Apr 8

After five years, and a few extra weeks, HobbyLink TV is proud to bring you Gunpla TV Episode 200. A lot of planning went into this special episode, which was then discarded in large amounts due to the time constraints of trying to film a bunch of stuff while still doing our day jobs.

Thanks, everyone, for the five years and counting and we’ll be back to normal (if there is such a thing here) in episode 201.

Items featured in this episode:

A whole warehouse full!

And we give away a huge pile of stuff!

Thanks to Josh for being so generous and donating a gift to the episode 200 Contest Winner. Be sure to check out his website at http://www.joshuadarrah.com/

And thanks to Wax Organix for the new theme music!


  1. Yeaaaaah Buddy!!!! 200!!! Congratulations Guys!!!

  2. it’s here!!!

  3. Hmmm… I don’t know if I’m early or what but first, congratulation for the 200th episodes!!! I watched you guys since the beginning and y’all have improved a lot.
    It’s the first episode of gunpla tv that I watched since a 2 month long hiatus. (Cegep got in the way 🙁 ) It’s good to be back!

    I’m not real sure about entering the competition since I’m very broke ( I just paid my tution fee and some additional summer courses.) I don’t think I’ll even have the money to get a model kit since I’m investing into a computer for studying engineering in university!

    Anyways, glad to see you guys all healthy and keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. congrats dudes 😀

  5. Congratsss HLJ.. Kudos….More Power.. MOre Sales… 🙂

  6. congratz on episode 200!!!

  7. Congratz! Finally episode 200!

  8. Dan said on April 8, 2016

    Great episode and congratulations!!


    *Confetti falls from the sky*

  10. Awesome episode 200! Congrats guys!

  11. Congratulations to the entire team and the lucky winners

  12. Awesome ep 200 I didn’t win but atleast I tried till ep 201 PPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEAAAAACCCCEEEEE!!!!!!!

  13. w00t! Number 200 😀 Congrats to all the winners!

  14. I laughed at the tea party. Sadly I didn’t win but grats to those that did.

  15. I’m not mad at Tod (I was 950)… Grats on 200 and beyond.

  16. Congratulations!! yaaay happy 200th!!

  17. Find it weird that all the 2 digits number and 1 digit number didn’t win
    But then, can’t feel bad about it
    Since this is by pure luck

  18. Congrats on ep 200. And congrats to all the winners.
    Canada represent… nice pjs Syd.

  19. Dammit, Todd! None of them were me!!! Better luck next time, I guess

    Congratulations on 200! Here’s to the next 200

    Except you, Todd. I’m feeding you to the fluffy bunnies!

  20. FINALLY a competition is coming

  21. We all wineed. Still going 200 episodes later. 2 seconds…

    Todd didn’t pull my number. I don’t like Todd anymore. Well, maybe. Yes. Not really. 2 seconds…

    Congrats to the winners, hopefully we get to see what they have done with their winnings. 2 seconds…

    To many more guys, I’m sure all of us are looking forward to more Gunpla TV in earnest.

    2 seconds…

  22. Great job on the video I cant wait to see more episodes in the future

  23. We’ve gone so far…it makes me want to shed tears of joy…

    “I don’t trust anyone who never cries. That’s my philosophy.”

  24. I’ve been watching since episode 1 and have been keeping up ever since. Great show, great job and keep it up guys!

  25. congrats!

  26. Here is for another 200 episodes.

    PS. Am i the only one who calls it episode 200 “All the Ryan hair styles”?

  27. Its been a long journ for you to reach 200 episode so, congratulations!!!

  28. Tod’s scene in the warehouse made me jump!

  29. Give me 2 seconds.

    It’s crazy how much time and effort you’ve put into Gunpla TV, the prices were way beyond what I could expect!! Not only that, the humurous video shows real dedication as well, haha! “Which one is Syd, and which one is Ryan?”, my favorite line from the skit. xD

    Even though I didn’t win anything, getting recognized by receiving a consolation prize/coupon (whatever it may be) felt really appreciating, especially as a viewer that constantly follow the show like an eager dog. I hope you guys continue the show for as long as possible, and I also hope Syd’s wife doesn’t get jelly of (Syd’s second wife) the PG Unicorn.

    Thanks a lot to those who made the show possible!

  30. congrats on the 200!!! keep on trucking

  31. Congratz on the 200 episode!!! You guys are great!

  32. Congratulations on 200 episodes guys. Sad I missed out on the giveaway, but always happy to see more of you all doing what you do.

  33. Congratz. Eps. 200 !!!

  34. Congrats on 200, would really like to see an episode on some of the old first gundam/MSV kits.

  35. Episode 200, Congratulations!
    It was hyped and it delivered with all the shenanigans.

  36. Congrats Hobbylink TV!!! More episodes to come!

  37. Congrats on finally reaching the big TWO O O. Hope you guys keep going for another 200 more or maybe you shouldn’t because you guys keep making me spend money on kits. Any way looking forward to seeing the custom contest, too much talent for me to even think about entering.

  38. Great show wish I had one of the lucky numbers

  39. 200, what a milestone, and also 974 contest entrants (those’re loooooooong odds)! Congratulations! Excellent work and keep it up.

    Nice selection of prizes. I don’t have any of those kits… yet. I’d have been happy with any of them. Congrats to the winners.

    Josh, excellent art. Considering doing it professionally, or doing cartoons?

  40. Great episode guys! Was on the edge of my seat for the V2 prize but sadly no luck. Then again I already got lucky with the MG Gundam X on sale. Thanks for all the episodes and great fun, already looking forward to 201!

  41. Congratz for the 200 episode , that was fun. Keep up the good works brooooos.

  42. Hey awesome show guys can’t wait for 300,400 and 500. See you guys 201!!!! And congrats to the winners!

  43. GN said on April 8, 2016

    200 eps and still going strong!

  44. PM said on April 8, 2016

    Congrats Hobbylink TV.

  45. Congrats Guys
    Sadly i was close to the No.1 my No. was 601 hahaha but honestly thanks hobbylink

  46. Congratulations! It’s so wonderful to finally see you guys reach 200 episodes, been watching since around 90 or so.

  47. Congratulation for the 200th episodes. Good to see Cid and Todd getting along together nicely 😀

  48. Congratulations Guys ! 😀

    I hope to see 200 more episodes

  49. Man Josh’s kits and artwork are awesome! Congrats on the big 2-0-0 also guys!

  50. Congrats on making it to episode 200! I never realize how much work it took to make this Milestone episode. Props and Kudos. Keep on doing what you guys do best!

  51. Congrats!! Great episode.
    BTW Which one is Syd, which one is Ryan? And who’s Todd again?

  52. Well i didnt win, but it was still fun watching, i thought your first few “Chapters” were hilarious especially Todd’s initiation, good work guys and here’s to 200 more.

  53. Congratulations on Episode 200!

  54. All those skits

  55. Nice work guys!

  56. Great episode and congratulations!!

    200 200 200 200 200 200 200!!!!

  57. Congratulations Hobbylink TV and to the winners! 2 seconds v(。・・。)

  58. To be honest i didnt like how the prizes were given out. Bundles for only 10 people didnt seem fair to me. Could have stretched that out and let more people win even if they already have a kit; they would have been grateful.
    The episode itself was ok. Some funny parts but i thought hlj was in Japan. All i saw were white folk. Haha.
    Congrats on your 200. Ive been watching since the very beginning and enjoy your efforts, though i have never won anything ever which is a bummer.
    Congrats to those who did win.

    • Forgot to add…. Keep up the good work.

    • We are located in Japan and staffed by a large, diverse crew! All the folks who made appearances in this episode were included because they’ve been involved in some way with Gunpla TV or hobbylink.tv. Thanks for watching!

  59. why for my comment not show? Does it require vetting before showing up?

  60. Maybe it was the image.

    Re edit minus image.

    2 Seconds.

    Congratulations on reaching the big 200.

    To Syd for creating such an awesome program, Newest team member Todd for the in-depth analysis of each new kit and Ryan for umm.. ahhh..

    Kidding we all know just how much Ryan does behind the scenes as well as his onscreen cameos. (The Stan Lee of GunplaTV) Thank you guys soo much for the last five years of exceptional entertainment and information.

    Can’t wait for the upcoming Comp. So many colour combination ideas. Hmm… Dark Barbatos maybe…

    May GunplaTV reign Supreme!!!

  61. Congrats guys! Thanks for making the show. Too bad I didn’t win….

  62. 2 seconds…

    Congrats 200 episodes! Love your regrettable acting! Hilarious. I imagine Syd having tea with his best buddies unicorn everyday, not just for the show. Thanks for all the give-aways. Everyone got something! hopefully a discount code for next purchase. Looking forward to 201!

  63. Congratulations on reaching episode 200! This just goes to show that business is doing well. Here’s to another 200 more. 😀

  64. Congratulate on the 200th episode of Gunpla TV. It is one of the brightest moment of the week watching you guys and gals presenting all the way from Japan. I wishes you all the best in the future episode.

  65. Well everyone we found out where Syd was. We also know trials that Todd had to face to join team (anyone else think he wouldn’t survive that lightsaber fight). Also Ryan’s driving skills are amazing man can drift like a pro!

    In all seriousness congratulations on Episode 200.

  66. Congratulations! *claps hands*

  67. Wow, 200, nicely done guys, congrats. Looking forward to another 200 B)

  68. I didn´t win… I HATE YOU!
    Great job and congratulations to the happy non hateful winners.
    Why all Gundam? there are other series you know?

  69. Congrats guys on your 200th episode, and I’m looking forward for more!!! 😀

    God Bless!!!:)

  70. Congrats!Thank you for this great episode!

  71. Congratulations! I quite enjoyed this one.

  72. Thanks for this episode guys, and no wonder my Gunpla addiction has increased since I’ve been watching you, you have amazing dedication!!! Also, thanks for deciding that everyone is a winner, whatever it may be, really appreciate it!

  73. I wish I could give them each a chicken nugget for 200

  74. That was a pretty cheesy episode… I love cheese.

  75. Congrats! Great show!

  76. congrats on 200!

  77. Hello syd, ryan and tod congrats on 200th guys!!! Also congratulation for the winners!!!

  78. congrats on ep 200! Just wondering when will the emails be sent out?

  79. Great episode! Was laughing away whilst watching episode 200! ??

  80. blindside! wake up on a sunday and ep 200’s been out since friday? got me good on that one…
    awesome 200th, Gunpla TV team; the festivities were much enjoyed!! the blooper segments lol’d me especially hard. good times, and congrats to the winners!

  81. 2 seconds…

    Congrats! Great milestone, thoroughly entertaining special ep!

    Thank you for your hard work on the show (and live builds) over the years!

  82. Just gimme 2 seconds to congratulate the Gunpla TV staff for 200 wonderful episodes! Here’s to 200 more and then some!

  83. Congrats. Great show.

  84. WHERES 201!!!!!! We need more gunpla tv!!!!

  85. Congrats! and thank you for awesome 5 years! 😀
    This episode was the best btw

  86. Congratulations guys! Looking forward for episode 400!!!

  87. Some really funny bits. Loved the girls trying to find the kits. Congrats on 200!.

  88. Sweet!!!

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