Nov 16

In this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan is ranting while Syd introduces everyone to the adorable Ms. Super Fumina. Of course, we talk Star Wars, games, and the upcoming Gunpla Expo as well so enjoy the show!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG Hyakuri
1/144 HG Hyakuren
1/144 HGBF Super Fumina

Gunpla TV


  1. i love that Super Fumina i cant wait to get one.

  2. it will take a lot of work to make super fumina look realy good

  3. I cant wait to see the upcoming show footage. I just wish it was more of a mixed show as I love Frame Arms more.


  5. you can turn on caps on phone by pressing the shift key twice.

  6. When I get my Super Fumina I’m going to turn her into Super TSF!

  7. Ryan beastmode! 😀

  8. Can’t wait to see what new kits come out at the show.

  9. Super Fumina hype is real. Expected as much, EA is the worst company. Excited about the up-coming Gunpla Expo Japan 2015. I am hoping to see announcement of the next RE and RG kits! RE Kshatriya please. haha

  10. Robot girls with maid skirts, guns and spats; God, I love Japan 😀

    To Ryan: The role of Super Fumina was that the character who made her had a crush on the actual Fumina and challenged his rival to a Gunpla building contest. To show his love for Fumina, he built the Super Fumina for the competition (without Fumina’s permission, and to her embarrassment). He didn’t win, and challenged his rival to a battle using the Super Fumina to fight (once again, without Fumina’s permission, and to her embarrassment).

    • That episode was hilarious, especially when he was talking about its features and the fact it could wink and the actual Fumina is right behind him ready to rage kill.

  11. What a dirty episode.

  12. great show as usual. can’t wait to see the news out of the expo

  13. Yes i want to win the kit Lindsey built or the burning, And guys smart ones do have a caps lock you just hold done the change button til its solid in color.

  14. Vrabe please?

  15. Hi syd and Ryan. I would LOVE To win either that hi nu Gundam vrabe or elf bullock

  16. I just realized that the Powered GM Cardigan might have been a test to see if people would be interested in Thunderbolt kits. Looking at it like that Fumina was used to test a lot of things for Bandai.

  17. Whoop, Nu Gundam Vrabe!!!

  18. LETS GO

  19. Hey guys great show as always.I just wanted to be a testament to the great customer support at HLJ My problem had been resolved within 2 of my request. I look forward to your coverage of the gunpla expo. Have a nice week

  20. Lemme get dat

  21. Hoping for a RE 1/100 Kshatriya. An MG Kshatriya would be my holy grail kit, but I can see why it may never be a thing. Also hoping to win the burning gundam.

  22. Yep ryan you are right beside i lived in Canada the customer service is DEEP SH*T and hope i will win the hi nu vrabe

  23. They made her a little too PG, even in the anime they made her look like every 15 year olds dream girl.

  24. Do androids dream of electric sheep? I’d like to think so, BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, I’M JUST A CRAZY PERSON FROM ELSWEYR!!!!

    *ahem* Sorry about that. Hi-Nu Syd and Ryan! I can has hugs now?

  25. Great episode as always, cant wait for the expo video. And i 100% wanna win that Vrabe, the Build Burning is akso acceptable ^_^. And the Super Fumina is from the last episode of Build Fighters TRY where the actual character, Hoshino Fumina, finds out her ‘stalker’ has made a gunpla based off of her, without her permission, and entered it in a model builders’ competition

  26. Super Fumina sold out so quick. So much despair when I saw this kit being displayed in episode 188.

    In any case, enjoy the Gunpla Expo. Maybe do some giveaways of expo exclusive kits? *wink*

  27. People sure do love themselves a good robot girl


  29. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for another great and informative episode.
    Do take a lot of pictures and video for us at the Gundam Expo.

    What kits are you guys most looking forward to seeing there?

    If you do see a Bandai representative, could you ask them to make a 1/100 scale Jegan. Feels kind long overdue.


  30. I hope I win, keep up the great work guys <3 <3

  31. great episode 😀

  32. Awesome ep as always guys cant wait to see the footage of the hobby show ?

  33. im hyped for the expoooooooooooo

  34. Can’t wait to see the new kits being released, Enjoying IBO suits so far and MUST know what other suits await! +O+ Also pray to win the Hi nu-gundam Vrabe

  35. Great episode guys, i like the humanoid models but i doubt i would ever buy it, Keep being awesome, want that Vrabe

  36. Speaking of the Reconguista kits, is the MG G-Self dream dead?

    I would think it to be an extremely rare occurrence for a lead Gundam to not get a 1/100 treatment.

    Personally I was looking for an MG Grimoire… and a G-Arcane Full Dress.

  37. That RE100 hype!!

  38. HG Hyakuri is the beast

  39. dat ass!

  40. I hope they announce a MG G-self at the expo!

  41. Very nice episode as usual. I’ll get the Super Fumina next month since I really loved the last episode of GBF Try.

  42. these are all pretty awesome giveaways, as usual =)

  43. I’ve been in a job of high customer service, and from experiencing if you’ve wanted to get anything done you go talk to someone. Directing someone to forums is without a doubt lazy, and often enough the community is more helpful, just look at a recent Bethesda that came out…. and the community will put more effort in to fix it then Bethesda. Because money.

  44. Super Fumina is soooo big!!! want

  45. Where is the imperial march theme? All this Star Wars talk. But not one note of it =<.

  46. Super excited for the news from the expo!

  47. Customer service its important
    HLJ gives the best customer serviceXD

  48. I hope I win the Nu gundam. Also keep up the great work guys!

  49. Super Fumina was so funny in the show, I can’t wait to get one. XD

  50. Yeah! You guys have great customer service… keep up the good work 🙂
    and really looking forward to the Gunpla Expo!!!

  51. i will be really surprised if i actually ever win lol btw great show as always guys (y)

  52. I feel you Ryan… I feel you..

  53. I cannot wait for the Gunpla Expo news! If only I could go and get myself that 35th Anniversary Gunpla base… I guess I’ll find myself a Super Fumina to build while I wait.

  54. I’d love to get a few Super Fuminas and do some customizations, you know, a full Super Fumina squad… called the Furious Fumina Five… or something awful like that.

  55. If you don’t like that Fumina, you can always send her my way. Looking forward to th next episode. 🙂

  56. Hahaha Ryan you cracked me up and good job getting it off your chest. Go for it, Awesome rage mode dude. Really looking forward to see gunpla expo and great episode as always guys.

  57. Want the Nu Gundam, just with less salt…

  58. I can feel the Ryan’s rage!!

  59. I can’t wait to see what the mystery kits will be!

  60. It’s the Clark Kent/Superman syndrome; he’s too stupid and bumbling to believe he’s this [enter descriptive here]. So Jar Jar could possibly be the Lord of the Sith.

  61. hopefully we see some of those RG in planing kit’s come out

  62. can i win again?

  63. 7:55 syd …. why did you start rubbing your fingers on the STATS !! 😀

  64. Have fun and be safe at the Expo!

    Also SPATS forever

  65. Great episode!.
    First time seeing Ryan raging like this and I totally agree with you on how bad steam customer service is!

    Anyway, hope you guys have fun at the gunpla expo, I look forward to follow the Gundam builders world cup and look forward to seeing your next episode.

  66. My photo shoots could use a Cyd Edition. Here’s hoping I win one for the blog! >:)

  67. activision just sux. end of story

  68. Ryan, I gave up on the COD series after Black Ops 2 so I’m not surprised Activision still stinks. [By the time multiplayer and match making had positive results for Black Ops 2 their next title was releasing.]

    Back to models, I am excited for the RE line’s Efreet. I’ve long awaited an announcement for a model and had held onto a stronger grain of hope after seeing a tiny debut in Gundam Unicorn.

    Here’s to hoping the RE reveal is another fan favorite lacking a proper model. Cheers!

  69. Love the new kits 😀

  70. Great episode guys and you won’t get any help out activision they couldn’t have great customer service EVEN IF IT KICK THEM IN THE BALLS they wouldn’t be any better and thanks for the episode

  71. Note to self: Never mention Activision to Ryan.

  72. I want that Hi-Nu!!!!

  73. Great episode guys. Really wish I could go to the expo.

  74. theres gonna be so many different fumina custom kits. I cant wait to see people start building it

  75. Awesome episode! Super Fumina looks cool, but those pink stickers for here spats are garbage.

    I haven’t played a CoD since BO2 lol. Hope RNGeus blesses me with the Vrabe 😀

  76. Burning gundam please!!!! One day I hope I can make it to the expo! 🙁

  77. man, already waiting for tunderbolt items to come out !!!

  78. Them rants about the video games though haha

  79. … Nice … !!!

  80. Well, good thing I’m getting Battlefront this week instead of COD. Although I doubt EA will have better customer service.

    Really looking forward to the new kits at the expo. Have fun there guys!!

  81. Have a great time at the gunpla expo, wish i could go but i’m stuck in Australia and still in school. can’t wait for some new kits to be announced, still waiting for the graze to get to Australia as the Barbatos has just arrived.

  82. Will MG Gundam Barbatos come out? I remembered if im not wrong, there should be one right? Hope to win the burning gundam too…

  83. will this finally be my time to win? lol
    really want one of those super fumina’s, but plan on making a different face for it.

  84. SUPER FUMININA!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  85. i want a gundam.

  86. it would be nice to get the hi nu vrabbe haha

  87. Great episode guys ^^

  88. Super Fumina looks fun, maybe I’ll build one sometime.

    Build Fighters kits ! Yeah !
    We need more Build Fighters series! After watching each episode I want to build gunpla 🙂

    Looking forward your report on Gunpla Expo.

  89. Star Wars Hype is REAL!

  90. VVVVRRRRRABBBEEE!!!! and on that battle front for that vrabe! cant wait for the announcements at GUNPLA EXPO!

  91. super fumina looks pretty good, but compare to the frame arms girl from kotobukiya i think they still have ways to go.

  92. Hi ryan and syd I was just wondering for a awesome prize and that would be a gunpla shopping bag that you get in expo events 😛 cool design and would be awesome to get some goceries while carrying a gunpla shopping bag 🙂 anyways I hope to win one of those gunplas 🙂 keep up the work guys!!!

  93. Can’t wait to see what’s at the Gunpla Expo, I’m really hoping the next RE/100 is the Kshatriya, it’s just too perfect to not be made for the RE/100 line, MG kits from Thunderbolt would be awesome, can’t wait to see what Bandai is planning

    Keep up the hard work guys, great episode like always 😀

  94. Aww, I wanted that F91

  95. As always nice episode!

    Fumina is not my kind of kit, but loving the other new ones!

  96. cant Wait for next week…

  97. Syd if you are right and the RE-Kashatrya get announced at gunpla expo, will be instant-buy for me

  98. let it begin

  99. I can’t wait for Gunpla Expo!

  100. Great Show Guys BTW
    What can you say about the Upcoming Star wars Rebels Season 2 and the Star Wars Rouge One? They Say in Rouge One, Donnie Yen is one of the main cast
    Also Super Fumina is the First Gundam Girl HG since most of the MS Girls are Action Figure

  101. Super Fumina is cute. I remember the episode in which she shows up and it was fun also for a grown up like me!
    What I like of this kit is that opens up lots of new possibilities for Bandai. For example they can use what thy learn doing this kit to do lots and lots of MS Girls! I like those illustrations of girls dressed with a mecha suit. I think that Bandai is ready to do them in plastic kits easily now!

    PS No news about the Bandai Star Wars kits? Are they lost forever for us foreigners?

    • Disney is sticking to their distribution strategy. (Revell, which produce their own kits for the US market, came out and said it had nothing to do with the restriction on Bandai SW kits outside of Asia.) So that means no Bandai SW kits through HLJ or other international retailers. You can get them through friends/family/etc. in Japan, or resellers on Ebay and other places that’ll sell them at a markup.

      There’s also the possibility of Revell/Fine Molds/etc. getting US distribution rights to Bandai’s kits. Not likely, but possible. I think.

  102. When will i have you, built gunpla?

  103. Tell us how you really feel about customer support Ryan! Looking forward to some expo coverage next week. Hope they show us a mg with a completely new mold. Probably not this year. Bandai is really letting the mg list pile up.

  104. btw your contact page doesn’t work.

  105. Really pumped for the new kits! Keep em coming Bandai.

  106. Wasn’t interested in the Super Fumina kit before this episodes…. now I kinda want one. haha! 🙂

  107. The fumina is awesome.. and the prizes too hahahaha

  108. I am loving the IBO kits. Can’t wait to see what is shown off at gunpla expo! Must admit I’ve held off on black ops 3 for the moment. I’ve found the online side of things just aren’t as fun as they used be. Darn teenagers 😀

  109. OMG I got my comment on the last episode read on the show! Thanks guys! (fangirl scream goes here).
    The IBO kits are lloking awesome, can’t wait for your coverage of the Gunpla Expo to totally geek out to what’s to come.
    Keep making so awesome shows guys my week cannot begin with a dose of Syd and Ryan and new gunpla!

  110. Freeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!!!

  111. I love the show and really excited to see the expo!! Also, damn I wanna win that Hi-Nu!!

  112. Great episode as usual, guys! Can’t wait to hear about the news from the Gunpla Expo. Keep up the great work!

  113. I’m surprised that a lot of people are angry about the Super Fumina kit but honestly I think it was made to be a custom fodder. WE CAN HAVE OUR WAIFUS GUYS!

  114. Great job as always guy and thank you Sensei Syd for teaching me a new Japanese word. Also I can’t wait until I get my vrabe in the mail!!!

    Ryan, the ability to financially self recover has allowed the Black Ops franchise and their poor customer service to keep on resurrecting. I’m positive, this franchise has acquired abilities of a gaming monopoly, with the HELP OF ACTIVISION!!!! (Que in Shining Finger Theme)

    Ryan:”This media stardom grants me an awesome power. It’s coverage tells me to inform the public. This Take my frustration, my rage and all of my sorrows!!! RYANNN RAAANNNTTTING.”

    (G Gundam Reference)

    Hopefully after the rant you have let some pressure off and some “nerd” will start for forum to help you out! We are all family here and it is our duty to look out for one and other!

  115. mecha pantsu! on a scale of 1 to wtf’s wrong with me, i wonder what it means to be 28 and still not mature enough to not be amused by that. oh well, amusement aside, i do dig the ‘mecha musume’ genre and that super fumina kit does seem pretty cool for what it is; not sure about the maid outfit, though. right now i find myself more favoring the designs of the recent frame arms girls kits. no frills; just girls, armor, and weapons.

    by the way, Ryan, i can’t really relate to any of what you were raging about previously, but i could feel your anger all the way through the interweb to england. IT WAS INTENSE! (and oddly inspirational; way to go!)

    Thanks for the work you guys do, Syd and Ryan; keep on keepn on!

  116. What happened to good, buildable robots in trading figure size boxes with gross candy?

  117. Can’t believe you chose black ops over fallout 4, looking forward to the next episode

  118. your youtube channel is one of my tv shows. waiting for another week… 🙂
    gundam build fighters vrabe is mine…

  119. hey guys. another great episode. that controversy about IBO is misleading. he didn’t shoot innocents. he shot first the men who were using the kids as shields, then he shot a fellow soldier as a last request.
    as for super fumina, it was the competition model at the end of the build fighters series. it was built without fuminas knowledge by Minato Sakai. he was disqualified

  120. Screw Activision and CoD, get Fallout 4 instead

  121. Jigen Haoh-ryu Ryusei Rasen-ken!!

  122. I sold my Vrabe to my friend, hoping to win this one! I pre-ordered an HGBF super fumina and the only thing that is bothering me about this kit is the eyes.

  123. Hey guys, I look forward to seeing what’s new at the expo! Safe travels on your trip.

  124. Episode 200 is fast approaching! You guys have any special plans for that episode?

  125. OMG that is so adorable!!!

  126. Great episode guys. Can’t wait until the gunpla expo announcements. Personally, I’m hoping for either a MG G-Self or MG Build/Try Burning Gundam. I’m looking forward to your coverage of the expo, and to hearing your opinions on the new announcements. Keep up the good work

  127. the vrabe yay!!!

  128. Yay! Christmas has come early for me!

    Great episode guys, and thanks for the F91! 😀

  129. BURN BABY BURN! I want that Burning Gundam! Great short episode guys.

  130. Cool episode.
    Customer service is very important. HLJ never failed me.

  131. Enjoyed watching the episode on my commute from work. A great way to unwind ^_^ Looking forward to the next episodes episode, dying to know what new kits will be coming out.

  132. While the big kits in the RE/100 line are interesting and great to have, I would much rather have more 1/100 scale grunt units being produced. Gotta build that army man!

  133. Great Episode Guys, looking forward to seeing what the hobby show has for us coming up.

  134. Great show again, loved the rant by Ryan.

    I think you should make Super Fumina a mascot of the show, like Facepalm Gundam. He needs a friend. 😛

  135. I swear those Iron Blooded Orphans kits are awesome. Can’t wait to get to build one.

  136. I can’t wait for the 1/100 IBO kits and hopefully a master grade down the road. Great show and look forward to seeing any coverage from the upcoming gunpla expo.

    • I have to start watching Iron Blooded Orphans. The designs look fascinating and I’m a sucker for gritty looks. Thanks for reminding me about those. Here’s to hoping for an MG too!

  137. You 2 cant wait for a 1/100 Ms. Super Fumina ^_^

  138. One thing that occurred to me when I saw the Super Fumina was that Bandai could now release model kits of the Mobile Suit pilots. You could then display your favourite Mobile Suit with its pilot, or recreate the last act of Mobile Suit Gundam where Amuro and Char fought hand to hand after they’d destroyed the Gundam and Zeong inside the Space Fortress A Baoa Qu.

  139. So, did I win yet? Why don’t you guys do a “showcase” of Hobby Japan magazine? It fits with gunplay and like myself, I’d like to know a little about the contents before I buy one of these magazines due to the shipping being so much compare to the magazine itself.

  140. Can’t wait for the Gundam expo news ^^ I wish I could go to those expos! Have fun there guys 🙂

  141. Awesome show!

  142. I love build fighter kits. They are my favorite.

  143. Hey Syd and Ryan!

    So you want to know about Super Fumina, eh?

    Well I haven’t seen Build Fighters since it was completed but if I remember correctly the builder, Sakai Minato, developed a crush on the female lead Fumina Hoshino and had a dream about her asking him something about “changing her polycaps.”

    In the last episode Sakai Minato built Super Fumina as his entry for a gunpla contest but lost to the Lightning Zeta Gundam built by his rival (and Fumina’s teammate) Yuuma Kousaka.

    Minato lost because he built the gunpla in Fumina’s image and showcased it without her permission.

  144. Elf Bullock!

  145. That Fumina is probably the oddest gunplay I’ve ever seen.

  146. I never WIN giveaways… but I guess there’s no harm in entering…

  147. i really hope i get the build burning or hi nu gundam brave! cant wait foe for gunpla expo

  148. Great show but I guess Super Fumina is the closest thing to a Star Wars model we’re getting for a while…

  149. I know what you mean Syd, Super Fumina would raise questions with the missus, even if I said it was technically a mobile suit.

    The Hi-Nu Gundam: Vrabe has grown on me since reading the manga, would be great to add that to the collection.

  150. i just found out that super fumina’s apron is made of some kind of soft plastic but the chest is not, which is ok to me(lie)

  151. I’m completely with you, i’d love to see the Zaku I thunderbolt in an MG form, the color just works together and just looks great. Also wouldn’t mind getting either that elf bullock or Try Burning ;P

  152. If the Hi-Nu gundam really was Amuro’s best mobile suit, the Char would have certainly gotten his butt kicked in an instant.I’m hoping to see what “Mystery Hg A” and “Mystery Hg B” are and can’t wait to see your guy’s coverage of the show!

  153. Hey everybody, do not reply, you won’t win. Muwahaha.

  154. I can’t help but think that the Super Fumina is too super cute. That thought feels so dirty. What is the 1/100 line about is it going to take the place of the MG and REs?
    I am excited about any NEW MG and RG kits. Now that we are past build fighters, bring on the MGs.

  155. mmmmmhmmmm that super fumina~

  156. Build burning gundam WOW…..HOLY SHRIMP!!!!

  157. I love how while everyone else is getting hype over Star Wars, I’m getting hyped over the Finding Dory teaser…

    Oh and don’t worry Ryan, Steam’s customer support is trash everywhere.

  158. great episode!! keep em coming


  160. RNG!!! MAGIC!! lol at rants 😀

  161. it can easily be mistaken a figma figure. 🙂

  162. I can’t wait to see what gets announced at Gunpla Expo!

  163. Nice episode guys. can’t wait for gunpla expo reveals.

  164. Wow! Super Fumina was really…..umm….yep….Great show guys! Watching Ryan rage against Activision was pure comedy gold! (we all feel your pain though)

  165. nice show guys. cant wait for the live stream.

  166. ME ME ME LET ME WIN!!!! 😀
    nice super fumina!!I like the articulation there

  167. A company with good customer’s service always make happy customers! hehehe, Actually Ryan, Super Fumina was an entry kit of Minato Sakai for a Meijin Cup which is like a GBWC in real life.

  168. Funny as f**k ryan loosing it over black ops and syd trying his best not to laugh at one stage????


  170. Wow, this week was turning into HobbyrantTV! Loved every second of it, go Ryan!! CRUSH THEM!!

  171. The Super Fumia looks a little scary to me, but hey that Elf Bullock!

  172. Hurray me. If my comment happens to be called again, feel free to give it to whoever’s below me… unless it’s for the Elf Bullock, in which case OUT OF MY WAY PLEBS.

    Thanks for that reminder about the RE/100 line, Syd. The kits immediately after the Nightingale being “regular”-sized kits caused me to forget that tackling larger designs was one of the inspirations for the RE/100 line in the first place.

    I asked this last week and I’ll ask again: Can we “donate” kits, especially lesser-shown ones, to be featured on the show? I have several Frame Arms/Armored Core/Macross kits in Private Warehouse or on preorder, and would love to see them discussed. (They don’t get enough attention.)

    Hope you two have a fun time at the event! Hope to see more 1/100 IBO announcements!

  173. That Fumina kit is the best thing that happened to HGBF line since the second Beargguy! 😀

    Would like to see some group build of that kit… and even better, so see everybody put them as their entry into some scale model contest 🙂 Than would be awesome! 😀

  174. Great show. Super Fumina looks better then I expected, might grab one for myself.

  175. Another thing: If you see an ARX-7 Arbalest at Kotobukiya’s booth/event, take lots and lots of pictures, please. I REALLY want a nice complement to my pair of ARX-8 Laevateins.

  176. Just wondering, will all the IBO kits that’s coming out in 1/144, will they all (or the base variant) be all coming out in 1/100?

  177. Really hoping we’ll get a HGUC revive of the Zeta sometime soon!

  178. Great episode

  179. i want a gunpla of myself now.

  180. Is it a good idea to use Gloss Top Coat on any RG kit? Since there are so many shiny decals involved…

    • Decals or stickers? If decals, it’s perfectly fine. If stickers, it should also be perfectly fine, though an alternate strategy might be to leave those shiny stickers off until AFTER you gloss-coat, and then apply them.

  181. Can’t wait for your expo coverage!

  182. Do any one think we need a queen mansa for mg!

  183. I love those grunt kits from Iron Blooded Orphans! I hope all of them gets a 1/100 version!!!

  184. Haha Ryans rant xD
    I left a comment the last time mentioning how I was disappointed with the look of Fumina (mainly the stale face), but I still want one… Bandai got me…

    Super Fumina was featured in the last episode, like only for 1-2 minutes, and the outfit isn’t related to her role in the series really. The guy who created it made the gunpla based on his fantasy of her.

  185. Thanks for the review on the Super Fumina. Now I know what to expect when package from you arrives 🙂
    Can’t wait (but I’ll have to guess) for your updates from the expo! Now which one should I click on… 1/144 MS A or MS B… or both. DUH!

  186. Nice episode as always! The moment Super Fumina showed up in the anime was very funny, nice to see that it translated so well to plastic. Great gifts also, that VRABE is really cool!

  187. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the show. Can’t wait for the next episode.
    Love the Hi nu gundam.

  188. It’s COD most people that play that game are trolls. Activision doesn’t care about their customers that’s why they pump out a new game every year all they care about is money.

  189. Hope to win!! As always keep up the awesome work!!

  190. Game companies are always screwing players one way or another, things only seem to get fixed when they start to lose money, at least in my experience.

  191. I know it’s been a long time since its release, but I just love the HG Graze. Also, what the heck happened to the MG Gundam Age 3 and MG Gundam Age FX. Did they just forget the two model kits or something?

  192. Would love to see you guys make a new series called, “Ryan Rants” haha

  193. If I win one of those kits I’ll make a video saying that HLJ is the best Gunpla shopping site and everyone should buy from you guys… maybe. I’ll think about it anyway.

  194. I can’t help but nod to what Ryan was saying about customer service, Its extremely important since trust between a consumer and a seller is already shaky ground to begin with and you can’t have a product sell without a consumer.

    Its sickening to think that with all of Activision’s assets already going above and beyond that of an average video game publisher’s budget by tenfold they can’t even offer reasonable service for their products.

    I too have been burned by Activision’s lack thereof support and thanks to that it ended up burning $70 in my wallet for a product I can’t even use here in the states.

    Oh well, Just another reason to not give my money to Activision and instead give my money to HLJ and further this addictive hobby.

  195. Hi guys! Thanks for another entertaining episode. Ryan, sorry to hear about the awful Customer Service. 🙁 I like the Super Fumina. I remember laughing out loud when the design premiered in Try Fighters.
    Have fun at the Gunpla Expo!

  196. Cool show, as usual, terrible news about costumer service for games Ryan, your rant showed your anger. Looking forward to what comes out at the Expo.

  197. Awesome episode guys, i think the kishatrya will get an re release but not anytime soon

  198. You said you were going to discuss Iron-Blooded Orphans later on. I guess that now means in another episode cause the Activision rage took up some time. Not raging on that rage, i thought it was funny.

  199. I wish it was real 1/144 scale instated of being 1/100 scale.

    • You do realize that a real 1/144 scale Fumina would be about 1cm tall, right? And that a 1/100 wouldn’t be much taller? Assuming real-world Fumina is about 160cm and the kit about 16cm (MG Wing/X size), that means the kit is about 1/10 scale. You’d want her to be 1/12 or 1/13 scale to more closely match HG heights.

  200. loved the review done on super fumina. The rage on customer service was also entertaining :). I did had the change to deal with HLJ customer service one time I would like to say that it’s one of the best I’ve experienced so far. Keep up the good work.
    By the way, wouldn’t mind getting either kits as I don’t have neither 😛

    Enjoy the Expo guys.

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    From what I’ve seen the eyes seem glassy and flat, which is kind of freaky. I would also opt to paint instead of using the eyelash stickers. I would be disappointed that the skirt and apron aren’t more flxible, but also that the hair isn’t softer. Maybe they could have used a softer plastic, like on the S.A.Figurts line for some of their clothes (one of the Saber figures has it).

    The part that surprises me is that Sakai put Fumina in an outfit she’s never worn. If not her school uniform, then why not use her sports outfit instead? And her shorts could have indeed been molded in colour.

    Much of the accessories seem to be inspired by the GM Powered Cardigan, Fumina’s first gunpla. But the clear green pieces seem inspired by the ones from the Star Winning Gundam. The entire piece makes me wonder: how well does Sakai REALLY know Fumina?

    • For those wanting to customize the Super Fumina, here’s what my own experience has taught me:

      1. Not using the lenses for the eyes makes it look a little less freaky.
      2. Not using the bottom portions of the skirt armour can increase articulation, but unless you want a torso piece whose thickness does not match properly with the chest or waist pieces, you must use the apron skirt. Likewise, you could only skip the headdress if you have something to fill in the gap in the top of the head.
      3. Not using the ankle or shoe tongue armour can also increase articulation. Mind that the height combined with the smaller feet make the ‘Super Fumina’ extremely backheavy.
      4. Stickers that were okay to use are the eyes and ear. The rest, I recommend painting in if you can due to all the curved surfaces.
      5. And critically, if you plan on trying to give ‘Super Fumina’ functioning wrist vulcans from the ‘HGBC Powered Arms Powereder’ kit, note that both the arms and the vulcan housings have pegs on them. Note also the curve to Super Fumina’s arms. I tried to fill in the gaps by cutting the pegs on both, but didn’t get the height exactly right. I cemented the vulcans on, but am not sure about the connections’ strength. I think modelling putty would be better here.

      I also gave the Powered Arms themselves to my figma Drossel, who is pleased to finally meet a Gunpla that is taller than her.

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