Nov 1

It feels like October has been a slow month for Bandai plamo but we do have some things to share including the newest IBO season 2 kit! As well, we give a public service announcement which people building the HG Gusion Rebake Full City may need to be aware of.



Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG Julieta’s Mobile Reginlaze
1/72 VF-31F Siegfried (Messer Ihlefeld)
Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod
1/100 JX-25F Ji-Dao
1/100 JX-25T Lei-Dao
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City
1/144 HG MS Option Set 5 & Tekkadan Mobile Worker

Gunpla TV


  1. I can only dream of winning free stuff 🙁

  2. What an absurd name.

  3. hmmmmm

  4. Bandai definitely needs more MG kits with the new mobile suits that keep on coming

    • I just wish they would re-release new updated versions of the old ones. I’m also getting tired of the Unicorn blue/red/green/orange/rainbow/yellow/polkadot modes.

  5. Hi guys, great review on Gusion Rebake Full City, my only disapointment is his weapon, why Bandai didnt continue the big hammer as what the first Gusion has. For me its kinda cool. Now im just waiting for my Gusion to come and cant wait to see it done. Thanks again guys, more power to your channel and God bless.

  6. Eyy new episode! I’ve been waiting for the Reginlaze and i’ve already bought my own waiting to be built. I find it to be a superior-looking kit to the Graze and Julieta is one of my favorite Gjallarhorn characters, literally a female version of Mika and I bloody love the girl. Also helps that I find her attractive. >v>

    The Siegfrieds are still cool although i’d like to see more unique mechs from the series. We’ve seen two real mechs so far, the Draken III and the Siegfried, i’d like to see more soon! The Saiyan Space pod, while accurate is way to bland for my taste. Sure, it fits a figure-rise Vegeta in it, but the ship itself is two colors and looks kinda boring. 🙁

    Frame arms always interested me but the thing is that they’re very expensive for what they are, and that kinda prevents me from getting them. Kinda a shame, I really like the concept and their designs are beast. Oh well, one day.

    The Full City was disappointing to say the least. Way to many sitckers that could’ve easily been parts, which ruin the kit as a whole. I wouldn’t of minded paying more if it meant we had actual part separation, would’ve made the kit a lot better. It seems like each Rebake kit has some detrimental flaw that makes the kit a definite pass, which is a real shame because I really want a Rebake kit. Oh well, all we can do is hope for an eventual MG…

    The Option Set 5 is something welcome. People who are fine with everything they have from the Lupus alone will be satisfied, but for people who want more accessories, we can pay a tiny bit more for an extra set. Great idea IMO and gives us more options when it comes to purchasing IBO kits.

  7. Wow thunderbolt kits… Please let me win the zaku big guns…please

  8. THAT GUN THOUGH! great show guys keep it going

  9. I love Thunderbolt. I hope I can win either of the two kits.

  10. Thank you for telling us about the part number errors on the Gusion rebake full city manual. I have one coming my way from the private warehouse lol. I am relieved by the fact that the option set 5 has a gun for the full city.

    PS: Whoever named it the Gusion rebake full city, they must have been like that PPAP guy. – > I have gusion rebake, I have full city -> Ugh! -> Gusion rebake full city! damn!

  11. HELLO….!!! IM TRAP IN GUNPLA WORLD…. Help me out by giving me those free stuff…!!!

  12. I hate Gusion’s head, with that many stickers.

  13. been wanting to get that thunderbolt big gun kit but space is limited. i promise to clear up a good spot for it if i win! xD

  14. I want this pod… no… I NEED this pod.

  15. I would buy that scissor kit JUST for the Lupus hands.

  16. great

  17. I don’t know why, but i really like the Gusion’s scissors.

  18. I already have a rifle for shooting, can I have that big gun for fun? 😀

  19. wow i wonder how big that big zaku cannon would be in mg form.

  20. Here I am trying to win something! Expecially from the Thunderbolt series!

  21. i have a bloody tonne of old runners. any chance HLJ can do a competition for the best ideas to use the throw away bits of the kits…….and those thunderbolt kits would be nice?

  22. I would like to have that IBO poster at Syd’s left shoulder

  23. Oh my I always want the big gun.

  24. Is “The Todd” losing weight or it’s just my imagination?

  25. those Thunderbolt kits always scare me, so many parts, I drop nought parts as is.
    what do you guys think of Crossbone Gundam winning that poll? I’m hyped at the prospect of new pirate kits.

  26. Here’s hoping they make a FM1/100 Gusion Rebake Full City with a few less stickers and a few more cannons!!! Also, dibs on Thunderbolt kits!!! Dibs works right?

  27. Good luck to whom win have gundam day

  28. just wish I win this time

  29. …this is an awesome blog. Sorry, I”m new here. Looking forward to checking out your future posts ?

  30. thunderbolt series…woohooo

  31. thunderbolt

  32. Balls jokes on Todd never get old

  33. Thanks

  34. Just Saiyan, that’s one Bug Gun.

  35. All i want for Christmas is that zaku big gun

  36. Hearing about Christmas, I just realized that Todd should have used his Ball guy as Halloween decoration. And maybe I can use that big gun on a pumpkin for a Halloween Pumpkin Ball.

  37. great episode guys!! and do we get to see not just Todd’s balls but Syd’s Balls?! lol

  38. Any news about the HG Revive Strike Freedom?

  39. i love the look of the tunderbolt kits
    i have a full armor gundam and love to aim the biggun @him haha

  40. Thunderbolt season 2

  41. I forgot about the big gun but now I want one

  42. Can’t wait to see those Frame Arms built!

  43. pew pew

    By the way Lupus means wolf in latin

  44. Come on RNGesus, let me win

  45. I love making more room for those kits and I’m loving season 2 of IBO. I really like to travel to Japan if I win at the GBWC 2016 finals. I never had Thunderbolt kits in my collection, while it’s another epic series.

  46. syd the reason everybody yells at you about the nub marks is because you put yourself out on the web where everybody is anonymous so they feel no sympathy that you aren’t the worlds best builder

  47. Man, I enjoy the anime but i’m not a fan of the mobile suit designs of IBO, i’ll keep building anything else but these guys. Just my opinion.
    Good episode as always, cant wait for december!!!

  48. Fumina, best December release kit haha!

  49. GunplaTV is a lot like Disneyland, They make dreams come true.

  50. I would rather get an RG Barbatos than a Star Build Strike. ;/

  51. Gunpla!!!

  52. Gusion’s nippers make sense – in this show there’re no beam weapons, they use ballistic riffles and cannons and, mostly, blunt weapons. Barbatos uses maces to crush cockpits. But the 6th form wrench could also work like nippers with chainsaws, he even cut arms with it. Those gigantic nippers are meant to crush enemy mobile suits’ cockpits from both sides.
    GM Thunderbolt ver. is one of my most favourite GM designs, along with GM Sniper II and GM Striker. All Thunderbolt designs are really fantastic. Shame that we didn’t get more kits.

  53. I agree with Todd, we need an HG Atlas Gundam!!

  54. Looking forward to the frame arms stuff again.

    I’d love to see the big ball come to fruition. Mega ball?

    I think gusions mega sized pliers is an interesting take of the classic “claw” weapon. However, I feel it’s kinda abit too chunky and not nimble enough. You know like cause it’s so massive it looks like it’s slower?

  55. Thank you for the “Heads’ up” on the Rebake full city 🙂

  56. This year Christmas is on weekend, so you will feel like rest of the world who don’t have extra holidays because of that.

  57. “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

    -Ad libbed by Roddy “The Rod” Piper (played Nada) in “They Live”

  58. I will never win. Tho that macross looks good.

  59. I think the Option Set 5 might be usable even without Barbatos Lupis. Has anyone tried mounting the 200mm canons onto anything else? I’m also thinking of making the Shia Qan[t] a bit cattier with a tail and claws.

  60. Can’t wait to see the new releases at the gunpla expo. I have started counting down the days ^_^

  61. i love the thunderbolt kits! the designs look so good. Some how, the Gusion Rebake full city version reminds me of nippers! LOL.

  62. I want it

  63. Hey! since you guys are going back to look at frame arms again after a long while, why not go back and look at the muv luv kits as well since it has been a really long while since you last covered them. Plus recently I’ve been looking into them so some help differentiating the non scale and 1/144 kits would be nice!

  64. Would like Zaku II + Big Gun MG size.

  65. Now all you need is a huge tree next to the Gusion with scissor for a cool diorama. Edward Scissorhands Style.

  66. Big Gun! Big Gun Number One. Big Gun!Big Gun Kick the hell out of you!

  67. i also want that gundam ace gun

  68. At an arcade near my house they had gunpla as prizes you could win I got enough tickets to get the zaku II + big gun and felt like I won the lottery, after I thought about it on the way home I probably could have bought it for less then what I spent in the arcade but I was my first time in an arcade since I was ten and now I keep it as a fun memory of playing video games with my friends.

  69. DAAAAAYMN I am scared if Someone win that gonna be arrested by the cops for having BIG LASOR GUNS XD

  70. I await Todd’s massive sayian ball.

  71. I need that gun,BTW great episode guys.

  72. damn i would like one of those kits

    ……….help me harambe

  73. Man, you guys talking about using glue on an RG kit gave me horrible RG Zeta flashbacks. Thank god I got a chance to redo the entire kit last Christmas and that turned out fine.

    Also, I agree with most sentiments regarding Thunderbolt.


  74. BIG GUN ZAKUUU! Hope I get that! Good job guys!

  75. I love Thunderbolt and hope I can win either of the two kits.

  76. cool ep guys

  77. Funny story: I replaced my son’s Amazon Fire tablet and all amazon apps / devices come with 1-click buying option enabled for some reason (money)… as he is three-&-a-half and quite taken with my growing gunpla collection sitting behind glass, he likes to look at them wherever he finds them (in person, pictures, box art, etc). I so happened to have the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 sitting in my Amazon Cart as I debated daily (hourly, second-to-second) about buying it. I was quite surprised when we came home to an unexpected Amazon package at the door. My son and daughter argued over who the package was for and we all opened it together… I opened it only to find a Hyaku Shiki 2.0 staring back at us to which my son exclaims “IT’S THE ROBOT!!!!!”.

    Evidently he had found his way to the store app on his new Fire Tablet and 1-clicked the Shiki sitting in the cart and I have now DISABLED 1-click as I should have as soon as I set up the tablet. I debated for about 30 seconds if I needed to send it back… and now it is sitting proudly in my case.

    That will teach me to neglect children’s device settings and my email. Bad dad! Lovely golden gunpla!

    P.S. not an HG fan but must admit that Big Gun Zaku looks nice and could go well as the bad guy for my growing collection of RG suits. How you doing Random number generator?

    • That’s a frightening episode. Clearly the mistake made here was having amazon and not open on your son’s tablet. 😉

      • I must admit to using Amazon a lot to begin but I have now placed and shipped my first few orders using Private Warehouse. I love it!!

        Lesson learned! 🙂

        Now I just need to ship out my last order of hanger bases.


  78. Horror Story (the aftermath)

    Since Syd wanted to know about how the end product looked like. Yeah…Not great. Nub marks is an understatement, I call these Runner marks. I can probably shave off enough extra material off this 1/100 to make a 1/144.

    Here is a 4 picture imgur album with the result.

  79. Booty Gundam for me 😀

  80. I can’t help but look at Gusion Rebake Full City’s (what a mouthful) melee weapon and think of Mobile Suit sized bolt cutters or the world’s largest toenail clipper.

  81. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for another great episode, I would love to re-home those HG Thunderbolt Gundam kits. Pick me, pick me!!! Are you guys looking forward to the MG Psycho Zaku or the new year’s MG GM Sniper II?

    Please do a live build of the MG Psycho Zaku, it would make my December complete!!!

    Cheers from frosty Canada!!!

  82. All hail the big gun!!
    All hail the numerous shields!!
    All hail the ramdom number generator!!!

  83. I want that big gun for a kit bash!!!
    Good show, but it’s geting a little predictable, it will be great next week that you will change from the same old, same old HG build, don’t get me wrong, I love gundam, I just find HG’s simple and boring, I also think that a little section about non-gundam kits would add allot of spice to the show, it would be awesome!!!
    I miss Ryan, Lindsey and Anna.
    cheers and keep up the great work, HLJ rocks!!!
    and yes, random number generator hates me…
    Go to hell random number generator!!!!

  84. I’m so going to get the Gusion Rebake Full City! But the funny thing is, you use nippers, to make nippers. I mean, honestly, what’s up with the Gusion Rebake Full City having a nipper weapon? Hopefully in the MS option set 7 we’ll see the epic sniper rifles that the Gusion used in episode 28.(or 29)

  85. stop giving away kits that are allready built! it takes away from the fun.
    ( i still want them though)

  86. Hey Guyssss, thanks for the show for all theses years, really appreciate it. Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really hope i can win the kit. Cheers from Indonesia…….

  87. Getting my HG Gusion Rebake full city this weekend….together with the HG Hugo. Looking forward to the weekend build.
    Keep the episodes coming, guys.

  88. Great episode guys! Finally it’s November! A lot of new kits are coming out. One more month to go! And December release will be even more greater! I fear that my 13th month bonus wouldn’t last for ao long.. would really like to add the zaku and big gun in my collection.

  89. thank u guys for great episode 🙂

  90. Looking forward to your review of the MG High Mobility Type Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka in December!

  91. Thank you for making all the videos!

  92. That Macross kit looks fantastic!!! Syd and Todd, keep up the good work.

  93. The Gusion Rebake Full Sticky gives me heart problems whenever I open the box.

  94. The Gusion Rebake Full City is a nice kit, though I wish it brought more weapons/accessories.

  95. Its just me or the new gussion looks like a Gardener Gundam?

  96. That full city really is something. Like wielding a massive side cutters for weapons.

  97. Hey Guys! I hop I finally win something, even if its already build.

  98. I want your posters. All of them.

  99. I love this show, thanks for another great episode.

  100. I think the Gusion’s next weapon is going to be a giant hobby knife!

  101. Gundamu Gundamu

  102. Great episode guys! I am waiting until IBO line finishes so I can pick my favorite. Those Thunderbolt ms look awesome!

  103. Hi syd and tod.. i love ur show. Was always watching ur show before buying kits from hlj.. ur show helps us a lot.. we miss ryan.. we dont see him anymore.. keep up the good work ..gunpla/gundam will live forever

  104. Great show guys. Thunderbolt giveaway?! Yes, please. I loved the Zaku I.

  105. great show as always, Please count me in

  106. i wonder how they’re going to use that weapon 🙂 ?

  107. OMG! Thunderbolt kits!

  108. Keep the Zaku, I just want the big gun parts.

  109. I would definitely love to get one of those Thunderbolt kits. Come on Random Number Generator!

  110. Great episode guys, havent watched in a while but i am back! Love the Macross kits and shall be receiving 1 or 2 for christmas the hype is real. If you really want all three froms set out though you can buy the non transformable version that is much cheaper there one ofr each form. see ya nect time.

  111. Another great episode.

  112. First hammer with original gusion,then the wrench with barbatos, now it’s scissor on rebake. What’s next saw? oh-oh the wrench already have it. Hmmm… Screw driver?

  113. Pewpew!

  114. Good review on the Gusion and the ms option set. Also the Thunderbolt GM is looking good.

  115. For Christmas…please?

  116. Thumbs up for the Yugo! OK the Gusion is pretty awesome too.

  117. Great Episode! I would love to get the GM because a friend is doing a tabletop game with HG Gundam Models. I need to army some GMs for the game.

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