Oct 11


  1. Great show super excited about getting to build my next gunpla stay awesome guys

  2. oh my!

  3. Oohooo new episode!

    I’m excited for a lot of those releases, however the RG Build Strike is what’s hyping me the most. It just looks so good with all those panel details and newly designed parts. I guess having 1/2 of the kit already designed in the form of the RG Aile Strike is an advantage, and that’s already a nice kit, I can’t wait for it.

    I’ve spotted the Hugo in a local hobby store the other day. While it’s certainly interesting, Julieta’s Reginlaze and the Geyreal are the kits i’m most looking forward to. Although the 1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos Lupus is definitely on my wishlist.

    I don’t like the Lightning Back Weapon System MK III as much as the other two. I think the red colorscheme just doesn’t match with the Lightning Gundam very well, oh well, MK II for me. I guess I could always paint it if I had to, but i’ll probably display it on an action base next to the MK I and the Lightning Gundam Full Vernian.

    These musical Beargguys are more interesting than the other because of those instruments, but I never really got what was so great about them. Oh well, if people buy it, Bandai will make more.

    The HG Barbatos Lupus is quite a tempting kit, mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t miss as many minor color apps as the original HG Barbatos did, which was my ultimate turn off for the kit. However, like the previous Barbatos, i’m going to wait for the Full Mechanics just to have it 100% color accurate, and because the Full Mechanics just looks so detailed and awesome, i’m definitely excited for it.

  4. Wow. a wild Dijeh appeared!

  5. I’ve heard of Thunderbirds once, my uncle said it’s awesome. If ever I win, I’ll give The Mole to him.

    PS: I can hear Austin Powers in my head saying “Mole, Mole, Mole…” from the movie Austin Powers: Goldmember HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. a new model kit prize? give me…….!!!!

  7. i will try dat sample 4 u

  8. RG Tallgeese would be amazing

  9. What a strange blast from the past I haven’t seen thunderbirds in forever but funnily I was talking to someone about it a few days ago.

    What non-gunpla (but 1/144 gunpla sized preferably) model kits would you guys recommend?

  10. Thunderbirds are go!
    great episode.
    Would love a RG deathscythe, or Epyon


  12. Love the new kits 😀

  13. Fav moment gunpla Tv
    No.2-epp1 : warehouse tour
    No.1-epp30 : warehouse tour

  14. My favorite Gundam moment was when Syd was having a tea party with his Gundam in a fort made of bandai shipping boxes.

  15. Thunderbirds FTW!, and hot the bears guys go to overwinter for a while…. 😀

  16. why would there be a mole in a series of kits called thunderbirds?

    • Compare this kit like an IBO weapons set. The mole was apart 1 of 5 optional container equipment (“pod vehicles” was the term they use) Thunderbird 2 used for specific missions.

  17. The petit’gguy drum roll was a nice touch

  18. Cool to see some non-Bandai kits in the giveaway!

  19. I’m really enjoy my hg Barbatos Lupus and wait for next episode.

  20. thunderbirds are go!

  21. Accidentally ordered the HG Barbatos Lupus when I meant to get the Full Mechanics 1/100, so I guess I’ll build both. 🙂

  22. I think we all know that Barbatos Lupus will get the usual mid-season upgrades — at the least. I’m looking forward to seeing its final form.

  23. Waiting for the new IBO episode

  24. Dijeh about to drop the beat. Nice ep. The drill ftw

  25. I got a flyer for the Osaka Hobby Fes when buying the Hugo kit this week. Are you guys going to be there? It would be cool to meet you in person!

  26. I am curious on the HGAC front, what happened? A couple years ago Bandai launched the HG[enter universe here] releases, then Build Fighters came along and they relaunched the rework or something? (It’s all a mess re100 et all.)

  27. Mole mole mole mole! It’s a mole baby!

  28. Love thunderbird when i was a kid.

  29. Another great episode, we do miss Ryan so tell him to do an appearance some time 😉 …. thank you guys

  30. even Petitguys have a Revive too.

  31. My favorite channel for news, view and reviews! Keep it up!

  32. can’t wait for the 1/100 lupus

  33. Syd, Ryan, Todd, F.A.B., Thunderbirds are go! Have you guys ever seen the original series growing up and/or new relaunched show titled “Thunderbirds are Go!”? Going back to Gundam, I heard that Bandai/Sunrise recently had a poll to see what Gundam series fans want to see animated after IBO; the top pick was Crossbone Gundam. I personally prefer an animated version of Hathaway’s Flash, but what series do you guys want to see an animated version?

  34. I never heard of a drill model kit, a first for everything i guess

  35. “sports day” in Japan is also Canadian thanksgiving. coincidence? proabably

  36. Let save ryan Go!!!Thunderbirds!!

  37. Thunderbirds are GO!!!

  38. The timing couldn’t have been any better. The purple and green petit bears matched our wedding theme colors, and I will be building and customizing them for our cake toppers. Got 3 months to get things ready. Thanks!

  39. A ThunderBirds Kit!! I had a few of the small HotWheels size models back when the US movie came out. I would love to have some larger scale versions of the vehicles. Is the mole the only one currently in the line?

  40. Ok, ok but… Where’s Waldo?

  41. A new episode!!! I am pretty interested in the Mole

  42. I don’t like Barbatos Lupus, but Hugo looks pretty good.

  43. I’m coming around to the Barbatos. If a Gundam is going to have curves, I think this is the way to go. The bears confuse me.

  44. great show. keep them coming. 🙂

  45. rip my wallet this year

  46. Lightning Sinanju….. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea :D

  47. Can’t wait for the full Mechanic 1/100 Barbatos Lupus.

  48. Who made this stop motion animation? Todd I like the parts swap you did on that HG Sinanju, what about the RG Sinanju with the Shield connector accessory would you challenge against Ryan in a new video while Syd is the referee?

  49. Since the best LOL- moments were missing, here the true top 5.

    Syd and Ryan show the giveaways and everything Ryan touchs falls appart. Syd takes it away saying: stop ruining the prizes.
    Ryan:I am the megasize-guy, Syd:That’s what she says, Ryan: No she doesn’t.
    Syd and Ryan watching the first episode of gundam UC
    Syd having a teaparty with his gundam
    Syd singing a song at the end of the show (and hated it)

  50. I got Thunderbird No 2 for my dad a while back. Hopefully we’ll have time to finish it soon.

  51. Heard nothing but praise for the HG Lupus but I’m waiting on the Full Mechanic. I expect it to be every bit as good as the 1/100 Barbatos.

  52. Hope it’s not too late to list my top 5 moments:
    5. Scott showed Syd a kamen-rider who can transform into a bike and be ridden by another kamen-rider
    4.Todd’s first tour to the warehouse full of gunpla with Ryan
    3.Syd wanted Ryan to see his new clothe only to find out Ryan had the same one
    2.Light saber fight: Syd vs. Todd
    1.Syd was taking a walk in the field and heard about ‘The O’ has arrived and ran straight back to the warehouse.

  53. gimme gimme

  54. Please restock the 1/144 NG blast impulse… I did ordered the HG p-bandai one but for some reason I sill want an NG of the blast impulse and customized it. 🙁

  55. I am a huge fan of Thunderbirds. I just bought the fire flash last week. It will look good with it.

  56. can’t wait to get my hands on a 1/100 Barbatos Lupus and try to customize it as a knight because it looks so good with that sword of his.

  57. The bear guys can be a great band for the singers from Walkurie.

  58. That shoulder pads is really amazing! I really do loved the IBO series. I cant wait to see the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus scale.

  59. Great Episode. I’m really interested in the difference between the older previous season’s 1/100 IBO kit’s compared to the new 1/100 IBO kits with “Full Mechanics.” More detail in the IBO inner frame? will that mean the 1/100 inner frames are close enough to MG’s inner frames? AHHH So many questions!!!

  60. Did Ryan get buried behind the warehouse? I am still only on episode 140 and working my way forward but at what point does he get ‘retired’?!?!

    Its just not the same (apologies but the newer eps are a touch limp compared to what came before – I sad).

    Anyway- question: how do you decide which kits to paint and commit to and which to just snap for fun?

    I hope someone took care of Ryan’s widow & child and gave his kits a nice new home…you savages.

    • Oh – I was the parent in that parent/teacher meeting. I was watching while in the audience. How the f#@& do you explain that to a crowd of stuffy adults??? Lie. A lot. Quickly.

  61. Finally I’m back! Drill meeeee guys! Hahaha jk

  62. Speaking of restocking the MPZ Shield Liger, do you know if HLJ will be getting any of the Koto HMM shield ligers in stock any time soon? I prefer the detail, posablitily, and price point of the koto hmm zoids over the motorized gimic, however cool it may be.

  63. Now I have a ton of ideas on how to use that thunderbird kit to mod a Mobile suit! Guren Lagen style!!!

  64. Cannot wait for the review on the Hugo

  65. I like to win that Thunderbirds model kit.

  66. I’ve never seen Thunderbirds but that kit is pretty cool looking.

  67. I love you guys for reading my comment! I was so excited I forgot to comment but hopefully I can enter for that Thunderbird model kit would love me some drills!

  68. I am impressed with the Barbatos Lupus color separation and it still looks like such a solid kit for such a cheap price. A little paint and that kit is ready to go. Ive already started thinking of a custom came scheme for that MG GM sniper….cant wait for the review.

  69. even though no sword, i still think lupus is better than the original

  70. Oh my gosh seeing the mole makes me remember when I was like 6 and used to get up at a ridiculous time to watch the old thunder-birds where they are all puppets. I also remember how derpy they where sometimes.

  71. Thunderbirds are go!

  72. Itsa me, mario!

  73. cool ep

  74. Awesome episode! Thanks, guys!

  75. Yep, that Lupus has won me over.

  76. me win all the way… 😀 more power

  77. Awesome episode like always guys I always look for to new episodes I just want to say thanks to Syd because I just bought my first perfect grade the unicorn after watching his build super excited to start it when it arrives

  78. Remember seeing the first Mole when I watched the original series when I was 2 years old (So 1990). I was always one of my favorite vehicles to come out of Thunderbirds and this new version for the new series is no exception. New series brings back so many memories and hits so many nostalgia points

  79. I can’t keep up with all of those beargguy! XD

  80. Great episode as always!

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