Aug 31

During planning for this episode we knew it might be a little leaner because Ryan needed to be away from the office but we didn’t count on Syd being sick. Luckily for us, Anna and Lindsay were ready to step in with their projects. If you haven’t checked out the Petit’gguy (or Pucchi gguy) kits you should. They are adorable. And Syd did manage to hold himself upright in front of the camera long enough to unbox the newest MG.

For everyone hoping to win one of the posters being given away in Episode 182, winners will be announced in Episode 184 and at the same time we will reveal another cool giveaway.

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 Petit’gguy Winning Yellow
1/144 Petit’gguy Future Pink
1/144 Petit’gguy Lightning Blue
1/144 Petit’gguy Burning Red

– 1/12 Star Wars Sandtrooper
1/100 MG Gundam Amazing Red Warrior

Gatling (renewal)

Gunpla TV


  1. Mystery Box….

  2. Great episode guys 😀 Loved the Petite Bearguys. Get better soon, Syd.

  3. nice work ladies, glad to see you making more and cooler gunpla, keep being awesome

  4. I feel really bad for Syd, sick and no Ryan, but hey we got a really adorable episode, great to see the girls. ^^

  5. Thanks for getting out of bed just for us Syd. Get better soon and thanks Anna and Lindsay for filling in. Mystery Box!

  6. I wonder whats in the box?

  7. I wonder what’s inside the box!

  8. Get well soon Syd. Thanks the ladies for this episode. Those puchiguys looks great.

  9. Hope you feel better Syd! The mystery box sure is interesting.

  10. That warrior looks … amazing … … red.

  11. Glad to see the girls again.

  12. Mister Lee box….

  13. Sieg Zeon !!

  14. That MG Amazing Red Warrior makes me want to get the HG one.

    Syd should of let Anna and Lindsay open the box.

  15. Hope you get better soon syd!

  16. It’s amazing what a difference little parts make the red one looks awesome

  17. I enjoy getting to see some lovely ladies that build Gunpla, it is a rarity to see that where I’m at. Also cool to learn about the machine gun parts.

    Get well soon Syd.

  18. Loved the episode! The petit bear guys look cool liked the Gatling mods on the red one. Always a nice surprise when Anna and Lyndsay appear on gunpla tv! Get well soon syd!

  19. Myyyyysssteryyyyy boxxxx!!
    And i call them Petit’gguy =D
    And Sid look 30% more asian with that mask.

  20. Not what I’m usually into, but these little gguys are kinda cool.

  21. Whats in the box!?

  22. I just wanna say thanks to Anna and Lindsay for putting on an episode this week. Even if it was just a short one, it’s always nice to have a bit of GunplaTV at the end of a week.

  23. Get well soon sicko!

  24. I just wan’t too see what’s inside that Mystery Box!!

  25. Thanks ladies covering for Syd and Ryan, even though it was short. Appreciate it. Hope you get better Syd. 🙂

  26. Thank you guys for making this video even Syd is sick, Thank Anna and Lindsay for review the little bear guys. Hope you gonna get better soon Syd, and Ryan i miss you!!!!!!

  27. Hope you get well soon Syd.

  28. That MG is looking amazing!!! (sorry for the bad joke). Hope that it wont stop me from getting that surprise gift!

  29. It’s odd not to see Syd and Ryan, however the girls are a nice addition to the show, I hope to see more of their gunpla work.

  30. Good job taking over Anna and Lindsay, hope Syd gets better soon! I am a sucker for silly backpacks so the Petit-Guy is tempting… in fact, you might be able to do something absurd with the connector pieces that come with the Skull Weapon set and have two giant backpacks.

  31. Great episode. I want the Mystery box. Open it on the next episode so we all can see what’s in it.

  32. Let me guess… hmmm .. a mystery box.. it means its a Mystery Gundam.. ??? , btw hello to anna and lindsay.. good job girls ???

  33. Hope Syd feels better soon. You guys should get Anna and Lindsay on more often.

    Oh a mystery giveaway. Now I am super curious to see what it is when it’s revealed next episode.

  34. Syd and ryan, you guys are getting this all wrong. No matter what, the power of gunpla will cure any sickness and leave you with smiles and tears from the times we accidently cut our fingers with our hobby knives. Keep it up and canr wait to see the red warrior rise.

  35. Hope you feel better soon. Awesome show ladies. I love surprises!

  36. being sick really sucks… hope you get better soon Sid.

  37. That mystery box is calling me. I hope everyone will find out what is in it at some point. I don’t think I can handle the tease of not knowing.

  38. Hope you guys get better, wonder whats in the package

  39. Its good to see Anna and Lindsy back on the show and all it took was for Syd to get sick, sorry Syd get well but it was good seeing the Ladies build Gunpla. I like the ARW but i will paint it just to much red. Please Tell Anna to stop shaking the box and breaking the gunpla lol.

  40. Hope you get better soon Syd. Petit guys look cute. A mystery box is a good idea.

  41. I need to get me one of those bears <3

  42. Box of potential… It is the Unicorn Box!

  43. I can’t even lie, those Petitgguys are actually pretty cute.

    …Time to load cute with guns out the wazoo.

  44. Love those puchi-guys. Gotta get one or all rof the mrs. And me.

  45. Still a great video even without Syd and Ryan. Can’t wait for the MG Amazing Red Warrior review.

  46. oooo. mystery box…

  47. i really wanna know whats in that box!

  48. I enjoyed the change up. Ladies did a great job. MG Red Warrior looks good. May have to get one soon.

  49. I definitely want a box of question mark!

    those beargguys are so cute

  50. mystery gift? mystery indeed…

  51. Hi syd it was Short but cool show .the red warrior didn’t suit me at first but the look of the mg has made me change my mind so I’ll maybe get it anyway hope you get better soon syd.

  52. I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with the added detail on the MG Red Warrior vs the HG. I may have to pick it up if my wallet allows it after the PG Banshee Norn…

  53. MG Red Warrior is a very nice looking kit

  54. Thanks for stepping up and doing the show ladies, great job, feel better syd! Hopefully whoever wins reveals what’s in the mystery box!

  55. Love the idea of the mystery box and wouldn’t mind braving the unpacking. It was nice to see Anna and Lindsay again and we hope you get to feeling better soon, Syd.

  56. Butts butts.

  57. I prefer petite guy to puchi guy

  58. Can’t wait to see the finished Amazing Red Warrior next week!

  59. I mean that Red Warrior looks nice, but the Petite guys stole the show in a way. Also hear is to the Mystery box not being filled with anthrax.

  60. My wife enjoyed the showcase of the petite bear guys and i like the Mystery box!!!

  61. Oh my, a mystery box giveaway, whatever could it be? Guess only the winner will know.

  62. I like mystery boxes xD Get well soon Syd!

  63. The Red warrior looks awesome

  64. I wonder what that Remaster Freedom was doing there, and I’m looking forward to picking up the Revive Freedom!

  65. Mystery box syd get better soon

  66. Awesome show. Hope you get better!

  67. i bet its going to be a gunpla or two in the mystery box

  68. Get well Syd soon .And to Girl team awesome job

  69. I love seeing the girls from time to time, although they might need more energy and enthusiasm next time. I would like to win that mystery box what ever that may be. More power to you guys.

  70. i bet the box just filled with slushies. Why i dont know its the first thing that came in my head

  71. I’ve always wondered why people wore the face mask out on the streets, mostly people from asian countries wore them.

  72. I love the mystery

  73. Great job filling in for the guys!

  74. MYSTERIES!!!

  75. More gundam, more comedy.

    Thanks for the episode

  76. Feel better Syd! Nice work ladies!

  77. The Puchiguys are super cute! I saw a few of them at a local store but I didn’t get to buy it though.


  78. I’m exited to get the amazing red warrior mg

  79. get well soon, syd.
    And the girls are doing a great job

  80. Hope Syd gets better. I want that mystery box!

  81. Love it when the girls are on! Great short and sweet episode. Hope you feel better soon Syd!
    As for the mystery box it can be anything. It could even be Tequila Gundam!

  82. get well soon… also mystery box =3

  83. First off get well soon syd and i like it when the girls are on and i really want to know whats in the the mystery box fingers crossed hope i win

  84. Awesome Episode!!!

  85. Get better Syd. That Amazing Red Warrior looks awesome.

  86. Bandai should make more colours of these bears lol

  87. Get well soon Syd! Those petit guys look really adorable! I wonder what’s in that mystery box hmmmmm. I hope I get to win that and the posters!!!

  88. I wish Anna and Lindsay had there own show since they are really entertaining

  89. I pour one out for Syd’s good health.

  90. i hope you feel better syd! i would love to win that mystery box.

  91. Love the review Anna and Lindsay ….and get well soon Syd….so what in the BOX!!????

  92. Great show Anna and Lindsay. Anna looks stunning especially without the glasses :). Keep it up girls. I hope I can get that mystery box.

  93. A boat’s a boat, but a mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat!


  95. What’s going over there? No..No..what’s in da bbbaaaaxxx?

  96. gws syd…waiting for u to complete ur red warrior…now whats in the box????

  97. lets see if im lucky this time around

  98. Always enjoy your content on new gundam releases! Feel better, Syd!!

  99. get well soon syd

  100. Thanks Anna and Lindsay for filling in for Syd and Ryan, hope Syd gets well soon. Wonder what’s in the box 🙂

  101. dont shake the box….

  102. Get well soon Syd!

  103. Great episode hope I get the mystery box!!!

  104. pretty creative girls doing gunpla. an awesome sight to see! get well soon mr. gaijin!

  105. Get well soon Sir! Well much as well assume I will win (somehow) hahaha (please) forget that i just said that 😀

  106. Hey Sid, way to be a trooper and come in anyway to record! Also, even tough the dialogue seemed a tad unauthentic, it was nice seeing these special guests present Petit’gguys; it would have been difficult for two grown men to pull off.

  107. Must have Mystery box!

  108. First Time commenting…..just created this acc, get well syd….we love you 😀

  109. Hope you get better soon, Syd, and thanks for filling in, Anna and Lindsay!

    This mystery box is driving my curiosity. I must know what’s in the box!

  110. that amazing red warrior… divine….

  111. derp

  112. Maybe its the Laplaces Box!?!?!?

  113. Notice me Sempai(Mystery Gift):)

  114. I wanna solve this mystery

  115. I like mysteries :p

  116. Get well soon Syd.

  117. love the bears. Adorable!

  118. Really looking forward with build of the MG amazing red warrior and
    get well soon Syd! =)


  120. Feel better Syd! Another MG is always a welcome, and that box is HUGE. Gimme a chance to shake that box by sending that package my way please.

  121. the box! D:

  122. I gotta get myself some petitguys

  123. thanks for the mystery box 🙂

  124. Great show, I hope I could win the prize

  125. Hopefully you get well soon.. Gunpla TV FOr The Win

  126. great episode as usual guys!
    keep up the good work

  127. this is really very creative episode .

  128. Holy @#$%! That box art!

  129. Great to hear female voices 🙂
    I do hope that Ryan can get well soon, can’t wait to watch the next episode.
    I wonder what’s in the mystery box..

  130. great video guys, really loved how the kits turned out.Also noticed the glasses switch real sneaky!

  131. I love HLJ box..

  132. Yay. Random freebee giveaway. Cool

  133. ah, what could it be?

  134. It looks like the Amazing Red Warrior stole his shield from an SD Gundam.

  135. Thanks for the episode guys and get well soon Syd. What’s in the box?!?!

  136. HLJ Loot Crate!

  137. Trying to do my best Brad Pitt from the movie Seven impersonation……..
    “What’s in the box? What’s in the booooxxxx?”

  138. Amazing Red looks fantastic.
    Mystery box FTW!

  139. I feel sorry for the Red “PUCHI” Guy..
    Acetone on bare plastic…. It will not live long and die a horrible death… Anna the Bear killer ^^

  140. I love those puchiguys 😀 I gotta get me some

  141. Nice fun little episode! ooooOOOooo, mystery box…

  142. Get well soon syd.and make more episodes soon.I love watching gundam reviews of yours and Ryan’s.

  143. Get well soon Syd

  144. Get better bro eat plenty of pizza its part of the food groups. I want to see what’s in the box and the red gundam I’m so going to get vavas Las Gunpla!!!!!

  145. I like how the Red Petitguy/Puchiguy ( I like the putchiguy than the petite hehe) having gatling guns on both hands, black ribbon with skull and the serious looking guy. I like the girls too hehehehe

  146. get well soon!

  147. Great episode, always fun to get a surprise by, and this time it was 2 surprises, fist 2 nice girls and a then a mysterious box 🙂

  148. Get well soon Sid can’t wait to see the next new gundam series in October

  149. After seeing this episode I kind of want to make the sandtrooper with a petit guy backpack. Perhaps painting the bear black with a Vader helmet.

  150. I want that mystery box!!! judging by the size of the box, its an HG kit


  152. Get well soon. The mystery box is enticing.

  153. I wonder what’s inside the Mystery Box?

    Also, get well soon Syd! The Amazing Red Warrior sure is Amazing.

  154. Oh no,a sheet with a question mark on it, get better soon syd

  155. Thanks for taking the time to make an episode even with the circumstances that you have right now. Anna and Lindsay bringing in some nice comedy, I liked. Syd, get better soon.

  156. Oooooooh! I wonder what’s inside!? ;D

  157. get well soon syd.
    love those Petit’gguy’s and that amazing red warrior look awesome. wouldn’t mind getting my hands on all of those kits at some point.

  158. I have all 4 pucchi guys! 🙂 havent built the yellow and blue yet as Im reserving them to be built by my girlfriend haha

  159. hi i want to say hello just from peru , i love model kits especially gundam, thanks for this show 🙂

  160. I’m looking for a mystery

  161. i could feel the tension lol. hmm i’m torn now if i should get the MG amazing red warrior… hopefully we see it completed on the next episode. i want to win that mystery box!

  162. Mistery mmmmmm 🙂 I am waiting to see that red warrior full build

  163. looking forward to the review of the Red Warrior, Get well Syd 🙂

  164. RED WARRIOR LOOKS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. I love suprises 🙂

    Nice job on the Petit’Guys! Maybe will try to give one to my girlfriend.
    Not really into the MG Red Warrior, I think the HG will be enough for me

  166. I want what’s in that box… I think. Those petit guys are great for newbie modelers. Cheap and really easy to practice mods on. I made one for my wife that looks like me. Its actually a little creepy. Get well soon Syd.

  167. I don’t know what it is but I want it! 😀

  168. Good job ladies, feel free to take over more broadcasts in the future… 🙂

  169. Yeah some Girl Power on Hobbylink and that sexy Red Warrior.

    You should totally have more Anna and Lindsey in future episodes 😀 proving this hobby is not a boys club.

    I would love to win that mystery box I can only imagine its full of awesomeness.

  170. I want that mystery box ><

  171. I know for sure that the gift this time will be a huge plastic “question mark”. The name of the kit could be: Bandai MG Question Mk2….did you get it? “Mark”…”Mk”….you know wat I mean.

  172. Hope i can win the mystery box!

  173. Nice, a mystery box. Ladies, be careful with that acetone/nail polish remover. It’s actually one of the ingredients in modeling cement, the stuff that melts the plastic to make it bond together.

  174. Mystery boxx!!
    Hmm. not sure if i should get that amazing wed warrior though :/

  175. Can’t say im too interested in the amazing red warrior…. It doesn’t really look all that amazing to me XD.

    Also, I can’t help but cringe every time the box gets shaken >,<

  176. Seeing the HLJ box reminds me of the time I ordered some Waterslide Markings that arrived in a slightly smaller box, but shrinkwrapped to a piece of cardboard at the bottom. I then skipped back to see if the rattling noise actually synced with the shaking of the box.

  177. The petitguys look abit bigger then I expected. Nothing to worry about.
    Love the add on for putting them on other gundams! SO CUUUUUTE!

    As for the mystery box. I would say this: This box is the best it’s better then the rest!

  178. Cute petiiit models! =P
    I’d love to win this mistery box! =D

  179. nice work ladies.
    good work with the extra lightings in this episodes

  180. That mystery box is being shaken up a lot, i hope nothing breaks inside 😛 haha
    anyways love the show as always keep up the god work 🙂

  181. I have all the Petit’gguys, I’ve started customizing the first one.

    I need to add the amazing red warrior to my wishlist 🙂

  182. Whatever is in the box I hope it is still in one piece after Anna shook it like this 😛

  183. Aw man, I saw the episode being only 10mins, that’s when I knew something was wrong :/ Get well Syd!

    As a big fan of RX-78-2 I instantly fell in love with Amazing Red Warrior, it looks hella beast!

  184. gotta love the red warrior, wonder whats in the box though

  185. Mystery Box is mysterious!

    I wants the Amazing Red Warrior, but there I just bought 2 RGs

  186. Hmm Mystery box sounds very intriguing. Although I hope it’s nothing fragile. That box was shaken up pretty well.

  187. Looking forward to seeing “Amazing Red” completed. Get well soon Syd and hope Ryan enjoys his time away.

  188. a mystery box
    can i have it ???

  189. that look lindsey gave anne with the pettit’gguy pronunciation the pure hate in that stare, love it 😛

  190. Custom Petit Guy, nice! I wonder what’s in that box…

  191. Get well soon Syd

  192. I hope you get better quick, Syd!

  193. Nice cool red warrior. Thanks ladies and a gentlemen.

  194. Get well soon!! and thanks for the quick unboxing 🙂

  195. First posters and now a mystery box this just gets better and better.

  196. yay mystery gift!!

  197. get well soon syd.. . try to take better care of your self next time … and Mister Lee Box…!

  198. get well soon syd.. . try to take better care of your self next time …

  199. suspense! I wonder what it is ?

  200. A box? Oh man, the mystery is killing me!

  201. Love this build so much!

  202. Petit Guy kits are so cute, it’s disgusting.

  203. I hope you get better Syd. I love the idea of the mystery box. We should do more of them in the future!

  204. Nice, a mystery prize. It could be a boat.

  205. Nice news and reviews! MYSTERY BOX! WOOT! Syd, get well soon bro!

  206. Mystery box eh? Hmmmm…..

  207. Hope you feel better Syd

  208. how to win this surprise gift,… more power guys hope syd will be fine…

  209. “maybe its a boat, Lois you know how much we’ve always wanted a boat! We’ll take the box.” Feel better Syd.

  210. Syd need to get well, i sort of miss his voice not in hobbylink tv. But the girls are doing a great job, maybe they should join in for the other future episode together. I was wondering if the mystery gift box could be the bear guy or bear guy family hmm..

  211. Great show, is nice to hear from two beautiful lady in the gunplay community, say thank for the info I did order the mags and by the way get better

  212. Praise the Emperor!

  213. Mystery mecha with a mystery pathogen? I’ll take’em!

  214. wow! a mystery prize. I really like those subtle Petite Beargguy customization. Get well Syd and safe trip to Ryan ever he is going. Also good job ladies!

  215. I hope i get that mystery box pick me pick me

  216. I like surprises I wonder what’s in the mystery box?

  217. Nice little episode! 🙂 That mystery box will be mine!

  218. Mystery Box Woo!

  219. Get well Syd and great job ladies 🙂

  220. That box shall belong to MEEEEEEEE!!

  221. Love the change of hosts! Great job as always.

  222. I’m with everyone else, I’d love to have whatever’s in that box, as it’s either the mystery box, or air, and having something is usually better than having nothing.

  223. Ooooo mystery box… Schrödinger’s cat isn’t in the box is it? Can’t wait for the reveal ^_^ Nice show, good job ladies and Syd, I hope that you will get well soon.

  224. Petite guys huh? I want them. I want all the bear guys!

  225. Oooo, mystery box leaves me excited!

  226. Yay! Mystery box! Those are always fun. 😀


  228. Great to see the girls again. I guess HLJ doesn’t have sick leave? Sorry, but if I’m sick I’m not going to work and risk getting others sick too. I guess with Ryan being on vacation Syd did not have a choice but to show up for work and do a video. Time to get with HR! Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself for submitting a “negative” comment. Hope you get better quick Syd. (by the way, don’t take this comment too seriously. I was being half humorous with the situation. I’m sure you had your reasons for showing up for work even though you are sick. I wouldn’t have. Health comes first!

  229. Sweet new gift idea for the girlfriend. Mystery hlj loot. I want. I need. I gotta have.

  230. Opens box to find it full of empty sprues. Mystery solved 😛

  231. It’s my mystery box! -the lonely island 😀 hehe

  232. What is on the box???????

  233. Oh that Red Petit Guy is awesome! I have yet to build my team but I’m definitely going to base mine around emotions associated with their colors! 😀

  234. What is in the box???????

  235. Hope you get better Syd thanks for the sacrifice and hard work even when sick we really appreciate it ?

  236. Damnnn, the Amazing red warrior box art looks badass

  237. Scully !!!!
    Yes Moulder ?
    It’S a Box !

    With a Mystery ! We musst get this Box !

  238. Get well soon Syd and hope I get that box!!!

  239. Great to see the girls again building some kits. Syd, hope you get better soon. Mistery box, interesting!!!!

  240. MYSTERY GRADE GUNPLA!! The suspense is killing me!

  241. It would be fun to win a thing!

  242. Get better soon Syd! and come back soon Ryan! MYSTERY BOX TO ME! and so im not ashamed to admit i paid more attention to the girls than the PuchiGuys, now if they were building Gundams well then 😉

  243. the more i see of the mg red warrior the more i like it. getting hard to resist buying it.

  244. Always love your episodes, girls!
    Mystery? Why not?

  245. Hope you get better soon Syd! Also, it’s nice to see Anna and Lindsay again!

  246. Is there a snake in that box?

  247. ..get well soon syd!!! see ya next week ryan!!!
    ..that amzing red warrior box art is BADASS!!! can’t wait to see the it built!!!

  248. Hope you feel better!
    Suprises are always fun!!!

  249. Mystery??? I want it, I ordered the 1/144 scale high grade Gundam barbatos I cant wait

  250. Mystery Box. Wonder if its anything from seven eleven

  251. I would like the mystry box

  252. WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOOOOOX? (I hope it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head)

  253. Hope the mystery gift isn’t a bearguy or anything…

  254. Syd get well soon. oh the mystery box is so epic to win

  255. noo whats in that mystery box lol

  256. Always nice to see Anna and Lindsay on the show. Count me in for the mystery box!

  257. Mystery Box!!!

  258. I wonder what is in the mystery box.

  259. Mystery Box is a pretty cool guy.

  260. Nice to see Anna and Lindsay again. Hope you get well soon Syd. A surprise gift? Intrigued.

  261. The BearGuy kits are funny to me, just not the badassness that i need in my life. Seems like an easy build like SDs.
    I built the HG Amazing Red Warrior, and the only thing I was disappointed in was the blades on the gun. Its nice to see that the blades are a different color (expected). I don’t think I’ll pick up the MG version, but it’s still a cool kit.

  262. Anna trying to crack that box open like:

  263. Mystery box… neat!

  264. That’s a pretty nice box!

  265. ‘Petit’ is actually French XD Good job, ladies. Hope Syd gets well soon.

    PS – Here’s a tip to prevent colds and/or fevers: Eat spicy food, garlic and onions.


  267. Is it a Zaku in a box ?

  268. I want that mystery box

  269. Hope you feel better soon Syd! nice to see Anna and Lindsay working on more gunpla. I’m super excited for my Amazing Red Warrior to arrive. Great episode as always. Ooh Mystery Box, What’s in the box!?! What’s in the box…

  270. syd rocking that sickness mask fashion; classic japanese. i salute you and your efforts to deliver the joys of gunpla to our flickering screens of interweb despite your ailment, and to proving that humanity’s capacity to show consideration to others is not quite dead yet. hope to see you better in the next episode, and thanks to Anna and Lindsay for stepping in with the assist! (the gat hand modded petit guy was pretty cool)

  271. I really need this MG…

  272. I vote Ana and Lindsey as new presentors. Ana Looks so different with oír glasses. Oh yea gundam… that red warrior box art is enough to buy the kit. Anyway hope to see Ana and Lindsey in a next episode! Red warrior AMAZING GIRLS.

  273. Anna and lindsey are supreme presenters, I say we do a Anna and Lindsey episode every 5 gunpla TV episodes. Which is kind of what’s been happening. Amazing red warrior GIRLS FOR THE WIN!

  274. Hope you get well soon Syd! Will the contents of the mystery box be revelead after it is won?

  275. I asked you to “snap” me… <3

  276. Great Episode ladies! I wonder what’s inside the box?

  277. Hope you get well soon to see wath is inside the box and who is the winner

  278. Oooooooooooooooooooooohh MYSTERY box huh… I hope a few episodes down you actually show us what was in the box when whoever wins it opens it… lol

  279. Get well Syd.

  280. A mystery box? Those are always fun! Thanks for a good episode guys! I hope Syd is feeling better soon!

  281. Lol the girls switched glasses halfway through

  282. Bravo for doing an episode at all with that illness! I love the mystery box idea. So much fun! Reminds me of the old days when i’d wait for a box from HLJ never having seen any reviews or many pictures of what I had ordered.

  283. Keep up the good work!!! Ordering real soon!!!

  284. i dont know whats in that box but i want it. Btw get well soon Ryan

  285. Red Warrior is so cool!

    Holding my breath for an MG Kampfer Amazing…..

  286. Well color me intrigued…Haha! Syd’s a trooper for showing off the Red Warrior though. Looking forward to the next batch of MG Kits!

  287. Cute episode! Now, I want that shaken mystery prize!

  288. Awesome review eventhought its short, you girls should really have your own show where you review dolls and figures ! Get well soon Syd !

  289. Nice episode! Looking forward to see what’s in that mystery box 😛

  290. Hey guys and gals sorry to hear your sick syd hope you feel better soon. The MG amazing red warrior looked awesome in the unboxing. Oh surprise box humm….

  291. snaaaaaake!

  292. hope u feel better, but i wonder whats in the box.

  293. Bears as backpacks and mystery giveaways, sweet! Perhaps do a 1 known and1 mystery gift when it will be a two gift episode? Also,they must be combined like Vultron! [Goes to the parts bin and workbench}

  294. Get Well Now Syd

  295. Yes!! I have been waiting for the Red Warrior. I hope you have a swift recovery from your cold, Syd.

  296. I think these two hosts should do their own series where its learning how to gunplay, where they go through the steps of learning. I know both Ryan and Syd have done episodes on the basics, but they at least had some experience. it’d be neat seeing people totally new to model building trying out the steps, though with the guidance of experienced builders at the side.

  297. get well soon bruh!

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