Oct 24

October is usually a slow month for Gunpla releases as Bandai lulls a bit before blitzing us at year’s end. But don’t worry, we still have plenty of stuff to talk about including a new Titanium MG kit! Bandai just doesn’t stop surprising!




Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Red or Green Frame Twin Frame Edition) Titanium Finish
Figure-rise Bust Kaname Buccaneer
Chopper Robo Super No.1 Guard Fortress
Chopper Robo Super No.2 Heavy Armor
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City
Figure-rise Bust Setsuna F Seiei
1/144 HG Hugo

Gunpla TV


  1. First!!!!!!!

  2. I think it would be neat to see you guys do a vlog-like video of how one day of working at HLJ is like.

  3. Hope I win Bumblebee

  4. bumblebee……….!!!!!!!!

  5. i want that bumblebee!

    Hi Syd and Todd 🙂

  6. To be honest, seeing a transformer that can’t be transformed is really weird for me
    But hey, if you give it for free for me, I’ll not complaining

    And also
    G1 transformers are superior than michael bay’s transformers

  7. well damn bumblebee that would go well with my optimusprime

  8. BUMBLEBEE!!!! The voice of bastion from overwatch.

  9. Looks like a good gimmick of Hugo maybe considering buying it into my collection of IBO gunpla. Setsuna bust looks badass but still waiting for Fumina bust haha

  10. First TFS NICE!!! I wann it

  11. After hearing about how to choose what gundam to paint what not to paint I would definitely want to do a custom Barbados lupus or full armor thunder bolt gundam!

  12. It never occurred to me that there would be Transformers model kits, and please don’t remind me about Christmas I’m just a poor gunpla builder.

  13. no god hand nippers? buy the gusion rebake full city…

  14. IBO Season 2 MS are so cool!

  15. I’ve been wanting to get that kit for a long long time…

  16. *buzz buzz* I win? *buzz buzz*

  17. Great show, guys!
    keep up the good work!

  18. Woah, wanted this bumblebee since the last time you showed it! I hope It’ll restock sometime

  19. It’s not gunpla but would love to win that Bumble Bee ^_^

  20. That bumblebee is from the dmk series right?
    That is awesome, the proportion is better than a transforming one,
    But its really hard to find one
    Plus, its a bit pricy for me..
    Hope i can win it

  21. I hate the design of Transformers in movies!
    If I win that bumblebee I know I will modify it to make it more “cartoonish”. Not a complete redesign (who has time for a work like that) just removing, adding, reshaping parts to make it more “cartoon”.
    The way it should be since the beginning in my opinion.

  22. Looking forward tot he rest of the Chopper kits to be released, i just want to build the big ass Chopper.

  23. SWEET LORD !!!!
    well I dont really have top 5 moments . but I have one favourite moment and that when syd was playing with his gunplas in the box and the saber fight was good too ….. that whole Episode was amazing

  24. You go guys!

    You could totally make a mixed psychoframe Unicorn if you wanted to with that kit, but due to the pricing, the “meh-ness” of the MG Unicorn, and the fact that there are no ungergates…yeah i’d rather buy me a PG.

    I was really hoping the Full City fixed the problems that the original Gusion had, with it’s bad color separation, missing color apps and extreme reliance on stickers. While it does have better color separation, it’s done completely through stickers, so I think this will be a pass for me sadly. Oh well, lets hope a Full Mechanics of this will come to existence.

    At first I wasn’t really sold on the Hugo, but over time, the uniqueness of the design slowly slowly started to grow on me, probably beginning with that unique eye design. While the kit itself isn’t amazingly impressive, it seems to be one of those MS that focuses on it’s main function over anything else, that being raiding ships in space, so having claw feet for tearing apart hulls like a bird is a really attractive quality IMO, probably going to get this in the long run and put it on an action base, swooping in with feet deployed.

  25. The amount of stickers on the Full City does not impress me. I suppose it helps Bandai keep the kit cheaper, though, which it probably needs with the size and mass of the Variable Scissor Armour.

    It was cool seeing the new MS’s in action, including the Hugo. And now they’ve unearthed two new suits, I’m looking forward to the reveal.

    I’d like you to know I’ve started building the MG Gundam the Origin I got through the SUPER SUMMER SALE!!! The different scale that allows for all the gimmicks certainly gives a different experience from the HGs and RGs I’m used to building. So far I’m enjoying it.

    I don’t paint all my gunpla, but when I do I do custom paint jobs.
    No, I honestly also do some touch-ups. The only one for which this isn’t true is the RG Trans-Am Raiser, because anything I did would only ruin the gloss paint job.


  26. Christmas is coming, but until it’s here i can’t wait for the black Friday sales that you have in store for us, and after that the winter holidays sale 😀

  27. Christmas is here! May you always build gunplaTv!

  28. The Hugo looks weird 😛

  29. great

  30. Another great episode, Syd and Todd. Also, I was really surprised to hear my own comment in your episode! Thanks for the shout out and I will send you guys pics of the cake and the toppers when it’s all set up.
    P.S.: my better half actually suggested we use them when I showed her which petit bears were released lol

  31. Love the new kit form ibo but hate those stickers on the new gusion. Also why bandai make one kit with two spyco frame i think its just plastic waist. However would love that bumblebee

  32. oooh bumblebee

  33. bumblebee bumblebee bumblebee!!!!! i tried to get it twice but it was impossible fingers cross!!, good show as allways ppl

  34. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………….

  35. Thank you guys for the answer about customizing kits. I have another question. Actually I prefer playing with my kits rather than just displaying them. But then I cannot resist the look of my RG Exia, whose armors keep popping off and not so suitable to play. Do you think gluing the armor pieces onto the frame would make a good replacement for a toy figurine? I really love kits as they are cheaper and the RG line looks marvelous.

  36. Just built an MG Freedom 2.0, which I got from HLJ, and painted it up, Customizing a kit has always come from inspiration for me. If I dont have inspiration I dont paint.

  37. Bumblebee would make an awesome early Christmas gift!!!

  38. Those balls jokes never get old…

  39. Bumblebee would be awesome

  40. Love the new kit from IBO and great episode.

  41. win!

  42. I will win !!

  43. Bumblebee!
    Thanks for the episode, great as usual

  44. Hi Syd and Todd, great episode! As a one piece fan, I am so getting the Chopper Kit!

  45. now that hugo was quite interesting, did todd bust out he’s PUN’S when he said “there HUGO” in that hugo review.. ? HHHHMMMM…..another great episode guys, looking forward to that mg titanium finish unicorn hope i get it as a gift for myself this coming christmas, keep up the good work sensei steve and todd

  46. Not long until Pokémon is out :3 The Nintendo Switch looks pretty cool, too

  47. sweet ep guys

  48. Wow. Another unassembled kit. Bumblebee pls.

  49. Unfortunately, future Setsuan is all silver and glowy according to the movie. T.T

  50. This time it is less talking, more winning. (o0)/

  51. Now this would be a challenge to fix up a Takara Bumblebee into a car. Give it a nice paint job while I wasn’t a fan of the live-action series. I’ll this piece of plastic a chance.

  52. Bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz!

  53. Want to hear a horror story (spooky Halloween)?

    Back when I discovered Gundam model kits I was about 13 (about 15 years ago) and it was the Gundam Wing HGs. I didn’t know much about the hobby so it never occurred to me that you would have to use cutters and then sand/trim the excess. I would just bend and pull the parts off the runners.

    Just wondering, is there any information about new versions of old kits, like the Alex or the Physalis?

  54. great show guys

  55. Hello guys from Greece.
    My New favorite moment from now on will be the “Boldy Setsuna”:)
    I’ve been watching you a couple of years now and i hope that I’ll win a Kit
    because here are too expensive to buy and I want to start building.
    I also hope that one day Gunpla will be popular here too.
    Continue the good work and I wish one day to meet you up close.

  56. most interesting thing in this ep is giveaway prize.

  57. Bumblebee!

  58. Interesting giveaway prize. My kid would be crazy about it.

  59. I want the Bumblebee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have it?


    I am a die hard transformers fan and even took the time to watch the original transformers G1. The kit looks great


  62. hmm, interesting transformers kit

  63. I don’t have any Transformers!

  64. Me no win anything

  65. A mobile suit to surpass metal gear

  66. Nice eppisode guys.. Btw, hey what do you think about the new godzilla

  67. I wonder what will come into existence first: Metal Gears, or Mobile Suits/Armours?

  68. RNG Gods please grant me favor, also great episode guys

  69. Bandai needs to stop milking the Unicorn Gundam and its 48 color variants and variations and give us the kit that we need and deserve. MG Char Zaku II ver. 3.0!

  70. I so so soooo desire the Titanium Nu Gundam. I think I may have watched the episodes that featured it a few too many times. Don’t you scratch that beautiful runner Syd!!

    As an owner of 2 MG Unicorns I shudder at the thought of trying to care for a Titanium version of that polystyrene grenade.

    Anyway – I am only up to Ep 164… and like knowing that a major character dies on a show I love but not WHEN it happens… I am wondering when Ryan gets off’d & replaced. It’s like back when I cared about The Walking Dead but FOR REALS.

    Cheerio plastic masters.

  71. That Bumble Bee sure looks great.

  72. Great show guys, I discovered your show a few weeks ago and have been watching them from episode 1 and have now reached episode 70 – good to see your nail is no longer black Syd!

  73. Bumblebee would look great sent down under for our coming summer. The bright yellow would match the sunshine on the steps of the Opera house

  74. fortunately for the real setsuna,he doesnt change appearance anymore because of his bond with the els

  75. That hugo looks like a mobile suit from Reconguista. By the way great episode as always, looking forward to the review of the rebake full city.

    I hope I could win that bumblebee for my birthday. ^_^

  76. Poor setsuna, losing his hair…

  77. Great episode guys fingers crossed for the bumblebee

  78. BUMBLEBEE!!!!And my comments was read!!!!

  79. Ore wa GUNDAM DA!!

  80. What a funky suit.

  81. Bumblebee, transform and roll out!

  82. me win bumblebee… 😀

  83. I’ll take that bumblebee off your hands.

  84. Hope you’ll review the One Piece Chopper Robos ,including the merge Giant Mecha Chopper.

    Another Rebake, based on the stickers, its face was entirely stickers this what i don’t like on previous Rebake but what i like with the Rebake was it’s Gimmick and now on Full City is it’s Weapon (Shield/Scissor).

    And oh, Bumblebee! You Go (YUGO/HUGO) with me.

  85. Do you guys watched Transformer when younger?

  86. Transform and roll out!

  87. hello from the Philippines! question : do all 7-11 stores in Japan sell 7-11 1/144 gundam kits or are they only available on specific places, perhaps in Akihabara? are they sold like regular items or only in special occasions? is it possible that HLJ will include them in their online catalogue?


  88. Bald Setsuna, that was too funny! I like the Yugo just because it’s so different. A suit starts looking like a suit after awhile, and this was a great change of pace. Me Likey.

  89. completely understand bringing the yugo badge with you when you move, i kept the cam (my name) part of the badge from a camira i owned and wrecked as a teen through multiple moves

  90. I never win anything, random number generator hates me.

  91. I am looking forward to the next Transformers movie in 2017!

  92. Hopefully, I will win that Bumblebee.


  94. Can’t wait to build the Metal Gear HUGO!

  95. Too bad Ryan is not there to rant about Michael Bay’s Transformers again.

  96. let me win once. hehe.

    please show if you have some old gundam kit. 🙂

  97. Hey Sid.

    So I must say that I actually started watching Gunpla TV since the beginning at around the start of October this year. I am on Episode 59 but I decided to watch the most current episode for this very reason. Giveaways. I love the show and I guess I will find out what happened to Ryan and welcome Todd . Anyways I do remember you building the bumblebee since I saw that around a week or two ago…Cool kit and hopefully I can get my hands on this. 🙂 I will continue to watch the episodes and hopefully get through them all. Its a bit tough to find the special episodes that are not numbered sometimes.

    Anyways sorry for the long message but keep up the great work.

  98. up

  99. I want that bumblebee too!!

  100. that is some excellent camera work you have this episode.

  101. Hugo is kind of strange but refreshing considering how most the other IBO kits look essentially the same

  102. Awesome episode! Thanks, guys!

  103. Love Hugo.

  104. Great episode.I want the bumble bee to go with the mg Tallgeese ew I just ordered.

  105. Great episode guys! Replying to the viewer’s comment, Gunpla to be is like building with LEGO and art combine together. Before I pick up any kit, I try to imagine what mods I might make on it or how to make it better. Gunpla is Freedom!

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