Jun 20

We’re back with more Plamo for you! Todd shows off a Thunderbolt HG kit for the second week in a row and Syd talks about the new Graze Kai from Iron-Blooded Orphans, and what it can do.

Don’t forget we will be at Anime Expo 2016 in LA in just over a week’s time. See you there!


Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGUC Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode / Red color Ver.)
1/144 HGCE Force Impulse Gundam
1/144 HG Zaku I (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver) Anime Image Color
1/100 Graze Kai

Gunpla TV


  1. love you guys

  2. Notice me senpai, the Red is so amazing yet the gold is bling bling :v

  3. Hyaku

  4. Great show guys, looking forward to watching anime expo video report!
    Would love to win one of those MG kits.

  5. “Some say he built his first kit when he was still in the womb, others say he once built a PG, cutting with only a butter knife. All we know is; he’s called The Todd.”

  6. I’d love to win either of those kits! You guys are awesome as always, keep up the great work and we’ll keep sending the love <3

  7. You guys should talk about some Frame Arms. I’ve been interested in it but I’m not sure how big they are.

  8. kwm said on June 20, 2016


  9. cant wait to pick up my 1/100 graze kai looks so good

  10. Tenth!!
    I hope I win that Hyaku Shiki

  11. That bling!

    Still waiting for bandai to revisit gundam OO movie kits,
    Harute, zabanya final mission
    Raphael and seravee 2..
    Hopefully nextyear..

    Are you guys going to do the figure rise bust that are coming next week i believe?

  12. Super mega ultra uber superior summer sale!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing that revive force impulse review as well as the full armor unicorn!

  13. yet another great episode keep it up

  14. A Mei zing red warrior!

  15. great episode as always 😀 keep up the good works!

  16. Amazing hyaku shiki!

  17. Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait for the next episode to be air

  18. That bling bling tho! *_*

  19. GOLDs!!!!

  20. Hey guys, great episode as usual! I was wondering what you are expecting regarding the MG Psycho Zaku. Do you think it will come with a stand for the massive backpack and/or gold plated thrusters? Personally I’m really excited to see what Bandai does as it’s a kit high up on my wishlist.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Great Episode !!!!
    I need a new MG Please!!!!!

  22. Really digging the look of the Thunderbolt Zaku 1. Would be epic to get one of those awesome MGs. Keep up the good works guys 😀


  24. gimme gimme

  25. I want the Gold!!!

  26. My precious gold!
    Nice episode as always

  27. When I saw the MG Amazing Red Warrior… Alright!
    When I saw the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0… (in Matthew McConaughey’s voice) Alright, alright, alright.

    I hope to win either. A great episode as always!

  28. Would love to have either of those MG’s and I can’t wait to see What they do with the Full Armor Gundam. Great show as always guys.

  29. love the Hyaku Shiki design would be amazing if I could get the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 you guys are the greatest

  30. I luv GOOOOULD

  31. That Zaku looks so sick! I wish they made more orange kits~

  32. My Graze Kai is already on it’s way and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

    Also, giving away two MGs? That’s crazy!

  33. Hmmmmmm, red or gold?!

  34. give me hyaku shikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… awesome sale… sadly i cant purchase now i dont have space in my room..:( more power guys

  35. So…the previous winner just finished his MG Star Build Strike and then wins a Master Grade Dark Matter on top of that? Man, talk about convenient – I haven’t even started my MG Build Strike yet.

  36. Can’t believe I missed out on the Hiyaku Shiki sale! I hope I can win it ):

  37. Oh my God… please let me win one of those kits….

  38. It was a good decision for me to wait for that 1/100 Graze Kai.

    Shout out to all my friends in PinoyGundam!

  39. oh…my…

  40. man i would love to win that hyaku shiki 2.0 :P, always enjoy the show ryan and syd also todd keep up the good work guys:)

  41. Got me a few kits on the Super Summer Sale. I have a quick question, is Bandai doing their Customize Promotion this year?

  42. I really want that Hyaku Shiki, it’s long been on my wishlist but I just never had the extra cash lying around to buy it.

  43. The graze kai is wonderful and love what bandai did by including lot of extra part. Would loved to win one of those kit

  44. love the zaku 1. hopefully they made it into mg 2.0 atleast.

  45. Oh my Oh my my my Mega Shiki!

  46. Amazing Red Warrior is… amazing!

  47. I must admit that I don’t like the Amazing Red Warrior at all! Not even in the anime. If I win it I will change everything of it! The Hyakushiki instead is a piece of art.

  48. I picked up the SD and the HG Amazing Red Warrior on the sale, so the MG would be nice to round out the collection 🙂

  49. I want this shiki 2.0

  50. Can I have the hyaku Pls Please PLease PLEase PLEAse PLEASe PLEASE!!!!!!!

  51. Great episode! I like the Zaku! great colors 😀

  52. I’m loving all the Graze appreciation 😀 Also, that Red Warrior is AMAZING.

  53. Rob said on June 20, 2016

    Sad to have missed the sale, but I’d love to get that Red Warrior.

  54. Hey guys love the show. Would really like to win one of these kits.


  56. Great show guys. Ohh those mg kits

  57. Ohh those mg kits want em.

  58. Was going to buy a Hyaku-Shiki 2.0 on this sale but it sold out before I had the chance 🙁
    Maybe I can get one anyway? 🙂

  59. MG Hyaku Shiki!!!

  60. I would already leave a comment anyway but MG Hyaku Shiki? I want it so bad lol. Great episode as usual guys. Looking forward to seeing the new Full Armor HG Unicorn built for 209. Let’s see if Tod gets all those decals on. Also excited for the Force Impulse to go with my HG Freedom. Keep up the Super work guys.

  61. I wonder how long it’s going to take for someone to get that Graze, the Barbatos’ shoulders and make a 1/100 Carta’s Graze. Very tempting idea.

  62. GREAT! a hyaku shiki! i was doing a gold mega shiki so the decals would be useful! well a red warrior would also be nice.

  63. Oh, a 2.0 Hyaku Shiki. I’d be very excited for that if I didn’t already have one. Might as well take the Red Warrior then.

  64. Hyakuuuuuuu shikiiiiiii!!!!

  65. Shiki Shiki Amazing !!!

  66. I have to admit, I do dislike HLJ right now for starting the sale right after I got a lot of kits, which are now stuck in backlog hell, and then rubbing salt in my wounds by absolutely forcing me to get a couple more and a Beyblade.

    That being said, random number generator pls gib robit.

  67. Great episode as always guys. More power

  68. RNG T_T plss.

  69. GOLD! that’s all I can say

  70. PM said on June 20, 2016

    Great episode as always guys, amazing Red Warrior is amazing!

  71. Awesome episode, the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 and Amazing Red Warrior Master Grades are gorgeous! Can’t wait for the Full Armor Gundam Ver Ka to come out, but very scared for what’s going to happen to my wallet after all these sales and then that monster’s release. H Y P E

  72. red or gold? what to choose?

  73. Yahoo! Just finished my exams today. A wonderful day to win a Gundam I think 😉

  74. Some say he builds Gunpla 3x faster than you, and that the smell of plastic arouses him. All we know is, he’s called The STODD

  75. you shall not pass

  76. Hope I win the giveaway


  77. HYAKU SHIKI!!! that gold plate.

  78. I can has Hyaku Shiki pls? <3

  79. Great Episode. looking forward to the unicorn and impulse review.

  80. Can I just please have both!!! Oh man I’ve been eyeing both the amazing red and the 2.0 I’ll be happy with either or but I’m leaning more toward the hyakushiki!

  81. Got some Mechatro We Go on that sale. There were D-styles that I wanted but got wiped out before I got an order in. Also I don’t know what sort of deals you have with Bandai with those promotional posters but do they forbid you from giving them away?

  82. Great show as usual guys. o/

  83. gunpla TV my stress reliever! may you always build syd and ryan!

  84. Love the Graze Kai,thanks guys.

  85. Sweet, 1/100 graze kai looks bad ass , specifically with that giant sword and bazooka! Looking foward to that hyaku shiki, you cant go wrong with da gold!

  86. But Anime Expo is so far from French Canada…

  87. I’ve wanted that MG Hyaku-Shiki forever but keep putting it off because I can but 2 MG’s for the price of it, would be awesome to win.

  88. Random Number Generator gods! Here my plea! Let me win! (also props for Ryan,Syd,& Todd for another AMAZING show. Gunpla is freedom,worth greater than GOLD)

  89. Hey guys just done paying my tuition fees, and im broke so reaally NEED some free kits 🙂 #greedisGold

  90. MG gold gundam, yes!

  91. Great episode again guys, don’t see how anyone would buy the normal 1/100 graze anymore with the graze custom coming with so many accessories…

    So tempted to grab another unicorn… I have like… 4 different versions of them now, HG, ver GFT, MG, robot tamashi… Ha!

    And those are some really awesome kits for the giveaway…

  92. Graze kai looks amazing! Hope to win either of those master grades!!

  93. Man, I wish I could meet you guys. Working at a company like HLJ is my dream, my family used to own a hobby store and it was the best. Syd got me back into gunpla after so many years, so glad I found your channel :3

  94. Is it just me or do those colors “pop” a bit more on the new Zaku?

  95. My gosh I want to build a zaku army and at the front will be th e amazing red or Hyaku shiki wink wink

  96. Mic said on June 20, 2016

    Goldddddddd! could this hakusiki be my first gold kit?

  97. Lets take sale names to the next level and go beyond! Plus Ultra!

  98. Love that Zaku! Keep up the good work, Todd!
    And get Ryan to build somethin’. Lazy fella!

  99. Caved and picked up the PG Unicorn. Think I might start on this one first before the Banshee.

    Interested to see the HG unicorn full armor red version next week. Go Todd… some say…

  100. Man,that hyaku shiki is beautiful! And the simplicity of the amazing red warrior is great.

  101. Wow. This episode came fast. Not complaining though! As more Gunpla TV is more nice-feeling goodness in my life. I’m also excited for the new HGCE Force Impulse Gundam (Can we call it a Revive?). Although i’m not going to jump on it yet, as i’m saving up for the P-Bandai Blast Impulse variant. The new Full Armor Unicorn Destroy Mode Red Psychoframe would be a lot more interesting if I didn’t already have the Unicorn Destroy mode, and if there wasn’t another version of it with green psychoframe. Although the stickers are cool and the beam javelin is also a sweet looking weapon. I assume this is sort of the “replacement” for the non-existent “RG Unicorn” as either Bandai didn’t see it profiting enough, or the kit was simply too hard to engineer with the transforming psychoframe. So they went with the RG Sinanju and released this kit for a counterpart. Why else would they give the RG-like clear decals?

    The HG Zaku I TB Anime colors is definitely something i’m getting. I didn’t like the sand colors of the original release, but change that to orange with yellow and i’m sold. Since Syd really likes this kit, i’m sure i’ll like it too. I’m also getting the Graze Kai, and i’m not making a Graze Kai, nor the Graze Ground type. I’m thinking of combining them to make a Graze Kai Ground type, just to differentiate it more from the 1/100 Graze. I’m excited for that guy as well! ^_^

    I already built the MG Amazing Red Warrior, and have the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 in my backlog, so I actually don’t want to win this giveaway, so that other people can experience the joy of having these kits as well. If I got them, sure I would paint them to differentiate, but I want everyone to know how great the red warrior is. The MG Amazing Red Warrior, will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first MG kit. Speaking of backlogs, I had just received HG00 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G, my HGUC ReZEL and my Revoltech Vox Aura from you guys! I already unboxed the Vox, and it looks awesome on my shelf! I’ve just binged built an MG Turn A Gundam and HGEW Serpent Custom, so i’m a small bit burnt out. I’ll probably finish my HGUC ReZEL by tomorrow though! >:)

  102. I just got the Transient and the MG Gundam the Origin through the SUPER SUMMER SALE. It seems appropriate that the two MGs you’re giving away are red and gold, since I’m planning on giving the Transient an Iron Man Mk-51 makeover when I build it. Even though they’re Lannister colours and Tony’s a Stark.

    I like the gimmicks on the Amazing Red Warrior, but I think I’d have to go with the gold of the Hyakku-Shiki, simply because I’ll already have an RX-78 represented with the Origin kit.

    Then again, I see a lot of people going with the gold. Would going red increase my chances of winning?

  103. Would like to win some of those! 😀

  104. You can never have enough Graze(s), might have to get that 1/100 Graze Kai now 😀

  105. Another great episode as always. Really looking forward to getting that Renewal Impulse. And I love how simplistic and bad ass the Amazing Red Warrior looks. See you guys next time.

  106. Just joined the community. Been watching your YouTube for some time now. Always, an awesome video. Keep up the good work. Be great to win one of those giveaways.

  107. It might be the holidays that contributes to the low amount of comments. I’m away the entire June myself, and with this iffy internet I missed the previous episode during the release, had to watch this one in 360p sob…

  108. Hyper super ultimate summer sale!

  109. i try to not buy kits and keep the backlog low, and HLJ drops a huge sale on me… how can i stop then 😛 great episode guys 🙂

  110. *Flamenco Intensifies*

  111. Red Warrior?! Hyaku-Shiki?! Sign me up! Also…so many stickers on that Zaku I…

  112. Nice summer sales thanks alot !!! But a free gundam would be even more awesome ! thank ya guys keep up the great work !

  113. Gunpla is Freedom.. I totaly agree. After a 4month build of a real car (kit), where all has to be perfect, it is so relaxing just to sit down and disasseble a snapfit SciFi kit and give it a nice easy finish with just washes, drybrush and a few Highlights.

  114. Char would really love those two prizes 😉

  115. pure awesome you guys are awesome. (amazing red warrior)

  116. Ryan this will buy you bunch of comments!
    Also, love the show and I was lucky enough to pick up hyaku shiki 2.0 as it was gone with in couple day I think.
    Thanks for all the work you guys put in and also the summer sale!

  117. Gettin’ freaky with shiki

  118. I’m very curious about the FA Thunderbolt kit too. Loved this episode. Keep it up guys!

  119. The Hyaku shiki is love, I love it. Char cool guy needs an equally cool mobile suit to pilot. Better it’s painted gold, but besides posting a comment for a chance to win TWO very very very very very Amazing kits. Well Another great episode of Gunpla TV enjoy watching as always.

  120. cant wait to see the full armor unicorn, i have the Banshee Norn destroy mode and its prolly my favorite HG i have built. also whoever wins the red warrior and hyaku shiki will love them, i have both and they are proudly displayed as focal points of my collection

  121. Yeah…the HLJ sale got A LOT of money out of me…

    Great episode as always!

  122. Love your show hope I can get out to see you guys at the animexpo

  123. It’s always exciting to see models molded in different colors. I have always enjoyed airbrushing grey over gray… I kinda want to paint a Gundam in an Aggressor paint scheme.

  124. PLEASE!!! let this be my first MG!

    By the way love the Summer sale! especially the Sahelanthropus!

    Can’t wait for the UBER! SALE!

  125. I love the gold on that gundam.

  126. TWO MGS!?!?! Hope I can win one 😀

  127. I do love those Thunderbolt kits, need to grab one one of these days.

  128. Great video as always! I would love to win one of those MGs!

  129. give me the hyaku shiki…..

  130. MG MG MG MG MG!!!!

  131. It should be named “Platypus Zaku”. Great show.

  132. Shiki!!!

    That orange Zaku looks so…. weird O_o I know zakus more or less come in all form of colours. But damn that yellow/orange takes the cake!

  133. I agree with Ryan, if this video isn’t over filled with comments, It will be a surprise.

  134. Great show as always. I agree with Todd, the stickers for the Zaku 1 on the shoulders are pretty terrible. They are difficult to make smooth and look nice. I have the manga version and I was hoping Bandai would add a colored piece, alas, they did not. Keep up the good work and enjoy the Expo!

  135. Wow! that zaku is looking good.

  136. I started watching gundam thunderbolt and i kinda feel like the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys I don’t know why

  137. To be honest I just want a kit that Syd(or Ryan) has touched. Gunpla TV is a huge part of my gunpla history.

  138. that sale was too massive. dont think i was able to browse through all the items.

  139. another zaku i need to get. would love that amazing red warrior also want your zgok poster so bad, have been eyeing it up for war to long lol

  140. Two MGs at a time? You guys are UBER cool!

  141. Alright, that Hyaku Shiki bling. What are you guys looking forward when you go to AX this year?

  142. Hyaku Shiki! This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip TELLS ME TO ACQUIRE YOU! TAKE THIS! My love, my anger, and ALL MY SORROW! SHINING FINGER CARESS! GO! GO! GO!

  143. Great show as always guys 🙂
    The Hyaku Shiki i can take 😀 Red Warrior is not one i would want, but when you giving it away, sur i can take it to 😛 Don’t really get why bandai made the Red warrior in MG?? it’s only in 1ep in the serie, there was a ton off good Gundam’s in the serie and they could have made instead.

  144. <3 😉 love you 😀 😛

  145. Love the show, and lovingthat hyaku shiki

  146. Just started building 144 HG kits and I am hooked, don’t know if I should just start collecting every HG throughout each series or just the ones that I like or branch out to RG, MG or some PGs which I would love to get. There is so many to choose from lol.

  147. red warrior hope

  148. I would greatly enjoy having either of those kits in my life. Thanks for doing these shows, I look forward to watching each week!

  149. Red Warrior plz


  151. Bee said on June 21, 2016

    Wow double prizes, I hope I can win won of them ^_^

  152. TWO questions, ONE: where are the Initial D kits at? Are they any good?
    TWO: Are there any standalone MG sized versions of the MS Cage featured in the Unicorn kit?

    Hyaku a cute.

  153. Two cool MG kits.

  154. Hey Guys,

    I loved your HLJ Sale but most of the Gundam kits you advertised I already got! 🙁

    Thank you for your almost weekly reviews of the newest and latest kits from Japan. Hopefully, one vacation I’ll be able to visit your country and scoop up even more kits.

    I’d love to have that Hyaku Shiki 2.0 so it can match my current custom silver one that I color stripped to the semi-clear bare plastic.

    Till the next episode, peace!

    – Kelvin

  155. And that is why Sid and Bryan are A-MAZING!

  156. Great episode like always
    Wrote you guys a poem:
    Amazing red warrior is red
    Hyakushiki is gold
    I need one of these kits in my life
    before I get too old.

  157. All your Gunpla are belong to us…

  158. Gotta enter this giveaway.

  159. I have to say that the HG Zaku I is looking pretty cool. I especially like the colors used for this. Really look forward to the sales you guys have. That’s when I get my Hobby Japan Magazine fix! Thanks for that. Well, with that said, let’s see how my luck is this time around to win one of those awesome Gundams!

  160. I would love to have either MG. Thank you.

  161. Hey guys been a while trying to get back into gunpla hard a hard year emotional devistation. Feel better building the walking liger right now have a huge back log. Looking forward to seeing you at day 2 saturday of anime expo and hope to build gunpla with you there had a blast last year. Keep up the great work and cant wait for my rg sinanju

  162. I need that 1/100 graze!

  163. NsK said on June 21, 2016

    Enjoyed the episode. Hoping for a new sale soon for gunpla, was hoping to buy more but only ended up picking up one kit!

  164. Sad I missed the dark matter giveaway, fingers crossed for this week

  165. That Zaku looks great, love the orange. I wish we had more orange suits…

  166. Something something…. daaaarrrrrkkkkssiiiiiddddeee

  167. Insert obligatory comment here!

  168. Great episode as always. Just got to finally watch the entire series of 00 Gundam. Loved it until the end wished they did a third season instead of a movie. More mg kits from 00 Gundam hopefully.

  169. Here’s a comment for the gold because you asked Ryan

  170. great show guys!!! can’t wait to get my super super super sale on and get some great deals on gunpla!!!!! keep up the good work and thank you everyone at HLJ love buying from you guys and always have a great time ordering for your team!!!

  171. Great summer sale. Thanks alot

  172. How much did you guys end up spending during the sale? What items did you buy besides Gundams? All $300 of my purchase was on gundams. My shipping though is going to be $200. Ouch my wallet. Did I even save some money I wonder? I’m too lazy to compare prices on Amazon

  173. Give me the gold dude! Sieg Zeon!

  174. Amazing red warrior yes!

  175. They need to make more gundam horses already.

  176. Looking forward to meeting you guys at animeexpo!

  177. I like goooooooooooold

  178. gold? gold! GOLD!!!! I like gold. I want that Hyaku Shiki!!!! (>_<)

  179. Im enjoying the build off episodes between Todd and Syd! Really liked the color scheme of that zaku I. Makes it hard to stay away from HGs.

  180. Hey Todd, just wondering if you’ve completed any custom kits yet or if you have any custom builds planned in the future?

  181. Great episode and is there any news on a 1/100 graze ein? Bryan how are the twins doing and adapting to your new role as a father going now that it has been a few weeks?

  182. Damn you Summer Sale, I didn’t want to buy more Gunpla!!! 😀

    …ended up with 5 new kits 😛

  183. Who can we rely on to make Gunpla great again?

  184. hey guys!! love ya work keep it up …

  185. I have the original Zaku I Thunderbolt Ver. and it is one of my favorite kits! Now to dream of winning one of those 2015 MG kits…

  186. Another great show guys!!!
    got to love that Hyaku Shiki, want it!! 😀

  187. “That Hyaku Shiki is gold Jerry, gold!” Great show as always guys.

  188. Hyaku Shiki! Now that is gold class giveaway!

  189. Ravioli ravioli give me the hyaku shiki

  190. is the summer sale ended? wouldn’t mind getting one of the 2 kits. Thanks in advance

  191. the Golden state warriors lost, i lost too, hope you i will win that Gold one and the warrior… so that i could bring my Mojo back.. 🙂

  192. Red Warrior is the ultimate warrior aka LeBron James. The troll is hard. 🙁

  193. Sev said on June 21, 2016

    Those kits though

  194. Gold! Give me some Gold!! Please

  195. I always wanted to win something gold and shiny,and that Hyaku Shiki is the Gunpla Oscar…if i win i want to thank Syd and Ryan,gunplatv,hobbylinkjapan,family,pets,and a very special thank you to myself for having decided to comment lol… thank you … thank you

  196. Thank you guys for helping me to get by my gunpla addiction. I always look forward to your shows. More power to you Syd, Ryan and also Todd!

  197. Looking forward for the next show and hear my name on one MG :), great show guys as always

  198. great episode guys.
    hyakushiki ver2.0 for the win!

  199. 2 MGs in one giveaway, its like 100 degree Christmas

  200. I would love that hyaku shiki

  201. Nice give aways! Would be nicer if i can get one!!

  202. Saw a painted red warrior to look like Optimus Prime, hoping to do the same 🙂

  203. I’ll gladly take the hyaku shiki from you!!!

  204. Hoping to customize one of the kits…. Only if i win 🙁

  205. The giveaway kits colours are the favourite colours of a certain person.

  206. Great episode guys! Hope I win a kit 🙂 Urgh, still waiting for the RG Sinanju!

  207. cool ep really like the 1/100 graze kai cant wait to build it, hoping for one of those mg too

  208. have the gold one already…and the red is a must-have for any gunpla lovers!!

  209. Awesome episode! Graze Custom have so many option parts! Great!

  210. I love gooooooold!

  211. Great kits!!! Fingers crossed for any of those two ?

  212. Great episode guys. Are you not allowed to show any Bandai Star Wars any more? There are some nice kits coming up.

  213. Wow! Amazing red warrior and Hyaku Shiki!
    Two very nice kits, thanks guys!

  214. wow looks like there’s more comments this time!
    Really hope I win the Hyaku Shiki Ver.2.0!

  215. Good ep guys. It would be awesome too get those kits!

  216. Love the show!!! Do you think they would ever do a ZZ gundam 2.0?


  218. That orange is crazy but I like crazy and that Zaku is ok by me!

  219. Another great episode…

  220. amazing red warrior is the wife swap of the rx78-2 2.0. Its like an rx78-2 but its not

  221. Thank you for making all the videos!

  222. All the Zaku kits that have come out recently look awesome. Zaku just have great designs you can do almost anything to them and it will look good.

  223. woot woot I want to win!!

  224. ace said on June 22, 2016

    oi!!! that graze gunz looks hot thinkin of getting one of those// the amazing red and the amazing gold.!!! hope i winn.. still good show you guys!!!

  225. So broke atm that the only Gunpla I can afford is free.

  226. So keen to see you guys review the mg thunderbolt, keep it up!

  227. Syd,

    When are you gonna show us some progress on your Stein/Qubeley build?

  228. hope I win stuff ples

  229. Awesome giveaway!!

  230. Praying for the hyaku shiki! Thank you guys for all your hard work!!

  231. I wish you guys could give away a MG everyweek

  232. Great ep as always gents. I am looking forward to more MG releases for the Thunderbolt line. In fact I would love see that Zaku I in MG form. Also that Graze Kai looks great definitely need to get my hands on one. Keep it up guys.

  233. wow, awesome giveaways! i want one! loved the SUPER! SUMMER! SALE! increased my backlog again… thanks guys lol

  234. Was never a big fan of the Hyaku-Shiki but I am definitely digging that MG Amazing Red Warrior. Hope i’m lucky enough to win it! 🙂

  235. Wow Hyaku-Shiki looks great. Great show once again. Thanks.

  236. Pick Me!

  237. I’m more motivate to participate again when I see that shiny gold!!!! Blink blink!!!! *^*

  238. I recently built and painted the Hyaku Shiki 1.0 and I don’t mind to get the 2.0..
    But the Amazing Red Warrior looks so cool! If I win it I’ll detail all those pistons in Alclad II chrome.

  239. hey guys love your show, the red warrior looks amazing.

  240. Oh i wish, i could get an Amazing Red Warrior (hint hint Wish granters) Great show as always.Just built an RG Strike, and am going to build the RG 00 Raiser super excited, you guys got me into Gunpla so thank you really.

  241. Hey guys, love the show. I’m up to episode 118, almost catching up. I wanna Hyakushiki!

  242. Well you were certainly right about the Hyaku-Shiki bringing in the comments! I’ll cast my line out as well!
    That gold is nice, but I’d like to strip it and try some other colors!

  243. OOOOhhhhhh shiny give-away.

    Bet I won’t get it^^. Ather than that nice episode you guys.

  244. Whoa! I’m all about that hyaku shiki!

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