Oct 4

We are back in the studio after attending the All Japan Hobby and Model show and so we begin Episode 218 talking about what we saw there and what got us excited. From there we move on to show everyone the latest HG kits that arrived.




Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Rapapan Purple & Drum
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Surf Green & Guitar
Figure-rise Bust Setsuna F Seiei
1/144 HG MS Option Set 5 & Tekkadan Mobile Worker
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus
1/144 HGBF Scramble Gundam
1/144 HGBF Gundam 00 Shia QAN[T]
1/144 HGBF Beargguy P

Gunpla TV


  1. Scramble gundam has one of the worst MA Modes ever

  2. I would get that qant if the green matched the blades a bit more.
    also first!

  3. Definitely looking forward to getting the shia Qan[T] looks like a solid kit and love those nekko-sama ears. Sooo awesome?

    • I’ve built it, it’s really good, and the fact that it reuses parts from both the HG Qan[T] and HG Transient is pretty impressive. Certainly a worthy buy, be careful with the “claws” though, there is a part in there that can break when toyed with.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOO i want all the releases!! Every moment is a good moment on Gunpla TV so keep up the good work!!

  5. one of top moment in gunplatv is when Syd broke the kit from anime nobunaga the fool, and he can’t quite finish the armor for it. hehe

  6. I’m still on the fence about getting the Shia Quan[T] and the Scramble, I should flesh out the number of 00 kits in my collection first

  7. Seems bad but i really dont like those kits…personal taste but i cant really figure out, scramble first look sooo better with the funnels parts and not those wings..bandai What! XD

  8. Hoo! A new episode of Gunpla TV is finally here! Time to stop building my Gundam Astraea and start watching this!

    I would’ve been more excited for the GM Sniper II if I didn’t already buy the Robot Damashii, oh well, i’ll just continue hoping for a GM Revive. The Lunagazer is something i’m gonna LOVE on the other hand. I love the Hyaku Shiki, and I love the Stargazer, so this is right up my alley, please make a Stargazer Revive Bandai, we need one. Bandai just seems to be wanting to expand their audiences recently, I don’t get this either, Gunpla is very successful, and the audience is already supportive and interested in all new releases, so why appeal to other audiences if they won’t necessarily be interested? I’d get it if they released one or two kits and they sold like free candy, but they made entire lineups and it’s taking away from our Gunpla releases, please Bandai get to work on the new MG’s! 4 releases a month is not going to satisfy!

    The new Petit’gguys are amusing. I like how they have new instruments and accessories as well as a color difference, people are going to eat that up. The HG Barbatos Lupus definitely has better OOB presentation than the previous HG Barbatos, but i’m still going to wait for the 1/100 for perfect color separation and that sweet, sweet panel detail. Pretty sure the Frame 4 was used on the Astaroth Origin IIRC, can’t remember 100% though.

    Unlike a lot of people, I actually really like the Scramble Gundam. The alt mode is lazy, I agree there, but then again IMO, Gundam are made for function over flair, and while that may not apply for build fighters, it still works and that’s kinda what matters in the end, although it’s kinda obvious that this was just an extra cash grab. Nothing really special about the kit besides the design. I’d only really pick it up if you really like the design (which I do). The Shia Qan[T] is my favorite MS from Island Wars, Shia is a great character and I loved the Portent (my second kit). So I had to jump on the Shia, and it’s great. It’s definitely a buy for anyone who is interested, I especially love how Bandai implemented the parts of both the Transient and the Qan[T] into one single MS, now that’s what I call impressive. I never got into the Beargguy, and especially not the Beargguy P, probably going to pass on this one. If I ever get one, i’m getting the Beargguy F for the Petit’gguy. XP

  9. Where is Ryan, didn’t see him these couple episodes, Btw, when i was browsing for pla plate tutorial, i accidentlly came through your old gunpla tv episode, eps 68 if I’m not mistaken, and….. seeing You guys doing gunpla tv pose, that was hilarious, I Dare You to do that again.

  10. That Scramble Gundam looks sweet in Mobile Suit mode… Let’s just not talk about MA mode. Opinions on the OVA episode aside, it’s a pretty rad mixture of the Zeta and Destiny Heine, if I had to pick. Awesome episode as always guys, gotta tune in every week!

  11. Please review the figure-rise dragon ball kits even though it’s not gunpla.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration guys; I finished my own take on a petit guy in black tri star colors. GUNPLA is freedom!

  13. Wow RE DiJeh… I want plzzzzzzz

  14. Awesome episode! The Scramble Gundam looks pretty cool, just not that gawd awful flight mode and not to mention is kinda bare bones compared to the other HGBFs :/

  15. man i would love to win that dejeh 🙂 anyways good show as always ryan,syd and todd 🙂

  16. i would like to win 😀

  17. The new master grade Gm sniper II is cool plus I would like to get some of the new RE kits

  18. I like the Deejay! I hope I win it. Pump up the volume DeeJay!

  19. Yeah! Condorman! A hero of my childhood. I will nerver ever forget them driving in this kind of guipsytruck and as the bad guys in their black Porsche appear, he pushes a button, the seats slide down, they find themselfs in a futuristic cockpit and the next you see is the condorcar driving out of the front of the truck. Not as crappy as the old badman, but a must see if you like this kind of stuff.

  20. i am building a custom mostly scratch built custom gunpla, and i like the look of barbatos and will borrow [arts from it to make my own unique model, great show guys stay awesome

  21. It’s funny Todd brought up girlfriends and gunpla as my wife and I just built her first HG, the Gusion. She affectionately calls it “Fatty”. I am the luckiest man ever.

    PS: My favorite Gunpla TV moment has to be Syd’s crazy stop motion dance party from way back in the day.

  22. destiny + heine colors + zeta = scramble gundam.

  23. Very exited for the release of the psycho zaku!

  24. never had a re 1/100 before, maybe this will be my first?

  25. give me that… i want to win.. 😀

  26. nice kits

  27. Gunpla tv and coffee, nice morning

  28. I am a wizard!

  29. Well, you can’t say Bandai isn’t trying to expand their audience. o.o

  30. Syd was all like “Hey Todd, build those boring kits while I’ll go and build the new awesome Barbatos”. Nice show guys.

  31. Runner Gundam frame 4 is from Gundam Astroth Origin kit. If you guys still wondering where it’s from haha. Hope you guys can have good sleep after this. Also gonna get that Shia Qan[T] , it’s sooo cute. kinda happy it’s not P Bandai like super Fumina Titan version, arghh so mad at you Bandai and Happy.

  32. New Bear-Guys and new Iron-Blooded Orphans… I think I need to build an Iron-Blooded Bear-Guy!

  33. Hope the random number generator picks me!

  34. Hi guys, today I have a little story for you:

    For a quite some time I wanted to write to HLJ support something about having an open order from 2013 with one item still being unavailable/backordered. I feared that one day they may change that to “discontinued” and cancel my order. That would be really bad.

    But what a surprise email I got last week – after 3 years they finally managed to get that missing item (HGUC 0080 Series Decals #1)! And what’s even better – I found out that 0080 Series Decals #2 (which I ordered in 2013 too but was canceled and put as discontinued) is in stock! So I swiftly grabbed it so it can join his brother waiting in the warehouse 🙂

    PS.: Now I feel a little bit sad because I always wanted to reach that 10th anniversary of having a item “backordered”… so maybe next time 🙂

  35. I believed frame 4 was used on the Astaroth Origin and Barbatos 6th form. By the way, have you guys ever heard of the song “Rollover DJ” by Jet? It was the first thing I thought about when you guys brought out the Dijeh and now I got that song stuck in my head, haha.

  36. I enjoyed the PG Unicorn build.

  37. The Top 5 moments of Gunpla TV moments:

    5: When you guys said PG Unicorn/Banshee was on sale and I went and got one!
    4: Todd’s ball guy LOL
    3: Sid’s custom kits! They all look so cool and special (I like the Shin Musha the most than Thunderbird sinanju)
    2: First couple episode where Sid goes around showing warehouse, explaining kits, and tutorials. Very good to recommend when someone has interest in gunpla and want to learn a bit more before jumping in.
    1: Every time new episode comes on I get little excited and stop whatever I am doing to watch it! I wish it was more regular like once a week but I know you guys are doing this for us even thou you all have busy schedule (maybe not Todd since his Customizing his balls! JK)

    Anyways that’s my top 5 mostly just wrote down what I think when I think about you guys and gunpla TV. Well I love you guys keep up the good work and see you on next episode!!

  38. Nice vid as always; loving the clear effect parts on a lot of the build fighters kits like the Qan[T], wish they would do more of that with MGs even though I do love HG kits all the same.

  39. In my humble opinion I think the Scramble Gundam transformation lacks imagination.
    The best moments on gunpla tv, for me, are when Todd starts making silly puns, that’s just priceless.

  40. Awesome episode, and you just reminded me how much I need the Dijeh haha. I love the designs of Zeta era kits, definitely my favorite UC series.

  41. Great episode. Thanks, guys!

  42. Syd if you`re a fan of old-school rock listen to a song or 2 from Steel Panther ( I recommend Death To All But Metal and If You Really Really Love Me ) They are a parody group.

    P.S I can`t be the only one who is NOT excited about the MG Psycho Zaku, right ? Lol

  43. hihihi

  44. MG GM Sniper II is going to be my first kit of the year. And first Master Grade in a long time.

  45. Great show as always guys, I’m hoping to win that RE 1/100 Kit that your giving away 🙂

  46. Shia Qan[t] gets all my ‘yes.’
    I’ll also be getting the BTF Full Saber to use with it.

  47. A new episode. It must be a dream or something. I can’t wait for all the new IBO kits to come out and to see them on the show.

  48. I’m wanting to get into perfect grade kits what would be a good one to get thinking of the unicorn,banshee,00 raiser or astray red frame

  49. Wiiiinner

  50. The scramble is pretty disappointing imo and the flight mode is the most random decision ever aside from the age 2 double bullet.

  51. waiting for more HG IBO kits to be release and see how they do

  52. Great show, horrible sound 🙁
    I was watching this with headphones and sound jumped from left to right and back with different volumes, that got me little dizzy 🙁

  53. DIJEH Khaled!!
    I’m sorry, I’ll leave

  54. Yoh! DIJEH! Drop the bass :3

  55. I win this time yes?

  56. I think the bearguy would look great painted as a fallen angel with horns and a pitchfork…….. great show hurry up next week so we can see the lupis in all its glory.

  57. 1. tutorial for the hi nu gundam ver.ka
    2.live video of the HGUC Neo Zeong
    3. Tutorial for priming gunpla
    4.review of the hi nu gundam ver. ka
    5.the tutorial for the full armor gundam ver.ka

  58. Setsuna getting busty as well. He looks like he needs some Beargguy love in his life.

  59. you guys forgot the HLJ plug lol support and buy kits from HLJ! watched the new IBO season and flags are raised. did you raise yours?

  60. I can’t think of a top five off the top of my head but the one moment that stuck with me was the time when Syd was going to give Todd the Graze Ian and Todd already had it built. Syd’s reaction was beautiful.

  61. Favourite moments on Gunpla TV are usually the Face Palm Gundam moments, or whenever you guys say “That’s what she said.”

  62. IBO is back, my wallet will run dry again…
    The scramble gundam is a disappointment of a zeta.

  63. Come they told me
    Pa rum pum pum purple and drum
    A new born King to see
    Pa rum pum pum purple and drum

  64. My top 5 moments:

    5.) Ryan building the tank- was fun to watch him go through the build.
    4.) Ballguy- Needs no explanation
    3.) Every episode covering Gunpla Expo- I like seeing what new kits are calling for me to destroy my wallet.
    2.) Syd’s early tutorials- They helped me get more into Gunpla.
    1.) Ballguy- Our spherical overlord demands two mentions.

  65. Took a while for a new episode to show up. Hope there would be more MGs to be regular released. Too much p-Bandai stuff going on.

  66. Great episode guys!

  67. Honestly I don’t have it in me to type out a full on non beggy comment, so I’ll be straight.


  68. great episode, I need a RE in my collection.
    I enjoyed the how to video watching Syd try to paint outside and it looks like he is spraying into the wind..

  69. todd appearing in the dream in 200th anniversary was best moment

  70. good episode again

  71. Another Petitegguy and Beargguy for my collection!! woot!! love the show guys! cant wait for the Barbatos Lupus review 😀

  72. Love the look of the Scramble Gundam. I feel like there should be more Orange kits. Great episode dudes~

  73. I can’t say I have 5 favorite moments… there are way too many good puns for me to choose from !

  74. The new kits look so promising! Do you think we’ll get an HG RX-78-2 Origin type?

  75. Bear guys. Bear guys everywhere

  76. Where’s Ryan? A dedicated segment perhaps? “Ryan’s Ramblings” haha definitely makes the episodes more lengthy.

    That scramble Gundam’s MA mode… Perhaps an acquired taste.

    I kinda like the figure stuff though, including the busts. I feel it kinda give us a chance to “build” and paint our favourite characters. I do believe that well painted, can look absolutely amazing. Very rarely can you get to paint anime figures unless its resin (extremely toxic and expensive) or those military ones.

  77. i miss the days when you guys used to do tutorials and show us what your building on the show like ryans tank and the gundam themed car. please do more stuff like that instead of just telling us your going to build a kit take it home and have it fully built next episode. why can’t you guys do more stuff like the tank where you make up your own colour scheme and give us regular updated on the show on how it’s going. don’t get me wrong the show is still great and even though i don’t have a favourite moment i loved it when you used to use the joke DOES IT TRANSFORM?!

  78. Pink guy’s hot, sticky sweet!

  79. Favorite Gunpla TV Moment: Episode 200; Syd was having a Gunpla Tea Party and Todd wasn’t invited 😀

  80. Would love an RE/100 kit added to the collection!

  81. Waiting for more HG IBO kits to be release!

  82. yeah. we need more MG.

  83. They’d already mentioned and featured the other MG’s kit. I wish MG Gn Sniper II followed by MG Leo or MG Kshatriya..

  84. sweet ep like the design of the scramble

  85. I like cakes and gundam! Not together, just on there own

  86. I must get the Beargguy P for my daughter’s birthday!

    I have a question for Syd (or anyone really) about how you determine / chose which kits to paint and which to just build/line/decal. I realize its a bit different being exposed / have easier access to so many kits; but how do you decide which ones to dedicate the time and focus to painting up all nice?

    I just finished my first painted build (sanded nubs, masked where appropriate, painted inner frame & armor, etc) and now that I look at the thing on my shelf… it seems like it would be criminal to not do the same for any future kits. Despite this I am over-eager and want to enjoy the build process without all the fuss but don’t want to ‘waste’ a kit by not dedicating myself to it fully. Catch-22 – curious how you or your colleagues decide from kit-to-kit.

  87. Top 5 lol’s (from what I have watched)

    5. Syd taking new apprentice Star Wars style
    4. Gettin’ two dudes to ride each other – Scott about Kamen Rider
    3. Ballgguy
    2. Ryan looking at anime lady bits in the warehouse ‘IT’S NEVER A GOOD TIME’
    1. Puzzle TV, Cosplay TV – two princesses (got me in trouble at parent/teacher event – thanks!)

  88. IBO S2!

  89. Scramble gundam looks really disappointing.

  90. I would love to win the RE Dijeh to pair up with my MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0!

  91. Hey mr. Dijeh.. please play my song.. ?.. i want that Dijeh..

  92. Scramble Gundam looks oddly plain and weird at the same time.

  93. image not available …

  94. This dijeh’s gonna play a happy music

  95. My favorite moments were the when you did your “How to” segments. Panel lines, washes, painting, decals, damage etc. Kind of wish you guys would do some more of that stuff.

    PS: You guys should feature some the new Votoms, Macross, and other kits that are featured in the other articles on this website. The pictures are nice, but I’d like to also see videos.

  96. Great review guys!!!!!! The Shia QAN[T] was one of the kits I instantly loved when i saw its design. Most people say the kitty ears look ugly but to me, makes it all the more better. Watched Prime92’s review and she said that the kit came with the normal head to. And I haven’t seen season 2 yet [has it came out?] but I NEED THAT BARBATOS LUPUS IN MY LIFE. LOL sorry for the caps XD.

  97. Diggin’ the Lupus, especially after watching the newest episode! Seems like a great kit, just like its predecessor.

  98. The Dijeh looks awesome!

  99. HI GUYS,

    Another nice episode! and I would suggest to add a segment on your show. that title would be Guess that Pilot? it’s where you have silhouette of an Gundam pilot at the beginning of your show and the answer would be later on plus that pilot biography or character details…

    I love the IBO on Anime and its Gunpla, I have couple of IBO kits on HG looking forward to complete IBO kits on HG and owning some MG’s.
    I have already watch the first episode of Season 2, some new Characters and would like to see how this new characters played out on season 2, Though I shall miss Biscuit…
    More power on your show and keep on building and reviewing Gunpla.


  100. There’s a hurricane outside and I’m just sitting here building Gunpla. #Priorities

  101. Cool!

  102. Hey guys, thanks for giving us a look at the new kits that were released, while I’m a bit meh about the Scramble, the Shia Qan[t] caught my interest so I’ll have to get that some point down the line.

    As for my favorite moment, that would have to be when Todd showed off all his Gyans, all those puns really were Gyantastic even if Syd had to make some effort not to eye roll, plus its nice to see someone show his enjoyment of any hobby, just keep an eye on him Syd if he starts talking to them…its never a good sign.

    Now I was wondering you guys Syd and Todd could help me with something, I was wanting to pick up kits of the EW ver main suits of Gundam Wing (Wing Zero, Heavy Arms, Deathscythe, Sandrock, Altron and Epyon). But in the 1/144 scale I prefer (thanks to RG and space) I’ve heard the kits are a bit old and really need updating, especially the Epyon (my first ever Gundam kit actually!). I wanted to know in your honest opinions if the MG 1/100s difference in quality is enough to make an exception to get them in the bigger scale, or that I should wait for a bit and see if bandai releases some updated kits, thanks for the help!

  103. Hello guys!

    I don’t really have a best moment because at almost every episode you’ll start saying funny things by combining words and staff so its always funny for me.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  104. been waiting for ep 218 some time, love it

  105. Couple building is not limited to Nobel and Bearguys only,man.There are tons of other options. Top 5: The Gundam kiaris trooper and Graze Carta rescue vid,The Ball Guy vid, The Gyantastic vid,The Bearguy preetty Yandere advis vid(the bit sold it), The Fumina Bust vid(for PLOT)

  106. The best moment was when I was announced as the Dijeh contest winner in episode 219 of Gunpla TV.

  107. cant say i like the new build fighters design but it is still fun to watch, season 1 was definitely better tho

  108. I’m gonna get my QANTA a girlfriend!!!!

  109. Ballguy is love, ball guy is life

  110. Dijeh bring down the house!!!!!
    or the TITANS.. whatever..

  111. Ready for the new IBO season.

  112. Top 5 Gunpla TV moments:
    5. Ballguy
    4. Episode 200
    3. Early Gunpla TV tutorials
    2. Covering Hobby events
    1. Syd showing off his customs

  113. Sid -vs- Todd Build-off! My money is on Todd (ง’̀-‘́)ง

  114. Here are my Top 5 Gunpla TV moments in reverse order…

    5) Episode 200 – the live-ish give aways was exciting
    4) Syd and Scott tallgeese tutorial/build off
    3) When Ryan, Todd, Lindsay and Anna were introduced to the show.
    2) Seeing the HLJ Warehouse for the first time – Heaven does exist on earth.

    Honourable mentions: Episode with the mystery box giveaway – What’s in the Box!?, Episode with alternative to what you guys might be doing if there were no gunpla – Puzzle TV, Episode with Ryan introduction Todd as the tame gunpla building (Top Gear reference).

    1) Winning a kit built by Syd that was used on one of the shows – This hasn’t happened yet so fingers crossed.

  115. Most Favorite funny moments is Gunpla TV episode 200. Todd’s First day! LOL. this guy is really funny! just staring at the gundam boxes. :P

  116. Another beargguy! I got my mom into gunpla with the beargguy and petiteguy kits and I just know she’ll want this one too.

  117. The episode 200 was of course one of my top one, especially with the Syd x PG Unicorn skit, lol.

    And the live build of the big sasabi, where all the japanese ppl started joining in since you guys were first with showing off the kit.

  118. Another great bear show. 🙂

  119. My top 5 favorites.

    5. Todd’s Ball Collection.
    4. First appearance of Todd.
    3. Syd building the Full Armor Gundam Ver. Ka.
    2. Syd and Ryan building the custom build with the Sinanju body.
    1. The Review of the RG Sinanju.

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