Sep 6
Gunpla TV


  1. Love the IBO kits! Waiting for season 2!

  2. Loving the Frame Arms vibe from thses IBO kits and their low price points make them a little easier to collect.

  3. I’d love to fill out my HG IBO collection. ^.^

  4. Just got started building the HG Barbatos 1 (Form 1 still looks better than all others). The Astaroth Origin also looks great! Can’t wait for the new kits to come out.

  5. RAISE YOUR FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looking forward to the new IBO!!

  7. The frog gusion. i want dat hammer, it looks badass. Hyped for the revive strike freedom, do you think bandai will continue to make sword impulse revive? It wouldnt make sense to stop at force impulse and blast impulse

  8. Super excited for the Psycho Zaku!!! And Syd being in Japan will you be following the World Cup of Hockey and the upcoming NHL season?

  9. The last time I was… actually this is the first time I was ever this early.

    HGCE Strike Freedom Revive doesn’t look like the Super Dragons separate or anything. Other than that, it looks SO much better than the original HG.

    It would have been nice to have Fumina’s hands out on her Figurize Bust. She could be holding her GP Base and the Star Winning — and no, Ryan, she’s never worn a maid outfit in the show.

    First it was the ‘Hi-Resolution’ Barbatos. Now it’s the ‘Full Mechanics.’ I wonder how it differs.

    Shottie? Is Astaroth Origin secretly Sarge from ‘RvB?’Red Team’s well-represented in ‘IBO’ with the Grimgerde as well. Good luck getting that Graze back to Todd’s desk before he gets there, Syd.

  10. Aiming to gushion rebake 🙂 and hopping the origin Astaroth arrive to work in it, great show as allways!

  11. I really wish astaroth was in the show, its a really cool design

  12. Would love to win. Great show guys. Keep them coming.

  13. great show as always wonder what is the next RG kit

  14. I’m too poor and too much of a coward to tackle a master grade! I want a real HG Zeta!

  15. Can’t wait for the MG Psycho Zaku in December, that thing will take my whole shelf, it’s so huge!

  16. Awesome show,
    Like always Todd make my day jajaja
    Waiting for Second Season of IOB
    Pleaseeeeeeee give me the Gusion Rebake o the other jajaja

  17. Hand the Gusion-Rebake over!


  18. Why not leave the panda guy and Mikazuki bust to the ladies? I’m sure hey would love to see a cute panda and a shirtless guy with a six-pack 😛

    Also, ‘Fumina’ is just a name, but the kanji for her name reads out as ‘2-3-7′, which are the numbers she uses for all her kits’ model numbers in the anime.

  19. I want that Astaroth Origin!!!

  20. not gonna lie, seeing what the Astaroth origin can do now has changed my outlook on it. Thank you Syd senpai!

  21. Already pre ordered my Psycho Zaku. The price tag is heftier than I thought it would be. I was expecting a price point close to the Full Armor Thunderbolt Ver Ka. Thoughts?

  22. I saw both kits while volunteering for an anime convention in the states. The two look real good as they still are in the Season One. The Banshee shall welcome the two kits in his collection.

    What are your thoughts on a RG F91 and Berga Giros?

  23. That Astaroth origin is a monster, hope you could build the Oscar II Strike Interceptor from Active Raid

  24. Great episode, the Astaroth origin is one nice design

  25. wow that zaku is big also is that the first ver KA zaku kit?

  26. That Bawoo and Transient Gundam look amazing! When I see the Gusion Rebake and Gusion I get an Ornstein and Smough vibe from Dark Souls. Would make for an interesting custom project idea.

  27. Wow! Astaroth origin is so cool!

  28. Gimme!

  29. Another great eps.!!

  30. Great episode guys looking forward to more bust reviews!

  31. Hi

  32. I pray that I get that green bulky guy. Nice episode. I love a video loaded with HG kits.

  33. Great episode guys looking forward to more reviews!!

  34. Thanks for the showing of the Psycho Gundam that box looks like size of a MG kit. I really want that but I am worried it might look a little off compared to the RG Zeta Gundam kits that have been released. Man I’m going to have to buy it anyway.

  35. Great episode and the Astaroth origin is one nice design.

  36. IBO second season is coming!!

  37. I win now yes?

  38. Ooooo that Astaroth Origin looks tempting. Hope I win a kit ofc.

  39. IBO giveaway? Oh, my flag is raised all the way, baby.

  40. gusion rebake is love <3
    plsssss gimme that kit!!!!!!!

  41. Too many bust for the figure-rise bust…bust everywhere…

    And mikazuki is topless

  42. Gusion rebake is love!!

  43. Can’t wait for IBO season two, the anime and the kits that are going to come with it. First IBO MG soon? Maybe…

  44. You can never go wrong with giant robots and shotguns, love the Astaroth Origin, even with the giant blocks hanging off its shoulders. Great episode guys.

  45. Too many people wanting the figure-rise bust for the bust. Also, the Psyco Zaku backpack looks like a freaking satellite.

  46. I love it

  47. I want me some rebake! 🙂

  48. It would be cool if I get the rebake while baking stuff haha

  49. Can’t wait until both the new IBO and Gundam build fighters anime to come out and the kits that will follow.

  50. That Fumina Figurerise BUST! Anyway, looks like it’s another year without MG Char’s Zaku II 3.0…

  51. I wonder Bandai will someday produce Master Grade IBO Kits..Anyhow Another Great Episode guys!

  52. great show again. let’s bake some cakes…

  53. Can’t wait for all the new kits, got to save up for Psycho Zaku

  54. yipeeeeeeee

  55. First time commenting here so let me know if I’m doing it right… Just came across your channel/blog and thought I’d leave a comment for an entry in your latest video. I assume you guys didn’t see the new IBO stuff as you were filming? “Full Bake City” is officially the best Gundam name ever.

  56. i really want that psycho zaku. nick cage films, leaving las vegas surely had to be one of the better ones.
    rebake me

  57. (SCSI is pronounced as skuz-ee)
    Fumina was at the start of GBF-Try a competent female main character which is rare in a Gundam show and then Pixiv exploded with revealing artwork of her. As the show progressed her character faded and her breasts were growing at a ridiculous rate.
    In the final episode the show returned to its more wacky roots and Minato Sakai, a rival who loves Fumina made the Super Fumina as a tribute to Fumina in a building contest. Judges be judges, Fumina be angry, gunpla is freedom and an all-out gunpla battle ends the season.

  58. Can’t wait for the inevitable Astaroth Origin/Astaroth kitbash and for that matter, the IBO Chimera Gundam

  59. I want the RE/100 Bawoo!!!

  60. Love watching the show. Hope I win this time. All the best guys.

  61. This elf sigma is neat! like the head.
    great episode as always 🙂

  62. So, it’s either the Psycho Zaku or the Steam sale…

  63. Wow the Astaroth is so Red

  64. The Lupus design looks really interesting, might have to pick up the 1/100! Anyway I’ve l aways liked the Rebake, wouldn’t mind wining the HG for free 😀

  65. A new episode of Gunpla TV is another portion of my life put to good use.

    MG Psycho Zaku HYPE. There is no way I can afford this until the far, far future, and even if I had that cash, i’d spend it on the Sazabi Ver. Ka instead. Still, you get a LOT of stuff on this, and I always loved MS with tones of guns, because you can’t go wrong with more guns. The MS itself looks amazing, it’s detailed, has those frame covers, has all the weapons it could possibly need, and has tones of thrusters for space mobility. This has got to be one of my favorite MS ever, and i’m probably going to get both the HG and the MG Ver. Ka one day.

    The HGCE Strike Freedom Revive was to be expected, same could be said with the lame gold. I don’t mind it on the Strike Freedom as much as on the Hyaku Shiki as it really doesn’t show much of it. Only the joints and some small areas, probably going to get the MG though. The Transient Glacier looks really cool. The deep sea green mixed with the clear dark violet is a really awesome looking combination, and instantly makes this kit a must buy for me. I expected the next RE/100 to be the Bawoo, as it’s a really respected MS and with the proportions, I knew this was it. I’m probably going to get this and the HG in MP colors, so i’m really looking forward to this release as well! The early type Guncannon is another must buy, I always loved the “cannon-type” MS, and this guy is no exception. The simple, realistic navy blue colorscheme is also a great touch, did I mention my favorite color was blue?

    Clearly Bandai is spoiling their fans with the Fumina bust. I mean, multiple arms and a removable jacket plus…the real “bust”. I could already see the shelves being filled and emptied of this Figure-rise bust quickly. The new IBO kits have my attention for sure. The Geyreal takes the cake as my new favorite Graze, and maybe even my favorite IBO MS in general, very hyped for that one specifically.

    Definitely getting the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus, the HG’s just miss too many color apps for me to deem satisfactory in my standards. Plus, it looks extremely detailed with all those lines, and since I love panel lines, this is going to be a great kit for me.

    The Elf Sigma is no MS, but his design and colors call to me somewhat, maybe i’ll do a bash with a Gunpla using this guy one day. That head looks like it would go really well on an HG Sinanju.

    Ever since I saw it, i’ve always been hyped for the Astaroth Origin. While the Astaroth already looked really cool, the origin takes the cake. The sharp, sinisger, angular design combined with that red colorscheme makes this kit look like an actual demon, which is very faithful to it’s name origin (ha). The weapons are also really awesome, a shotgun, sword, and a sledgehammer?! Yes please! It’s fight mode is also something really cool, there’s just so much this kit can do! Stickers seem like a bit of a pain, but it’s totally worth it. Hoping we get a 1/100 though, color accuracy is always a good thing.

  66. These new kits that are coming out keep getting better and better.

  67. I miss the MG line.

  68. all this hype for the new orphans season……… im still waiting for ryans falcon to be finished

  69. may you always build Gunpla TV! early christmas present please!

  70. Love the idea of figure rise bust just waiting for a character I want. How do we still not have Char or Amuro!

  71. the rebaked cake … or the frogman ….. hummmmm … who knows ?
    ps : I got the parts from the Tod top gear giveaway …. and boy did my family teased me enough !! TOOOYS we paid 2 dollars for 2 sticks “the lance and the axe” and my grandmother thought that Japan was hiring me XD XD XD

  72. thats i what i like about gundam ibo, its not like gundam build fighters try fun happy time, its dark and action packet its more realistic. ps i just cant wait for ibo s2

  73. i think the other astaroth was better i liked the asymtrical design the elf sigma looks good too

  74. Great episode as usual.

    The Astaroth has a Sinanju vibe to me or maybe its just because it’s red and has a really nice silhouette.

  75. I loved the bawoo since the first time I saw it. It was before the “internet” on a Hobby Japan magazine and it was a scratchbuild model.
    Too many years are passed to get an “high quality” version of it.
    I don’t understand Bandai logic sometimes! The Bawoo is lots more beautiful than other kits but they wait years to do it in Bandai.
    Some other mobil suit are ugly but they have several different versions…I don’t understand why.

  76. STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! It’s hammer time! 😀

  77. You guys better not “Bust” your balls building all these kits for next week. Next week’s episode is probably going to have a 18+ rating because of that topless Mikazuki bust, haha, jk. I am still kind of on the fence on picking one up, so next episode will help me decide if it is worth it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next episode!

  78. Great episode as always!

    PS: If the RNG gods allow me to win anything, I want you guys to sign the kit box. And to make it interesting you have to use your non-dominant hand. With one of those big fat kindergarten Sharpies.

  79. hope for regular gusion

  80. I really like the IBO kit designs, but i’m still mad at bandai for giving nearly all new 1/144 kits cruddy hands.

  81. Man having a psycho gundam would be great, for a minute i thought you were giving it away! That would be a dream come true 🙂 Great episode as always guys.

  82. Not enough shotguns in the Gundam universe; just the Kampfer and the Astaroth Origin.

  83. I really like the Astaroth Origin. As always, good jobs on the show

  84. Kinda glad I didn’t go for the Super Fumina competition, because Ryan keeps fiddling and breaking kits XD I saw those parts breaking off! Also I ordered one recently, so getting another one would have been daft.

    Hoping for the Rebake (despite the stupid name) if I win, because the normal Gusion just looks daft. Well, unless it’s that one guy who turned theirs into a Blastoise, that was kinda awesome.

    Looking forward to the GNT-0000 00 Shia Qan[T] (because Shia’s kits are kinda awesome). Tempted to modify it, but kinda afraid of possibly breaking it (I’m not as clumsy as Ryan, but still…).

  85. IBO season 2 hypuuuuuuuuu

  86. Love ibo! Excited for the English dub. Hope to win a kit!

  87. Great show guys can’t wait till i get able to build some gunpla and make my own customs again. And i dont understand you people would buy a bust of a anime character it’s just wierd

  88. I really want that gosion

  89. FUMINA?! I need her! :OOOO

  90. I’ve been buying those Macross Busts…darn them and there amazing singers.

    It never occurred to me tho, that Bandai must be streamlining all across the board with the way the kits are being built.

  91. Can’t wait for new season of IBO!!! Good job guys. Enjoyed watching this episode

  92. So many kits, so little time… I am Gundam


  94. Can’t wait for IBO season 2!

  95. Wahooo! Can’t wait for season 2,I made the crazy decision to start watching Season 1 while visiting Tokyo recently and came back with a rather crazy PsychoGundam sized addiction to Gunpla! Thank God I found you guys though, I’ve brought about 15 kits so far and am not stoping yet!

    here’s hoping we get to see that shotgun in action, if they write Astaroth into season 2

  96. The Astaroth Origin is like the Swiss arny knife of Gundams. Hell, it’s even got the right color scheme.

  97. I just recieved my package from HLJ! It came with the clear file with the Gundam Gusion Rebake on it! Thanks guys!

  98. That Zaku… is totally a PSYCHO!!!

  99. Rebake my gushion

  100. I need one of those IBO kits man

  101. Man, I can’t wait for the Guncannon Early Type that’s coming out in november…

  102. You guys are awesome I’m subscribed to you on Youtube I enjoy your vids keep up the awesomeness ??

  103. waiting for IBO season 2

  104. Great Episode once again guys! Hope they will incorporate the mechanics in HG to MG so we can also easily swap parts in MG scale kits.

  105. free kit? why not?

  106. So disappointed that I didn’t win the Super Fumina. Now I need to come up with different cover story to explain why I got it to the wife. 😛

  107. IMO, National Treasure is definitely Nick Cage’s best movie B|

  108. Would love to see Ryan’s finished “Falcon”, Syd’s “Qubeley custom”, and well, I guess Tod could show his balls… ahem, RB 79’s I mean.

  109. gusion rebake!!!

  110. That astaroth origin looks awesome!

  111. At first I though Astroth Origin can transform into a plane or jet mode, a little disappoint but it’s still look awesome.

  112. Hey guys, love the show, been watching, on youtube, for awhile now and it’s got me collecting gunpla again after about a 10 year hiatus.

    I’ve really been enjoying the RG line and now i’m looking to get my hands on a few Mg’s.

    Anyway, i’m a really big fan of IBO, super siked for the 2nd series and i would love to get my hands on some IBO models.

    Thanks HLJ for all the useful hints & tips and a special thanks for inspiring me to dive back into this amazing hobby again.

  113. Nice episode as always!
    And ready to loose the RNG as usual.

  114. another great episode. But please guys give away kits that aren’t built already. Building them is the most fun part.

  115. double dose of Gusion!!!

  116. This Elf sigma is so cool!!

  117. Slight correction. Before the previous haitus, the “Figure-Rise” name was used on both “MG” and a HG equivalent, called “Figure-Rise 6”. They are 6 inch tall models, and includes franchise such as Tiger and Bunny, Accel World and Kamen Rider. Unfortunately the line ended before it even got the recognition it deserves.

    Since then the Figure-Rise seems to have evolved into the “Sprukits” of Bandai US, focusing on Halo and DC superheroes, and venture again into both “MG” (called level 3) and “HG” (Level 2) scale, which again seems to have failed before it took off as this year there is no new info regarding releases.

    Looking at what is available now under the “Figure-Rise Standard” flag, it seems the future might be brighter. Using the Dragonball franchise should bring this line the attention it deserves. Which I hope will means the line will last longer, Because I want more Active Raid gears be released as kits!

  118. That Asteroth Origin looks sick!

  119. Thank you for making all the videos!

  120. Thanks, guys!

  121. Man that psycho zaku is looking mighty fine. its a shame we wont be getting the Atlus gundam anytime soon.

  122. Waiting for my shipments ^_^

  123. Would like to win 1 of the IBO kits.

  124. Syd, Ryan, and todd, please do the Dab!

  125. some mobile suit started to look like sci fi movie alien / hybrid / mecha suit. XD

  126. Nicholas Cages best films have to be Con Air and the Rock!

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