Dec 19

We’re still recovering from the magnitude of plamo released in the MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.) but we’d better not get too absorbed in that and miss an episode, so Syd and Todd jumped in front of the camera to show everything they had built just before that big box arrived.

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG Mobile Armor Hashmal
1/100 MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.)
Figure-rise Bust Fumina Hoshino
1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral Custom)
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy WanWan White & Dogcosu
1/144 HG MS-05S Char’s Zaku I
1/144 HG Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go)
1/144 RG GAT-X105B / FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package




  2. Keep up the good work.

  3. I was actually waiting to buy the new HG Impulse because I already had the first HG 1/144 Impulse gundam. It would be great if I could win it.

  4. ヽ(°∀°ヽ) HGCE! I was talking with a few friends on Discord, and a few points were made about how it was great that Band-aid is going back and covering up – I mean fixing all of their mistakes from HG SEED!

    In other observations, the origins suits are looking rather nice as always, and I am looking forward to seeing the Psycho Zaku!

    • ( /°∆°\) Just came back to double check and noticed Bandai got autocorrected to Band-aid!!!

      Perhaps autocorrect should be called “autoassume”, since it rarely gets anything right!

  5. Doggy gundam from seed = Gaia Gundam

  6. Build strike looking good

  7. dat RG man

  8. Gaia, BuCUE, LaGOWE (from Seed), K9 Backpack (from GBF) for the animalistic MS.
    To be honest Syd wasted more time while thinking how to make the eye for the psycho zaku than he would just use the waterslide :P.

    • How do you know how fast I think? 😉

      • Well. What i meant was that getting some vinegar, saucer and a paper towel from kitchen and some tweezers and hobby knife should take less time than looking for a unused decal from other kit and trying to figure out how to use a smaller decal for the larger surface. That said it still looked very good but the whole proces should be time consuming.
        Another idea about the decal. Get some clear red and green acrylic paints (if you could get your hands or valleyo – they would be perfect for this – due to them being water based so no unpleasant fumes) and do a quick 1 or 2 layers.


  10. Out of all the new mobile suits coming from ibo. Whats your favorite? I honestly love the Bael Gundam. I cant wait to see its color scheme. and i wonder if theyre going to make mobile suits for the rest of the demons from the ars groetia. as you know phenex is also one of the demons. maybe the UC timeline will tie into IBOs timeline aswell.

  11. Im going to need a bigger checking acct. to make it through the year!!! So many kits….

  12. I’m excited to see the Hashimal build

  13. Loving the look of the Flauros. IBO season 2 designs have been really knocking it out of the park. I’m waiting on the 1/100 though since that scale is more to my preference.

  14. me win… try and try until you succeed… hehehe… more power guys

  15. RGs are awesome. The SEED and SEED Destiny was the show that put me back in the Gundam hobby. I liked the doglike mechs and the Astray series. Wish I could win the contest. Flauros would probably look better as a 1/100 model.

  16. Man, that Force Impulse look sexy. I want one…

  17. I have an impulse to comment

  18. Oh man, the Flauros transformation is great! I can’t wait to pick one up and paint it up like the Insecticon Kickback from G1.
    Insert your own Impluse-based pun here.

  19. OMG my question last week led to a DARK ABOMINATION! Fumina with the Zaku head looked like nightmare fuel ^_^

    Never really been into RG gunpla, I’m an MG or bigger scale kinda guy, but that Build Strike…mmmm. I can see myself getting all up in that business.

  20. Flauros the new Gaia

  21. Still really wish they sold the Build Strike with the Star Build set included as a standard kit outside of the HG. Really want to make the MG Star Build Strike but once you add the cost of the Star Build and the Pack its over $60, I’d rather get the MG Sinanju if I had that much. Really hoped the RG would be different.

  22. Ore…sanjou!

    Tones of new kits and i’m excited for them all. Hashmal is going to be a beast, while i’m disappointed the inner area of the wings misses grey color when it could’ve easily been plastic and that the Pluma has hollow parts, i’m fine with everything else. I love MA’s, so i’m definitely buying that one. MG Psycho Zaku is a beast. It’s got a ton of stuff and it’s got a great inner frame. I’ve heard that it can’t hold his bazooka very well though, so that’s a shame.

    Fumina is bustiest bust and tones of fanservice, nuff’ said. The Bugu is an interesting kit, and i’m probably going to get it. Definitely needs lining, it’s just blue and it would look bland without any. I’ve actually waited quite a while for an HG Char’s Zaku I. Wanted one since Gundam-san and we finally get one from origin, so it’s going to be a great kit, definite buy. Flauros has gotten a lot of hate since Shino was confirmed pilot, but I was never turned off of it. I love magenta and I love his eye decals, adds more personality, I always loved the design and his cannons were such a turn on, and when the transformation was revealed I had to get this on my wishlist. The new Petit’gguys are interesting, I might pick them up one day but they have no priorities. RG Build Strike is what I was most hyped for in the month, while he didn’t seem to get as high of a score as other RG’s on your site, i’m still getting it. Especially with it’s gimmicks and detail, I love the Build Strike and I need to get thoughts of it for myself.

    I can’t tell if you’re sarcastic or not with Vidar. It’s plainly obvious though. XD

  23. That gouf looks pretty sweet. Hope to win that impulse tho!

  24. nice kits

  25. may the force impulse be with me

  26. I’m excited to see the figure-rise burst build

  27. Looking forward to see the new Vidar 1/100. Nice show guys!

  28. Damn you, RN-Geesus! I wanted the Gouf *sadface*

  29. Did Bandai get Fumina’s permission to make her bust? Super Fumina’a waist may be 30% thinner, but the bust is 20% fitter. Just look at those abs!

    Think I’d still go with the LaGowe over the Flauros or Gaia.

  30. I want to have the whole Petitgguy collection!

  31. all those kits reviewed, thank you for those

  32. IBO second season is leaps and bounds better than season 1.

  33. Can’t wait for your impressions of Psycho Zaku! I am on the fence about getting one.

    Meanwhile, I am looking forward to receiving the MG Nu Ver Ka with special decals from HLJ sometime soon!

  34. definitely buying a Flauros soon, it would look great with a custom color scheme.
    Also nice to win something once in a while

  35. Im still waiting for the whole GAT gundam series from SEED to appear in RG. Well we will be having the gold frame amatsu so maybe blizt gundam is possible since bandai really like to reuse old runners.

  36. Gundam Origin’s suits have something special! They all look so good. New and old at the same time.

  37. Love the RG kit. I want them to create a new MG God gundam.

  38. When will we see Helmwige Reincar 1/144 in stores?
    Really loving that MASSIVE sword it has.
    Can’t believe its the same frame as the slim Grimgerde.

  39. New Year resolution?

  40. Before anything else… Merry Christmas to you guys at hobby link TV…. Force Impulse I hope I win one

  41. How big will it be the IBO Mobile Armor compare to other IBO kit like Gundam Barbatos. Hope you guys bring also some IBO kit as comparison or make a fight scene with it when making the review .

  42. I’m really excited for the next episode.

  43. The transformed Flauros looks like a Zergling.

  44. Notice those holes in the Build Strike’s Shield? I bet the Star Build Strike Parts are coming soon

  45. It’s pretty sad to say this, but that Fumina is one of the better gunpla related kit lol.

  46. I need to get all the Origin Kits

  47. Did you see Rogue One already?

  48. The Zaku Fumina needs a neck but I think it would actually look cool really cool.

    MG N-666 Kshatriya when?

  49. Really? After all my serious comments, it is the laughter about Syds leathal wound that made it to the show..? ;D Btw. The Strikes look better with switched backpacks.

  50. Happy holidays to you all!

  51. The RG was the highlight!!

  52. Cool episode guys! Merry Christmas to you and New Years as well. The force is strong with us all and puns are too, but it be cool to win the Force Impluse Gundam!

  53. Just bought gyancelot.. Force impulse would be great with it..

  54. Great episode.. Cant wait to see the MG psychozaku

  55. I still only have my original Wing kits :(, been meaning to pick up some Seed, X, and 00. Confound it 3D Metal printer costs.

  56. Looking forward for the build review of Hashmal. IBO kits have a habit on part swapping/taking parts from other kit, my first though for this Hashmal shall be add-on weapon/armor like the long range booster, hence the name. “Mobile Armor” (Mobile Suit Armor). It shall be really awesome if it’s also done on the Anime.

  57. yas

  58. yes?

  59. That mobile armor is huge, the angles in the anime didn’t really give a good idea of the scale to me but now that we see it in model kit form, it’s pretty massive! Happy holidays guys, great episode as always.

  60. Awesome RG!

    I usually avoid real grades because of the small parts but that Build strike looks so cool – it might just be the one to change my mind!

  61. Great show guys, I want to get some of he Iron blooded orphans

  62. Very nice

  63. I must say that Bandai needs to improve the ability of the model kits to stand properly, I see now that they either lean forward or backwards, because the torso or the backpacks are too heavy, and you can’t display them as good as the older kits … my 1/100 Barbatos is always falling to the front, 🙁 SMH!and for the looks of it, Strike Gundam Full Package has the same issue.

  64. Dude, really want to add that IBO MA!

  65. winter sale not that attractive to me….. now just hoping to win gunpraaaaaaa

  66. despite what people say about the build strike being boring I actually love the design. It’s may favorite modern version of the standard gundam colors without being to different like the bardatos. for me it’s a good combination of that classic gundam feel and a modern design.

  67. I bought some kits from your site unfortunately. My aunt was going to pay for it using her card.. It did not permit using it from a diffrent country. Is there anything we can do? I tried ordering FM lupus and Vidar

    • Sorry to hear about the trouble! Please contact our customer support via and they can help you out. Please be sure to write from the email address you’ve registered in your account, too! Thanks!

  68. I’m strangely excited by the fumina bust with the Psycho zaku head. What have you done?!

  69. That Build Strike RG looks nice.

  70. That build strike sooo beautifull already have the hg, i watt this to

  71. Force impulse!

  72. Good luck with the Psycho Zaku. At least it’s not as much work as the Zoids Gojulas.

  73. Oh oh oh pick me pick me pleazzzzz

  74. I just got the Flauros in the mail a few hours ago and I can’t wait to build it! When I first saw the MS design in color, it reminded me of the Calamity Gundam with the Aegis Gundam’s paint scheme. Is it just me or does the Barbatos’s, Gusion’s and Flauros’s combat roles mirrors the MS from the original series: RX 78-2 Gundam and Barbatos as short to mid range MS, Guncannon and Gusion Rebake Full City as Mid to Long and Guntank Long to Shelling? I now have to watch the series again to find the MS clones in this series.

  75. Hope bandai will release a 1/100 Mobile Armor Hashmal.. it would be awesome.. ?

  76. Can the “arms from the Hashmal be used on an IBO Gundam frame as legs with out modification?

  77. All I want is that nice looking Flauros

    Or maybe the impulse?

  78. The rg build strike looks nice, except for the wider legs, prefer the slim look of the rg strike. Hoping for the universal booster to come soon.

  79. From Viet Nam with love <3

  80. I like the Build Strike but I would have liked to see it without the leg spacers.Are they just for articulation?

  81. Last minute but got some stuff off that winter sale. Whoo, anyways I like the way the Impulse looks!

  82. Force

  83. Christmas gift from you guys would be nice….

  84. A good show as always. Can’t wait for next week.

  85. The Flauros is what would happen if a Transformer and a Zoid made a baby.

  86. Show us the Orge! Show us the Ogre! Show us the Orge! Another great episode and I was hoping you could do a unboxing or at least give us a glance at the Zoids Gojulas Orge kit that just arrived.

  87. Another great episode and I was hoping you could do a unboxing or at least give us a glance at the Zoids Gojulas Orge kit that just arrived.

  88. that RG build strike full package looks fantastic

  89. already seen some amazing customs for that fumina bust XD

  90. Happy holidays guys!

  91. A few months ago, I bought the no grade Providence. I ran custom LEDs and everything into it. the day after I finished they announced the MG Providence. 🙁

  92. nice review on the RG Build Strike with comparison the the RG Aile Strike!

  93. Keep those beargguys coming!

  94. Cant wait to see the mobile armour built. Awesome job guys!

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