Jun 7

Ryan, Todd, and Syd all have something they are excited to show on this episode of Gunpla TV. We also talk about the newest RG which is available for preorder now as well as our plans for Anime Expo! We also share a nice message we received from a long-time customer and fan.



Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 RG MSN-06S Sinanju
Be sure to check out the rest of the August Bandai kit releases here!
1/144 Gyan
1/144 HGUC YMS-15 Gyan
1/144 REVIVE HGUC Gyan
1/72 MPZ-01 Shield Liger
1/144 RG GNT-0000 00 QAN[T]

Gunpla TV


  1. everytime you guys update my heart skips a beat of happiness!! Love you guys and keep up the good work!

  2. I like the design of the valuable pod gyan head on the revive gyan! Only wish the colors matched.

  3. JAY3 said on June 7, 2016


  4. Will said on June 7, 2016

    The Valuable Pod is just here sitting unopened waiting for the revive Gyan. AND THE SHOULDER PADS WON’T EVEN FIT. The hell are you now Gyan? Too cool for late 80’s-early 90’s fashion?

  5. After the review of the Quanta, compared to the HG, the RG seems only slightly better than the HG.

  6. great show guys!

    long post… I was wondering how common the error that Kakarot197 had with his Gyan sholders.. since where wasn’t any mention of it…. it wasn’t common.. great display of all the 1/144s!

    Both the RG Quant and Sinanju looks great! too bad they are just a little too small for my eyes. =(

    I finally got all my spring sale and Freedom 2.0 haul in and now a Summer sale!!! Curse you guys!!!! looks like I will have some stuff in my PWH to be shipped with my Full Armor TB.

    Have a great Tuesday! laters!

    • Ohhhhh yeah… Top Gear 3.0 . Sure it’s not as great at Clarkston/May/Hammon.. but if you go back and watch any of the first 2 seasons from the last series…. its was pretty meh too..

      lets just home they pull it together sooner than later…

      ok, laters, for real this time.

  7. la k said on June 7, 2016

    Love the RG Sinanju. Now what should I do with my un-built HG Sinanju …

  8. ‘murica, twice the freedom

  9. I got a freedom revive version already, Well adding two will not be a problem for a trio :p

  10. I need some freedom
    Freedom for my people
    I want some freedom

    For my people
    Freedom, freedom, freedom
    Freedom for my people

  11. Thats one Gyantastic Episode

    You can use the Ballden arm Arms, it has an adapter that can make the old arm compatible with the HG revive torso

  12. Give me Freedom!

  13. Eyon said on June 7, 2016

    freedom !!

  14. Hi guys,
    Thanks again for putting up a great show.
    Wow, what a wonderful letter. Me too started 35 yrs ago. My first gunpla was the 1/144 RGM-79 GM (Could get the RX-78-2 back then because it was so popular and sold out in seconds..LOL). After 30+ years, a my buddy re-introduced me back to gunpla. I was hooked. 2013 was my first time purchase gunpla from you guys. 90% of my gunpla also comes from you, so THANK YOU for providing the service and products to me. One of the online model group trying to do a Bandai Group build, starting Jun 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016. I’ve a list of my favorites including the RG Sinanju to build. By any chance I may posted them up in you site that would be great.
    Thank you again.

  15. Nick said on June 7, 2016

    I just got the MG Freedom 2.0 at my local Comicon. It lives up to all the hype you built for it Syd!

  16. Awesome effort Todd. Great to see your enthusiasm. Good to see Ryan on the show, too. Again, congratulation on the twins. Thank you Syd for organising the LIVE event of 00 on youtube. I am very happy to seeing you guys on gunpla.tv. I will include all of you in my prayer. Thank you!

  17. I just caught up in the backlog of episodes I had, So many cool kits out, can’t wait to get some more

  18. Hey guys! Love the quanta design and have been wanting to get it since the 1st MG came out. Anyways, WHY NO 00 KITS BANDAI?!?!?!

  19. Loving Gunpla TV as usual, just can’t get behind the new theme intro tho. Sounds like something from the Speed Channel from 10 yrs ago. Here’s to winning anything cause you lucky bastards are obviously used to winning!

  20. Freedom! This episode got me remembering the time when I discovered hlj. Hlj taught me the differences between gunpla grades. Hlj looked like a sketchy site back then. I think it was when I was 9 yrs old and I’m 19 now haha

  21. That RG 00 quanta look nice

  22. Pretty punny title I see. Really looking good forward to the rg sinanju after building my hguc sinanju. I can see why the small parts of the quant can be finiky.


  24. nice episode as always…. and there seems to be no problem with the Gyan’s shoulder part… now I can wait for my Gyan to arrive with ease…

  25. Eric said on June 7, 2016

    As I have said before… “*Bleep* the RG Sinanju, I want my RG Hyaku-Shiki!!! The HG Revive doesn’t cut it! I demand it in RG!!!”

  26. cannot wait for rg sinanju u convince me of buying the oo qan t

  27. Gyan Revive Hype!

  28. That rg sinanju ? just made my day…..

  29. Sev said on June 7, 2016


  30. I have watched the latest top gear. It seems good but Chris Evans seems a bit shouty for my liking.

  31. Great episode guys, love the look of the sinanju RG having some new gimmicks. However I believe that the RG line is getting watered down a bit. Compare the newer ones to the first few kits like the RX-78-2, MkII, Zeta and GP01s which had a lot more armor separation and required much heavier panel lining.

  32. I’m so excited to see you guys again at AX. I will be working at the Robots4Less booth this year.



  35. I need to win those 2 freedom kits @.@ just finished building the 2.0 and what a beast that kit is! No polycaps is the way to go!

  36. They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. that rg sinanju man, cant wait for that.

  39. everybody cant wait for rg sinanju, while i cant wait for the new red astaroth and mg zaku thunderbolt!

  40. Don[T] deny the FREEDOM!!!!!!

  41. Love the new kits 🙂

  42. I like the look of the new gyan.. much more sharp and doesn’t look goofy..

  43. cant wait for rg shinanju. just hope those gold parts come of the runners nice and smooth.

  44. Any episode where Ryan gets to talk about zoids or star wars is a great episode.

  45. Love the fact how Todd prepared for this episode. I wish he would do it whenever its possible from now on. Also about the new Gyan head. True the visor looks better but the head spike is way worse (yeah i know safety reasons…. bla bla bla). And about old kits. Not all of them are bad. I strongly recommend Todd and everyone else building Z-Type Zaku (http://hlj.com/product/BAN01348/Gun). I think thats the best old kit (by old i mean from the 80’s) – I’m building and modifying it now and im having a blast.

  46. I refuse to watch the new Top Gear, I’m just rewatching all the old episodes. I need to get an Amazon Prime membership to watch Top Gear’s true successor 😀

  47. That liger.

  48. wish the local hobby shops had zoid kits also i cant wait to buy 2 of thems sinanjus.

  49. Looks like there’s plenty going on with the RG Sinanju to make up for the lack of armor color separation. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with all the RG stickers applied.

  50. please syd lemme win!!!

  51. nice Gyan family 🙂

  52. that mp shield liger is the same size of kittens. wonder how they would react to that.

  53. This episode was excellGyant!

  54. So many Gyan puns, you guys were on fire! I love it! xD

  55. Awesome episode as usual guys. Still dying to see the MG Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt both on the show and in my house eventually.

  56. This weeks show was Gyantastic folks. Currently working on the MG Sinanju at Syd’s recommendation and Im super impressed. Thanks for the awesome recommendation.

  57. I love topgear soo much..
    But i dont think it’ll be the same without the trio

    Ill be getting my rg qant soon
    Really looking forward to it

    Yikes.. 2 freedom..

  58. Mark said on June 7, 2016

    give me FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Double Freedoms all the way across the sky!!

  60. Syd, it sounded like you were having some mic trouble while talking about the Qan[t]. I’m thinking of getting it for one of my nephews as an introduction to the RG line. Would you recommend it?


  61. Dat Quanta thou ….
    makes me salivate <3

  62. that liger looks awesome but those freedoms are amazing 🙂

  63. I’ve been waiting and checking the channel every week in anticipation for this episode to come! And right into the action I have to say that the Shield Liger looks absolutely beast. I love how the parts just work in tandem to make it look realistic while it’s walking! But this week what i’ve really been waiting for were the Gundam reviews, because I am literally on the edge for both the RG 00 Qan[T] and the HGUC Gyan Revive. Right off the bat I was both surprised and pleased of the Gyan party. My initial thoughts were “Holy crap all these puns…” but my later thoughts included things like “Typical Revive articulation? That was a needed update!” It’s a bit disappointing that the Valuable pod doesn’t work with it, oh well, I guess I’ll just get the regular HGUC Gyan if I wanted a Gyan Vulcan, and I can’t help but think that that was Bandai’s plan all along, so they could continue selling the old Gyan kits. Still, it’s earned a place on my wishlist. For the RG Qan[T] though, i’m still a bit on the fence. I want to get it to have the Exia, 00 Raiser & Qan[T] because Setsuna is awesome. But the kit just doesn’t really scream to me to buy it. (Syd, do you think I should also get the HG Virtue, Kyrios and Dynames because Gundam 00?) But I do like how it looks with the bits on the shield, I dunno…

    But holy crap does that guy have a lot of Gunpla! My dream is to be able own that many kits and more when I grow up! It’s a big dream, but one that I want to follow. Gunpla is love, Gunpla is life!

  64. Jeeg said on June 7, 2016

    The walking zoid was awesome! Winning two Freedom is awesome too.

  65. FREEDOM! Times 2

  66. Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju…

    Here! TAKE MY MONIES!!!!

  67. Hi Syd and Ryan! Great show! Shield Lifer is my favourite zoid from the series! Loved seeing it in action!

  68. Great episode! Bandai is really spoiling us with the RG line, with so many awesome kits coming out…

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the RG Sinanju.

  69. Freedom! One of my favorite Gundams along with its sister suit, the Justice!

  70. PM said on June 7, 2016

    Great episode! Love the new RG 00Q !!

  71. First time commenting on the Hobby Link TV site. Syd, Will there be a live build of the RG Sinanju? and Ryan, saw the first episode of the new Top Gear and vowed never to watch again. It was awful.

  72. Awesome episode, can’t wait to get my Quanta!

  73. Great episode guys! The Qan[t] looks awesome! Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju!

  74. Just finished building and painting my Crossbone Gundam Ver Ka. and was deciding what to get next. Now I have 3 hard choices, 00 Quan[t], MG God Gundam or save up a bit and finally get MG Deathscythe Custom to go with my Wing Custom. Really hoping they finally put out an MG Heavyarms Custom at some point. I’m assuming it hasn’t because of weight issues with the double Gatling Guns.

  75. I wish I could go to meet you guys…

  76. can’t meet you guys at anime expo cuz I’m a student in another country…. well agn hope to win…

  77. I need some freedom…

  78. Juan said on June 7, 2016

    Great episode!
    Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju!

  79. Khoo said on June 8, 2016

    I like liger zoids

  80. Rg qan(t) best. Thanks for the wonderful show u have put up. Hope this will carry on for many years.

  81. Zoids, I still have a few of these from my primary / elementary school years. A few of the wind up ones and one motorized (the transport snail).
    ExtravanGYANza should have included the news of the upcoming HGBF Gyan kit. Speaking of new kits, so excited about the RG Sinanju. Was about to order the MG. But when saw your show coverage, I knew I wanted the RG instead.
    As for Top Gear, I dunno. It just feels weird without those three.

  82. Another great episode guys and keep up the awesome work. I am so stoke that RG Sinanju will be released just in time for my B-Day. In addition, I saw at the Expo pics that there was a small plaque with a P-Bandai release of kit; do you guys have any speculations on what it will be?

    As for Top Gear, I saw a bit of the new show and it doesn’t have the same spark. The two host, Chris Evans (not Captain America) and Matt LeBlanc, feels like they are reading straight from a script and as a result the chemistry is flat. It almost seemed forced and and for sure more tamed from before. Perhaps they need a third cast member to change up the dynamics, but mind you it is too early to speculate.

  83. That gyan’s level of detail kinda reminds me of RG quality or a RE 1/100.

    They definitely did a phenomenal job with it.

  84. Cody said on June 8, 2016

    This episode was GYANtastic! Great episode as always guys. I am in love with that shield liger. I may need to cave in and get one myself. I actually had a few month break from doing anything with plamo, and now I have about 11 kits in my backlog. Including the new MG Victory Two Ver Ka. Can’t wait to start this. Your video on it got me hyped. Anyway, thanks for keeping me entertained with each new episode!

  85. WizR said on June 8, 2016

    New top gear sucks .. :,(

  86. Nice chap, waiting to see the glossy finish of the Sinanju and check the dust on it 🙂

  87. Hey! That’s pretty good!

  88. Splendid episode as always!!!

  89. Good ep and review of rg qan t

  90. No color separation for the RG sinanju???????? those are sad news for me, You broke my heart, that was the RG kit that I was waiting for,and I love the color separation on the rg kits, but with no color separation, for me it’s nothing but a glorified HG… I’m really, really sad of learning that, I guess I’ll cancel my preorder…

  91. i’m in the minority who doesn’t care much for the Sinanju… i’d rather have the Sinanju Stein. something about all those pointy things at the edges. it’s not the same vibe as the spikes on a lot of zeon suits. that’s just me tho. i wish the Stein had a monoeye though… too expensive to buy the red Sinanju just for the head lol

  92. I’m not even a fan of the sinanju design, but arghhhh, that kit looks freaking awesome!!!

  93. Great episode as always, the 00 Quan-bracket T bracket looks pretty amazing; it’s been ages since I watched 00 and it’s always a little hit of nostalgia whenever these RG’s come out since they’re usually from older series. And you can tell that Bandai spent that time engineering an amazing kit every time.

  94. PACO said on June 8, 2016

    Great show guys!….regards and keep the good job!

  95. RG sinanju???!?!?!?!?

    How about clone trooper model kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. That Liger is looking goooooooooooood!!!!

  97. The hype for the RG Sinanju is real! I honestly cannot wait until the kit is released. Hope to see you guys at Anime Expo!

  98. Oh Top Gear 🙁 Apart from Gundam, cars are huge in my life sure check out my profile pic to see what a sensible (not) 24yr old car fanatic buys for his second car.
    The show made me cringe the whole way through watching it, Chris Evans really annoyed me, He doesn’t know squat about cars which you can tell by what he says about the cars he is reviewing and his shouting. Matt leBlanc just seemed way too stiff and felt like he was only there for the pay cheque. I know old Top Gear was scripted but at least they made it feel that it wasn’t. The funny thing is the could make the show 10 times better by replacing Chris Evans with Chris Harris who is doing a Top Gear spin off after the main show. Harris is a youtuber, that guy knows his cars and he can drive!
    ***P.S. I don’t comment on episodes where the kit being given away is one I wouldn’t want because someone else may be dying for it so should this comment win please give the kit to someone else, I came here for the Top Gear rant :)***

  99. Love the Gyans!

  100. i actually re-watched the gundam 00 a wakening of the trailblazer movie recently! i was wondering when the rg quan[t] was coming out.

  101. Been looking forward to the RG Qan[T]. Great review.

  102. #Gyang

  103. Dear syd,ryan and todd.. Thank you for making gunpla tv happen. I Enjoy every episode and has been a fan for a long time. I just wish you can also come to our country for expos or anime events. Wish i could meet you all. Keep it up. You inspire us to inspire others

    • By the way .. when you were building in live stream then todd suggested a perfect grade ball joke… he just read my message.. and i was flattered that he noticed it.. dont blame him syd hege more power to ur show more love andmore gunpla to us all

  104. Gyanko would shed a tear!

  105. Oh my double the freedom

  106. I feel like I need to comment aGyan lol

  107. Man I wish I could go to anime expo 🙁

  108. good episode

  109. wow! 206th episode.. nice episode guys.. if the rg sinanju comes out please do a live video building it syd! pls! pls and pls! can’t hardly wait for it to come out!

  110. I’m really digging that masterpiece zoid. I just purchased the highend master model liger zero from HLJ and love it.

  111. DynamoJoe, you da real MVP!

  112. Great show, wish I could go to expo…

  113. McCloud! No it’s Wallace, get it right! Great episode guys, although why did they start a new brand with Revive when they were already doing so with the HG[enter universe here]?

  114. Argh!!! way too many Gyan puns!!! Great episode as always.
    Thanks for the little history insight, I had no clue older gunpla kits were that… simple.
    But damn that Qan[t] looked fragile, hope I’ll be proven wrong once I get my hands on it.
    Sinanju HYPE!

  115. It’s the Gyan-pocalypse!

  116. Z3N said on June 8, 2016

    Once again very informative episode guys, keep up the good work. I’m a long time Youtube viewer, first time hobbylink commenter.

  117. Double freedom!

  118. Is it Gyantastic or Qantastic? 🙂

  119. I would love to win those two Gundam models for my wife 🙂

  120. Hey guys, that Sinanju looks amazing. Might be the first RG I ever pick up. Keep up the amazing work.

  121. Wow, the Liger is amazing! What a nice letter from Dynamo, you guys deserve the praise. Thanks again for another great episode.

  122. Aww syd almost looked moved to tears by that email.


  123. Wow I might buy the quan[T] Kit just for that sword!

  124. How many kits are too many…

  125. I spent 20 minutes attempting to think of a good ‘Gyan’ pun, all i could think of was ‘Gyan’k you for the episode 🙂 Loved the Zoid,my dad thought it was amazing and was asking why my Gundams couldn’t walk like that. 70 comments for the last episode…. im sorry Syd i think it was the Heat Metal.

    For Freedom for Justice for DESTINY!

  126. Keep up the awesome work!! Hope I can save up enough money to go to California and visit the Anime Expo and see you guys one day 🙂

  127. kool ep guys

  128. Great episode guys, and you can never have enough sinanju. Definitely one of my favorite suits.

  129. There are four things that I have seen so far in the video. The evolution of Gunpla from first generation to the present generation. The Liger has awesome PRIDE. The Gundam 00 Quan-T is the miracles. And the Freedom gundams are the freedom of building Gunpla!

  130. what a gyantastic episode!But Ryan’s Liger is the highlight of the episode.

  131. can I have some freedom, please? 😀

  132. That’s a sweet looking Shield Liger! I hope Takara Tomy gives us the other ligers…if not the entire Zoids franchise itself!

    *I’m looking at you Death Stinger and Berserker Fury*

  133. Syd a Liger is the child of a Male Lion and a Female Tiger, and will only occur in captivity because Lion and Tiger habitats don’t cross over each other. CONVERSELY if the Parents of the cub are a Male Tiger and a Female Lion, then the resulting cub is known as a Tigon instead.

    Also on another note I wonder if the Tigon was the inspiration for the name of the Tryon 3 in anyway, because after all according to Meijin Kawaguchi GUNPLA IS FREEDOOOOOOMMMM!

    “This comment is not sponsored by Meijin Kawaguchi the 3rd or Kira Yamato, all mentions of and use of the term gunpla is freedom has been my own use and not forced upon me by any outside party, regardless of if it is true or false.”

  134. The rg sinanju hype is real!!!!

  135. I can remember trying to build the motorized Zoids EZ-016 Zaber Fang kit with my dad around 13 years ago when I was 9 (I watched the anime and wanted it). Didn’t go to well as I had no patience for dealing with it when the parts wouldn’t stay together (my dad also has no skill with model kits which I knew from previous endeavors). I don’t think it was ever completely together but it was enough for me at the time. however it didn’t stay that way for long. It is now in pieces mostly lost some where but with a remaining few the head, left front and back leg parts and the all important motorized torso still in my possession. I always wanted to put it back together some day if I found the rest of it (very unlikely to happen).

  136. RAGE ON GUNPLA!!!!

  137. great show guys. 🙂

  138. We asked and Ryan delivered, well done. Now waiting for that delicious RG Sinanju…

  139. That Liger is slick! It’s like a housecat you don’t have to clean up after! Also… Double Freedoms would be really nice to have…

  140. Awesome episode.

    Of course now I have to watch a favourite movie of mine ( Still Crazy ) due to one of the songs in it. SCREEAAAAAAM FREEDOOOOM!!!!!! Damn Bill Nighy’s a great actor.

  141. Nice episode. I love what they’re doing with the revive line. Hopefully they’ll do the Wing Zero Custom and the Deathscythe Hell Custom revive, although the later as an RG would be awesome. Thanks again for a nice show.

  142. Great episode guys! Never enough Gyan, can’t wait for the Gyancelot!

  143. That was an awesome episode guys. That Shield Liger is a beast (yes, pun intended). I hope to see more reviews and you guys have brought me back into the Zoids fold. I haven’t been interested in them since it came on Toonami years ago when I was a child. I’m looking forward to building my first kit soon. Good luck to all of you and to Ryan with the kids!

  144. another great episode guys. looking forward to the RG shinanju, especially since i might be able to get one soon. giving away twin freedom’s? thats nuts

  145. The RG Qan T looks so much better than the HG

  146. Gunpla is FREEDOM!!!!

    My RG 00 Quan[T] is on its way from you guys, can’t wait to see how it stacks up next to the excellent RG Exia and 00!

  147. Great episode! RG 00 Quan[T] looks great! but I guess I’ll still buy the MG.

  148. Aw yis

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