episode guys. Great job on the Christmas tree Todd, and Sazabi Ver Ka ftw! Woot woot!

  3. I didn’t think much of the thumbnail until the video started, burst to laugh when I saw the gunpla runner tree xD! Gj gj!

    Also, I was looking forward hearing you talk about the new star wars movie as this was probably the best star wars movie so far, but I hear all these hard core fans saying it’s shit though. Spoiler alert, #deathflagseverywhere.

  4. Oh no, the Sazabi! It’s already sad to try to win every time and not winning! But now that I know that this time I will “not” win the Sazabi is so hard to accept! Sob…I love that kit! Probably it’s the third Mg after Nu Gundam and Sinanju. I bought the Nu Gundam Ver.ka months ago and I know I have to buy the Sazabi Ver.ka one day or the other. They have to fight again on my shelf! But I’m only number 2…cannot win…. too low!

  5. Sazabi FTW

  6. The only problem with my Christmas was my new massive backlog of kits courtesy of HLJ. XD

  7. Great episode as always! I have the P-Bandai Expansion funnels, yet no sazabi or nightengale!


  9. I’ve always wanted the sazabie but didn’t had enough money for it. Btw Rouge One was very good saw it last Thursday

  10. Need that Sazabi, thanks.

  11. Cool Gunpla Christmas Tree and that MG Psycho Zaku. I hope I get the Sazabi Ver. Ka for Christmas. I’m looking forward to the new releases coming out next year including the Master Grade GM Sniper 2.

  12. Really loving the look of that Psycho Zaku, but still think if I’m going to get my hands on a massive red Gundam model kit it would probably have to be the Sinanju or Sazabi first.

  13. Would love to win a kit for Christmas and expand my collection. Keep up the great work guys.

  14. Very tempted to get that Hashmal kit to replicate scenes from the anime, but I’m getting serious space issues with all of my IBO kits littering my place, and getting a giant bird doesn’t solve that issue.

    Also, I hope the Vidar 1/100 burst saber sheaths open up like in the anime for some nice action poses, got a bit sad when the 1/144 version didn’t.

    Oh, although a bit late, happy new year.

  15. I made a Ball tree ornament and I wanted to make a Barbatos Snowglobe but I dropped the jar I was gonna use ;-;

  16. Ya’ll should really sell those posters. I would give you money for them. The Psycho Zaku, and the FA Gundam posters look great. Then the December Sky Poster, and the Origins poster look awesome.

    Also getting that Sazabi has been on my brother’s wish list for a while, so getting him this kit would be a really nice present for his birthday which is coming up

  17. Nice tree Todd 🙂

    And HASHMAL!!! Mine is currently sitting at the warehouse T_T Hopefully won’t be long before the remaining stuff is ready to ship!

    Wow, the Psycho Zaku does look amazing, might consider picking it up so it can be displayed with my Full-Armor Gundam 🙂

    And now for “I have a bad feeling about this”.. Seems I have to watch Rogue one before next week, or I might imagine Syd will drop Spoilers bombs X_X

  18. That Ver. Ka Sasabi will look awesome next to my Ver. Ka Nu Gundam also who can i give my monies to for some of those sweet posters behind you guys? Awesome show guys.

  19. May the force be with me so i can win that Sazabi \m/

  20. I never had an MG before, I collect RGs and HGs. It would be very nice if I could start with an MG SAZABI…

  21. Oh wow. Sazabi ver ka?

  22. Great episode again! Nice Xmas tree! What other creative stuff you can do with runners, I have a lot.

    PS. What happened to Ryan I haven’t seen him for awhile.

  23. great show. Is the light sabor real? great video effect?

  24. Currently painting my Sazabi ver Ka but would still love to have an unpainted one so I can play with it! =) Merry Christmas!

  25. I need your Sazabi to go with my Sazabi.

  26. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone~

  27. the zaku looks so sick, that backpack is ridiculous

  28. Lady Luck Senpai! please notice me!!! 😀

  29. too good of a prize, happy holiday and new year.

  30. Merry belated christmas and happy new year guys. You lot are giving away a mother*ing Sazabi ver.Ka? That’s the best giveaway ever! BTW, I’ve also seen Rogue One. It was alright.

  31. Merry Christmas guys, that plamo Christmas tree is so great for us gunpla modelers it represent what gunpla Christmas is…and we need that pluma army, bandai make it happen!!!

  32. I can imagine that psycho zaku feels a little more sturdy in your hands compared to the MG 2.0’s. Either way looks great!

  33. Great episode as usual guys!!! Love that Zaku. That Sazabi O.M.G, that is a great give away!

  34. You may have done it better, but I made the first Gunpla Tree!

  35. Christmas is the best time for getting gunpla :]

  36. OMG that Sazabi with the PsychoZaku!


  37. Marry watching the show and you guys giving reviews for new kits every week!

  38. Hmmmm happy holidays guys as always nice content.. ohh a ver ka sazabi, don’t have any MG’s thou but i would nice i win it hahahahha #fingerscrossed

  39. Ooh I would love to win the Sazabi! I like the idea of building a tree with runners maybe I’ll make a “snow” covered tree with my runners from a PG Unicorn final battle ver in my build que, using the green psycho frame as the leaves the white as the snow and frame runners for the tree and branches.

  40. I would like to take that sazabi from you Syd please send it to me.

  41. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year team HLJ! that christmas tree todd did was really a good idea and now I’m thinking of building a full sized tree for next year!

  42. I need that Sazabi, thanks.

  43. Great episode guys 😀 Hope I can win something this time

  44. Merry Christmas all!

  45. It’s Christmas and I haven’t had a new model kit since February. I’ve got worse shakes then a crack head needing his fix <.< May the Gunpla gods have pity on this poor pitiful soul and give me a Sazabi.

  46. Todd’s Christmas tree looks awesome and eco-friendly. I wonder if this will continue with him creating something for every major global holiday. Anyhow,cheers to another year of plamo ahead of us. Kampai!

  47. Stop releasing so many nice kits… i’m already broke…

  48. Holy sweet Sazabi! Been on my wishlist ever since its release, but I could never afford it between Unite Warriors releases and Wing MGs. Thank you so much for a wonderful year, and I can’t wait to see what gunpla is in store for 2017!

  49. great show guys! laughed my a$$ off. sweet Tree Todd, Excellent Saber Sid!

    great new kits that came out!

    • in Addition Rogue 1 was great! We have a joke at my shop, it comes from watching The Walking dead…. On monday morning after the airing, not everyone gets to see it, and to mess with them we will say “They all D&^%!”… So my boss went to see it Thurs night, opening night, and little did i know…. I told him that as he left work to see it… He wasn’t very happy the next day with me…

      Again, great show guys and have a wonderful holiday! And you can put that Sazabi in with the rest of my items in my privet warehouse!


  50. Merry late Christmas to you all at HLJ!

  51. That tree is an awesome idea, I think I’ll try to do one of my own for next Christmas along with a Sazabi Claus if I win the kit, fingers crossed!

  52. What a great use of the Gundam plastic. I keep it myself but have yet to do anything with it.

  53. Merry Christmas Syd and Todd! Rogue One was fantastic! The tree was great Todd, thank you for that. Not sure if it’s just me, but the colors on the Psycho Zaku really pop. Sazabi Ver Ka.?! Seriously?! Please let me win! Please, please pretty please! Lol. 🙂
    Great show guys, thank you.

  54. really loving the show and all the IBO kits coming out.

  55. HI guys. Love the gunpla tree. I got two PG’s; the GP01/FB, sad the Strike freedom. Just finished the GP01/FB, and I must say that it was a fun and interesting build. Unlike the Red frame and Banshee, the GP01/FB had lots of screws. The result is a fantastic display piece. I plan to paint the Strike Freedom. What are your guy’s favorite perfect grade?

  56. I like Sazabi,I already got one, but I feel like I really messed up the painting

  57. Merry MG-mas!

  58. I haven’t built an MG yet

  59. Merry xmas!

  60. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

  61. Merry christmas! Very nice tree you guys have Todd, it’s the most beautiful one i’ve seen so far, it’s ingenious. G-Self needs more love, it’s one of my favorite protag gundams. 🙁

    Definitely getting myself the FM Vidar, the HG wasn’t the best, so i’m definitely going FM for such a great looking MS. Gojulas The Ogre looks huge, i’d put one on the wishlist but I doubt I can get it, it looks awesome though.

    Hashmal was a beast in the show, I really want one. I love MA’s, but the lack of grey parts inside the wing was a bit disappointing, but I will have to get this kit, it looks awesome. The Psycho Zaku still looks great, although I wish we had the option to have the tube covers as parts, oh well, getting the parts are good enough.

  62. Happy New year GunplaTV! That Sazabi sure looks good. A new year and a new kit would go wel together 🙂 more power to you

  63. Great job on the Christmas tree. 🙂

  64. great idea with the christmas tree pla… very creative and unique way of using the left over plastics from kits… i would love to try that next year.

  65. Syd, no spoilers for Rogue One just yet!

  66. Can it be? 2017 im gonna be a kit winner?

  67. ffoeg (rhymes with rogue) luuuuvs the Saz!

    Amazing gunpla tree too!

  68. Sazabi give away hell yeah that would be awesome

  69. Sazabi ver. Ka *drools*

  70. The one MG I still want “Sazabi”. I have started building only RG and HG kits.Thanks for another great episode and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone at HLJ.

  71. What a giveaway!!! This must be a very best christmas gift.

  72. Happy Holidays everyone!

    Todd, your Gunpla xmas tree is awesome especially when the lights are shown.

    I’ve seen Rogue One so you can talk to me about it Syd 🙂 I don’t really mind any spoilers before I went to see the movie cause I know what has happened in the episode after that though.

    How was your Xmas and New Year? Did you spend it building Gunplas all night long or did you follow the Japanese culture eating at KFC? Or perhaps you pay a surprise visit to Ryan’s house? Either way, I hope you both had a merry one.

    My Mobile Armor Hashmal will be coming next Tuesday hopefully and I can’t wait to put it battling the Barbatos Lupus and a couple of Io Shidens. I hope there will be more Mobile Armors in the future that will have more Plumas to come with.

    Have a great Xmas and New Year and I’m looking forward to seeing the first 2017 hobbylinktv episode!

  73. Kinda wonder how crazy the backpack of psycho zaku will be next episode and anyway I hope I win the sazabi 😀

  74. Gunpla blessings

  75. Merry Gunpla Christmas!


  77. Was a little disappointed by no complete Zaku review, but I know you are all very busy! And SAZABI makes up for it!

  78. SAZABI!!!! I WANTI SAZABI!!!!!

  79. So how did Santa manage to go around the world so fast? Coz he’s red and go three times faster than normal~

    Merry Christmas~

  80. Was building some RG 00 while I watched 🙂 . Happy holidays all

  81. Merry Xmas, Got me a Sazabi in my backlog, Wouldnt mind another one.
    And rogue one was pretty good movie. Loved the new characters

  82. hello HJL, syd and todd, what a good start for newest gunpla on the beginning of 2017 .. hopely that mg pyscho zaku ll be finish at the next eps. .. well, speaking of IBO 2, and next project of gunpla .. after getting much damage by hasmal, will barbatos lupus be transforming bcome bael ?? or the tekkadan eng. combined the broken hasmal dan lupus bcm epic one of ibo-2 mobile suit (the shadow behind of the next ibo-2, 1/100 Full Mechanics New Gundam Frame Machine) ??? … its gonna be great great kit if thats happend .. ohh one more thing, wat u think of rogue one ? for me, cant wait to see the next chaptr VIII .. my the 4th be with u guys, and happy new year … thanks HJL, syd and todd

  83. merry xmas giving away the lobster ver .ka

  84. The tree is very nice!

  85. Great job on this Gunpla tree and happy new year to you all !!
    Still great episode guys. Hope I can win this Sazabi !!

  86. That sazabi needs to be posed next to my Nu Gundam Ver Ka.
    A man can dream..

  87. Ravioli ravioli give me the sazaboli

  88. sazabiii!
    have a nice holyday you guys!

  89. Merry Christmas everyone. (where can I order the Christmas tree?)

  90. Great Episode, I am interested in Gojulas the Ogre, I had a Zoid collection when I was younger but stooped when I went to America. I wish they would make an RG Unicorn Gundam or RG Gundam Barbatos Lupus.

  91. Oh RNGesus, who art in the cloud.

    Hallowed by thy dice.

    Thy cryptarch come,

    Thy rolls be done,

    On earth as it is in the HLJ TV.

    Give us this day our HLJ Giveaway

    And forgive us our greed

    as we forgive those gettings Gunpla(MG Sazabi Ver.Ka) they already have

    And lead us not into spam posting,

    but deliver us from glitches.

    For thine is the cryptarch,

    and the power,

    and the glory,

    for ever and ever, (or alternatively, “Until the next HLJ episode”)


    Would be so dope to get that MG Sazabi Ver. Ka. Anyways great episode guys, have a good Christmas! 😀

  92. Sazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  93. Happy Holiday everyone!
    great work on that chrismas tree


  95. SAZABI!!! man that is an awesome prize. i might get the hashmal soon.

  96. I would love to win that sexy Sazabi, and good job with the episode guys.

  97. Thanks for the sazabi gunplaTV! May you always build.

  98. awesome christmas episode guys! love it! now gimme that sazabi! 😀

  99. I don’t know what’s better, Todd’s Balls or his tree.

  100. Merry christmas

  101. Haven’t entered with a comment in a while, but that Sazo has brought me out of the woodwork! Funny how Syd and I both uploaded Christmas day reviews of the Psycho Zaku, both finished to about exactly the same point in the build! ^^

  102. Merry Christmas! Wow that sazaby, i want it 🙂

  103. merry xmas

  104. That Sazabi should be given to a Zabi, and that’s me!! 😀 And I love that Xmas tree.

  105. Happy holidays everyone! Can’the wait for new kits in the coming year

  106. Merry Xmas!!!! Rogue one was amazing

  107. Happy holidays everyone! I finally get my RG kits collection up to date from RG 01 to RG 23. All thanks to HLJ

  108. That Psycho Zaku looks pretty damn cool.

  109. SAZABIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

  110. Greetings from Singapore. I was building gunpla on Christmas Day. Wouldn’t it be great if modellers can be invited to the show to share their techniques on building model kits as I find it hard to find good tutorials on it.

  111. oh my god ! cant wait for the next episode to see that monster back pack of the psycho zaku, and that sazabi ver ka….woooooh i want it bad! plz let me win SIEG ZEON!!!!!!!


  113. Oh baby that’s one sexy Sazabi!

  114. Great show guys enjoy your holidays

  115. That’s huge Christmas “tree” hahaha

  116. Sazabi Ver. Ka. hell yea

  117. That Iron Kong looks epic. Love the Christmas Gunpla Tree. Keep up the great work guys.

  118. 2016 was a awesome gunpla tv year, keep up the good work in 2017!

  119. I like Sazabi! But if I win it I have to buy the Nu rx-93 ver ka to display it with, how troublesome

  120. merry xmas, sazabi me please!

  121. Excited about that Psycho Zaku! Happy holidays all!

  122. Tod wins the episode with the christmas tree – but he should make it bigger for the office :P.
    To be honest Hashmash for me is a bit disappointing and Im a MA fan (have all except Neo Zeong and Alpha Azieru). As Todd said Bandai just couldnt decide it on its size (like Graze having lot of space while standing on its back in one episode). Syd’s Zaku is coming out great… just wish for the leg armor to be completed soon cause right now it looks almost like Shin’s High Mobility Zaku (well at least the legs).

    Oh and happy New Year.

  123. Please … Please … PLEASE … let me win

  124. The Sazabi be still my heart!!

  125. Merry Gunpla Christmas! The tree is awesome!

  126. sazabi is love.
    sazabi is life…

  127. Go on then, I will pick up an RG Build Strike, your Jedi mind tricks worked well on this weak-willed fool ^_^

    Todd’s tree is a thing of beauty for two main reasons:

    1) It is a thing of beauty
    2) BALL

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to Syd, Todd, Ryan and the rest of the gang. Have a great holiday break!

    Also, Sazabi WANT.

  128. Commenters ( like myself ) are gonna be coming out of the woodworks for that Sazabi m8.

  129. Very impressive tree. Using left over runners and converge kits turned out awesome! Nice one Todd! Keep making cool stuff.

    Looking forward to next year new kits. MG GM Sniper especially!

  130. My body is prepared for the Sazabi.

  131. Merry xmas guys! all the best in 2017. btw i like sazabi 🙂

  132. Oh god please make this year’s Christmas a better one for me! oh yah cant wait to see the next episode for the continuation of the MG Psycho Zaku!!

  133. getting exited for xmas since ive ordered 250 euro worth of gunpla and they’re so many than i may not finish them till next year!!


  135. SAZABI! OMFG! the one kit i thought would never be a giveaway. liked Todds tree too.

  136. Such creative Christmas tree.. Love it!

  137. lol I need to make a Christmas gundam tree of my own!

  138. sazabi!!!

  139. Waiting for the MG Sniper, comming next month, to have my Vidar shiped from the private warehouse. Hope there is a single Zaku coming up soon, without the boosterpack. But since all is going to take some time… send me the Sazabi. DO IT! I COMMAND YOU!

  140. Sazabiiii!!!!!!! Please…please…..please……… Just please, God, make it mine… i waant it soooooo bad..

  141. Can not believe already 2017….. MG Sazabi Ver Ka ???? Yeah why not. Merry X Mas and Happy New Year guys from Indonesia…..

  142. sweet ep guys love the tree

  143. I love Sazabi. Beautiful kit and I have been wanting to get it for some time now. Would be great to win this. Happy holidays everyone and lovely gunpla tree.

  144. Sazabi pls

  145. I hope Lady Luck will smile upon me this time

  146. sazabiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  147. Merry Christmas!!! May the force be with you!!!!!! that Zasabi look good though…..

  148. Hey guys, I work at Universal Studios and on Christmas day it was such a long and gruelling work day, nothing made my day better like getting home to a brand new episode of Gunplatv.
    The HG hashmal was my gift to myself this year and I cant wait to get it in the mail soon so I can start working on it.
    Merry Christmas and remember,Gunpla Is Freedom.

  149. I win 🙂

  150. Which is more challenging, the Psycho Zaku or the Full Armor 78? Thank you for the awesome shows !!! Really got me into the hobby 😉

  151. here’s to a new year and new gunpla to build!

  152. Awesome Chrismas tree

  153. Now thats a Christmas gift.

  154. Happy holidays!!!
    I agree with Syd, everyone should try RG’s.
    I didn’t try one until recently, my first was the astray Red Frame and it got me hooked, that kit looks amazing out of the box, amazing articulation, decent color separation, great proportions and very easy to assemble, and with a little love it looks eye-catching, Exia, saku, and riser are also awesome, the only thing I don’t like about the line are the ugly decals, to thick for a kit this small, I think Bandai should include waterslides on their RG line, but hey, that’s me.
    That Zoid looks Epic to say the least.

  155. Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys! 🙂

    The Sazabi is an awesome Christmas gift!

  156. I wish win this Sazabi ver ka ;o;

  157. SAZABI VER KA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  158. Happy Christmas!!! Sazabi Vr. Ka whoop whoop!!

  159. Nice Christmas tree. Oh the zaku is nice too.
    That’s a big prize you’re giving away. Whoever wins that for sure will have a good start to 2017!

  160. Sazabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Please be mine 🙂

  161. Merry Christmas to you all at HLJ.

  162. merry Christmas guys =D The tree was fantastic!

  163. It would so great to welcome in the new year with a Sazabi Ver Ka.

    Looking forward to all the great gumpla coming. Keep up the great work guys.

    Rodger N SF

  164. Three times faster.

  165. I really love the look of that Sazabi ver. Ka because it is a massive red Gundam model kit and it has many gimmicks, effect parts, and yes the mono eye same as Psycho Zaku with or without the backpack on it. I wish Bandai build MG for Mobile armor Hasmal.
    Keep up the good work guys!!

  166. Sazabi ver. Ka?! I think I just had a gundasm!!!

  167. Todd is amazing i must admit….talk about a way to use old sprue trees for something that is legitimately cool as hell! Way to go HLJ!!!!!

  168. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Gunplagasm galore! MG Sazabi ver. Ka. Me likey!

  169. Merry Christmas everybody!!! 😀

    also よいお年を!:D

  170. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year HLJ! Now, can I have my present(MG Sazabi)? Thank you!

  171. Great episode guys! Ingenious use of runners,Todd! That is one fine looking Christmas tree. Are the heads from the SD line or are they actual ornaments? Sazabi looking cool. Would be great to have that Ver Ka after receiving both Ver Ka Sinanju Stein and Full Armor Unicorn for Christmas! Happy holidays guys, and a merry new year!

  172. Probably a low chance of winning… but Merry Christmas everyone!

  173. I want some big kits for Christmas!!! Thanks guys for the great show… =}

  174. The best christmas tree yo can get is the pg unicorn with the LED’s!

  175. Happy new year guys great festive show. Have my psycho zaku on the way and I can’t wait. I was going to get the sazabi Ver ka but I had to only choose one. Be nice to win

  176. Love the tree. You should add to that tree every year…

    I have convinced the wife that we need Balls in the tree next year.

  177. Wait, what? Merry christmas to me with that Sazabi ver ka! Happy holidays to te HLJ crew! Love the tree.

  178. You know when you are a plamo master once you can take the leftover runners to make a Christmas tree!

  179. Nice saberforge Gladius! I have a venomous fury from them myself and love it. Seeing the ogre made my day, I was really hoping you guys would at least show the box and you did exactly that. Out of curiosity, how does it compare in size to the biggest perfect grade kit?

  180. I would love to have a Sazabi Ver. ka to go with my Nu Ver.Ka!

    Great episode and happy holidays!

  181. A Christmas tree made of runners? Clever! Happy Christmas to HLJ! 2016 has been a great year for Gunpla.

  182. That Christmas Tree is awesome Todd! That Star Gundam G-Self definitely looks like it belongs on top of the tree! Merry Christmas to you guys!~

  183. Waiting that Sazabi is like waiting Santa knocking on my front door
    A big red bulky mono eye Santa

  184. Great episode as always. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new IBO kits.

  185. Great review on the psycho Zaku, now I’m planning to get one! thanks a lot guys for the review

  186. Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2017. I like the creativity of your Christmas tree. Sazabi, please come to me, I will take care of you.

  187. That christmas tree is awesome!!

  188. Great episode love the gunpla Christmas tree. Keep up the good work and Syd I watched rouge one and it was great so feel free to talk about it all you want.

    PS Todd man up and go see it already and if you already did good job it was great right.

  189. Sazabiiiiiiii! <3

  190. … Nice !!

  191. That Hashmal looks very good but a bit cumbersome to pose, as most kits with big wings usually are.

  192. hello my friends around the world, happy new year!

  193. I really want to pick up a mg psycho zaku, but I’m not a fan of the joint covers. Do you think it’s possible to build it using the normal 2.0 joints and piping? And holy crap sazabi!

  194. Build on your christmas tree so we can see how much it grows every year!

  195. Very nice. Happy New Year!

  196. Pretty cool way to recycle old sprues and trees! Happy New Year guys!

  197. Ryan we miss u man

  198. Man Todd, showing off that Christmas tree took a lot of…balls.

  199. Never built a Ver. Ka. before. The Sazabi SD was an enjoyable kit to build.non-Gupla related, but, is figma releasing all of the Biobooster guyver figures? I know gigantic guyver and guyver 2 the male version are still out of print and I’m itching to get those. Preordered the guyver 3 and female version (on its way in the mail) *giddy*. I’ve been a customer of HLJ for so many grand never has the service dropped in quality. You guys work for a great company.

  200. Oh look im not winners again. Lucky me!

  201. Come Sazabi with 3x speed than others

  202. I totally understand. I am the only one into starwars in my office too. It’s so sad! And I have been trying to get my wife to watch even one episode for so many years and still no progress. OMG!! This time it’s the SAZABI!!!!

  203. Wow, it was years since I saw the last Gunpla TV episode.
    I am astonished one the level of this series now after all this time, it is good to be back on

  204. nice video again guys!
    That psycho zaku really is really a beauty!
    pls give me that sazabi ver ka as christmas gift!

  205. “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.”

  206. Gunpla TV see You next year, Great year great Gundam

  207. Sazabi yes please mine took a swan dive from the top shelf and needs replacing

  208. A Sazabi Ver Ka for giveaway on Christmas! hoping to win this time.

    ps: Where’s Ryan?

  209. Love the tree.
    Love the mg sazabi even more.

  210. Big stuff episode… A giveaway Sazabi!! OMG!

  211. Happy holiday everyone!

  212. nice episode, i personally loved the hashmal, and i can’t wait to get it my self. i feel that there will be so many bash kits with the hashmal. finally, i liked the way they made the backpack connection on the psycho zaku and i wish that they could make the same connection with the heavy back kits or the kits that may have some problems with the packpack.

  213. It will be great if I win the MG Sazabi from HLJ

  214. A very unique tree!!! is time to start buying Zakus XD

    I would love complete that Sazabi, again.

    Happy New Year!!!!

  215. Pretty crazy how the mobile armor has shifted the IBO lore like crazy. Lot’s of interesting developments. Can’t wait to see Gundam Vidar take on another gundam frame as well. Finally that Christmas tree is great. Merry late Christmas guys.

  216. Great tree, wonder how many kits went into those sprue’s

  217. Yet another massive episode. Todd is the Euell Gibbons of Gunpla. Genius. Everything counts in large amounts, Syd! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  218. Hope to win the Sazabi and my X-mas would be complete!Btw…nice X-mas tree Todd 🙂

  219. maybe barbatos lupus + MA hasmal = new barbatos form??? 😀

  220. Oh… my… god… that tree… so much want. Lol.

    Excited for more Gundam Frames from IBO. Loving the Vidar.

    As big as the nutty Zaku is, Gogulas just makes him seem… wel, not so nutty.

    Hashmal looks like a very, VERY angry Qubeley.

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