Jul 27

We are getting back in the Gunpla TV groove now that we are actually back from L.A. and back to doing whatever it is that we normally do. We have a lot of stuff to catch up on and some great stuff to show you including the kits announced for the newest Gunpla Anime, Iron-Blooded Orphans!





Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos
1/144 HG Graze
1/144 HG Graze High Mobility Commander Type
1/144 HG MS Option Set 1 & CGS Mobile Worker
1/100 Gundam Barbatos

– 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-78-2 Gundam
1/100 MGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita
– 1/12 Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike


Gunpla TV


  1. that Revive looks soooo sexy 😉

  2. I like the Barbatos, and the new show definitely looks promising

  3. hey buddy boys, keep up the good work

  4. yeh boi

  5. Just checked HLJ and the 1/100 Barbatos stopped orders… I WANT IT!!!

  6. Rob said on July 27, 2015

    Gotta love the 7-11 Kits!

  7. g said on July 27, 2015

    great episode!

  8. Praise the Emperor!

    And my MG Nu ver. Ka arrives tomorrow or the day after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 3 kits 1 box? How lewd

  10. Holy balls 7 Eleven HGs.

  11. Great episode as always. The sale is awesome. Picked up some very first robot damashii for my own, can’t wait to check it out !

  12. Well now I really want to know what the 7-11 story is… very interesting that we’re getting 1/100 kits for Iron Blooded Orphans so soon when we don’t even have them for Reconguista yet. I wonder if the series just isn’t that popular? But even then, Age got quite a few kits. I guess time will tell. Really hoping for an Arcane, I love the HG version.

  13. Ive yet to win i kit, im sure to win one of those RX-78-2 kits!

  14. Great episode welcome back!

  15. 1/100 MGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita cool stuff

  16. I want golden goodness

  17. I want some of that 7 Eleven love.

  18. Nice 181st episode Sid and Ryan. I just don’t get why we cannot get some of the 7 Eleven love in the US with the gunpla. 🙁 Thanks for sharing the love. XD

  19. Hey hopefully you keep on with the videos. Thank you for the inspiration and the updates.

  20. I doubt I’ll win.

  21. The 1/100 Barbados is really annoying me now, mg re or hg why can’t bandai just tell us •_•

  22. I want that revive booklet.

  23. Oh man that Barbatos looks sweet! Man Bandai is going to kill my wallet and good thing you guys didnt add more gundam kits for the sale you have going on or Id be dirt poor haha!

  24. those 711 suits always make me laugh

  25. That fenice… It make me more italian by just loking at it. Well im going to eat some pasta.

  26. Great episode as always, wouldn’t mind having a 7-11 RX-78 in my collection xD

  27. Guys… Trying to put in a kinda big order… But nothing I want is in Stock lol RESTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK

    • Hi! As you can imagine, Bandai kits are extremely popular and never stay on our shelves for long, no matter how much stock we get! The good news is that Bandai does regularly resupply their kits. As long as items on our site are marked as “out of stock” or “backordered,” you can still place orders to await new stock. It’s important to keep in mind that we often only get enough additional stock to fill orders already placed, so we don’t recommend waiting for an “in stock” status before your order — most likely, the status will never change to “in stock,” even though we’re filling orders!

      If you need any more information or help, we recommend contacting our customer service department at support@hlj.com 🙂

  28. found hlj a few weeks ago. awesome.

  29. Since you couldn’t have your slurpie I will have one for you

  30. I’ve been trying to buy those 7/11 gundams but they are really expensive on ebay

  31. Raise them arms up high! I like the design choice on the RX-78-2

  32. Hm… That 78-2 is a bit of a step down from the Revive Guncannon. I’ll stick to the HGUC and G30s.

    Looking forward to that inevitable(?) MG Wing Zero Honoo.

  33. Love that RX-78-2 in the Hyakushiki Gold.

    …Since it’s 7-11, does that mean it’s the Shichi-Jyuichi-Shiki? Sounds like James Brown having a seisure.

  34. Terrific episode. That Fenice looks awesome. Can’t wait for new kits in August.

  35. Mabuhay from Philippines! Great episode as always. Keep it up!

  36. Need more revive kit goodness. I am really wanting that HGCE Freedom. I will have to wait a bit for that revive Mark II though. I do like what they did, with the Revive R-78-2. Lucky me I already have an HG Gundam Hammer.

  37. I am so excited for the 1/100 Barbatos. Sadly couldn’t get a hold of one in time on hlj but got a 1/144 version of it.

  38. Give me that 7/11 love!

  39. show me some 7-11 love

  40. Diggin that MG Fenice!

  41. Darn it random number generator!

    Heh, at least you guys know our pain from a knock-on effect! And hey, at least there’s an advantage in living down under in that shipping from HLJ is cheap and quick (now if only I had money to spend in that sale T_T ).

    Oh, and all I can say about the scout trooper is:

    Dat ass.

  42. I think the reason the kit has a full inner frame is because Bandai plans on selling the armor upgrades as add-on kits so you can probably customize your Gundam anyway you like if you buy them all.
    I want to get my hands on some Star Wars kits! The speeder bike and Y-wing look amazing!

  43. amazing as always xD

  44. Gimme that 7/11 blingbling! 😀

  45. I reckon the G30 7/11 crimson RX78 is better than the new remodelled one! aesthetically anyway…

  46. 711 pg please

  47. So damn tempted to buy one of these amazingly sweet looking Revive Grandaddys! looks like Bandai gave it more than enough Viagra, if you know what I mean 😛 an RE 1/100 Big Zam would be right next to my neo zeong, but I FINALLY want a 1/100 model of the leo! long live the leo!!

  48. strike me with lightning ~!

  49. Limited edition of rx-78-2? Who doesn’t want that… awesome mid year sales I just purchased 4 gundam.. 😀

  50. wow gold ver. 7/11 Gundam I want that on my collection


  52. loving that Fenice flight mode… was hoping that rg red frame would come out somewhat 1st aug so that it can arrive for my birthday on 15 aug ToT

  53. I think the RX 7-11’s should’ve come with a slurpee accessory instead of the sign pole, like come on, it’d make soo much sense for them to be able to look like they’re enjoying a slurpee

  54. Nice episode! are you going to do a live stream of the RG Astray when it comes out? I know both me and many others would love to see it!!!

  55. Great episode the new revive gundam looks great

  56. gotta love that 7/11

  57. Now I want a slurpee…

  58. The MG Fenice Rinascita looks elegant.
    Great episode as usual.
    Double thumbs up!

  59. A Bandai Millennium Falcon would be cool, though I can’t imagine it would be cooler than the Slave 1 that we’re getting later this year.

  60. Nice !!!

  61. Barbatos Is <3

  62. The new base is awesome ~ finally a base that can hold on the massive weight of my MG sazabi verka~

  63. Awesome new kits, awesome new episode. Hope i get the prize 😀

  64. NICE 🙂

  65. maybe its just me, but every time i see the barbatos from the upcoming iron blooded orphans series, it reminds me of the regilus from gundam age. its something about the way the yellow is incorporated into the look of the suit… i can’t quite put my finger on how best to describe it, but the effect seems unique compared any other mobile suit design i’ve ever seen. i like it.

    as always, thank you for another awesome episode, syd and ryan!

  66. The new Gundam series and kits are looking great.

  67. Ryan, love your new haircut! Oh, and by the way, you’ve got until the new episode of Star Wars for your Falcon (sorry, your own words), so no worries

  68. as always a great episode.
    cant wait to see someone do a nice diorama with those speederbikes. think they need to do optional characters to go on them like luke skywalker or maybe even an ewok.
    zgok in a pg has always been something that i want, fingers crossed that bandai do one eventually.

  69. That Mobile walker lokks more like a metal gear to me.

    P.s. Show us an update on the Falson Ryan. 🙂

  70. Love 7/11, hope I win

  71. we should call the gold RX-78-2 the Golden One

  72. I can’t wait for the RG Astray especially after the promo on Gundam.info!
    I got a feeling that the Unicorn will get a RG next seeing as though we have one in just about every grade.

  73. That HG looks great!

  74. Can’t wait to receive my RX-78-2 Revive!

  75. Great episode guys, I must get the speed bike it looks awesome!

  76. Great show guys.

  77. And so as all great things must have, i have now made a Gunpla Unlimited Blade Works chant

    I am the runner of my blades

    Plastic is my Armor, Polystyrene is my inner frame

    I have made over one thousand models

    Unknown to work, nor known to life

    Have cut and ground away countless sprues

    Utterly alone i paint my figures

    Truly my whole life is Unlimited Gunpla Works

    If you would like to have this featured on the show you are 100% welcome to do so, Barbatos looking good, although it seems kind of wierd they’d name it after a demon, considering every other Gundam has object/concepts e.g Wing, Freedom, Strike, Justice, Zeta, 00, Crossbones etc.

  78. wa poison in every episode want all!!!!

  79. 7-11 Kombini exclusive! Very nice!

  80. I missed you guys. And thanks for reminding me about my slow Australian Internet.

  81. hey that’s my suit!

  82. RNG RNG RNG work ur magic pls.

  83. sya said on July 27, 2015

    Can’t wait for 1/100 Barbatos, and hey, grand daddy 7-Eleven ver. would be nice too!

  84. Gundam Barbatos I think is one of the savior of gunpla for me this year as I don’t have any kits particular to look forward at. Although why the left it as not being an MG though it have inner frame but not so detail. So sad about that. but not the least I preordered it as it was badass.

  85. Barbatos is not a Gundam at all! It’s a completely different style with a gundam face!
    But the story and the characters looks more interesting then I expected.
    After the big delusion of Reconguista I will not buy anything till I see the whole show! I don’t like to buy kits when I know that their animated counterpart was very bad!

  86. cool . but I never understood what 7/11 ever meant 😀

  87. Missed you crazy dudes, welcome back!

  88. I wish they had those 7/11 kits in the States

  89. Wow, the RX-78-2 Revive looks amazing. Welcome back and hoped you enjoyed the Expo.

  90. This might be a good chance for me to pick up a RX-78-2 kit either that or the RG.

  91. I hope I get picked this time

  92. the MG Fenice is quite a treat.. fun to build and everything is straightforward 😀

  93. just my luck!

  94. hmmmmm….

  95. new episode!

  96. Great show as always ryan and syd I always buy my Gunpla products also very awesome package and love those airbags from japan :P, I would love to win those RX78-2 7 eleven version, where I live 7 eleven doesn’t exit in the emerale of isles 😛

    Thanks ryan and syd love you guys!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  97. So Syd, since the recent announcement of the perfect grade Banshee Norn, coming out this September, what is your impression on it?

  98. Wow that MG Renascitta looks Amazing, cant wait for Barbatos and RG Astray Red Frame

  99. Crossing fingers for the Barbatos 1/100 release. Hopefully the kit is as awesome as the anime.

  100. A 7/11 Gundam is a weird thing, If Gundam got popular here in Britain, could we get a Tescos Gundam? An ASDA Gundam? The list goes on for silly Gundam designs.

  101. So, what do you think of the PG Banshee Norn?

    I think that most of the kit looks nice, but the cloudy/foggy Psychoframe and the gold parts look kinda bad. I’m not too upset about it since it’s something that can easily be fixed with paint though.

    Also, I think you guys should show off some limited edition and rare kits.

  102. PM said on July 27, 2015

    Great episode as always, wait for new gundam and hg 1/100.

  103. That 1/100 Barbatos really is intriging. I wonder if there will be a lot of customizable parts. It looks like a frame arm type inner frame!

  104. Heres hoping i’ll finally get picked, and I wouldn’t mind that gold RX 78 2, since everything’s better in gold.

  105. I want the gold one!!

  106. That HGUC Revive RX-78-2 has a really good articulation for an HG line, but I would like to have that Revive Gundam Plastic Model 35th Anniversary book instead.hehehehe

  107. Let me win!! =)

  108. i love building Gunpla and can’t wait to finish my custom three MS suits for the contest coming up, Great Show guys, keep it up,

    also if i win give it to someone else, i don’t really like these kits and should go to someone who want them

  109. Ohhh it’s 7/11 time baby! I’ve been wanting one of those.

  110. Man! I want that sweet ass 7/11 Rx-78-2!

  111. Love that Ironblooded-Orphans design. Preorders incoming!

  112. Welcome back guys! Way to go on pronouncing my name; it’s a Star Wars generated name. I’ll have to pass on the kiss, but I’m honored Syd. Please show coverage of Kotobukiya Zoids at Wonderfest!

  113. Welcome back another great show and I wish 7/11 here in the US sold those kits I wold love to have some………….. Oh and……… Girls from seven eleven stay up all night 24h a day. Girls from seven eleven stay up all nigh 7 days a week. Girls from seven eleven stays up all night and I can get a discount..

  114. Hi Syd and Ryan great show as always. Ive got an RG 00 raiser but i have lost a part and its got me so down that i cant finish it is it possible to get replacement parts without buying another one any help would be amazing

  115. <3

  116. Great show guys! Thanks.

  117. Great episode as usual! Thanks for the time, effort, and news/info you put into the episode. Thanks again!

  118. Want that barbatos 🙁 but no money god i expect i could save some money for it.

  119. Dat Anakin!
    Cleared your Gunpla sale section, mission accomplished!
    I’m tempted to get the Rinascita now. It does look good. I was a bit on the meh side but seeing it on the show made me change my mind.

  120. sieg zeon!!!

  121. Great video as always love the new revive series hope i win this thime arround cant wait for the new video guys ?

  122. I really would like to have the revive booklet!

  123. The comedy is so good, thank you for the show.

  124. se7en eleven gundam kits? Cool……!!!!


  126. 7-11!!

  127. Great stuff guys! Barbatos looks pretty sweet and I’m hoping for a new GP02 soon either 2.0 or revive I need it bad!!

  128. 7/11 gundam kits? Slurpee too!

  129. I’m also intrigued with the new 1/100 scaled Barbatos. I collect MGs and RGs so the inner frame idea is cool. I have a feeling that you can swap armor pieces on that kit which is why they provided an inner frame. (Like HMM Zoids Liger Zero) I think I read somewhere that the Barbatos is an “incomplete” mobile suit and as the series progresses it will use the parts from other defeated mobile suits?

    If I had the extra cash, I’d buy one or two of those Star Wars kits. But I threw all my money on the HG Reconguista kits that went on sale at HLJ already. 🙂

  130. And I quote, “That’s what she said.” End quote.

  131. The more I see the Barbatos, the more it grows on me.

  132. I like the idea that G-tekketsu is presenting

  133. so many RX-78-2

    PS.i like gunpla

  134. Was looking forward for the some details with the Revive RX 78-2, similar to what Bandai did with the Origins kits – articulation + details. But what the heck, maybe that’s why it was dubbed as “revive”.
    And those Stars Wars kits, they really have those teeny weeny parts to be wary of. I just remembered almost having got one of my R2-D2 accessory cut into half.
    Great episode. Looking forward for the next one.

  135. I’ve only ever seen those 7-11 kits on ebay .. excited to see them in the giveaway

  136. Commencing mission

  137. Those 7/11 kits will serve as a great reminder that 7/11 use to be every where, now they are slowly diapering where I live.

  138. SUGOI!!!

  139. Before I didn’t know anything about gundam building, but after a couple of episodes i know more things about gunpla building

  140. Really lovin the new action base.

  141. I can’t wait to hear what the next announcements MG and RE 100 kits will be! The P Bandai MG Heavy Gundam looks amazing, and it looks to be based of of the Perfect Gundam. I think that this 1/100 Gundam Barbados will havea cheap semi or fully assembled frame that will be shared with all the 1/100 G Teketsu kits in the same line. Please send me dat gold RX 78-2!

  142. wINNER!

  143. Awesome show as always. I can’t wait for the new announcements from Bandai. I hope the Millennium Falcon comes out soon and also what the RE line has in store for us.

  144. nice show guys

  145. Really really want to win one of the 711 gundams! If I get one it would be my first RX-78-2 model!

  146. Really fun episode guys! I am still uncertain with the new Barbatos design, not really following any of the series, just like the mecha designs, and this one is not doing it for me, hope it grows on me. I still wanna get the RX-78-2 revive, hopefully it gets here soon. Been holding on getting an older one, if I win them, it would be fun to get the new and old versions.

  147. Would be ncie to have a rare kit! 😀

  148. nice show again guys!

  149. Hope I win one of the RX-78-2, that was my first kit I completed when first entered the hobby. Cheers!

  150. long episode! we missed you guys! keep it coming 🙂 i scored a bunch of figures from the mid-year sale. love HLJ!

  151. HG revive ordered last saturday actually shipphing with my second rg wing zero for custom build

  152. Goes to 7eleven gets gunpla instead of slurpee

  153. Dat mg wing fenice looks damn freaky, me want

  154. 7/11 love

  155. oh mine 7-11 kits! always wanted to get my hands on them, but can’t get any of them from my country.

  156. Hi Guys!

    What is the best stand to buy for a Gundam?

  157. 7-11 RX-78-2 Gundam!

  158. I already have the Wing Ver.ka, but I think I’ll get this one too!!

    Thanks for another great episode, you guys rock 🙂

  159. I’m with Ryan, A PG Z-Gok would be awesome, but as long as we are dreaming a Z’-Gok E or Hy-Gogg would blow my mind. Nice work on the Speeder Bike. Hey Bandai, keep the classic Star Wars kits coming. Maybe well get a Star Destroyer or at least a TIE Bomber this time.

  160. As usual great episode, gave me so much Kit-gasm! Now send those kits!!! Please 😀

  161. the new rx-78-2 has an awesome articulation but i go for the old cause i want the detail of the old….

  162. sw33t

  163. MINIONS…assemble!

  164. I love the sale. I picked up some LBX for my son as early Christmas shopping. I was hoping to see some Frame Arms on sale for my self. Its an odd model set. The fan base seems very small but extremely dedicated. I just got my SA-16 and I’m excited to build and customize it.

  165. I want those 7/11 kits!

  166. Great Show guys!

  167. Great show guys! I’m excited for the 1/100 Barbatos. I hope they release more kits like this, kinda like a line between an hg and an mg at a cheaper price. Could this be the Real grade 1/100? I havent bought any RE 1/100 kits yet, are they similar to the 1/100 Barbatos with an inner frame?

  168. I love the new mobile suit design of the Barbatos. My shelve is packed with unfinished gunpla at the moment so my main goal right now is to complete them and then going for the new gunpla release. Awesome shows guys. Some things never cease to amaze me.

  169. Barbatos is love. Barbatos is life. I want Barbatos.

  170. just placed my 1st order with u guys and its a large order 14 kits all gunpla

  171. These are not the droids you’re looking for…

  172. that speedier bike looks good

  173. if only i had the money for the Italian dandy 🙁

  174. i have been looking into the rx-78-2 for ages and cant wait until i can get it.

  175. Great show hope I win . Plz come shoot a show at my house lol

  176. Fly Like an Eagle Wooh that Fenice!!!!…why does only japan gave thet GOLD T^T…Its very expensive her in the Philippines and very very very very very Expensive (and RARE)

  177. Another great video guys, nice to see moe of that new Fenice MG.

  178. I think I like the anime look for the rx-78-2, he’s just cute.

  179. wow! lolo madness!!!

  180. Thank you for making all the videos!

  181. I have that gold Gundam, so the other one would make a nice set!

  182. Always wondered, is luke still around as the cameraman as in the video? For i remembered he left way back…….

  183. I’ve been waiting for a new episode to come out! It’s been too long guys! LOL

  184. Dang! you guys should have come to Otakuthon. I just realized that Syd came to Canada for some days. We could have had the greatest party.

  185. rolling the dice!

  186. Need me some 7-11!!!!

  187. That Speeder Bike looks cool.

  188. Personally I’m pretty excited for the new Gundam series. Looks promising.

    On a separate note; I got my P-Bandai HG Crossbone X-2 Kai the other day. Holy cow, that build was a ton of fun. Think they’ll finally break out an X3 sometime this year?

  189. Is there a way to get that Gundam 35th anniversary catalog?

  190. Get your RX 78 Slurpie today!

  191. I hope I win!

  192. My new Origin and Revive are in the Private Warehouse waiting por RG Red Astray.
    Hopping I win something!

  193. 7-11 gundam, me want.

  194. sweet Y wing! cant wait to see it built.

  195. OMG RX gundam :3

  196. Great show as always, looking forward to seeing the y-wing built. You guys should do an episode with all of the Bandai Star Wars kits you’ve built so far detailed up; panel lines, wash, weathered, etc, i’d be interested to see how they look. Hope you enjoyed the states, even though it sounded like 7-11 failed you in the slurpee department. Keep up the good work, keep it real, may the force be with you.

  197. is luck in my favor only fate will tell and you guys when you tell us

  198. I would love to go to japan and visit a 7-11, they sound like the Disneyland of convenience stores. Would love the Gundam Front Tokyo RX-78-2 😛

    Thanks for another awesome episode Syd and Ryan!

  199. Hey guys love the show. I’m finally up to date. Lol Keep up the good work.

  200. hi!

  201. can’t wait for the orphan kits, really cool designs

  202. Ryan. You have cold? Your nose is so Red. Get well Ryan

  203. Hey Ryan. If you feel Australia is having problem with slow internet. How much more if you are here in the Philippines Downloading a 32GB game? Aside from the 2nd Slowest in the Region also the most expensive. Just saying. Peace 😀

  204. Still loving the show (I’ve watched every episode)! Hope you have another episode coming soon.

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