Sep 12

This episode of Gunpla TV is a little smaller than normal as we go over some simpler models. Don’t worry, there are some surprises. For everyone!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGPG Pandagguy
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Cha-Cha-Cha Brown
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Milk White
see the full lineup of Petit’gguy kits here!
Figure-rise Bust Mikazuki Augus
Figure-rise Bust Freyja Wion
Figure-rise Bust Makina Nakajima
see the full lineup of Figure-Rise Bust kits here:
1/144 HGBF Scramble Gundam
1/144 HGBC Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-III
1/144 HGBF Beargguy P
1/144 HG GPB-04B Beargguy

Gunpla TV


  1. we need a pandaguy now

  2. Great review guys!!!….that mikazuki is damn hot!..

  3. Am I noticed by you senpai?!? and also really like your customs!

  4. A man has no nipple

  5. Great episode guys. I’m sure my two little girls (4 and 7) will love their petit pandas once they arrive. The white and brown petit bears aren’t anything to write home about, but eh, just adding to the collection. The petit ball guy looks awesome! I wonder if there will be any more astray lines coming in the future. My student loves the red astray and he now has an SD and MG (both from moi), and he just got the PG. I referred him to you guys on YouTube for him to learn more about how to build his models better.

  6. That Petit Ball Guy needs to be on sale! Great job on the kits you guys!~

  7. This episode was amazing! I was almost in tears at the custom Bearguy reveals, that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Awesome work, in particular the Bearguy with Makino Naka’s head was particularly hilarious, theough the Ballguy is one of the funniest and coolest little customs I’ve seen in a while.

  8. Amazing episode guys! you just inspired me on that custom. Hoping that Gunpla TV will be making a competition.

  9. Ball is love, Ball is life~

    But seriously though, we need more Balls.

  10. leave a comment in order to win … so i left one 🙂 great episode guys 😀

  11. ahhh man my zgok poster is gone, i have wanted that for ages.

  12. Never had a quebeley and would like to have one so please! RNGEEZUZ PICK MOI

  13. The Pucchi Ballgguy made my entire week, I’m excited to see the Beargguy P built.

  14. Petit Ball’gguy is best Ball! Todd winrars this episode.

  15. The Ball-guy brings the 180 mm cannon for extra “firepower” during “exercise”

  16. Oh man, that Ballgguy is awesome Todd!

    And Syd’s bust-shenanigans had me in tears. xD

  17. Todd did a good job on the Ballguy, I think he took the time to fill in the holes where the arms were.

    I’m working on a Ball Zero Custom myself. I’ll be sure to post it here when I’m done!!

  18. lemme win!lemme win leeemeeeee winnn!!!!

  19. Hey guys, thanks for another great episode! I can’t wait for season 2 of IBO.

  20. Give away Figurise bust Freya and Makina please. They are so cute haha

  21. I want an Amuro bust </3

  22. Great episode guys! This is what get me through Monday! I want that MKii please!!

  23. Great episode guys 🙂 so greatful for the weekly giveaways! You guys are the best ;)

  24. Gunpla is freedom. Gunpla is expensive.

  25. That custom ball guy is legit!!! So original!

  26. Excellent work on the Petite Ballguy Todd. I worked on a Gyanguy recently and I’m currently working on a Petite Goufguy to go with it.

  27. Love the new kits!

  28. let me win

  29. Nice ep. guys…that petit ball guy custom is hilarious hahaha…

  30. Nice show guys, thanks lord u spice custom freedom on petit :P, keep going!!

  31. Loved the unveilings of the customs, had a good laugh.

  32. Funniest episode in a while, keep it up guys!

  33. those bumps on Mika’s back look less like AV and more like tumours

  34. Bears and Busts, only on GunplaTV!

    Mk-II, please.

  35. It his cloo that indoor

  36. More panda for me

  37. Great Episode guys! each episode is getting shorter. It’s not the same without ryan. That ball guy looks awesome!

  38. i want a revive kit of revive revival.

  39. mk II hope

  40. Winner winner chicken dinner

  41. yes gimme the luckeys ples….. ples?

  42. i watch your spam
    /syd (spam police)

  43. that was scary when the puchi ball guy is suddenly out from chacha brown box. But it was funny and cool too. I could never thought of any reasons why people would buy these bearguys. Now I know it’s because they can become busty bearguy haha.

  44. I would like to see Amuro Rey with the helmet and Char (both with the helmet or with his classic hat and googles) in this line of busts!
    Crossing my finger for them!

  45. nice ep i think i need some more bear guys

  46. What do you guys think of a crossbone gundam series possibly being animated?

  47. Episode is short and sweet.

  48. I have a request. Every week/episode, Tod and/or Sid should bring in a custom to show, whether is for the episode or a old custom from the past. This could help give us the viewers some inspirations.
    Tod’s BallGuy is shockingly amazing, but where is the other one?

  49. Hope there are more Female Figure-rise bust in the future, wanna mash them all in Super Fumina to make a Girl Group. Hopefully you can make a review on that Strike Interceptor Kit from Active Raid since you reviewed the Elf Sigma last time

  50. Finally we saw one of Tod’s Ball!
    But where is the other one? lol
    And as usual I’m ready to loose the RNG.

  51. Was going to buy an Rg mkII, but the other RG is really tempting, ended up buying RG zeta.. wasnt dissapointed..
    HGUC line is certainly interesting, but the price is unbearable compared to an ibo, or age series that’s kinda an turnoff for me

  52. omg i died laughing at todd’s ball reveal! Really great job man and good to see some balls in here lol
    Anyways keep up the good work!

    P.S. I hope I win any revive kit as I always wanted one but never got around picking one up so it would be good to compare with the old

  53. Great show guys can’t wait to see what new stuff you guys will reveal yet

  54. A great episode as always! 🙂 Both giveaways are great (although I prefer the AEUG colors for the Mk.II)! I hope that I’ll get picked for the giveaway. More power to you guys.

  55. great episode guys as usual, that ‘puchiballguy’ was crazy to see but it worked surprisingly well.

  56. Looking forward to see that Scramble Gundam. Great show!

  57. Oh the posibilities with the bears… Gunpla is freedom!

  58. Great to see you guys being creative! Keep up the good work!

  59. More MG’s when?

  60. Puchi Ball guy is too good to not be a official set

  61. The BallGuy was great!

  62. the ballguy must be canonized! pls bandai!

  63. the ballguy must be canonized

  64. Oh shit xD. The freakshow reminded me of “Martian Attacks!”, when two of characters in that movie got their head swapped with dogs.

  65. Can’t wait for more build fighter kits to roll out!!

  66. Confirmed: Ball Guy is our new overlord. All hail Ball Guy.

  67. Lola ballguy is life… All seriousness great episode as always I look forward to your next episode, great job

  68. This episode is rated 18+ or just very japanese

  69. Ball, havent seen that in a long while. Great episode as always guys!

  70. that was an amusing episode.

  71. hey guys

    a couple of episodes ago you were talking about all the wonderful parts of kotobukya kits, it turns out I lost some of them on my Saber tiger, you wouldn’t be able to tell me where or how to get some spares ? Also got the same problem with the instructions manual ..

    Cool episode as always !

  72. Man this was a funny episode. I really want that Fumina bust!

  73. Great review. love the design of the mark 2.

  74. Is the reveal of the Puchi Ball Guy in the top 5 Gunpla TV moments? Awesome custom? Syd swearing? How unexpecting Syd was? lol

  75. I am in love with that Pucchi Ballgguy. I have 3 members of my family doing 3 different things while I was watching this episode and they all stopped what they were doing when that was revealed. Way to go Todd.

  76. Great episode guys and I hope to see more! I actually started watching Macross Delta because of these figure-rise bust. Well, that is my weekend gone.

  77. Great episode guys I love the Ballguy

  78. My body is ready for these new gunpla.


  80. You make me moist syd.

  81. one of the best episodes in my opinion! i couldn’t help smiling and laughing all the way to the end. thank you Todd for that surprise Puchi-Ball Guy and Syd for the creepy Puchi-Busty Guy! one of the best surprises ever in the show. hoping to see more of these in the future, though not constantly coz then it would lose the surprise aspect haha 10/10

  82. The Petit-guys are great for customizing!

  83. those figure-rises are quite impressive. the colouring on them is pretty awesome.

  84. Cool figures :D, recently started building them after a trip to Taiwan XD so much fun!!

  85. That ballguy. Great episode

  86. I’m really jealous of Todd. Before I was married I had quite the collection of bots and a big condo to set up my huge display. Now that I’m married with a son I’m living in a smaller rented apartment and most of my collection is in a storage locker. Just curious. How many ROBOT kits (completed) does Todd have in his 2nd bedroom?

  87. Nice mascot bearguy collection !!!!

  88. Winning one of those HG will certainly REVIVE someone’s spirit ! 😀

  89. This episode has been about nothing but busts, bears and balls. XD

  90. I think that the Scramble Gundam is just a kind of weird Frankenstein kit-bash of the Try Burning and Zeta. I thought that it was originally Sakai’s new mobile suit. Kind of disappointed to learn that it’s actually a prototype mobile suit ^_^”

  91. Nice video guys. Like the kits.

  92. Oh that Todd! Always full of surprises. Looks like the ball’s in your court now Sid.

    Speaking of MG’s, I wonder with the release of the Freedom 2.0, if there will be more of a flood (or a constant drip) of 2.0 MG’s; especially from the Gundam seed line?

  93. Love The Petite Ball Guy ver. Todd! 😀

  94. that bears are so adorable..

  95. Seeing that Ballgguy has inspired me to make a custom MS where the head and limbs are all Balls

  96. when will i win?.. more power guys

  97. tod need to build another 9 ballguy and make a diorama of ballguy-shark-nado XD

  98. This is my favorite episode so far, It made me laugh so hard. Great episode guys. :3

  99. All these puchiguys!

  100. GunplaTV! Now with more ball(s) and nightmare fuel!

  101. That ball custom was pretty dope.

  102. Too many kits not yet build in my room… but I still want MOAR!!

  103. Great episode it could have been inBEARable…

  104. That milky custom make me laugh so hard >_<

  105. You killed me with those combinations. XD

  106. would love to have the mk 2 or qubeley. i’ve wanted them both for ages but can afford them.
    love what you did with the petit guys

  107. Nice episode. I really liked what tod did to the bearguy

  108. The smaller kits matter too! Anything for another episode of Gunpla TV!

    The Figure-Rise busts are still interesting. I hope we still get Chara Stand plates as well as personally I prefer that but it’s definitely something to be interested for. I wish Mikazuki had a shirt option like Fumina however…funny how they did that for Fumina but not Mikazuki…I wonder why. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    …Did you just say Mikuzaki? XD

    The Beargguys are quite cool too, the Panda’gguy is the only one I got. As interesting as they are though, I find that they are a tiny bit pricey for how they are. They really don’t have much articulation, and aren’t your “normal Gundam”, i’d rather get an Ex-Standard kit. >_.<

    Makina Petit'gguy, this episode is just so great.

    *sees the "bust"*


    Stickers look like an absolute pain, i'm might get that kit one day, although I dunno where to put it.

    I really like the Scramble Gundam, colors, design, everything. It gets a lot of hate for it's transformed state, and I can definitely see why. It's just a Mobile Suit lying down with some wings up, yet I don't mind it very much as i'm a fan of anything that transforms, and although it may not look very good, I don't think the alt mode is what designers have in mind very often when designing a mobile suit. As long as the main MS looks fine, i'm fine.

  109. White Milky Bear guy….why….

  110. Really enjoyed this episode, them surprises really cracked me up!

    Can you guys take a look at the Kotobukiya Frame-Arms-Girls line of kits?

    I am really interested in them but they seem to be so hard to get a hold of.

  111. What an adorable episode!!!! Gunpla is freedom!!!!

  112. More Bearguys, wonder have someone got a Bearguy family collection.

  113. Balls will conquer the world, nay the UNIVERSE!

  114. HG Balls and the MG Psycho Zaku fuel cylinder…
    pretty sure there’s a term for that;
    all meat, no potatoes?
    no comment…

  115. Nice four kits for a giveaway. What are you thoughts Syd and Todd and speaking of Bearguys, BANDAI announced a Bearguy with Black and Green colors which would be creative for you to parts swaps on those busts. What are your thoughts a given name for the female bust that was shown in Ep. 217?

  116. You are tearing me appart lisaaa!

  117. Pandagguy is miffed because Ballgguy be creepin. Ballgguy was sad because he was left out of the group photo. In the end Ballgguy won, Makinagguy new best… #SizeDoesMatter

  118. Thats a cool custom petit guy did you use the hg ball for that head?

  119. Love those petit’gguys…

  120. I love the Scrambles color scheme, It would stand out in my collection. Great episode guys!

  121. It would be nice if Bandai decided to have the petitgguys come with robot mounts like they did with the Keroro models.

  122. Very interesting episode! Hybrids has evolved in GunplaTV!

  123. Love the ballguy! Nice episode, keep it up!

  124. The shark mouth Ball-headed Petit’guy is killer!

  125. Can you just send me the petite ball’gguy? please. that is sweet. the gundam MK-II would be ok too.

  126. Very disturbing episode, can’t take my eyes off the ball and the bust….

  127. Busty Bust Figure-rise Bust indeed!

    and gotta love the Puchigguy.. i need more of them! :3

  128. hy guys, great work on the show! love the kit reviews and the humour!

  129. Welp, I know what I’m doing with one of my HG Balls and a Petit BearGguy now. Thanks Todd!

  130. You are doing the Lord’s good work my friends!!!

  131. good show

  132. My Makina just arrived yesterday and I think it is a really nice model. Similar to resin garage kits, it still needs some work to putty and paint properly…

    PS.: Incidentally it arrived together with HGBF BearGuy F which comes with it own Puchigguy so I may try that head swap mod too! 😀

  133. Love HLJ and love 1/100 kits

  134. Awesome episode! Thanks, guys!

  135. nice episode with pettiguyssss

  136. Love to see an f family panda style??? Also I see Nicholas cage I think leaving las Vegas I see quibeley I think mallard!!!!!! Great show as always guys…. Pucchi ball guy is life

  137. Nice kitbash, lol…

  138. Loved seeing the Ballguy, you did a great job on it Todd. Can this be a reoccurring thing every week where Todd shows off his custom Balls? Maybe even bust out Face-palm Gundam again when things get out of hand? Lol

    Great episode guys, looking forward to seeing the Scramble Gundam next week.

  139. Darn, those Macross busts aren’t as good as I thought they’d be. Oh well 🙁

  140. Comment for the contest! C’mon Syd! Let’s let Ryan Brexit himself, no offense but it seems like he phones it in while Todd actually loves Gunpla. I could be totally wrong, but I’m with Todd, Todd for President, he should be the full time co-host with you Syd!

  141. what a fun bear show. 😀

  142. So many bears, so little time…

  143. hehe xd

  144. It’s time for me to finally win a MK-II titan to match with my MK-II AEUG!! or not

  145. Hi aMazinG meatbags!

    I have binge watched two shows in my life (BSG, Lost) but never thought I would do so with a friggin’ Youtube show/channel.

    So, congratulations… THANK YOU… and very, very, well done. I salute Syd, Ryan, Todd, Luke and all the rest on a wonderful show.

    I am up to episode 68 (and now working both ways with 217, 216 and counting back so I eventually meet in the middle) and loving the evolution of the show, the extra bits from hobby events and the one-off episodes like #50 and puzzle/cosplay/papercraft TV (I laughed out loud at the ‘two-princesses’ comment while secretly watching during a parent-teacher event – whoops).

    I started gunpla in April 2016 when a 2015-in-review of the MG line auto-started after watching something about transformers (I looked up transformers due to buying one for my son and wondering how the line had progressed since I was a kid).

    I bought an Exia Dark Matter MG and RX-78 Origins MG the next week and have not stopped since (14 built – 12 MG, 1 PG, 1 RG) and 15 waiting on a shelf (12 MG, 1 PG, 2 RG). I am painting my first kit right now (Jesta MG) after moving past the panel lines and markings and cannot wait to share it with the world.

    Hobbylink and Gaijin-Gunpla along with r/Gunpla are my only online destinations anymore and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a welcoming community and extensive resource for what has been a very trying time in my life the past 6 months.

    Cheers to all and keep up the wonderful work,

  146. Finally getting caught back up on episodes! Keep up the awesome work! Going on the Beetlejuice theory… Qubeley. Qubeley. Qubeley!

  147. Great work guys!

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