Dec 5

December begins! This month is going to be crazy so Syd and Todd are preparing for the rush of Gundam and fighting over who will build what but before all that begins we look at the last of the November Gundam releases!

Items featured in this episode:

Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai: Prompto
Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai: Ignis
Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai: Gladiolus
Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Noctis

1/144 HG Gundam Vidar
1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral Custom)

1/144 HGBF Transient Gundam Glacier
1/144 HGBF Transient Gundam
1/100 RE/100 AMX-107 Bawoo

And check out all the One Piece model kits here!



Gunpla TV


  1. Hope I win the Frame Arm, got dibs on it. That HGBF Transient Gundam Glacier look sexy

  2. That kit looks sick. Never had a frame arms before.

  3. I’ve never build a Frame Arms kit, would be nice to get a chance.

  4. I’ve been meaning to get into Frame Arms, IRL will have me occupied until Christmas though, coincidentally, winning a Frame would be nice.

  5. frame arms!! FRAME ARMSS!!! I WANT!!

  6. Bawoooooooo lol

  7. flame arms!

  8. Man if only i could win.

  9. *inhales*

  10. I’ve been looking at Frame Arms for a long time, they look incredible! Fantastic episode as always, can’t wait to pick up a RE/100 Bawoo for myself from your site!

  11. transient glacier gundam is the second coming of the moonlight butterfly this photo proves it

  12. i like the re/100 line, hope they start pumping them out faster

  13. hope i win

  14. I can’t wait until I get my Bawoo in the mail. Even though I am not really a huge fan of ZZ. However I have to say the RE/100 line is pretty great for me because I prefer the bigger scale. Plus the bigger pieces are much easier for painting. Looking at you Nightengale!

  15. Not too hyped about the Star Build Strike, but I am definitely waiting for the RG Gold Frame. >.<

  16. hmm… wasn’t a fan of the original transient but i’m digging the transient glacier. maybe it’s the dark color theme and that awesome backpack. so sad about the Gundam Front Tokyo news on the other hand. i’m glad i was able to visit and experience it earlier this year during sakura season! hoping to come back again but don’t think will make it before the last day on March 5…

  17. I Love Frame Arms and FA Girls 😀

  18. I am so excited for the Vidar review next week!!!!…(and the Flauros sometime in the near future (hopefully))!!!!!!

  19. I would totally go for that Frame Arms unit as I have not build that one yet :3

    Anyways great episode guys!

  20. Nice episode as always. Two things:

    1. Thoughts about the 1/1 Scale Gundam being taken down and the rumor that they want to make it movable by the 40th anniversary? I want a button I can press to jump 2 years in the future.

    2. What MG or PG kit could Bandai say they were going to release next week and you would just throw money at them to instantly get it? *cough*Kshatriya*cough*

    Also nice Winter Sale, managed to get 3 of the 08MS Team MGs.

  21. “That’s my Job” – man this made me so envious of your jobs.

  22. i hope i win a frame arm lol

  23. That’s a tasty frame arms. I could scavenge it for my Frame Arms Girls :3 Looking forward to the HG Vidar review. Thanks Syd and Todd. Send my regards to Ryan too!

  24. That bawoo is looking far better then I originally thought, hoping we get the green version but it may become a P bandai if you ask me.

  25. Frame arms! never had one but i would love to!

  26. just like what they say last episode, i just need to

    FRAME ARMS!!!!!!!

  27. Can’t wait for the Vidar release, that frame arms kit looks pretty swell too !

  28. The Bawoo looks amazing!

  29. Notice me,RGN-gods!

  30. Frame arms x2 FTW!


    hey syd

    Just curious, how many kits have you built as of the filming of this episode? ?

  32. Frame me like I’m Roger Rabbit!!!

  33. Frame Arms!! sweet. It’ll be good to build something other than Gundam :p

  34. Heyo! I don’t know a whole lot about what Final Fantasy is…so you’re not alone Todd.

    The HG Vidar has the same problem with the HG Barbatos and Gusion Rebake for me, too many stickers yet too many missing color apps, so i’m definitely going Full Mechanics for the Vidar. The Bugu is interesting, since all Origin kits are pretty much great, it’s definitely on my radar.

    The new HG Transient Gundam Glacier looks sick. The Transient already interested me, but it never had a huge flair to make me go for it. The Glacier on the other hand does it with it’s awesome looking clear purple parts and colorscheme, it looks sick and I want one.

    The RE/100 Bawoo is something i’m excited for, I love the Bawoo and the new RE/100 looks so good, plus transformations are my stuff! It’s got a really nice amount of panel detail like other RE/100’s, and the lack of an inner frame helps with the transformation it would pull off, so that’s very nice.

  35. FRAME ARMS!!

  36. Kotobukiya recently(-ish) released an updated version of the Frame Arms base frame (labeled “Renewal”). Supposedly it has improved articulation, and Kotobukiya are re-releasing a bunch of their older kits packaged with this frame. On HLJ, they’re listed as “:Re”. Might you be able to do a comparison video of the original and new frames?

    Thanks. Hope to get my hands on that Magatsuki-Houten!

  37. I need to try some Kotobukiya Kits! FRAME ARMS!

  38. Can’t wait for a gunpla TV filled December!

  39. i want me a vidar omg

  40. I love how Cyd loves Final Fantasy as much as I do. Btw 15 was great.

  41. Just love the transient glacier gundam very much,the bawoo is very cool too! good vid guys and of course FRAME ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  42. O Nutter, grant me that Frame Arms.

  43. Frame Arms! finally a chance to test out a kotobukiya kit.

  44. ONE PIIIIIIIIECE … oh wait 😀

  45. Love the new kits 😀

  46. I didn’t remember that the Bawoo legs looked so funny when it splits in half. That’s gotta be some sight in the battlefield, seeing a pair of legs flying on their own like that.

  47. Haven’t heard of that frame arms
    Is it good?

    • Here’s a video review:

      By the by, the version being given away was a limited-release version with some exclusive weapon/armor parts, namely a “vest” that evokes the wide flared shoulders of some ornate kimonos, a Tanegashima-esque gun, and a yumi-style bow. They were really going all in on the classical Japanese style cues. (None of these were ever released as MSG or expansion parts, I don’t think.)

      The same kit was released in non-LE form without those extra parts as the Magatsuki, and the armor design overall was reused for the Durga I and Durga II kits. And now all three standard releases are getting “:Re” re-issues, where the standard Frame Architect is replaced by the newer Renewal Frame.

      Hope that helps.

  48. Frame arms!!!! 😛 good show as always keep going

  49. Im needing some Christmas joy and a free kit )
    great show as always, Cant wait for the new rg coming up.!!!

  50. My Bawoo is sitting in my Private Warehouse! I’m excited to ship it but, I have to add a few more kits first. Decisions, Decisions, sometimes I just can’t make up my mind. So many great new kits coming out or already here. The Vidar and Transient Gundam Glacier are Awesome! And the new MG’s…OMG!

  51. Never had a Koto kit before but it looks pretty cool. Do you guys have any idea how the new Origin MG is different from the one that already came out? It looks exactly the same to me.

  52. You guys rock! Keep on rocking and rock on!!!

  53. Really tempted to get the Baowoo now and that frame arms kit is on my wish my list. I hope I win.

  54. give me that shining red plastic!

  55. thanks a lot for read my comment last episode 🙂
    cannot wait to play my FF15 🙂

  56. has Ryan been deported?

  57. RNG

  58. My birthday was just last month, you guys have no give aways… Hope I could win the frame arms, haven’t build one…


    Also where’s Ryan?

  60. wait, what?! limited edition?

  61. great show guys!
    hope to get this frame arms, don’t have any of those yet o:

  62. nice show as always, i envy whom get the ffxv figures and the big price of the week. keep me inform

  63. The Vidar is what I’m waiting for, I like the Frame Arms, hope I get it. I can’t really get any of it where I’m from.

  64. its funy how I never won anything here 🙁

  65. nice episode guys. i personally had high hopes for the bawoo but i was a bit disappointed but i guess that how the reborn one hundred line is. however, the transient glacier looks fine, but i can’t help noticing the section in the butt, it kind of looks missing something.

    i’m wasn’t a big fan of kotobukiya kits, but they are improving in term of design and mechanic of the newer kits, so i hope i win that Magatsuki Houten kit and give it a try.

  66. The good ole knee-butt

  67. What kit are you looking forward to most next year? I’m looking forward to the RG Gold Frame Amatsu most.

  68. Vidar is Kimaris 3.0. Is anyone still confused about who the pilot is?

    Definitely getting the Transient Glacier. I’ll try to leave the backskirt off, since it doesn’t look like it does anything. Sick clear parts, though!

  69. Frame Arms!!!!! Bugu!!!!!

  70. Frame Arms!!!!

  71. They said Frame Arms….so……FRAME ARMS!!!

  72. FRAME ARMS Baby!!!

  73. Hope to win that frame arms because I want to try one for the first time

  74. Frame Arms is going to get alot bigger with the Frame Arms Girls getting animated and apparantly some of the Frame Arms artists/designers also work on mobile suits.
    The thing i dont like about frame arms is that they can be annoying/painfull to handle wth the pointy/sharp details.

  75. Frame Arms!
    Those RG in your winter sale are calling out to me.

  76. My expression to the intro was “right, FF15 came out and that is what my bro has been playing.” So far,the game looks great, but there is a lot of driving like Gran Turismo. What’s with that, eh? My highlight of this episode must be the Vidar Gundam. I can’t wait to get my order shipped and start building the MS. Hopefully the Flauros comes out soon, but with the pink color scheme it will definitely sick out in my collection!

  77. When I saw the transformation of the Bawoo I got flashbacks of the MG Zeta 2.0, though thankfully it doesn’t seem like you need a PhD in Mechanical Engineering to transform the Bawoo. You should call the two halves the B-nut Butter and Jelly.

  78. The Bawoo looks really good! I dont understand what is the deal with P bandai, like half of this stuff i wished for in the past comes to realization but in the form of p bandai, its stupid. From hg sword and blast impulse to the rebawoo

  79. great show guys, would love that kit but i wont

  80. Frame Arms!

  81. Wouldn’t love to win, I’m on disability and can’t afford the larger kits

  82. Never built a kit by kotobukiya. hope i win.

  83. You’ll be Surprised on what the Flauros can do

  84. That’s an awesome price! Perfect for my Christmas! 🙂

  85. Really digging in the new season 2 IBO kit. Really hype waiting for your guys Vidar Gundam review. gogogogo Furemu armu.

  86. I AM FRAME ARMS!!!1!!ONE!!ONE!!1!

  87. i really want a FRAME ARMS next to my jehuty denial gundam

  88. FRAME ARRRRMMMSSS. There. So many great kits coming out. I hope Kotobukiya makes more of their D-style transformers.

  89. Final Fantasy 15? More like “FINALLY Fantasy 15”.

  90. Frame Armssss!!!!!!! Ok, so that Transient Glacier Gundam is beautiful. Was not a fan of the original but this one I am definitely adding to my collection! That means I’ll have to purchase the Hobby Japan Magazine with the weapons set as well and why not!

  91. Not sure how I feel about the HG but I’m excited for the Full Mechanics Vidar Release!
    Never built a Frame arms before. maybe I should give it a try.

  92. Those clear purple parts are sooo nice, I think i would use them to enhance another kit. also, i want that frame arms!

  93. You definatly should show more of the Kotobukiya kits. Yes, it is called Gunpla TV, but in month with very few new gundamsuits, like past october, it would be a great opportunity to show more of the other stuff. Especially the Kotobukiya stuff wich is hy far more serious than the latest gundam-designs. I recently bought some kits from Plum, Hasegawa and Koto, cause the latest stuff from Bandai was not my style, when it comes to 1:100 scale. And my preorders are far from beeing shiped. Maybe i’ll give a short review or unboxing about them in the forum. PEOPLE USE THE FORUM..

  94. i love those onepiece boats.
    would love that frame arms kits.

  95. Poor unfinished frame arms. I will complete you!

  96. Frame Arms! I didn’t realize that was the prize!

  97. cool ep guys

  98. Another entertaining episode. That Bawoo looks cool, but RE100 just isn’t detailed enough for me. Come on Bandai, MG ReBawoo! (I know it’s never happening, but yeah…..)
    Also, in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, P-Bandai is releasing the Phenex as a PG. The price is almost as audacious as the gold finish. I have a feeling that I’m going to end up ordering it, regardless. Dammit Bandai, every time I turn around, another hit to the wallet!

  99. Keeping it short…….FOR the FRAME ARMS!

  100. Frame Arms!!!! please Mr random number generator, I take back every foul thing i have said about you in the past, pick me, pick me!!!
    Please do a section of non gundam stuff on the show, don´t get me wrong, I love gundams as much as the next guy (I dislike HG’s though, I find them simple and boring) but a section of some other series will put some much needed spice to the show…
    I miss Lindsey and Anna, you guys are ugly… except for Mr random number generator, he is tall and handsome.

  101. Bandai has come a long way in making Gundams… I can still remember back in 2004 when i was in highschool and my first buy was the HG 1/144 double X… it was the first gundam that made me love the Gundam kits. great job Bandai… really looking forward to your future kits 🙂

  102. Transient Gundam Glacier looks great, gonna get it for sure. Hope there will be more OO-based kits in the future, I like them a lot

  103. Hi

  104. Have been wanting to give frame arms a try for a while

  105. Frame arms please! I already have my bawoo on the way to me. Also love the sales it’s a chance to get a kit that you wouldn’t consider unless it’s on the cheap. Yep ordered a zeta c1. ahh HLJ shut up and take my money.

  106. I love how Frame Arms kits looked, they remind me of the mechs in Armored Core series.

  107. Hmmmm, that Bawoo looks much better now that I got to see you guys playing with it! might need to reconsider getting it!

  108. * goes to Hobbylink(dot)tv *

    * finds Episode 225 *

    * Comments: ‘ Frame Arm !!!!!!!’ *

    Quest complete as instructed, did i win ?


    Back to the actual video contents, I’m looking forward to the Vidar kit review as i’m looking to get one myself.

  109. holy moley that frame arms would be nice to have 🙂 i’ve always been interested in getting one, but they are a tad more expensive than the usual high grade gundam, so they typically win over the frame arms.

  110. two for one deal!

  111. I can’t wait for the Rebawoo 1/00,shame it’s only P Bandai.

  112. Almost Christmas! Gimme that frame arms!

  113. I should really try out some Koto kits, they looks pretty good.

  114. How do you guys celebrate Christmas?

  115. Framearms? Framed arms. Frames that are arms? FRAMEARMS! Framearms.

  116. I would like to see confirmation on if the Figurise Hoshino Fumina bust’s head can be placed on the MG Psycho Zaku Thunderbolt ver.Ka without modding.

  117. just bought HG bawoo!!!!

  118. I thought what i would do was, I’d pretend i was one of those deaf-mutes.

  119. Great show as always. Keep it up! Die hard fan here.

  120. Thanks Budd

  121. As usual guys, FANTASTIC PLASTIC!

  122. OMG those Frame Arms!!!

  123. Awesome! Never tried a frame arms before – this would be a good way to give them a shot.

  124. christmas came out early! may you always build GunplaTV!

  125. Came home today to see my HLJ care package arrived!

    I just wonder if its me, or Tamiya acrylics is hard to use for hand painting? Maybe I need a little more patience, but I have better success with Tamiya enamels and I usually hand brush metallic paints (gold/silver) on the mechanical details of a kit.

    I would like to try other paint brands, but I can only find Tamiya paints in my local area.

    BTW, I think Gundam Vidar looks way cooler as depicted here (

    • Thin them and pick up a few drops of retarder medium. Then you’ll have more work time like you do with enamel. Many thin coats give the best finish.

  126. another great show.

  127. So I’m getting a PG Unicorn for Christmas… where can I find a couple of the extra large shields like that come on the Banshee.

  128. Frame arms!!

  129. Hope to win! Keep up the awesome reviews guys! 😀

  130. Frame Arms
    Limited Edition

    All would be a first for me and a wonderful holiday surprise. Come on Mr Random Number Generator.

    On a sad note, guess it’s going to be another year without a BanDai Star Destroyer, wa wa wa waaaaa.

    On a happy note it’s HLJ winter sale. WhoooHooo! Time to stuff the ol stocking.

    Keep up the good work guys… 300 will be here before you know it.

    Rodger N SF

  131. Thank you for making all the videos!

  132. wow ! limited edition frame Arms!!
    Mr Number Generator, pick me! pick me! pick me! please

  133. happy holiday on another good year!

  134. Never built a Frame Arms before and this limited one would be a nice way to start. Nice video, eager to see the new goodies for next week.

  135. oh god just let me win something. i had a shitty day….

  136. free kits yay

  137. Nice.

  138. Liked the show, keep it up

  139. I want too try my first Frame Arms(((


  141. RNGesus here thy call!

  142. “FRAME ARMS!!!!”
    – Syd

  143. Hopefully, I will win the Frame Arms kit.

  144. Frame Arms!!!!
    Please Mr random number generator, I take back every foul thing I have said about you in the past, pick me, pick me!!!

    I miss Lindsey and Anna, you guys are ugly… except for Mr random number generator, he’s tall and handsome, the star of the show.

  145. Thanks for another entertaining episode guys.
    The Glacier is looking pretty slick.
    I am looking forward to next week’s episode with the Vidar.
    Feel free to send that Frame Arms my way 😉
    Keep up the great work!

  146. that Frame Arms looks Great!

  147. i hope i do get a samurai

  148. Frame Arms!!

  149. Frame arms looks interestingly fun

  150. I must check out this Frame Arms you speak of!

  151. i need recomendation from you guys…should i buy this bawoo or wait for other new RE 1/100 kit?

  152. Looking forward to the next moths Gunpla… That Hashmal looks interesting and I’ll finally get the rival suit for my FA thunderbolt Gundam… PSYCHO ZAKU FTW!!!

  153. FRAME ARMS!!!!!!! would be nice to win this one 😀 i would like one

  154. Who wouldn’t want to win that Frame Arm kit? Sign me up please!

  155. M A G A T S U K I

  156. SI SENOR

  157. Frame Arms! Cool video

  158. want that Magatsuki. miss Ryan though.

  159. AHHHHHH!!!!!! FRAME ARMSSSS!!!! In time for my birthday!!!!! Lol

  160. Me for the win!!!! Maybe. Hopefully. Oh God please let me win.

    Just added the Transient to my christmas wish list. Just need to wait for the RG ZZ

  161. Frame Arms for the win!!!

  162. Merry christmas .. syd and todd.. could you please send that frame arms to me as a gift..

  163. Frame Arms!

  164. Super Fumina!

  165. bawooo… bawoooo… 😉

  166. Great episode guys. Consider to get both Bawoo and P-Bandai Rebawoo. I got one question though. In one of the recent episodes you mentioned the third party Barzam conversion set for RG Mk-II. So I am interested about your opinion of third party addon sets both resin and plastic. What is that grey line between bootleg/third party etc.

  167. FRAME ARMS!!!

  168. Man I finally see this and the new episode just comes out. Fail. Wish I could actually get in the running for once. Darn work. haha

  169. gimme the kit or ill buy from your competitors

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