Dec 13

Due to an unfortunate accident with a potato peeler, Syd was unable to complete the HG Bugu; however, we make up it in this episode wherein we discuss a whole lot of upcoming plamo alongside Todd’s HG Vidar.

Gundam Decal Campaign:
1/100 MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ver.)
1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.) w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG Nu Gundam Ver.KA w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG RX-93-Nu2 Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver. Ka w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver.Ka w/Premium Decal
1/100 MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka w/Premium Decal

New Plamo coming in February:
1/144 HG New Gundam Frame Machine (Provisional)
1/144 HG New MS C (Provisional)
1/144 HG MS Option Set 8 & SAU Mobile Worker (Provisional)
1/100 Full Mechanics New Gundam Frame Machine (Provisional)
1/144 HGBF Papagguy
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Bittersweet Brown & Chocolate
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Soda Pop Blue & Ice Candy
Dramatic Combination: MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0 & Kira Yamato

1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy WanWan White & Dogcosu
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Stray Black & Catcos
Figure-rise Bust Fumina Hoshino
1/144 HG MS-05S Char’s Zaku I
1/144 HG Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go)
1/144 RG GAT-X105B / FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package

1/144 HG Gundam Vidar
1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral Custom)

Gunpla TV


  1. I love the show guys keep it up and it looks like that Graze needs a new home.

  2. great

  3. Screw free kits pls give out those poster PLEASE!! Maybe at AX2017??

  4. Love the show guys! Keep it up!!!!!

  5. Can’t wait to see what the new IBO suits will be!

  6. i love the custom graze, the graze is too plain

  7. of all those special decal ver ka kits, I’d probably be most interested in the Sazabi.

  8. Great show as always guys!
    I have a question
    When is the full mechanic Gundam vidar going to be released?
    Can’t wait to get this kit!
    Oh yeah! give me that graze custom as my december gift!

    • 1/100 Full Mechanics Vidar’s release date is December 23rd so we’ll have it in our hands likely a day or two before.

  9. Best feet HYPE

  10. I’d love to win a kit for Christmas!

  11. MAN those posters are awesome. I would pay money to get those posters. Actually, a lot of the posters that we’ve seen in the background are awesome. the art for those posters just looks awesome. Please let me give you money for those.

  12. Great show as always. Keep it up!

  13. What upcoming kit in 2017 are you looking forward to most? I can’t wait to get my hands on the RG Gold Frame Amatsu.

  14. What’s with the lack of master grades this year? I really love those Origin designs yet no MG’s from them other than the RX-78.

    (I know im getting ahead of myself) RIP 1/1 You will be missed. Thoughts on this?

  15. Awesome show as always – I can’t wait for the Psycho Zaku to release, especially with those beautiful premium decals!

    I really hope we get the Gundam Atlas in Master Grade, I’ve wanted a 1/100 scale version of that Gundam ever since I read the Thunderbolt manga.

  16. Love the new kits 🙂

  17. Can’t wait to get a HG Vidar!

  18. Vidar is the Modified Kimaris

  19. Great show as allways mates, hope your pinky heal properly ;), ah and forget For the Graze!!

  20. Another great episode guys! LOVE the vidar vry much and wanna win the kits XD

  21. Can’t wait for the 1/100 Vidar…SOON!!!

  22. bought bunch of the stuff from the winter sale and got myself a stien with the new decal shet. cant wait.

  23. I would like to get that graze please guve it to meeeee!!!!

  24. Around the part where the fumina bust was being show… Kinda long silence, are you guys checking the bust or something else… Hehehe… Kinda funny, the serious faces
    Like the gouf revive…

  25. next week’s episode is going to be amazing so many cool new kits

  26. vidar…. >> full upgrade Lupus???

  27. Maybe for the next episode, you can show both bear and cat/dog forms of the petitgguys by swapping the parts – just to compare the two forms.

  28. Another great show you guys. Ironically, I was painting my Vidar Gundam while watching this video. I went with a black color scheme, going with a Darth Vadar motif, hence Darth Vidar. Next week will feel like an HLJ x-mas special featuring so many kits. I am looking forward to seeing it!

  29. Great show guys!

  30. Weird feet on the Vidar!!! I wish the premium decals will be sold separately next year! here’s hoping.

  31. Custom Graze! <3

    Can't wait to see the Psyco Zaku!!

  32. Will there ever be a MG Char Zaku Origins?

  33. gimme the gouf!

  34. great show guys cant wait to see what those models look like

  35. wait, there were pistol grips still on the skirt armor, does this mean the Vidar come with 4 pistols?!

  36. The vidar looks nice and the new gundam type looks georgeous and would like to win one of the two kit

  37. darth vidar!

  38. hey syd hope youre okay with that finger of yours, hopefully you’ll get to build the bugu soon! 🙂

  39. Happy Holidays! Hoping to win one of those kits for the holidays.

  40. Seeing that graze reminds me of Zone of the Enders. Great game.

    Btw what is your favorite Real Grade that came out this year?
    Mine is the Quanta. LOVE the burst mode.

  41. Kai kai kai kai

  42. I wanna win!!!!! WoooooHHH!!!!!

  43. i’m honestly surprised they don’t have a bearguy family show yet. its gotta happen soon. get on it, sunrise!

  44. Graze for crustmans?

  45. Happy Grazemas Syd and Todd! Can’t wait to get the MG Psycho Gundam this Christmas!

  46. I don’t want to “Gouf” around but I still ran and “Graze”d myself.

  47. Haha. Haven’t seen anything, but laughed about the potato-peeler-incident.

  48. I’ve been trying to cut down on my kit spending this past while but man that Vidar is really breaking my will.

  49. love the vidar’s gimmicks and design. also whoever wins any of those two kits is a lucky person because the graze custom looks great and I can say from experience the the gouf is awsome.

  50. too bad BANDAI didn’t include MG BALL VER.KA and MG CROSSBONE X1 VER.KA for the premium Decal campaign.

  51. Vidar’s design is great.Hope that the 1/100 will be able to store the guns on the kit.Great episode

  52. GOUF!!! Either would be awesome. Hey, Syd, think they are going to remake the NT-1 Alex soon or give it some RE love? or, finally give us a legit Xamel kit?

  53. Great show. Can’t wait for psycho zaku, had pre-ordered it straight away to have next to my FA Gundam Thunderbolt.

    I was wondering how does Fumina’s head from the figure-rise bust compare with the size of HG Super Fumina’s head propotion wise? I would like to swap them around so that I can have the better looking head sculpt on the HG kit.

  54. The kits are looking great in IBO, i can hardly wait to see what else the show will reveal

  55. i want that graze kai!!!!!1


  57. I want that graze custom! What do you guys want for Christmas?

  58. Hi.

    The campaign is interesting. Shame i’ve got no money to buy any Ver. Kas, it’s a nice inclusion though.

    Still not interested in the Papa’gguy and I still hate Bear’gguys. I will never understand it’s popularity with others. Not very interested in the new Freedom with the bust, i’ll be happy with the regular box and the regular price.

    I frankly am interested in the new Dog’gguy and Cat’gguy. I’ll probably get the cat one as I like the colorscheme of that one. Fumina bust is the tits, but i’m not getting one…yet. Now to the interesting stuff. I’ve wanted a Char’s Zaku I ever since i’ve watched Gundam San, and now we’ve finally getting one. I’ll probably wait for the one that’s more accurate to the actual Zaku I, but I may end up getting both in the long run. A lot of people have been hating on the Flauros due to being a Shino suit, but I personally love that magenta. The fact that it transforms just makes it even better for me, definitely picking one up. RG Build Strike is a kit that I have been extremely hyped for, it looks so good! I love the Build Strike and i’m definitely getting this RG. >v<

    HG Vidar is honestly a bit of a disappointment. It had hollow parts, color innacuacies, extreme sticker use, and a lack of gimmicks that could've well been possible. Definitely going for the FM Vidar.

  59. Seems like u will have fun building that thunderbolt zaku ?

  60. I really want those two posters, well, I guess one of the two giveaway will works just fine

  61. i want that ground type graze!


  63. Welp,there goes my wallet,bank account,house,& unnecessary organs.Kits will be the death of me.

  64. And i thought Syd is only bad ad trimming nubs… jk.
    Vidar looks great. I think Bandai nail it with IBO designs – people love both the grunts and the gundams.
    Quick question. If you guys know if set 8 will come with two shoulder parts for the Scharfrichter or we will be forced to buy two sets?

  65. That moment when Todd was holding the Vidar and it was just in like 8 pieces would have been the perfect time for a Facepalm gundam photobomb.

  66. ohh graze custom and rev gouf nice also good job of bandai to be including p decals!! and i was thinking of buying a full armor gundam! nicu desu~!

  67. Vidar is actually is the name of the norse god of vengeance. I wonder what character from last season that would actually want revenge. Probably against a former friend? Gee, I wonder…

  68. Is Todd going to review bandai 1/12 star war death trooper?

  69. I’d love to get that Graze BTW

  70. vidar is an amazing kit, and would love to win the Graze 🙂

  71. From Vietnam with luv <3 <3

  72. hmmmmm….. i would like to win a kit just to see how funky syd is with removing the nub marks coz im crap at it.

  73. You know, if you added add the Fumina hair to the Vidar and would that make it a Vidar Sassoon? Aha! Ahahaha! Aha. Hmmmmm.

    I’ll get my coat.

  74. aaaaahhhhhh……….. need to win any of those kits for christmas

  75. feet mmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂 XD
    we didn’t see brian for a while now . we miss him

  76. I want to win.

  77. It’s been so long since you guys have done a live stream, I can’t wait for the next.

  78. Hi guys another great episode. Just ordered a few kits from your winter sale. Finally ordered the PG unicorn. Unfortunately I will have to wait to build it until I can order the LED’s.

  79. I bought four Grazes so I could turn one into a monster Graze that could fire 4 rifles at once and gave the axes to Mcgillis Schwalbe Graze so that it looked like a suit that specialized in close combat.
    I’m waiting four Vidar and Flauros, I think the new Full Mechanics is either Bael or Flauros.
    Before I forget, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys!

  80. Thanks for another great episode! I am really liking the Vidar. I am looking forward to assembling the Full Mechanics version in the new year.
    Feel free to send the Gouf and Graze my way. 🙂

  81. Papa beargguy best beargguy

  82. I want the Graze! I want to win! Better fold a thousand paper cranes!

  83. Can you giveaway some poster too?


  85. GOUF!!!!

  86. Finally back to Gunpla giveaways

  87. The Gunpla gods demand a blood sacrifice every now and then.

  88. Mmmm…All these new “gundam frame” mobil suit are getting weirder and weirder.
    I’m too old probably but I still think that these new designs are strange, over the top, and not elegant. Just compare any classic Gundam to the Barbatos and you see the difference. Of course there will be someone who like the Barbatos more then…I don’t know…the Nu Gundam! But I think that the majority of poeple will like the classic designs more then any mobil suit from IBO.

  89. I think that the new RG is awesome and I hope for a Shengoku or Zaku Amazing RG next.

  90. where’s ryan, and the plamo girls?

  91. Great episode guys. Consider to get both FM Vidar. I got one question though. In one of the recent episodes you mentioned the third party Barzam conversion set for RG Mk-II. So I am interested about your opinion of third party addon sets both resin and plastic. What is that grey line between bootleg/third party etc.

  92. Thinking about buying a Papa Beargguy so that I can have a dad for Christmas. Kappa.

  93. im guessing Kimaris is vidar.. Gaelio is back to kick Mcgillis’s butt..
    can i have a graze pls…

  94. I have a gundam feet fetish! LOL just kidding 🙂

  95. It looked like Syd was giving birth to that graze

  96. That Vidar is one handsome kit, just like the Graze Custom. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve been liking a lot of the MS designs from IBO.

  97. Man, I remember when I was a kid, looking through the hobby shop’s window, seeing that beautiful RX 78-2 ver.Ka box art… I wanted it since then. Then a few years later when I old enough to make some money I finally bought it. Good times…

  98. I may just have to get an RG

  99. cool episiode bros

  100. Hey Todd,

    Ball Bust?

  101. Haha. Haven’t seen anything yet, but laughed about the potato-peeler-incident.

  102. Wow, looking forward to that Zaku. Hope I can get one.

    Fun show as always, keep up the great work.

    Rodger N SF

  103. Will you guys have the premium decals for the ver ka kits going forward?

  104. Vidar looks really good, but must resist buying more gunpla since I already have a huge pile of unbuilt gunpla already.

  105. Gimme gimme, keep me busy while I wait until more 1/100s get released before placing my order.

  106. How do you guys celebrate Christmax?

  107. Amazing Graze how sweet the sound. To save a Gouf like me

  108. Loving the Vidar. I’m excited to get through my backlog so I can start buying those 1/100 I.B.Oh kits.

    Is there a reason you have yet to mention the P-Bandia Unicorn Phenex? Or did I miss something? Life has seriously been getting in the way lately…

  109. That version of the Graze has to be my favorite out of all of the Graze variants.

  110. I cant help but feel the blade reload system on Vidar reminded me of the 3D maneuver gear in Attack on Titan.

  111. Graze!!!

  112. I like the gundam in iron blooded orphans because the Barbatos, Gusion, Kimaris and the Flauros is base on the demon of Ars Goetia while the Vidar is base on Norse mythology. I like your show and hope you guys reach 60,000 subscribed.

  113. would really enjoy a graze custom, or gouf as bash fodder both great kits

  114. I really can’t wait for the 1/100 KimarI mean Vidar, it’s a good looking suit, and I love the gimmicks!

  115. Is the figure rise bust fumina the same size as the super fumina? If so I would love to replace the head. Because the figure rise face looks so much better than stickers.

  116. custom graze for the win!

  117. I think I’m the only one who is not a fan yet of the IBO series since I haven’t got any IBO kits yet. If I win the Graze it might change my mind.

  118. Hey guys, thanks for another great video, I’m fairly new to the hobby and I’ve been watching your videos for tips and reviews on kits that I’m interested in buying (your videos on the MG Tallgeese EW helped a lot) you guys have had a lot of really cool gunpla posters through out your videos and I was wondering where I might be able to buy a few, I’m partial to the older looking posters, Thanks again.
    -PancakeGraze, Anaheim CA
    PS. shout out to the Stinegeese!

  119. Liked the episode Syd and Todd, would love to win the 1/100 Graze Kai. Only been in the hobby for a few months but got a small collection going on and the Graze would go great with the hg Graze Kai I have amongst the few other Grazes.

  120. Hi guys, my dad recently visited Japan and picked up a pair of GodHand nippers. On his way back he had an overlay in Australia and had the nippers in his hand luggage with a model kit he bought me. They confiscated the nippers.

    Do you know of any official way of ordering them outside Japan. I have looked on your site and they are always in back order or no longer available.

    Thanks a mil!

  121. Am I the only one who don’t really like the IBO suit designs?

  122. Kind of unrelated, but i’m eager to see how that new mobile armor HG kit turns out. It looks really strange, but a good strange.

  123. Wow! Decal campaign (^o^)/

  124. Sinanju or Banshee? You can only have 1 favorite, Syd!

  125. Gouf Troop

  126. Can’t wait to see that Psycho Zaku Fumina!

    And its ok Syd, been playing FF15 just on Ch.9 with 120hrs in mostly from free roaming and stuff xD

  127. thanks for letting me win. 😛

  128. Place your bets. How many pucchi bearguys will bandai release?

  129. Gunpla tv dont gouf around giving good graze. Christmas is in the air!

  130. carols are in season so :

    I’m dreaming of a graze custom
    With his flat feet to stand in the snow
    So syd please listen
    It would be heaven
    With this kit from IBO

  131. Loved the episode guys!
    I recently made my first purchase with HLJ, I placed orders on the HG Vidar, Flauros, weapon Set 7 AND the HG Hashmal! (Huge IBO murder bird)
    Really enjoyed the ordering process and have placed half my order in the private warehouse, cant wait to add more kits to my IBO Collection! 🙂

  132. Can’t wait to see that MG Psycho Zaku!

  133. Yay Gunpla TV listened to my dumb Psycho Zaku Fumina idea

  134. Oh dear! Gonna look forward to see MG Psycho Fumina xD

    Slighty dissapointed in the Vidar gimick :/ Guess that’s too be expected by the HG line, I’m gonna wait and see if one of the other grades/versions will be more interesting.
    And awesome with the decal campaign! Managed to snag myself a MG Hi-nu Ver.ka. Been eyeing that one for a while now.

    Great episode and looking forward too see the MG Psycho Zaku 😛

  135. Thanks for restocking those god hands!

  136. Thanks for the good work guys, can’t wait to see the Psycho Zaku when put together.

  137. custom graze!

  138. Great episode! It was very nice to see the Winter Sale was extended, I have some cool stuff in my Private Warehouse now.

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