Jun 22

In this video Syd decides to compare the HG Guncannon from 1999 with 2015’s new version and for that he builds it right on the show. Things went rather quickly and smoothly until camera memory trouble at the end. Don’t worry we’ve got lots of pictures to show you as well! The next episode of Gunpla TV will be from the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California so don’t miss it — and if you’re in the LA area the first weekend of July come by and say hello!

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 RE/100 Dijeh
1/144 HGUC RX-77-2 Guncannon
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-77-2 Guncannon

Gunpla TV


  1. 3 kits? Yes sir please

  2. Great show guys. My question is this, What do you think of the magazine specialty parts, are they a good thing or is the limited supply making some fans to sad?

  3. So many new episodes lately! Thanks for the hard work put into these, I really enjoy the show.

  4. Not a fan of the HG line (prefer 1/100 gunpla) but the new Guncannon looks cool. Might check out the Dijeh but I first want to get the Mk.III from the RE line. That has a badass design!

  5. Yet another great episode guys! 😀

  6. You guys inspired me to get back into modeling which I love/hate you for. Stay classy Ryan and Syd.

  7. the new guncannon looks real nice

  8. Wantz ALL THE KITS

  9. Gee I could really use a new rx-78-2 ver ka.
    It was my first kit and it ended up inside a girl’s purse after I threw a party at my house.
    I recently got a 3.0 to have a nice classic gundam to display and make the rest of the master grades look bad in comparison.

    Please build the fenice! and thanks for these wonderful 180 episodes

  10. Just give me the 3 kits! I need it…. Ha!

  11. I just need the MG pleaseeeeeeee

  12. 3 kits I’m interested in in one way or another! Please hltv!

    giveaway aside, the REVIVE Guncannon is looking great. I might just have to assemble the Trojan Horse Trio.

  13. 3 kits in one box? Wow. Whoever wins that will have to let me know how steady Syd’s hand is with the decals and panel lines! Great episode as always guys.

  14. I’m happy to see the good old guncannon is being showed some love 😀

  15. Awesome show as always, guys! Hope you have a safe flight to la, and hope you enjoy your time out there!

  16. yes Anime Expo in two weeks, ok the gun cannon makes me think of the 70’s.
    You can hold that box til expo i’ll pick it up at your booth. as for the internet stop joking this is America we have highspeed everywhere.

  17. Z’gok and God gundam, maybe you were trying to make the z’god? haha

  18. RG, HG, & MG? Start praying!!! Pick Me!
    Also, see you at AnimeExpo

  19. Great episode guys.
    Is that how the economy got bad, people watching Gunpla TV while they should be working….? LOL

  20. another great show and would love to win

  21. nice!!!

  22. wow! the difference of the guncannon versions are so many! bandai really improves their hg kits. great episode again, thanks 😀

  23. what a Z gok-king giveaway XD

  24. wow 3 kits in 1 box pick me plssss also where to get those poster?

  25. V said on June 22, 2015

    Another Great episode! Keep up the good work guys. Also I hope I win this one 🙂

  26. Looking for the next re 1/100…

  27. The articulation on the new guncannon model surprised me.

  28. Hi Syd and Ryan
    Great episode as usual. I’ve watched them all!!
    Always informative.
    Pls gimme all three!
    George AKA SGT Spike

  29. syd is so generous haha, great job as always looking forward for more live builds,please build the wing gundam fenice renacitta

  30. now thats a tasty burger

  31. awesome video. i want dat g gundam.

  32. Joe said on June 22, 2015

    Wow, giving away three kits! Good luck everyone!

  33. 3 kits in 1 pack? Wombo Combo.
    Sad I cant attend Anime Expo and meet you guys.

  34. Gus said on June 22, 2015

    Always loved the guncannons design. Awesome review!

  35. yeah hell yeah, Z-GOK crab man, come to my hot pan baby

  36. Nice build. Hope I win the 3-1 lottery!

  37. wow..3 in 1..nice price.. hope to win this time… arlong where are you… hope they will made a remake…

  38. 3 in 1! RG HG MG!

  39. See you guys at AX hopefully!

  40. I can’t wait for the new hg MK-II. Also, hopeful to win this weeks kits 😀

  41. Thanks for making a great Gunpla show!

  42. Have a great trip to Anime Expo guys!

  43. its the box of golden treasure! known as GUNPLA!

  44. Holy Cow 3 models in one that’s amazing

  45. If I win it will be my first RG, my first MG and my first non-UC HG. also I tried to log in like 4 times before it let me log in because the website thought I was a bot and asked me math problems.

  46. I can’t wait for the revive of the rx-78. I’ve been putting off buying that kit since it had an older release, but now I don’t need to hold back.

  47. Gotta love the red mobile suits,the new Guncannon looks great. As for the kits I bid one comment!

  48. Always wanted a RG kit thanks

  49. CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. man i just bought a z’gok, but it didn’t have that extra stuff in it lol

  51. Kits

  52. Love the new revive designs. I can’t wait to see what suit they might do next: I’m hoping for a Dom or Zaku I. Also, loving that RG z’gok. Nothing is more hardcore than a pink crab/frog mobile suit.

  53. PM said on June 22, 2015

    I really enjoy the show. Thank you for making a great gunpla show!!
    rg is one of my favorite series.

  54. Nice to see another build video, hope to see more in the future!

  55. awesome review plus awesome giveaway!

  56. One of these days I’ll win!

  57. so, if I’ve watched every episode of your show since it started airing, just how much time have I invested in it? I’m somewhat concerned that it might total outbto be more than I’ve actually spent working on models!

  58. awesome episode wish i could see u at expo hope i win

  59. I swear, one day that random number generator will pick me!

    Well, at least you guys will be using US internet to upload the video. If you were in Australia you’d have to upload a video through two cans connected by a string. And that’s the fast internet!

  60. Great show guys!

  61. three kits! O-MAY-GAD!!! =)

  62. That Dijeh box sure looks stuffed.

  63. Great episode, would love to go to the anime expo but unfortunately I can’t go. Otherwise I love the RX 78 2 don’t know why, I just do. But I would love to have three more kits to display in my house.

  64. Original gunpla by syd three for one prize amazing char z’gok stand no chance against g Gundam mighty strength This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU! TAKE THIS! My love, my anger, and ALL MY SORROW! SHINING FINGER SWORD! GO! GO! GO!

  65. SWEEET. got to love all the grunts

  66. Yeayyyyy..Final Fantasy 7 the remake..hopefully they make it more or atleast the same gameplay and plot as the old ones. FF7 is my favourite FF series. the daijeh box looks fat..as fat as the kit itself.

  67. Ill take that zgok good sirs but on another note I’ve been waiting on the diejh for awhile now glad I bought it. and wats u guys mf predictions for the rest of this year?

  68. OMG!!! I hope I win, love the God Gundam, always my character in the Dynasty Warrior Gundam game.

  69. love you hobbylinktv!!! <3 Kawaii desu!!!

  70. awesome video, guys! that hg reborn looks sick as well!

  71. Me encantan los gunplas estoy en ello desde hace 2 años saludos desde colombia.

    mi gundam favorito es el Zeta ahora mismo estoy construyendo el Zeta master grade ver 2.0

  72. Ohh. thats a box of goodies

  73. The new guncannon looks great, but we need a new 2.0 mg of it

  74. mein gott!! 3 mobile suits in 1 box! I am always intrigued with the Z’Gok Real Grade but I have a long list of backlog that I need to build.

    have fun at the expo! wish i can come visit!

  75. I would love that MG RX-78.
    Great episode as always!

  76. Amuro Ray’s Big Rx-78-2 vs Char Aznable’s Small Z’Gok
    With Domon Kasshu’s God Gundam as Special Referee?
    I’ll pay to watch that match!

  77. Zip said on June 22, 2015

    Really excited for the Dijeh!

  78. Oh god free stuff please

  79. Nice 3 gunpla in one box
    a most have free stuff

  80. Awesome !!! RG Crab

  81. Mabuhay from Philippines! Great episode Guys. I used to be a MG fan but when Bandai released the Gundam Build Fighter Series, I started collecting some HG’s especially from UC Series. I should get my own Guncannon and customize it :D. Goodluck Guys and more power to your show.

  82. AH! God Gundam HG! MG RX-78 Ver Ka?! …and the…other one…

    SWEET! Cool vid doods. Can’t wait for the revive RX-78!

  83. Hi guys!! Great show and amazing giveaway kits!! Hope i win this time!!!!
    Got into Gunpla last December and have at the moment 8 built kits, I’m working on the GP01 Coating Version from 1999 & have 5 more kits waiting on the shelf to be assembled…But I don’t have a Zaku…and I want a Zaku!!!
    I was thinking of getting the MG Shin Matsunaga on Syd’s recommendation but saw the MG Gabby Hazard’s Custom and really caught my eye, which one do you think is cooler??

  84. yo! the revive guncanon looks awesome and i cant wait to get hold of it!

  85. Ah I missed episode 179! damn! I should put this on my youtube watch list!

    nuf said… I want that MG RX-78 Ver Ka!

    as always great episode! I love that revive gun canon though. But still got to wait for HGUC RX-78-2 Revive 😀

  86. If u Get those kits to me, I will be ur tour guide in LA

  87. I can’t wait for my Re/100 Dijeh to arrive, it looks awesome!

  88. the revive series looks promising. i like the concept of bringing back old HGs and remaking them so they are better quality

  89. While I generally stick to the 1/100 scale (a leftover of my building gunpla in the 90s), I really love the look of that HGUC Guncannon Revive, it puts the Master Grade to shame.

  90. I love cheese.

  91. just face it im not gonna win anything. Love your show guys keep it up

  92. Excellent proportions for the revive gun cannon. Def better than the older hguc.

  93. Thank you for the videos. Hopefully I win. If not all good. Can you also please do a modding/customizing gunpla episode?

  94. Hope I win~ can’t wait for Revive Freedom 😀

  95. new guncanon gets alot of hate from nostalgia nerds not being bulky

    better revive the 0083 gundams

  96. So excited for the fenice

  97. Hi Syd! I would love to have a hold on that MG RX78-2 ver.Ka. I am new to Gunpla customizing and would love to learn the proper way to panel line and top-coat the figures. Thanks!

  98. SnK said on June 22, 2015

    Very nice. I like me my mg 2.0 count me in. I would very much like those three on my shelf

  99. what a nice gift for fathers day 3 kits!

  100. Man the hype never dies down for the giveaways

  101. Excited for HGUC Revive Guncanon cuz there’s so little Seam lines to fill. Looks like it is going to be much easier to paint and work on this.

    Do enjoy your trip to Anime Expo!

  102. Oh god! lemme win!please!!

  103. Can’t waut for the rg astray and that rx ver Ka would go great with the hi nu ver Ka I’m getting in thursday

  104. great episode as usual guys! keep up the good work

  105. Hey guys, it was a pretty decent episode but i would suggest saving the full builds for livestreams, its a lot more entertaining when you interact with the fans while building :]

    The new Guncannon looks pretty good and i might pick it up considering the low price point (or i might get the MG when i get some extra cash) but i hope Bandai announces some Revive Zeon Kits, i would love to get a updated model of the the Gyan, Dom or Gouf. We already got the updated version of the Zaku 2 with the Origin models so they cant be too far off right?

    Ow yea, one more thing:
    Sieg Zeon!

  106. Han shot first.

  107. Nice episode as always guys! wow a 3 kit giveaway!!! hoping to win!

  108. G gundam is my favorite. Is it really the best hg?

  109. Sweet I won a kit! 😀 Great episode guys!

  110. goking gok gok

  111. and now i really want to build one. great ep guys 🙂

  112. Ray said on June 22, 2015

    Hi Syd and Rye…
    What is the main difference between Re/100 line compare with HG line aside from it’s scale???
    And what about revive version???
    Is it really that nice proportion compare to old HG kits???

  113. dat gun cannon pose doe

  114. Ayyyyyy Lmao

  115. 3 KITS!! Yall gone crazy BRUH…..i hope i win!

  116. Gulp, gulk, golk, Z-Gok!

  117. Great Show guys!!!

  118. That doggy style guncannon, haha love it. That treasure chest of gunpla tho Syd. haha first bid here

  119. Awesome episode, guys! Loving the new GunCannon. I wish I lived on the West Coast so I could go see you at AX, but alas, I don’t. That just means you should do more East Coast conventions. 🙂

  120. gimme gimme

  121. Sieg Zeon for the Z’Gok!

  122. I sold my family’s goat to get access to the Internet and come here just so I’d get my hands on that MG RX 78 ver ka.

  123. 3 in 1? Ohsemm!

  124. Nice episode as always, can’t wait for the new Wing Gundam Fenice.

  125. WoW! 3 kits in 1 box. Someone is gonna be super lucky. Getting a gundam signed by Syd and Ryan at anime expo, even luckier.

  126. Sam said on June 22, 2015

    3 in 1 box, I’m so gonna get it!

  127. The poses of the two guncannons lol

  128. Generous episode wow 3kits pray to RNG~!!!

    Looking forward for the new MG wing Fenice review or unboxing, I would love to do some colour scheme change on it , make it badass.

    What whould you change this very mg wing Fenice’s colour scheme into
    Syd? Ryan? If you are going to?

    Or do you perfer iy stays what it is? (green/white main)

  129. Another great episode, sooner or later I’ll win a Sid original

  130. That’s an awesome giveaway this week! I’ve been longing for an MG RX-78-2 Ver.Ka for a while!

  131. Syd what kit would you like to see in the RE 1/100 line?

  132. Awesome show again guys! I really, really want that give away kit! 😉

  133. I can’t wait for the new mg Wing kit and you guys to talk about it!

  134. Cannot wait for the next mg coming next week!!

  135. Nice show you guys i never miss any of the episode i hope one day i win something like this 3 kits specially because the god gundam is one of my favorites

    Keep doing what you do best gunpla builds

    Thanks 😉

  136. I want the box of goodies! And I hope you guys enjoy yourselves at AX.

  137. This episode is so EPIC!!! That MG Ver. Ka looks like it got a lot of lovin’. The G Gundam is a very big Bonus. I just recently bought the RG z’Gok but I don’t care. I want to win!

  138. I didn’t choose to be lucky, but luck chose me
    mwahahahahahaha 😀

  139. that guncannon looks so simple but great, bet with some painting with a good pre-shade it could look amazing.
    been eyeing up that rg z-gok for a while, and definately need one or maybe two

  140. Dat Guncannon

  141. COOLL


    Looking forward to seeing that Build of the Dijeh.

    Would love to hear what you guys have on Your RE100 Wishlist.

    Im personally hoping they do the Penelope the XI (ksee) and Hopefully some of the Gundam F90 variants. How cool would an RE 100 BIG ZAM be 😀

    Loved the comparison of the old Guncannon vs new Guncannon.

    Very sad I missed out on a free ZII but guess whose just ordered one on HLJ.

  143. nice comparison guys

  144. ZGrok !!!ZGrock !!!Zgrok….

  145. there is a lot of stuff in that box!

  146. Nice to see you build a kit live.

    I love the Z’Gok! 🙂

  147. omg! omg! omg! *faints*

  148. awesome 3 kits in one box

  149. Dat Guncannon, Very nice 🙂

    Great Episode Again!

  150. say whaaaaaat!!! three kits….within a box!!!

  151. I hope Bandai brings us more exotic kits like the Dijeh, like some crossbone vanguard mobilesuits or another crazy stuff.

  152. Great episode guys, but I have a question: is there any megelion tanks/ jets that are in scale with gunpla models? Thanks for the Monday morning entertainment- Brett

  153. GIMME THAT ZGOG please? 🙂
    so syd you’re not gonna build that dijeh? For us?

  154. guncannon looks good! mine is on it’s way!!

  155. Seeing the Ver. Ka in this episode reminds me that I’ve still got mine boxed and untouched as I’m currently assembling platoons of HG Zakus & GMs. Right now I’m in a bind as I’ve been painting a version of the Real Type GM that features additional markings not featured on the original. There are some Waterslide Decals up on HLJ from Gesse/GTZ and HiQParts that resemble the red markings (that you’d find on the Ver. Ka) but I’m still left with the red sections. I tried looking for some of Bandai’s decals, but they’re all out of stock.

  156. 1 of each HG MG and RG? Massive number of comments incoming.

  157. I cant wait to get my hands on the dijeh and the guncannon

  158. the revive guncannon look realy cool perhaps I’ll buy one but first the revive RX-78-2 gundam next month I can’t believe I still don’t have this gundam in my collection

  159. Old and new together! And.. they look quite good.
    Never thought I would see they look so alike yet so different in construction style.

    As for the prize:
    I Bid…. my comment number!!
    Who doesn’t want 3 kits for one?!

  160. I hope I win this time ;[ Awesome episode, guys!

  161. RG caught my eyes in this episode

  162. Zgok awesome

  163. nice !!!

  164. 3 Kits!! oh wow!! and looking forward to the snowspeeder build! the more star wars the better!!

  165. Holy balls! 3 kits! Come on Syd, be nice and gimme some 😀

  166. What!!?? 3 in 1! Gimme gimme gimme.haha. Anyway, great episode guys! Keep it up!

  167. Love the Dijeh! Hope I have enough money left to get it this month. And awesome Syd set!

  168. SEIG ZEONU!!!!!

  169. The Z-Gok is just so sexy, I wish Bandai made more weird MG and RG mobile suits.

  170. AWESOME 🙂

  171. Guncanon has weird arms @@

  172. What happens when you run out of kits to give away Syd?

  173. New revive series looks like it’ll be pretty good, so that’s cool. Also this has got to be one of Syd’s more extravagant give aways.

  174. HELLO!!!! guncannons are swag

  175. Just came out of an exam and I’m greeted with another great episode.
    Thanks guys!

  176. Lol HG,RG,MG ..all your missing is a SD and a PG 😛 Veeeery nice prize, too bad I prbly won`t win it ..yet again *sob sob*

  177. The revive line seems rather uninteresting thus far…

  178. Mic said on June 22, 2015

    Great work guys!
    I really like to have the Z’GOD GUNDAM 🙂 thanks!

  179. Holy crap! 3 kits.. And one is a ver ka. Gimme gimme gimme! And as always a fantastic show guys!

  180. awesome. I would love me some gunpla. More new kits, if I dont win da kit, should I go buy the kit?

  181. I cannot resist to a single kit…Can I resist to three? no way!

  182. Gun cannon push ups!

  183. another awesome episode the guncannon looked good just not my style of kit
    also i shall bid my comment for these kits

  184. This time I will win! I love Ver.ka mobile suit!
    They are timeless. The first Ver.ka is still awesome, so “retro”, su bulky and real. Wow!

  185. nice!! hope I win

  186. Yay, new Gunplay TV! You guys are even better than lasagna when it comes to a case of the Mondays

  187. great show as always, was flipping my table when heard the release of FF7 remake. Never went around completing the old version though. Cheers

  188. sieg zeon

  189. sieg zeon

  190. Great episode. Looking forward to your show from LA.

  191. I doubt I’ll win.

  192. roll trips

  193. I wish they would also improve the articulation on other HGs like the Unicorn or the Exia.. Seriously, I must have that Z’Gok!!!

  194. Hey Sid and Ryan. Congrates on your 180th episode. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see the Fenice Rinascita as a MG.

  195. god gundam RG when?! Red frame has one now! all of G gundam RG is my dream

  196. Awesome episode guys! Syd you are awarded the face palm gundam award, that’s why you always follow the manual, lol. I guess Ryan’s bad habits have worn off on you lol. Love the show eagerly waiting for the next one!

  197. Gundam! Its THE Gundam! I loved the original Gundam series and thus my attraction for the Z’GOK and the RX 78-2. I need those kits for a diorama of the battle of Jaburo.(PLS HEAR MY PLEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!).Still,rant aside, great job as usual. Hope for more educational and fun Gunpla building. GUNDAM BANZAI!!!!

  198. everything is awesome everything is cool when you give it to me

  199. Great show guys and can’t wait to see the anime expo episode! I also recently made my first couple purchases from HLJ.com and I couldn’t believe how good of price I found kits for. I’ll be buying exclusively through HLJ from now on?

  200. Wow, I hope they revive other old kit too. But anyway, another awesome episode guys.
    I hope I’ll win that ZGok ^^

  201. The Re 1/100 Dijeh looks awsome can’t wait for it. Rx 78 i salute you hope you land in my pocket

  202. I always love to see the evolution in Bandai’s engineering. Never built a Z’Gok before, but I’m pretty sure someone will be really happy when they hear that I didn’t win. :V

  203. Don’t be such a cliffhanger with the comparisons of the old hg and the revive 🙁

  204. I want that 78-2 ver ka to complete my 78-2 family..

  205. It would be amazing to win the Z’Gok and the other too! Great episode again you guys make my Monday!

  206. Now we’re talking! Z-gooooooooook!

  207. wow what a nice giveaway.

  208. i just had a happy day and now this episode? wow it already feels christmas! may you always build gunplatv!

  209. Hey Syd and Ryan like the show but a question witch other language do you guy’s speak?

    I have been thinking of learning Japanese to be able to watch anime without the English dub Is it very difficult ? And is the anime so much better in Japanese? My native language in Dutch and can speak French, English and German .

    Greets Maarten From Belgium

    PS. Still waiting for 2 PG to come in stock

    • Dub always sucks, but you can find subbed animes on the web pretty easily.
      And yes, they are MUCH MUCH better than dub, since the animation is made for japanese language, the amount of mouth movement is based on that, so with dubs there is always a dissonance between what you`re seeing and hearing 😛

  210. the old Guncannon is reminiscent to the old HG Endless Waltz kits. whereas the knees are connected via 2 separate polycaps, and the hands are included in the polycap runner itself

  211. I love the Revive versions of the old HGs because of these, I wanted to complete them hahaha! (too bad, not enough budget) nahhh 😀

  212. excited for the anime expo episode


  214. Hey, Syd and Ryan.

    Great episode as always!

    I’ve always been fascinated by the Gundam series ever since Gundam Wing aired when I was kid. I started building Gunpla around 5 years ago when I was in Japan and now I am at 3 MGs, 6 HGs and 2RGs. Kinda slow pace now that I counted. haha 😛 But I do plan on doing some painting and detailing in the future…given I have the time to do it. I still do have a couple of kits to build. I’m glad I found your blog a few months back so now I have a great resource to learn how I can improve my builds.

    Btw, the new Revive line looks great so I might start collecting those as well along with the RGs.

    Keep up the good work and more power!

  215. Great episode, I want to try the new hg revive series after that build. i want those three kits!!!

  216. Wow, Big prize!

  217. Thanks for building the guncannon i was on the fence about getting it this pushed me over.

  218. Can’t wait to see that MG Rinascita!

  219. For the Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Love the new HG Revive Guncannon hope the RX-28 would come out very soon


  222. Man I wish I could met you guys when you come to the expo but sadly I live all the way across the us.

  223. Looking forward to the Hobby Show ep next week. Would a RE/100 Psycho Gundam be the same height as a PG?

    • The HGUC (1/144) Psycho Gundam is roughly the size of the PG RX-78, so… a 1/100 version would be even bigger.

  224. 3 in 1 give away? So generous. Awesome to see a full build of an HG.

  225. appetizer + main course + desserts…sweeeeeet

  226. Lol Storage box GOOOOOOOO~~~~~!!!!!
    I cant count the number of times I’ve open a box and seen more than i remember putting in it lol.

  227. I would love to see a mudrock gunpla kit, also I love the new gun cannon.

  228. Ah, the old-school Guncannon. Some fond memories there… Might you be able/willing to compare the new Guncannon to, say, the Mass Production Guncannon (from 0080) and/or GM Cannon II (0083)?

    If there’s any way to get me back into RG, it’s the funky awesome Z’Gok. Fingers crossed!

  229. not too into the guncannon design but i think it would look cool in some rx-78-2 colors

  230. Great show guys! Loved watching the build on the hg revive guncannon, hopefully I will get one and build it! Also 3 kits to give awaay?! Whoever wins this is one lucky duck haha!

  231. Hi Syd and Ryan and thanks for another great show! It has almost been more that a year since I have got on board with building Gunpla and still loving it. I am planning to start scratch custom parts so do you guys have any tips? Also have you guys watch the new Jurassic World Movie yet? Hi from Canada!

  232. Great just Great!! Great review Great plastic models Great people

  233. Great show guys, I watched the 3 compilation movies for the original series and have a newfound respect for the Guncannon so he was pretty cool,

    I have a question and im not sure if its been answered on another episode or something so if so sorry, but do you think there is a chance for either the Justice Gundam or the Savior Gundam (hopefully both) to be made as 1/100 MG’s and have you made the Rx 79 Ground type Gundam, and if so what did you think of it?
    Wish i could go to see you guys at the Expo, Hope I win that prize!!

  234. Great Episode again guys! Nostalgia Overload from the Revive Guncannon to the prizes! Badly want to win the prizes! Please give it to me Ryan pllleeeeeaaaaassse! 😀

  235. Red Cannon Red Cannon Red Cannon !!! Mmmm 3 in 1 !!!

  236. Great show guys! Its cool to see the difference in the two HG kits! The new one definitely has more detail and better proportions.

  237. Curious to see what the revive line does if it is just a fad or if it will continue on for a while. Also would love to see a Hazel Gundam done in the RE line since it seems like it won’t be happening on the MG line.

  238. Great to see you building as always!

  239. Nice epi!> Keep it up!

  240. The new gun cannon looks sharp compared to the old HG kit. Brings back good memories from the original anime. Looking forward the review for the Dijeh. Have fun in LA, wish you could make it to one of the conventions on the east coast next time.

  241. The Z’Gok is on my wishlist ! <3

  242. Hey Ryan and Syd great episode it’s been a while since I’ve been able to watch due to school but now I finally graduated and I can catch up on all the episodes.

  243. Another awesome episode as always! Someone is going to win three kits!?! I hope it’s me!

  244. I will never win that but that heavy box thoe XD
    Sid u are the best

  245. Nice episode guys as always.Like the revive guncannon head compared to the old one.

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    On a side note, have a nice trip to AnimeExpo hope you have fun, and bring us lots of stuff to talk about.

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    Great episode but imo it is okay to remove the repeat part of the build, since it is not a live build anyways

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    • Hi don’t quote me, but I believe Bandai will be doing more production runs on PG kits in July and August. Is what I heard.

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    Thanks for the great episode. Any recommendations on good/fun kits from G Gundam? Especially kits for the Shinning and God Gundam?

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  374. Great show as always!

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    As usual you just keep getting better and better as a youtube channel and as a company , and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of this community .

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  417. Hey Syd and Ryan, I just found out that according to GundamInfo.com that the next perfect grade coming out is the Banshee Norn. I am so excited!!

    • They say that it will be appearing in the Hong Kong Gunpla Expo on the 24th of July, and at the Chara-Hobby C3XHobby Exhibition on August 22nd.

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    BTW Great video. ^_^

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  426. Just completed my MG Red Frame while watching gunpla TV! in fact i always had gunpla tv on while building my red frame since i just came back to gunpla this month~

    my last kits was a MG Mk-2 super gundam, no grade 1/100 freedom and no grade 1/100 destiny.

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  436. Great episode as always guys! Really tempted to get the MG MK-II 2.0 and MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 to go with that Dijeh!

  437. Yang said on July 1, 2015

    Wow! 3 kits! It’s like feast!

  438. Really never cared for how exposed the upper legs under the skirts but overall a nice revive, would definitely look into

  439. Great episode as always Ryan and Syd. Hope you guys have an awesome time at the LA Anime Expo!! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you get back.

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  441. Kovy said on July 2, 2015

    These revive kits are looking pretty good. I’m not a big HG fan but the revive Freedom looks amazing. Quite frankly, I like it more than my MG.

    I’m still patiently waiting for my MG G Self too. …well.. sort of patiently..

  442. let me win or else! love your show

  443. Kur0 said on July 3, 2015

    like the new guncannon, i hope bandai will keep the revive series line.
    i cant wait jegan & gm to get revive..(if they decided to make it..)

  444. Nice episode I like the revival kits I preordered the Rx-78-2 and I can’t wait for it!
    Also, I’ve been following you guys for a few months now, and you guys are really fun, informative and giving! so Yay! hopefully I get picked 🙂

  445. It’s nice to see an in depth comparison on the two guncannon kits! I’m really liking this new revive line so far. Btw, that Gundam ver.ka looks awesome! As usual, great video, guys! Keep it up!

  446. I want to see a comparison of all the RX78s when the Revive version comes out.

  447. Great episode! Would really like to see a ver.ka style of guncannon and a hguc ver.ka rx-78-2. That conversion kit is so expensive even on yahoo auction.

  448. dat rg astray red frame got its own commercial and dayum, I want one

  449. DL76 said on July 7, 2015

    This would look great in military style with some weathering,oh and great job Syd!

  450. The new guncannon looks great 😀

  451. Good episode but so long :3, wanting to ask for a sazabi ver ka n.n

  452. baui said on July 8, 2015


  453. Woah 3 kits? I’d love to God Finger and Heat End both the RX-78-2 and Zgok to oblivion.

  454. I want those 3 kits! Also, I’m sad I couldn’t make it out to anime expo this year to meet you guys

  455. Did I catch up on episodes in time? It’s a long way from episode 1.

  456. i want these just for the god gundam lol the cheapest of the tree lol but probably wont win but hope number 466 is lucky

  457. I also have those kinda boxes, very nice to open one up after a long time and discovering there’s more than you remembered ^_^

  458. Awesome episode Syd and Ry, can’t wait to see the next episode! I hope we get a sneak peak at the completed RE100 Dijeh. So far I love the RE100 line, there are a lot of great 1/100 Universal Century releases that were only (if we were luck) in super expensive resin form before! I hope I win the RX-78 ver Ka. it’s one of my favorite Master Grades! Later guys keep up the awesome vids!

  459. Another awesome episode! Thanks, guys!

  460. Best of luck to everyone! 🙂

  461. First comment for me after I watched all episodes in a little more than a month… I was in Japan in May/June and saw a PG Unicorn… sadly it was sold out… imprinting? 😀
    Crossing fingers for the prize. Thank you very much for your work and enthusiasm!

  462. Really excited to see more of the older kits get some modern versions. The Guncannon might not be super crazy compared to newer kits but that retro feel is greatly needed as Gundam gets older. What older kits or kits that have been forgotten in the last decade or two do the two of you want to see in the future?

  463. Thanks Guys!

  464. Not gonna lie, I wish to win. Lovin Gunpla TV though. Just finished watching from episode 1 all the way to 180 which I’m gonna watch tonight or tomorrow, depending on the time I have.

  465. There nothing more artractive than remaking old kits since im a big fun of retro kits. The refined/ revived guncannon looks very nice and im hoping to see more of refined versions of previous kits. In the Same way, the rx78-2 is just a mouth melting giveaway even i already own 2 of them

  466. so different between the old one and the new one 😮

  467. 3 kits!!

  468. awesome 3 kits for giveaway 🙂

  469. Just got my hands on a Guncannon, super excited to put it together. First gunpla I’ve gotten in a few years. Keep up the good work, Syd and Ryan!

  470. My friend recently got me into Gunpla and I am loving it more than him! Gunpla TV has really been helpful with my builds and you guys do a great job every episode! Hope you guys keep this up.

  471. A Z’Gok, A G Gundam, A RX 78-2 (The Triple Threat)

  472. I never win

  473. My first comment, hope I win.

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