Oct 9

It seems like quite a while since we’ve been in the studio to film an episode of Gunpla TV and that’s because it has been a while. We talk about what we’ve been doing and what has kept us away before getting to the good stuff: the kits. We’ve got the first Iron Blooded Orphans kit to show as well as a car that holds a special place in many of our lives — the DeLorean.



Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos
1/144 HG Graze
1/144 HG MS Option Set 1 & CGS Mobile Worker
Frame Arms Girls Stylet / SA-16 Stiletto
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee Norn
Back to the Future Movie Revo DeLorean

Be sure to check out our unboxing for the HG Barbatos. You can find it here.

Gunpla TV


  1. Wow 2 kit? I really want it…

  2. We all sure love this giveaways!!! PICK ME!!

  3. I`m really digging the designs in Iron Blooded Orphans. I can`t wait to see what upgrades the Barbados will get!

  4. 5 years ago? I think that was when i first discovered Gunplas while in highschool… i wanted shin musha gundam MG really badly, but didnt have money for it. Then when I had money for it, others came out which seemed more interesting. Then after a while, I ended up buying the Sinanju!!

  5. Barbatos looks so cool!

  6. Please let me win! hahaha

  7. Congratulations on 5 years!
    Around five years ago, I was rebooting my scale model hobby with my first ever Gunpla. I started off with the MG Strike Rouge (2004) and MG G Gundam. It has been an awesome ride with you guys and may we see you for another 5 years and many more to come!

  8. OMG! has it really been five years??? WOW Syd and Ryan congrats!!! and we hope for many many more.

  9. 5 years ago, i was in thailand for a long term hoilday and watching you guys review gunpla and other stuff 😛

  10. Congradulation Syd!

    So, 5 years ago I did no even know about Gunpla… only started less then 2 years ago. I was in miniature gaming (Warhammer, Warmachine and Infinity). Gunpla really won me over though and I already have more then 40 kits!

    Congrats on the 5 years aniversary! Here’s hoping for a lot more!

    Love the show, it’s always a pleasure to see a new episode is released.

  11. Great show guys hope you had fun, I would love to get those models they are on my list.

  12. Comment….because kshatriya.

  13. Congrats on 5 years!
    That HG Barbatos looks great, I can’t wait to get one!

  14. Five years ago I was just starting a new job after getting out of the army. I didn’t even realize you guys have been on that long, I’ve only been watching for about 2. Had I been watching for the last 5 years I’d have twice as many kits and my wife would be even less likely to pretend to be ok with it. Can’t believe your giving away those two kits, someone’s gonna get real lucky to win them, I don’t own either one. Thanks for being so generous on your anniversary, great show as always.

  15. Congrats Syd!

  16. YO barbatos hype. i cant wait to get the kits for the new series. also would love those kshatriya 😉

  17. Dammit. I dont win the catalogue. BTW I watched the new series and the anime is bloody awesome. Reminds me to the origin and 0083 Gundam.

  18. Barbatos is much cooler than g self… and 2 kshatriya… that would be an awesome gift

  19. Man I remember about 5 years ago I was getting back into Gundam, so worth it with such amazing stories.

  20. i’m really liking the mobile suit designs in iron blooded orphans. Hopefully we get to see MG versions of some of them soon!

  21. waiting for the release of the 1/100 scale gundam barbatos! and all the good stuff thats comming out at the end of the year.

    5 years agao worked my butt off trying to get my electrical license, I haven’t watched all the Gunpla T.V episodes but I enjoyed all the ones that I watched.

    Oh and PG banshee norn looks soooooo sweeetttt~~~

  22. that’s an awesome give away! So jealous of who ever gets it.

  23. 5 years i was in rediscovering anime and I recovered my love for gundam

  24. Man I remember that i was in high school, looking at kits, wanting to buy some but no money. The new Gundam looks pretty cool. I cant wait till the 1/100 scale comes out. Might get one.

  25. g said on October 9, 2015


  26. Congrats on 5 years and counting.

  27. I just got a crap tonne of kits thanks to a 20%coupon. Thanks a bunch Hobby link!! I am really excited to where the new iron blooded orphans anime will go. Also, happy 5th year for the 2nd episode!

  28. oh yes! mine!! haha. congrats and keep up the good work.

  29. GREAT SCOTT!!!! DOUBLE KIT GIVEAWAY!? I need to go back to nov. 5 1955 and make sure everything happens perfectly so that i have a chance to win!

    and i really want that DeLorean

  30. Congrats on the anniversary hobby link and gratz on becoming a father syd

  31. Congrats guys for 5 years! Five years ago, well that time I sort of lost interest in gunpla, but then I found this local hobby store and was obsessed all over again

  32. I like the designs of the new Gundam series but I’m going to see hows the 1/100 versions compare b4 decided which to buy. Also hope all the 1/144 models will be in 1/100 scale which might not happen…

  33. this comments section is going to get out of hand fast. and im helping. i am the problem

  34. inner frames on a HG, what ridiculousness.

  35. I dream of Bandai making a Perfect Grade Kshatriya, before I die of age…

  36. Awesome! Kshatriya is my favorite model! Five years ago I was in college.

  37. Can’t wait for the inevitable MG of the Barbados ;D Also congrats on 5 years guys. 5 years ago I graduated high school. Time flies.

  38. 5 years ago i was an astronaut !!!

  39. Wow 5 years ago, I just got out of the Marines. That’s when I started scale modeling.

  40. I am excited to see iron blooded orphans I love the barbatos

  41. happy to see you guys getting back into the groove of things :3

  42. Five years ago I didn’t know who you guys were. Hope I win, my faith in my own luck will be …repaired.


  43. congrats on the baby

  44. Well congratulations on 5years and congratulations syd on the new baby.

  45. Great Episode!! Love the new kits haha, and congrats to Syd on his new baby 🙂

  46. Congrats on 5 years. Here’s hoping for 5 more!

  47. great episode guys and happy 5th anniversary! keep up the good work and I hope I win 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. 5 years ago? Well I guess I was still in middle school, haha. Congrats on the Kid, Syd! Now please gibe Kshatriya

  49. Kshatriya FTW!!!!!

    but seriously I can see Syd has grown as a host for 5 years.. back then he was abit dry and conscious with the camera, and look at them now… 😀

    5 years ago I was still a student at a University ,a poor poor student

  50. I love the first eps of Iron Blooded Orphan! Very promising start.. and surely can’t wait to get my hands on that barbatos kit!

  51. Whoa I’d love to win the Kshatriya!

  52. i remember seeing the episode with the kshartiya, and five years ago i just discovered gundam (first series was 00) by accident when randomly searching videos on youtube, hopefully i win this time

  53. I really love the Kshatriya design. Hoping for that RE 1/100 one day.

  54. what would you do in gundam build fighter is real?

  55. Congratulations on 5 years!

  56. Congrats on the anniversary hobby link. Hopefully i get the awesome kshatriya

  57. Happy anniversary!

    Lets see…five years ago I was still in high school and I hadn’t been introduced into Gunpla yet! Now I have $1000 in Gunpla! I call it the Curse of the Plamo (or maybe I’m just bad at saving money).

    Can’t wait to see you guys review the Orphan kits! I freakin love all the designs…and yes…I will spend more… 🙂

    (Also Kshatriya is one of my favorite Neo Zeon suits. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hates the design)!!!!

  58. Congratulations Syd. Great episode as always. Hg Barbatos looks great. I just ordered my self one after watching this episode. 5 years ago I was just starting high school.

  59. In the past 5 years ago i just enter the high school and now this year i will be last year in the high school and i will be graduate soon. It is 5 years since i wacth this gunpla TV. This is my story and also it do be great to get that green repair mosnter

  60. you guys should do another “behind the scenes” special like episode20, where Ryan was “try to check products” and Sid kept on bringing those kits.

  61. Hey ^^

  62. 5 more years!

  63. Bought a Barbatos from you guys, and I’m really looking forward to getting it in!

  64. Hey Syd and Ryan, I have little room in my house so I can’t place a big display case from Ikea. Can you guys go over display boxes from various manufactures and tell us which ones would be best to display each scale gunpla wise?

  65. Wow the kshatria is big, just like the name kshatria by the way congrats syd it’s been 5 years your show was amazing, and your tutorial to was so helpful for my model kit lesson, again congratulations hobby link tv

  66. Congratulations Syd. Great episode as always.

  67. Congrats on the daughter Syd! And I was wondering if you have high hopes for your Canucks and Sabres this season?

  68. Though I haven’t been around for too long thanks for entertaining us for 5 years!

  69. Hm… what was I doing five years ago.. Sophomore at college and worrying about my future! (still worrying!) Grats on the baby girl!

  70. Congrats for 5 years and I hope for many more to come. Congrats on the newborn too Syd.

    The Barbatos is a really cool design, I want to pick it up but I wanna see what the 1/100 version has to offer before I buy one.

  71. two for one! TWO FOR ONE!

    thought you would knock the PG over at some point this episode.

  72. 5 years? wow! i have no idea that im tuning in gunplatv for five years.



    more great episodes to come.

  73. Congrats for 5 years of greatness!

    5 years ago I was finishing up college and I wasn’t building kits at that time 🙁

  74. Wow! It amazes me that for $11 you get an HG kit with a full inner frame!
    Also happy 5th to hobbylink! Always love your guy’s humor.

  75. I actually love iron blooded orphans it had a great story and animation hope it stays as good. I am looking forward for the v2 to arrive also ryan it is MR. Fusion.

  76. Congrats on the baby, as well as the 5 years. Look forward to getting a Barbatos (and maybe some Kshatriyas? Please?)

  77. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  78. 5 years ago, I was working at Toyota…… before they laid me off =_=

  79. man 5 years ago i hadnt even built a gundam i was still in highschool

  80. Congratulations on your baby girl, 5 years ago … let’s see my wife was pregnant of our first baby girl and I was just completed training on my new job as freight train driver.
    As for when I got into the hobby … think it was around 2000, always was a huge anime fan, saw a model kit in store and I got it right away, the MG hyaku shiki, 2 days later I got the Nu gundam, tons of kits since then, several PGs, though I have been kinda sidetracked by world of warcraft, but now loving the RGs, since I don’t have enough room for PGs sadly.

  81. Do androids dream of electric sheep?

  82. Really liking the overall design of the Barbatos. It reminds me of a medieval knight with those shoulders and that huge mace. Actually, that sounds like a sweet idea for a custom.
    I got introduced to gundam by a friend who showed me gundam unicorn, and when I first saw the kshatriya in action I though “wow, that thing’s really awesome”. I have been hooked on gundam (and gunpla) ever since.

  83. Oh I have a question, where can i find one of those savory promo posters? That G Tekketsu ine and RG Z’gok look fantastic!

  84. Congrats on 5 years dudes! The first episode I watched was like 20 something. I was 15 at the time and had just built an hg gp-01 that will never see the light of day. . . no one must ever see that monstrosity. never again.

    On a lighter note Ryan’s hair was totally on point today!

  85. Totally forgot to catch the new series. Thanks for the reminder!

  86. Hi im a new gunpla builder here in the philippines and at last after a week of watching all the episodes i finally catch up to episode 185 hehehehe.. i’ve watched the first episode of iron blooded orphans and it was great… the new barbatos kit is also awesome… more years to come for the show ???

  87. Gratz for 5 years!
    Gratz for baby gurl!

  88. the new gundam iron-blooded orphans series is nice. . . .but the prices of HJL always nice. . . . .thumbs up . . .hehehe

  89. So far I really liked the first episode of Iron Blooded Orphans unlike G Reco. Congrats on 5 years and your new baby girl Syd.

  90. nice, very nice!!!!

  91. I want those Kshatriya! Please Pick Me! I Love You Guys!

    But seriously, Great Video as always, keep it up, I always look forward to these vids.

    and 5 years ago, I was in College for Culinary Arts… aka Cooking.

    Iron-Blooded Orphans has a good start so far, I’m enjoying the main characters, they definitely seem not to be starting of as ‘Whiny Inexperienced Kids’ at the start at least lol. Looking forward to the Next Episode! IBO hype!

  92. congratulations guys! and doubly so for Syd and his family!

  93. Wow 5 years conngrats!

    5 years ago I was off to college =)

  94. Love the barbatos, hope it comes out in MG as I only build MG’s and just this past Monday, a PG kit. It was the Astray Red Frame. Such a fun build with so much detail. Also those Kshatriya’ would look great on my shelf. #cheecky Do you guys think a 1/100 Reborn Kshatriya will come out someday? I hope so.

  95. 5 Years ago… I just got my first ever Gunpla.. Gundam AGE 2 Normal HG 😀 Thanks for ‘pulling’ me into this hobby 😀

  96. congrats guys on your 5th year anniversary. its been 5 years since you started this highly informative and amazing show, and you guys haven’t aged a day. whats your secret Syd and Ryan? i will do some 5year recap,Ep.1 Oct. 3,2010-the legend of Syd was born, Ep.55 Oct. 3,2011- the dynamic duo Syd and Ryan, Ep.91 Oct. 8,2012-the AXE men in Uniform, Ep.132 Oct.7, 2013-the guys who forgot to suit up for the anniversary, Ep.157 Oct. 2, 2014 – More Give Aways. Now i understand why are you giving up the 2 Kshatriya’s,because in your Ep.150 you featured this 2 kits and you do reboot on ep. 1, remembering the Gunpla tv day 1.

    5 years ago, i am a gundam anime fan, and i also a fan of your show in youtube since day1, and i am drooling in each kit you featured in your show back then. now i got a better job with good salary, i can now afford this kits. more power to you guys

  97. hopeing for rg restock soon strike and strike freedom

  98. Congrats on 5 years! I was in my sophomore year at college and I’m loving Iron-Blooded Orphans. I can’t wait to see the future kits and where the anime goes. Finally, I need to win and have those kits in my collection!

  99. The Iron-Bloooded Orphans kits look so dang awesome that I ordered them from you guys pretty much the second they were available. Heck, I even bought to of the Barbatos so I could use it’s frame in some Five Star Stories conversions with the older Wave kits.

    They really knocked it out of the park with designs from this series. Looks like I’m probably going to be ordering a lot more things form HLJ in the coming months. A lot more things.

    Also, congrats on five years you guys!

  100. Firstly congratulaions Syd! Then please make me the lucky winner of these cool NZ-666 Kshatriya!!!!

  101. I want them Kshatriyas… and the Iron Blooded Orphans model kits

  102. 5 years ago… I was 13 with much more time on hand for gunpla than I do now.. T.T

    I would really hope to see a mid season upgrade (new ms) to the Barbatos for IBO. It’s been a loooooong while since we had one of those.

    Anyway, congratulations Sid!! 🙂

  103. Oh man. Those Kshatriyas would be an amazing prize! I’ve never had one before 😀

  104. You guys have come along way in these 5 years, Keep the awesomeness rolling. c:

  105. happy 5th! looking forward to the 10th =D
    I think the MG barbatos would be interesting.

  106. Congrats on the Daughter. Im new to Gunpla i was wondering if the barbatos is a good first one to get or what would be a good first one to get im mostly want HG kits.

  107. happy 5th anniversary, and congrats for the newborn baby girl.

    great video as always, guys. keep it up!

  108. Congrats syd on the baby. I stumbled upon these videos a few years back and got me into gunpla and helped me though first kits

  109. Five successful years! Congrats!

    Thanks for all the hard work, and thank you for assisting me in my plamo crack addiction. Got my hands on some Hobby Japan magazines with limited run accessory kits. Can’t wait to build all the stuff you sent out to me.

  110. 5 years age, i started college. 4 years age I found you guys and started a new hobby. Great ep. I will get a new kit by Christmas!!

  111. 5 years ago I began as a freshman in highschool and 3 years ago i bought my first gunpla kit and found about your guys’ youtube channel! Here’s to another 5 years


  113. First of all, congrats guys.
    5 years ago, I was in college, sophomore year.
    I am kind of new to gunpla, just started a year ago.
    And your videos just kept me buy more gunplas since then.

  114. 5 years ago I barely knew what gunpla was.
    I just started high school where I would soon meet the people who introduced me to the hobby and you guys.

  115. Dang, the Barbatos looks amazing for an HG. Nice articulation and design overall.

  116. Man, I almost feel bad, because I only comment when I see something I want to win, but the free gunpla will help me get over it

  117. Congrats! Five Years! Look forward to the next 5

  118. wow 5 years!? 5 years ago, i was watching the hockey game (canada vs usa) for the winter olympics and met my then gf now fiance. i still remember watching the first episode and introduced the types grades for gundams. keep up the great work and dont stop making these videos! congrats!!

  119. whooot 5 years allready ? keep it up guys ! i want too see you guys like AC/DC old guys rocking the stage direct too the grave with a star wars kit in the left hand and a gunpla in the right 😀

  120. ‘Grats Syd!

    That frame arms girl kit has waterslide panties… God damn it Japan…

    As for where I was 5 years ago..? I think I was in the midst of failing at high school .-.

  121. Congrats on being a dad, Syd!

  122. I NEED THOSE Kshatriyas!

    Also, I am definitely adding the HG 1/144 Barbatos to my list of “Must Get” Gunpla!

  123. I dont remember what i did back 5 years ago but i do remeber syd digging in the warehouse grabbing a kit to show people how to do gunpla. Anyways kshatriya!!!

  124. Congratulations on the kid, Syd! That’s more than a good enough reason to miss out on TGS.

    Five years ago I was finishing up college, and working terrible part time jobs. I wasn’t able to afford gunplas. Now all I do is blow my money on them. What is my life. I don’t know.

  125. i was in school studying for my a levels and i first came across gunpla tv when i was researching for a project in uni about collectible toys

  126. Congrats Syd on the baby girl, and congrats to the both of you for reaching the 5 year mark.

  127. Congratulations Syd! Around five years ago I was completely unaware of the greatness that is gunpla! Big thanks to you guys for introducing to me to the hobby!

  128. Kshatriya means hero in my country. want to send 2 heroes to me?

  129. 5 years ago? I can’t buy my own gunpla so I just sit with my laptop and watch hlj drooling. (Still drooling).

  130. One, congratulations Syd!
    Two, happy five years!
    Three, where could I get an Orga card?! (I love him already!).
    Four, five years ago is probably when I restarted my holy Gundam crusade and started tenth grade. The Gundam crusade actually started with Wing because of my cousins and the Wing Zero and etc on their desk. Then came SEED because it was on YTV (whooo bionix, the vortex and when Sugar was still a host). Then came everything in the U.C. and beyond to Barbatos today.
    Five, Kshatriya is exactly what my MS would be if I were a pilot… and a spacenoid… and a new type… and Ak/dbs*k-sgsj^evdk (spoils).

  131. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten me sent waiting to be contacted for shipping information for the mystery box

  132. Congrats on 5 years guys. Go for another 5.

  133. Wow congrats on 5 years!!

  134. Cant wait for a MG of the Barbatos might have to pick up a HG to satisfy the need. Congrats on the 5 years only been watching myself for about a year but you guys got me into this hobby so thank you.

  135. Five years ago I got bit by the Gunpla bug, when I re-watched Gundam wing, and then found out scale models of them existed.

    I hope you guys get something nice for your 5th anniversary.

  136. barbatos gundam looks like a knightmare frame which isn’t a bad thing 🙂

    give me gunpla as well!

  137. Congrats

    The Barbatos is easily one of my favourite looking gundams ever.

  138. Congratulations on your fifth year! Five years ago I built my first gunpla model and first of many MGs, the Freedom Gundam! Please let the mighty number generator bless me with these Kshatriyas!

  139. Happy 5th anniversary Sid and Ryan hoping to get those kshatriyas

  140. Congrats on that baby. It is good that you have your hobby as a job. Ofc I hope I win!

  141. Five years ago I got married. I got into gundam in the 90’s when it aired on toonami. I was into warhammer 40k before gundam.

  142. Congratulations on the 5 years! Looking forward to many more to come, keep up the great work.

  143. barbatos = barbarian, hence the mace weapon and oversized shoulder armor 🙂

    wow, it’s been 5 years??? time flies by… i’ve been a gunpla fan for far longer than that and i’m so glad i discovered you guys. gunpla tv and hlj changed the model kit and hobby world for me. it’s so awesome to be a part of this community. more power to you guys and keep on going!

  144. Happy 5 years of gunpla t.v and congratulation on your daughter. I am a huge fan of the Kshatriya and it would be awesome to win those on gunpla t.v

  145. congrats on 5 years, 2 Kshatriya oh all the posibilities

  146. congratulation for the 5 years of activity, may many more come!

  147. Syd congratulations with your daughter! And congrats on the 5 years! The show has greatly improved my experience with gunpla and plamo in general.

    As far as Iron Blooded Orphans is concerned I think it was a good first episode but I still prefer Reconguista in G because of the art style and mood. But that´s just after one episode so I´m still excited to see the rest!

    Loving the show and keep up the good work!

  148. congratulations on 5 years. heres to the next 5 more.
    wow that banshee looks so awesome comepleted. looks better then the unicorn

  149. Five years ago I didn’t even know something like Gunpla exists. But for two years now I’m a huge fan of Gundam and your Channel!

  150. Lets see 5 years ago I was getting back into the Hobby with My first Perfect Grade, the Astray Red Frame. Hard to believe its been that long. Congrats on 5 years Guys.

  151. It’s already 5 years? I think 5 years ago I built my first MG, good times. That Revoltech DeLorean looks awesome.

  152. Congratz on your 5th anniversary! Still hoping here to be picked someday XD

  153. Really excited for the next episode of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.
    I hope win the kshatriya!!!

  154. I’d LOVE to get that box, mainly because im a sucker for green mobile suits, and that the Kshatriya is a descendant of the Quin Mansa, and until bandai makes another kit besides a 1/400, the Kshatriya would have to fill that gap..

  155. Congratulations Syd 🙂 Can’t wait for the 1/100 Graze i love the design

  156. A Gundam nut waits, and hopes.
    5 years ago my collection was a lot smaller.

  157. Well..5 years is a long period of time. thank you guys for your good works. keep it up.

  158. Great episode guys and Congratulations Syd!
    With iron-blooded orphans I tried not to expect to much of it so I can’t get disappointed. But so far I’m liking the designs and animation, Got a HG Barbatos on the way and pre ordered the 1/100 as well.
    and 5 years ago I was still in school I was 15 at that time now I’m almost 21 and have a full time job to fund my gunpla-addiction.

  159. Just got back to my gunpla hobby 5 years ago. I was searching the net for some good gunpla reviews. That’s how I discovered Gunpla TV.
    Congratulations on 5 years guys.
    By the way. I love Back to the future trilogy. That Revo looks awesome!

  160. Great kits shown. Was hoping to score a banshee PG but.. too slow.
    As for 5 years ago. I wasn’t into gunpla yet.
    As I was unable to find a good store like you guys T_T

    Also some other factors came into play.
    But atleast for 2 years now I been getting Kits with my girlfriend to build for our collection.

    Anyhow congratulations on 5 years of episodes. Keep bringing out that good work 🙂

  161. Happy 5th birthday Gunpla TV.

    So 5 years ago I was in high school,and I didn’t knew what gundam was…:(

    I wonder if those HG Kshatriyas will bo good apetizer of upcomming RE/100?

  162. I think Iron Blooded Orphans is much better than Reconquista. It has better graphics and characters.

  163. Syd I will gladly take that kshatriya !

  164. The new kits look great!

  165. Whoa, 2 Kshatriyas in one box! I hope RNGesus picks me xD

  166. Congrats syd all the best and great episode as always

  167. Gundam Gusion have a nice bulky design but the weapon seems not fit with the size, i mean the beam riffle

  168. Happy 5th anniversary guys!! Love your show! 🙂 I can’t wait for the MG version or the RG version of the Barbatos!

  169. Yeaaaaaa it’s been ages since we’ve had a full episode! Congrats on the anniversary too guys!

  170. Barbatos looks awesome, I’ll be picking that up quickly!

  171. Oh wow it’s been 5 years…. Time seems to fly past so quickly.

  172. How exciting is the Barbatos folks? A HG with a full inner frame. the 1/100 has a lot to live up to me thinks. Also ironicly with the katshatryia giveaway there was a teaser for it to appear in the RE line… cant imagine the box size….

  173. I hope to win those two gundams

  174. Congratulations on 5 years guys!

  175. 185…I cannot believe that from the 1st episode, I still watching you. (Syd was alone in those times). Continue the good work and surely I will still be there in the 370th episode….

  176. WOW…just posted and over 172 folks posting. Win please!
    By the by when will you guys have the new SD line up for order?

  177. kshatriya is huge

  178. I love the show, great job guys. I have been ere since the beginning of year 3. Then i binge watched the early shows and got caught up in a few weeks. But 5 years is great, 5 years ago I was literally getting into this great hobby of model kit building.

  179. Five years ago I didn’t know that Gunpla TV existed. Just knew Gunpla TV like about 1.5 years ago. Btw, congrats Syd.

  180. Can you guys start doing reaction videos to Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. I feel that your guys’ reactions would be fun to watch. Also I want those kits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Watched the first episode of Orphans. Liked it alot so far.

    Congratulations with the girl, Syd!

  182. Welcome back guys, I have really been missing the regular shows 🙂

    The Barbatos looks really awesome, and I am planning on getting the 1/100 scale kit.

    Hit pre order on the V-2 Gundam as soon as I saw its pictures. Damn that suit is pretty.

    Just recieved my PG Banshee a few days ago, and I am planning the build/paint. It is a daunting project.

    • Oh and I spent a good part of my holiday watching all the Gunpla TV episodes, while building my PG Red Frame.

      5 years ago I had no clue what Gunpla was, and it was only a few years ago i discovered it and Gunpla TV. So thanks for introducing me to this great hobby.

  183. Congratulations Syd! Five years i was already a fan of Gundam but still i had not experience with Gunplas, i’ve knew them better also thanks to your show, thank you guys =)

  184. 5 years ago I hadn’t even encountered gunpla! It’s nearly 4 years ago that I was introduced to it, then shortly after I discovered the amazing tutorials by Hobbylink TV!

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  186. The first episode of Iron-Blooded Orphans was better than what I thought it was going to be. A lot better than G No Reconguista. My problem with it wasn’t really much of the mobile suit design but the lack of story and had some pacing problems where it felt pretty quick with a lot happening all in that one episode. With the launch of this new series I only hope they will make it a whole lot better than G No Reco. Maybe even equal to Zeta/Unicorn or even better. That is my opinion of it. Anyways congrats on 5 years of gunpla T.V. Keep up the good work and I hope to see some cool new models from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

    P.S. Congratulations Syd for the newborn.

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    And Congrats syd.

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    Also congrats to Syd for his new baby girl

    5 years ago I was trying out different hobbies but I still end up with my first love, building Gunplas too bad I wasn’t able to keep my old gunplas.

  199. Congrats guys, 5 years is really a big achievement, you may continue this show until forever and thank you for that. Five years ago, I’m still in collage and not yet into the hobby but I’m watching your show about 3yrs already. Syd congrats also! The new gundam series is promising and every good first episode.

  200. I just had my own five year anniversary actually, of working at my current job. I doubt I enjoy it as much as you seem to enjoy making Gunpla TV!

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  202. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Congrats on reaching 5 years of Gunpla TV, you guys have done a fantastic job and I hope that you will continue to produce more Gunpla TV for many more years to come. I actually only started watching Gunpla TV back in June of this year when I stumbled across Syd’s YouTube video giving tutorials about Gunpla as I had just started building my very first Gundam, the MG Exia Ignition Mode. I recently got into the hobby after one of my students, at the time, showed me his collection of Gunpla since we both liked mecha animes. Your tips and advice were extremely useful to a noob like me and over the course of the many episodes, I really learnt a lot from the both of you. Recently I have just caught up to the most recent episode and will now start to watch Boss Builds but I have a few questions that I would like to ask you both…

    Ryan… Back in episode 103 you mentioned that you would try to complete the Millennium Falcon before the new Star Wars movie is released, so I was wondering if we will get the chance to see your completed Falcon soon?

    Syd… Congrats with the new baby, I know that you must be very busy but I was wondering did you manage to complete the Sinanju Stein and Qubeley kitbash – The Mallard?

    Looking forward to the next episode ^_^

  203. 5 years ago, I was creating models of my favorite Gundams out of modelling clay alone and unnoticed. Wow and now I’m actually in circles of enthusiasts,friends and acquaintances with the same taste. Man,does time fly.
    Also, Notice me senpai!

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    And off course congrats with 5 year anniversary, love the show!

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    Now 5 years later, I’m just getting started in this new hobby. I finished the top coat to my first model last night (a HG Throne-1 Ein), and am looking forwards to working on the two new MGs that recently arrived from HLJ (Nu Gundam and Sazabi).

    There, I played your little game. Now hand over those sweet Kshatriyas and no one gets hurt!!

  209. Wow five years ago I was just finished school and thinking about what college course to do. Haha only three years later did I decide that Computer Networking was for me. Really hope you guys show off (and maybe build?) the 1/100 Metal Gear Sahelanthropus when it comes out. I’ve it already pre-ordered but it will prob be on the show before it lands at my front door. Congrats Sid and happy anniversary HLTV.

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  217. Damn the other thing I forgot to say is when I first started watching you guys is when I just started to get into gunpla and I had to catch up on all the videos. Since I’m kinda new. He first get I ever bought was the mg full armor unicorn. Quite the kit to start out on. I jumped in head first. So those two khasatriyas would go perfect with the ol full armor unicorn. Don’t cha think?? Wink wink.

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    Five years ago i was buying mi first Zeta Gundam (Karaba Assault), it was a great year! that kind revive my passion for Gunpla 🙂

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    I ahve to say the Barbatos didn’t cought my eye at first (the kits I mean)but after seeing some reviews and non press release images I have to say i looove the way it looks, hopefully I can get one in the future.

    Keep up the great job guys!!

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    Happy 5 years guys and heres to more awesomeness in the future.

    And a massive shout out to Syd and the new arrival congrats to you and your wife.

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    • I read decops comment bellow and had to look at Wikipedia, the body is unpainted brushed Stainless Steel fitted onto a fibreglass body. But as fibreglass doesn’t conduct electricity either I stand by my original hypothesis.

      Of course the real reason was because the DeLorean looked suitable futuristic and certainly a better design choice than using an old fridge.

  228. As an old wise man said once: Two Kshatriyas are better than one!

    Please guys! Keep us informed about the “bandai star wars” issues! Because I’m still sad after all these weeks. i hope someone important change his minds about it. Bye

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  231. Congratulations on the baby girl Syd! Also congratulations on 5 years! I’ve got 4 weeks before my wife is due. Made a Beargguy 3, Beargguy F and a petit guy for the nursery. Hopefully I can still sneak in the odd order every so often 🙂

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    The HG Kshatriya’s seem pretty awesome but I am far more curious about a potential RE Kshatriya.


  259. My 1st time arriving and migrating here in Italy is also the time i discovered HobbylinkTV, HLJ.com and everything you guys provide. Transition from my native country (Philippines) to permanently live here is quite a big change and sometimes quite depressing. And plamo specially Gunpla helps me a lot from all the stress. Until now i can’t stop building. KEEP IT UP GUYS!

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  264. First, congratulations!
    Second, five years ago? Where was I? 1st year of law college; no Gunpla on sight, yet — two years later, thanks to a HLJ video on youtube ^^
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  268. Five years ago, my father suffered a stroke and I had to drop out of college and move back home to take care of him. (I likely missed a bunch of the earlier episodes.) Five years later, I’m still at home, but I’m finishing up college (final semester ho!) with the hope of getting a job teaching English in Japan. Say whaaaaaaaat.

    Ahem. Anyway. The Barbatos looks really cool. I’m not such a big fan of that complete lack of a stomach, but I’m sure I’ll be able to fix it when I get the 1/100 NG. (Speaking of, will you be showing that off once it comes out?)

    Thanks so much for a great five years, and here’s to five more.

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  276. Great show guys! Thanks Syd for doing the PG Banshee vids.
    5 years ago… Wow. I know I started watching Gunpla TV in the few episodes, because I remember being stoked about the idea of a Gunpla show on YouTube, and I was buying loads of 00 kits for an XN Raiser kitbash I was planning on building (that I’ve yet to build, lol).
    Congrats on 5 years, and here’s to another 5! Keep up the good work!

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    I also bought the DeLorean. It is amazing and love the detail! I put it next to the computer while I watched this episode.

  280. Thats a nice givaway.
    On the episode. Am I the only one who thinks Barbatos gives up a matador feeling with it look?
    And congrats on the 5 year aniversary. Lets wait for the 10 year aniversary 😛

  281. Congratulations Syd!

    And happy birthday Gunpla TV!

    The Barbatos looks great, it’s waiting on my private warehouse right now. 😉

    Five years ago I didn’t know a lot about gunpla because I’m one of those modelers who were into Warhammer stuff and now I’m moving to gunpla.

  282. Congrats on Syd for your new child!

    Five years ago, I haven’t even started Gunpla and there’s not much of exposure for Gundam in my area back then.

    I hope you will take a look when the 1/100 Barbatos Gundam is out, I’m surprised its not an MG kit.

  283. has it really been 5 years allready, man time sure flys by

    5 years ago i was… umm… probably sitting exams.
    the nostalgia i get from that dalorean makes me want to watch the movies again.

    and congrats on 5 years, hope for at least another 5 more and congrats syd

  284. Welcome back Ryan and Syd, and Congrats to Syd for his latest Build a healthy baby Girl

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  286. pineapples cheese
    and five years ago i was in school building models with my dad

  287. Am I the only one who would like to see the Bandai Star Wars kits on the show even if HLJ can’t sell them internationally?

  288. Congratulations on reaching five years. I’m a newcomer to Gundam and have only been into it for about 12 months now but have watched a lot of the old episodes of Gunpla TV. Cheers guys!

  289. Wow, that’s one heavyweight box!

  290. Congratulations guys!

    Hope many more years with more exciting gunpla news and kits with Sid and Ryan.

    5 years ago I was working at a fulltime job and back then I did not discovered Gunpla yet….!

    And yes I am one of those people that has the kshatriya as there nr 1 favorite kit of the UC series 🙂

  291. First of all, congratulations :D! We’ll be enjoying at least 5 more years of content, I hope!

    Regarding the new Gundam series, I haven’t watched it yet, and I won’t until all episodes are available (to watch it in one run). But from all the promotion material (videos, images, gunplas) it seems like it won’t be space oriented, which I personally would prefer. It still does look interesting.

    The new designs are alright, although I’m not a big fan of them, it can’t deny that Gunplas might need something new to keep the fans interested.

  292. Wow! 2 Kshatriyas! I badly want it! Anyway,congratulations on 5 wonderful years of providing amazing shows. Here’s to another 5, 10, 15 years or maybe longer. Kanpai!

    5 years ago I was just a university student saving money to buy gunpla. And now 5 years later, I was able to finish school,found a stable job and have lots of money to spare on this addictive hobby! Wooooh! More power to you guys!

  293. hey guys! congrats! 5 years is huge.

    please have pity on me and let me get a hold of my beloved quad-wing

  294. Great episode guys!!!! Congratulations for the aniversary. And hopefully more 5 years of great content to go! Besides, that Barbatos looks very cool indeed. Cant wait to get one!

  295. 5 years and still going strong! I have to say you guys really brighten up my day! I have just recently seen the first episode Youkai Watch in North America and it does live up the original version, apart for some minor changes.

    For the new Gundam Anime, I really like the vibe it was giving off. I was hoping that bandai/sunrise will give use a more militaristic/grittier theme gundam, similiar to Full Metal Panic style, and they have delivered thus far. The leads, mikazuki and orga, reminds me of the relationship between Kamina and Simon from Tengen Toppa. I can wait to see more!

    5 years ago, I was in University, earning my degree in Engineering. To be honest, it was gundam that got be fansicated in this field and never regret it since. I am now building electric motorcycle frames and electrical systems and it is cool. It is a awesome feeling to ride somethng you built.

    Lastly I want gives my congrats to a new baby girl! Cheers from Canada!

  296. Barbatos is a nice looking gundam but the kasntria is better especially due to the funnel system

  297. 2 for the price of one? Fish Yeah!
    5 years ago I was in school.

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  300. Congrats on 5 years of gunpla.tv.
    Back in oct 2010 I was finishing painting my PG 00 and getting hyped for the PG strike freedom.

  301. 5 years ago I failed my second year at collage because I discovered facebook . a year later failed even more because of youtube now three years I discovered your channel “still failing” and then bought my first two gunplas but now I am failing less and more happy .
    there is no moral of the story here some times you have got to stop being lazy XD hahahaha .

  302. Happy Anniversary!!

    It’s Canadian thanksgiving weekend and nothing would make me more thankful than a pair of Kshatriya’s…Kshatriyi?

    Roughly 5 years ago today I received my first promotion at my current job in digital media!!

    Cheers to you guys, Happy Thanksgiving and many more!!

  303. Congratulations on your baby girl Syd!

  304. Great episode as always

  305. The Barbatos looks good. I need to get one soon!

  306. Happy Anniversary!!

    Great EP as always. Congrats on the BABY GIRL Syd !!!

    5 years ago, i was still studying and have not discovered the joy of Gunpla. i only discovered Gunpla TV 1 year after Gunpla TV started airing when was searching videos on painting tutorials.

  307. 5 years ago I just got into anime

  308. I want to buy the hg barbatos and hg graze but I don’t have a credit card.my aunty has one but she does not give me to order gundam

  309. Congratulations on the baby, the new place and the 5 years!!! Lots of good news!!! Awesome shows!!

  310. Nice show guys! Huge fan and have wanted a Kshatriya but never got around to getting one.

  311. Congratulations Syd! And congrats on 5 years of Gunpla TV :^)

  312. congrats on five years!!!!!

  313. Congrats, guys! Awesome show as usual!

  314. Great show!
    Recently, Bandai is releasing a lot of MG model kits online only. Will you able to sell those kits to oversea customer?

  315. Congrats on the kid, Syd! And congrats to everyone at HLJ for a wonderful 5 years of Gunpla TV! 5 years ago, I was 14 (or 15 if you count it because my birthday is in November). I wasn’t up to much, because I was very lazy and didn’t have a social life. It wasn’t until I was almost 15 that I started making any real friends. Back then, I knew almost nothing about Gundam other than seeing a bit of G Gundam on TV. I didn’t get into Gundam until I was 19. Now I am obsessed with Gundam and I love to build Gunpla whenever I have the time for it!

  316. Congratulations, here is to 5 more, thanks would love those kits.

  317. Need to hurry and get myself a PG banshee before its to late. 5 years guys been a long time comin, here’s to another 5 and more. Keep up the greatness that is gunpla tv. Thanks guys.

  318. WOW you’ve been doing this for 5 years that’s impressive, heres to 5 more. also, PLEASE HELP ME ive been in a gunpla drought for a long time and my hands crave to pick at plastic and work on model kits once again, so quite literally ‘I cry everytime’ T_T. SO PLEASE HELP ME LUCK OF HLJ!

  319. Congratulations on the 5 years of awsome videos, 5 years ago i discobered gundam because a friend showed me gundam 00 and i instantly wanted a model of the exia, i also really love the Kshatriya from the Unicorn Gundam OVA.
    keep up the great work.

    Thanks guys.

  320. Iron Blooded Orphans so far in really enjoyable. Lots of potential. Really looking forward to see where it goes!

  321. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for another great episode, I was so glad to see the PG Banshee videos. Please continue to show off the assembly of the new kits from the Gundam Iron Blood series. I also would love to have those two Kshatriyas. Any chance we’ll see a MG Jegan any time soon; put in a good word for that possible kit to Bandai for me. Thanks.

  322. Wow so many comments already. Hope I can win. It’s not easy to keep up with the show for 5 years. And u guys did it! Congrats!

  323. 5 years huh? Only been watching for 2 years, but after watching every episode it feels like so much more.

  324. Congrats on 5 years guys! I’m strongly considering getting one of those 1/144 Barbatos models now lol. I’ve also been strongly considering getting a Kshatriya model as well, although I unfortunately passed on the chance while I was in Japan a few years ago, would love to win both of them! Best of luck to me haha!

  325. before and after

  326. Congrats on 5 years! I didn’t find your show until about a year and a half ago, but quickly caught up watching all of the episodes when I was up in the middle of the night with my newborn son. Here’s to many more years guys!

  327. Five years?! That’s heavy.

  328. Congrats Syd! I really liked the first episode of Iron blooded Orphans. It’s way more easier to understand compared to Reconguista’s first ep and I love the action scenes. On another note, 5 years ago I was dreaming of winning a couple of Kshatriya kits. (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  329. Yoooooo! Kshatriya is the best~ Love the show glad to see you back ;DD

  330. I have no idea what I was doing five years ago, I started on plastic models something like 3 years ago, and you guys were one of the reasons i decided to try it, I wanted a Macross valkyre, but they were sold out or too expensive, then as I was trying to find some cheap macross toys on internet I crossed with the model kits, after asking were was the best place to order them I found HLJ, I saw your videos and tutorials and decided to give this hobby a chance, my first kit was and still is awesome, I’ve been hooked since that day.
    I´m not a huge gundam builder, but the kashatriya is one of those kits that I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time, so please give it to me.
    Thanks for these five years.
    PS bring Anna and Lidnsey back, what was on the surprise box?

  331. Great show as always. But you guys forgot to mention the new R/E 100 line up that Bandai is thinking of rolling out.

  332. i’m always preparing my shelf for your give away! 5 years ago watched your vids and got one astrea kit, now though not many but i’m proud i have 10 kits all built and detailed from the heart!

  333. Ah……. I have watched everyone of these 185 episodes, I think I am well deserved to win this time. 🙂 Thank you guys!

  334. Congrats on 5 years guys.

  335. Great episode!!! 5 years ago is when i am waiting for Gundam 00 movie 😀 and happy anniversary!!!


  337. Happy 5th year Anniversary!!!

  338. Loving the Iron-Blooded Orphans. Best gundam series yet

  339. Five years already times really fly when the show is really enjoyable.

  340. First of all, Congratulations Syd! Well, 5 years ago, it was my 2nd year in college, I have a few gunpla, not really that much. The Barbatos is awesone, it has that RG-ish feel to it.

  341. #349 😉

  342. loved ep 1 of g-tekketsu

  343. twices the prizes,twice the fun

  344. if i ever won anything it would have to be this 😀

  345. 5 years ago, I was a student dreaming of owning an MG Strike Freedom FBM. Now after I graduated, I now have it plus the MG Infinite Justice and the PG Unicorn!

    Now after watching your recent special episodes featuring the PG Banshee Norn, I’m now leaning towards saving up money to buy one. 🙂

  346. Congrats on your new baby, Syd!!!

  347. Awesome video as always! Five years ago… I didnt know gunpla! But now i do, and even better, Gunpla TV!! Hahaha. Hope I win!

  348. Wow. If I won those Kshatriyas it would.be amazing! Such a fan of the suit and want to do a kit bash with the Sazabi (maybe a Gelgoog head?) Anyway here goes nothin….

  349. Woahh… didn’t imagine the Gundam Barbatos to have an inner frame. Quite amazed at how articulate it is. The DeLorean is also amazing as well. Couldnt’t imagine that its been five years since you guys started airing. Congratulations and wish for more such Gunpla TV in future.

  350. got my barbatos n i am likeing it!!!!!!

  351. Delorean FTW!

  352. I know you guys for 4 years, in 2011 I started Gunpla because of you. That change my life so thank you very much 🙂 For another 5 years of Gunpla TV

  353. Can you guys show off the accessory packs for the iron blooded orphan suits. I’m really curious to find out if the mobile worker is painted already.

  354. Thank you for making all the videos!

  355. Wow that is a nice prize, both versions of one of my favorite mobile suits. Congrats on the 5 years guys and keep up the good work.

  356. congrats on your 5 year anniversary.

  357. I was just getting back into the hobby five years ago, when you started. I had just quit running a comedy club to take care of my daughter full time. This left my evenings wide open for Gunpla!

  358. Guys Happy 5th Aniversary to Hobby Link TV! It was a very motivating years of watching you guys and showing latest Gundam kits! More Power and more Episode to come for us!


  359. 5 years! Keep the episodes coming guys, always looking forward to it. I actually got back into Gunpla 5 years ago after a long hiatus. Iron Blooded Orphans is also off to a good start. Liking the designs so far. I hope Bandai was actually hinting at a RE 1/100 Kshyatriya so I hope that comes true.

  360. oooo that’s one sweet giveaway
    I watched the first episode of iron-blooded orphan, and so far so good. much more mature then the past few TV series and a much different feel, but I’m definitely liking it.

  361. Congratulations on 5 years , great delorean model, nice detail

  362. Great new gundam series! just love it
    already order the barbatos and graze

  363. Congratulations for 5 years of awesomeness guys! 5 years ago I was working on Uncharted 3. Now I’m working with Tom Clancy’s The Division and building Gunpla’s as a hobby 🙂 I really like the designs for Iron Blooded orphans especially the grunt suits! Cant wait to get my hands on the 1/100 scale! I also want those 2 Kshatriyas!!! I saw in some website that an RE 1/100 Kshatriya is “Under Planning” shown at All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Can you confirm if this is true? Man! I can’t wait to have that!

  364. I know i won’t win cause I never win anything but…

    Congratulations to Sid and his wife. Such wonderful news.
    Also congrats on 5 years of the show. I’ve been watching since the beginning.
    Five years ago I’ve was working at the same place where I am now. In fact i am going on my 10th year!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the 1/100 Barbatos but unlike Ryan I do not like those toes.

  365. 5 years still didn’t win any prize. :'(

  366. Congradulation Syd!

    Wow! 5 Years ago, I was still serving my nation in the army. Was more into collecting of car scale model kits, and I still remember me using the allowance which I was given serving the nation into these kits and a few Zaku MGs.

    And double trouble for doubled the Kshatriya. Everyone loves more than a single one I guess 🙂

  367. Congrats guys, 5 years on the shows. Hope yo win this time. Double KHSATRIYA ^^

  368. Syd congrats on the baby 🙂

  369. Congratulations on 5 Years, Hope you have more years to come. Love your Youtube channel and Syd’s website, maybe I can share some of my modest painted builds on there.

  370. comment number 379…………congrats on the 5 years and the new baby …..

  371. 5 years ago was the first time I was able to buy my gundam from my own salary. Felt like Syd was talking directly to me when he said “people just got their 1st job” 😀

  372. Wow great episode hope I win and God bless

  373. 2 x the fun with Kshatriya. wished bandai released a 1/100 mg kshatriya.

  374. I totally just ordered one of those deLoreans. I’m such a fanboy of the movies. TAKE MY MONIES! *throws wallet at screen*

  375. 5 Years! Grats.

  376. WOW 5 years already…i’m getting old >_<

    Well congratz guys…love the show since ep 1

  377. Congrats on the baby girl!
    First one? I have a 5 month old daughter myself.
    I’m really liking this new gundam series. I wasn’t to keen on the Barbatos at first but it’s really starting to grow on me. Can’t wait for origin 2 at the end of the month!

  378. First off congrats on the new baby!

    Secondly… Kshatriya… Kshatriya… Kshatriya!!!

    Thirdly… first post here, and just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the world of Gunpla. I grew up watching Wing on Toonami, and had been watching episodes of it on YouTube when I stumbled on one of your videos. Enamored, I burned thru all the past episodes and then began building in February this year. Growing up my dad and I built model cars together, and now my son and I get to build model robots together. Thanks for the great resources, information, and laughs! Here’s to another five years!!!

  379. 5 years ago I was sleeping the end

  380. 5 years ago I didn’t even know there were different grades of gunpla. I just remembered doing some of the old hg wing kits from over 15 years ago at this point. Almost 3 years ago I was looking for a new hobby to mess with and thought those gundams were pretty fun, I wonder if there’s any more. Haha! My free time has been filled with nothing else since.

  381. Pleaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeee!!!!! I want them??

  382. Congratulations! For Syd’s baby girl. Thanks God they are both well and healthy. I feel your joy for being a father. May the Lord add His blessing to this little baby girl.

  383. I recently started liking gundam I just ordered an strike freedom gundam RG 1/144 my favorite by far, so i would like to add more gundam’s to my collection. Hope I win

  384. Sorry guys but 394 will win. 😉

  385. Wow, 5 years really went by fast! Congrats to Syd and Ryan for keeping Gunpla Tv going strong! I still remember 5 years ago when I was looking up something on the HLJ website and I stumbled across Gunpla Tv ep.1. If I remembered correctly Syd was introducing different types of Bandai Gunpla kits in the warehouse. 2 years later while on vacation in Japan I was lucky enough to visit the HLJ warehouse and got a chance to meet Syd, Ryan, and Scott in person!( https://www.flickr.com/photos/mchoi/8540301217/in/album-72157629876335796/ ) Congrats again and I look forward to another 5 years of Gunpla Tv! 😉

  386. I definetly want those Kshatriya`s.

    Also i like the new anime.

  387. Congratulations on your 5th year anniversary!

  388. Would love to have those kits, so excited to see who wins

  389. the barbatos looks really good , will be sure to pick it up.

    also happy 5th anniversary

  390. Wow, 5 years have really gone by fast, still look forward to seeing your videos as much as I did in the beginning if not more, you guys have been a big inspiration for me and my brother with Gunpla, keep up the great work, we really appreciate the hard work you put in, we love watching your videos while we work on our kits, thank you for the past 5 years, it’s really helped us along the way, we found something we loved to do and found some great people to look up to, we look forward to seeing you guys more, you guys are awesome 😀

  391. Congrats on your new child Syd! I wish you all the best…and also those Kshatriyas are awesome

  392. Those Kshatriya’s look sweet, Such a cool suit used by Marida Cruz. Well anyway congrats on Five years of videos. I can say that I only watched a handful of your videos throughout the year. Loved the Gunpla you have and built. I only built one and used your Gunpla episode 1-7 building tutorial. I had built a Gunpla model around 2002 or so, came out rough. Had no tools but I did manage to put it together from what I remember. Now My Wing Gundam Fenice(built earlier this year) stands an inch on my TV stand next to my old Gundam action figures.

  393. Man five years, wow, man, I’m not sure If i knew about this show five years ago, but heck keep up the great work, five more years!

  394. Almost 400 comments lol. A two kit give away=awesomeness and a lot of comments lol

  395. Congratulations Syd and also to both of you on the 5 year anniversary. Really liking some of the kits from Iron-Blooded Orphans. Loving the show

  396. congrats syd, wishing the best. great ep

  397. That Banshee tho!!

  398. I kinda like the Unicorn better than the Banshee when lit up. But if its not lit up in normal light, I like the looks of the Banshee better! And I still like the Unicorn too! Ahhh the dilemma…. whatever. Im buying both xD

  399. “maybe 500 depending on how many people like this kit” already at 402 when i posted this!

  400. Yes Please!

  401. Congrats on 5 years guys! 5 Years ago I found a 1/60th Zaku at a small hobby shop in Chicago. It was the first time I had seen a Gundam kit locally since back when Toonami was playing Wing. Needless to say I scooped it up and started my adult Gundam building (which is infinitely better than the 12 year old builds) Keep up the great work!

  402. i like the new gundam design

  403. Hope I win hehe

  404. All hail the Unicorn!! 5 years ago, I think I was focusing on graduating high school… Happy 5 years doods!!

  405. 5 years baby!

  406. Waiting for the 1/100 Barbatos

  407. two kshatrya giveaway just when I was wondering if I’ll buy them. If i’m lucky I’ll have enough monye to buy 1/100 Barbatos

  408. Are you guys as excited as I am to get another serious Gundam anime shows? I really love Gundams ability to present political ambiguity in a futuristic setting. Very often that’s what sells the world to me-it makes it far more immersive and slightly Orwellian.

  409. Wow,two kits!

  410. Waiting to see the all new MG from the new anime in the show . Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  411. Congratulations on 5 year.

  412. These new kits are dope.

  413. This is my dream kit 😀

  414. PLEAAAAAASEE! lemme win that kshatriya!

  415. I love to win

  416. Wow! 2 kshatriyas! happy fifth! thanks guys!

  417. 5years ago I working in Legoland Malaysia as a Lego builder

  418. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!

  419. hmm 5 years ago awakening the trailblazer…
    I kinda like the new Gundam series the story and animation draws me in although I was skeptical due liking the grunt suits more than the Gundam.
    Looking forward to the development of this series.
    Great episode again guys thanks always make want the latest kits asap!!
    Just wondering if you guys know what happened to the SD Gundam EX Standard Line and how other countries got it before HLJ?????

  420. Mr Fusion!! That BTTF Delorean looks awesome! Congrats on the 5 years! 5 years ago for me is the same as now, work work work. That was pre-gunpla days for me and I was building Bandai’s MG Goku. ??? Kshatriya!!

  421. I want the barbatos sooo bad!

  422. story time!
    i didn’t know you guys existed five years ago and had been disconnected from my interest in gundam for several years already prior to that. then my job moved me to okinawa where i couldn’t help but notice all the gundam goodness that seemed to catch my eye somewhere along the way almost every time i went out and about. eventually i started dropping by hobby stores just to see their glorious selections of kits, especially of the suits from Wing and 8th MS Team which had been my initial introduction to gundam so many years earlier. i finally gave in and bought my first kit when mg heavyarms was released a around 3 years ago and thats when the floodgates broke. much internetting and stacks of kits later, i found gunpla tv and hlj and i’ve been a fan of both ever since. kanpai for 5 years of gunpla tv! time to key up the intro track from the early episodes and toss one back for you guys; Congrats!

    as for those kshatriya kits, i like that design so much i’ve got those kits in my afore mentioned stacks already. my random number generator said you should go with comment 158 if your random number generator chose this comment. keep on keepin on, Syd and Ryan!

  423. First let’s me say congratulations to Syd for a new born baby….!!! talking about 5 years ago…to be honest i start to follow your channel 3 years ago when i start my gunpla hobby. At that time i was built my first kit “MG gundam wing zero custom”. i got to see many amazing videos that you guys make…thank you guys and happy 5th anniversary!!!!!

  424. man i would love to win my very own kshot 5 years ago i was getting back into gunpla and spending all my money on it and was glad to see vids like yours talking about kits and painting because i wanted to step up my gunpla game and I picked up my first mg which i was happy they starting releasing the wing kits in mg but thanks for 5 years and hope for many more to come

  425. Congrats on your 5 years guys and congrats to you Syd !

  426. Grats on the 5th anniversary!!! 5 years ago I just started on my third job moving out from my hometown, and I’ve been there ever since. I would love to win those twin Keshatriyas!!!

  427. Great show guys, very informative

  428. Hi Syd and Ryan great episode of Gunplay TV as always keep up the good work

  429. 5 years. I rmb the first few episodes where syd was rather unnatural in front of the camera. The times sure have changed.

  430. I was in my second semester of art school five years ago… Damn…

  431. 5 Years ago I believe I had just started to figure out what Gunpla was. I started putting the kits together, just simple HG kits. My First Gunpla was the HGUC FA-73-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th. I hope to get another one soon so I can build it up to the quality Gunpla I can produce currently than when I had first gotten it.

  432. 5 years ago I didn’t even know about Gundam…. Congrats on the Baby… I’ve been saving up for a Kshatriya… Already ordered an IBO kit… Waiting for it arrive…

  433. Five years ago… Migrating to New Zealand, had to leave a few sets behind because of luggage restrictions from my parents hahaha. Never will I forget the joy I felt when I put them together. But anyways, happy 5 years running!

  434. pick me pick me

  435. did anyone else notice the size of the pg compared to the hg? its a huge difference oh and also syd and ryan the delorean here in north america goes for about $40,000 and thats just to get one not exactly a premium collector one

  436. I like the barbatos design, it’s quite tempting but I want a real grade.

  437. Wow lots of comments.. So Its great to see a new episode. The ‘build’ eps aren’t my favorites cause i like to see the talking and banter. And variety of stuff you guy’s show, thats why I don’t look at those build ones much.

    5 yrs ago.. hmm.. 2010? Collecting the last of my Yamato Valkyries before they went crazy expensive.. Starting to get back into painting plastic kits. I have amassed way too many Gundams but I can’t stop.

  438. I hope I can win the two gundams

  439. wonder if there will be a rg version in the future

  440. It’s been 5 yrs already? I am not even a serious gundam fan 5 yrs ago. Congratulations for 5 yrs!

  441. Congratulations on the five years and Syd’s new child! By the way, I hope you guys are doing a Halloween special for the next episode.

  442. So five years ago, I had fallen out of the Gunpla hobby during that time. Once I started watching Gundam build fighters I got back into the hobby. Ordering lots of kits and tools, now I want to start making a Custom Gunpla but haven’t started. Watching Gunpla tv gives some ideas so for that I thank you.

  443. Congrats 5yrs guys! Still waiting for RG GP-02.

  444. five years ago i became addicted to gunpla, this addiction was caused by Gundam 00

  445. Hey guys, I’m the guy who was the Nu Gundam from Anime Expo! Five years ago, I just entered high school and built my first cosplay with my buddies (RX78-2). Hope I win, and love the great work; keep it up, and hopefully I can meet up with you guys next year at AX.

  446. Congrats Syd! Now the time for gunpla will start to go down 😉
    5 years ago I went from boy to man (I turned 30).

  447. I am undeserving of a prize. I shall wait for my 1/100 barbatos in the mail to compensate.

  448. woahh 400+ comments already. i dont think im gonna win anything then. T.T

  449. I’d be happy with any of the 3 giveaways

  450. If i get to win the G-self, my lil bro would be so happy xD he’s 9 and im making him grow up with gundam 🙂 big bro influence!!!

  451. Relly cool show, love the Delorean, still not crazy about the Iron Blooded designs but Ill have to wait a little bit and see, and I do like the G self design, it looks very different from all the other MS, but I think it works within the Reco world. Anyways really cool show guys!

  452. Hey, guys. Thanks for another awesome episode. I’ve been watching GunplaTV for a little over 4 years now, and I’ve seen every episode. I’m digging the look of the new Gundam TV series designs.

  453. Barbatos is awesome!

  454. Congrats on the daughter Syd!
    Barbatos looks great!
    Wish Bandai could change their instruction manuals for all MG and PG kits so that you build the frame first, then add armor to it. I would imagine a very thick manual though.

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