Jul 19

Syd and Ryan are back from America and only a couple kilograms heavier! In this episode we talk about some of our experiences at Anime Expo and outside of it in Los Angeles. We then talk about the newest Gundams available for order. Todd held down the fort while we were away, and brings the first 1/72 kit from Macross Delta to show off.


Kits featured in this episode:
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus
1/144 HG Gjallarhorn MS A (Provisional)
1/144 HG Gundam Type A (Provisional)
1/144 HG MS Option Set 5 & Tekkadan Mobile Worker (Provisional)
1/144 HG Hostile Forces MS A (Provisional)
1/144 HGBF Scrambled Gundam
1/144 HGBC Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-III (Temporary Name)
1/144 HGBF Beargguy P
1/144 HGBF Gundam OO Shia QAN[T]
Figure-rise Standard Perfect Cell
1/72 VF-31J Super Siegfried (Hayate Immelmann)
Check out all the newest preorders here.

1/144 HG Gundam The Origin MSD Local Type
1/100 Gundam Kimaris Trooper
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Milk White
1/144 HGPG Petit’gguy Cha-Cha-Cha Brown

1/72 Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried (Hayate Immelman)

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  1. My PG strike broke while I was watching this, no joke.

    thanks guys.

  2. I grew up on macross so it’s always nice to see a model kit.

  3. A plane with arms and legs never seizes to be silly looking.

  4. i have a transformable kit in small scale. not in bigger scale. kinda want one.

  5. Ah, it’s good to have you guys back!

    That Macross kit really looked flimsy, but I guess Syd was right. Better for it to fall apart than break. ^^

  6. This Macross kit looks interesting. Cannot wait for Iron Blood orphan season 2.
    Can you guys compare the old 1/72 Macross kits in 2010 with this new one?

  7. Really impressed at how the transformation gimmick held up in the Macross kit. I would love to see Bandai release more complicated kits like these to showcase their engineering.

  8. I always love Jets and Airplanes and that Macross is so awesome!!!
    And as always, good show guys! 😉

  9. That’s some fragile plane!

  10. Great episode.

  11. I just got the first Macros Mecha Collection kit. I love how tiny (and cheap!) they are. Great show as always. I missed you guys.

  12. great episode

  13. nice episode guys

  14. Great episode guys!
    Very noticeable you had some time off and had a blast over in the US!!!
    Except for that poor Todd, tricking him into building that always up to no good Siegfried 😉
    Or should we cal him the Cesar, don’t know why 😀
    Maybe a good title for a movie: Planet of the Macros LOL

  15. Love the design of Macross Delta kits. I was looking through HLJ store and noticed that Tomy Tech is producing some Macross Delta kits at 1/144 scale; in particular, there is a set termed as 2 mode set. (http://hlj.com/product/TMT28015/Sci). What does “2 mode set” actually refers to? Robot and plane mode? Or Robot and Gerwalk? OR Gerwalk and Plane mode only?

  16. i hope to win the secret price…:D

  17. This macross seem nice… But nahhh I’ll just stick to gundam.

  18. That Macross kit transformation looked almost as complicated as the MG Delta Plus and V2 ver Ka!

  19. Wonder what that mystery kit is hmm

  20. Another Mystery kit…. I…. WANT… THAT… KIT….!!!!

  21. PM said on July 19, 2016

    Great episode and hope to win the secret price !!

  22. Welcome back, guys. Of the new kits I may look into the Scramble and Shia Qan[t]. The Barbatos Lupus is most likely for season 2 what the original kit is to season 1, so I’m hoping for the mid-season upgrade to be something in line with the 6th form. If I did get a Lupus I’d also likely get the option kit with the mini-maces and auto-canons.

  23. Psyched for the new IBO designs, but I think I’ll wait for some awesome 1/100 kits.

  24. I sure do love me some Macross kits, I need to get one of those walkrie stands to go with that.

  25. I wonder what the surprise kits will be, I’m so excited, I hope I win at least one lol

    Keep up the great work guys, I look forward to your videos every week.

  26. i kinda agree, as much as I love the Macross kits, putting them together and transforming can be flimsy as heck

  27. Loving the new IBO designs,and another great episode guy’s.

  28. Those new Build Fighters look awesome! Great episode guys!

  29. Good to see you guys made it back safe and sound. Hopefully you’ll come to New Zealand Comicon next year and give the gift of reasonably priced Gunpla 🙂

  30. Some say he builds life size cities with Pla-Plate, others say he didn’t transform the Macross kit correctly, all we know is, he’s called the Todd.

  31. You guys missed a great Those Gundam Guys panel at AX. Luckily, I recorded it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qq9-AsFPDU

  32. Watching Todd try to transform the kit made me cringe..too many falling parts 🙁 Then again, that is to be expected from a transforming kit!

  33. I hope you guys had a fun time at the Anime Expo! I’ve been waiting patiently for the next episode of Gunpla TV, so it feels so good to see it up. I’ve seen the picture of Syd’s fast food on Facebook so many times that I had to go to McDonalds myself and pick up an Ebi burger, I enjoyed it.

    Don’t you mean “Hi-Nu people” Syd?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I’m really hyped for the Barbatos Lupus, it’s probably my new favorite Barbatos form, he looks even more like a knight in this form, and his red shoulderpads look awesome. The turquoise Graze is my new favorite Graze as well, as the new bulky design is awesome, I love them Ground type feet and I love the color turquoise, so he is going to be greeted with wide arms as well. Type A is obviously an upgraded Rebake. It looks a lot more bulkier, and that’s more fitting for the Gusion, but I sorta preferred the old Rebake more. The Hostile Mobile suit is unique to say the least, I like his head and torso, but the weird design of the limbs and their size turn me off, he reminds me of a hobbit/gnome, which isn’t my cup of tea.

    I am HYPED for the new BF OVA and all the kits. I’m definitely getting all of the new releases besides the Beargguy, could never get into that MS. But everything else looks absolutely awesome, and I love all of their designs.

    The new Gundam Local Type is something I am highly interested in. I always loved the Gundam Ground Type, and it’s clear that they’re related somehow. I love the visor, and am probably going to get it as well. The 1/100 Kimaris Trooper is cool too, but I think i’m going to get the HG instead. The Petit’gguys are meh, they’re recolors, but I was never a big fan of Beargguys, so that’s something.

    I’ve really, really been looking forward to the Siegfried’s review, because I think this may be my first Macross kit. Just by design alone, the Siegfriend Hayate Custom has already become my favorite Macross. Blue has always been my favorite color, and I love the sleek/angular design of the Siegfried. I also always had a knack for transforming things, be it complex and difficult MG transformations, or simple HG partsformations. Since the Macross is even more complex than a transforming MG, I think this will be a nice challenge. The stickers look like a living nightmare though, and is probably what is keeping me from pouncing on the kit, but honestly for a kit that has so many colors and already has a complex build to be able to transform into 3 modes, it’s completely understandable…and Todd…for the antenna…

    there’s something called Tamiya thin cement, and a small copper peg. <3

    I think this is going to be it when the time comes, i'm getting this as my first Macross kit hands down. It may be a nightmare to transform, have tones of falling parts, and is as fragile as an RG, but hey, all transforming Macross kits are as well, and this guy looks good. I'm definitely going to get an action base for him though, i'd be insane not too. I wonder if I would do a review of it when I get it, as I do Gunpla reviews after being inspired by Syd's Gaijin Gunpla blog, but this guy is going to be a nightmare to learn, take pictures of, and write about. XP

    I think I did my Top gear phrase wrong, and i'm going to come clean and say I have no idea what that phrase is about and decided to wing it. But to be honest I don't mind very much, i'll be waiting for your next episode!

    • You are correct. If you take a look at the model number of the Local type you’ll see its RX-78-01. The RX-78-01 was developed into the RX-78-2 and RX-79 (Ground type), so you could say it’s a prototype of it.

      • In a way true. But if I remember, the RX-78-2 Gundam was developed from the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam, so which came first? The RX-78-01? or the RX-78-1

  34. Looking forward for the new GBF Try season and the new kits

  35. Don’t worry guys, with Pokemon GO as big as it is, we will all be working with Metric sooner or later.

  36. i still wanna win

  37. keep up the good work fellas


  39. Welcome back. Really excited about the new upcoming kits.
    After seeing that review of the macross, I’m too scared to get one.

  40. I was very excited about the prospect of getting a Macross kit that transforms, but after seeing how fragile it is I’m now on the fence about getting one.

  41. Solid episode, fellas. Glad you had fun at AX! And that Macross Delta kit looks amazing…and I don’t even watch the show!

  42. Perfect practice makes perfect.
    Spoken like a true fellow martial artist.

  43. Welcome back!!! looking forward to seeing those kits!

  44. finally you guys are back!!! everyday i get on i look to see if there’s a new video and today is the day lol, can’t wait to see all the new things you guys will be bringing out after the expo!

  45. Sid, the best In-n-Out stories begin with “it was 1am and I may have been drinking…” Take it from another Cali native

  46. I need the Sinanju already! It’s the only thing I’m looking forward to. Dx

  47. The kits I’m most hyped for are the Scramble Gundam and the ZZII!

  48. Really like Macross kits but no room left for me to start getting them lol.

  49. Nice new Macross kits but since I paint them I’ll wait for future Hasegawa releases. Bandai Macross kits aren’t really meant to be painted since you’ll get lots of scratches and paint coming off when you transform them from one mode to another, true experience.

  50. I see that many many of the new HG kits come with peg style hands now instead of proper trigger fingers. Do the 1/144 builders parts hands fit all the IBO and new HG kits? does the hand armor snap into them properly? Can you guys test them out? I’m interested in buying some since it looks like the hyaku shiki revive won’t have trigger finger hands

    • After reading this comment, I managed to dig up that part. Are you planning to get the EFSF or the Zeon 1/144 builders parts hands? I have only got EFSF version; therefore, I can only comment on that one.

      Overall, the hands work for your HG. On the runner, you are given two different ball joint options. The larger one fits most recent HG kits i.e. Unicorn Gundam, GM II, etc while, the smaller ball joint is better for HG revive series and IBO i.e. Wing Gundam and Gundam Barbatos. Not using the given hand armor from this kit gives have various results. You will have to modify the armor part slightly to get it to fit.

  51. What you did for all the Todd entrance was quite nice well done.

  52. Welcome back as it has been too long. In regards to the new Barbatos, the design is great and perhaps the name Lupus is foreshadowing some events of season 2. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs, so maybe Tekkadan will fight their own comrades from the last season. Who knows, but it will make an interesting plot. Lastly, I can see someone custom building that new Bearguy into a Sailor Moon or the other Sailor Scouts.

  53. This is a secret comment for a secret kit.

  54. The fact that you decided to give away a third kit is just another example of why i keep coming back this channel/website because of my love for gunpla. You guys are the best, supplying us with information on the new gunpla to giveaways. Thanks!

  55. NsK said on July 20, 2016

    Welcome back, thanks for the episode…was looking for a fix lol.

  56. Joe said on July 20, 2016

    Welcome back guys! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  57. The TROOPER! Some Maiden love!

    For the stickers on the macross kit, maybe the pieces still had mold release on them ?

  58. I really like the Macross kit. Its so cool that it “Blue” me away XD Honestly this is just “Plane” awesome! Anyways, good job guys; keep up the good work ^_^

  59. Todd has a lot of patience. I would have broken the Macross trying to Transform it. It looks nice but id be afraid of breaking the kit

  60. Secret giveaway? Keep it secret till the winner receive it, Super Secret gift! Visiting the French Canada soon?

  61. already forgot the outro.

  62. YES !!!! they read mine THEY READ MIIIIINE !!!! thank you fellas keep up the best of work GAMBATTE Senpaaaaai !

  63. The Kimaris Trooper has junk,
    in the truck,
    it’s full of funk,
    and it never stunk;
    too bad it sunk,
    thanks to a blonde haired hunk.

  64. Welcome back, guys.

  65. Welcome back

  66. rap said on July 20, 2016

    welcome back to the Japanese diet 😛 #eatmoregunpla

  67. I can’t believe Ryan almost forgot his spiel! Going to America made him lose his edge!

  68. Looking forward to your review of the HGBF Scrambled Gundam!

  69. I don’t usually collect Macross kits but the 31 air frame looks so cool I might just need one anyway. Great episode as usual.

  70. Can’t wait for the Build Fighters Try kits, also wondering what the secret kit is.

  71. gimme gimme

  72. welcome back, and another great episode 🙂

  73. Transformable kits:the bane of my builder career

  74. I ve built few of this kits. to be truth its not an easy kit. The instruction quite hard and the transformation is very difficult especially the full armor messiah because of all the armament. But its an injection kit. Its not suppose to be play but to display with proud. End result Bandai realy did a good job with macross kits but perhaps they would make the transformation a bit easier.

  75. Mystery kit is mysterious!

  76. cool ep cant wait for the 1/100 trooper

  77. It was great seeing you guys at the Anime expo. I am still sad I missed out on buying that shadow fox from zoids. Unfortunately it is backordered right now but when it is available I will buy one.

    I am now a fan of this channel. Looking forward to the next video and have a great week.

    Stay awesome!

  78. That Macross kit look awesome, really looking forward to the Draken one!

  79. Scrambled ? Lupus ? Surely they are not that desperate for names ! These ones are terrible !

  80. Glad to have you guys back. Great episode I was really curious about the new Macross kits.

  81. Thanks for this episode guys! My brother (who builds Macross kits) will probably start building his Siegfried kit soon after he watches this episode. Considering that the Macross kit does not come with an action base, can I give him one of my spare Gunpla action base 2 or does it have to be a Macross specific display stand? The one Todd used looked similar to the action base 2 but I don’t recall seeing that adapter. Thanks again all at HLJ!

  82. What is the mystery prize? Thank you!

  83. Man that delta kit looks nice but very flimsy. It’s almost here rg heaven will we get a live feed pleae

  84. Welcome back! As much as I love gunpla, it’s always nice to see other kits like Macross shown. Keep it up!

  85. I finally got my very second gunplay ever 1/144 G-self this is becoming a very addictive hobby time to build agyan lol

  86. Great episode guys. Every time I see one of those Macross kits it brings me back to the Robotech game I used to play on my Gamecube all the time.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to next episode’s kits!

  87. Sev said on July 21, 2016

    The Todd Lol

  88. still waiting for the plamo competiton announcement

  89. they will apply? is it too late to comment on the last vid then?

  90. Awwwww yisssss

  91. Welcome back guys! Now give me something! 😉

  92. Congratulations on your trip and safe return home, I would like the super secret prize please.

  93. Seeing the Macross kit makes me wanna watch the anime.
    Nice little looking guy with that local type.
    Welcome back guys.

  94. I like macross kits.


  96. Todd was emotionally scarred by that broken piece, i could see it in his eyes.

  97. Oh myyy, the FA Thunderbolt is amazing.

  98. Lol that Macross kit falls apart almost as fast as the US will after the next election 😀

  99. bloop

  100. i wonder what could be the 3rd prize, could it be something from syd and ryan’s trip?!

  101. same. I wonder what the prize is. Hope it’s good and congratulations to whoever wins it.

  102. The Local type Gundam is love! I must get one and do some weathering

  103. Nice episode.
    Are you going to shown video from your trip?

  104. I tried IN-N-OUT before, I don’t think it is anything special. Sometime the line can be quite long.

  105. I want to get some Macross kits, but I know I’m not gonna have a good time with them. My experience with transforming Gunpla has been pretty bad.

  106. Sticker Hell…

  107. I have seen other modellers handle it much better in youtube, whatching this make me feel afraid of the one I have in my private warehouse. this does not look enjoyable at all.

  108. damn… I want a Macross kit now. >:I

  109. Great show guys, im thinking of picking up a macross kit or two now. Keep it up.

  110. Random mystery price giveaway. Sounds cool

  111. Hi guys thanks for the review, after seeing the show i decided to glue some parts to help it stay together. Thanks for the info.

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