Aug 24

We’re back! (We say that quite often because we’re out and about quite often.) And we’re going to catch up a bit and show you some cool stuff that we’ve been working on while we’ve been off camera. We’ve got some recent kits to talk about and a load of Star Wars including a rumor that we were able to confirm, so enjoy a pile of plamo!



Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HGBF Gundam Leopard Da Vinci
1/144 HG G-Self (Perfect Pack Equipment Type)
– 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter
Star Wars: Revo X-Wing
– 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition
1/144 RG Gundam Astray Red Frame
RE/100 Dijeh

Gunpla TV


  1. love the new starwars kits. however i am still waiting for an imperial shuttle as its my favourite.

  2. Awesome RG Red frame

  3. I know you guys dont know if it will happen, but do you think we may see another production of the deathscythe hell? not the EW version, but the anime version. Twin beam scythes, baby.

  4. I need to find some time to build Star Wars ships, they look awesome.
    The Astray would be great on my shelves too 🙂

    If you need some help to build and paint models… 😉

  5. I hope they give us more exotic kits like the Dijeh.

  6. Yay another episode of Gunpla TV. Quite sick of all the Astray Kits out there. Can’t wait to see the Amazing Red Warrior next week. Wonder what will be the next MG Bandai announces.

  7. Welcome back! It was great seeing some hobbylink TV again and a great episode. Also SUPER FUMINA HYPE!!!! It better not be some kind of joke from Bandai

  8. A Bandai model of the Slave-1 would be incredible, I may have to buy two to paint one up in the Episode II colours.

  9. The RG astray red frame is a great kit! Had a blast building it myself. Very keen to see the announcement of the next RG!

  10. Gotta get that Dijeh. I love the design :D. Great episode as always

  11. Is there any chance to get a Millennium Falcon 1/72nd scale from Bandai?That’s the kit I’m looking forward the most.

  12. Glad to hear you can get Slurpies there.

  13. That RG looked amazing when done. Kinda tempted to buy it.
    As for Star wars kits. I agree.
    I would love a Tie Interceptor and a Stardestroyer. Heck an Imperial Shuttle would be great too!

    Keep up the fun work!

  14. Ughhh i want that poster sooo bad!! it’ll be my very first gundam poster 😀

  15. always fun to watch.

  16. Great episode! The Imperial shuttle from Star Wars is named the Lambda class shuttle. It’s my favourite ship from Star Wars and I really hope Bandai makes it into a kit!

    Also, those posters are great. I just moved and need to make my walls a bit bland. Planning on making a collage of HG Gundam boxes and that poster would go great with that. I hope I win one!

  17. Nice looking posters

  18. Zeig Zeon!!


  20. Another great episode again!!! I want the poster!!!

  21. Nice episode, RG Astray looks awesome, hope for a next RE 100 Kit soon.

  22. y-wing looks amazing. posters!

  23. Now, just to make space on my wall to hang more stuff 😛

  24. Uuuuuhhh !
    I WANT the Poster !

    PLEASE 😀

  25. Love your work as always Syd and Ryan. And Syd don’t worry your not the first person to make a mistake and you most certainly not the last person to make one either. I’ve certainly experienced the pain of waterslides falling off my kits once applied. I feel bad looking at my Sazabi Ver.ka and my Macross Roy Focker Valkyrie.. RIP decals.

  26. Howdy Ryan and Syd! Sieg Slappy!

  27. GIVE. ME. ONE!!

  28. i read a news about MG altron i hope it will be very nice.. nice episode… more power

  29. Nice videos with good humors as always! xD I would love to have those poster of Granddaddy. By the way Syd and Ryan, you know Rrobbert184 right? Where is he right now?

  30. Holy crap, that X-wing model looks fantastic, I might just try and get one so I can build it badly and then throw it back in the box because I suck at detailing :c

    Great episode as usual! 😀

  31. Great episode guys. A Tie Interceptor would be great. Cheers.

  32. I want that poster~~~ (^_^)

  33. i love that RG ARF

    in my opinion it worth every penny spent

  34. That RG Red Frame is intense. The Leopard looks better than I thought it would, too.

  35. I’m glad you are giving away some poster materials! I know people always ask about getting the big ones behind you guys. Awesome video as usual. I had to turn down the rate of kit buying (Read: the wife has concerns about me haha) but that RG looks awesome. I haven’t been sold on the RE line yet, but the one you just showed looks like it’d be fun to combine with another set.

  36. Don’t quite like the Dijeh, it’s like an MG but not an MG weird.
    I am waiting for next RG…Blue frame incoming?

  37. Great episode as always and cool RG Astray Red Frame.

  38. wow posters i want!!!!

  39. The astray looks cool

  40. Hey Sid and Ryan! It’s been a while since the last full episode. Hope to see more of your top quality gunpla goodness. But anyway.,man I’ve been dying to get my mits one of those Revive posters. Here’s hoping I’m one of the lucky ones this time. Keep up the good work!

  41. hey Ryan, that shuttle you like is the lambda class shuttle. it would be sweet to see a kit of it. also the super star destroyer would be awesome to have. and a mon calamari cruiser (admiral akbar’s ship). keep it up and i am glad you get to enjoy your slurpee’s guys

  42. Gib me dat poster bruh! 😀

  43. Wow i would love one of those posters! I just bought my lightning gundam as well, cant wait

  44. Kinda disappointed, its not a model kit, but the posters look pretty cool, and hey more chances to win are always good. A new contest would be great i hope you guys get on that. Great show as always.

  45. Nice posters

  46. bandai needs to step up their MG game, another RX78 isn’t going to cut it.

  47. Very nice episode! =D

  48. I would love one of those posters, just like one of those Dijeh!

  49. Ok love the Leopard D vinci as well as the red frame. Now you to need to keep up to date on all the lastest STAR WARS new and i will supply a link to it. When you come back to the North American continent you visit this place. and so happy the ladies will be back,also Ryan the shuttle was the lamda class.

  50. derp

  51. Hi Syd and Ryan great show as always. Ive got an RG 00 raiser but i have lost a part and its really buging me that i cant finish it is it possible to get replacement parts without buying another kit any help would be amazing

  52. Great show guys, can’t wait to see that freedom.

  53. The Ywing is gonna be a job to detail … As for the Star Destroyer , maybe you could get the Lego version … XD

  54. Great show as always guys, The RG astray looks great, maybe it might tempt bandai to make a sengoku RG but thats wishful thinking

  55. The RG Astray looks amazing and so do the Leopard and the Dijeh. I think a PG Z’Gok would be really cool but difficult to make because of its unique design, especially the arms. For me a PG Crossbone gundam would be a super kit, (even though I’m new to the hobby).

  56. Gotta like that astray

  57. Great stuff guys! Love starting the week off with Gunpla TV! What do you guys think of yet another MG RX78 coming out?

  58. Hey guys another great show! I can’t wait to see how the New Freedom looks! Can you guys do a comparison of the New Freedom vs. the older ones?

    Hi from Canada!

  59. Exellent show as always.
    I do wander if Bandai will make HGCE Revive Justice,Destiny or Strike Freedom.Also where is my MG Jegan,c’mon Bandai.

  60. The artwork on those posters are really slick. Wasn’t there also a G-Self and another gun dam done in the same style?

  61. I think Ryan is thinking of Shuttle Tyderium was the name of the rebel shuttle they flew down to Endor…Damn I’m a nerd.

    If I was able to win a poster, I’d put it in a frame, right next to my display cabinets.

  62. I need something to hang on my wall to show my love for Gundams.

  63. I’m just building the Dijeh myself, only have the stickers and lining/weathering to do. I find these RE kits look underwhelming out of the box. But as soon as you panel line it, it comes to life. I enjoy lots of panel lines and the realistic machine look they create.

    Anyway, would love a poster. 😛

  64. Digging the RG Astray, but im hoping for an RG Nu Gundam or Unicorn and the inevitable 00 Quanta! Great episode guys, id love a poster!

  65. Loving all the new Star Wars kits coming out. I hope they eventually make a B-Wing.

  66. I wonder why they are releasing the MG Gundam Origin, especially since we are already getting the Red Warrior, I would’ve liked a MG Try Burning

  67. Dat Y-Wing!

  68. The y-wing and RG red frame look amazing, can’t wait to get mine, both are in my private warehouse right now. Awesome poster as well, it would look great in my workshop next to my completed kits, hope I’m one of the lucky twenty. Looking forward to hearing about the new star wars kits, thanks for the great video, as always!

  69. The Y wing really has caught my interests.

  70. I doubt I’ll win.

  71. I gotta win something. Also that RG Astray looks really nice :^)

  72. RG Astray red frame is the beast

  73. cool

  74. Hi guys awesome video as always cant wait for the next RG hope its not the Blue Frame lol wish they did a BF RG Kit like a Burning Gundam or the Build Strike that would be great cant wait to see the next video for the Red Warrior unboxing ?

  75. I really want one of those posters, I love Kunio Okawara’s designs! Hey guys have HLJ ever thought about selling the p-Bandai stuff because as of late there have been more and more MG’s that I’d love but won’t be able to own because I don’t live in Japan.

  76. That poster would look great on my wall. All I need to do is frame it. I hope I am not the only one who is thinking of this but I hope Bandai will work on a PG Sazabi or Nu Gundam. Anyway great episode guys.

  77. My room could really use a poster right now.
    Great episode, I like the amount of kits we’re getting in the near future.
    Also, could you review the new summer campaign parts for the next one?

  78. Sieg Zeon! Would love to destroy that poster *evilgrins*

  79. hope to get one of them posters!

  80. Always love watching your guys show!
    *prays for a poster

  81. Give me one of those posters or I’ll Bright Slapee you! Also, you guys should start a petition for more Slapees there.

  82. I want a poster! 🙂

  83. Awesome posters

  84. just like to say whoever works in the support department for HLJ needs a raise super awesome every time I had a question or needed help :p Also first time post here too :3

  85. My word the surface detail on that y-wing should be outlawed for being too sexy.

  86. Hey guys, what are your thoughts on pdandai exclusives? I’m starting to get annoyed because I was really excited for MG 1/100 ew custom nataku only to find out that it is a P-bandai exclusive and I can’t buy it from hobby link japan.

  87. Sweet poster!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the RG Astray tomorrow ^^ It just came in at the shop 😀

  88. Those posters are super rad!

  89. The RG is sexy

  90. please do compare the HGCE freedom with the RG freedom

  91. those posters look very nice

  92. I wonder if it is canon for the dijeh to be equipped with the same weapons as the hyaku shiki?

  93. Grandfather Gundam RISE!!!!!

  94. Another great episode and those posters are awesome. I like how Ryan put ALL the blame on Syd for the gundam

  95. Poster? A little boy waits… and hopes…

  96. POSTERS. Poster + Me = Happy!

    Looking forward to my G-Self Perfect Pack arriving from HLJ. I love the G-Self’s design and how versatile it is with all of the different backpacks it has. I was really hoping for an MG G-Self or a HG High Torque pack, but with Iron Blooded Orphans on the horizon, I don’t know if i should get my hopes up… Another awesome episode guys. I hope to meet you both in person someday.

  97. The RG Red Frame looks fantastic. I have to wait until after this semester to pick up that kit, unfortunately, but since I’m moving into the dorm soon, maybe I can win one of those sweet RX-78-2 posters to class up the joint!

  98. waiting to see more re/100 kits come out 😀

  99. Y-Wing details are awesome :0

  100. wonder whats other rg kit are going to be made

  101. hey do anyone know how or where i can order parts for gunpla?

  102. Great episode uys. Syd what kit would you like to see as the next rg

  103. Chance for a poster, why not!

  104. Best episode ever! thanks Guys!

  105. Wow I didn’t realize how detailed the RG astray redframe was until you showed it like this. I’ve been holding of buying 1/144 but after seeing this, I might change my mind.

  106. Thanks Syd and Ryan for another awesome episode. So excited to build the RG Astray Redframe!

  107. the poster would be better if it had the iconic pose but hey …. free stuff are free 😀

  108. let see you try to stuff up my name and jokes aside what gundam suits you hope the make a real grade of yourself

  109. damn those poster looks good actually
    my room definitely needs more gundam posters

  110. Cant wait to have my own RG Red Frame

  111. cool y posters..will looks good next to my RG Zgok posters

  112. nice episode guys thinking of getting an rg red frame now,but i could also use a poster.

  113. 🙂

  114. Lately, I’ve been thinking about stepping outside my comfort zone and building non-Gunpla Mecha kits. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gunpla, but I also love challenging myself and trying new things. Which kits would you recommend? The ones I’ve had my eyes on the most are Frame Arms, Virtual On and Ma.K.

  115. I’m really liking the revive line, I hope they get to the old old kits though, hyaku shiki reeeeaaaaaaally needs a revive

  116. post a comment. win a poster.

  117. Do you think that they might do the 1/48 x-wing without the lights and motor, just as a regular kit? Cause a star wars/Gundam mash up with a mega size and some of those x-wings would be pretty sweet!

  118. Keep up the good work guys, keep those videos coming, cheers!

  119. Would love a poster! Random Number Generator pick me?

  120. Never won, but since I have zero wall space, this’ll probably be the week.

  121. Great show guys! Thanks again.
    Love that RG Astray. Haven’t get a chance to put it together. I’m sure it’ll look great.
    Love the poster!

  122. Awesome episode once again, guys! Now you made me want to buy a RE/100 Dijeh! With a bit of panel lining and detail painting, I’ll sneak him into my MG collection.

    Also… I want that poster please!

  123. Nice looking posters!!

  124. Dijeh is really nice, I love the bulk of zeon suits.

  125. I’ve been pretty impressed with the RE/100 line so far, I’m looking forward to the next announcement for it!

  126. Great work again guys looking forward to building my own Red Frame.

  127. UNICORN!!!!

  128. Yay!! New episode. Don’t have much to say but hope I win something… Cannot wait to see dat scout trooper!

  129. Great show guys. What are your thoughts on the PG Banshee?

  130. That RG Astray Red Frame looks sick!

  131. Give me one poster!

  132. Great show as usual! im tempted to get the rg astray cuz of the nice inner frame and details. i want a chance to win the rx78-2 poster for my finance as shes the biggest 78 fan!

  133. those posters look super cool

  134. Another great episode. Time flies, nearly another year already. Do you guys know what the next RG is? If not what are your predictions for the next RG?

  135. We Wanna See The Freaks!-Ryan 2015.
    Gunpla Tv = 10/10

  136. It is definitely, should be in my RX-78-2 collection!

  137. Bandai seems to hire nothing but wizards! I hope they bring out an RG Unicorn soon. And Ryan, just for you, I hope there ends up being a kit of Darth Vader’s command ship, the Super Star Destroyer, Executor ^^

  138. I just bought my RG Rd Frame hopefully will start working on it this weekend… it looks so awesome. I watched the build so I will be soo careful with that waist LOL.

    Cant wait for the next episode!

  139. good luck everybody!

  140. POSTER!!!!!!!!, i want that rg wing zero poster, maybe that’s the next one 🙂

  141. Great work with the y-wing’s piping =D

  142. great show guys, i am hoping that they release some of the japan only kits national like the RX-80 PR for builders?

  143. ooohh! I would love to have one of those posters! that would be pretty neat. Anyway, Do you guys know if Bandai is ever going to produce more A.O.Z. kits in the near future? There are so many great kits they could make from these gundams.

  144. There are finally posters!!! 😀

  145. Loving those posters!

  146. Syd what is your opinion on the new Star Wars Battlefront game coming out in November?

  147. Alright! A new episode. I was suffering withdrawal. Time to open one of those boxes on my workbench again …

  148. This is my kind of episode, lots of kits being featured! Thanks guys.

  149. Nice for having a review on RE Dijeh which I also have and I like it. That star wars ships are amazing and well detailed.

  150. Take this comment and give me that poster!!!!!

  151. Watching this episode really got me wanting to build a Bandai Star wars kit.

    And Lucky for me Both Boba Fett and Slave 1 are available for pre order. YAAAAAY

    LOVING THE RX78 Revive it is amazing, I need at least 2 more to do the variants which should go well with that sexy poster 😀

    All the way from South Africa

  152. I really like the dust/brush idea; that technique would look great on a MG Ground Gundam!

  153. I want that poster!! I hope you guys can drop down here in the Philippines and have like a hobbylink pop up shop! Love your show guys!!!

  154. The Dijeh looks pretty big. I want to see some height comparison with some MG kits. Great show by the way guys!

  155. Another awesome episode! I hope I win, my son has been hounding me for a Gundam poster. He’s 6 years old but has already built SD’s and an HG Star Build Strike all on his own (well I would be the one cleaning the nubs).

  156. Hey syd and Ryan. Great video and I learned something new today, that being the weathering effect you showed. Nice posters.

  157. Great episode as always guys!

  158. I just got and built my RG Astray Red Frame from HLJ today and I’m loving it.

  159. I would love to see Bandai release Kazuhisa Kondo versions of Gundam kits.

  160. Glad to see you can get slurpees in Japan now. Gotta ask though, so you usually mix different flavours together to get the ultimate slurpee, or do you just stay boring?

  161. dat beam javelin

  162. I hope i win one of those bitchin’ posters.

  163. I could use a poster!

  164. The more I look at the star wars kits the more I want to get myself couple of these. Never build anything except gundams and kotobukya’s mechas/robots due to my love to the highly articulated action figures and mecha. Spaceships and aircrafts… dunno. But X-wing looks so nice and detailed… damn

  165. Great episode Syd and Ryan. I would love to see you guys do more tutorial vids or just how you build and paint your kits like long ago. Nice poster to, I would like to have one please!

  166. I’ve been really enjoying watching the Show since I started building. There are a lot of kits that you’ve shown that i would enjoy building and having, like the version 2.0 Hyaku Shiki. Any idea what the next RG kit is going to be? I really liked the Exia kit and Currently have a RG 00 Raiser on the way.

  167. Oh man that RG Red Astray man… Looks great wish I could purchase it! Oh well hoepfully I get one of those dope posters man

  168. I’m pretty happy that they released the Dijeh. It was only in one episode of Zeta Gundam but it was a design that stuck with me…plus it is an Amuro suit 🙂

  169. I always look forward to your show! Keep it up guys!

  170. gunpla tv ftw

  171. We need the Death Star, in 1/72 scale!!!

  172. Bah! I never win anything! (watch me win this time when it’s just a poster.) Syd and Ryan, sign it for me if I win, AND PLEASE DON’T LET RYAN DRAW A MOUSTACHE AND BUNNY EARS ON IT!!

  173. Hope to win something this time. That poster will look good next to my poster of the RG Zeta Gundam

  174. A poster would be pretty nice.

  175. Good show as usual. Nice to hear we will see Ryan’s Falcon finished soon. I’m glad there’s a pretty good chance of winning this episode’s giveaways. The only thing more awesome than that would be if Bandai would make the next RG the Deathscythe Hell Custom.

  176. Thank you for making all the videos!

  177. Great Show guys! Cant wait to visit Japan!

  178. Awesome show guys, the astray red frame is cool, hope I could it

  179. Awesome show guys, the astray red frame is cool, hope I could get it

  180. Those magazine weapons. so many potential custom ideas, so little parts.

  181. Yellowp…. I just got my DJ (dijeh) and i got a hard time putting together the butterflies wing and i end up gluing… but with some flat top coat it’s all good… now

  182. Orayt! Posters Hohohoho! Let the renovating begins!

  183. I like watching your show, great model building tips.

  184. Great show can’t wait to see what the next RG is & whished the Altron was not P-Bandai.

  185. posters to give away? Also nice!

  186. I do need a Gundam poster for my dorm room

  187. My walls definitely need more posters!

  188. Not the biggest starwars fan but this moving x-wing makes me want to connect it to a raspberry pie control board so it moves/emits sounds when I receive an email or a notification 😛

  189. People want pieces of paper more than kits lol. But then so do i so i probably shouldnt be saying anything

  190. woke up on a random rock in the north atlantic covered in cows and cow poo; goin to bed in the kingdom of unitedness. finally escaped back to something resembling civilization! now i just gotta wait for my models to catch up with me so i can look at them every day like i was doing before and come up with another reason why i “can’t” make any progress with my backlog. slacker life

  191. The Japanese girls asked you “please snap me!” ^_^ snoopy…

  192. Hey guys, I have a suggestion for you: Why not to make a ‘featured modeler’ section on the show? That’d be cool, I think 😀 Keep up the good work!

  193. mmmm sulapi.. Awesome show as always. I am curious what the changes Bandai has made between the old and new freedom other than the articulation.

  194. Haven’t bought an RG yet, but that Red Frame looks amazing.

  195. I finished my RG Astray Red Frame last weekend and it looks great!!

  196. Love all the Photos of the Awesome Bandai Y-wing. I’ve ordered one myself. I have to ask though because not knowing is killing me, can the canopy with windows close or is it always stuck open?

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