Jun 13

Syd and Todd come packing the heat in this episode. Well, Todd does. Syd tries to heat it up but can’t decide how to do it. We also talk about all the new kits that are coming in August.


Kits featured in this episode:

August’s hot releases!
1/144 HG Zaku I (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver) Anime Image Color
1/100 Graze Kai
1/144 HG Zaku I (Denim / Slender)
1/144 HG High Mobility Type Zaku Psycho Zaku (GUNDAM Thunderbolt Ver.) Anime Ver.

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Gunpla TV


  1. g said on June 13, 2016


  2. Yeah dark matter does exist lecturer at UQ won’t shut up about it lmao!

  3. Good job guys ?

  4. Now with Force Impulse Revive, the revive kits are looking amazing.

  5. Does dark matter exist? Dont really care because I will never see it… Just like the MG Exia Dark Matter… .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

  6. Still waiting for MG Gundam Thunderbolt

  7. NICE ZAKUS! Once I’ve graduated from school I will collect those kits one day… But that Exia Dark Matter is SICKED For MGBF!

  8. Great episode guys, keep it up ^_^

  9. I love these thunderbolt kits. I never got to build one though. Gonna order one soon.

  10. Hey Ryan nice attempt at pronouncing my user name very funny to me. (Most people just say “For the win”)

  11. Dark Matter baby!

  12. The RG Sinanju looks really interesting. really like what they’re doing with the gold parts.

  13. Lol 1st time writting from my new job – Which I got thanks to presenting my hobby as my work ethic – work hard to get the best results 😀
    Watched the new Top Gear …watched 2 eps, and even though I tried to give it a shot, the original 3 stooges are best. Can`t wait for their new show, supposedly on August.

  14. that psycho zaku is amazing, i will be picking up two so i will have a bunch of extra weapons to play around with

  15. i believe thats a Panzerfaust Todd

    i kinda agree to endjoy a new kit building an old kit makes you appreciate it more, also if you want a kit that is easier to pose with no worry of parts breaking, building the HG Sinanju is worth it. kinda like my HG 00, i can do wild poses with it that the RG can’t do because of that worry 😀

  16. Just grabbed MG Hyaku shiki 2.0 from your fantastic Summer Sale. Couldn’t help myself not to spread this sale through all my friends. I hope they will support you guys.

  17. I can’t wait for expo! I want to build with you dudes again~

  18. My MG Gundam shelf suffers from a distinct lack of black/red, that Exia Dark Matter would complement it nicely ;] also thanks for dropping the sale on the one month i dont have cash on me xD i guess a little diet will do me some good xD

  19. PM said on June 13, 2016

    Great episode guys !!

  20. That red Zaku – not practical…

  21. nice episode and great review… and that dark matter giveaway 🙂


  23. dark matter ples!!!

  24. captain harlock help me in winning this dark matter!

  25. i wish i can come and meet you guys =(
    anyway great show as always!!

  26. I always watched your live stream builds.. when u hit the subscribe button on you tube you’ll be able to get a notification on youtube every time there is a new post or livestreams. Wish i could win the dark matter

  27. Great episode guys. I believe that the bits you take out to put the arms in on the backpack are the arms in it’s collapsed mode. Really looking forward for

  28. If I win MG Dark Matter could you guys sign it please 😀

  29. Hey guys, the psycho zaku mg is going to be amazing, but I’m looking forward to seeing the full armour unicorn

  30. Great episode guys. Hope i could get some inspiration for GBWC. my brain is still blank

  31. DarkMatterriummm FTW

  32. wow could you imagine a megasize kshatriya. that thing would be a beast. i definately need that in my life

  33. Great episode as always! Would have liked to see a comparison of the colour differences between the anime and manga version of the psycho zaku.

    Also excited about the RG Sinanju. Hope it’ll look nice beside my MG, HG, and SD Sinanjus

  34. That new HG Hyaku Shiki looks awesome

  35. The RG Sinanju is looking good, but I’ve got a Full Armour Thunderbolt Gundam to look forward to first.

    And bring HLJ to New Zealand Comicon next year! We’re in need of cheap Gunpla and good company!

  36. Haven’t seen Thunderbolt yet. But damn that psycho armamant really blev me away compared to what I’m used to see.

    How to make Exia even more cooler. MAKE IT DARK MATTER!!!!

  37. That was an amazing episode guys, but would you look at that Exia dark matter, it looks fantastic as always. Oh quick question guys who would win in a giant robot battle this year the Mk.II or the Kuratas?

  38. See y’all at AX!

  39. i want that matter… dark matter.. 😀

  40. Eze said on June 13, 2016

    Still waiting for that dark matter XD

  41. Metallica’s song:
    So close no matter how far
    Couldn’t be much more from the heart
    Forever trusting who we are
    And nothing else matters
    ….except the Dark Matter!!!!!

  42. Good episode guys
    and for the Mg dark matter i wish i can get my hands on this for a custom built i working on to create MG Weltall2 from xenogears
    and no gunplay shops here in saudi lol

  43. Can’t wait to get the sinaju

  44. Dark matter is the third element in the periodic table of gundam after gundarium and gundanium and before Psycho Frame it has an atomic mass of 207

  45. Love watching u guys. Keep up the good work.cant wait for the sinaju to come out

  46. thanks for the new episode and reviews! your super summer sale is crazy!!! i just got myself a hi-res barbatos. looking forward to more episodes and have fun at the anime expo!

  47. hmu w/ the dm

  48. Manage to get some gundams from the summer sale. adding the MG Dark Matter would be nice.

  49. August would be a good month. Cant wait what is waiting at the end of the year since we already will be having the new Ver ka. Maybe PG Sinanju?

  50. Bee said on June 13, 2016

    Will you guys ever find your way to a UK hobby show? Can’t wait for the MG Psycho Zaku at the end of the year ^_^ Speaking of the Macross Delta kits, will you be building and showing them off on the show?

  51. exia dark matter @.@ beautiful! never got my hand on one 🙁

  52. Great show !!

  53. Nice…!!! Dark Mater..

  54. I wanna go to that anime expo..
    But i live in Indonesia lol

    Free gunpla? Who doesnt want that

    Exia dark matter huh

  55. Great episode guys, the thunderbolt kits really looks crazy! I’m so waiting for the Sinanju! 🙂

  56. Thanks, Ryan, for reading my comment for the first time. Syd’s still a little quiet on the mic at times.

    My nephew has already built the HG 00 Raiser, so he might not have a problem with the RG Quanta, but I don’t know. It’s not as though it can be built in a single sitting anyway.

    That MG Dark Matter Exia is very, very pointy. The only thing I tend not to like about the overbuilt Exia is how much its parts collide with each other. Wouldn’t mind winning one, though, and I think it’d be a good kit for Bandai to make an RG of. Mind you, they usually only make those of lead suits, and they never made one of the Star Build Strike or Try Burning (which I always thought was an RG in the show because it has an inner frame).

  57. I want that Dark Matter… please…

  58. Great episode guys! 🙂

  59. I’m just imagining how that Psycho Zaku will look like in MG form. The box size will be gargantuan.

  60. that’s a nice poster of the thunderbolt there guys!!

  61. Woah Dark Matter

  62. woah! that zaku is siiiiiiiiick!
    Dark Matter is awesome too.

  63. Can’t wait for the MG Psycho Zaku!

  64. that dark matter though

  65. Is it just me or did bandai just ask Syd on what his preference is for pants:Slender/Slim/skinny jeans or Denim? Also Dark Matter

  66. They discovered a new metal, yet I’m here waiting for admantium or vibranium to be found or created. I know they’re made up, but I don’t care. A comic book nerd is allowed to dream. Still doesn’t change that I would like to have the Dark Matter though.

  67. I wish I could go see you guys at anime expo! I’ll just be crying over here in Canada :'(

  68. Mic said on June 13, 2016

    Great show guys! Love Exia and all other 00 kits!

  69. Don’t forget the Iron Kong PK comes out in Auguest too. Wish I could make it to anime expo and build some gunpla with you guys, but I live on the other side of the country.

  70. Dark Matter has been found….and you guys have been holding it :3

  71. I have a problem with the Psycho Zaku. Who’s the mad man that said “Hey, here’s a great idea; let’s strap all of this high explosive ammo onto these tanks filled with highly explosive Fuel!”?

    And about the Denim/Slender Zaku, I prefer to look of the Slender, but I’d give it the rifle

    PS. I want that IBO poster

  72. HG Zaku never catch my eyes, but these zaku origin and thunderbolt version has set my eyes on them, even better than RG, IMO.

  73. We always have room for one more red zaku.

  74. Another great episode guys! So we are all getting hyped for the RG Sinanju, but I have the feeling that a particular HG kit is being out “shone” here, erm the Hyaku Shiki? Apart from that, I am hoping that next episode we will see HG Revive Force Impulse so we can see all of its gimmicks. Keep up the great work!

  75. Ravioli ravioli gib me the gundamoli

  76. So hyped for RG Sinanju.

  77. MG Dark Matter is one of my favorite kits because you can make the original Exia and the Repair 2

  78. Another great episode guys! excited for the mg that comes with many bazookas

  79. I really wish I could come see ye at Anime Expo, best of luck to ye there! :c

  80. Just finished my MG star build strike would be sweet to have a dark matter

  81. Its great that you guys are on a better schedule with the extra help!
    I will totally love that Dark Matter.

  82. Guys … E3 is happening. how excited are you for titanfall 2 😀

  83. Can’t wait for the live build of the RG Sinanju! I can’t get over how they made the gold parts work in it.

  84. Awesome episode! 😀 Gah that RG Sinanju is gonna be a sexy kit, can’t wait to get one!!!!

    After RG Sinanju, they should do an RG Sinanju Stein considering that was only an MG.

  85. Did you say MG Psycho Zaku??? HYPE!!!

  86. I’m not really a Zaku guy, but the Psycho Zaku is just epic looking!

  87. sya said on June 14, 2016

    Would you show the Macross kit on the show when it come out?
    BTW, keep up the good work~

  88. I’m an physicist so I need that Dark Matter for research.
    Joking aside, mostly for kitbash with Grimgerde.

  89. I love the looks of the Thunderbolts kits. Great episode as always guys. I’m currently about to start my MG Victory Two Ver Ka! Super excited!

  90. Really digging the Denim/Slender zaku, awesome show guys keep up the great work. Oh and that Dark matter!!!

  91. Can I haz Gunpla

  92. Oh mg dark matter giveaway hell yeah I’m enter, huge fan of that Gunpla because that bloody red color and that pink gn drive, hope I’ll win

  93. I want all thunderbolt kits. if only I have the cash. Great episode as always and please pick me for the dark matter OMG OMG

  94. I might be wrong but I do believe dark matter has been proven to exist, and is another form of energy.

  95. So excited for the MG Full Armor Gundam!

  96. the RG Sinanju looks magical.

  97. The wife analogy by Ryan was the funniest part in today’s show. I had a smile, and it got bigger as Ryan kept explaining. What would the world be without Gunpla TV. Awesome episode Syd and Ryan and to all the people at HLJ, Thank You.

  98. Really exciting stuff happening in the world of gunpla. I can’t decide if I’m more excited for the RG Sinanju, MG Full Armor Gundam, MG Psycho Zaku, or the petite Pandaguy!

  99. The more Zakus, the better.

  100. im so happythat we are actually getting a new sd that isnt a crappy ex standard kit

  101. The new Zaku looks great but we all know everyone is really hyped for the RG Sinanju! 😀

  102. something something daaaarksiiiiddee

  103. I think a custom color scheme for the dark one would look good. I’m thinking keep the right side the exact same but the left replace the black with white and red with blue.

  104. Great episode guys!

  105. Great episode.
    One quick question about the forthcoming HG full armor red destroy mode unicorn, is it basically the same as the green one released a couple of years ago?

    Btw, very tempted to get that PG unicorn from the sale to keep my still not built PG banshee company.

  106. This new Zaku I is really tempting

  107. Great episode guys! Love the sale picking up couple of gunpla kits!

  108. Great episode as always; pretty hyped for the Psycho Zaku MG, that thing should be massive. So many thrusters!!!

  109. Great Episode guys.

  110. I really love how the older kits are getting a reboot with better articulation. Still waiting for that thunderbolt Dom tho. Mg exia would be a nice addition on my shelf

  111. awesome ep cant wait to get my hands on the graze kai

  112. I never built a red Zaku before.. and this kit looks massive.. I might have to get this one.. and love the thrusters…

  113. Actually Top Gear 2.0 started in 2002. And technically the Top Gear we love would be the 2.1 since the first season of 2.0 they had another guy instead of James “Captain Slow” May. Although we have 22 seasons of 2.0/2.1 it’s been only 13 years, because for most years they had two seasons a year, one during summer and another in fall/winter.

  114. Sige zeon!! It’s a very zaku filled episode!! I was just re watching the psycho zaku episode i think it’s 144! Did Syd say he has some more of those posters?? I want one!

  115. I just noticed on the first two pictures of psycho zaku that slender was face palming him!! Also face palm on bandai for not giving the extra joint to easily swap between suits!! Face Palm Gundam needs a come back

  116. Good review, see you guys at anime expo

  117. Really like the denim caution tape. The psycho zaku is like the hguc full armor unicorn, all those extra weapons and other good stuff. I remember really struggling with the gold stickers on my hguc sinanju I ordered form you guys as well. Really looking forward to seeing the rg. Ryan’s grabby hands for the exia dark matter amuses me. See yall at anime expo!

  118. Behold the wife-comparison..!

  119. mmmmm got an idea for a kitbash 😉

  120. That Zaku flies around as a mobile gun rack

  121. I wonder if the master grade Psycho Zaku ver ka will use some of the frame parts of the master grade zaku 2.0

  122. Rob said on June 14, 2016

    I’d love that Exia!

  123. I think it’s awesome that the RG Sinanju is getting actual golden parts for the shield and the markings. I Personally don’t plan on getting it (yet), too shiny for my tastes. What sort of RG’s are you guys wishing for? I’m hoping for a G Gundam kit, especially since i haven’t seen one of those in a while

  124. Oh, that dark exia always looked cool.

  125. Zaku is Heavy loaded, I wonder if exia can handle them both? Join the Dark Side!!!

  126. I really hope we see a RG Unicorn at least in destroy mode to go with the Sinanju.

  127. Guess I’ll be waiting til like top gear season 30 for it to git gud if it even makes it that far..

  128. Hail Zeon

  129. I want to win something already damn it.

  130. I’m excited for the MG Psycho Zaku just to see whether it reuses the frame runners from the Zaku II 2.0 or is all new.

  131. Hey Guys!! Im excited to meet you guys at Anime Expo~ I missed you guys last year. Make sure you guys drop by In n out near LAX before you guys head to the convention!

  132. Great zaku waiting arrive home and get into it, keep going guys excelisior job!!

  133. That moment when the Dark matter box was opened and Ryan immediately went: Gimme!
    It must be hard containing your inner child when you work at the toy shop.

  134. Only one shall claim the Dark Matter Throne, You speak to the King.

  135. Sweet episode. Nice loot

  136. gunpla tv world tour?

  137. WOW AN EXIA DARK MATTER? COOL! Anyways good job guys! Still have 3 untouched MGs I ordered a few months ago hahahaha

  138. thanks guys. great show. its been a long time when Syd show the HLJ Warehouse (Episode 1?). i hope you can create a tour video/episode of it showing every aile. Thanks!

  139. Looking forward to the RG Sinanju. Now I’ll have 6 versions of the kit.

  140. First of all thanks for the summer sale! Managed to grab me the V2 ver Ka that I’ve been wanting for a while now.

    The HG Psycho Zaku looked pretty great. Although it did seem to lean back a lot because of the heavy backpack. I really wonder how Bandai will handle that with the MG. I’d imagine some sort of stand for it similar to how the Full Armour Unicorn got one. On top of that I wonder if they’ll give all of the thrusters gold plating. If so that might end up making it a very pricey kit.

    Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to the next episode!

  141. love to get that MG kit.

  142. I hope to see the live build stream. I’m on the fence about getting the RG sinanju when I already have the MG version. Might get the RG to display at work.

  143. great episode once again guys! will you be guys attending the upcoming gbwc? can’t wait for the next episode. thanks for bringing updates.

  144. Red kits ftw

  145. Please,god.Let me win something this time‼ By the way, great show, guys!

  146. Thanks for a great show as always. must say that i think rg sinanju looks great. maybe we can get a rg unicorn and banshee some day.

  147. That new poster looks really cool in the background.

  148. Loving that psycho zaku, I had the original release and have been waiting to build it and now I might just get this one and have 2. Haven’t build the other because I have kitbash plans for it and I am waiting to get a couple more kits first.

  149. Really looking forward to the gyancelot!! Nice and informative episode as always!!!

  150. yeah!!!!!!

  151. Hello guys. Just got my PG Banshee. Plan to build it in July when I have time off of work. It looks so good in pieces, I cant wait to see it put together. Cant wait for the release of the MG Full Armour Gundam Thunderbolt Version, looks so cool. Hope to get more info about the MG Psycho Zaku High Mobility Type soon. What would you think of a MG Sinanju 2.0? What is your favorite PG kit Sid, Ryan, and Todd?

  152. Great show!!!

  153. MG Psycho Zaku When is that coming out? It must come with a stand too I’m hoping. Considering the size of the HG Psycho Zaku and it’s extra thrusters/fuel tanks. That RG Sinanju WITH GOLD Parts NOT Stickers is a great thing hope more Kits do that and use less stickers where it would be easier/better with actual parts. Also when are we going to get more MG Build fighters kits? I need a MG Wing Gundam Fenice and MG Star Build Strike. Build Fighters was awesome I enjoyed watching it numerous times. And that MG Gundam Dark Exia Package looks nice.

  154. Seing the HG Psyco Zaku again made me realise how insane the MG version is going to be !

  155. Hope I can win Dark Matter!! Would look sweet with my MG Double O Gundam.

  156. I think Ryan was talking about Unobtainium. Anyway, I want to win that Exia!

  157. cant wait for the rg sinanju!

  158. Alright, Dark Matter!

  159. Great job guys. I do miss seeing you guys do custom work though. One of the first things Syd showed us was the Yellow Sinanju. Isn’t it time to make Todd show us something special.

  160. Hey guys, first time posting here. I’ve just been catching up on Gunpla Tv after falling behind last year (can’t believe you’re already past 200!), so I just wanted say great episode as always. Glad to see that you’re still going strong after all this time and introducing new faces on the show.

    Can’t wait to see you guys show off the Sinanju.

  161. Did I win…?

    Anyways, love the episode. Need to give Top Gear another chance, but it seems to me they’re trying too hard that it’s not entertaining.

    Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju! A good starting RG would be the Exia I think.


  162. A grown man waits in hope. For an Exia Dark Matter.

  163. The wait for this episode was considerably shorter than the last one, so that means even more Gunpla TV? No complaints here!

    I am personally most hyped up for the RG Sinanju, the HGBF ZZII, and the HGIBO Astaroth Origin, especially the RG Sinanju. It’s releasing on the month of my birthday, so it’s essentially the perfect kit to get for my birthday present. The SD Barbatos is interesting due to all the stuff it comes with, but I don’t have any real desire to buy it. But something I will get are the new releases. I want that Zaku I just because Syd recommends it so much, the only thing that held me back was that sand color, which I really don’t like. But replace that with some right yellow? Yes please! The Graze Kai is something i’m definitely going for as well, just because I want to combine the Graze Kai and Graze Ground Type to make a Graze Kai Ground Type, so I can differ it more with the 1/100 Graze.

    I had almost jumped for the HG Psycho Zaku, but before I did, Bandai announced the MG Ver. Ka, which I want to see first so I can weigh my options and see which is the better kit to go for. Although, what I had really been waiting to hear were your thoughts on the HG Origin Zaku I. The Denim/Slender problem isn’t terrible, as it’s understandable, unlike the 1/100 Gusion/Gusion Rebake. Personally, I would go for Denim for that awesome looking danger frame.

    But in all seriousness, I think i’m won over by this kit. If it uses the Zaku II mold, and has that sweet origin detail and feel, i’m getting it eventually.

  164. needs to build me a new showcase for all this gunpla …

  165. You can never get enough thrusters!

  166. can’t wait for that psycho 🙂

  167. You guys always do amazing work, thank you ….. BTW, I haven’t heard anything yet about the Gunpla contest that was announced

  168. NsK said on June 16, 2016

    Funny and refreshing you guys are covering TG-UK. In truth it’s Clarkson’s show…What people seem to forget is that Clarkson is a very accomplished presenter as well as writer, with an sometimes outlandish, but distinct personality and views. While Chris Evans at best is a chatterbox morning show-host who is best playing off other people’s energies. In truth Chris Evans is a rather poor choice, as he just doesn’t bring enough to the table other than being a loud petro-head.

  169. Hi guys! Thanks for fhe episode. My daughter can’t wait to get her Pandaguy now, well I’m excited to get my RG Sinanju, will probably order an MG Sinanju sometime, still have to decide on which version. Also speaking of Master Grades, will you be doing a live build of the MG FA-78 Thunderbolt ver Ka?

  170. The Exia is dark and full of matter.
    – Meijinsandra (Game of Pla Universe)

  171. An MG Exia Dark Matter has been on my wishlist for sometime now and i’m hoping that i won.

  172. That Exia Dark Matter looks amazing. It would also look good on my shelf. Just saying guys.

  173. Great episode as always.

  174. Great episode as always! Greetings from Brazil!

  175. That Psycho Zaku is pretty tempting, might look into it when I get a bit more cash available!

  176. I can’t wait to see the MG versions of the Zaku.

  177. I wasn’t to win!! I want to win the Dark Matter!!! I WANT TO WIN!!! I DON’T CARE!!

  178. if i win tell me again XD

  179. I’m definitely getting this psycho Zaku, it looks amazing

  180. Aw yis

  181. i wish i could come hang out with you at the expo. have fun guys

  182. I would love to see more Build Fighters MGs

  183. Cant wait for the rg sinanju and gyancelot and yet another great episode guys

  184. I can’t wait to see your Anime Expo video! I wish I could go, but I live quite a few states away. I might be going to a local convention soon so hopefully there will be some Gunpla there.

  185. My gosh I loved every suit in this episode Gyancalot

  186. Great work guys! Keep it up! Proud of ya’ll!

  187. Holy crap, pls send me that dark matter…

  188. I am GUNDAM ! Thanks 4 da Dark Matter 🙂

  189. Why bandai keep producing RG with the one from HG I already buy!!!! first 00, then 00 Quanta, now Sinanju!!! Now I’m gonna buy the RG…

  190. Can’t wait for that RG Sinanju. Wish I could go to Anime Expo, hope you guys can one day come to MegaCon here in Florida, would love to see you guys there. I went for the first time this year and was surprised at the amount of Gunpla I saw.

  191. RG SINANJU!!!

  192. I would love to win that MG Exia Dark Matter 🙂

  193. exia dark matter..! 🙂

  194. Dark Matter, give me that kit hehehe

    God Bless on your show!!! 🙂

  195. mmm if you think that zaku is big just wait for the master grade.

  196. Just imagine that Zaku in MG form. The box will be gargantuan

  197. MG Dark Matter. Yes, I want it.

  198. The Zaku Show! 🙂

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