Jul 25

We are still heavily distracted by the 1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.) and if you haven’t seen it yet you really should. Check out the Unboxing here! Even with that huge Ver. Ka box staring us in the face throughout the show Todd and Syd still manage to review a couple of the newest Gunpla releases.



Kits featured in this episode:
1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.)
1/100 Gundam Kimaris Trooper
1/144 HG Gundam The Origin MSD Local Type

Gunpla TV


  1. of all the IBO kits, Kimaris is most detailed one.. got to catch this thing.. 🙂

  2. Cool vid as always!

  3. The simplicity of the local type is so appealing. And I love the uniqueness of the turn x 😉

  4. g said on July 25, 2016

    great! Turn X please 😀

  5. Both cool kits but I really only care about Full Armor Gundam. Can’t wait for next week.

  6. wow number 5 won such a low number

  7. Can’t wait to see that FA Gundam Thunderbolt all built up

  8. I LOVE THE TURN-X~!!!
    Hope you make the Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka review faster~
    Also I am looking forward with the next MG model kits: Ver.Ka Psycho Zaku~!!!!!!

  9. Cant wait to get my hands on my own full armor gundam ver ka

  10. I laughed a little too hard when Ryan put the two guncannons together and said “space kiss” XD

  11. I love the Turn A Gundam, I have it and that Turn X is perfect with it!

  12. Aww come on guys, Alabama doesn’t do that anymore lol. Can’t wait for the Full Armor review, is probably one of my most anticipated kits this year. Great show as always. I do have one non Gunpla question. Do you guys know what is going on with the Revoltech Deadpool? It got announced and put up for PO but just kinda disappeared. Keep up the great work!

  13. sweet a turn X MG. all my MGs are from 2001 or earlier. yikes

  14. Shinning finngggaaaaaa.. ~~~~~~~!!!!!

  15. Love the episodes

  16. The Thunderbolt designs are so great, can’t wait to see the F.A.G. next wekk!

  17. where’s the built MG Full Armor Gundam ver Ka? can’t wait for the review!

  18. The box for the Ver.Ka is huge!

  19. turn X…!!!! Gimme gimme gimme

  20. Full Armor ver ka looks great. Someone bought it? Is it good kit?

  21. I wanna in the turn x !! Awesome show as always guys!!

  22. I can’t wait to see the Full Armor Gundam built! Is it next week yet?

  23. Awesome show as always I need new Turn

  24. gimme gimme

  25. Ravioli ravioli give me the gundamoli

  26. Wish Thunderbolt had a kit without all the armor

  27. I was watching the episode and as soon as Todd started talking about his 1/100 Kimaris Trooper my doorbell rang with my 1/100 Kimaris Trooper and MG Full Armour Thunderbolt Gundam arrived.
    Whether or not it was a sign from “The Todd” himself I started on the Kimaris right away!

  28. I wish they showed the Atlas Gundam in theThunderbolt Anime

  29. Turn X

  30. Sev said on July 25, 2016

    Time to build!

  31. macross or zoids giveaways, please…

  32. I hope i win the Turn X, ill pait him to be anime accurate ^^

  33. Bring on the jazz!

  34. Usually there are revisions A through M before you get a N. Must have had quite a few kinks to work out. Great episode guys.

  35. Nice episode can’t wait to see full armor next week
    I want to win that turn x!

  36. commmenty mccommentface

  37. The mg turn x! Probably have no chance of winning but oh well. Good episode guys.

  38. The turn x is one of the best kits I’ve seen.

  39. Turn x!!!!

  40. no extra news for mg psycho zaku?

  41. Hope I win the Turn-X. Quite a unique kit to have!

  42. Awesome video guys!
    And again. Thanks for making my day awesome!

  43. Lady Luck senpai please notice me! 😀

  44. Was waffling about which Kimaris to get but the included stand sold me on it.

    Also to quote Todd “Gotta work it to get it up,” dirty Gunpla tv.

  45. Wouldn’t mind winning that Turn X

  46. I know the show is called Gunpla TV but do you think you could talk about other non-Gundam plamo like Frame Arms and/or HMM Zoids?

  47. Great show guys, can’t wait to get my MG Full Armour Gundam, it was released the day before my birthday! 😀

  48. That Kimaris looks really nice the way it looks like a charging knight (would look awesome as a “Black Knight”. Great show as always guys, can’t wait for the next one!

  49. Turn X baby!

  50. 4 the turn X!!!! nice show as allways, it would be nice that also review incredible kits as the O 🙂 the bricks are sexy 8D, and another thing it would be great if the watter decals shows also as addon when you purchase a kit without it. Keep going good work guys!!


  52. Guys, I know how it feels not being able to play Pokémon Go, I have a Windows Phone 🙁 but I’m getting myself a phone with android just to play it soon!

    Awesome show, keep up the great work

  53. I hope its my turn for the Turn X!

  54. Can’t wait to see the Full Armour built! Really want the kit myself but with the import taxes I’d have to pay I’m not sure if it’s worth it yet. Also, the Turn X! I already have the MG Turn A with the Moonlight Butterfly expansion, having the Turn X to go along with it would be amazing!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  55. MG FOR LIFE !!!

  56. Bee said on July 25, 2016

    Just ordered the FA Gundam Thunderbolt kit and now just waiting for the VF-31S Siegfried to turn up before completing my shipment. Looking forward to the review.

  57. Gonna Add that Local Gundam to my 8th MS team Ground types

  58. rap said on July 25, 2016

    woah!!! Turn X!!!! FA Gundam of the YEAR!!!!

  59. RNG magic

  60. PM said on July 25, 2016

    Awesome video guys!The box for the Ver.Ka is huge!

  61. May you always build gunpla Tv!

  62. Please let me win that MG!!

  63. The 1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.) is gorgeously awesome, though saying the name a couple times fast would probably make me straight pass out. Can’t wait to buy one from you guys, just gotta wait on that paycheck!

    The Turn X is so freaking awesome, too. Looks like one hell of a panel-lining job!

  64. Can’t wait to see the Ver. ka put together, really want to see the differences between that and other rx78s. Keep it up guys!

  65. That Turn-X will be nice 🙂 Will fit nicely next to my Turn-A 😀

  66. Building kits while watching hobby link tv is the best…cant wait for the full armor thunderbolt review more power guys…

  67. Todds the best, hope to win the turn x….

  68. Mic said on July 25, 2016

    turn X!!!! come to me: )
    can’t wait to see the ver Ka
    Good job guys!

  69. They need to make more kits with big lances. Rule of cool dammit, who cares if it’s practical!

  70. Oh my god that MG FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver. Ka looks sexy as hell. The sheer amount of bulk, power and dakka put into this thing can be called mech porn in my book. The Kimaris Trooper is one of my favorite kits, but I personally prefer the regular Kimaris more just due to it’s bulky design and awesome shoulderpads. I love them both though, and i’m probably going to get them both in HG form (already have the Kimaris). But whoo weh when I saw that lance, my god it’s just so large, long and streamlined with those boosters to help thrust the actual lance into the enemy…

    …now that I think about it. Ryan would love this thing… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The Gundam Local Type was something I was quite interested in, I love the looks of Origin kits and this would be the first Gundam from the line. Also, I really like the Gundam Ground Type, and since the Local Type looked so similar to the ground type, I was instantly interested. I agree that the markings really help elevate the look. The Local Type looks quite bland from a straightbuild, and panel lining/decaling would make him look a lot better. Good thing I always panel line and always put on clear stickers. I like the shield a lot, not only does it store the beam sabers for you if you want to equip it, but it can also be planted on the ground similar to the Gundam Ground Type’s shield, and act as some cover.

    Syd, that’s not the Gundam X, that’s the Turn X, which isn’t a Gundam. I am a commenter and I correct mistakes that I see. Beep boop.

  71. My friend is planning on getting the Full Armor MG, it’ll be his FIRST MG, and what a site to see! Great show as always, guys!

  72. Love the Turn X. This is one of my favorite design. Thanks guys

  73. “That FA Gundam is bigger than I thought.”
    “That’s what she said.”

  74. Turn X?? oh boi
    Nice episode as always

  75. Nice episode guys, hope I get the turn X.

  76. i just love watching your show while doign the decal, makes it less boring. btw can’t wait for the thunderbolt ver ka!

  77. The Kimaris Trooper and the RX-78-1 get almost the same screentime before they get pwned. Poor them.

    Pokemon Go is weird and imprecise. The avatar doesn’t always move, or it moves when you don’t, and it’s hard to tell where a Pokemon actually is. I don’t have a data plan, so I only play over wifi, and I play because the library where I work is a PokeStop.

  78. I still dont like the Kimaris! i’ll never will! on the other hand, UC suits FTW!
    That local type is growing on me and what’s not to be said about the FA gundam from thunderbolt.

  79. Oh men! The Turn X!?!?!?!? Oh men please be mine! please be mine! T_T T_T

  80. Got my kimaris trooper sitting in my private warehouse as we speak……SOON!

  81. I’m excited for that ver. ka full armour!

  82. I’ve lived to see a Kimaris twerk, my life is now complete.

  83. Let me win! 🙁

  84. Haha, I’d like to take a photo with you guys as well, if that day will ever come xD

  85. I’m not sure how I feel about that gundam dance, but another set of good reviews. Keep up the good work Ryan, Syd, and Todd.

  86. great episode guys!

  87. Between Thundebolt and Origin kits my projects list is growing fast! Love those markings on that RX 78-0.

  88. the mg turn x design makes me wet :). but srsly, it’s so unique and futuristic and a one of a kind.

  89. Turn X please!

  90. nice episode guys, can’t wait to see the FA-78.

  91. looking forward to the thunderbolt full armor 🙂

  92. Turn X for me please!! I would love to win something from you guys. Awesome show as usual. Did you guys go to Wonderfest?

  93. Moonlight Butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Random generator gods,Hear my plea!!!!!!!!

  94. great episode. I want that TurnX!!!

  95. I’ve always wanted a MG Turn X.

  96. I’m turn on with that x… 😀 more power guys.. hope they will make a revive of ground gundam

  97. Rob said on July 26, 2016

    I’ve always wanted a Turn X.

  98. turn x turn a who wants it more? I do indeed. always a great show ryan and syd also tood 🙂

  99. Wow the Turn x!

  100. Thanks for another awesome episode, guys!

  101. turn x looks cool, but are the giveaway kits pre-built? i wanna build!
    great episode btw. love the 1/100 kimaris trooper and i’ve wanted a good non-zeon suit that has a beam saber to fight another origin kit with.

  102. Awesome episode as always! That kimaris trooper looks insane, especially with the chest boosters¡!! Anyways, im also really excited about non zeon origin kits! What do you guys think will come next?


  104. I don’t know why, I never like the Kimaris.. but SOMEHOW, 1/100 Kimaris Trooper seems to be my next kit… damn you hobbylink.tv (just Kidding)

  105. Gotta love Bandai for throwing some low key rep out for fans of the 08th MS Team. The design of that new HG local type gundam is right up my alley; bump it up to MG status for some enhanced articulation and detail and I’d grab that faster than a backhand slap from Bright Noa himself.

    on that side note, tho…
    time to go re-watch me some Turn A now; been too long, and the X demands its tribute

  106. The Gundam MSD Local Type is very similar to the Federation mobile suits use in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The MS 8th Team story.

  107. Love the turn X

  108. TURN X! My dream MS. ME WANTS!

  109. Hi guys… what will be the future of MG’s? I have seen a lot of 1/100 lately but very few MG. Not that the IBO and RE aren’t great but I think Bandai is slowing the pace of MG’s.

    Great show!


  111. I have a feeling Tod is going to have to help with the MG full armor build 😛

  112. Great show. Full armor gundam looks great.

  113. Last episode was the third time you guys read one of my comments! I don’t even mind that I haven’t won anything. I feel like a special guest commenter at this point. The name is pronounced just like aerodynamic, but with a mike instead of a mic to answer you question lol. If anyone is interested, I’ll post a shot of the new Macross Mecha Colle kit along with some of the Battleship Yamato ones on the show us your collection group. Thanks again guys!

  114. Great episode as always guys. Syd having built the Local type, are you going to be building the p bandai water gundam?

  115. haven’t watched turn X but I looks pretty good. Also haven’t built any master grades. Congratulations to whoever wins!

  116. Glad to have y’all back! Can’t wait to see MG full armor thunderbolt gundam

  117. Looking forward to that Mg Full Armor.

  118. Cabbage patch kids cards lel.

  119. Hey Guys,
    I can’t wait for the that FA Thunderbolt Gundam review. Please make that episode a stand-alone episode just for that one kit. All the gimmicks and Syd’s secret tricks must be revealed.
    Thanks for another great episode.

  120. Turn X really needs a HGUC, like its Turn A counterpart.

  121. Full Armor GUNDAMUUUUUU!!! I cant wait to see the breakdown of this kit!

    awesome episode as always guys, I hope to be able to go to a convention and meet you some day.. It would be super awesome!

  122. Turn X! Syd Mead’s designs are always unique and fascinating to look at.

  123. Another great episode guys, and that Gundam Turn X is gonna make someone very happy if they get it.

  124. That ain’t no graze boy, no graze

  125. Long time no comment.

    Instead of giving away kits every week and focusing mostly on Bandai and Gundam, could you build other kits from Kotobukiya/Hasegawa/Plum/Max Factory/etc., and then re-list the built kits on HLJ as special mark-down items (the same way you do B-Grade damaged items)? Or you could even sell them as mark-UP items with like a “Certified Built by Syd/Lindsay/etc.” autograph or something. I dunno.

    I know some of those kits aren’t produced in nearly the same numbers and/or frequency as Gundam, so it would allow you to show them on video while still getting them to customers.

    Just a thought. I’m mostly just here for the Turn X anyway. 😛

  126. Hope I win the MG Turn X

  127. I still don’t understand why the Gundam local type is pretty expensive 2kyen for what you are getting.

  128. O to the M to the G ….. Turn X …. That’s an awsome kit!!! …. Syd and Ryan I would def try to make it to anime expo next year so I can meet you guys in person.

  129. Awesome episode guys! It was great meeting you guys at anime expo! Keep it up and cya next year!

  130. Tun X please

  131. The kissing gun cannons made me audible laugh pretty loud. good job

  132. Excited to see the MG Thunderbolt Gundam assembled and built! More power to you guys!

  133. The Zoids HMM Gojulas the Ogre is coming, are you ready? Also, I can’t wait to hear stories about you guys playing pokemon go lol.

  134. Tuuuuuuuuuuurn X! if you turn an x its still an x, what a twist. Both the Kimaris and Local type looked pretty awesome, great show as always.

  135. Always loved the design of the turn x and great video!

  136. The Kimaris Trooper is cool and all BUT I simply cant stand his pilot, Galeio, so annoying and lame lol. None the less being in the hands of The Todd makes it all better.

  137. I can’t wait to see the naked gundam as you put the armor on. It’s gonna be like a robot strip club but backwards, and way cooler.

  138. Gundam X, I choose you!!

  139. MG Gundam Thunderbolt FA for my birthday! LOVE IT!! cant wait the review from u guys.. 😀

    As always,
    Awesome episode Syd and Ryan!

  140. if only i can get the MG Gundam Thunderbolt FA . really want it but still a turn x gundam would be fine too

  141. loving the trooper will need some mods though

  142. cant wait to see the full armour gundam!

  143. It has been long while since I have seen hidden thrusters on any gundam’s chest. The only suits I recall which I has that gimmick was the GP01 and GP01 Full Burnern.

  144. Bandai should make a Turn XXX. Kekekekeke

  145. Cool! MG Turn X!
    I might get that Kimaris trooper

  146. Great episode as always. Hurry UP AN BULD THE FULL ARMOR GUNDAM LOL

  147. If you turn the X it’s still an X…so why do they call it turn X?!?!? Anyone?

  148. I always thought the turn X looked epic as F#@(.

  149. Just in time to join my soon to be completed MG Turn A Gundam.

  150. Another great episode!

    That Turn X would be an awesome compliment to my Turn A!!!

  151. Great show! The price reminds me that Gundam Turn A was my first gundam TV series.

  152. Actually the manual says the local type finally became the Gundam ground type. You can see it from the design of the shoulder and shield.

  153. Look my net X

  154. Wow! So glad to be back after a while and seeing brand new episodes for me to indulge in! I have a question: Can you please do a review on the P Bandai Waterproof Gundam when it is released? I, along with quite a few people, are curious as to whether the Waterproof Gundam is just a remold of the Local Type Gundam with a ton of stickers or a new mold with good part separation. Thanks! Great show as always and I’m looking forward to more! 🙂

  155. The Turn X is a mean, green killing machine! I need it!

  156. I like the simplicity of the local type.

  157. Oooohh baby that Turn X!

  158. Nice episode again and again guys! keep on updating us with the upcoming kits. That Turn X still is one of the best looking MG with the cool back pack gimmick! Hope that I’ll be the lucky one! can’t wait for the next episode!

  159. dude, that turn X would go great with my Turn A gundam metal action figure. great episode, and i am hoping you have some pre-order Barbados Lupus still when paycheck hits.

  160. That Kimaris is looking fine I might get one soon ^_^
    Great show guys!!!

  161. Let me paint that Turn X for you Syd!

  162. good show!!!

  163. nice show, i went to japan recently, would have been cool if you guys have a physical store with people who speaks english.

  164. When I first started building I didn’t really like the TurnA gundam. i always thought the Head looked a little silly to me, like it had a mustache. after i saw the mg kit and the turn X gundam it started growing on me. I still have not seen the Turn A movie, but its on my list of things to watch.

  165. Thank you for making all the videos!

  166. Ah man! I am a huge advocate for Turn A as an amazing series more people need to see! I’ve been wanting to get that MG Turn X for a while now! I’d love to paint that thing up~

  167. I think that Turn X looks good but I am hoping to get it so that I can repaint it

  168. Hey Syd and Ryan, great Episode as always. Love the MG RX-78 Tbolt Ver Ka, I just ordered it and I’m super stoked to be able to build a new kit close to the same time. Keep up the the awesome content. I have a question for you guys. I was rewatching old episodes from the beginning and was hoping if we could do another Syd Top 5 Master Grade, and a viewers choice so Syd can build it please. Also maybe A Todd Top 5 too. Thanks!!

    • Syd said on July 29, 2016

      We redid the Top 5 kits in episode 200. Check out how things have changed in the years since we first did it. Enjoy the Tbolt. It’s amazing!

  169. Master Grade Turn X looks nice.

  170. Great Episode guys! Can’t wait for my Tbolt to come in the mail!

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