Nov 14


  1. Hm… Actually, I’d kinda like to see everyone’s desk now. I keep seeing you guys talk about all the cool Gunpla you’ve got on your desks, and yet we never see them! ( °A°)

    It would be a pretty cool episode, for an anniversary or the like, to do a tour of the HL offices and whatnot.

  2. It is great to see Ryan, Syd and you Todd

    Todd or Ryan Where can I find a Dragon Ball Z Pod to create custom build non-Dragon Ball Z Sci Fi vehicle?

  3. I’m excited for the gunpla expo on the new stuff. Hope Bandai release more awesome kits for Spring 2017

  4. well another great episode

  5. Do you guys think the lesser rate of Master Grade kits being released per year is justified by their increased quality?

  6. Put an MG in that Pod

  7. greaat

  8. Love the new kits 🙂

  9. What would a trump gundam look like?

  10. no kit/kits giveaway this week :((((((( thanks for the preview of the new kits

  11. Hi.

    Everyone is ultra hyped for the GM Sniper II, and they should be. The HGUC was a good kit, but nothing amazing, and we haven’t had an MG of an MS back from the Universal Century OVA’s in a while, something that isn’t a fan favorite is definitely something great to have. I would be excited as well…if I didn’t already buy the Robot Damashii a week before the MG was announced. T_T

    Although i’m getting the Lupus DX, I must say that I find it a bit lazy that the BB Senshi of the Barbatos are really just the Ex-Standard with more stuff. I would understand it more for the regular Barbatos, so you can display multiple forms at the same time, but with the Lupus, it just seems…lazy. I hope Bandai doesn’t make this a trend, BB Senshi was a great line, and while I’m fine with Ex-Standard kits, a lot of people aren’t, and even I think that Ex-Standards should not be released as BB Senshi with more stuff. It’s just lazy marketing.

    I am SO hype for the GM Ground Type. I always loved the Gundam Ground Type and always wondered why there was no GM Ground Type to join it. Now that we finally have one, i’m super excited for it. GM master race! Same for the Lunagazer, as a fan of both the Stargazer and the Hyaku Shiki, seeing their baby just makes me happy. Plus, with that gimmick, it resembles the Stargazer even more, and now i’m very hyped for this release. The Guncannon Mobility Test Type is something i’m definitely picking up. I was a huge fan of the Guncannon revive and this thing looks right up my alley. I love the options for two variants, hoo-rah. The HGCE Strike Freedom Revive is something that a few people are hyped up for about, and I would as well if it weren’t for the dragoons. They don’t open up to reveal anything gold and that’s kinda disappointing. Oh well, i’ll go for the MG Full Burst then. I’m going to enjoy both the Shiden and the Geirail. The Shiden is a kit that while other people aren’t insanely hyped about, I am. I’m definitely getting a few for myself, it’s one hell of a good looking grunt suit, and is already one of my favorite IBO MS. Same with the Geirail, easily my favorite Graze as of now, although the hollow axe is a disappointment, oh well.

  12. First Todd, and now Syd has been lost to the balls as well. xD

  13. Still hoping

  14. aw no giveaway this episode, but really looking forward to those HG and goku super saiyan 3

  15. greatshow as always

  16. So many Choppers… Gotta pick me up a set.

    Talking about the Dragon Ball figure-rise kits the muscular system looks like to be a scaled down version of what Bandai used in their MG version of Goku. The seam lines are very well hidden by this effect.

  17. Sleep tight geeter.

  18. Todd can’t take his eyes out of “the ball”. Great show guys.

  19. love that saiyan pod.. I would love to see other lines of figure rise dragonball on the show puleeeeaseeee.. of course still with gunpla.

  20. Franky approve this king robo chopper.

  21. i want that chopper and sayian pod. but i need the mg gm sniper

  22. I was waiting for Syd to drop that space pod while he was throwing it around! Too bad (or not bad?) it didn’t happen.

  23. Really hyped for the GM Sniper. Hoping that they release more MG Origin models especially the Zaku prototype and the Guntank from the first movie.

  24. Great episode again guys! I like the chopppa but they should have made it so that all the excess gets taken out or something. The view from the front is awesom choppa but from the back is little weird. Anyways hope to see you again soon!!

  25. I love figurise standard DBZ and i am sooooo happy bandai is making more. MORE MORE MORE

  26. I didn’t like CHOPPA!!!!

  27. damm I lost Again!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. RNG Why! Oh well its always fun having your comment read on the show. Chopper looks awesome and is very inline with One Piece mecha. Looking forward to the expo video. Great show as always.

  29. All these combining robots AAAAAA

  30. lol that is 1 huge Chopper, I love the photo where he’s doing the monstrous pose, It looked like he’s roaring like Godzilla.

  31. Not quite sure how you guys kept a straight face on this one guys. Space pod football.

    Looking forward to your Gunpla Expo shows. They are always so much fun to watch. Think Bandai will finally release the Battle Cruiser or has Revel pretty much snuffed out our dreams?

    Come on RNG, bring me a Christmas present.


  32. Still commenting lol

  33. This was a very Toei episode

  34. Can’t wait for SSGSS Goku!

  35. I have now caught up with all episodes and must wait for new ones… I feel lost and alone.

    Really though, this is just a wonderful show and I thank you all for dedicating your time over the past 6 years to bring it to all of us.

    Moment time – My daughter was born around the time the show started and it has been like reliving the past 6 years as I would watch an episode and think back to what/where we were up to when it aired. It has been fascinating to see the development of the show and Gunpla over those years and waiting for the moment when I became aware of the hobby (April 2016) all the while remembering the other things we were up to as I watched a moment from Gunpla’s past.

    Consider me converted – I have been placing orders at HLJ and using private warehouse. I just gave my daughter a Robot Spirits figure for her birthday that came from HLJ and she proudly calls out Japanese whenever we see them now that she is familiar with the kanji / katakana (?) being a foreign language and not just squiggles.


  36. Great episode as always, the big chopper robot was a goofy kit that i’d like to build, or at least something similar. Reminds me of those sgt. frog model kits, some could combine just like the chopper kits.

  37. So, if you plant a Syd, do you grow a Gundam sprues tree?

  38. What putty would you use to fill the gaps in the pod?

  39. Another great show guys!

    Just a few questions, with regards the kits that Syd generously gives away, are they kits that he has personally purchased or are they kits HLJ has provided to him in order to create Gunpla TV episodes? Syd is also generous enough to give away MG kits but I recall he was adamant that he was never going to give up his yellow Sinanju, what other kits in his collection does he plan to keep hold of?

    With certain Gundam models being superseded e.g. the RX-78.2 Version 2 being superseded by the Version 3, does Bandai then cease production of the older version and if not why as it doesn’t seem logical to buy the older version if the price is almost the same?

    With regards the Gundam Plasic Models Encyclopedia 2013, are there any plans to get more in or should I wait for an updated issue. Is there an alternative book/magazines and is there an equivalent publication for Zoids?

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