Nov 28

Gunpla Expo was last week which meant our camera gear was getting packed and prepared for that instead of filming our regularly scheduled episode. Now that we are back to our regular schedule it means we’ve got lots of stuff to talk about and lots of stuff to show!

Check out the Gunpla Expo Winter 2016 coverage here!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 RE/100 AMX-107 Bawoo
1/144 HGBF Transient Gundam Glacier
1/144 HG Guncannon Early Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron)
1/144 HG Geireru
1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupus
1/144 HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam






  1. Hey guys, love your show !
    I wanted to ask, whats your favorite Kit size? I love the 1/100 scale. However I do think RG kits are look better than the MG kits.

  2. That Mini Merry alone made me want to win that Thousand Sunny more. hahahahaha!!!


  4. I just finished G Gundam and I’m having a craving for the kits now,
    This hand of mine glows with and awesome power! It’s burning grip tells me to buy more gunpla!

    • I never liked that show but I would be willing to buy some of the stupid-looking ones like the Fish and the Windmill just for the lulz.

  5. Amazing Burning Build Gundam

  6. Oh thousand sunny! I love One Piece!

  7. AI YAI YAI!!! dat lupus!!!!!

  8. Hoo boy! So many new kits! You guys are going to be busy next week!

    This year’s Gunpla expo was amazing, so many kits that I am so hyped for. We’re finally getting more love for the HGUC line with the Efreet Kai and the Blue Destiny Revive, and we’re FINALLY getting that HGUC Barzam! The giant Mobile Armor was revealed, HG Atlas Gundam and the Gundam Head MS were here, new IBO kits and the Amazing Strike Freedom. The new MG Providence looks so insanely beautiful, very excited for that one, hopefully we’ll see an MG Justice joining it soon. We’re getting a new HG Zeta, and judging from the joints/new line, i’m assuming that thing can transform, so i’m very hyped for him! Psycho Zaku is getting a lot of hype/excitement, it’s going to be a beast of a kit. The new Full Frontal’s Zaku III is one good looking MS, and the new Gundam from Twilight Axis really reminds me of the Alex. RG Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina is looking good, and I hope they manage to mekki plate it. Not to mention all those variants, I hope they aren’t P-Bandai. >_< Curious about the Hi-Res Wing Zero Custom, but not exactly excited, going to see how it is first, but the RE/100 Hamma Hamma is going to be awesome! HG Nightingale would be beast Todd, I support you.

    Transient Gundam Glacier looks like an absolute beast. Transient interested me, but the white felt a bit too bland, but this thing has sold me, it's dark purple colorscheme is complete beast. The RE/100 Bawoo is a kit i'm super excited to purchase, it's got a nice splitting gimmick, big n' bulky, and not to mention all that beautiful surface detail, cannot wait to buy mine. The Guncannon First Type is going to be great too, the Cannon Type MS always caught my attention, and this new realistic dulled blue looks great, and the shoulder weapon gimmicks are great ideas, I want it. I'm debating whether or not I should get the 1/100 FM Barbatos Lupus or the HG, right now i'm leaning for the 1/100, but I don't have a lot of space, and the HG is cheap, plus has more accessories with the option packs.

    The HG Geirail is one of my favorite MS from IBO, it's got minor gripes like the pure grey butt thruster and the hollow shield axe, but i'm still going to get it one day. I'm debating whether or not to get the HGCE Strike Freedom, it doesn't have dragoons for FBM, and that's kinda my main gripe with it, but it's a great kit from what I can see, so I dunno. Seems each Strike Freedom in every grade has some gripes that affect my choice for purchase. *sigh* MG Strike Freedom 2.0 with certain mekki golden parts when?

  9. PIRATE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the RG line, which I picked up after Syd raving about it for so long, but I’m not a Seed fan. I’m kinda disappointed we’re getting ANOTHER Seed RG, one not even from a main story but a manga, but at the same time man I love that armor plastic. I still wish we could get some more UC RGs though. What’s your ultimate RG desire? Mine’s definately the Ez-8/RG-79G, either one I’m not picky.

  11. Love the episode guys!!Hopefully more build fighter suits will come out soon, as much as I love the barbatos, I think I’m ready to move on to something else after so many.

  12. Hey Guys!
    One more time Hello from Greece.
    I hope that I’ll win some time and especially a gunplay.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  13. boat plamo. nice.

  14. Sexy lupus.. Weet weew.

  15. it’s not everyday that you can die from overdosing gunpla like watching this episode. i’m always on a tight budget so HG releases are always good news to me. keep up your great works guys, build them all and show us. and thanks for everything.

  16. Vidar was the only one that shocked me as the naming wasn’t a demon from the ars goeta.also coincidence on the anime mentioning bael and the expo “probably showing it off. Also Boat.

    • Honestly the only reason its called a ‘Gundam’ is because it uses the salvaged Kimaris pieces, so its not one of the 72 Demon Gundam so much as its the successor to one such Mobile suit. It wouldnt exactly make sense if they had named it after one of the Ars Goetia Demons’ considering their names were all used already, and the Vidar is technically a new suit.

  17. Seeing the Barbatos’ standing beside each other, you can really see that all the way up to 6th form they were just adding onto the original suit taking anything they could, you have blocky pieces right beside smooth or angled pieces, while the Lupus is Organic and really seems more demonic to me probably closer to its original War look, he has very sharp and angry features with smoother armor plates and shoulders. Anyways great show as always. Super excited for the Gold Frame RG.

  18. Love the new kits 🙂

  19. I’m waiting the second version of the Guncanon Gundam Origin version because it got the dual canon, might pass on for this version but I will not pass on to the RG GUNDAM ASTRAY GOLD FRAME AMATSU MINA so oh my boat please don ‘t be a P Bandai .

  20. Thousand sunny!!

  21. OH GOD the thousand sunny looks so awesome!

  22. I WANT THE BOAT!!!!

  23. Nice boat!

  24. So does ‘Full Mechanics’ now mean ‘detailed NG?’

    I got the RG Strike Freedom, so my super dragoons can come off, plus I have the mechy gold. I painted the plain gold too.

  25. maybe i’ll win a boat if not a gundam 🙂

  26. my daughter really want that thousand sunny!she watched that kit’s review everyday in youtube

  27. Guncannon can’t take much because it’s probably made by scrap parts from the junkyard. xD

  28. I was so happy to see the Efreet get a HGUC. that will be a definite buy when it comes out.

  29. Wow a gunpla sale as well as a new episode of gunpla tv on the same day. I’m feeling lucky, I hope that I will win the Thousand Sunny.

  30. I think this has to be one of the longer episodes to date. Looking at the the advance evo line, I am guessing the selling point could be more mechanics, parts count and less sticker heavy; kind of a mix between the RG line and HGUC revive. From the picture I have seen from the expo, it looks like the Zeta doesn’t have heavy parts swapping, so I am happy about that. Apart this, Bandai is really pushing more new kits for next year, almost like they are making up for this year. All and all, it is good to expand my collection, so thank you Bandai!

  31. Not sure why the grunt suits even have shields. I have never seen them block anything with it. Hell they even give the RGMs 4 useless shields in Thunderbolt.

    The Guncannon claws look like one of those arcade games that you can grab plushies but the claw is really crappy and it barely has any strength.

    One question. When will we get a MG NZ-666 Kshatriya? Bandai plz.

  32. HLJ sales, my money is already flying 🙂

  33. Im really diggin the gundam origin kits design. Loving the throwback to “origns”. Never had one piece ships before, didnt even know they exist.

  34. Seeing all those kits plus your sale makes me…. Drool. If my wallet can just drool cash that’ll be great.

  35. My Guncannon is on its way, I just love that suit in every way, but man those guys in the anime don’t know that Guncannon isn’t built for close combat.

  36. i like the new classic kits. oldschool styling but new engineering.

  37. Oh great episode guys so many new kits!
    I am really looking forward to seeing the RE Bawoo as it is one of my fav mobile suit!

  38. The winter sale came at a perfect time for me to purchase gifts for my friends and introduce them to the hobby! 😀

  39. One piece please!

  40. Give me the boat and I’ll make it float!

  41. I want that boat

  42. Nice haircut Syd. Great show.

  43. That suny go will look soo cool with my Going Merry :3

  44. Thank you for reading out my long-winded comment! It made my day (along with finally getting a dead refrigerator hauled away and freeing up some space).

    It is weird to watch episodes now and realize this is like… NOW… the things you are showing/discussing are either just out or not even out yet!!! Must get used to not being able to jump online and order whatever you are working on in the show (this is probably a good thing looking at the backlog I have created).

    I would gladly take that boat off your hands (hook?).

    Cheers to all

  45. i want that boat… give it to me… more power guys

  46. 2017 is gonna be big!

  47. so many new and exciting kits coming out

  48. Again, great episode guys! will definitely check out the store for great deals.

  49. I want a boat.

  50. That boat looks cool

  51. Waiting for new info on that new hg Zeta

  52. great episode I like the Freedom gundam.

  53. love the strike freedom~ <3 another good episode guy #iwanttheship

  54. i really hope bandai make a PG barbatos line hmmmm

  55. Geireru is sexy!

  56. so sad when knowing 1:1 RX 78 will be torn down next year T-T

  57. Thousand sunny shine upon me!

  58. Are you guys aware of the upcoming limited edition Ver. Ka waterslide decal campaign? starting on December 16th and going for an unspecified amount of time, eight Ver. Ka kits will be coming with limited edition waterslide decals. Is HLJ going to be part of this promotion, or does this only apply to Japanese retail stores?

  59. Are you guys going to be at AX next year?

  60. gimme dat thousand sunny! it would be the perfect birthday/Christmas present for my brother, (my brothers birthday is Christmas)

  61. Thanks guys for yet another great episode. I’m building a couple kits from IBO but I’m with Todd about the high heals. Anyway, great show. Looking forward to your review of the 1/100 ZZ Hamma-Hamma.

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