May 3

We are really busy with the Golden Week, or rather, busy getting ready for it, but still we wanted to pump out an episode of Gunpla TV for everyone. Enjoy the plamo while we enjoy some well-earned days off.



Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGUC Gouf
1/144 HGBF Gouf R35
1/100 Grimgerde
1/144 HG Grimgerde
1/100 RE/100 Efreet Custom

And if you missed it check out our unboxing of the latest MG the 1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0 here!

Gunpla TV


  1. Great Show hope i won the denial gundam

  2. love the show keep up the good work!

  3. Eyon said on May 3, 2016

    Great episode guy ^^.
    I want that guntank

  4. Gyan revive soon?

  5. Zyphr said on May 3, 2016

    denial is fine but i prefer the guntank :). Loving the grimgerde, when i first saw it introduced to us for the first time, i was like, this is really cool,yeah they’re gonna make a 1/100 soon, i just have to wait

  6. Where’s the masterpiece shield liger, show me its glory Sid

  7. Great episode guys, think that bandai will release some of the other kits from thunderbolt? Such as the gouf from the side story?

  8. Ordered the 1/100 Grimgerde last week, looks like I got a lot to look forward too!

  9. I could really use that Denial Gundam. I have the Cathedral Gundam (it’s what the Denial is based on), and I would love to put the effect parts on it.

  10. Great episode that 1/100 Grimgerde looks sick, I had kitbash ideas for the Denial gundam, and the Guntank. Really hoping I win one.

  11. both 1/100 kit look really nice.

  12. That guntank looks sick!

  13. Cannot wait for the hobby show of gunpla releases

  14. Double Congrats to Ryan….

    I was really anxious to see Syd’s build: MG Gundam Freedom ver 2.0 this week…
    well here goes another week of my anxious anticipation…. hehehe…

    cheers guys & (Todd too 🙂 )…Great Show!!!

  15. 1/100 Blue Destiny Unit 1 when? Efreet needs somebody to fight. Why, Bandai? WHYYYYYYYYYYY? They always leave these huge, obvious gaps in their lineups.

  16. Other than the thunderbolt Master grade is any one else excited to see a Real grade sinanju? Cause I’m waiting patience for it to be announced.

  17. Junyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The Efreet looks awesome, and I can’t wait to see the RE Kshatriya

  19. gimme some!!!

  20. VurnX said on May 3, 2016

    I’m waiting for it BandaIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, BF/BFT MGs XD

  21. VurnX said on May 3, 2016

    Dear wallet, please be fat and not flat again ahahaha! I’m waiting for it BandaIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, BF/BFT MGs XD

  22. Can’t wait for your review of the Freedom 2.0, I’ve been hearing good things about it.

    And if there is a Zaku 3.0, Bandai shut up and take my money.

  23. Great episode… can I win any of the kits? I never win anything … so, it would be nice if I finally get to win something…

  24. Hnnng, that Grimgerde looks so good.

  25. You know what they say, “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, it’s also a Gundam.” :p

  26. leon said on May 3, 2016

    just give us the 3.0 char !!

  27. _bMd_ said on May 3, 2016

    Have you heard of and do you like the Mythbusters? They have a Youtube channel group Called Tested and they’ve been talking about building a couple Gunpla Kits.

  28. tfw u in denial the denial is undeniably sleek af

  29. Karyu said on May 3, 2016

    I want the Denial for my kitbash project!!!

  30. 200 and still running. Good job guys, keep it up!

  31. Mark said on May 3, 2016

    dont deny me that gundam… 😀

  32. Todd can we get a sieg zeon from you!?

  33. Great episode Guys and Congrat to Ryan for the Twins

  34. dat rabbit gunpla thou

  35. The RE/100 Efreet makes me sad because it’s another RE kit that has those crappy HG hands. They gave the Nightingale the emotion manipulator hands(which they aren’t using enough of in MG kits), so why not the other REs? Make it happen Bandai, right meow!

  36. Wasn’t expecting to be picked! Action base and a whole lot a extra parts for scratch building and kit bashing. I am pleased. Thanks guys!

  37. RE Efreet looks pretty good

  38. I have a denial gundam already, and it was the first kit i painted up. It wasn’t up to my standards. Hope i get that denial so i can “try” again.

  39. scooby dooby dooooo!

  40. A bit disappointed that I didn’t win the Rinascita. Oh well, there’s always next time.

    That Efreet looks awesome, it’s a bit of a shame that it’s articulation isn’t great, but at least it still looks cool. Hoping that I get that Guntank, the denial is cool too I guess. XP

  41. That Efreet looks sick!

  42. That MG Psyco Zaku is going to be insane!

  43. Swaggy episode! Hoping to win the Denial Gundam or gun tank.

  44. DL76 said on May 3, 2016

    ” I heard that about you” LMAO!!!!!!!

  45. i need at least two Efreet. one normal and one nacht. that Grimgerde is amazing. please let me win my Guntank!!

  46. I wish i could win that Denial Gundam

  47. Jegan HOW ARE YOU?!

  48. I already own that Guntank so I hope that I could win that Denial Gundam

  49. Ryguy said on May 3, 2016


  50. can’t wait for the MG ‘murica 2.0 review, details look good and I’m expecting that it would be as good as the mg rx-78 origin on a mechanical aspect

  51. First Last comment win win . HLJ thanks for the vids

  52. 1/100 Grimgerde !!!!!!!!!

  53. The Grimgerde and Efreet look fantastic. Can’t wait for the RG Quanta that will come out this month too!

  54. I wonder if you guys will stream/ build the RG Qan[T] when it comes out, I can’t wait to get it. Also I’m in Denial about winning this time but I Gun-Tank you anyways for the opportunity.

  55. i would very much enjoy more updated kits like the hyaku shiki. I hope see a double zeta, how amazing would that be. P-bandai full armor set.

  56. i see that you did a comparison of the Gouf r35 and the gouf revive, but Tod can you do a comparison with the gouf custom ( articulation i think it is obsolete, it on look, in my opinion it look better then all. Great episode and thank you for the reviews

  57. That Efreet and Grimgerde…
    Especially the Grimgerde, That is one of the most awesome Frame in the IBO
    Efreet however, seems to be short of long-range weapon there

  58. i love the Grimgerde!


  60. what kind of turbo nerd complains about free kits, built or not.

  61. Can’t wait for the live show!! But I don’t think we really need a 3.0 zaku… the 2.0 is tough to beat

  62. THAT GRIMGERDE IS SICK! Great show guys!

  63. Awesome episode guys!!! Love the design of the efreet custom!!! Love to win the guntank as i do not have any kits from origin.

  64. Can you do bandai vs bootleg in the next episode and can you review the gundam astaroth

  65. Cant wait to see that sexy sexy freedom 2.0 to be finished and nice review, Really love the look of the Efreet

  66. The Grimgerde is like a cool bad ass looking rabbit awesome !
    i hope more thunderbolt ver of gunpla comes out they are all nice

  67. AWesome kits ..YES MG RX 78 Full thuderbolt ver ka

  68. shika said on May 3, 2016

    i’d like to see a review of any p-bandai kits.

  69. can’t wait for the MG 1/100 Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt Ver. Ka ..its gonna be an awesome kit..

  70. sya said on May 3, 2016

    gimme sumthing

  71. Nick said on May 3, 2016

    Looks like I need to ship my Grimgerde and Efreet now rather than waiting for the Revive Gyan and Origin Zaku I…

  72. Wow I thought the Efreet was gonna be kinda plain but it looks awesome. Im pretty much a MG/PG guy but it kinda makes me want to take a second look at the RE/100 kits.

    Also my Ver KA Ball came today from HLJ! Time to customize it into something crazy!

  73. my fingers are crossed for a PG char z’gok.

  74. Spitz said on May 3, 2016

    Guntank sounds kinda dumb, all tanks come with guns by default dont they?

  75. Efreet custom and Grimgerde look sick!

    Looking forward MG Psyco Zaku and FA-78 ver ka, they would be amazing together!

  76. I just want that Denial Gundam! GIMME GIMME GIMME!

  77. I can’t deny I would love to win a kit )
    great show

  78. well i was hoping to see the mg freedom 2.0 on this week episode 🙁

  79. All these new gunpla are going to hurt my wallet

  80. that guntank is beautiful

  81. that denial and guntank is awesome and amazing! 🙂

  82. Juan said on May 3, 2016

    Can’t wait for the Shizuoka report! 🙂

  83. Shizouka – its that time, huh? How the time flies!

  84. can’t wait for the mg freedom 2.0, that guntak tho is so beautiful <3, i'm hoping to win a kit, and still a great episode guys keep up the good work 🙂

  85. Rob said on May 3, 2016

    Another great episode!

  86. Great work as usual! Wish the Efreet had a few more accessories but what it does get looks amazing, I might just have to buy one.

  87. Starting to miss Ryan…

  88. PM said on May 3, 2016

    Awesome episode guys!!! Love to win the kits!

  89. Still waiting for that 3.0 zaku2, wish that efreet was an MG

  90. I will be in denial if i dont win one of those kits lol great show guys

  91. Great show guys! The 1/100 Grimgerde looks good! Here’s hoping I win one of them 😀

  92. just give me anything

  93. Raid said on May 3, 2016

    The Efreet has sorta grown on me since they announced it. And I never made the connection between Final Fantasy’s Ifrit (in the English translations) and Efreet!

  94. Congrats to Ryan and another great episode. I was waiting for someone would make a Thunderbird reference and it came on smooth. The Shizuoka Hobby Show, what model kits that Bandai and other companies are coming out, I can’t wait? Just for now, I am waiting for the Iron Blooded Orphan’s Gundam Astaroth to be release and you guys doing a review on it. As always keep up the good work and stay awesome!

  95. Is your twin also into Gunpla? I’m trying to get my twin into Gunpla, but he doesn’t really have the time nor the patience for it.

  96. I fell in love with that 1/100 Efreet from the moment it was announced. Man is that thing sexy.

  97. I never won a contest from hlj before, but i wont guve up! Give me the hg!

  98. A full tank of freedom.

  99. I love gunplatv!!!

  100. Great episode guys. I could say something else but im 2 lazy.

  101. I want to see them automate an entire kit with that robotic leg tech they showed off last year.

  102. Hahah, an episode is always better with a bit more Todd =D

    Really hoping to get the Denial if I get any of them, I already have the Try Burning Gundam and it would be fantastic to make a scene with them! Sorry Guntank, I was just never really that into you…

  103. I still remember the SEXY grandaddy gundam.

  104. Man, the Gouf R35 has a such a cool design. I think it’ll become the gateway into Zaku-style mechas for me. Welp, I figure I need to save up another 1275 yen then.

    Oh and if I’m selected, I’d appreciate the Denial. Unless the other person wants it since I have one, but my dog shredded my box for it which kills my collector’s soul and I don’t think I’ll ever repurchase the denial just for the box. It’s a great kit and all but I don’t think I’ll use any of it’s parts for any custom models, so it’d be a waste of prime nihon plastic.

  105. cool ep guys i figured the new gouf would reuse the r35

  106. love that efreet box art! gonna get the tunderbolt ver. ka for sure when it comes xD

  107. Angel said on May 4, 2016

    It would be awesome to with that Origin kit!!!

    Also do you think they will ever make an MG Leo or Aries from the Gundam Wing series? I think it would be a cool addition.

    • Leo is on the list of likely RE100s coming up. That’s probably the best we’re ever going to get. They’ve came through with the Efreet, so maybe we’ll get all of the suits in that one promo picture. If they go in order that they placed the suits on that picture, the next one will be GM Sniper II or Xi.

  108. I love the original Zeonframes and I would lineup for a new MG Zaku V3.0 for sure. The last great was the Geara Doga. I am often looking at hlj to find the Zaku-type-kit of my choice, but they are all kind of aged.
    Actually how outdated is the PG Zaku, since BANDAI went a long way of developement since it came out?
    I not intend to build the same Gundam over and over again and end up with 10 different Zaku-II, or different types, wich are almost the same with just another weaponpack. But i absolutly have to have one.

  109. Great episode guys, might be my imagineation but the Grimgerde kind of reminds me of the Enact from Gundam OO :p

  110. Bee said on May 4, 2016

    I thought that Shizouka was during the last weekend of May so unfortunately I arranged my trip to Tokyo on the wrong dates, just missing the event so I’m really looking forward to your broadcast. In the mean time I hope that I can win the gun tank ^_^

  111. Oh my sweet Gundam, I can’t believe I missed the pictures of the FA Gundam Ver Ka. Thanks for reminding me! 😀

    Great episode guys!

  112. I’m definitely with Tedd on the Barbatos design, I was quite disappointed when they did that countdown teaser thing.

  113. Everybody is dreaming and talking about the Char’s Zaku II 3.0 while I’m here wishing and waiting that Bandai may gave us Z’Gok 2.0!!!

    Come on please! Z’Gok 2.0! or even an RG GP02!!

  114. Great show!!

  115. Hi guys! Thanks for this episode but really looking forward for the next one to see the review of the new Freedom:-) The Efreet in now listed in my shopping list, really looks like a great kit. Will definitely get it! Thanks again guys.

  116. Ein Ein Ein

    Also, I really liked the Gouf R35, so I might get the Gouf Revive. The two different shades of blue is more noticeable on the Revive.

  117. guntank origin vs guntank tv

  118. I love the design of the Guntank origin ver. and the Grimgerde looks really nice

  119. That Denial Gundam is pretty sexy! (Still wishing for an MG Build Burning though…)

  120. Dave said on May 4, 2016

    …still waiting on that RG Gouf
    …Pumped for ‘The Shiz’
    …Origin Guntank plz!

    ..Another fine episode as always!

  121. Hi guys,
    Great show thanks. Personally, I like the Gouf R35. Way much cooler than the revive and has 2 shields. Just for you Syd, I made a Canadian version of the Gouf R35 posted on the site. Just don’t know if you’ll be able to see it or not.

    If I win, may I ask for the RX-78-2 Revive poster behind your seat instead? I really wish to have the RX-78-2 poster.

  122. esc1a said on May 4, 2016

    nice !!!

  123. Man, that Grimgerde is easily one of my new favorite mobile suits. and you keep asking for a MG Char’s Zaku 2 3.0, I’m still waiting for a MG Justice! C’mon Bandai! We have two MG Freedoms now! Please!!?

    Also, hope I win either of those kits, they look awesome! Love you guys, keep up the great work <3

  124. Char said on May 4, 2016

    THAT guntank!!

  125. *Efreet Intensifies*

  126. Great episode guys! I would love to win any of those kits, especially the MG!

  127. SinoX said on May 4, 2016

    Classic Guntank!
    Hope to see more MG FA photos soon.
    Wonder what’s next for mg. I really hope they will finish the assault mode for v2 ver.ka
    Without the armour is just not feels complete 🙁 they have it for hg, why can’t mg?

  128. Syd, Tod it’s all good of you just give method grmgerede! I don’t need anything else. Mmmm the stiffness

  129. JAY3 said on May 4, 2016

    Any news regarding the next rg? I’m hoping it’s unicorn and then banshee

  130. la k said on May 4, 2016


  131. Dear HLJ,

    Great review as always. What kind of expectations do you have for the upcoming RE/100 Kshatriya in terms of articulation and gimmicks? An awesome review would be to compare it with the HGUC version!

  132. Efreet vs Grimgerde. The Ultimate Sword-Off!

  133. MG psycho zaku. More bazookas

  134. Oh poor Ryan, his life his over. Ahah!

  135. DENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. we want the 1/100 graze ein!!!!!

  137. hi guys is me writing to you hlj , i queries about how the lack of race diversity in your company
    when i look through you 200 episode and other episode,my question is do there have orther race that work in your company .we should show how diversity that people that play gunpla not just european or white people
    that is my concern

    • Anna said on May 4, 2016

      Hi, and thanks for the comment! As we are located in Japan, the majority of our staff is Japanese. Gunpla TV, however, is an English-language program, and so is produced by our English speaking staff.

  138. Sev said on May 4, 2016


  139. Digging all the zeek love from bandai lately

  140. Will we ever get an RG GM?

  141. raime said on May 4, 2016

    thank you, just thank you..

  142. Great episode! The Grimgerde looks so cool, and so knight-like with the head-fins, keep up the great work guys 🙂

  143. Lets go MG FA gundam and psycho zaku !!!

  144. Cann’t wait to get a grimgerde, it looks awesome. I am a. It concerned with the thunderbolt full armor gundam, though. The preview shots do not have the joint coverings on the elbows and knees. I thought that was what makes this version different from the regular full armor. Hopefully they will appear on the model when it is revealed at the hobby show later this month.

  145. That Efreet is looking better and better everytime I look at it. Here’s hoping they keep churning out these awesome RE/100’s!

  146. I watched it and I still don’t know if I want Grimgerde or Efreet!

  147. Denial is not just a river in egypt.

  148. cjb19 said on May 5, 2016


  149. Wölf said on May 5, 2016

    The Efreet Is looking real nice, I hope to see more REs from Bandai. Bandai if you are reading Please and Thank you.

  150. So, can you convert the R35 into a normal Gouf?

  151. Thank you for making all the videos!

  152. Congratulations to Ryan! I might need to get me those two Goufs now.

  153. Looking forward to the Master Grade Full Armor Gundam from Gundam Thunderbolt

  154. Bara said on May 5, 2016

    just watched the Guntank in action in the origins movie.
    Young Casval (Char) sure got some balls. like, you will never be as badass as Casval owning 4 Guntanks while holding his sister on his lap.
    Tell me how to get high on gundam guys, just like Todd.. Do I have to work in the same kind of place like HLJ to get as high as Todd ?
    JK 😀
    Hope I win some kit :p

  155. Hoping they make an RE Kshaytriya :/

  156. Great episode guys! Very excited about the MG Thunderbolt rx-78 full armor. I hope too win the hg denial gundam,I have been wanting that one for a while.

  157. i hope to see the RE Kshaytriya!!!

  158. Beork said on May 5, 2016

    Love the efreet, hope they’ll do some more kits like Kshaytriya, or some of the weirder Zeta designs

  159. Nice episode guys but somehow sad without Ryan (congratz on twins!). I hope he will be back soon and I’m looking forward to see new stuff shown at Shizuoka Hobby Show! 😀

  160. The Grimgerde is very nice! The Efreet doesn’t appeal to me that much.

    To have a Guntank, yes please!
    To have a second Denial Gundam? Sure!

    Great episode to look forward to… A double dose of Freedom!

    I hope to win the giveaway.

  161. scid said on May 5, 2016

    I wonder what would be at shizuoka..hopefully more Zeon MG.

  162. GIVE ME GUNPLA…. hi everyone at HLJ you’re all awesome!!!

  163. Hey Guys,
    Loved the episode even if there wasn’t any new kits to unbox. I can’t wait to see the newest kits planned for this year. Any insider tips on what the biggest releases will be?
    Keep on building and rock’in!!!

  164. Hey Ryan, Syd and Todd, thanks for all the great shows you’ve done so far, especially the grade explanation ones as they helped me pick out my first gunpla kits, the HG Barbatos and Gusion Rebake. Sadly they weren’t from HLG, but after a bit of research its clear that not only do you have a great reputation, but you guys are cheaper overall than anyone else I can find for the UK, so all my orders will be with you guys from now on.

    Just got 2 questions for you guys and the community, for my next lot of kits I’d like to do a top coat and panel wash, I know Ryan really likes his enamel panel wash, but I was wondering if acrylic paint would work just as well if watered down enough, and if it does work which gives the better effect, enamel or acrylic?

    And probably more for Syd and Todd, for my next lot of gunpla I’ve decided to go with a few kits from the 00 line, so I was thinking the Exia and the 00 Raiser in HG…But they do come in RG…the price is good and they look doable with my skills…and I really do like the look of the RG QuanT…is it worth jumping from HG to RG if you are confident in your skills to do it?

    Also send my thanks to Brian from Boss Builds, he managed to answer the question I was struggling with on how to layer different types of paints/top coats on ep4 of boss builds, I had been struggling with that for days!

    • So far there are three RG kits from 00. The GN-001 Gundam Exia was released in April 2014, the GN-0000 + GNR-010 OO Raiser followed in April 2015 and the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] will be released this month.

      • Oh I already knew about the RG kits (although I had hoped the Qan[t] would be release near the beginning of the month), my question was whether it would be worth making the jump from having only done 2 HG kits, to doing 3 RGs. I’ve actually already gone an ordered the Exia and 00 Raiser in RG and preordered QanT, but thanks for replying anyway.

  165. Great episode as always, looking at the Grimgerde it seems like its too stocky? or just not thin and ‘sharp’ enough, either way cant wait for next time.

  166. Dmoon said on May 6, 2016

    U guys are amazing keep it up

  167. The Denial’s going to be awesome. Great job people!

  168. me?

  169. Great Episode guys, at the moment I’m in the middle of building my first PG, the red frame astray. It will look awesome once finished. Would be great if they announce a zaku II char version 3.0, but maybe there might be more 2.0 kits as there are a lot of them that need an upgrade.

  170. BNuts said on May 7, 2016

    Great, now I have to decide between the HG and 1/100 Grimgerde.

    I’m also looking at the Gundam the Origin as my 1st MG, even though it’s slightly more expensive than the Freedom 2.0. I just love those accessories and gimmicks, and I don’t have a representation of the Gundam yet.

  171. No one’s gonna comment on the fact that Syd has a twin?????

  172. eXia said on May 8, 2016

    Congratulations to Ryan! times two!

    Really love the look of the Grimgerde though. Also hoping for a MG Freedom 2.0 review soon!

  173. Great episode! The 1/100 Grimgerede looks very slick and probably they’re setting a higher standard for other ibo 1/100 kits starting with this

  174. I’ll be in denial if if I don’t get the guntank

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