Nov 30

Another new face makes an appearance on Gunpla TV to talk about the newest Iron-Blooded Orphans, the Hyakuri, and Hyakuren kits, while Syd is excited to talk about a Master Grade kit again!




Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II AEUG
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans Version
1/100 Gundam Barbatos
1/144 HG Hyakuren
1/144 HG Hyakuri
1/100 MG THE ORIGIN RX-78-02 Gundam
1/100 MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0
1/100 MG RX-78-3 G-3 Gundam Ver.2.0
1/100 MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0


Gunpla TV


  1. such a long episode. I LOVE it

  2. Holy two MGs! Want that!

  3. I love the MG RX-78-2 Origin’s design.


    The new guy also has a nice pleasing voice, though he seems a bit nervous when he’s not talking 😉

    From what I’ve seen online, the EX Standard kits aren’t very amazing. There are hollow parts that can be seen, and they are missing 80% of the colors.

  4. I would like some xxx. Also welcome Todd.

  5. Still waiting on my super Fumina and as I see more video’s with bad/creepy face reviews I’m trying to see what I can do to make it better LOL Anyways great episode and keep it up

  6. triple the fun

  7. XXX baby 😉

  8. Thanks for the review of the MG RX-78-2 Origin. I was contemplating purchasing between this and the 3.0 but after excellent review I will be going with the 3.0.

  9. I’m really loving the IBO kits!
    Can’t wait to get one my self!

  10. XXX

  11. looking forward to all the IBO kits release

  12. Loving the IBO kits as well as the show keep up the awesome work. The new guys seemed nervous but he did survive so congrats to that. Would love to win Sid’s triple X ( lol nice name sid ) set but if not no biggie i will still support HLJ for plamo needs.

  13. Ever since the announcement of the RX-78-2 Origin Ver. I’ve wanted it. Seeing this review only makes me want it more! One of these days I’ll get my hands on one.

    In the mean time I’ll cross my fingers for the Triple moon power!

  14. :l Still hoping to win one in a raffle :O

  15. Which MG kit should I buy the gundam 3.0 or the origin verison to get the most value out of them? I like the extra parts like the cannon, and the new rifle, and the clear effect parts, but i like the outer sharp design of the 3.0 better. Also, I hope I can win the MGs ~~~

  16. Not one, but two MG’s? You’re too kind, Syd.

  17. great combo package XXX!

  18. Double Triple X!

  19. Can’t wait to order my RX 78 Origin version. I just finished my 2.0 and 3.0, and I am actually looking into the original Ver.Ka and 1.0 (and maybe a Facepalm Gundam), just to round out the collection. it’s kinda a shame that the Origin version doesn’t include a core fighter, but I already have enough.

  20. I’m sure to win this time!

  21. Those IBO kits don’t stop being cool! Can’t wait until things like the Kimaris and Gusion finally get released.

    Also lol at the XXX Gundam giveaway.

  22. Really loving the look of all these IBO kits; money’s a bit tight right now, but definitely going to try to keep a pit of pocket change ready for the Gusion when it comes out!

  23. Super Fumina! 😛

  24. Loved the longer episode, I hope that Ryan feels better soon but Todd (forgive me if I spell his name wrong) did a great job filling in, and I hope to see him in some future videos

  25. Finally! The NG barbatos is finally available! Thank god, I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever.

  26. Great episode as always.

  27. Great episode, that Origin RX-78-02 looks awesome! I cant wait to get my hands on it. Also, sign me up for some of that XXX action 😉

  28. im a little disappointed about the 1/100 barbatos stickers but will still pick it up. Because i will need it to pair with the 1/100 gusion when it comes out.

    also i love the blast effects on the origin and i wish more kits would come with them as they add tons of play-ability and posing options.

  29. I’ll take as many X as yo can fit in the box

  30. Usually I keep my gundam out of my XXX fun

  31. The Hyakuri looks so cool.

  32. great episode hope i get the models

  33. Whoaaa!! I need me some Triple X in my life!!

  34. That triple X tho! :v

  35. notice me Syd Zenpai!!!!!!!!

  36. I can’t help being reminded of the GN-X whenever I see the Hyakuren, which makes me love it that much more.

  37. Great episode as usual. Thanks for sharing all the info that you do and showing us kits!!!

  38. GUNDAMS!

  39. Give me some of that triple X action please! 😀


  41. Oh that’s a hawt giveway! Triple X Gundam ! hahaha

  42. give the Hyakuren a katana. it would look more like a samurai

  43. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I like the design on the Hyakuri and the Rx-78 origin ver. Can’t wait to pick those kits up for myself. Oh and the XXX give away got me all sorts of excited haha.

  45. Hey guys awesome ep welcome to the new edition Todd i really like the guy hope its a team treo now lol also i wish i could win the double x and the x gundam MG’s i have never had a MG and thats one of my fav designs hope i get that lucky lol best wishes to HLJ and and good luck to everyone.

  46. Todd seemed a little shy at first but really got into it as he went on! Great episode guys I’ll have to look into the Hyakuri, it reminds me a lot of the Elf Bullock from G-Reco and that is a very good thing.

  47. XXX all day, every day!

  48. XXX will be mine wahaha,

  49. loving the ibo kits

  50. i rlly hope i win those x gundams <3

  51. the origin looks like a neat kit! I think I prefer the looks of its predecessors, but it’s nice to see a different take on RX. Good episode guys! Can’t wait for the next one.

  52. Yes! Thanks Syd for the Review of MG RX-78-2 Origin ver. and Welcome Tod! Lengthy episode but very informative. I like how Tod review the two new HG kit from G Tekketsu. Keep Up The Good Work Guys!

  53. Great hour long video.

  54. XXX

  55. Gundam XXX!! I sense a season 2 coming soon…

  56. I’m having a crisis man. Someone asked me the other day “what if our consciousness is constantly dying and being replaced by a new consciiusness that retains all the memories of the previous consciousness?” I don’t like that thought man. It’s like my brain is constantly replacing itself. And I mean, over my lifetime all my cells are going to be replaced. At some point not a single cell in me will have been alive when I was born. It’s like I’m being replaced by myself. It’s wigging me out, what do you think?

    • Ah, the Theseus’ Ship Paradox. If you set sail on a ship, and at every port you come to you replace a single plank making up that ship, eventually replacing every single plank before coming back to your home port, is your ship still your ship?

      Surely to learn the answer would be to invite madness…

      • What the hell? What does this stuff have to do with model kits?

        • Simple, if you get a kit and mod it bit by bit over the years to the point that there is not a single original part left, is it still the same custom kit?

          • relating gunpla to real life proplems Good job gunpla for the win

          • Ok. I never done modding with gunpla before, but I have with bionicles and I guess I could understand, but why not buy and mod some new other gunpla from scratch?

    • I hope you win, so that they will have to read your comment on the next

  57. XXX was the worst Vin Diesel movie ever… but it might be the best of Gunpla. GIVE THEM TO ME!

  58. The new guy seems cool… and the way he talk can make a baby sleep, and turn raging monkey into a monk monkey

  59. XXX


  61. I want that triple X.

  62. Three X’s, sounds dangerous. Haven’t seen the movie but looks alright. Hey Syd, what is like building the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos kit? Is it similar to a Master Grade Gundam kit?

  63. I’m really hoping for 1/100s of the Hyakuri/ren. Between G-Rec’s Elf Bullock and IBO’s Hyakuri, it’s only a matter of time before we see a Gundam Jehuty. Or a Gundam Anubis. Mmm, Gundam Anubis…

  64. that hyakuri and hyakuren are pretty interesting kit to build

  65. I love MG kits!

  66. Would love to have that XXX! I hope Bandai will release the Barbatos in MG!

  67. Customer service has been good to me.

  68. The new IBO kits look so different, in a good way 😀

  69. great show guys, nice build, Not XXX !

  70. MG double X, the gundam that microwave

  71. Great review of the origin rx78. Was about to get it.

  72. I wonder what a real Gundam Triple X would look like….

  73. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude ! Gimme those 2 MG`s 😀
    As for the Origin MG – is it me or does the chest look..kinda…too bulky?

  74. awesome MG…


  76. I AM GUNDAM…

  77. Triple X!!! Very interesting 🙂

  78. XXX for the win

  79. Double X

  80. IBO kits are awesome having inner frames even in hgs
    welcome to the show Todd, nice reviews 🙂

  81. Would love some of that XXX action!

  82. Really liking what the Origin RX-78 has to offer. And leave it to Syd to make a XXX joke.

  83. XXX!

  84. Another great episode. after seeing the rx78-2 the origin, i’m set on buying it. does it share any parts from the mg amazing red warrior? hope to win the XXX gundam! lol

  85. x marks the spot for the treasure!


  87. I actually prefer the episode to be longer, and I want the MGs

  88. Wow the IBO kits are getting better and better !!! And btw i would love to win the mg!

  89. So wanting that XXX!!!

  90. To me the 3.0 looks the best

  91. Would be awesome to win that triple X Gundam 😛 Always love your show ryan and syd 🙂 and also todd

  92. Please Ryan i would love to have the x and double please Ryan notice me!

  93. nice posters

  94. 2 MGs.. Sweet!

  95. Great episode guys. I have the 1/100 Barbatos on the way and I am super excited for it!

  96. SUPER FUMINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As usual, great show guys!

  97. Triple X for Aqua X!! 😀

    And I’m glad you liked my upper Fumina explanation.

  98. ei what happened to the “MALLARD”? more power to your show guys!

  99. The RX-78-02 uses a core pod which is completely different to the core block system of the RX-78-2 where the core fighter folds up and sits inside the lower torso. Instead the wings fold in, the fuselage contracts and it fits into the upper section of the torso with only the nose of the fighter in the lower section.

    It could have been possible to include the core fighter and have the same level of poseability if it weren’t for the LED. However the cockpit would need to be engineered to allow the pilot seat to rotate from vertical into horizontal position and would probably make the kit more complex than it needs to be.

    • So the Origin RX-78’s core fighter is something akin to an accordion? Crumpling in on itself in order to save space to fit inside just the top of the chest instead of filling out the entire chest cavity?

      Seems like it’s sort of borrowing from the GP01 design, then, excluding the backpack integration. It also seems like it would be very very finnicky indeed. Personally, I’m fine if the core fighter gimmick is discarded altogether (as it is here).

      • The RX-78-02 houses the core pod in the chest and I would assume also incorporates the operational computer, whereas the RX-78-2 housed it in the waist area. While it may seem unnecessary, without it you wouldn’t be able to recreate the scene in Jaburo where the three components have been separated so they run diagnostics or scratch build the Reinforced GM that Sayla had to use the core fighter to escape before it went the way of all GMs.

        That being said, the pilot figure included with this kit is Amuro in his civilian clothes and while I may be disappointed in the absence of he cre fighter, I would have liked seeing Amuro in the fighter without wearing a Normal Suit even less.

  100. Keep posting those comments, you know you want the triple x goodness. I wonder how many post there will be this time.


  102. but also those xxx rated mgs

  103. Sad to hear Ryan being sick, hope he gets better soon. Todd did great filling in his role, although a bit timid but it was his first time appearing, so keep up the great work!

  104. I’m excited to get the origin RX78. It looks pretty awesome, in terms of poseability and accessories.

  105. Hey, guys… I think you should get a bigger table; because now we want Syd, Ryan AND Todd in the show! (That would be awesome).

  106. I honestly don’t have anything to say apart from my hype over the effect parts in the Origin RX-78, so I’ll just chip in with the requested SUPER FUMINAAA!

  107. SUPER FUMINA! No but in all honesty, holy cow! Giving away two master grades in one box is super generous! I just hope whoever gets them likes their design, as myself isn’t too fond of the Double X design, but to each their own.

  108. It should be a trio next episode with Todd, Ryan, and Syd at the same time… it’d be interesting to say the least

  109. I’m loving the look of the Hyakuri, funny transformed mode and all. I might have to get one. And give the the triple X!

  110. Woooooah! That origin RX-78

  111. Well, this will be my first and second master grade if you kind enough to give it to me ><

  112. wow,two Gundam x MG!

  113. oh. so thats the reason why I haven’t seen those new SDs on your table for the longest time

  114. love ya work guys keep it up

  115. Another good episode guys !!! Triple XXX hype 😛

  116. Triple fun, yay!

  117. I really like the Hyakuri since the first time I saw in the anime.
    Good proportions, quite “realistic”, meaning that is believable as a fighting machine for fighting in space (not on land with those little feet)!
    It miss only one thing! It doesn’t transform completely in a MA form! Only the arms disappear. It should be very fun to make it full transformable! i hope a good modeler will try that!

  118. Wanna know why the RX78 Origin ver. release right now? Because they will retool this kit in the form of the Full Armor Gundam for Thunderbolt, probably towards the end of next year. Wanna bet?

  119. Gotta say, props to the new guy, he didn’t do a bad job. It’s obvious he isn’t really comfortable with the camera; yet he still did a good job of showing off his kits.

    Hopefully Ryan feels better soon, keep up the good work guys!

  120. Those IBO kits are really nice and I’m hoping we can see some MGs for them soon.

  121. Really looking forward to seeing that 1/100 Barbatos assembled. Although I’ll probably wait and get the hi-res. That one looks way cooler.

  122. Welcome to the show Todd! You did great with the Hyakuri and Hyakuren! love those kits. but the MG Origin RX-78-02 is just amazing, I love how that kit looks and the gimmicks, all of it, cannot wait to build it in the future ( i hev the Titanium Finish 2.0 on the way for X-mas so must likely I won’t build the Origin for a while).

    Can’t wait for next weeks show with the MK II and 1/100 Barbatos.

    See you all next week!

  123. Me like it!

  124. Great Episode guys. Keep it up.

  125. new RX78-02 look really nice.

  126. im having trouble getting hold of that super fumina kit at the moment!!!
    wouldnt mind some of that XXX action

  127. Praise the moon

  128. Nice Episode, hope i will win one kit someday

  129. I like the IBO models, they have a very non-gundam feel (they look more like armored core mecha) and i like that oddness. Im corssing my fingers for a 1/100 Hyakuri

  130. A New MG RX-78-02 and new cool gimmicks with it! Looks beautiful and functional.
    Would prefer to get the Hyakuri over the Hyakuren due to those spider like eyes.

    Oh yes, X + XX = XXX. Triple the fun.

  131. Noce to see some new faces on the show! You are doing great Todd. Hope Ryan gets better soon. Will we be seeing a trio now for hljtv?!?

  132. Looking at the 1/100 “unbox” it looks to me the upsize of 1/144, but can’t w8 till next episode to see you’re review in detail before I decide to get it. I am expecting to see people buying a bunch of Super Fuminas modding them to their favorite JPop/KPop groups; hope theirs one on SNSD.

  133. I would deff love to take those master grades of your hands.

  134. Bazinga!

  135. I WANT THAT TRIPLE X!!! Nice name Syd hahaha

  136. Todd seems cool.

  137. Sweet XXX gundam, wasn’t that long ago that it was built on the show so wasn’t expecting it to be given away so soon.

  138. My GOD that iron blooded kits are awesome…
    I’d like to get all of 1/144 HGIBO kits.
    Hope I win the Triple X gundam too.

  139. i’m still torn between getting the rx-78-2 3.0 or the origin… i want the new features but prefer the overall general detail, look and proportions of the 3.0

    great to see you guys again and good job to Todd!

  140. I Really want one of those IBO 1/100 Barbatos, i did the 1/144 and it was quite fun to build.

  141. Great video as always guys! Always nice to see a new face on Gunpla TV too!

  142. Super Fumina

    Oant Sjen

  143. This episode of Gunpla TV was fantastic! So many questions that I had were answered regarding the MG Origin RX-78-02. And the showcase on more IBO kits was awesome! I’ve got to get my hands on some of those kits because the show is shaping out to be one of the best Gundam series in a long time.

  144. Love watching the Gunpla tv videos, the hobby is starting to become popular here in the UK.

    I have had the privilege of building on of the gundam x kits, would build another in a heartbeat.

    Syd, could you do an improved gundam building tutorials like you did in the early days

  145. Do you guys watch the Iron Blooded Orphans Gundam serie?

  146. Great review on the RX78, Syd. Ryan, I hope that you will get well soon and Todd, welcome to the show.

  147. Iron blooded orphans kits are cool!
    Looking forward the Gusion review and its 1/100 scale version.

  148. Too many x’s or not enough?

  149. Sick and busy? Sounds like he’s making an excuse to play Star Wars Battlefront XD

  150. Can’t wait till Blood Orphan starts putting out some MG kits

  151. Great show guys! Fun as always to watch.

  152. I hope Ryan get well soon. I miss the teasing of Ryan and Syd to each other on the show. It is kind of fun watching it.


  154. Can’t wait to order some more IBO kits. Darn baby using up all my monies! Hope you’re getting on ok with your recent arrival Syd! Get well soon Ryan!

  155. ..GET WELL SOON RYAN!! SYD, I WANT TO WIN THE TRIPLE X’s!!!! cheers!!!

  156. Looking forward to see you guys put that 1/100 Barbatos together, I am very interested in why it is not thought to be a Mastergrade being that it has an internal frame. I also found it interesting that the 2 HG’s you showed from IBO were more the standard HG design and not frame centric like the Graze and Barbatos HG. Keep up the good work.

    • According to them only the Hyakuren (the purple samurai-style one) lacks an inner frame. The Hyakuri follows the IBO trend.

      The kits are probably reviewed on You can find pics of them there to see for yourself.

  157. Question for Syd. Now that you have seen the runners and (possibly) build the 1/00 Barbatos and seen the runners and set up for the Hi-Res Barbatos, how similar do you think the kits will be or do you think the Hi-res will be closer to an “MG” style IBO kit?

  158. Wow are you always giving up kits
    And can we win twice and hi to our new ryan

  159. get well soon Ryan.

    triple X for the win!!!

    and that mg rx78-2 ver2.0 is missing its vFin

  160. You should have the new guy more often so he can review non gundam kits.When are you guys gonna review the new Macross fighter that just came out? Also, when are you going to have a sale on Hobby Japan magazines again?

  161. It kinda sucks that the 1/100 Barbatos doesnt get the mace, but I’ll probably still get it my next paycheck. I really like the IBO MS designs. They feel fresh

  162. Wow it was like a double episode in one, good job guys.

    Never owned a Gundam X or XX kit before.

    Has there been any news on the RG EW Gundam Wing kits aside from yet another Wing Zero variant soon to be released, I’m hoping for a Heavy arms, and Altron/Shenlong release.

  163. Keep up the good work. I would not be sorry if I got Gundams

  164. Triple the x’s triple the fire powah!!!

  165. I’ve seen photo reviews of 1/100 Barbatos and I’m a bit dissapointed in stickers amount and their placement. I know it’s basically NG and we’ve seen worse, but… dunno, at least yellow parts on shoulder pads could’ve been actual yellow parts and not stickers =\ Will be waiting for next episode for your oppinion, guys. I’ve already got HG version and not sure if I want to get mostly the same thing just in another scale.

  166. I think I would quite enjoy receiving a package marked “XXX” in the mail

  167. YESXXX

  168. oooooh XXX

  169. Would love to score a XXX gundam O.o

  170. Great Job Todd and hope Ryan gets well soon. XXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Would the XXX Gundam look like Vin Diesel?

  172. MEGAMANNNNN….man man man man man man man

  173. The barbatoos and origins look great, can’t wait for mine to arrive, love the customer service from hlj, when ever I’ve needed them they go above and beyond to help.

  174. triple x is ban here in UAE.. peace..

  175. Todds voice is very pleasing!

  176. XXX ….

  177. HLJ has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, very fast and always helpful

    I hope I wing the mobile suits and not a box of empty runners!

    Also… If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it. What color is the tree?


    The correct answer is – All colors

  178. The orgin gundam looks like a nice kit.

  179. Triple x me plez

  180. I think it might be simpler to just buy both X’s then win them. So that is my plan, wwww.

  181. Three times the pleasure, it’s Triple X!

    You’d make my Christmas with with with that one.

    Hope Ryan starts feeling better for the holidays. Wish him a quick recovery.

    Thanks guys for all the wonderful shows and look forward to seeing more to come in 2016.


  182. Great episode, can’t wait to see more. I want the XXX, two great kits to have.

  183. That donut looks delicious

  184. X and DX, huh? must win. Dissapointed that you didn’t build the Barbados. Maybe next time.

  185. Nice job guys. Another great ep, can’t wait to get my hands on the Origins Gundam. Bought from you guys of course. And there should be a XXX Gundam.

  186. Not a big fan of IBO mechs.. aside from the Barbatos. Your new sidekick reminds me of Kiran Yamato, must be his voice. Wish Ryan well, as usual an excellent episode!

  187. Already ordered the RX78 Origin after seeing this episode. Welcome Todd! Gonna wish Santa for that XXX!


    That’s a long one. Thx for reading my “failed” comment. Syd, I did follow you on the MS A and MS B mention in your gunply expo video. Thx again for further clearing up the information. I did receive the package, and just started on the IBO barbatos. My 4 year old son is starting to be able to recognize HLJ boxes.

  189. Since you wanted to know about the SD EX standard, it is disgusting when unpainted (Like bandai didn’t even try for a $6 kit). When I built my RX782 ex standard I had to paint all the color because the stickers didn’t cut it. I love the Double X and the X and would love to colony drop those out of your hands!

  190. XXX!

  191. hope ryan will be feel better again soon for the episode

  192. I just finished building the new Origin Gundam I received from HLJ, and I’m loving it so far, although I do wish it came with a few more markings, similar to the standard 3.0. I already have the X, but would love to win that DX!

  193. X gon give it to ya (or me)~!

  194. First time here in the comments, hope it’s my lucky day!

    You guys have one of the best costumer services I’ve ever experienced. Trust is one of the things I value the most.
    Still remember when you took the time and patience to resend me that MG Mk-II 2.0 a few years back when I failed to inform you my full address. That was my very first kit!
    Thank you for showing me what real gunpla is, HLJ!

    Best regards, all the way from Brazil.

  195. ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. I’m really happy that Bandai has made some MG’s of the older series like the gundam X and the RE 100’s. Finally some of my favorite suits are getting 1/100 scale kits.

  197. Wow Todd has a similar voice to Ryan Thought it was overdubbed for a second

  198. good job todd. i dont mind winning the xxx

  199. I just finished doing a custom of the double x HG for my girlfriend it would be amazing to be able to give her the mg as well .

  200. Hope Ryan get well soon. I would love the XXX 😀

  201. Getting my 1/100 Barbatos on Wednesday!

    But give me those gunpla’s too 🙂


  203. Nice review on MG 1/100 RX-78-02 Gundam The Origin.
    I would like to win those X and Double X though I already have those. 😀

  204. I get the feeling that Naze from IBO would be piloting XXX Gundam, he IS the Harem king after all 😀

  205. nice episode guys. btw u did a good job todd. the hyakuren did have the samurai vibe to it. perhaps we gonna see some custom of it sooner or later.

  206. Great episode guys. Welcome Todd.

  207. Wow! Double X and X are both favourites of mine but they’re generally out of my price range, I hope I win!

    Also, I was wondering if you guys could do a comparison for the new HG Revive Qubeley with the old HG one. Specifically if it can do the classic pose with the hands on it’s hips.

    Anyway, great episode guys, keep up the good work!

  208. 2 master grade give aways hell ya wouldn’t mind something like that XD.

    super fumina is nice but bandai should really try harder and make her more like the recent frame arms girls kit, honestly fumina cant compare really shes out matched.

    and speaking of frame arms girls any idea why kotobukiya only makes a small amount of frame arms girl kits!? they sold out faster then i could blink my eyelids.

    I bought one to test out kit bashing with gundam kits to make my own gundam girl, it worked out perfectly except I cant get more to make others.

  209. Double MG kits awesome

  210. raise your flag

  211. Seeing all these new revive kits and RG kits, makes me feel like Bandai didn’t spend enough time creating all those old kits, haha. Of course, that’s not true, but we do see some big improvement comparing to the older kits, especially with 1/144 scales.

    Todd did a great job, although I subjectively find his voice a bit intimidating, maybe I’m just not used to it yet.

  212. Great review of the Rx-78-2, a very tempting kit, I didn’t expected it to be so different to previous models

  213. Wish I worked in a hobby shop. Nice episode guys. Keep the good work. 🙂

  214. Todd keep up the good work. XXX pls.

  215. Interesting design on the Hyakuri. Am really looking forward to hear what you guys think about the NG Barbatos. Hope mine arrives within the next few days as well.

  216. I never win.

  217. Welcome to the show Todd! Also, Gundam X is my favorite Gundam series, so I’d absolutely LOVE to win the Gundam Triple X!

  218. X-XX? Two MGs comment number will be high…

  219. Freeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!

  220. I love master grades! I want them!
    (Speaking of wanting, I also really want an MG G-Self!)

  221. wow 2 mgs, i can’t believe it

  222. Are you guys going to be at the next anime expo again? I delayed my purchase of a ps4 because I decided to buy a premiere badge this year, so much more expensive than last year x.x

  223. Triple x gundam!!

  224. XX X GUNDAM mmmmmmm yeahhhh me gusta.

  225. I still don’t have any rx 78 mg. And now it will make choosing harder. I like the weapon on the origin but I like the detail of the version 3. 🙁

  226. welcome aboard todd. something nice to watch as i build me a gunpla. may have to get me a super fumina. maybe build her as i mod a beargguy for my GF. i would love that X and double-X gundams. keep it up guys

  227. Decisions, decisions.. Is it just me, or does the 3.0 kinda look taller?

  228. Todd seemed very nervous the whole time, are you threatening or something Syd? But seriously, that was good for (what I guess was) his first time in front of the camera. Keep up the good work guys, I’m really loving the short gundam reviews you do.

    Also, love me some XXX sexxxy satellite cannons.

  229. Wouldn’t it just be a great Christmas present if I were to win some of that triple x

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