Jul 29

The 1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.) is a monster of a kit and we want to do our best to show you all about it. Syd takes you through what you can expect from both the ‘naked’ Mobile Suit and then puts all the armor on on camera! There is so much in this kit that Syd talked non-stop for an hour and Syd doesn’t talk much.

Don’t miss out on this amazing Master Grade!

Kits featured in this video:
1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.)


  1. its a poison!!!….Full Armor Gundam is the real deal Heavy arms..

  2. I wonder what RG will be released after the Sinanju? The line has already gone into a direction nobody ever expected…

  3. This kit is beyond amazing!I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on this guy (hed be my very first MG VER KA ever) and I’d like to start off on a serious heavy hitter!
    Any way, fantastic review as always Syd and Ryan. 🙂

  4. This is really the kit that I’m waiting for from the Ver. KA series
    Please do a giveaway for Full Armor Thunderbolt Ver. KA
    Give me one as a present

  5. Finally, the RG sinanju!!

  6. That full armor looks amazing 😀

  7. Its nice to know we’re getting another ver ka. I’m looking forward for the day that a Char Zaku II 3.0 come our way, by the way thanks for reading my comments…more power guys, Tod rulezzzzz

  8. MG Full Armor is a nice kit but it is daunting with all those pieces…..to build, paint, and decal would take some serious time. I still want one, just unsure whether it will be HG or MG. Great build and solid review team.

  9. Nice Full Armor even its more full cloth and weapons and armor :), just begin to build mg sinanju and waiting to see the rg version i think it will match with his big brother, as always good show guys

  10. PM said on July 29, 2016

    Nice episode!!

  11. You guys are lucky, I can’t play Pokémon GO coz I have a Windows Phone… due to the lack of app support on Windows, I’ll be getting myself an iPhone SE soon just to play the game!!!

    great episode, keep up the great work. And say hi to Todd for me :3

  12. That thing is massive… I hope is not just a brick. I want one though 😛

  13. I can’t wait for the RG Sinanju

  14. At first I wasn’t really into this thing, but after seeing this video I think I might have to change my opinion. And now I’m waiting eagerly for the Psycho Zaku.

  15. That’s a super long episode on the FA gundam! Lots of stuff there.. wow! Can’t wait for the Sinanju! 😀

  16. Sinanju!!! Finally, a day where they gave you chrome gold parts.

  17. Finally an RG Sinanju!! Absolutely the BEST mono-eye suit!

  18. Neither I nor my wife have nail clippers with us.

    Looking forward to the RG Sinanju!

  19. omg, i’m definitely picking this kit up!

  20. Finally, after all those cheap looking IBO-kits Bandai drops something serious.


  22. This gives ideas to custom the 1/144.

  23. Another episode of Gunpla TV bring another moment of joy, and Pokemon Go also brings just as much fun! I’ve played for just 3 days and i’m already level 12 and caught 1/3rd of the current pokedex.

    Aww I feel sorry for Todd, I hope next month will let him satisfy his need for a kit to build. I know the RG Sinanju is definitely something I am getting.

    I’m actually part of the minority, and I think the base MS of the FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver. looks really good. It’s really detailed and although it looks similar to the RX-78-2, it’s new color palette is a really nice one, and there are many differences as well. I love the more blocky aesthetic, even more blockier than the already block RX-78-2, literally this thing is made of quadrilaterals.

    I also like the emergency pod, it’s no core fighter, but it’s still cool looking, and it’s certainly more complex compared to the regular core fighter. I also love how sturdy it is, and how they used the landing gear to reinforce the connection. The plastic strips of plastic that cover the joints is obviously the hardest part of the build, but a new challenge is fun as well as long as nothing goes wrong! I also love the options for the eyes, I love it when a kit has a solid eye piece. I also just absolutely love how this entire kit was engineered. It’s got so many cool gimmicks to attach the Full Armor and it’s done so well! It’s sure one hell of a sturdy kit too, but attach him to a stand and he looks so beautiful! But once you open everything up and equip it all, he looks like an absolute beast. It’s just so majestic.

  24. This is so cool!

  25. Man I was just getting into Iron Blooded Orphans and wanting to build a Barbatos, then I saw Thunderbolt December Sky now all I can think about is the Full Armor Gundam lol. I would really like to build this kit, its got alot of cool gimmicks especially the way the escape pod fits in there. Great episode guys!!!

  26. Sinanjuuuuu!! greaaat show and awesome Full Armor Gundam version Ka Thunderbolts Version (what a mouthful that is) love to see a live build of the RG and am curious as to the December release. Keep em coming.

  27. what was with that weird buzzing on the audio? Near the end of the video i heard what sounded like someone groaning in pain :P, weird. Great episode as always guys.

  28. i think i like it better with out the extra armor 

  29. I am torn between wanting to have it armored up or having it nude!

  30. Hi guys, thanks for the episode and for the Thunderbolt review, can’t wait for it and for the RG Sinanju. Hey Ryan, not sure about your wife but mine also does not carry a nail clipper with her. She does however carry a couple of lipsticks, a tape measure, a brush, chewing gum, mints, tissues, mosquito repellent, our daughter’s bottle of water and a bunch of other stuff, obviously besides her purse and her mobile. She also thinks that my recently finished HG FA-78 Thunderbolt is cute, how can I not love her! 🙂 What will she think when she sees the MG Thunderbolt?

  31. that full armor is gorgeous @.@

  32. That gorgeous beast! superrrr awesoomeee!!

    love the show, as always..good one guys! 😉

  33. RG Sinanju is so close now! I am so hyped 😀

  34. Man, those are some solid details. I dig those screened chest vents, too; different than the usual louver-style.

  35. Stop teasing me with that 3.0 Zaku you monsters!

  36. This kit looks great and I think he out does the zaku and all his bazooka’s with them missles

  37. I kinda prefer the unarmored slim look of the Gundam.

  38. I am so excited to get my hands on this spectacular looking kit! I just wonder if it’ll be my favorite ver.ka? ?

  39. Can’t wait for December to come! and the Psycho Zaku will be the real big thing in MG ver ka. Can’t wait for the review!

  40. Another great episode guys, keep up the fantastic content. In regards to Ryan’s comment about the nail clippers, I do carry one in my backpack. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I meet a lot of people both in and out of work. I want to keep my nails short as I don’t want to dig into my friends’ or clients’ skin when I am interacting with them. Secondly, my nail clipper has additional tools like a mini Swiss army knife. It came in handy during one of my weekly 10km runs. I used the mini knife function to pry open the shoe lace knot to return blood circulation on my friend’s foot. I never realize how handy this dollar store item would be.

  41. Full Armor Gundam Ver Ka, Oh my god its so cool! Looks at decals, cries…

  42. I have to say, the MG Thunderbolt Gundam is one of the best Bandai model kits I have ever built. It has risen straight to the top along with the Sazabi Ver.Ka and Acguy.
    It’s complex, great looking and super unique, just like those other 2 kits.

    If people haven’t built the MG Thunderbolt, Sazabi Ver.Ka, Nu Ver.Ka or the Acguy they’re missing out!

    Great episode guys, have a good holiday

  43. full armor gundam that is one good gundam with the villain feel but we dont know if he is the good guy or the bad guy ??? hehe well its a good. one

  44. PEw pew

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