Feb 2

More IBO in this episode of Gunpla TV with Todd showing the Kimaris and Syd the 1/100 Schwalbe Graze belonging to McGillis, and we have our first character stand plate to show. We also take a look in the box of the Snuffleuppagus… the Salanthropes… the Sahelanthropus.



1/100 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Sahelanthropus
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris
Character Stands Plate: Gaelio Bauduin
1/100 McGillis’s Schwalbe Graze

Gunpla TV


  1. I love the design of the IBO mobile suits, they all seem very knight like to me. Also the astray blue frame, please oh please tell this be my lucky week for once. Fingers crossed.

  2. I want that blue frame!!!!!!

  3. McGillis’s Graze in 1/100 looks really impressive!

    Have you seen the pictures of the new MG Freedom 2.0? My god it actually is an improvement over the RG, which I thought was the pinnacle of Gunpla.

    Your thoughts?

  4. Bluueeeeeeeeeeee Fraaaaaammmmmmmeeeeee Deeeeeeeeeeeee!! =)

  5. Dammit RNG!

  6. Great episode. Hope I get the Astray

  7. I win!

  8. Love the show guys although i feel the new frames dont need the high heels

  9. Kinda of bummed out we didn’t get to see gusion rebake built this week. But oh well, at least it leaves something to look forward to next week.

  10. Love the show! keep up the good work!

  11. That blue frame *_*

  12. Those squeaky nippers though.

  13. Been looking forward to watching this all day! Good ep. guys! That Astray looks neat btw…

  14. Can’t wait for Gundam Thunderbolt episode 2!

    • If you are a big fan of Thunderbolt there is a site that does fan-translations of Gundam Manga. The guy that does it is very good.
      The Thunderbolt anime is a near perfect adaptation of the manga.

  15. OOGABOOGA! :3

  16. Syd always knows when to bust out that “That’s what she said” line.

  17. I was literally deciding over the MG Astray Blue Frame D and the MG 00Raiser but decided on the raiser and currently building it. It would be awesome to get the astray.
    Question: I’m currently changing the color scheme of my 00Raiser, but i also want to put some cool decals on it, separate from the ones it comes with,once I’m done painting. What would you guys recommend I do, if the decals i have slightly clash with the colors on my gundam, in order to make it look good?

  18. gimme that blue frame!

  19. I wish they would announce the revive gyan already lol

  20. I can’t believe I won!

  21. It would be a shame for me to paint that blue frame to be painted red

  22. i wonder when will the rg Quanta coming out?
    Great shows guys!!!

  23. big fan of the IBO series. was on the fence about the Schwalbe Graze since i already have the regular graze, but it seems like ill be grabbing this one too lol

  24. That Schwalbe Graze looks great along with the other IBO 1/100 scale kits. Kind of wish Bandai would at least release some information on other Master Grades this year hopefully at Wonder Fest. Want something aside from Freedom 2.0 when there are kits out there that better deserve 2.0 treatment or Thunderbolt. I’m waiting for episode 2 this month. One of the few kits of 2016 I’m looking forward to so far is the RE 1/100 Efreet Custom it was long overdue for a kit I’m surprised there isn’t even a High Grade of it when BD1/2/3 have one.

    That Blue Frame with all of its blades and custom Aile Strike Pack. Have the MG Second Revise that I won in a build contest last year, and a Red Frame Kai MG I need to build.

  25. Blue frame….

  26. Blue frame….. also the 1/144 kimaris kit look so cool

  27. IBO MS are so cool!

  28. Know what makes an Astray kit better? More spikes

  29. me like blue. me want blue frame…

  30. I love the Astray’s. I have the MG Red Frame Kai and absolutely love the look and articulation. The only negatives are just nit-picky stuff. I also was blessed to get the PG Red Frame for this past birthday. I hope I get that Blue Frame D.

  31. Love the Kimaris design. I also really like how the HG has that open leg booster gimmick that was so cool and shown off in the new IBO episode.

  32. Pick me! Pick me!

  33. Loved the episode~

  34. “u can see the watery eyes..” LOLs.


  35. The more I see the less I like the IBO designs

  36. I was planning to get a blue frame to go with my Red Frame Kai and Custom MG Green Frame :] Mabie its my destiny to finaly win a kit from you guys 😀

  37. i don’t know why people like astray red/blue frame..
    to me the design are not so great…

    well it’s just my opinion.

    but hey.. things are much better .. when the things is free..

  38. We really need more Master Grades. Please Bandai, don’t let it die.

  39. The Metal gear Sahelanthropus!! I ordered one and its currently waiting in the private warehouse 😀 i will definately post some build process!

    thats like the first thing I noticed this episode XD for a split second i was thinking OMG are they gonna build that live !?

  40. astrayuuuuuu

  41. Praise to the RNG.

  42. I want it

  43. that would look great with my soon the be built red frame!

  44. nooo!!! that deplhine… i want it.. maybe i’ll just get a 1/100 barbatos and paint it the deplhine colors. that MG Blue Frame D has a lot of spikes, i want it, too!

  45. how about doing some magazine reviews involving gunpla? sort of give your audience an idea of what to expect from these different magazines you guys offer? or have a section where you review non gunpla models like you guys bosses used to do?

  46. Oooh, Blue Frame D

  47. Notice me pleaseee. It would be awesome to win that kit. (:

  48. love you guys keep up the great work!!!!

  49. I really want those God Hand nippers but it’s always on Order Stop on your website whenever I look

    Is there any way that I can have the site notify me whenever something becomes available for order again?

    Thanks for the show!

  50. Great episode! 😀

  51. Did I win?

  52. love the new kits

  53. i want that blue frame!!!!

    Great episode as always!

  54. Cant wait for the 1/100 gusion rebake.

  55. Amazing always great review and amazing giveaway too, that blue is amazing same as the gundam

  56. Dat Astray Doe…Haha!

  57. It’s been sooo long since the last time I heard Macross mentioned, marathoning it right now with my dad, and I love the colours on the astray blue it really pop’s.

  58. MG Astray Blue Frame D!!!
    looking forward for new hg and mg gundam kits 😀

  59. Give me that D ! …. Wait wait that didn`t come out right.

  60. Hope for the best prize available i guess?

  61. wait do i comment here

  62. The new Graze must have some bad gas if it can cart through space.

  63. wow blue frame!!!!!

  64. Blue Fraaaaaame….

  65. wow i win something!=D After the episode 194 out of curiosity i did a search online on Break Blade and it seems that a new anime (perhaps a spinoff,is not very clear) is in production, maybe there is also some hope for new kits

  66. When I watched IBO episode 17, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Kimaris’s shoulder shurikens.

  67. BLUE FLAME D!!!!!!

  68. i mean red frame tho

  69. That Rebaked Gusion looks pretty nice…. looking forward to the grimgerde,,,

  70. Its nice to see the winners last week sent comments with more depth then one word in caps! Also what Gundams are on the MG wishlist for Syd and Todd?

  71. I love all the Graze variants. That inner-frame has so much potential.

  72. OMG!
    the blue frame D!
    Let Todd give away those GOD HANDS Free! 🙂

  73. For the Empire!

  74. Going Hype Beast in front of my computer hahaha Ryusei-go and Gushion rebake are on my wishlist hahaha But the Blue Frame Tho… : D

  75. I can’t wait for the 1/100 Gusion Rebake! Keep it up guys =)

  76. For only 5000 yen you too can learn Gusion Gundam’s secrete weight loss method and turn yourself from a fat grunt suit into a four armed lean mean fighting machine. So what are you waiting for don’t be a grunt, get gundam with Gusion’s secrete weight loss method click he link to order now http://www.hlj.com/product/BANN01894/Gun

  77. nice work guys!! the blue frame rocks!!!

  78. Thank you guys soooooo much for not answering my question

  79. Man, it’s be awesome if just a tenth of the people commenting on the episodes posted the groups.
    Ever since the influx of people just wanting to win prizes in the 2013 “Playing with Plamo” contest, and now the gunpla giveaways these groups haven’t quite been the same :c

  80. Not going to give up on that giveaways.

  81. Not a fan of astray, but seems like Everbody loves it… Still love to win it though.

  82. Blue Frame D? Sign me up!

  83. 5 more episodes to 200! Congrats Ryan and Syd!

  84. Drool!!! Astray blue frame looks sick!!!


    great episode as always guys!

  86. It is my dream tk one day be able to build and sell gunpla in Japan, you guys constantly inspire me to follow this dream and I hope one day I can meet you all to shake your hands, thank you very much! And as a personal request would one of you please email me with some help to get there one day, sound advice and a good plan to follow is all I need. Thank you very much for your amazing videos and service!

  87. Great show as always guys.The sudden build on the spot part would have been interesting to see but alas.Speaking of building the blue frame looks good*drools*,I hope i win it.

  88. Actually in the newest episode Kimaris has already used its shuriken.
    Want that Blue Frame though XD

  89. nice ep, Syd looks like bullying Tod hehehehe .V,, great reviews and IBO kits are selling like hot pancakes!

  90. It’s Bleu Baby!!! awesome episode guys would love to see a build off between Todd and Syd!

  91. My Sahelanthropus its on his way to make company to my Metal Gear Rex and all my Gundams o/
    Cant wait to get my hands on him
    PS: I want that Blue Frame…WOW

  92. Syd, you big meanie! Why do you play with Todd’s feeling like that?!?

  93. Either RNG pick me or I get a girlfriend. I hope it’s the latter XD

  94. the IBO 1/100 is getting to me somehow now..maybe Ill think about getting the whole set.

  95. Another great show. Cant wait to see footage from Wonderfest Winter. Excited about the upcoming Thunderbolt kit with the huge cannon.

  96. the IBO series suits are getting interesting. cheap too

  97. Lol i wanna win the mg

  98. lucky # 100

  99. Hey guys awesome show I’m really torn from getting one of the new Ibo 1/100 kits or the new v2 mg kit.

  100. Keep it up guys! I have just got my rg wing, ty hlj!

  101. Rebake was the first kit I personally like from IBO so I’m disappointed I can’t get it stand alone in 1/100 version. Having the Gusion armor doesn’t appeal to me 🙁

  102. I like gunpla.

  103. Great show guys. Fitting episode with all the blue for the monday! Cheers, looking forward to the 200th episode !

  104. them 1/100. looking awesome

  105. I love that Blue Frame D! Could it be my turn to win something?

  106. That graze looks amazing!! Hope I win that astray! Keep up the good work my gunpla brothers!

  107. I WANT MY 1/100 GRIMGERDE NOWWWWW! Can’t april come a little bit faster? geez!

  108. I’ll win something someday

  109. All hail the random number generator.

    Hey guys, will you be doing a review of the captain phasma bandai kit? It s supposedly coming out this feb.

    Awsome show guys!

  110. I hope we get some new thunderbolt kits because of the new anime
    Blue Frame!! dont leave me feelin blue!

  111. Again great show guys…That blue frame will look very nice in my collection…..


  113. What happened to the first MG blue frame ? Is it definitely discontinued ?

  114. cool MG

  115. Hey Syd, are you still working on the mallard?

  116. Lol everyone’s going crazy about the astray and I’m like eh rather have a a bazooka than orange blades but that’s just me

  117. Can’t wait to see the finished Gusion Rebake next week! Also that Blue Frame looks might fancy as well…

  118. I really like the variants of the graze

  119. AAAAssssstttrrraaaayy!!!!!

  120. Loving the look of a lot of these new IBO kits, the Kimaris, Gusion Rebake and Grimgerde are dead sexy! but rather than churning out a million Grazes in HG or NG I wish Bandai would just put out a really great IBO MG kit. At least the IBO kit’s are well priced.

    Did someone say MG Astray BFD FOR FREEEEEE???

  121. I’m absolutely in love with IBO so far, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Kimaris and Rebake. I’m also looking forward to the next Barbatos variant, which comes with a CHAINSAW IN A WARHAMMER-MACE.


  122. I want that blue frame. gimme

  123. Kimaris, Schwalbe Graze, Gaelo Chara stand, and an Astray Blue Frame give away?…Wow! It seems it is the Shades of Blue day.

  124. Totally missed the pre-order for the armored up Barbatos.
    Glad that I got the Kimaris kit from you already sitting in my basement.

  125. Thanks for kotobukiya kit Syd!! I now have an excuse to buy some HG GM kits and try to make a combat squad. Looking forward to seeing the Gusion Rebake, I think that is my favorite suit design, so far, from IBO.

  126. All Hail the Random Number Generator God. Creator of Hope and Destroyer of Dreams. You guys needs to do something special for ep 200, like drinking something weird like ep 150.

  127. 5 episodes to go….let me guess A PG unicorn will be given away so that some of us will be able to join the PG MASTER RACE!!!!

    ALL HAIL THE PG MASTER RACE!!! *hanging the fist bump*

  128. A Blue Frame B for me, Thanks in advance guys!

  129. Nice Episode. I want that blue Frame 😮

  130. I’d love another Blue Frame!

  131. bandai: more MG Zaku variations please. i’d love to see a zaku tank or zaku trainer type

  132. I would like to win that blue frame. It will be my first MG kit

  133. Generator ftw. Astray gunpla ftw. Thanks for the updates hobbylink.


  135. Here comes the D ^^

  136. I want some of that d!

  137. I would be honored to accept a MG blue frame from you all !!

  138. I really feel like it’s a shame that MG’s are being less prioritized nowadays, but I do see the benefit on focusing on creating new types of grades, especially those that are more affordable and entry level. This opens up opportunities for people who has been intimidated on getting their first gunpla/plamo.

  139. Another great episode guys. Keep it up. Love to win a MG Blue Frame.

  140. Wish they would make character stands for the other Gundam series.

  141. Graze, Graze, Graze, Graze, Graze, GrazeGrazeGrazeGrazeGraze, Graze, Ryusei-Go.

  142. Awesome episode. I love how you say it’s gonna be a quick one and it’s almost an hour.

    Looking forward to Wonder Festival, need more Saber.

  143. Always look forward to watching your show and hope that Todd remains as permanent part of the show. It would be awesome to perhaps see Syd and Todd do a build off similar to what Syd did with Scott and the Tallgeese.

  144. I missed the last episode, that sd megatron is really awesome! I AM quite fond of that particular frame of the astray. The design is really cool!

  145. I’ve been watching the show almost daily. Would actually like to see the build off haha #toddwins

  146. Blue frame? Yes please!

  147. The MG line needs more releases.

  148. Never been a big fan of the Astrays. But it’s a MG. If I win it, I’ll gladly take it.

  149. That 1/100 Gusion/Rebake combo is really an interesting idea. I wonder why BANDAI decided to put “two” kits in one box when they can make two separate kits for better profit.

    • Not really, more profit this way because in order to display the two kits you will need to buy two of these. A 1/100 Rebake would be around the same price as the Barbatos.

  150. I love the mecha designs in IBO

  151. blue frame blue frame

  152. How many blue frames have there been

  153. So was the rg infinite justice a lie or….?

  154. Hey Ryan what the heck is that infernal high pitched noise coming from your video?

    Also hope to win the blue frame as its my favorite. But I highly doubt it knowing my luck.

  155. A new contest sounds great.

  156. Thank you guys for showing off the Sahelanthropus and maybe even trying to build it? It’s pronounced Sa-ha-lan-throw-piss 🙂 I’d love to show off mine but I don’t have any free time to even build the kit as I’m in my second last year in college, I won’t even be able to get to it in summer with my work placement. Hopefully someone else will post pictures of it.

  157. Looking good guys, love the look of the Kimaris and look forward to seeing Gusion 2.0 next ep.

  158. Oh! I’d love that blue frame!

  159. Random number gods, I pray to thee

  160. Really liking the look of the Gundam Gusion Rebake (terrible name though X’D) Glad to see Akihiro receiving an awesome Gundam, even though it meant losing his brother D= Apparently the Rebake is a sniper primarily, unlike the original Gusion, which suits me really well because I’m a big fan of Neil Dylandy and the Gundam Dynames =P

    I’d LOVE the Astray Blue Frame – my best mate has the Red Frame, so I NEED it!

    LOL, Hi Jim! I mean Syd!

    Roll on Episode 200! =D

  161. Great review of the HG Kimaris and 1/100 McGillis’ Schwalbe. I really love the IBO series and I can’t wait til you guys review the Rebake and Grimgerde!

  162. Great episode. I would love to win that blue frame to have a buddy for my Red Frame.

  163. Syd, Ryan what are your Super Bowl picks!? And Syd being in Japan were you still able to catch NHL All-Star Weekend?

  164. I want that Astray, would be a great birthday gift!

  165. already 171 coments that was fast guys…!

  166. I want that spiky Master Grade! 😀

  167. Please build that MGS kit

  168. Oh lord that blue frame is beautiful. I’d love to have it for a second master grade

  169. Another great episode guys!

  170. Ineed to get a gusion rebake now, its so cool also blue frame!!!

  171. Blue Frame, pretty plz

  172. Those 1/100 kits are just more and more amazing each time I see them. I really need to get one!

  173. Great episode of Gunpla tv as always guys, I really hope I win the MG Astray Blue Frame D to add to my collection of kits

  174. random generator god!

  175. need a blue for the red

  176. These IBO kit are all really nice and by the simple fact that they have an inner frame got me in. Again awesome review of the kimaris and the graze hope to win the blue frame nice

  177. For those who are interested in the Death Stinger’s origin. It comes from Zoids: Chaos Century series, and the mecha appears in the last few episodes (~60 – 65) as the second to last boss. It is a BIG BAD KILLING MACHINE, and spread terror across the continents; in fact it caused more carnage than the actual final boss in the show. LOVE the kit, go buy it.

    • Ep. 57 is the first time its in action in zoids chaotic century. Said to be the Ultimate Zoid armed with alot of weapons including a charged particle cannon.

  178. Kimaris is a cool kit, Hope the other 72 frames will have kits

  179. Blue Frame *drool*. Getting an RG Red Frame in oh so soon.

  180. I want that blue frame

  181. awesome episode as always!

  182. My turn.

  183. Poor Todd came prepared with GOD HANDS! He came to work prepared to nip!

  184. Seems like blue is the new red.

  185. WOW! BLUE FRAME D! That would make a killer photo shoot!

  186. 5 more to episode 200! Keep up the good work. Todd knows his IBO stuff! Kimaris weird shaped head looks like a bowling pin… haha. Todd got to make the 1/100 Gusion/Rebake! can’t wait. I wonder what custom weathering he’s going to make.

  187. I am A Todd. ASStray!!!!! btw, great episode guys.

  188. Nice, all the iron blooded orphan kits are great but when is bandia going to release the master grade versions of Gundam thunderbolt kits cause, a 1/100 full armor gundam will be sweet.

  189. Cool, so many choice! 🙂

  190. Nice episode guys!
    Totally out of topic, I am actually excited on which MS’s will get REVIVE’d this year ^_^

  191. I have the MG Frame D and Frame 2nd L and its really awesome! Although the giant sword makes it kinda hard to pose with even with the stand they give you.

    Do you think a MG G-Self with the Perfect pack will be made? Would totally grab one if it got released by Bandai

  192. coming soon EPISODE 200(comment 200) blue frame please!!!!!!! and here’s that question again top ten gunpla so far not grade limited please

  193. Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuue!

  194. hoping 1 day my only streaming of build vids will be over and finally have an actual gunpla

  195. Great episode guys the new fundamental frame gusion looks boss can’t wait for the next episode and fingers crossed the the blue frame d

  196. Blue frame for free??!!

  197. Praise to the random.

  198. Hey Guys, really liking these IBO 1/100 kits. I was going to wait to buy any until the MG’s come out but now I’m staring to debate getting the 1/144s or the 1/100s now.

  199. I do hope I win something throughout 2016. Year of the Tigers…. Not that good for this year 🙁 The IBO kits look ok but UC IS LOVE UC IS LIFE.

  200. Hey S.R.T. (Syd, Ryan, Todd) have a a great time at wonderfest.

    I was just “wonder”ing if HLJ any plans to sell 1/72 trainer aircraft from Wings Of Honneamise by PLUM?

    I hope I don’t win. I’m a U.C. die hard or maybe just a weirdo.

    PS. still waiting for the RG GP-02.

  201. Thanks for the AWESOME episode, guys!
    And master is my all-time favorite.

  202. Nice show as usual guys. So, what happens when Bandai gets to MS Z? Will they start using double letters?

  203. Awesome show as always!

  204. All hail the might number generator! Please reward me with this epic prize.

  205. Yay!!!! Astray!!

  206. Awesome show, you 3 keep up the great work. I can’t wait to build my 1/100 schwalb and to get the 1/100 gusion

  207. Glad to hear you have plans to review and build more non-Bandai kits. I’ve finally amassed enough kits to keep me busy for a few weeks although I still plan on getting a few more just in case. Perhaps a Frame Arms or Kotobukiya kit or both.

  208. Can’t wait to build my HG Kimaris! also, kinda bumb out cause 1/144 hg iron blooded orphans kits doesn’t come with open or closed hands.

  209. You guys are the best

  210. Great episode. Can’t wait to get those iron blooded orphans kits.

  211. Bandai should make the Master Grade Gold Frame!

  212. Man this show certainly has come a long way.

  213. Blue frame D, wow!!!

  214. Yes, let’s all hail the random generator, for I am triumphant! Bwah, ha, ha, ha! 😉

  215. MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D!

  216. One Frame to rule them all!!!

  217. Gimme Gimme

  218. I was always fond of the astray frames. I hope I win.

  219. insert token comment here

  220. You guys are the best

  221. hey what two kits would you bash and all hail the mighty random generator to give me a chance to win blue astray if not 🙁

  222. I’m a huge Seed fan, tell me I can win something!!!!

  223. HYPE!

  224. do you think bandi will make more stands for older series

  225. Schweet ep guys. Kimaris looks cool

  226. I want that “Blue” frame 🙂

  227. I could use another astray. Digging the Gusion Rebake design, as always great job syd ryan todd. looking forward to episode 200

  228. I hope someone does build that metal gear kit to show. Cool shiny box!

  229. That Gusion Rebake has hands down become my favorite suit from IBO.

    Everything on it is flawless.

  230. Kimaris looks pretty cool. I wonder if the stand has height and angle adjustment like regular gundam stand.

  231. Rebake? Why?

  232. All hail the random generator!!

    also – too much Graze!

  233. All hail the king number generator!!!!!!

  234. Great show as always guys!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  235. I usually buy only Bandai kits, but that Metal Gear Kotobukiya kit looks incredible!!!! Maybe one day I’ll get one. 🙂

  236. Nice episode guys, fingers crossed for Astray Blue 🙂

  237. I’m really looking forward to see the 1/100 Gusion/Rebake! I like the idea of 2 kits in 1, although if you want to display both you probably need to buy 2 kits. The frame for the rebake really looks like the barbatos frame though, so maybe getting another 1/100 barbatos would be less costly haha

  238. Astrays are awesomesauce.

  239. that blue frame looks soooooooo sick !!!!!!

  240. When i first started watching IBO i wasn’t very convinced by the way Mobile Suits looked but somehow i started to enjoy more lately. For many Barbatos is a fav but i really love the bulky Gusion, can’t wait to get my hands on the 1/100 Gusion / Gusion Rebake.

  241. Way to haze Todd… what a laugh!

    Really been considering a Zoids kit. Been eyeballing the 1/72 Shadow Fox.

  242. ya those inner frame is quite attractive

  243. OMG!!! its Blue Frame D!!


  245. I would Love to get that Blue Frame 🙂

  246. Can’t deny that I’d love to win this week.

    Awesome episode. And can’t wait to see a build review of the 1/100 gusion/gusion bake kit. Images of the kit on the net look good.

  247. woah I want this kit please !!

  248. I’d love to win a astray, but I doubt that RN God will choose me 🙁

  249. I’m blue da ba dee da ba die~
    Bring on the Blue Frame!~

  250. Blue Astray – Aka Astra with 240% more blades

  251. i don’t like the blue frame >_<

  252. MG prize = comment explosion.

  253. Great show, thanks.
    Can’t wait to see the WonderFest photos.

  254. How do you shave the nubs off of the hg’s antenna

  255. Nice work as always guys! You guys are the reason Youtube is awesome ? P.S. Winning that Blue frame will be super sweet!!!

  256. Wasn’t a fan of the Gusion in its original form, but the rebake I love and will pick up in the 1/100 since I doubt we will see it in MG form anytime soon.

  257. The Gusion and Gusion Rebake in the same 1/100 kit is a little bit of a bummer unless they release a frame separately.

  258. Loved the kimaris leg thrusters. The gusion which I really never like turned into something awesome. A GUSION Rebake

  259. How about making a competition for the 200th episode similar to playing with plamo?

    just a suggestion though

  260. The IBO kits keep surprising me!

  261. the real question is will the 1/100 gusian frame be the same as the barbatos. would be cheaper to buy a second barbatos then 2 gusians.

  262. Looking forward to the vegemite/marmite/termite taste off.

  263. Kimaris and the grimgerde look like a great combo.

  264. The Grimgerde looks cool though

  265. I really like the choice of colors that they are using for the Gundam and Mobile Suits from IBO. Having Gundam kits that are not the normal run of the mill shades from the kits of old really makes IBO stand out. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming!

  266. Grimgerde good, Gusion baked bad

  267. 1/100 Schwalbe Graze Looks cool! Can’t wait for the 1/100 Gusuion! I want that MG Astray Blue Frame Please!

  268. I just started getting into gunpla (built two hg kits) and IBO has me excited to get more.

  269. Really excited to see what Bandai brings us in 2016!

  270. The random number generator has spoken!

  271. There is a viewer base patiently awaiting the 24 hour Ryan live stream, just saying! Huzzah Astray!

  272. i really need a blue astray right now….

  273. Thank you ahead for picking me as the winner of the blue astray. Yeah!

  274. Ah no it’s a blue frame D and I’ve wanted one for ages and I’m probably too late to enter! D:

  275. All hail the random number generator! great review on the death stinger!

  276. Those character stands would be nice if I liked the characters that are available. Here’s hoping Merribit shows up. Other than that, nothing much to say about this episode. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  277. RNGsus please help me. i need to win that blue frame d. good show btw. i was surprised on the gimmicks of the kimaris.

  278. All hail random generator <3

  279. for episode 200 you should give 200 hundred kits to one person, or better yet, 1 kit to 200 people…
    Love the show, but I hate the random number generator…

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  289. Hey Guys,
    Another great episode, do reveal more goodies at the Wonderfest!

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

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    I need mah 1/100 Ashtray with the D

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  294. Great show! Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of the IBO suits.

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