Mar 14

It turns out one of Bandai’s mysterious kits is actually the High Grade Barbatos 6th form. It’s not enough that we show that one kit on Gunpla TV so instead we are taking you through all 6 forms! As a cherry on top of that cake we are looking at the Dom Test Type from Origin as well.

Episode 200 Contest Entry Group can be found here



Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos 6th Form
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos
1/144 HG YMS-08B Dom Test Type
1/144 HG Carta’s Graze Ritter
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris Trooper

And be sure to click here to check out the newest Gundam just added to!

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  1. As always super show can’t wait for 200!!!

  2. stoked for what you have in store for 200

  3. can’t wait for what will happen in episode 200

  4. That Prototype Dom looks pretty cool, but I’m hoping we get an actual Dom in the Origin line.

  5. gundam thunderbolt episode 3 cant wait! i hope the atlas gundam will make an apperance.

  6. Can’t wait for 200! Keep up the good work guys

  7. Can’t wait for the 200 extravaganza!

  8. hope i can win something !

  9. Are there other kits from different series than can use each other’s parts like how Barbatos and the Grazes can?

  10. Already clearing my schedule for episode 200! 😀

  11. Can’t wait for episode 200. I remember that episode that you guys try to give the rouge away. You guys gave away the strike to me that episode. it would be cool to win the other strike this time.

  12. I can’t wait to see episode 200 it sounds like its going to be awesome

  13. Hope u guys can do a fancy dance on ep200 to celebrate.

  14. Please random number generator God bless me with luck this time

  15. The strike rouge is honestly my favorite suit from the seed anime’s I’m glad that bandai has made three great iterations from what I hear of it (PG,RG and MG remaster) and I’d gladly own any/all of them

  16. New to the channel, just got into gunpla. barbatos was my first one built and ive been hooked ever since. love the content on the channel and can’t wait for 200. I am a big 00 fan and was wondering if they have maid a mg of Cherudim?

  17. cant wait for episode 200. so going to be fun

  18. Lets Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRIKE ROUGE UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

  19. caint wait. working on my first pg

  20. to many forms of the Barbados and none of them are slim

  21. I don’t see the group yet, I guess it haven’t been credited… I’m excited about this ep. 200 event. Also, it’s been awhile we haven’t seen any gunpla contest from HLJ. Are you guys planing to do one anytime soon? Not saying I make something really good, but I do enjoy seeing other’s work. Thanks and just 1 more ep. And keep up the good work.

  22. Looking forward to Episode 200!

  23. holy DANG!! My fav Rouge!! Hope I WIN!!

  24. I find it kinda funny how bandai is really milking the kits of the series. Wasn’t the build fighters series made for that purpose? But then again, for the low prices of these kits, the quality is 8/10.

  25. Thanks for the advice guys! Can’t wait for episode 200. I’ll muster up some courage some time soon and update you guys about it. It’s my 1st time doing it and I’m 18 hahahaha

  26. Love the new kits!!! And i’d love to win the strike rouge 😉

  27. Man I rather like the Strike Rogue

  28. Hopefully someones failure will turn into my success in winning the strike rouge. I’ve actually got an HG Strike. Would be awesome to have the Strike Rouge

  29. Having the sale begin right when the episode ended was pretty epic!

    My question to you this week is:

    Are some of the kits you give away the ones featured on Syd’s GaijinGunpla site? I’m just curious.

  30. whhhhhhhhaaaattttsss upppp!? just won! hell yeah! 😀

  31. Awesome episode. I found the Barbatos forms walkthrough quite amusing. Though this episode did make me want the 6th form.

  32. I am definitely picking up that Dom test type. The Origins kits have been exceptional lately. Another great ep gents.

  33. Looking forward to episode 200. I really want the MG Strike Rouge since Cagalli is one of my favorite characters from Gundam Seed and one of my favorite female Gundam characters. Although its unfortunate the writers destroyed her character in Seed Destiny and made her a crybaby. I had one that I was going to build but unfortunately sold it along with some other kits from my backlog when I needed some extra cash. I still really want to get the Strike Rouge Ootori at some point.

  34. Are the people who miss out on winning the strike rouge going to be…RED WITH ENVY???

  35. not to complain But give away more 144 HG because I dont have much space 😀 .
    keep the great work cant wait for 300 😀 and then the 500 oh my oh my

  36. Wonder when I’m going to win

  37. Cant wait for episode 200! 😀

  38. Can’t wait for the 200

  39. ep200 better be 200mins long :3

  40. looking foreword to the big 200 and here’s hoping I win the Strike Rouge

  41. More awesome gunpla kits being release

  42. are you ready?
    dun da da dun!

    As always, great vid guys!

  43. MG Strike Rouge! MG Strike Rouge!!

  44. Hope I chosen to win. RNG gods please.

  45. Wow that DOM looks puurrfect! I gotta order this. Btw, I still haven’t gotten my answer for my Snow Miku 2016 editions from good smile company. I have asked a question about the Snow Miku 2016 has been released officially or still on process? Since I haven’t seen HLJ selling those stuff so I assume haven’t released yet. Anddd A bit sad not to get that MG D+ lol… I guess I am gonna put it on my wishlists.

    I am looking forward for ep200. (mooooore gift pleaseee >_<)

  46. You guys are awesome! I finally caught up on all the backlog episodes! Did I miss it but Ryan, what happened to the Falcon? Also Syd, I’m hoping that you finally do an episode of your updated top 5 master grade gundams! Thanks!

  47. 6th form barbatos’s upper body design is realy good.

  48. Cool :]

  49. Love that DOM! Great show!

  50. That Dom is super freakin’ sexy, hopefully they keep pushing out more Origin quality kits even after the anime ends.

  51. After watching 4 to 5 episodes a day to catch up, this whole 1 episode every two weeks is killing me. MOAR GUNPLA

  52. the 6th form barbatos “the Ballerina” is a monster!

  53. Would love to have the rouge, so are you guys bringing a bigger crew to AX in july.

  54. Best fortunes to whoever wins the Ootori.

  55. sweet ep guys think i’m gonna pass on the 144 barbatos 6 form and get the 1/100 instead but i would also like to add a strike rouge to my 1/100 collection

  56. im currently working on my jegan (best kit ever)
    but im out of efsf water slide so im waiting for that

    i dont like the barbatos that much but i love the Kimaris because of the eastern look…

  57. Awesome episode as usual can’t wait to get a hold of that Barbatos 6th form!! I’m more excited about the booklet cause I had no idea that was in there!! But I’m really really excited about 200!! What is the mystery price!!!

    P.s I still want that HLJ shirt

  58. Wow, second chance on a second chance, hope I win the strike rouge.

  59. strike rouge!

  60. Oh btw I have a question. Are you guys going to come back to anime expo this year??

  61. Fun fact: Ootori means “Giant Bird” in Japanese.

  62. Go strije rouge!! Go cagalli!!

  63. Man that Dom looks sick

  64. to tell you im always waiting in every each of your episode guys 🙂 hope this time i win and i cant wait for episode 200 ! more power !

  65. i really like tht claw/club the barbatos has

  66. ♪Dun da na naaaa!♫ I didn’t win!
    I liked how you guys covered all the Barbatos forms.

  67. Introducing… the Gravity Hammer with chainsaw attachment! Included with the HG Gundam Barbatos 6th Form!! Bandai….

  68. Scooby doobi doooooo….Cant wait for 200. congrats.

  69. Just FYI the Dom monoeye tech isn’t new, it’s in the original HGUC Dom. ^.^ You just don’t see it often because most Zeon suits don’t have room for it.

    Can’t wait for 200, it’s gonna be great!

    I’ve always wanted a Strike Rouge.

  70. The easy interchangeability of the Strike/Seed suits always provides a ton of fun

  71. id strike that rouge alright.

  72. Why can’t i win??? Why????

  73. strike rouge ootori HYPE!!

  74. So many things to comment on this time! Very keen to see what you guys have to offer for ep 200 and the spring sale!

  75. i want that Strike rouge… but from wanting to getting it… it’s a long way. Great episode and that’s for showing all these barbatos kits 🙂

  76. Great videos guys..
    Just completed my rg skygrasper.. ow boy its delicious

    That strike rouge would be a nice conplement for a mg strike noir dont you think?

  77. I’ve always liked the IBO kits especially the graze
    cant wait for episode 200!

  78. This dom is definitely on my list now

  79. I am always wondering what should I do with the prize kit if I ever got one

  80. IBO kits an introduction to kit bashing for amateurs.

  81. Good job guys great episode ^^

  82. can i have the strike?And nice ep guys

  83. Great job guys! 🙂

  84. Dun dun da!Another brilliant episode guys. only 2 more episodes to go till episode 200. RNG gods hear my plea!I got into gundam due to gundam seed.Please hear my wish an grant me the pinkness that is the strike rouge!

  85. hopefully they indeed will start some wing in rg but personally i would like to see rg tallgeese and rg epyon + why aren’t there any pg tallgeese? strike rouge pink or not i want one xD

  86. awesome! strike rouge and it’s a ver RM!

  87. You guys are the best and only channel that I know that cover plamo as extensively. I started watching years ago and I’m happy to see you were able to keep it up. Episode 200 is a massive milestone!

  88. Thanks for your work guys and especially for humor. Every single hobby is not feel complete without it.

  89. I wouldnt call the Dom eye design being new. It works the same for the old HGUC Dom\Rick-Dom kit (sadly only for this Dom kit and not others that even came later)

  90. bad puns 2016!

  91. Great show as always, and will bee fun to see what you will come up with in ep 200 🙂 Strike Rouge would bee nice to get, thinking of getting it many times but never done it.

  92. Thanks for showing all of the Barbatos forms, I was wondering why it went from 1 to 6 in kits, can’t wait for the 1/100 Barbatos Form 6 to release, looks like it’s gonna be a nice kit as well, thanks for the episode guys, looking forward to 200, the strike rouge ootori is awesome, a great kit for weathering

  93. Great show guys!
    Strike Rouge this way, please!

  94. Very nice review on the Barbatos 6th Form coz I was really wondering of the other forms look like.

    Also, I want that STRIKE ROUGE! :v

  95. Barbatos’ feet were very useful in the episode 23 so I wouldn’t mock the design ;)

  96. Hopefully I can customize that Mg Rouge . HLJ ftw I laughed when you mentioned the D+ haha

  97. Thanks for another great show – those Origin kits really have been awesome!

  98. BOO!

    (P.s Great show again)

  99. Gundam seed destiny scenario is still crap but the mobile suits design are so damn cool.

  100. Is it wrong that I now feel the urge to buy 7 barbatos kits and line all tge forms up? That dom is awesome as well

  101. PM said on March 14, 2016

    Great job guys!!

  102. o man, strike rouge is a kit i have been eyeing up for a while now.
    spring sale hey. im gonna get on that

  103. That’s a nice DOM.

  104. Spring sale is on! time to stock up some more backlog of kits.

  105. we almost there guys. Ep 200. surprise us with something awesome. BTW I really like the SR rm. hope I can win

  106. I want that Ootori so bad. Barbatos looks so hot in 6th form. Can’t wait for you guys to stock the 1/100.

  107. I love pink!! pink me!! opsss i meant pick me!! haha.

  108. OOOO i love the strike design!

  109. ootori…nice.

  110. Wow.. i love the Barbatos 6th form… i wish bandai would make the 6th form into an MG~

  111. i hope i win this time 🙁 ive been watching every episode you guys have and it helps me picking out the right kit and learning some techniques . more power to your show!

  112. The YMS-08B Dom Test Type and may have just made me invest in these suits, I like how easy it is to pose them. The more I see the Iron Blooded Orphan kits the more I am tempted to purchase some to add to my back log of 40 kits.

    How many kits do you have in your back log?

  113. I love those Origin kits; hopefully they start making MG or at least 1/100 scale versions of them.
    Also, very exited to see what you guys do for episode 200! Keep up the good work!

  114. Awesome showcase of all the forms


  116. Two episodes more episodes for the 200.
    The Strike Gundam is still one of my favorites.

  117. You know what? I really like that Barbatos 5th form ground combat, looks nice and buff without giant shoulderpads.

    That said, I have so many ideas for mods to the 6th form .-.

  118. great episode as always looking forward to a 1000 episodes

  119. 6th form looks really nice. i dont like either the new nor the old feet tho. maybe i’ll change my mind if i get to see them in person but for now, not really a fan of them

  120. I always knew that the Barbatos is a fully modular mobile suit, together with Bandai’s thing now with kitbashing that started with the GBF series, I was not surprised you can do all of them on a single frame

  121. Nice presentation of all 6 forms of Barbatos guys. What an eye opener! Crossing my fingers for the sexy Strike Rogue.

  122. Nice episode! Thanks guys!

    I don’t like all the forms of the Barbatos but all the kits from the Iron Blooded Orphans series look cool. I’m going to place an order for some 🙂

  123. Wrench Mace FTW!
    I’m disappointed he doesn’t have a sword anymore, though. I also liked the original mace.

  124. Enemy grunts in your way?
    Need to give the enemy leader a sad death?
    Want to steal that awesome shoulder armor?
    Going beyond episode 200?
    Relationship troubles?

    The wrench mace can fix it!

  125. I don’t know what is more exciting, episode 200 or the next episode of Iron Blood Orphans. I will say hype for episode is 200 gunpla TV is crazy for me, but next episode of IBO, Gundams will be fighting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have family living there and it is pretty much just a few hours drive from where I live. I hope they capture the beauty of the river valley and the rest of the city. Right now I am so proud to be a Canadian, Albertian and especially a Gundam Fan!

  126. Great episode as always. Can’t wait for 200!

  127. That DOM looks great! And it even comes with the beam bazooka. I might just get one so I can use it with the beam bazooka from the old DOM kit for an awesome custom build!

    Loving the show, keep up the good work!

  128. cant wait to see what you have in store for 200 keep up the good work!

  129. episode 200 lottery tickets style

  130. Gotta love that Barbatos customizing

  131. The more I see the Origin Dom, the more interesting it is. I might have to grab two so I can have an original and make the Zaku II Prototype (while avoiding the P-Bandai version).

  132. Can’t wait for Episode 200!!! oh, I need that Strike to add to Aile and Build Strike collection!!

  133. Can’t wait for Episode 200!

  134. The Test Dom is very retro and I like it. Maybe it’s just a little bit too “classic”. Too similar to a Dom except for the skirt.
    But it’s an awesome kit and I love the mobility and the white stripes (more retro than this it’s impossible!).

  135. Love the Strike

  136. All that Barbatos action made me dizzy

  137. PM master race!!!!

  138. Super excited for 200 guys!

  139. Relatively new to the show, great content guys! Cannot wait to get the Dom myself. Been wanting a MG Strike Rouge for a while so that would be nice to win!

  140. The colour and detail on the wings of the Ootori back pack remind of a space shuttle. Have meant to get the Rouge but as I’ve already done the Strike RM, I didnt want to build the same kit that soon. Wouldnt mind winning it though!

  141. The MG strikes are great kits.

  142. What is wrong with me? I don’t have a single Graze yet either!

  143. OMG! The Strike Rougue!? That’s one of my favorite kits ever, please oh please let me win!!

    lol Anyway, great video as always guys, keep up the fantastic work! <3

  144. gimme that rouge !

  145. I find it kinda silly these small changes are consider new form. At this rate, by the end of season 2, it maybe up to form 20.
    Also, I think the reason for the high heels is because the Barbatos was modified to function on earth by those 2 girls so the 6th form kinda has a feminine look.

  146. The strike rouge looks bee utiful!


  148. i wondered how the computer choose our name

  149. Man I can’t wait for the 1/100 Barby 6th.

  150. Thanks for the show guys. The Origin Dom does look very nice. Wondering how the head piece is put together? I have the HGBF R33 Dom, and the piece that covers mono-eye keeps falling off for me.

  151. I dont like HG’s that much but that Dom test type looks awesome, might have to pick one up

  152. Where’s the EFREEEEETT 😀 I wanna see it do the magic attack with the same name from God of War: Chains of Olympus xD

  153. that rouge was my first mg and its still one of the coolest

  154. those are some crazy pumps on the Barbatos D:

  155. Loving the Barbatos, plan to get one eventually. Money’s very tight at the moment though.

  156. real men wear or in this case.. build pink kits..:D

  157. so many forms! so many!

  158. Do you have any idea when does gumdam wing frozen teardrop will show?

    One of the nicest back pack. . Give it to me. .

  159. 2 more epi for the glorious 200th episode.

  160. You guys are like the oscar and im leo 🙁

  161. So many Version !!!

  162. As an Irish fellow I’m curious if St Paddy’s Day is celebrated in Japan in any way? Also what is your drink of choice? Mine is Guinness, I’ve tried it in a few other countries but it tasted like urine, it doesn’t travel well.

    • It’s celebrated by foreigners who are into it, but as far as we know it’s not something widely celebrated. Guinness is hard to find here, too!

  163. Give me gundam yes. I do like Barbados new weapon thought

  164. I love that Bandai is encouraging and facilitating kitbashing with things like the Barbatos. Mikazuki is a frickin’ barbarian with that mace-wrench and it’s apt that his gundam is named after a Demon. Like in the last episode when he smacked the one guy’s ms before he could get back in his cockpit, sending him flying and then splattering on the ground like a insect.
    I love this show.

  165. That Kimaris Trooper looks awesome! I can’t wait to get it 🙂

  166. Looking forward to 200! :3

  167. graze + too many guns = profit

  168. That Rouge would look good in my hands 🙂

  169. 200 episode Hype!!!!!

  170. “This even my final form!!” – The Barbatos

  171. That’s a sweet looking gundam!!!

  172. Thanks folks for another great ep. Counting down for the ep.200. Just hope it doesnt take months Untill then 😉 And i do like that Pink strike!!

  173. Speaking of Rouge(french), what languages you 2 can speak/read?

  174. That Barbatos 6th from looks good, too bad it is scale 1/144, too small for my taste. Do you know if Bandai are releasing this in 1/100 scale?

  175. Just finished up the entire seed/destiny series would love that rouge

  176. Great show. Thanks. Wow, the Barbatos really confuses me…with all those forms…LOL

  177. My wife is a fan of the strike rouge. She will be happy if we can win that awesome kit!

  178. Great episode guys! The Barbatos are looking pretty epic, I wish I could have 6 forms:)

  179. Ep 200!! looking forward to it

  180. Kimaris trooper looks really good.

  181. Well a day like today only comes once every 365 days so I wish for…. (blows out birthday candles)

  182. That Dom really looks like a great quality HG, I’ll have to get one at some point soon!

  183. As a fan of Cagalli (because female mobile suit pilots are few and far between, and she’s just kinda awesome), I really hope I get the Rouge. Especially since I missed the last thing I wanted, the Blue Astray. I have my fingers, toes and arms crossed!

    Also, roll on 200! Woop!

  184. Centaur Gundam looks weird

  185. YEA Strike Rouge!

  186. I love the Doms. Seeing an modern yet “old” design Dom come to life is really awesome seeing how gunpla has improved over the years. Since Delta didnt make it, im hoping Rougue will be my first master grade to enter my shelfs?

  187. Moulin Rouge

  188. Praised be the Emperor!
    —sooooo close this time, for I was the 1st to comment…

  189. Even with all the different forms of Barbatos, the design still doesn’t speak to me :/ I guess it’s barebone enough for people to do crazy mods on it.


  190. Maybe Bandai has a thing for tall robots 😛 And if you think those heels are high, wait until you get a look at the Reborn Gundam.

  191. Man, other than the out of place Zaku snout, the Dom test type looks fantastic. I’m especially a huge fan of the giant bazooka.

  192. Dun da da dun!

  193. Man, I love Todd.

  194. I really want the Dom. Loving all the detail and articulation.

  195. I really like seeing how much Todd has come into his own on this show.

    Anyway, if we’re going into life advice now then I want to know what I should do with my Forensics major. CSI or work in a hospital?

  196. need the win. love this kit.

  197. Sweet show guys. Keep up the good work.

  198. Huh, a pink Strike. For some reason I always imagine this thing doing some cabaret dancing. I wonder why…

  199. i believe that i will that strike rouge…

    i believe…

    yes i believe…

    still i believe…

    oh please let me win…… please… please…

  200. Cloning Ryan would be a bad idea. We’d have to deal with more bombshells like that last one!

  201. Where do we leave a comment?

  202. Strikes are my life and that Rogue is awesome.
    Can also use it for a custom Strike I’m trying to start working on.

  203. Hi Guys,
    Fun show as always. I was wondering if you know if Bandai, or any other company for that matter, matched their model releases to coincide with an anime series in the manner of Iron-Blooded Orphans? And why does Todd always call him Barbados? Is he hinting for a vacation?

    I’ll try to think of some relationship questions for future shows.

  204. I can’t believe episode 200 is almost here! That Rogue looks pinkilicious

  205. Always wanted a strike rouge… :'(

  206. tsss 198. Here I thought we still had a month or two before ep200.
    and relieved to hear the rules for the contest doesn’t involve building and submitting something. ;P

  207. love the gundam barbatos, and IBO so far. I painted my barbatos to look more accurate to the show and it looks awesome.

  208. love the gundam barbatos, IBO, and the model kits so far. I painted my barbatos to look more accurate to the show and it looks awesome.

  209. Dum-da-da-dum…strike rouge! Great episode


  211. Strike Rouge merci!

  212. I like how the Barbatos just continues to steal more graze parts, and make it 100 times more awesome, IBO is living up to its standards.

  213. super Barbatos 6 form, then ape form?

  214. Another good episode guys! I don’t really go for HGs, but that Dom actually looks pretty good. Would love to get that Rouge for custom work. Here’s hoping.

  215. Barbatos 27th Form – HE’S GOT A NEW HAT!

  216. R4 is red, R2 is blue, if syd was the force, then he pick me for that rogue xD

  217. yep…..will clear some space for that strike.^_^…as always greeeat! episode guys. hope to c more

  218. Gundam Kimaris Trooper looks amazing

  219. Another super entertaining episode. I am still not a fan of the IBO kits, so I am looking forward to the next MG’s and RG’s coming later this year. What do you guys think will be the big kit release of 2016?

    I would love to win the Strike, as that is my favorite suit design of all time, I have it in RG and MG form, and really want it in PG too.

  220. That HG initiative Bandai was on needs to be completed.

  221. i am comment 226!!!

    keep up the good work guys!!

  222. Always gotta try to win a MG.

  223. I really find Origin kits more detailed than any other HGs, looks like a HG with details like RG.

  224. Will you guys feature the HiRes Barbatos on the show? Would love to take a look at that!

  225. The kits are awesome
    Hope to win!

  226. Hyped for that 200 episode. Hope i win something this time around.

  227. Really hope I don’t win and use up all my luck for episode 200??

  228. Strike Rouge, Best of the strikes personally

  229. Nice I would love to add the Strike to my collection.

  230. That Kimaris Trooper looks pretty cool in it’s alternate form, might pick one up just for that gimmick.

  231. That trooper looks amazing! Thanks for the awesome videos as always! Can’t wait for episode 200!

  232. A pink Gundam? Sure, I’ll take it.

  233. I want that Strike Rouge!!!! It will look nice next to my Star Build Strike.

  234. hi guys! I just got my 1st airbrush. What would be good cheap kits to practice on?

  235. Thanks, random number generator!

  236. Strike Rouge….enough said lol

  237. Would love to win this for kit bashing.

  238. Big money… big money… biiiiggggg money… STOP!!!

  239. I wonder who has the harder stickers on the HG line. Gera Zulu or the Pro. Dom

  240. Awesome show!!

  241. Can’t wait to see the episode 200 giveaways! Like a gift bag you get at a birthday party.


  243. Great episode! bring on number 200!!!

  244. Cool!

  245. i love the d

  246. epic spring off, tsan tradan!!!

  247. That Dom Test Type looks great the red around the face is a nice touch. Also Rouge is a nice shade of red and makes the Strike gundam look awesome.

  248. Great episode as always.

  249. I really like the Dom test type,I will be buying it soon.Great show as always.

  250. Strike Rouge ichimas!

  251. Pink on a Kit has never looked so cool!!!

  252. Strike Rouge Ootori pls!

  253. someone made an art of the Barbatos 20Th form with the super high heels =D

  254. Strike Rouge ooooooh…

  255. Really like the marking of the dom.

  256. All the IBO kits are looking great, I love the design for this anime… Inner frame for the HG and 1/100 what is special is that the kits are cheaper to be this good!!!!

  257. Great ep as always. That Dom is gorgeous. A set of waterslide decals for it would punch it up the league a lot though.

  258. That Rouge will go well with the pg Strike i just ordered.

  259. YO!

  260. It would be nice to win the Rogue

  261. hey guys great show and hope i win the rogue!!

  262. Good episode! Looking forward to seeing the kimaris trooper next week. Cant decide if the leg gimmick looks good or rubbish.

  263. it’s some how pretty funny to see all 6 forms for some reason. lol
    I guess it’s all about being creative~

  264. can’t wait for episode 200

  265. When you guys mention Mecs and high heel the image of the Five Star Stories Mecs always come to mind. Those Mecs actually look pretty cool with the heels IMO.

  266. i love to have that rouge!

  267. nice dom, shame it is so expensive.

  268. Me thinks the Barbatos was getting slightly agitated by the 5th form.

    For the viewer with the girl question…

    In order to succeed, you must first fail. Do or do not, there is no try.

  269. Feed me all the Barbatos

  270. All the origin kits looks so awesome! Got to catch them all!

  271. Ya gotta start watching IBO Syd.

  272. nice show guys

  273. Thanks for showing us the manual on how to make the Barbatos variations.

  274. Nice pink Gundam, My wife would love it.

  275. Interestingly enough, I kind of dislike the “short” feel of the form 6 barbatos arms. I think they need to be a tad bit longer. Maybe the shoulders just cause them to look shorter, who knows. I can’t believe that it had 6 forms in the end lol. Keep up the good work guys.

  276. Yay, finally!

  277. Great episode guys

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