Jun 15

What exactly is this Tryon 3 thing the kids are all talking about? Syd and Ryan take a close look Bandai’s recent release. Is it a toy? Is it a model? Can’t it be both? Syd also managed to find a copy of the second issue of the Japanese Star Wars newspaper and opens it up on the show.


Kits featured in this video:

Gundam Ace September 2015 with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Beam Javelin & Original Weapon)
Gunpla Ace with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Hammer & Original Weapon)
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-78-2 Gundam
1/144 HG Gastima
1/144 HG Zaku 06R (Gaia/Mash Custom)
1/144 HGBF Gundam Tryon 3

Gunpla TV


  1. Let’s volt in! XD

  2. Great episode as usual. I can’t wait to have this Tryon 3. Goodluck guys and more power to your show. 🙂

  3. tryon 3 look awsome!!!!!!!!! hope i win something

  4. All I can think of with that tryon 3 is all the good times years ago with all those power ranger type robots and transformers docking like that. Also what do you think of that new gundam manga series 0093? The designs I really like. Hopefully some MG releases? Crossing fingers.

  5. GIVE ME A ZII TQ!xd
    great episode again~

  6. I’ve always been a fan on the Gundam X designs so I hope we get a Leopard kit soon

  7. Tyron!! thanks again for a great video guys 😀

  8. Looking at the Tryon 3, I don’t see myself taking it out of it’s fully combined mode wielding the Chohoken in an obari pose that takes up a third of my available shelf space. However, I’m planning on getting my hands on the P-Bandai exclusive release of the Dryon Drei. The black color scheme with those gold accents and that ridiculous crest for its headpiece made me jump on the pre-order the moment it became available.

    Which brings me to an interesting observation about HLJ… Why doesn’t HLJ offer P-Bandai kits to purchase or pre-order?

    • Bandai doesn’t allow it. Same reason why Blue Fin and other official distributors don’t get P Bandai stuff in stock.

    • You can only get P-Bandai stuff from people that actually buy it and resell it at pretty insane prices. Similar to what Gentei kits website does. Speaking of Tryon and it’s black P-Bandai counterpart, you could just buy the regular one for more than half the price of the P-Bandai one resellers would ask and just paint it black and gold yourself. The insane crest piece is in both kits and come as an ordinary switchable V fin. The only “exclusive” you get with P-Bandai Tryon is the different colored clear parts that come in yellow instead of pink.

  9. great episode as usual guys keep up the good work!

  10. Damnit, I cancelled my pre-order on the Tryon-3 to show some restraint, But I JUST CANT…! To the cart he goes.

  11. ZII!!

  12. Can’t wait to get my Tryon 3. Great episode as usual.

  13. great episode cannot wait for my Tryon 3 coming this week!!!!

  14. Hope I win because I like transformable gunpla.
    I’m getting the hgbf dryon 3 dry that cost 4,200 yen, tryon 3 are awesome too

  15. Oh man, today is now officially perfect. Doom and Fallout 4, a new video from one of my favorite youtubers, my HLJ order arrived, and a new episode of Gunpla TV!

    Speaking of which, you interrupted my Mack Knife build.

  16. Tryon 3 looks amazing! Can’t wait to get mine delivered from you guys. Of course, I’m going to have to keep it in it’s mech form~

  17. Sieg Zeon

  18. sieg zeon

  19. Can you guys do some reviews of Rg gundams, also I have just started building Gundam model kits, so far I have built the Zeta Gundam and Chars Zaku 2 both in RG. I am planning on buying the Rx-78-2 PG and was wondering if you guys have any kit recommendations… Love your videos.

  20. One day I’ll win >:I

  21. for claiming it to be a shorter show it was actually about 30sec longer than last weeks episode

  22. That Tryon kit looks amazing! I gotta have it. Love the episodes you guys

  23. Great episode as always guys! You often bring a smile to my face, and a little frustration, when you get things wrong when showing off a model or continuity errors. Also the “original weapon” that comes with the beam javelin looks like the hyper napalm launcher equipped beam rifle from the first few episodes of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

  24. Awesome video as always. Wish i could go to LA. But money is scarce on my side! Hahaha. Hope i finally win… Someday…

  25. Im transforming

  26. I wanted to see more of the Gastima 🙁 Maybe in the next episode?
    I like the look of the HG Airmaster. Never really got into that series so I think I will have to take a look.

  27. Great episode as always! Syd is so neato

  28. gimme! gimme!

  29. The Tryon 3 is meh, then again never really liked the ZZ Gundam design. But I can totally see a GaoGaiGar custom using the Tryon 3!

  30. not sure if i like the colouring on the trion.
    wish gunpla was more popular in the UK, makes it so hard to get hold of over here and the prices are crazy high.
    wish they would bring back megasize, i would love to see a megasize beargguy

  31. Sid. i think you forget to compare the size of the Tryon3 with a normal HG kit which is in one of the question. To be honest im not a fan on this kit as the designs are kina off from a gundam, Looks kina like Zoids with Superrobots.

  32. The Tryon 3 looks amazing! I want to win it, if I win it’ll be my first Gundam model and definitely not my last Gundam model.

  33. That Tryon 3 just makes me smile

  34. I think bandai will make MG Mega Shiki for sure.

  35. PM said on June 15, 2015

    Cannot wait for RE/100 coming !! Thanks again for a awesome video guys!!

  36. How many different model kit lines does Bandai make outside of Star Wars and Gunpla? I’d love to see you guys cover more non-Gunpla kits by Bandai.

  37. Haha, gerwalk mode 😛
    Can’t wait for the RG Astray!

  38. Raf said on June 15, 2015

    Hi guys,

    Another great video, thanks for the time you dedicate to us.
    So… on this episode:
    – Gundam Ace September 2015 with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Beam Javelin & Original Weapon)
    Oh well, why not…
    – Gunpla Ace with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Hammer & Original Weapon)
    Two magazines with extra parts? X-mas came up earlier this year.
    – 1/144 HGUC Revive RX-78-2 Gundam
    I had to decide if shop the Revive sets, or The Origin (Char, Zaku’s, Guntank). I guess Char was way cooler 😉
    – 1/144 HG Gastima
    I love to see not-so-traditional looking components. Thumb up on this one.
    – 1/144 HG Zaku 06R (Gaia/Mash Custom)
    The real winner of this show.
    – 1/144 HGBF Gundam Tryon 3
    I was already disappointed to see this in the anime… go figure it when I saw this in today episode.



  40. great episode as always, also can’t wait for revive guncannon looks really sleek compared to the original hg

  41. wow, tryon 3 looks absolutely stunning!!!

    the tryon 3 was based on the zz gundam, and grouping the zz along with the zII and z gundam, wouldn’t that make the tryon 3 the successor of the z-sketeers???

  42. Hoping to see the new features of the Revive Series, especially the Freedom Gundam and RX-78-2 Gundam :3!!!

  43. Fantastic video guys, I laughed at the beginning of the video. xD Keep it up the funny scenes. 😀

  44. Atcually waiting for the black tryon Really really bad ass. Will be getting one of that for sure when it comes out, love tryon3 as well but just not my favourite colour scheme.

    Recently re-watching z and zz. Getting a z2 will be lovely addition gunpla collection and air master as bonus just out of the world. =D

  45. Great show guys. The tryon 3 is cool. I hope that I could win one of the kits

  46. Great episode guys, I’d love to win that ZII Gundam ;D

  47. I <3 free stuff!

    (P.S Another great episode)

  48. Awesome show ryan and syd always keep up with gunpla news I always get my gunpla news from you guys 🙂 ,also I would like to win that Zeta II Gundam.

  49. Tryon 3. Cool beans!

  50. Does anyone else have problems logging into this site? It sometimes completely forgets my account.

    Also yay transformers.

  51. Great show, I think I will have to order the Tryon 3 😀

  52. WOW, these kits. please give me the z 2 or the air master. both these kits are so cool and great.
    keep up the great work guys. =D

  53. Awesome, like usual

  54. I pre ordered every new kit this month apart from the MG Fenice and I honestly don’t know which I’m most excited to build first. Plus the MG The-O came back in stock, adding even more excitement to my order.

    Also, the Dijeh is Amuro’s suit in Zeta where he fights along side the Hyaku Shiki. Fun point, Amuro’s Dijeh is similar in design to the Gelgoog (Char’s final mobile suit before going mobile armour), while Char’s Hyaku Shiki is very similar to the RX-78 2.

  55. Tryon’s sword looks amazing but other wise not my favorite kit.
    I am really surprised how far Japan is going with their starwars stuff.
    Pretty amazing!

    Keep up the good work!

  56. Tryon looks amazing,cant wait till i have enough money to get it.
    also really want to win but if i don’t that just adds to the list
    of kits i need to buy. ;D

  57. i will admit its pretty cool to see this as a kit the Tyron and there seems to be a theme with transforming gundam

  58. Great episode guys, put a huge smile on my face. I’ve watched the build fighters try anime at the time I didn’t really care for the Tryon 3, but seeing the kit its pretty cool. As soon as Ryan took the air master I thought the same thing, gerwalk mode. Lol. Keep up the great work!

  59. great episode as always
    can’t wait the RG red frame too
    hope i can win the zeta 2

  60. GundamFormers… More than meets the eye!

    My Tryon is on its way with 5 other kits and a paint set! I will be building and painting for quite a while (I already have 3 kits sitting here on my shelf I need to get to as well).

    Speaking of which, any chance at a build video for some Macross kits, more specifically the transformable kits? I have always wanted to build one, but they look daunting to be honest.

  61. let me win.. just 1 time is good enough…

  62. “Let’s Try ON!”
    The best suit in Build Fighters Try. I require one on my shelf, but the Z II is pretty cool too.


  64. awesome episode, Airmaster would be the best win. Another great episode. Great comedy. Will you guys even come to Australia? come to Supernova in Brisbane. I’d love to meet you personally.

  65. GUNDAM

  66. Great nature documentary you got there 😀
    And a gunpla made out of sky, land and sea. should have named it Planetary Gundam! Also, please make a video for the next MG

  67. It would be nice if I won the HG Airmaster. Lately, I’ve been getting into a few HG series. I’ve always been about RG, MG, and PG only after being burned by the lack luster quality from the HG 00 releases. Airmaster would be cool since I was planning on getting into the HGAW, HGAC, HGBF, and HGFC line of HGs.

    Great episode as always.

  68. i want that airmaster! lol Ryan cracked me up when he said gerwalk mode xD

  69. so how do I leave a comment . do I leave it at the door ? do I date the comment and then leave it ? what do I do HELP ME !!!!

  70. Awesome kits!

  71. I want that Airmaster =)

  72. Trion 3 more like Daitarn 3 fused with some power rangers megazord XD Epic kit on my opion for the fans of this type of models

  73. I am getting the feeling that there will be a master grade of the Tryon 3 sometime in the near future. I will guess that the transformation for this kit will be somewhat different than the high grade where the booster’s and hands will be more inside the other parts rather than swapping the parts for each transformation.

  74. An Earth Wind & Fire song…? September of course. When the weapon set for the revive RX 78-2 comes out. Coincidence????

    Don’t worry guys, been ordering a my Gunpla from HLJ for two years now. Won’t stop, can’t stop. Couldn’t stop if I wanted to! LOL

    So please have a drink on me in LA 😉

  75. dusting my empty shelf for that air master! please do a build vid for the RG gundam astray.. gunplatv really completes my week. thanks for the episode!

  76. Tryon 3 needs its own TV show!

  77. Great show guys!!! Love your show!! Hope I win!

  78. Great episode and nice to see the tryon 3 review. Great job.


  80. Just a word of caution. I don’t think they let folks into the US who can’t tell the difference between the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building ;). I hope you have fun in LA and I’m sure you can buy some sprue cutters when you get here. I hear there is a kiosk in the LA Airport that sells God Hands. PS, wouldn’t mind a free kit (labor included) so hopefully I win one.

  81. That stingray looks great. We need more aquatic suits!

  82. tearing parts of the runner like a BOSS!!

  83. I think I’ll pass on the Tryon 3 Im not too find of its builder and I don’t like it’s head if that ls a reason HOWEVER I might get it just for the sword

  84. I want that Airmaster so badly. Please mister random number generator, pick me.

  85. Watched this episode from my hotel room in 池袋. Thanks for the great show. Now, a confession. Half way through the show decided to go out to pick up the origin zaku 06r after you guys talked about it. This is after I picked up and built the char’s zaku ii a week earlier in Hong Kong. Last confession, I’ve also picked up a couple of GFT kits from Gundam Front.

    I’ll return to my old ways and order from you guys when I’m back in Canada.

  86. I would like to win


  88. I can see his ball joints!! LOL.. that Zeta II though :))

  89. The Mega Shiki is actually based off of the Delta Gundam. The Hyaku Shiki was a simplified version of the Delta Gundam, removing all the transformation and just making it a simple Mobile Suit. In other words, the Mega Shiki is the Delta Gundam with parts from the Hyaku Shiki. So, if they want to make a Mega Shiki MG, they would have to make a Delta Gundam MG first.

  90. Tryon 3 is pretty cool, not sure if I really want one yet.
    I am looking forward to the lightning Zeta!
    Is the MG God Gundam worth getting?

  91. Can someone bring you side cutters to the convention? Or it not allowed at the con?

  92. Ray said on June 16, 2015

    Hi Syd and Rye…
    Can you make a preview of what is the different between tryon 3 and dryon 3???
    And where do this dryon 3 comes from because i never see it at gundam build fighters try???

  93. I love Gundams that have a flight form <3

  94. nice !!!

  95. Great episode as usual! Always entertaining and informative. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  96. Jeez Ryan, you kept the mega size rifle pointed at Syd for a while. Use some toy gun discipline.

  97. Gundam, transform and roll out!

  98. I need me that TRION SU REEEEEEE!!!

  99. Great episode as always guys!

  100. Awesome episode! Guys keep up the good work!

  101. probably my favorite release from the hgbf line

  102. Hi syd and ryan!

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think the Airmaster kind of resembled a Macross mecha when transformed into its flight mode.

    I hope Bandai will release an MG Mega Shiki. I really like how that mobile suit looks.

    Again, great episode guys! Cheers!


  103. Tryon 3 definitely looks neat. When I first watched the episode with him in it I thought it read as Tyron 3.

    I’m actually working on my first paint job with a HG 1/144 Air Master. Nothing special, just a slightly darker paint scheme from the normal.

  104. i hope i win 😀

  105. 120
    Hope I’ll be pick by syd

  106. Great stuff as always guys! Just wondering what at E3 has you guys excited?

  107. Why don’t they have true transformations in more models? Why do they only advance part forming?

  108. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see the revive kits side by side with the originals. Please Bandai let us have a revive Gyan. Wish we could get a MG Zudah.

  109. 123

  110. Tryon 3 looks soooo coooool.

    Ahh airmaster, childhood gunpla 🙂
    Wish i can win that 🙂

    Good episode guys keep it up.. 🙂

  111. Air master is nice!

  112. I would love that air master

  113. SnK said on June 16, 2015

    I shall not be denied by those whose souls are pulled down by gravity. I shall win the Z II. So for the love of any large red mobile suit, please enter me to win Z II.

  114. hey Syd dont worry about your cutters you can get a new pair here its the exacto knife that will be a issue. The Tryo 3 kit looked alright together and by the way in the video you put the wings on backwards. I do like the air master gundam. I have a real question When will they stop making Gundams look Childish like in the last 3 series except build fighters.

  115. gotta get mee some zaku flakes baby!!!

  116. Great Episode Guys, I am surprised they only did the 2 versions of the black tri stars in that one kit, considering if I remember from the OAV it seemed the 3rd looked the same as the others it just had a large axe as it’s weapon which would not take much to put into this kit.

  117. The area where I live it’s hard to find any model shop close enough that has any Gundam kits.

  118. I love the ZII.

  119. Another great show. You have been talking about doing something along the lines of new tutorial videos. I think it would be great to address the steps to paint and decal. For example, first wash, than panel line, than gloss coat and etc. Also list the do’s and don’ts of using enamal, lacquer, and acrylic paints on the same model.

  120. Great episode you guys. Can’t wait to see what the next episode would be about. 🙂

  121. Age 02 go home you’re drunk.

    transforming gundams ftw! hope i get one.

  122. Ryan, did you invent a ‘Macross mode’ for the Gundam Airmaster? Because it was awesome, and I now want to get one and display it like that!

  123. Cool show guys! Love the transforming theme for this show! I have a mg Rezel at home and it would look great with some buddies! Keep up the great work!

  124. great show you guys.the weapon sets for the revive look like they will be pretty cool do you think there will be much of a diffrence between the two besides just one comes with beam javelin and the other the hammer?
    p.s hope i can win a free kit 🙂

  125. I wanna go to E3!!!!

  126. Finally found a site where I could watch this anime. When I saw the Tryon 3 transform, I just lost it, Bandai mind as well just throw Voltron in there. At least Voltrons transformation was better. Bandai, stop making transformable Gundams. They don’t fit into the Gundam universe. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

  127. Episode 180 the Air Master Gundam from After War Gundam X looks really cool.

  128. I should try out the try on heh heh heh…

  129. The starWars hype in japan is so much bigger then what the states are getting, whats the big star wars model are you waiting to see?

  130. Nice show as always guys! Man the new things Bandai is dishing out on gunplay is making me want to buy them! I might be purchasing the Gundam & Gunpla Ace just for those weapons for the Gundam… Hopefully I get to win one of those transformable kits that would be nice haha ^_^

  131. Thank you for making all the videos!

  132. A MG Tryon would be amazing !

  133. Silly Syd. That’s the Statue of Liberty, not the Empire State Building.

    • Syd said on June 16, 2015

      Ya, wasn’t even thinking, just winging it. I have found that after 10 year in Japan English words I know very well will often come out of mouth as another similarly themed English word.

  134. not sure if i should get the RG Astray Redframe… never seen any of the source material… does look cool though… but i’d like to see bandai doing more of the gundam wing kits in HGAC 🙁

  135. ace said on June 16, 2015

    Man that tryon 3 reminds me of gaogaigar.. Anyways hope i could win those 2 TMS.. will try to do a kitbash on those two. ..again nice ep guys.. More power

  136. Glories I say, Glories to the Empire!

  137. The Gundam Tryon 3 kit looks amazing.

  138. OH!! All Mighty random number generator please pick this comment to win.

  139. rolls the dice , come on haro daddy needs some gunpla

  140. I built the HG ZZ, and it wasn’t too bad.. but i hadn’t planned to pick up Tryon 3.. after this episode I am reconsidering.. would be nice to mod it into an ‘Obari-style’ Tryon.. And its got tons of leftover parts for other customs. Great episode. Wish i could afford to visit L.A.

    PS. Isn’t there a dealer room with an HLJ booth or are you guys just hanging out? Can’t you ship some cutters with your merchandise?

  141. The Z II would be a good kit to add to my collection.I’m thinking about buying a PG which one would be a good kit. Not Unicorn

  142. too bad I can’t make it down to LA, congrats to the person that won the mega size. I have a bunch of panel lining to do on a six different RGs and another one is one the way. Only two more to complete the collection. The give aways for this week look pretty cool too, most of the HG I get I use to practice my painting just because they are so much cheaper, but they are pretty cool when you don’t mess them up too much.

  143. Omg when I saw the tryon 3 on build fighters try I was in love cause it brings me back to the time of watching power rangers or old Japanese giant robot anime

  144. Awesome videos!! Keep up the great work! Hoping I could win the Zeta 🙂

  145. RE100 Dijeh is the 1st RE that came from the Anime Series, most RE100 kits are from MSV or Manga

  146. Awesome show as always! time to volt-in!

  147. Great show! Want that Z II!

  148. So the prize for this episode is the AGE-2 – which is inspired by the Zeta.

    The prize for next episode is the ZII – which is a successor to the Zeta.

    The feature gunpla for this episode is the Tryon 3 – which is based on the ZZ, which is also a successor to the Zeta.

    You guys did a Zeta themed episode – which is cool because the Zeta Gundam is my favorite mobile suit! 🙂

  149. Hoping for that Z II!

  150. i would love to have either, but that ZII!!!

  151. Holy crap, Anime Expo and SD con? You guys are going to have a great time.

  152. I would love to get that gundam airmaster, it has a great color scheme and it really almost looks like a battroid. As always you guys put on a nice episode and keep me update to date with model releases.

  153. Wow this Tryon 3 kits look so cool gonna get one soon!!!! thank you for showing it to me!!!

  154. i want that airmaster gundam

  155. Tryon 3 super robot look is amazing

    Zeta 2 get!

  156. I just don’t really like the Tryon 3. Design is a bit too “inspired” from something… Hope I win something though…

  157. any idea when the 3rd Zaku from the origin is to be released ? haven’t seen any announcement yet

  158. A tad disappointed I missed out on that mega size.. It actually looked a lot better than I expected. I like quite a few of the transforming MSs designs, but generally only in their mobile suit mode, except for a few exceptions like the wing zero.

  159. Another great show guys, Keep it up! I love all the transforming kits. Always been a fan of the Zeta itself, and I find the Arios as another great kit.

  160. I think the tyron three is the most unique gundam i have ever seen

  161. Great episode as always guys… Hoping for that Z II huhu2..

  162. Great ep again, was really waiting for the review for tryon 3 and here we have it!

    Anyway Syd mention that “The umi tryon, which means earth”, isn’t umi sea?

    HAHA guess Syd do make mistakes 🙂 Do I get something for pointing that out

  163. I wanna win that Zeta Gundam, but if i win the Airmaster i hope i coul get you guys to each sign a wing, that would be so cool.

    P.S. that ‘Oh God!I can see its ball joints’line from Ryan, killed me, i was laughing for a good three minutes, thank you very much.

  164. TRY ON3 rage!!!!

  165. is it just me, or does bandai really slow on releasing new kits this year?
    love the Tryon, hope can see it in MG.

  166. Awesome Episode as usual! Oh transforming kits!! I want one!!

  167. Zeta II! I love Zeta style mobile suits.
    Also I’m glad i’m not the only one to think that the new storm troopers look like they are from apple.

  168. Love the show guys! Found gunpla TV shortly after discovering gundam models about 2 years ago. Sid and Ryan were a big help sorting it all out. Went back and watched every episode. I love getting an episode on Monday morning to fight off that back to work anxiety. Keep it up so I can keep my job!

  169. Another great episode guys. I hope they do a MG Mega Shiki sometime in future.

  170. I don’t know much about either the Airmaster or the Z II, but I do know I love free things.

  171. W-O-W.. wow! 0_0

  172. Zip said on June 17, 2015

    Can’t wait for the Dijeh!

  173. Great episode as always. Looking forward to making room on my shelves for that Age 2! Interested in what they’ll do with the new HG RX-78-2.

  174. I love aesthetic gimme the booty. Yuh! Ayyy lmao =^) =^) =^)

  175. Can’t wait to get a tryon 3, and then figure out how to replace the lion’s head with a petitguy’s, also keep up the good work guys.

  176. Nice episodes guys. keep up the good works.

  177. i Think i need wings and thrusters to go fly with them….

    Is the anime series of gundam Z is good???

    no time to watch :3

  178. great review as always. As usual the kits that I’m not into now I’m really interested.

  179. Rob said on June 18, 2015

    I’d love one of those transforming suits!

  180. By the way, another great episode guys! I heard that there similar to Gundam Build Fighters called “Danball Senki (Little Battlers Experience (LBX).” Do you predict that Bandai will start making model kits from that series in the future? By the way, Yokai Watch has been confirmed for a North American release at E3!!

  181. I’m liking these transforming kits, gives you a bit more options for posing and whatnot. fingers crossed I’m able to win one

  182. Tryon 3 looks awesome! Although I kind of hoped they would have made a new mold for a potential new HG ZZ kit.
    Great episode guys, keep up the good work!

  183. Great episode guys. Really hoping to see some new hguc kits instead of the constant revive kits, please give us a barzam after the revive gundam mk2.

  184. Great episode as ever. The Tryon 3 was the best thing that Build Fighters Try did.

    Do we think we’ll get other Star Wars kits at 1/48 scale? I’d love a Y Wing at that scale, but it wouldn’t have the motor gimmick.

  185. Let me win pls 🙂 lol

  186. Thank you for this episode I wasn’t really convinced that the Tyron3 would look good and with the additional parts it will encourage me to do a custom version too. Thank you again and more power to you!

    Let me win one of those kits PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSE!!!

  187. LOL “Big feet have big guns” I am torn about the Tryon… It reminds me of the older robots like Voltron… But not as cool… And a lot of stuff seems to be left off when it’s in robot form… They could have at least tried to make them weapons imo…

  188. This was one of my favorite episodes ever! The Origin Black Tri-Stars’ Zakus look amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the HGUC Revive Guncannon. The HGUC Guncannon from 1999 is one of my favorite kits and I have three of them.

    And always remember, guys:
    ‘Mega Size is the Mona Lisa of Gundam’. Ryan.

  189. this remind me of the Voltes V custom gundam i saw a while back.

  190. i would very much enjoy that z

  191. i’ll wait for mg tryon..
    great show as always guys!

  192. i want to win the z2 gundam

  193. Tryon!!

  194. Ive only recently bought a Gundam model kit and am waiting for my birthday, to open it, but i love this show both for the Gundams, and the Star Wars Models, thanks for all the in-depth info

  195. sweet! I have the Gundam Kyrios from Gundam OO and recently built the Gundam G-Arcane. The Kyrios to me was a pain in the butt to transform but the Arcane was both fun to build and tranform. Thank you again for the new Gunpla TV episode.

  196. Hey Gunpla TV

    Great show as always guys.

    For Syd do you have a wish list of possible RE 100’s that you’d like to see released?

    Id personally love these all as Master Grades but ill settle for RE versions of:
    Penelope Gundum
    Ksee Gundam or XI Gundam if you prefer.
    R Jarja
    F 90 Gundam (with different packs ala the Strike Gundam)
    Vigna Ghina (F91 series)
    Vigna Zirah (F91 series)

    I hope I’m not alone with these

    For Ryan, keep kicking butt with those star wars kits.

    • I agree with this list about the XI and Penelope. Seeing those as an RE or MG would be awesome. They would be gigantic. But I must add to this list for Master Grade line up I would like to see:

      1. Blue Destiny Units 1 through 3
      2. Reborns Gundam
      3. Gundam gold frame astray amatu mina

      And finally,

      4. Gundam Astray Red Dragon (Caletvwlch(3x)+Flight Unit)

  197. Tryon 3 looks like Vol-tron.

  198. sya said on June 19, 2015

    Well, after I see Tryion 3 and you said “Most of this kit from ZZ part”
    Then I remember the announcement of new anime Gundam series
    Y’know, G-First

  199. sya said on June 19, 2015

    Tryion 3 = ZZ = G-First
    The hype is real guys

  200. Keep Calm And GIVEEEE MEEEE GGGUUUNNDDDAAAMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please ~.~

  201. Sam said on June 19, 2015

    Have been busy for a month and the first thing I got my free time back is to catch up all the episodes (176-179) that I have missed!

  202. Just rewatched the video and The Guntank has a cool look and all, but I dunno.. I think it needs to be or do something more… There are so many gimmicks that could be added to a Gunpla with so much bottom space…

  203. Cant wait to hear of more new suits for the holidays!!

  204. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the video, I can’t wait to get my 2 Zaku Origins type to make Gaia and Nash.
    Keep up the good work!

  205. megaman

  206. Great episode as always.

  207. for the horde

  208. sad there is no tryon 3 logo included, its not a super robot if you dont get cool background effects!

  209. Loving the Tryon 3 and wouldn’t mind the Z II. Great show

  210. I love the Tryon 3 design and the docking mechanism. Hope to be picking that up soon! 🙂

  211. I’m the winner, it’s about time

  212. Are you going to show the metal build gold frame when it is released?

  213. Winner!

  214. A bit late to the game (was on vacation for 3 weeks) but the black/gold Tryon looks soooo much better than the 3 colored version.

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