Aug 17

Before leaving for our Obon holidays, Syd was determined to show everyone the RG Sinanju as soon as possible. Todd accompanies him on the show to talk about the new releases and the SD EX standard line of kits.



Kits shown in this video:
1/144 HGBC Gya Eastern Weapons
1/144 HGBC The Northern Pod
1/144 HGPG Pandagguy
1/144 HGBF Gyancelot
1/144 HGBF ZZII (Double Zeta 2)
1/144 HGUC Type 100 (Hyakushiki)
Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Goku
Figure-rise Standard Frieza (Final Form)
SD EX standard kits
1/144 RG MSN-06S Sinanju

Gunpla TV


  1. The RG Sinanju looks incredible, I really can’t wait to pick one up from you guys! I’ve been spying a lot of the AGE high-grade kits recently, and eagerly await my next paycheck so I can grab a HG G-Bouncer. Those IBO kits are gorgeous though, so let’s see if I’m a lucky man!

  2. Haha the kitbash was funny! I’m thinking of buying a rg sinanju(from HLJ of course!) And the graze kai looks awsome!!!

  3. SD EX’s are cute..

  4. Super looking forward to the next episode and Todd’s balls as wrong as that sounds!

  5. Deep

  6. The RG Sinanju looks really really awesome. Kind of wish the MG has the same thing done with the gold. I’ve heard that the RG can be kind of touchy though. Thoughts?

  7. i want the eins… more power

  8. I am waiting to mash the pre-order button for the new IBO kit that has the 2 cannons on its shoulders, too bad it doesn’t have a name yet. So thanks for the coverage of that.

  9. the next RG has already been confirmed as the RG build strike from build fighters

  10. Ignoring the RG build strike I hope the next RG is another bad guy suit or infinite justice since I would like to finish that set of protage suit

  11. Not another build fighters kit… hee hee… they give you an RG one just to rub it in 😉

    It doesn’t look bad at all, but I think I will pass on this RG. Gives me some time to chip at my back log. GFT HG Sazabi, BF Hi Nu Vrabe (I know I know), HG IBO Kamaris, RG Wing Zero, RG Strike Freedom with base, RG 00, RG Astray, MG Hi-Nu ver. Ka, PG Unicorn and PG Banshee. Plus, waiting for that shipment from you with the RG Sinanju. All thanks to you. I probably forgot some. Maybe a reconguista kit.

  12. I’ve been waiting for this episode, the RG Sinanju has arrived, yet i’ve already built it. The new build fighters kits are cool, and i’ve bought the Pandagguy as my first Petit’gguy. The Gyancelot looks awesome, so since i’m a Gyan fan, I need to go and “gyan” myself one. The ZZII is also an absolutely beautiful looking beast that attracts me the same way the original ZII did, so i’m definitely getting that as well. The Hyaku Shiki revive is a neat edition, although I already have the MG 2.0. The lame gold is a bit of a disappointment though, i’m definitely giving this guy a custom colorscheme if I do decide to get it.

    A lot of people disike the Ex-Standard line, me included. But people say that the idea was horrible from the get go and that it shouldn’t exist, I on the contrary disagree with this. The idea was a great one, have SD kits with sleeker propotions, compatibility with HG kits, and sport better articulation. But it wasn’t executed well. The kits have numerous holes in a lot of the parts and a lot of color come from extreme sticker use. They are only really presentable from the front, showing the back just reveals the holes and lack of color. I would love the line more if the sticker problem was fixed though, i’m excited to see what we get next in the line, especially an Ex-Standard Ball.

    The RG Sinanju is a mixed bag for me. He looks awesome OOB and looks better than all other Sinanju’s, especially with that mekki gold. He also has a lot of cool gimmicks and opening hatches like the Sazabi Ver. Ka, even the MG didn’t have any of that. However, it’s got a few issues stability wise. A lot of parts fall off easily, and it’s a bit hard to pose. It’s not the most loose kit, but it’s not sturdy by any means as well. The shoulder articulation is also quite limited, so my thoughts on the kit are really mixed. The next RG, the Build Strike though, highly interests me, and i’ll probably get it.

    I would like to see more suits that aren’t Gundams. Maybe like a Gouf, GM Custom, or even a Ball. Although, what I want the most is an RG Altron Gundam. After that “now planning” poster that had all 5 EW Gundams, I wanted the Altron the most since the MG was a P-Bandai, and the old kits are frankly quite bad.

    I’d love a 1/100 Graze Ein, I know someone made one to display in a diorama alongside with the P-Bandai Hi-Res Barbatos 6th form, I just hope we see one. 😛

  13. If we’re getting an RG Build Strike because it’s based off of the RG Aile Strike…will we get the RG Build Gundam MK-II because it’s based off of the RG MK-II from Build Fighters??

  14. Ein ein ein ein! Gunpla Expo was great thanks for showing us! I can’t wait for the Barbatos Lupus.

    P.S: In case I win the Carta’s Graze, feel free to reroll the random number again since I have the kit already

  15. Could Todd try out some Builders Parts hands with the hyaku shiki? I really don’t like the standard hands it comes with and would probably look great with some real proper hands and not lego style hands

  16. I used to hate the 1/144 HG line but the RG line has won me over, the Sinanju kit looks marvelous.

  17. Working on my 3rd gunpla and just bought my 4th

  18. I was really excited for the RG Sinanju until I kept hearing bad reviews about it. Kinda feels bad that it didn’t fully deliver.

  19. Yup RG sinanju the new flimpsy gundam hahaha xD

  20. Love the new kits.

  21. Yeah Todd! We dare you to show your Balls!!!

  22. IBO giveaway…nice… maybe i’ll win one of those since i don’t have any kit from that series… 🙂

  23. RG Sinanju look decent to me. good size too
    IBO giveaway me likey

  24. Ravioli ravioli give me the grazioli

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong but isnt the new RG the Star Build Strike? Also Long Live Tekkadan!

  26. I don’t have either the Graze Ein or Carta’s Graze Ritter yet… So if I win either of those kits, I’ll be a happy Gunpla builder.

    PS: I’m still not over Gaelio’s death… No homo.

  27. Gimmicks out the wazoo on the RG Sinanju! Really impressed at how well it holds together while looking oh so fabulous. Can’t wait to get mine!

  28. Can’t wait for your review for the hyaku shiki. Have been waiting for ages.

    (P.S I know it’s cheaper to give away kits you’ve built already but I personally enjoy the build itself almost as much as the actual kit)

  29. Great review of the RG Sinanju, Syd! How are the nub marks on the RG Sinanju? What’s your reaction on the RG Build Strike Gundam?

  30. that rg sinanju lookin good. hoping for a sinanju stein…..

  31. Honestly I’m disappointed with the RG Sinanju. As nice as it looks, it could be SO MUCH BETTER if they created a unique RG frame for it rather than reusing the Mk-II RG frame.

    As it is it almost feels like the HGUC Sinanju’s armour was grafted onto an RG frame when they were designing it.
    With that said though I may graft the HGUC Unicorn onto an RG frame at some point… it’s no Ball Gundam but it would be cool.

  32. Next time on Gunpla TV Z. Syd tells us that they have the new campaign parts. You only have to give him a little kissy to get one.

  33. i love the RG sinanju despite its flaws.<3

  34. I actually want that carta’s graze I just don’t have any money for it right now. 🙁

  35. The RG Sinanju looks amazing but I still have my MG Sinanju to build. I wonder if the MG version can be modified to incorporate the new RG gimmicks easily.

    I am really excited about the MG Psycho Zaku as I haven’t built many Zakus and I look forward to seeing the new 1/100 IBO kits.

    Will you guys be building and reviewing the Dragon Ball figurised kits? I would love to see how they compare to the 2009 MG Gokou.

  36. If bandai could make an mg deathscythe hell and epyon TV versions that would be great.

  37. From the Gunpla Summer 2016 Expo, the new revive Strike Freedom and the Real Grade Build Strike caught the most of my interest.

    I knew the revive Strike Freedom was going to happen – that was inevitable. But it is coming A LOT sooner than I expected! Nevertheless, it was my most wanted revive release for a while now so I will definitely get it someday.

    And as for the RG Build Strike – I wonder how it will compare to the Master grade. I still haven’t built my MG Build Strike yet.

  38. it would be great to win one of those prizes 🙂 what do you guys think about the new gundam series coming out soon? will you watch it?

  39. Good show as usual :), i´ve just recieved the twins cannon ill make up and send a picture with the big brother guntank early type. Hope this graze join to the party, thanks for your work

  40. omggggg my favorites i pray to r n jesus for the first time!!
    anyway loved the ep also wondering why release the ex standard outside of japan!?

  41. This will be a Iron Blooded Orphans lottery! I like the idea! I have my Barbatos waiting in your warehouse too! It’s strange that I like so much a Gundam series that it’s not in the UC! But if something is good is good! no matter the “Universe” I think.
    Crossing my fingers again to win.

  42. i really love this RG sinanju, it looks awesome!!
    looking forward to the next episode.

  43. That RG seems a bit flimsy. I guess I’ll just stick to my MG with this one.

  44. I need to get all those SD EX Standard kits now do I can replicate that horrible mutation you guys made with the RX. hehe :3

  45. Not a fan of the SD EX kits, didn’t know they were hollow. So I’m completely out now, so thanks for that insight! 😀

    In reg. to the RG.
    It does look super amazing, but sadly I’ve heard from multiple people it’s hard to pose without parts falling off and generally some other issues. So I’ll probably skip this one.

    Good episode as always and look forward to seeing this Thunderbolt tutorial since I expect to other the MG very soon 🙂

  46. Come on, RN-Geesus! Graze Ein!!!

    That Sinanju is almost as glossy as my guitars! And they’re both red, too 😀

    As for the next RG, I’d love it to be the Unicorn or Sazabi, but I’d settle for a Heavy Arms or even a Qubeley. Wonder what an RG Ball would be like…

  47. No Gundam collection is complete without at least one Ball either model or figure. Everyone needs at least one. I would like to see some of The Todd’s custom Balls, but please Todd keep it PG kids are watching. lol

  48. Happy gunpla games and MAY THE ODDS BE IN YOUR FAVOR !!
    That Sinanju though the most creative gunpla from bandai and how they used the original RG frame is genius !!!

  49. Maybe a PG Ball instead of the PG Sinanju 😛
    Great show guys!!!

  50. Bandai has made an interesting choice with picking the Build Strike Full Package as the next RG release. I find it a welcome edition to the line as it is better than having nothing. I was really hoping for a RG Nu Gundam, Sazabi or, if Bandai has the technology, a ZZ Gundam. Speaking of the RG Sinanju, I should be getting it today, building it and sticking it in my Neo Zeong; just in time for my birthday tomorrow!

    I want to thank Syd, Ryan, Todd and the hard workers at HLJ for the awesome service. Continue to pump out amazing content on HobbyLink TV and the quality service with HLJ!

  51. I heard that on the rg senanju there is a poly cap that connect the waist to the chest is very wabely and un-stable, and i also heard that the sinanju can’t hold his gun/rifle facing forward because of the weight and the shoulder poly cap. Is that true??? BTW I didn’t buy the kit yet because of those problems.

  52. Nice episode, can’t wait to get my Sinanju

  53. looking forward to the psycho zaku ver. ka!

  54. Well since Syd approves I guess we can safely expect another 20 Shinanju related episodes in the near future.All jokes aside that is one sick looking kit.

  55. Wow, two grazes? You’re like a cow with . . all this

    Okay, no I can’t do it. I was gonna say Grazing, but I’m not gonna let myself stoop so low for a joke.

    I’m just gonna leave now

  56. Winner

  57. Graze !!!!

  58. I’d like to see an RG Amazing Red Warrior. It shouldn’t be nearly as fiddly as the Sinanju. I think we need notes on how to maximize that build. I wonder why Bandai chose the Full Package over the Star Build for the next RG, though.

  59. Was like “LOL” when you were telling Todd that you don’t think the next RG was gonna be the Build Strike. I foresee a lot of P-Bandai with this kit, though I wish the Star Build Strike is not one. And like me and many people out there we are joining you in wishing for a PG Sinanju.

  60. Waiting on a Ex standard dynames and virtue

  61. Hi Syd & Todd,
    Thanks for the episode, loved the variety of SD EX Standards. I can’t wait for this falls release of new kits and the possibility of a future PG Sinanju.
    Would you guys have preferred a matte coating of the sinanju or the current glossed one?

    Thanks again.

  62. Great video! Absolutely LOVING the Sinanju and I can’t wait to get my hands on this BEAUTIFUL kit!!

  63. Finally able to catch up on some gunpla tv!

  64. speaking of next RG’s, since its going into the build fighters line with build strike coming out, I do hope it continues to where we see a RG Kampfer amazing. +_+ Can’t get enough kampfer.

  65. so many new kits! now may b a good time to use that episode 200 coupon

  66. Loving that Sinanju and it is quite clear that I need to buy one. That and the gold plated Hyaku Shiki (not this revive one which is just a golden yellow but not metallic)

  67. Pewpew

  68. Hahah, if I win anything I hope it’s the Graze Ein Ein Ein, I already bought the Graze Ritter at a convention, so it would feel a bit daft having two X’D I guess if I win it, I could switch one back to the ground type (or the space type), seeing as I’ve already built Carta’s command type.

    Oh Ryan, you will have to suffer the Build Fighters again soon enough, why be so horrified at the possibility of an RG? X’D

    Thanks for the extra parts, by the way, Syd, not sure who to give them to though! Currently I’ve got my Star Winning Gundam holding the drill-lance and the hatchet (which is a bit daft given it already has a big ass sword/rifle and all those shield bits). I made the little pod thing, but I’m really not sure what I can use it for!

  69. Really disappointed that the next RG is from Gundam Build Fighters. 🙁

  70. This real grade sinanju, could be seen as a master grade with it’s inner frame and all, but man it sure looks damn good. Hope to win that graze, i dont exaclty like Ein, he was too whiny

  71. The Hollow SD EX standard line… @(^_^)@ LMAO
    That’s early 2000… I think Bandai has done that on purpose.

  72. Another awesome review guys. That Rg sinanju looking great, might get one.

  73. RG Sinanju looks so sexy.

  74. Todd is happy to have a new addition to his Gyang.

  75. Sinanju looks really good.

  76. What about a sd line with rg features and color separation!

  77. Loving the Early type Guncannon they announced at GunPla Expo!

  78. yas

  79. So excited for all the new stuff going on.

  80. The Sinanju looks really nice but i heard that it has a lot of loose parts, which is a shame.

  81. I heard that the RG Sinanju has multiple issue; hopefully they can be fixed with a little bit of plastic cement and putty.

  82. I really want that Sinanju 🙁 such an awesome kit. Beautifully made

  83. I just finished my RG Sinanju! Love the look of it, and it’s the first Gunpla that my wife also likes the look of 🙂

  84. I do actually want to get one of those little SD Guys.

  85. I was really disappointed when i found out about the next RG. I was hoping for a GM or a Gouf, but it is what it is.

    When I told my friend that the voice actress for Carta is the same for Belldandy(Ah My Goddess), it boggled his mind and I couldn’t stop laughing from his reaction!

    Looking forward for the next episode!

  86. RG Sinanju looks awesome! Thanks for another great show, guys!

  87. My favorite colors are red and black and the sinanju’s curvy and glossy finish has got a spot in my heart!

  88. I was never really a fan of Sinanju, but man, I’m getting this kit! Gonna buy it next week along with the Red Amazing Warrior!

  89. that sinanju looks awwwwesome

  90. Is the RG version the best one to get or is it the MG? I’m asking so I can send this as a gift.

    • If it’s a gift I may suggest the MG. It’s probably a little easier to assemble (except for the stickers), is a little more sturdy, and nothing says cool gift like a huge box. Plus the MG OVA comes with the Bazooka.

  91. I would throw money at my computer screen to get a SD or EX ball. It’d probably have the normal sized cockpit with tiny T-Rex arms.

    Also as I was watching this I laughed out loud when Syd said “no build fighters RG.”

  92. Hey guys great show as always. Im surprised that the SD RX 78 didnt use its shield in the weapon construction but still cool. As to the summer hobbyshow i was actually disappointed in the next kit line up but thats just me personally. As you have done i have thought extensively over what RG i would like to see next and have decided on the Nu Gundam and the Epyon, although an Astray Blue frame D? The one with all the swords would be pretty cool as well. Until next time.

  93. Still waiting for a 1/35 scale IBO mobile worker

  94. Fun fact: One of the heads that the Northern Pod comes with isn’t actually a new head. It’s the head of the FX-9900 GX-Bit from After War Gundam X. Maybe that wasn’t really worth pointing out, but I thought it was an interesting little bit of trivia because X is my favorite Gundam series.

  95. the RG Sinanju is a stunning kit, but seems very delicate to handle.I rather wait for the next MG Kit.

  96. Still waiting for that RG Ball Bandai

  97. RG Sinanju will be my first RG! Looks amazing!

  98. Wow!! Nice RG Sinanju!!!

  99. The rg sinanju looks so damn nice with the gold parts very looking forwards for the new kit and the psycho zaku hope to win one of the giveaway kit

  100. Is it me or everyone see the same as me?? Why Tord ( sorry to spell ur name wrong) look like the pilot in the granpla????

  101. That Graze Eine is a beast. love to have one. another great episode guys

  102. Wow! The RG Sinanju looks fantastic! Hopefully they make a Stein….

  103. cant wait for my rg Sinanju and MG fa thunderbolt ver. ka

  104. Nice episode as usual.
    I won’t get the RG Sinanju since I already have the MG OVA version in my backlog. I never buy a Gundam kit twice, regardless of the scale, since for me they are like a figure I build and paint myself to get a realistic look. So buying twice the same MS is not for me.
    And I’m ready to loose the RNG as usual lol.

  105. Dang, RG Sinanju is SEXY! Can’t wait to build it! 😀

  106. GRAZE PARTY! I hope I win

  107. The Sinanju looks beautiful, can’t wait to get the kit in hand.

  108. What happened to the sorting option for Gundam on HLJ???
    The website is much less user friendly now!

  109. great episode as always guys! Love the design of the graze ritter (cough hoping i win cough)

  110. Great episode!
    The RG Sinanju looks nice but I think I’ll grab the MG someday all the reviews I’ve seen complain about pieces falling apart and some weak articulations.

    By the way, I love the grazes! 😉

  111. The Sinanju is lovely, but the ex-standard line is pointless…

  112. The Sinanju looks so freakin cool dude! Probably the next real grade I’m gonna get for sure

  113. Has the HG Graze Ein been given out? I really like it. The Graze Ritter is also nice. I would really appreciate either of them. Anyway thanks for your reviews on the Gaijin blog Syd.

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