Nov 8

November and December will provide the crazy so we are biding our time with some different things until the madness starts. Todd takes this opportunity to talk about the newest Frame Arms kit, this being his first one, while Syd shows a new IBO season 2 kit along with a pretty unique model.



Kits featured in this episode:
Chopper Robo Super No.1 Guard Fortress
Chopper Robo Super No.2 Heavy Armor
Chopper Robo Super No.3 Horn Dozer
Chopper Robo Super No.4 Kung Fu Tracer
Chopper Robo Super No.5 Walk Hopper
1/12 The Bonsai Plastic Kit #1
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City
1/144 HG Julieta’s Mobile Reginlaze
1/100 JX-25F Ji-Dao

Check out the Frame Arms lineup here!

And be sure to check out the January Bandai model releases. Click here for the list!

Gmmm’s Horror Story aftermath!

Gundam Horror Story



  1. can’t believe I’m first to comment. i’m used to watching a video like 5 mins after it comes out and there are like 100 comments.

  2. Every time syd announces a giveaway kit I get super excited but never win but than syd announce another kit its like never ending of disappointment followed by excitement every time you guys upload. Anyways good episode again guys and what happen to Ryan I miss the dude!

  3. Haha, I will never win. And not even my top5 LOL-moments got read. I know, how you feel.. 🙂

  4. cool ep bro

  5. “dibs” -Harambe

  6. You should try slapping Frame arms armour on IBo frames and vice versa

  7. I love Cybaster since super robot wars on PS1. I’m feeling lucky about this one 😀

  8. nice……… Harambe came thru, thank you

  9. saw the new HG IBO kits for 2017. What will they be?

  10. Cybaster/Cybuster? Oh yes please. I must say however that seeing a Frame Arms in action actually makes me interested in that line. I usually just looked away from it due to the frame and armor parts being sold separate from each other.

  11. im not so lucky but im not so lucky and im not lucky but i want this

  12. gundam horror story. dang…

  13. This is a very Nice Homepage! ???

  14. let me win

  15. I wonder if bandai will release actual nippers based on the Gusion Rebake’s scissors. Also hope I win that frame arms kit

  16. Give me Cybaster please !! i really like super robot war kit.

  17. excited to see the giant chopper! and i hope they make a 1/100 reginlaze. loving that ms design.

  18. Love the show guys, looking forward to seeing more IBO kits.

  19. Apparently, RNG god hates me
    Maybe Harambe can help me

    Please, let me get that Cybuster

  20. been building Frame arms for a while they are awesome kits !

  21. does japan have m e m e s like harambe (dead meme)

  22. Dubs (comment#22) and trips (episode #222) i call upon your meme magic powers to grant me that Cybuster.
    Also mobile suit gardening and farming should be a thing.

  23. how about news and upcoming kits?

  24. Hey guys! I see we’re back with another episode!

    Frame Arms are really cool looking. I keep on meaning to buy one, but my money keeps on disappearing before I can buy one (I wonder why BANDAI…). I always liked the thought of inner frames, and the fact that these are compatible with them and look good as well makes things interesting. Plus, they look really good.

    Julieta’s Mobile Reginlaze is a great kit. I’ve just built mine and I absolutely adore it, and while it’s extremely similar to it, I personally think this is the better kit. It definitely looks more feminine than the Graze, especially due to the size and proportions. I also love Julieta, so I had to get this kit, and I did not regret my purchase.

  25. Wow that Cybaster looks great.

  26. Reginlaze looking good. ^.^

  27. I refuse to “dibs” on anything…but I guess by refusing to dib I have dibbed anyway…NOOOOOOOOO!

  28. Hey guy’s great episode as always.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question regarding the Gundam Wing kits a few episodes ago in 219. Sorry for not getting back to you guy’s till now, as I’ve been a bit busy being in and out of the hospital for a long-term illness, so I’ve only just had the time to catch up to the latest episode.

    Although my new RG Zephyranthes and Full Burnen probably didn’t help either.

    In regards to whether I’ll go for the MG or HG/RG versions of the Wing kits, I’ve decided instead to get none of them! Since I am a big fan of the Gundam series overall, there is always something else I want to build, and I have been eyeing some of the Unicorn series kits so an RG Sinanju may be in my future.

    But Syd your suggestion to try out one of the MG kits is a great idea, so if I do feel the need and can’t think of something else to build, I’ll grab a Deathsythe Hell and see how it goes. But Todd you did manage to convince me to backorder 2 of the old Epyon kits, so maybe in the future I’ll try out your idea, so in a roundabout way I’ll be doing your roundabout suggestion I guess?

    But now for something completely different, while we may know of the Gunpla Tv crews love of Gundam kits like the Sinanju, Balls, Unicorn, Balls, Gyan, Balls! We don’t know much about your favourite none Gundam kits, so if any of you have a favourite I for one would love to see it, bonus points if it requires paint and glue!

    • Those 1/144 HG Gundam Wing kits were my first introduction to the hobby and well I wouldn’t recommend getting them unless you do what Syd and Todd said to modify the parts and put them on a frame.

      I managed to find some of my older kits from 15+ years ago and They are terrible as far as detail, articulation and proportions. I will eventually buy the MG EW models even if they are different from the suits in the anime version. The amount of detail, color separation and articulation from the newer MG kids is amazing.

      • Yeah the MGs are looking to be the better option, though there are some kits that you can only get in 1/144 scale, like the Tallgeese III special in HG, along with the Vayate and Mecurius which are sadly no-grade like the Epyon.

        But considering that the kits tend to sell out quickly from what Syd said, you would think that bandai would be seeing money in dem der hills and do some updates, especially with the unique look of the grunt suits like the Leo, as they are very different to anything from other series so it might get people spending for something different.

        But of course it would be a big undertaking for bandai, as they would have to do a lot of new work compared to other lines, as each hero suit has at least 3 different versions which makes 15 unique kits, and it would make sense to update the stuff that’s only in no-grade, so we have some better quality kits, so I do doubt that they will rush into something like that.

        But I’ll still get my no-grade Epyon, as I’ve lost my kit from what was probably 15 years ago, so it would be nice to have something to mark my start in gunpla.

  29. Never knew Harambe was into Gunpla. I wonder if the Vidar Gundam have those Reginlaze hands. A rapier with that kind of hand will be incredible, just like the revive Gyan.

  30. Helpful tip for First-Time MG Builders: The newer MG articulated hands have joints in the fingers just below the first knuckle. In order to bend them so your gunpla can grip things properly, you can hold eac finger down to the hand and carefully push on the joint. This should prevent the finger from popping out of the hand by the balljoint — ‘should,’ but it’s not 100% guaranteed. Just be careful.

    No one really talks about this that I could see, so I thought it’d be a good tip to share.

  31. Dibs dibs dibs ahahhah

  32. Let’s hope their loss is my gain. Love the show, guys. Long time fan. 🙂

  33. great

  34. For the comical reasons, I’ll be getting the Rebake fully city and that Bonsai plant.

  35. Who else is excited for the GM ground type?!

  36. Why RN-Geesus…? Why I no win? 🙁

  37. That new chopper robo looks nice and priced nice. still contemplating on getting it. Nice episode guys.

    and dibs in the Cybuster. lol

  38. Get in tha chappa

  39. this episode no. triple ‘2’

  40. Great episode guys. Looking forward to see those new December releases.

  41. Holy cow! Dibs worked for once in my life?!!?!?! Woot woot!!!

    Thank you Syd, Todd, Ryan, and Gunpla TV!

    Keep up the awesome show, I am looking forward to seeing the MG Psycho Zaku next month!

  42. Harambe guide me lol

  43. I want to winn lol

  44. I think i remember Syd making the Cybaster on Gunpla TV in a much earlier episode. Anyways great show and, love the pics of Full CIty trimming the tree.

    RNG grant me powaaah.

  45. I will be receiving my Gusion Rebake Full City and an squadron of Reginlaze from HLJ today! Syd, I had a similiar idea with the Rebake and the Bonsai tree lol. When the 1/100 scale Full City comes out, have the 1/144 cut out the 1/100’s runner. Enter that in the Gunpla world cup and win! With the addtion of the Reginlazes, chunk of my Gunpla collection is mostly the Graze and its variants. Lastly I can’t wait until we see the IBO Large Mobile armor at the Gunpla expo! As always, keep up the awesome work you guys!

  46. Syd you should totally enter that Gusion Rebake diorama into the GBWC. The spirit of Harambe would be with you to crush your enemies and see them driven before you.

  47. That Bonsai kit!

  48. just let me win a kit ples….

  49. I don’t understand the “Gmmm’s horror story pictures”! Probably I miss something of the video. I just see a model kits with a terrible work on nubs. But they all can be fixed easily.

    May I suggest a subject for the next video? Can you explain me the “logic” behind Premium Bandai kits? Some of them are just repaint. I don’t care if I cannot buy it. But some are unique kits! And I’m sad that they are only for Japan! How Bandai decide if a kit will be normal or Premium? It’s random?

  50. That Graze has a pretty nice Philadelphia Eagles color scheme, I want it now.

    PS. FlyEaglesFly!

  51. I’ll pray to the only God mankind has; The God known as ‘possibility’.

  52. Not only were those nubs thick, the panel lines were also too thick for my taste…

  53. I saw that 7-11 in Japan is coming out with some new exclusive kits. I also know you guys don’t generally cover those type of exclusives but would be cool to see anything that anyone might pick up…..heard about a PG Green Frame Astray!

  54. I wanted to ask if there has been any additional info about the competition mentioned in episode 200? I have looked for groups or videos but have not found anything and I am still working my way forward through the last 15 episodes I have not seen so I may find my answer there. Apologies if I missed something obvious.

    Cheers and thank you for all the great shows!

    • Ohhhh…TWINS…ep 202 & 204… THAT’S where Ryan has been. Now I understand.

      Well, happy six months (as of today, Nov 8th) to your wonderful twins Ryan. Congratulations to you and your wife and growing family!!!

      It was exciting to see his announcement in 202 and hear Syd’s congratulations in 204.

      Carry on.

  55. I want that Cybaster! loved the anime many years ago!!!


  57. If only the Frame Arm Kits are cheaper. They look so awesome and so customization since its universal pegs and holes. They don’t have stickers so that maybe why… but their made in china, compared to gunpla being manufactured in japan…
    I want but I rather buy MG for the price…

  58. Oh wow a super robot war kit!!! Those are hard to come by!

  59. Great episode guys!

  60. That Bonsai thing is CRAAAAZY!!! I like that framearm kit.

  61. I’m really liking the Iron Blooded Orphans designs. The kits are also so fun to build. I can’t wait to build a Reginlaze.

  62. Great show guys looks great

  63. Imagine if you had to put every single leaf on a bonsai plamo during assembly.

  64. (Sorry I didn’t reply earlier but you can feel free to share the horrific pictures with everyone. At some point I wondered if I should turn on the mature filter on the album since the pictures are very graphic but I decided not to.)

    Gundam Horror Story 3: Return of the Nubmarks

    I am very new to the hobby. When I say that I mean that I erased the past and to me, it never happened.

    I started last month with the RX-78-2 Ver 3.0 and I will be eventually buying the newer version of the older sets to fix my past mistakes. In the future I will post the results.

    For now I leave you with some pictures of my 1/100 Altron, 1/144 Tallgeese and 1/144 Epyon.

  65. Bonsai-trimming diorama…Splice of Life theme?

  66. Hmm for the horror story it wasn’t as bad I expected, at least it still can be cut and sanded. I thought pulling the parts from the runner would eat away on the plastic. The 1st kits I build when I was a kid are 4wd tamiya and I didn’t use any nippers then.

    The design of the Cybuster/Cybaster reminds me of the royal knights in Digimon series.

  67. Thank u guys for the great episode 🙂

  68. Cybaster Kit! Great episode!

  69. That Cybuster would look good next to my Spirit Possession version!

  70. Haiii guys, glad to see u again this week. Bonsai diorama its cute, with Rebake Full City kinda …….. Okay. Fun episode guys. Can’t wait for the next. Hello from Indonesia…. cheers. Hope this time i can win Cybuster…..

  71. pick me, pick me, pick me, projecting my psychic will the random number generator.;)

  72. Huge fan of the Super Robot Wars kits. I would LVE to get my hands on that Cybuster.

  73. Looking forward to seeing the Chopper and very excited about the upcoming gunpla expo.

  74. great show might have to give those frame arms a try

  75. Kotobukiya!!!!

  76. Cybaster!!!

  77. Mega Man!!!

  78. Ready to get my first Kotobukiya kit!



  81. Great episode.

  82. Never had a Kotobukiya kit before, would love to see how they stack up!

  83. CYBASTER!!!!!!

  84. I love how this show is 50% informational and 50% grown men playing with robots. lol Love you guys.

  85. I like the design of the new frame-arms. I almost looks like the Gustav Karl from the Gundam Unicorn/Hathaway’s Flash.

  86. Haven’t tried a Kotobukiya Kit before but I would love to get that Cybaster

  87. Long time fan… i pray to the gods of the random number generator and to the spirit of harambe the saviour and the gods of gunpla.. please let me win

  88. That bonsai plamo! Weirdest model since infamous Zentradi Stamp from 1983 😀 ( )

  89. That Reginlaze looks even better than the promo pics!

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