Jan 26

Many people had asked that we show the Zoids’ Death Stinger kit when it came in, however, it arrived just before the winter break and we didn’t have enough time to assemble it before the lights went out and the doors closed for a week. Well, it’s done now and Todd is going to bring you all the details about this stellar kit.


Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 McGillis’s Schwalbe Graze
1/72 HMM Highend Master Model EZ-036 Death Stinger

Gunpla TV


  1. Praise the Emperor and all of my glory.

  2. Broken Blade was a pretty good show, and if I’m not mistaken they just remastered it recently.

  3. Great vídeo as always guys!!!

  4. This reminded me of my Yellow Sabre tiger zoid as a child. Q.Q

  5. When you see a new video get excited then realize you forgot to comment last video… By the way has anyone built a ship model? Im building a 1/350 Shimekaze and its so fun but 6hrs in im only about half way done. What’s longest time you guys have spent on a model? What model was it?

    • I have a Hasegawa VF-1 from middle school (10+ years ago) that I’m still working on here and there, now and then. Does that count? 😛

    • PG Banshee Norn. Wife bought it for me mid October. Finished it almost two weeks ago.

  6. Great episode guys,if you guys are intrested you should watch the Zoids anime, the death stinger is in the Chatoic centry.

    This kit looks amazing it brings out all the anime glory, like the gojulas and the iron kong, from the way this is going I do hope kotobukiya will be making the Death saurer.

  7. I love koto kits.

  8. In hopes that I win the Delphine, I shall say the Warrior’s Prayer

    Gods of war, I call you
    My sword is by my side
    I seek a life of honor
    Free from all false pride

    I will crack the whip
    With a bold, mighty hail
    Cover me with death
    If I should ever fail

    Glory. Majesty. Unity.
    Hail! Hail! Hail!

  9. Holy crap! The Death Stinger is MASSIVE!

  10. Syd/Ryan/Todd, are kotobukiya making more Armored core kits or are they discontinued?

    • There are still some un-kitted designs from Armored Core, but From Software hasn’t made any new AC games since Armored Core: Verdict Day (2013, I think), so I don’t think there’s much incentive to make new kits.

      The fact that Verdict Day and its predecessor (Armored Core V)’s mecha designs didn’t exactly hit it off with fans certainly didn’t help model kit sales, either.

      Kotobukiya has recently completed a re-production run of some of the existing AC kits, though. (I believe there was an HLJ promotion for it.)

  11. Good kits

  12. I d love to try a kotobukiya kit, hope to get one. great show

  13. I’m never build Kotobukiya’s kit. Can you give something for me? ?

  14. Nice episode as always, might think about picking up some of the Zoids kits, they’ve always looked pretty neat. Something different would stand out in the collection

  15. I love zoids. Strike Laser Claw

  16. Gundam thunderbolt episode 2 hype!

  17. Yeah broken blade is such a good mecha series ^^

  18. that death stinger looks really nice, kinda want to check out the zoids anime

  19. Broken Blade was actually a six movie/OVA series based on a manga, that got stretched into a 12 episode TV anime. So it wasn’t that it didn’t last long (in fact it lasted a full cour), the anime was just a re-cut version of movie adaptations of a manga series.

    I thought it was a decent anime, though.

  20. Yay for unmade kit giveaway! Great show guys. That vogue-ing scorpion looks pretty cool.

  21. i hope i can win this time

  22. That Delphine has such a sleek, but not too flashy look which really speaks to me. Good video guys. Keep em coming!

  23. Dang that death stinger look amazing

  24. Jeez, I remember having a death stinger when I was younger.

  25. hope i win the weapon set or the broken blade kit

  26. “Don’t think about what you lost…” made me snort. Troll the fans more, Syd. It keeps us happy.

    Does Zoids have an accompanying anime or manga series? If so, which came first, the kit line or the anime/manga? Or is it like Frame Arms, where there are just a bunch of cool robot designs built around a central frame (or theme, in this case)?

  27. Sweet unbuilt kits, we all know half the fun of models is building them!

  28. Dang, zoids bring me back! I remember building an older scorpion kit but it was blue and didnt have much articulation; it could only go fowards, backwards, or left or right

  29. The Delphine? Really?! A rare kit that’s not built and easily worth 60$ minimum? I have one already, but I wouldn’t mind having another. O_O I loved the anime, and the kit is awesome. God, I hope I win it. I would totally fight an army, armed with nothing but a stick, to have it.

  30. I’ve just started watching Broken Blade because I was looking for something different and I’m really enjoying it so far. I hope to get the Delphine.

    Although the Armored Core weapons set would be good too I could use it to customize my Gunpla.

    Has there been any toys or kits announced for the Macross Delta series? Although I live in America I’ve watched all the Macross series. I haven’t seen Delta yet but I’m looking for a legit site to watch it on any suggestions?

  31. That scorpion looks great,I’d love to see it kitbashed with a gundam.

  32. I gotta get me a Death Stinger. It’s so OP in the series. I love Break Blade/Broken Blade. It’s got six 50 min episodes.

  33. Damn that scorpion looks sick.

  34. Syd, you are the reason i am in love with that HMM Saber Tiger Zoid kit, because of that review all those years ago. and good lord, that Death Stinger Gunmetal plastic is gorgeous

  35. i want dat weapon set

  36. wow,that zoid is huge.

  37. Great episode guys! I actually caught myself laughing out loud at some of your comments. Keep up the awesome.

  38. Todd, I think you are a cool person. Speaking of which I have a question for him. My question is what was your first Zoids kit you ever built?

  39. Awesome review, guys!!

  40. I have to say recently I am addicted to the zoids kits. They are rather expensive but the detail in them are amazing. So much so it very satisfying to do a slow detailed build.

  41. Well that got dark right before comments

  42. That Death Stinger is Wicked Kit, Love Kotobukiya kits

  43. Glad that Zoids are getting some love. Sick episode!

  44. Mecha Pinchy!

  45. The new line of 1/100 Hi-Res kits seems kind of interesting…but what other kits could possibly go into that line? An RX-78-2? I feel like there’s really an over-saturation of that…

  46. That Delphine… I need to stop drooling.

  47. I wonder when it will be my turn to win something. Damm you auto number generator.

  48. When it comes to Zoids, it’s all about the Shadowfox master race.

  49. Even though this show is called “Gunpla TV”, please show more non-gundam kits so we can expand our model kit horizon.

  50. I’ve been wanting to build some Kotobukiya kits, so this would be a great chance for me to get one! Also, that Death Stinger looks awesome. I might have to get one for myself.

  51. I wanna wiiiin!!!

  52. Thanks for reading my comment! Made my night.. big stupid grin on my face when Todd said my username hahahahaha..

    PG master-race… ALL HAIL?

    Thinking of building a zoids kit.. the shadow fox has been calling me.

  53. Megatron with Armored Core weapon equip with Delphine sword

  54. gimme ggimme

  55. Oh my god. The Delphine, brings back memories. When watching that series (The movies I believe), right when it got to the suggestive parts, my parents walked in, saw it and left… fun time explaining that the series was about giant mechs and not what they thought it was.

  56. Kotobukiya kits are so different from Bandai kits. I’ve been “bitten” by the Saber Tiger so many times. That Megatron looks really fun though.

  57. The Deathstinger looks pretty awesome with a lot of gimmicks. It’s a shame with the amount of detail the Pistons couldn’t be movable types. Still an awesome kit!

  58. When Kotobukiya puts in their best effort, like on that Death Stinger, they can easily go toe to toe with any master grade Gundam for quality. I’m very much looking forward to their new Arbalest kit. A Delphine would be very helpful in keeping me satisfied until then.

  59. I’d really like to get one of those IBO posters, and those kits look awesome!

  60. I would love to have one of those kotobukiya kit

  61. I, as a unsorcerer will be proud to build that Delphine 😀

  62. wow kotobukiya
    Do u FAG for give away in the future?

  63. I love the Death Stinger, but I will not get it solely because I would have to build those legs 8 freaking times! Hell, I get bored building Mobile suit legs and arms…lol

  64. Broken Blade…word

  65. One of those kits is a trap to buy a new frame.

  66. Delphine? There can only be one thing that dominates my mind when thinking of that particular mech; the claymore springboard counterattack. That one scene is still one of the most memorable moments of any anime i’ve ever seen. Epic…

  67. Read the manga saw the anime now i want to build the kit

  68. Wow, did not know that there was a model kit of the Delphine. Absolutely loved the anime and wouldn’t mind building a model of it.

  69. I can’t believe that episode 200 is so close! I’m itching to see what you have planned.

  70. Syd, please eat vegemite and record your reaction to it on a future episode 😀

  71. hope I win the Delphine

  72. Great episode Syd and Todd (feels weird to not mention Ryan). Fun fact about Break Blade, when the anime was made the manga was not finished and thus devised their own ending. Its also well worth watching despite the mechs being operated by magical energy its combat looks very weighted and realistic.

  73. armored core please. thanks (never gonna win anything, cry at a corner)

  74. Glad its a scorpion and not a spider!


  76. love the show guys.. keep up the great work.. also the Megatron looks so awesome id love to win that… #tacosarelife hahaha

  77. That Death Stinger looks sick! Hope I get that ACV weapons set since I already have built a few ACV kits, they could use some new weapons :3

  78. Awesome show, thanks for your efforts 🙂

    I hope that they release MG versions of the ironblooded orphan models soon, that would be awesome.

  79. … I stole that fist bump!


    …I’m so lonely.

  80. That stinger is awesome. And BROKEN BLADE!!!

  81. fools you have messed with the natural order, where is gundam!!

  82. i would love to get the kotobukiya kit

  83. That Delphine looks nice.

  84. damn that death stinger is beautiful

  85. Sorry.
    Go Go Power Rangers

    Again sorry

  86. im like those 1/100 kits with the frames

  87. the armoured core set would be nice to have

  88. cool i havent build any kotobukiya would love to build one that are free

    free stuff are always better.,…

  89. time to roll the dice once more

  90. Kawai? O shiri no itami!

  91. I like that blu colors but after seeing that red mcgillis type i just can’t wait to see it

  92. now why did you have to go and show zoids. as if my gundam models addiction wasnt bad enough. i havent built a zoid in about 20 years when i got a zoidzilla as part of my 10th birthday present. great episode guys

  93. Star Wars is awesome

  94. I loved Broken Blade, that Delphine would be SOOOOO awesome!

  95. Wow Death Stinger kit it cool…thanks love the show

  96. awesome review. that’s one huge kit! btw, i want that broken blade kit… please!

  97. Notice me, Senpais!

  98. The PG Wing Zero was my first kit, then I got the PG Astray and the 00 Raiser; can I get a triple fist bump? Also, Syd’s face at 25:40, poor headless Stinger.

    All hail Megatron

  99. Broken Blade it’s not bad, it is a pity that was not achieved a second season. I read much of the manga and i would have liked to see animated the rest of the story

  100. wow kotobukiya give a ways too bad no zoids in it 🙁

  101. “The wind of change”….
    At last, Zoids.

    Do you guys have any idea what give on the water slide decals from Bandai? Are they discontinued again? Have some ordered at HLJ for almost a year now…

  102. I would love to see more kits like this on the channel, they look really nice, although the plastic looks weird, I don’t want to say cheap, just weird.
    Little Megs!! So cute!!

  103. what happened to toy tengoku?

  104. oh, kotobukiya kits. wonder how it feels?

  105. Aaaaand Syd destroyes another kit on camera 😛 Syd are you excited for the Rogue one movie that`ll prbly come out this year ?

  106. I’ll take the megatron!!!

  107. do note that Death Stinger’s tail contains its strongest weapon, Charge Particle Cannon !

  108. long live gunpla tv!

  109. Hey guys awesome show. To be honest my first module kit was a zoid but I was to young to know how to build them so I used to rip the pieces off the runners and then shave them down with scissor. I’m really getting excited to properly build one now!!!

  110. Great video guys and the Zoids models are amazing, stay awesome

  111. That Death Stinger is really making me want to get into some ZOIDS kits.

  112. Man, that Death Stinger. I already want to get a few more Gunpla, Armored Core and now I have to look into Zoids? Preposterous, my wallet will be gasping for air by Feburary.

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions. One, what gundam markers / cutting mats / nippers / paints / miscellany building tools do you guys use? As someone who just cuts and nips with $5 storebought things I would like to get some proper equipment and I dunno where to start. Two, do you plan on playing Gundam Breaker 3 when it comes out? If it wasn’t for that series of games I never would’ve started building, so yeah, really excited for the new one.

    And eh, if I win the Armored Core weapon pack I might just end up getting around to buying one of the Armored Core kits I can’t get my eyes off. 😛

  113. I though I could resist to the zoids but today you really convinced me to buy one! Probably one of the Tiger-Lion suff! I don’t know anything about the anime…anything! I usually study the anime to understand what a kit does, if it’s bad or good in the story, stuff like that. But this time I think I will build it just because they looks so good! Do the core in the anime lights up? It could be a nice touch to add lights in the model if it lights up in the anime!!

  114. Another great episode. Cant wait to see more hobby show news of whats coming out in 2016. I’m especially looking forward to more RG Gundams.

  115. Great episode guys and Syd break blade is great anime I really recommend it

  116. Syd stalks people on trains

  117. I like gunpla.

  118. I’ve never built a Kotobukiya kit before. Maybe I should give them a shot.

  119. They did kits for broken blade ? Heh, I did read a couple of the mangas, it was an interesting setting.

  120. At first I thought that the death stinger was overpriced. Now that u guys have shown it, it’s worth it. Good job on reviewing it.

  121. Broken/Break Blade is an awesome series :3
    Sad the anime just doesn’t do the manga justice.

    I had no idea the Delphine kits were Out of print X_X
    Whelp, can hope I get lucky and win that kit.

    But damn, that’s a huge scorpion! :O

  122. woke up to you guys good stuff!

  123. I want to get myself a 1/100 barbatos soon 🙂

  124. Wow, Koto giveaways! I’ld love to win those!

  125. ARMORED CORE!!! high-speed heavy assault checking in.

  126. The death stinger looks fantastic, so huge, I wouldn’t even have the space for it

  127. Thanks for the great episode guys! Todd, you have convinced me to get a Zoids kit because that Death Stinger is too good to pass up.

    What Zoid series are these kits based off of? I don’t recognize these models from the series that was shown in America years back, 199-something.

    Hoping to win the Delphine like everyone else!!

    • the deathstinger is from the zoids: chaotic century series. it was made by combining a lot of different zoid cores into one uber-monstrosity. if i remember right, it picked up the blade liger and tossed it like a toy with those front claws

  128. Please! Notice me Random Number Generator senpai.

  129. Need those weapons! :v

  130. All of those kits look amazing

  131. D-style Megatron PUH LEEZE!
    So glad were back to regularly scheduled episodes.

  132. new kit giveaway!

  133. Break Blade movies are really worth watching.

  134. Great show guys!
    Thanks Todd for letting me know there is a Hobby model show in my own home town! I never knew it existed! Damn 🙁

  135. its fun bulding gunpla and waching you talk abought new kits.

  136. One of my all time fave ZOIDS Kits!! I hope one day you’ll be giving that away LOL. Hope I can get that kit soon!

  137. Finally, something different!
    To be honest, even if I don’t build Zoid kits, I found this episode more entertaining than the usual Gundam stuff, Don’t get me wrong, I Know gundam is the main theme on the show and I love them as much as the next guy, but you have to mix it up more often guys!

    Kotobukiya usually do amazing kits, drop a few HIQ Parts waterslides, and a little paint and you will have an awesome model. That Deathstinger got my eye, I was imagining it with the interiors all painted and with a different color scheme, Amazing kit.

  138. This zoid was a lot larger then I originally thought

    Also that D Style Megatron would be nice.

  139. oh Australia. . .

  140. Big kits are great kits. Would love that Delphine.

  141. Yay, my comment got read. I say that is a win in my book.
    I never was really into Zoids, but this really sparked my interest.

  142. I never win one of these contests lol

  143. it looks beautiful

  144. Gotta have the Delphine!

  145. Its been awhile since I have been on here. but first hello lol. I haven’t kept up my model kit skills in a bit but I am getting a few kits in the coming weeks really want to get the mg sazabi ver ka. this was an awesome show and keep it up guys and I WANT THE DELPHINE!!!! broken blade was an awesome show WHOOOO!!!

  146. Nice

  147. The Death Stinger is indeed a majestic kit.

  148. Love the zoid review! Gonna have to look into these kits.

  149. Great vid guys, slowly creeping up on Ep 200 here pretty quick.

  150. Loved Todd acting out the comments.

  151. Nice Scorpion!!!

  152. Sweet! I Won! also shout out to Todd.

  153. Love that you guys give away some kotobokya stuff. Love your show guys

  154. Great show again lads. And i’m going to ask again top 10 gunpla so far not grade limited please, i’m going to keep asking. Death stinger i think i have to get one now

  155. Ohh, the death stringer was way more articulate than I imagined when we saw it at the booth show.

  156. Hey Syd Brake Blade is a pretty good anime it was first released as 6 individual movies in theaters in Japan. It was later adapted in to a Tv anime several years later. The shows basic premise is all the mecha are made of quartz crystal and all the humans have the ability to move quartz with there minds and are called sorcerers. However the Brake Blade is ancient and was found buried. It is made of metal not quartz and the humans can not get it to move when it is found. There is only one person who can what they call an unsorcerer. He can not control quartz with his mind just like the dead mummified pilot they found in side. If it sounded interesting to you check it out sometime it is good. Also the manga is still on going so the story is not finished yet.

  157. nice selection of prizes but then aren’t all the giveaways of a most excellent value

  158. That Death Stinger looks awesome. Good Job.

  159. That Death Stinger is fantastic

  160. I do love the Death Stinger, easily one of my favorite zoids. I can’t believe you are offering up the Delphine, really hoping for that one because I loved that anime. I keep hoping for more but seems we will be stuck with the small number of episodes we have.

  161. This episode has got me very interested in the koto kits. Which koto kit would you guys recommend to start with?

  162. Hmmmmm Todd Joins hobby link, Ryan starts getting sick all of sudden…….. coincidence…….I think not Q~Q

  163. broken blade kit is so cool…

  164. Deathstinger looks really nice

  165. The Deathstinger is freaking cool!

  166. Megatron

  167. Death Stringer? More like Gunslinger~ cause he is locked and loaded~ I hope that awful pun won me something…

  168. I like Megatron. He’s my spirit animal.

  169. That Death stinger looks awesome! Looking forward to see more Zoid kits from you guys. And by the way, they recently remastered the broken blade series. They expanded it from the original 6 episode movie to 12 episode TV series.

  170. Broken Blade is a wickedly awesome series.

  171. Broken Blade is my favorite anime 😀

  172. That Death Stinger is so BIG! wow

  173. Great show, need to get a Death Stinger !!!
    Would Love to get one of those koto kits

  174. Super Fumina intensifies

  175. Awesome show!

  176. Kotobukiya kits are friggin awesome.

  177. well that’s a dangerous looking scorpion

  178. I might just get that Death stinger for my Father In-law. he loves scorpions(the Band) so he might just love this too ^.^

  179. I want that Megatron! But any prize will do. Great episode again!

  180. super excited to see the 1/100 kimaris

  181. Broken blade was pretty good.

  182. Great show. Can’t believe it’s going to be episode 200 soon.
    Well, the stinger lloks great. Armour Core kit would be nice. Thanks.

  183. Good show!

  184. Great episode! I would love to see some more zoid kits through in with the gunpla in future episodes. Btw the Death Stinger is based of a sea scorpion and they do have rear pincers as well.

  185. Awesome review!! Hope to I can win something sometime 🙂

  186. hope to see more zoids kit in the future episode!!!! Cheer!!!!

  187. Broken Blade!? Heck yeah!

  188. Great show guys! Always nice to see other kits besides Gunpla featured.

  189. Wow the death stinger is so impressive I am so glad I was able to see it all built and explained, major props to Todd, also who else was amused by Todds narrating skills on the comment section, It was hands done the best narrating in all of Gunpla TV History. Question for Syd, was the popcorn reference from the Walking Dead when you expressed your astonishment to Todd. Because if it is I need to give you a virtual fist bump and welcome you to the Walking Dead Faction. As always stellar episode I hope that one day there really is going to be a Gunpla TV host cast at HLJ, that sounds so complex and intricate, but definitely INCREDIBLE. Would love to win the nice weapon set, and keep the ball rolling HLJ and Hobby Link TV and Gunpla TV!!!

  190. Its a shame that the scorpion is so expensive… guess ill have to start saving up my pennies since its too sick to skip on it xD
    ps. gimme dat chibi megatron :]

  191. Rare kits

  192. Kotobukiya!

  193. great show guys! Awesome Death stinger kit and Delphine looks cool two!

  194. I think I would rather go for an iron kong rather than this kit if I was going for a massive zoid kit, this one seems too toy like

  195. That deathstinger looks amazing! And I really wanted the delphine but since it’s discontinued I might just get lucky and win it “cough hint,hint cough”

  196. Just commenting to win something :X
    really hope I get the broken blade kit though !!

  197. A jumping scorpion? GOD NO!!!

  198. im still never sure what to think of zoids, but the death stinger did put a few ticks in the good books.
    looking forward to hopefully making my first kotobukiya kit if i win

  199. Another great episode guys and keep up the good work! I have been building Gunpla for almost two years and still loving it. I want to sincerely thank both Syd and Ryan, as it was you guys who inspire me to take up this hobby. This hobby now have evolved to the point where I am now starting making/design my own Gunpla model with a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool called SolidWorks. Eventually I am going to 3D print these design to create something completely new. My hopes is when I get enough skills with CAD, I can apply to Bandai and start making Gunpla kits for them.

  200. mmm the death stinger. i always say i am gonna buy more zoids kits but i never get around to it.

  201. Love these giveaways

  202. Why do Giveaways always have kits that I have wanted before?

  203. can I haz the one from broken blade :3

  204. its a nice scorpion give it to me.. 😀

  205. As much as I love gunpla, seeing different kits always gets me excited. Have not built a zoid kit ( or much of anything really, still new to this ) but it is now on the list.. along with my incredible back long of kits ive already amassed

    Love the show! Keep them coming guys

  206. yes~~~~

  207. That Megatron was a great little kit. Someone’s going to be a lucky person.

  208. Megatron!

  209. Now I wanna see a scorpion transform into a gundam!

  210. This has made me want to buy some Zoids HMM kits, probably a Linger, the Death Stinger, and a D-style kit as well. If I’m able to win one of the Kotobukyia kits I’d have to say it would be a tie between Lord Megatron and the Broken Blade Delphine.

  211. i reckon those kits look pretty cool the broken blade especially don’t mind if i don’t get btw hehe

  212. Zoids… that brings back memories… those rubber nubs and wind up action! Wait, I think I still have them in my basement.

    Great episode. Look what you started, PG fist bumps. Cracks me up everytime someone asked for one 🙂

  213. Definitely the best looking zoids kit.

  214. Awesome Show as usual, Sweet that your finally giving away kits to build. and that show broken blade was awesome, needs more seasons!

  215. I haven’t built this zoto kit. Seems different.

  216. Delphine!!!

  217. Another great episode guys. I have wanted to build a Zoids kit for a while I might get myself the Death Stinger in the future.

  218. Give away that death stinger too lol

  219. broken blade!!!

  220. Give me the kit that requires no magic 🙂

  221. THanks for the kit!

  222. I’m too late again aren’t I?

  223. These kits look extremely interesting. Kinda want the Delphine over the other two but they’d be interesting to build

  224. What better way to start off the new year than to win a Kotobukyia kit. I’ve never had one. However if I do win the weapon set, please draw again. I’d hate to win something that I’m sure someone else could make better us of.

    Episode 200 is coming soon, can’t believe it. Congrats on having such a successful run.

    ps: I loves my taco de lingua!

  225. Out-queue the British? Take on the Swedes! We even have a Sweden Simulator, in which you can queue. BEAT THAT!

  226. Nice episode with that death stinger guys!
    Those Koto’s really look interesting, might have to pick up some armored core kits soon 😀

  227. YEA comment number 233
    would love to win

  228. Had i known they were going to stop making Broken Blade i would bought a few of them, but oh well.

  229. The D-Style Megatron look so cool ! this treatment suit so well to the original design.really hope to see one assembling.
    + you give me reason to watch broken blade .

  230. Todd did a very good job on finishing up the death stinger :D!! Thumbs up for to you sir!!

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