May 20

In our first episode back after the 2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show, Syd and Todd talk about all the Bandai Plamo they saw there and Ryan has some things to share. We also have an important announcement to make;

HobbyLink Japan will, once again, be at the Los Angeles Anime Expo!

From July 1st to 4th, come by the booth 4609 and pick up some great stuff and say, Hi!

We also have some Gunpla to show you so this episode turns out to be a long one!

Kits shown in this episode:

1/144 REVIVE HGUC Gyan
1/144 HG Zaku I (Denim / Slender)
1/144 HG Gundam Astaroth
1/144 HG GM (GUNDAM Thunderbolt Ver.) Anime Ver.
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II AEUG Version
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans Version


  1. First !!!

  2. As much as Astaroth look really good, why I do get the feeling that Barbatos will not be showing as much as in season 1?
    And regarding FA-78 Ver. Thunderbolt Ver. KA, when will you guys show off the glory of the kit? since the kit is available for Pre-Order now at

  3. Sev said on May 20, 2016

    I cant wait for a 1/100 scale Astaroth!

  4. Nice video as always! I wonder, so what is the difference between the Original GM Thunderbolt and the Anime version? I can’t really tell.

  5. First Congrats for Ryan and good to have you back.

    LA Expo… Oh man I would like to join but in LA… =,=!
    That’s too far…

    For the RG Sinanju, I Guess I would like to have that. But I am more interested if Bandai made RG for Unicorn or Full Armor Unicorn Full Transform in RG Teehee. But I guess Full Armor Unicorn will be in P-Bandai.

    Anyway Great Episode as always! 😀 Keep going till 300 eps. 😀

  6. Congratulations for the twinsyou, Ryan!!!! We’re very, very happy for you!! 🙂

  7. I’ll be at Anime Expo! I’ll also be entering the regional GBWC there. Hope to see you guys, take some pics with you guys, and not confuse Hobby japan’s booth for yours this time! 😀

  8. Possible RE/100 Queen Mansa? let happen Bandai, let it happen.

  9. Ryan. You sure love big kit. Mega Size kit!?

  10. The only reason I will go to anime expo is you guys!! I’ll probably bring you guys some in n out animal style fries..

  11. Gundam Astaroth is awesome! I hope there’ll be a 1/100 version!

  12. great show, cant wait for RG Sinanju

  13. Awww, Syd! You remembered my comment on ManowaR but you forgot to add it to the list? Now I’m sad… lucky me, I have the new DOOM OST running right now, so I’ll manage. But now I feel like I deserve some kind of compensasion, you know? You’d better remember, this time, or I’ll have HeatMetal count up your sins!

    Good episode, it’s good to see Ryan survived.

  14. I know this is late but Congrats Ryan on your twins!

    Cant wait to get my hands on that RG Sinanju gotta love dem mechy parts

  15. That Astaroth looks beast!

  16. I think Todd was referring to the Spinner Rodi. Still waiting for Bandai to announce a kit for that….

  17. I think the next RE will the Bawoo and I think I’ll get that Astaroth…

  18. Can’t wait to see the Gyan and Zaku in the next episode. Sieg Zeon!

  19. Congrats, Ryan.

    Someday Bandai will figure out a way to make a long, flat buster sword look not quite as silly. Do we have hope for RG Quanta?

    The new Doom mashes the Nostalgia Button.

  20. The new ibo Gundam looks awesome

  21. Nick said on May 20, 2016

    I feel like Bandai had a hard choice deciding whether the Hyaku Shiki or the Unicorn would be the 200th HGUC.
    One one hand the Hyaku Shiki is “type 100”, a milestone in its own name.
    On the other hand, the 100th HGUC was the very first Unicorn, I wouldn’t complain if we got the same kit 2 milestones in a row 😛

  22. Maybe that yellow look better in person than it does on TV but I have to say that I am not a fan of it.

  23. will you do a live build of new figurise dbz?

  24. PM said on May 20, 2016

    Great show, cant wait for RG Sinanju !!

  25. Yay! Ryan’s back on Gunpla TV! 😀

    I have been really waiting for that Gyan Revive for far too long, I need that thing. I wish I could go to the Anime Expo, but 1. Have to revise for Exams, 2. I live in Hong Kong, and 3. I’m saving that money for Gunpla (BIRTHDAY RG SINANJU HYYYPE).

    Todd, it’s not a Man Rodi, it’s a different mobile Suit called the “Spinner Rodi” and I want a kit of it. ;-;

    I actually prefer the asymmetrical look as opposed to the symmetrical look, it’s what makes the Astaroth Special. I like the design of the Thunderbolt GM, but i’m sorta debating whether to get it or not due to the hollow parts and static arms. I assume it’s to save money but it’s a bit of a turn off.

    I’m a huge fan of Kamen Rider, and that kit would seem cool, but I would have nowhere to put it. XD

    Still hoping I win it though. <3

  26. I can’t wait for the RG Sinanju to come out!!!

  27. Hung said on May 20, 2016

    Hey can you tell me figure rise standard size is mg figure rise or figure rise 6 ?

  28. Multi-pass… 5th element.
    Pre-order link for RG Sinanju please.
    Welcome back Ryan. Congrats again.

  29. Yay, Ryan’s Back!!!

    Two of the first songs I learned to play on guitar were Fight for Freedom and Metal Daze by Manowar

    Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju, it gives me hope for an RG Unicorn in the future

  30. sya said on May 20, 2016

    Well, you’re really pick a great prize for next week Gunpla TV episode, Syd

    Because Kamen Rider W got a new Cyclone Joker SHFiguarts in Shinkoucchou Seihou line yesterday

  31. Char said on May 21, 2016

    Really cool episode!
    I got a question, when will the RX-78-4 and RX-78-5 get restocked?
    It has changed from April restock to June restock
    Can’t wait to get hold of it~~~

  32. HEATO, METARU! MAXIMUM DRIVE! I just had to do that, sorry.

    Congrats to Ryan!

    And speaking of the Astaroth, I hope the unnamed kit at Shizuoka is the upgrade of Astaroth…

  33. Great episode guys! and gratz on twin boys Ryan. Also, Todd your not the only one! I think your version of Astaroth looks better than the one bandai printed out! I still love you Mr.Bandai dont be angry with me!

  34. Congratz to Ryan for getting the 1/1 PG Boy Twin Set. Surprise to see a build fighters version of the Astaroth at the Shizuoka already!

  35. I need to have an Efreet Schneid!

  36. I’m packing heat with metal.*cops arrive*

  37. Great show as usual and glad to see Ryan back! I can’t wait for later today as I will be getting my GM thunderbolt and the Astaroth in the mail for a long weekend of gunpla building. I would love to meet you guys in LA; however, I don’t have enough spare holiday days left after booking my for a trip to Europe(insert crying face here). I will be there in spirit.

  38. Haha welcome back Ryan. How many years will it be for the Ligar. I gave up seeing the Falcon finished, and now since Ryan v2.0 and v2.1 having a screaming contest at your place, this will also take while. But great to have you back in the show. Talking about the show, if you are going to do a livebuild Syd, when will it be announced? Would love to join.

  39. Congratulations Ryan! Great video guys! The Astaroth looked interesting. I can’t wait for the RG Sinanju, it’s going to be fantastic. Kamen Rider Heat/Metal, awesome 🙂

  40. Great episode as always guys, Symmetrical Astaroth was actually awesome, show off some more ideas Todd! Congrats Ryan get them the same clothes no variations, your wife will hate it 🙂 Anyways wish i could see you guys at the show but im unable to attend *Sigh* Have fun, and Sieg Zeon!

  41. Oooh! I spy a Kamen Rider Double, Heat Metal! I’m really up for that, but only because I know someone else who’d really like it as he’s a massive Double fan. Looking forward to the 00 Qant next episode, it’s pretty awesome!

  42. great episode! awesome work Todd. love the custom work and info on the Astaroth symmetry, you’re very considerate. can’t wait for the future releases!

  43. Can’t wait for that RG Qan[T]

  44. Congrats once again, Ryan. Hope you can manage your time with work, family, and DOOM.

  45. HEATO! METALO! may you always build GunplaTV!

  46. Hi guys,
    Great show. Thanks. Wow, an hour long.. nice.
    Can’t wait for the RG Sinanju….


  48. RG sinanju is so sweet. Want!!!

  49. Great show, can’t wait for the RG Sinanju…

  50. The Original Version of Astaroth! Only on Hobbylink TV!

  51. Still no MG 3.0 Char’s Zaku II… The dream is dead, isn’t it?

  52. Glad to see that your back Ryan, it felt a bit strange to only have Syd and Todd on the show, and make sure to take care of yourself you sounded a bit tired near the end.

    However Todd, Syd, you guys are really trying to take it out on my wallet, 2 HG Astaroths for a “complete look” version. And your talk of putting the Thunderbolt Full Armour Gundams backpack on the GM, made me think of a mash up with the Full Armour Gundams backpack, the Powered GM Cardigan, possibly the Powered Arms Powereder option pack and some miniguns from the Heavy Arms or its custom form, for the Full Armour Powered GM Cardigan All Arms ver.

    But I’ve got the Exia and 00 Raiser RGs coming from you to do first, which I guess I’d better do before doing something crazy.

  53. Kamen Raidaaaaaaaaaah

  54. thunderbolt kits are full pack, cant wait to see them in MG ver.

  55. Wow!!! I really like this episode that when Tod show us what he do with Astraroth!!! It is really creative and new to me!!!! Thank you for showing me how to play with gunpla properly….!!! XD

  56. Cannot wait for RG Sinanju

  57. Glad you have you back Ryan!

    After watching the Thunderbolt anime I really hope they do an MG of the psycho zaku, He kinda felt more like the protagonist than the FA.

    You guys should go to a con on the east coast of the US, Gencon or Pax!

  58. Congrats on the twin! todd should really praticing the lines. both of you got responsibility now.. one on the twins and one on the lines.. hahahaha :-p

  59. Just gotta say…cant wait for that zaku origin!!




  61. I wish I could go to AX, but I don’t have enough money to go to, let alone enough to take a trip within my own state right now. Maybe I could do some Gunpla commissions. I hear those bring in good amounts of money.

  62. sweet ep guys super excited to get my hands on the Gundam Astaroth

  63. I like the Thunderbolt designs, that GM is really good looking for a grunt suit!

  64. Welcome back Ryan, good luck with the twins. Can’t wait to see the gyan in action. I’m also excited for build fights as well Todd, those new kits look ace.

  65. Great show! welcome back Ryan and congratulation. =]

  66. I have noticed that lately every new mold for HG kits have lego-style peg hands instead of trigger fingers. The hyaku-shiki is the revive I’ve been looking forward to since they first announced them but from the pictures and videos I’m very disappointed that Bandai might be using the cheap style hands on it. what are your guys’ thoughts on the hands?

  67. Awesome episode!!!

  68. love your videos,you guys inspired me to start building gunpla.Heres to another 200 videos!

  69. I’m waiting patiently for RG Sinanju preorders to go live so I can spend my hard earned dollarydoos

  70. Hi Syd ryan and todd, First of all congratulations to Ryan on the twins. I just like to commend you all for the effort you excerted in each episode. You gave me purpose in life. I was suicidal before. But when I watched your videos.. Every episode I have watched has enticed me to build more and more gunpla. I am building for 4 months now and have built 10 hg’s, 2 Mg’s and 1 RG in my possesion. Looking forward to build a PG. Now I am happy and met new friends who shares the same interest. the hobby saved me.. You guys saved me.. and I am grateful to you ..more power to your show Hoobylinkjapan. GUNPLA TV ROCKS!!

  71. Thank you for making all the videos!

  72. Speaking of videogames, have you guys played Overwatch yet ?!

  73. For real! You guys should come to Shanghai, China. Check out the gunpla expo during ACG comic fair!

  74. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Great episode guys ^_^ can’t wait for the unnamed HG from the Iron-Blooded Orphans Gaiden side story, and that RE/100, so many kits so little time

  76. Karen Raidaaaaaaaaaah

  77. Nice kits!

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