Apr 27

It’s like Christmas time here for Ryan this week (it’s pretty much Christmas every day here for Syd) with the release of not one but two Star Wars kits from Bandai. While Ryan is mostly occupied with thoughts of X-Wings and space battles Syd takes a look at the newest Frame Arms kit and compares it to the kits released way back when the series started.

For those as excited about the 1/48 X Wing as Ryan is, and for those not as excited but may want to check it out we do an unboxing which you can see here.


Kits featured in this video:

– 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition
– 1/12 Star Wars C-3PO
1/144 HG Char’s Zaku II
1/144 HGBF Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver.GBF
1/100 NSG-Z0/G Magatsuki Houten
1/100 Gourai

Check out the lineup of Frame Arms kits from Kotobukiya here.

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  1. I got a feeling that I am gonna win that victory gundam…

  2. I go Federation. They will always defeat the space Nazis.

    • You do realize that the Federation has committed FAR worse atrocities then any form of Zeon right? They’re actually closer to being the Nazis then anyone.

      They oppressed the colonies which led to Zeon’s war for independence.
      They refused to let the colony that Zeon dropped hit jaburo and redirected it causing it to hit Sydney Australia killing millions of people.
      The attacked many earth villages under suspicion of harboring Zeon soldiers or the families of Zeon soldiers, which led to the rape, murder, and total destruction of many those villages.
      They purposely covered up the prediction of newtypes to empower themselves.
      They publicly denied the existence of newtypes, while exploiting them for combat.
      They created the titans and did nothing to stop, or punish them for the terrible things they did.
      They did nothing to stop the Crossbone Vanguard until after they took over an entire colony.
      They rufused to do anything about both Zanscare and Jupiter Empires.

      That’s just a few things. Sure Zeon has done some terrible things, but nothing near the scale of the Federation’s.

    • I must say.. from the first time I ever laid eyes on the original Gundam, whenever I explain the Anime to anyone, I always refer to the Zeon as “Nazis”… being the first comment I read, it made me laugh.

  3. Nice I like the x wing and the thing it has

  4. I’m the winner

  5. I think it’s pathetic that people are actually posting and spamming to maybe win something.

    Anyway, I would like to win something. Anything.

    RG 00 Raiser…SUPER EXCITED…and I have 3 of them on preorder. I’m also waiting for the RG 00 Raiser Trans Am (P-Bandai) which was just confirmed. I plan on getting 2 sets of that one.

    I can’t wait for you guys to do your episode on the RG 00 Raiser. I hope the RG 00 Qan[t] is next. Gundam 00 is my favorite (as everyone knows).

  6. Hey Syd! I finished fixing up that Jegan I won from you awhile back! It looks really nice on my shelf!


    Thanks again!

  7. Big robots *check*

    Big weapons *check*

    Samurai theme *check*

    What’s not to love?

    Another cool episode guys. Good info for those who asked questions. I think the quick tutorial archive videos is a great idea!

  8. Can’t wait for The RG 00 Raiser. I want the X Fighter even more but gundam is getting in the way,

  9. For Victory!!!!!! And can’t wait for 00 Riser!!!!!

  10. The RG OO Raiser can’t wait for it.

  11. i wanna win too

  12. yes I go to anime expo every year since its inception and it is pretty large event. I live in LA and it is worth it as for place to eat let me know what you like to eat and ill send you to the right place. Now star wars movie is going to be ok my favorite scene form the trailer 2 i saw at celebration was the handing over the lightsaber a child passing to the mother.

  13. Awh man those Victory gundams! I’d love one! Great episode too.

  14. There a small Hobby Shop near my house that sell a few cheap Gundams, but for everything else I come to you guys.

  15. Why people no like seed?

    • Most people really hate all the recycled animation, Kira Yamato is a… well.. pardon me, but a little bitch. Then they go on to say the story is horrible. I personally think they miss the point, it is supposed to be fun to watch Yet, for some reason, people need to sit behind their respective keyboards and be internet a-holes and curse others out.

      I so far love all the Gundam anime I have seen.

  16. Why didn’t you show off the peril plastic on the crossbones gundam? Also with the RG it looks like it has less of the two tone colour effect than previous RG’s from the press photos is it the case that bandai is going away from the idea.

    • Bandai have steadily been doing less and less of the two-tone main color thing. They did it most extensively with the 78-2 Granddaddy Gundam (I think… four different shades of white/off-white?), and since then they’ve generally toned it down to two variations per color.

      I think, anyway. Don’t quote me on that.

  17. Awesome video as always and when will the rg 00 raiser coming out?

  18. VICTORY is mine!!!

  19. which is your preferred method of painting your gunpla and other models?

  20. well guys i hope it goes better in the future and sadly i wont be at the LA Expo, have fun and be safe. Keep being awesome.

  21. greetings Syd and Ryan, now after watching the new star wars trailer I felt a bit of excitement seeing Han and chewie and like Syd I felt like a kid again. and just last weekend I did a marathon of all of the star wars movies. After dragging myself through the prequels it was magic seeing the first five minutes of a new hope again. Pure magic, brilliant intro. But New star wars look and sounds authentic but story is the only thing left unknown but I highly doubt we will see anything due to Abrhams “Mystery box”.

  22. Great episode as always! Keep up the good work, and those two victory gundams look awesome.

  23. Keep calm and build a Gundam ^.^, either high grade Victory Gundam will work for me. i hope i win 🙁

  24. The Victory Gundams are pretty awesome despite being smaller than the average suit.

  25. victory is mine 😀

  26. victory!

  27. The spoils is the victory!

  28. The random number generator has a sense of irony “Megasize me” really!? really?

  29. honestly i hope Bandai don’t kill the NG1/60. I love my 1/60 exia. it is a size of a PG but a price of a MG for me its a really good bargain. hope then consider maybe a simple version of 1/60 kits maybe RE60 or something.

  30. I haven’t got a Star Wars model kit before. I’ve built some gundam kits but that 1/48 X-wing looks sweet. I haven’t built a Real Grade so 00 Raiser is one I would consider.

  31. Wow some big kits today! I have never built anything Starwars maybe I should look into that! What is your favorite brand for Starwars kits?

    • About the only brand broadly available now is Bandai. Fine Molds used to be the source for Star Wars models, but their contract with Lucas Arts/Disney/whoever has expired. Being from a scale aircraft model background, their SW kits tend to look generally better than comparable Bandai kits (X-Wing to X-Wing, TIE to TIE, etc.), but they’re getting increasingly rare since, y’know, they’re not commercially available anymore.

  32. i mean gundams, but did you see that C-3P0?

  33. Just finished watching Victory gundam about a month ago, loved the Victory and the V2. Also the derpy beam rotors made me giggle every time.

  34. Cant wait to see the X Wing built!

  35. Fantastic episode as always. Have you guys ever thought about doing real world military model kits? I know you have old episodes of your boss doing some car models, but I think some planes and tanks would be interesting as well. Also, Don’t Stop, Carry On! and give me that V-Gundam! (get it because that’s the opening theme- I’ll stop now)

  36. Dat x-wing doe!!!! Victory!!

  37. G-Self look better in red

  38. this is not spam

  39. Man, missed the mega size… Oh well, the victory gundam looks just as great! Great show as always guys, keep up the great work! Great, great, great!

  40. I haven’t built a framearms kit in ages, kind of want to get one again.

  41. Eps. 174 !!! YEA !!! THX !!!

  42. There is no substitute for victory.

  43. g said on April 27, 2015

    great episode!

  44. Awesome to see Gunpla TV before the week even starts guys! Syd I have to ask since the Canucks got eliminated who will you be rooting for now in the Stanley Cup playoffs? And both of you guys what will you guys be doing to advance your model building skills in the future are you guys going to get airbrushes or start scribing or using more pla plate?

  45. Here’s punching my lottery ticket. Those two are probably my favorite one-two punch of main-guy Gundam evolution.

    Shame about the spammers. :/

    A question: Do either of you follow any individual gunpla enthusiasts or keep up with certain groups/builders/forums/magazines?

  46. Can’t wait to see that X-wing built!

  47. yay big starwars kits, cant wait to get my 1/48 x-wing this week from u guys!

  48. Not able to go to LA Anime Expo since I don’t live in US

    Do enjoy the trip and bring us some great content from Anime Expo, Syd and Ryan.

    Mega Sized X-wing! great kit. Looking forward to next episode’s RG 00 Raiser

    What is that Frame Arm going to do inside the X-Wing Box?? Suspicious, Poor X-wing.

    Thanks for the great episode!

  49. Victory!!!

  50. SOON #RG RAISER , now I want a RG Star build strike

  51. Pretty excited with 00 Raiser now. Great video as always.


  53. Wow

  54. hey guys. love watching you guys. i was wondering if you guys think the gundam pod game will come over. also, what is your favorite gundam series?

  55. Hope to see you guys at AX :^)

  56. Holy X Wing!
    I want the V2 please.

  57. preach

  58. Chewy Kit please

  59. can’t wait for RG double o raiser~!!

  60. Let’s celebrate with the victory from V Gundam and V2 Gundam with me! 😀

  61. 🙂 😀 😛

  62. Them goodies~

  63. I want to win please !!!!!

  64. Cool episode!!! Great job Syd and Ryan!!! because of this episode, I might buy an X-Wing for myself. Excited to get my hands of that RG 00 Raiser!!! More Gunpla, more episodes of HobbyLinkTV!!!

  65. Honestly I wish gunpla tv would go back to the way it was in the original episodes, when it was about gunpla and more tutorial videos.

  66. Hey I’ve got a question for Syd. Which do you prefer hg mg pg or rg? Me personal I LOVE mg but every now and then I enjoy a simple SD or HG. oh and LET ME WIN THAT KIT!

  67. The color scheme of the g-self assault pack looks more better than the ori g-self ~
    BTW~ the white color of crossbone FC ver.gbf is it in pearl white or just normal white?

    • It`s pearl white, and from the pictures I`ve seen, this HG will prbly need more extra work than any other HG kit so far

  68. VICTORY TO ME! 😀

  69. I love frame arms. Ever since I found out about it a few years ago I’ve been buying their kits. Can’t wait to get this new one.

    Syd and Ryan I am have a question about the rules for the competition.
    Will leaving more than one comment increase your chances of getting picked by the random generator? I only ask because as you mentioned about the spammers I’ve noticed that a lot of people leave more than one comment.

    So those like me who only leave one comment will hardly get chosen and are chances to be picked by the generator will be diminished because of thse people who leave more than one comment.

    Does this make sense?

  70. 2 Days until the RG 00 Raiser is released 😀 Can`t wait to get mine !

  71. Great episode as always
    RG 00 raiser? Hell yes! Cannot wait to get it. Im going to pre-order at least 3 as soon as I’m writing this comment! Also, any tips/tricks for custom gunpla? I’m building my first custom gunpla and I don’t want to screw anything up.


  72. I just had my first HLJ package come this past week. Everything was in great condition. I ordered a set of Assault Kingdom gundams and forgot that they come with gum in Japan. So I tried a piece and I was let down by the fact it lost flavor after about 10 seconds. Other than that they are a cute way of picking up some mini versions of your favorite gundams.

  73. Made an account because i’m serious about winning all the gundams!

  74. V for Victory. V For VurnX :D. HBJ to Hobbylink Japan :3 hahaha


  76. x-wing + RG 00 raiser = victory! 🙂

  77. Victory…

  78. I can’t wait to see the X-Wing, I’ve got to start picking up some of those star Wars kits.

  79. bandai needs to announce the next rg already.

  80. Im running out of RG gundams to build. RG Raiser will only last me a week including assembly panel lines and stickers.

    Im hoping they announce more 00 series models, such as the Qan T or Seven sword.

    What Gundam’s would you guys want to see made in the RG line?

  81. PM said on April 27, 2015

    I can’t wait for you guys to do your episode on the RG 00 Raiser.Love V GUNDAM.

  82. That C-3PO gold looks awesome, and I like how easy the X-Wing LEDs look. I’d like to taste victory with one of those HGs though. 🙂

  83. Should i get Mg turn A regular ver + moonlight butterfly or Mg turn A mlb package? Is the pearl finish nice? The pictures doesnt seem to give it justice.

  84. I want to see more detail explanation about x-wing…

  85. I hope the VICTORY IS MINE…. :-p

  86. Good

  87. It’s time for Bandai Star Wars and Gundam KitBashing.

  88. Good job again! What are yall plans during the public holiday?

  89. I love the design of the Victory Gundams! Also that big Frame Arms is pretty great too!

  90. I’m really looking forward to my HG Origin Char’s Zaku II to arrive. It basically looks like a scaled down PG Zaku in terms of design.

  91. I’m not from California, nor live there, but I always take a weekend off to go to Anime Expo & Anime Central in the summer months.

  92. I got way excited to hear you guys will be at Anime Expo because im going!! I hope to see you there! Also…either Victory Gundams would be awesome!

  93. As Johnny Chase would say, “VICTORY!”

  94. Awesome episode! That new frame kit has me so excited!

  95. Hey Syd you forgot to mention that the Origin Char Zaku is now red instead of pink-ish.

  96. What are your plans for Golden Week?
    I’m actually getting into a lot more Kotobukiya kits these day and wishing there were more stock of HMM Liger variants.

    Looking forward to the release of Frame Arms Girl which is very different from the other frame arms.

  97. I’m thinking of buying a battleship model kit can you suggest one for me Thx

  98. I WILL BE VICTORIOUS! (hopefully) XD

  99. Great episode as always, can’t wait till my zaku thunderbolt arrives 😀

  100. Do you think we will see any new RG? Thanks for all the work you guys do!

  101. Really do love the Victory gundam for how it was depicted as a mass produced ms giving it a sense of realistic military use even with all the crazy stuff that happens in the anime, like swimsuit clad women attacking Uso or putting a robot in a giant tire.

  102. Victory or V2 please choose me

  103. the wait for this new episode was killing me! lol i’m so excited for the HG Zaku Origin and the RG 00 Raiser. was hoping Syd was going to do the Zaku build. i’ve never been much of a fan of zeon mobile suits except for the awesome Kampfer but when I saw how they updated the new Zaku (well, old since it’s from the Origins) and how it’s also very detailed and comparable to the RG version in terms of panel lines and accessories, i had to order it! love the episode and looking forward to the next one.

  104. great ep guys! keep up the good work

  105. great episode, i recently finished putting together the 1/72 x-wing and have to agree that it is an awesome kit, though i feel the plastic parts are more brittle because i broke some parts. hopefully it’s much better with the 1/48. they describe it as the “moving edition” is there any “non-moving edition” for this scale?

    glad to know that C-3PO kit is undergated as well.

    keep it up guys, looking forward to your next video, especially from the hobby show(s).

  106. so that’s why i never won. i need to log-in! been wanting to win those kits even those custom painted ones! looking forward for the RG 00 raiser syd and ryan! watching the your episodes is the only time i get to relax from studying for my archi board exam.

  107. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the frame arm kits. they appear to be great but they seem to have a toyish look.
    I’m really liking the origins char zaku and the guntank, but dang, those kits are getting to the expensive side

  108. I really want that victory gundam

  109. victory shall be me and that gundam

  110. Star Wars kits look dope, might have to buy some

  111. Wish i could win something

  112. I would like to see more grunt suits and some remakes of wing gundam and endless waltz suits

  113. i want to see more starwars kits and that c3po looked bling bling !

  114. Great episode as always guys!

  115. 00 raiser
    00 raiser
    00 RAISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Already have the HG can’t wait for RG!!!

  116. I never watched Star Wars before but that X wing looks cool!
    I want to go the hobby show so badly but I haven’t even been to Japan before. 🙁

  117. Victory for everyone. I mean to say is nice Victory gundams in the give away.

    As for the episode itself. I am glad you shown the Full Cloth X1 box.
    My girlfriend and I have been quite happy with the kits we ordered from you. So we will order more.
    Keep up the great work and good luck to everyone in the giveaways.
    (Though if a RG/PG 00 Raiser shows up I’ll be all over it!)

  118. That x wing looks too cool to miss ! Glad i pre ordered my RG Raiser before it went on order stop. As you dont think Mega sizes will be made anymore , is it worth me keeping an order open for the mega size age 2 as i really want to get hold of it but can only find it for stupid prices feom re-sellers? Keep up the good work guys.

    • To clarify what they meant: They don’t think Bandai will be making any more NEW 1/48 MSMs. They tend to do limited re-productions of old molds (MSMs, old 1/100s, other anime kits, etc.) every now and again, so chances are your 1/48 Age-2 will see the light of day sooner or later. And at its original retail price, too, to boot.

      Hope that helps. Happy hunting.

  119. Man I wish they had a MG V2 gundam, really love that show and it’s designs. Can’t wait for the HG V2 Assault/Buster I ordered from you guys and the p-bandai wings of light parts that I pre-ordered.

    Stand up to the victory!

  120. May Victory shine the brightest in battle.

  121. V V V V V V V V … VatMan

  122. v for victorrrrrrrrrrry!

  123. Glories for the Emperor and his mighty Empire!

  124. It’d be extremely awesome if they released a MG Victory 2 or the Second Victory gundam….. shooty pew pew laser mobile suits are awesome! A little sad that they are releasing a MG Fenice Rinascita instead of the Fenice, I think the Fenice looks more unique. Will grab a kit regardless though hahaha!!

  125. great episode as usual.
    i would like to see bandai do a big sized weapon kit. like a 1/1 scale heat hawk or something similar, alright maybe not 1/1 scale but something you could hold in your hand like a real sized axe. could you imagine something like that hanging on your wall?

  126. if you want to give a matte finish to a kit, how will that coat react to:
    1. Foil Stickers
    2. Regular Stickers
    3. Clear Plastic Parts
    great show guys, thanks for taking the time to answer!

  127. The chest on the Victory is weird IMO, I love the design of the V2 though

  128. Wow, that x-wing looks really cool

  129. i would really love to have the V ;p

  130. the victory is mine… 😀

  131. Stand up to the victory!

  132. Great like usual always love a new idea for videos how tos are so important. Was hoping to win mega sized but to no avail hope I win Ryan’s age gundam think he did a lil lining . Hope I win a V. Hope the red wings win tonight. Hope ur watching the playoffs syd. And hope for world peace.

  133. Hey Syd, first of all, already liking the assault pack, and second, I just recently watched episode 1 of Gundam the Origin this weekend, and it was AWESOME! Can’t wait to see more what BANDAI will be making for the origin mobile. One last thing I want to mention is that I am definitely looking forward to the RG 00 Raiser.

  134. Its a shame you have to fight all the spam comments, anyway great episode again and I’m looking forward to Gundam 00 Raiser RG.

  135. There I created an account. I do whatever Syd and Ryan say.

  136. It is my victory…!!!

  137. Do you guys ever do any Kitbashing? I’m wanting to start, but I need some advice on it first.

  138. I will keep posting even if you dont read it!

  139. I’d really like a V Gundam, they always seemed like cool suits, but I’ve never watched the anime so they’ve never been something I would buy. Great episode as always!

  140. As a gunpla builder that didn’t get to see the original Gundam series,I am actually happy that the kits are being updated to modern day rendition.Watched the movie, it was moving. Waiting for the next movie and more kits to be “revisited”.Thank you guys for giving life and vigor to my kits.

  141. VICTORY SHALL BE MINE!!! The Victory Gundam that is. BTW Love your show.

  142. A enjoyable episode really like the frame arms kit do hope they go less on the exotic looking designs and something thats more combat like tho.

    Sad to know there are people that spamms messages to try and win something they should just leave it to lady luck and hope she will be kind to them and have their message chosen.

  143. Spammers are from the Darkside of the internet.

  144. I don’t know how to feel when Syd said that Ryan had the “cooler stuff today” :/ My plastic gunpla heart just got disassembled.

  145. If I will win this time i will “Stand up to the victory”…did you get it? Come on…it’s one song from the tv series! You are not real Gundam fans if you don’t get it.

  146. Well, the frame arms has piqued my full interest, might put that frame arms, the red one, to be pit against the astray, i wonder which will win

  147. Set X-Foils in attack position!!!!! God that X Wing is gonna look so freaking awesome when built. Hope you guys can build it and show it off in an future episode (btw missed you last week… had to go back to old episodes I haven’t watched to fill in the gap… am all the way back to episode 92… Ohh the memories…) Anyway, quick question for both of you, If you are going to paint a kit, is it necessary to use primer or a straight forward paint works? I saw the Boss do it like that when building the Tallgeese, so I was wondering if it is necessary or just a recommendation, I am not changing any colors just trying to give a more metallic look the cage that comes with the MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam HD Colors.

    Hope you or any one can help with that. Keep up the good work guys! Greetings from Costa Rica!

    • Primer isn’t strictly necessary, but it does help the paint go on more easily by creating a rough surface for the paint to adhere to. You can simulate the effect by sanding the surface of the piece with fine (800+) grit sandpaper.

  148. When I saw the trailer its like everything I watched from all the star wars movie are like coming back to me then when Chewbacca and Han showed up and Boom! I’m sold! I’m gonna watch that! Syd you should watch the Avengers 2. About the the large Heat Hawk for the tristar origins bandai will sell it as P-bandai (as the time I’m making this comment,it is allover the internet).I like the idea of having the tutorial videos will have its own archive or space within the blog which I and fellow members will appreciate it much.Thanks guys for this amazing ep.

  149. great episode today, loved that x-wing question for Syd wich kit is bigger to you the MG EX-s gundam or the MG Sazabi?

    Hey guys,
    I would love to win that HG Victory, I can’t wait for the release of the RG 00 Raiser.
    Will there be a live build as well?
    I can’t wait!
    – Kelvin

  151. Great episode guys, Love the new star wars stuff.

  152. what if a model kit of a light saber?

  153. V for VICTORY!!!

    What kit are you both hype for this year?

  154. Hi boys and girls.

    Thanks for bringing the spamming to the attention. When looking trough the comments, I can see that only 75% of the comments are one-liners. Used to be 90%
    But still, far too much. I hope in all sincerity that you (Syd) run out of kits to give away real soon, so that it will become a joy again to read through the comments again.
    Can’t imagine what it must be like for you guys:
    -Pick me!
    etc etc

    Anyways, finally that Frame Arms kit is released. Have seen it on a hobby show episode a long time ago and was interested in this kit. Not loving it so much in real life though. Sorry…

    Thanks for another episode and looking forward to the unboxing/building of the RG OO Raiser (and when you run out of free give aways)

  155. RG 00 Raiser HYPE!!!
    And now the question:
    Is there a chance that next year we will see RG 00 Qan[t]?Last year we saw Exia,this year we will see Raiser,so why not make final Setsuna suit into Real Grade?

  156. To VICTORY

    Anyway I was thinking maybe you guys can share if there are any gifts that comes along with Japan Hobby Magazines in the future episodes 🙂

  157. OMG cant wait to see the NEW RG 00 Raiser,and cant wait for it to come out either.It’s going to be an amazing day!

  158. How long do you guys think it’ll be until the rest of the Rebel Starfighters are released? Like the A-wing, B-wing, Y-Wing etc? And do you think Bandai will release space battleships like the Imperial II-Star Destroyer and Mon Calamri in a smaller scale??

  159. keep your friends rich, and your enemies rich, and then find out which is which

  160. I built my first RG last week and now I’m hooked really excited for the RG 00 raiser in fact you could say I EMBODY EXCITEMENT (laughs manically) what other kits would you like to see as a RG my personal hopes are for turn A, 00 Qan[T],Nu,Gm and a unicorn

  161. Am I the only person that is disappointed that there was no talk of the new Macross Super VF-1J Gerwalk kit? I have it in my rpivate warehouse and would have loved to see an unboxing.

    • Unfortunately but understandably, HLJ tends to focus on Bandai and Kotobukiya kits, in that order. Snap-fit kits especially. I don’t think I’ve seen Hasegawa kits featured or built on here in… ever.

  162. I’m waiting for my package to arrive with lots of kits from hlj. I need to get my hands on that assault though. It looks so sick!

  163. great show as always ^_^ cant wait to get those new kits

  164. Syd and Ryan Give me VICTORY and death , great episode and looking forward to seeing the X-wing built.

  165. Win stuff!!!!!

  166. Sieg Zeon!!!

  167. Dude I used to watch Rad every single summer. Send me an angel!

  168. 1 comment 1 account! I do this every week but I never win anything, come on guys let me win something! Just joking…. Kekeke exciting for the RG 00 riser next week!

  169. To Victory, for honour! Keep up the great work

  170. Congrats to Duster92 on that Mega Size, SOOOOO EPIC.

    Good idea on stalling the Spammers as well!!!

  171. hmm cant wait for the 00 raiser

  172. Looking forward to seeing that X wing built and see how it looks and works with the moving aspects. I like the tutorial Archive because trying to find them in 1704 episodes can be a daunting tasks and I know you have some good ones out there. I am agreeing with Ryan on the New Star Wars Trailer, it looks so great but I am trying to not get too hyped over it and get let down like I was with the prequel trilogies.

  173. Let’s win!

  174. Looking forward to the RG 00

  175. i hope that the new char’s zaku it’s just the start for a new line of zeonic awesomeness…just bought some old 0079 kits and i like them a lot but i wouldn’t mind these updates on kits like the gyan.
    Victory and V2 are nice and intresting kits i wouldn’t mind win one of the two

  176. shizuoka hobby show…
    why must i wait so long for it to be now instead of later?

    haha, now & laters;
    do those even still exist?

  177. Definitely gonna save money for the x-wing

  178. stand up to victory

  179. Great episode guys! It’s nice to see you care enough about the fans to try to keep the competition fair. On a side note, “That Frame Arms looks like a souped up samurai version of IronMan!”

  180. For victory!!!!

  181. Great kits! *o*

  182. I really want a new real grade announcement, hopefully they gives a new UC kit after the last two releases. We really need that RG gouf if they aren’t going to give us an hg revive kit anytime soon.

  183. I wonder what the rest of the year has in store for us in terms of gunpla lol

  184. I feel sad that there are still people trying to cheat the system, just to get free stuff……..

    But in any case, loooooooooove that X-Wing i might just get one for my desk…

    Keep it up guys you make my week every time

  185. Hi guy’s will Bandai make a millennium falcon *

  186. star boys

  187. That xwing is sick. I want one. Bandai is getting a bunch of really fantastic job with all of those star wars kits I feel like.

  188. I think it will be great if Bandai make more MG Build Fighters Try kits such as Lightening Gundam and Red Worrier. This is my first time leaving comments, what a great show absolutely love it! Keep on the great job guys!

  189. The Victory Gundam design is really nice in my opinion I’m glad others seem to like it as much as I do. Nice episode as always guys.

  190. Well, the spamming is understandable because the kits you are giving away are getting cooler and cooler.

  191. I don’t know, that comment,”megasize me” and that person winning the megasize model seems to much of a coincidence. I’m starting to thinks that the winning comments aren’t picked at random. Hmmm…
    It’s not the first time either. Anyway, that x-wing cover art is sweet.

    • Comments are picked at random, though if 80% of the comments are a variation of “megasize me/I want that megasize” then the chances of a comment like that being picked are that much higher, no?

      • Yes, it seems that, every time, there is always some kind of comment that everyone does. For example, this time, everyone is doing victory gundam puns

  192. damn spammers, guys keep up ,cuz of low cost shipping (im off limits )too bad I cant never get stuff from anywhere of course not your fault blah blah blah, anyways ,that g-self….. just wow. c3po neat. good luck to the winners cheers

  193. I want to win

  194. Syd, Ryan, I get my first MG on thursday. I’m super excited for it, its the Astray Blue Frame D. I was eyeing it for a while, but seeing it on your show made me really want it. Im also looking into some of those Frame Arms kits. Any one in specific you had alot of fun with?

  195. Free kit, Free kit, Free kit! Thumps UP! 🙂

  196. That X-Wing fighter is a must have.

  197. Hey syd and ryan, one question, stickers and foils have been improved for gunpla, when bandai remake old model kits, do they use the old style stickers or the stickers get better?

    • Having just recently built the 20-year old 1/100 F90-II, I can tell you that they indeed do NOT get better. Mine were all misaligned on the sheet by about two millimeters. :/

  198. That’s a big box for a HG. But then again, look at the Neo Zeong.

  199. That Frame Arms kit makes me wish Bandai would release more MG versions for Musha versions of Gundam. I love the Musha Victory SD, but would love to see a MG version of it.

  200. Lets go HG!If you guys have extra gundam kit posters you could definitely give those away too!

  201. If I win I will be victorious

  202. GN said on April 28, 2015

    Thanks for showing the new Frame Arms. I’ve never built one before, so I’ve put that one on order and I’ll try it out and see how it goes!

  203. aw man that x-wing. i will have to get that thing at some point.

  204. I’ve always wanted to try a frame arms kit but, it’s kinda expensive compared to Bandai stuff.

  205. Yummy Yummy I want Gundam In My Tummy

  206. love the show guys <3 :3

  207. Oh my god Syd.. I cannot believe you brought up RAD. Haven’t seen that movie in i have no clue how long. lol

  208. i want that victory

  209. I am loving those Frame Arms Kits… Great job guys, Only started building Gundams this January and I’m already hooked…

  210. lol lovin watching you guys’ channel 😀

  211. Love you guys, finally made an account after one year lol

  212. Looking forward to double o raiser rg

  213. Sorry to hear about the Canucks, Syd… I am from Southern Alberta but not really a Flames fan… I was actually kind of hoping Vancouver would move to the next round.

  214. Alright, first I must say that the Victory Gundams are both sex machines of the highest tier, and I have a burning need to get one.
    That said, you guys think Bandai’ll be willing.able to do any kits from the Knights of The Old Republic game? I would eat up Ebon Hawk, T3, or HK-47 models.

  215. I still love Rad. I was a BMX kid in the eighties and this was my movie. Love Cru and his crew! That X Wing looks awesome, might have to pick one up. Also, hope to see a MG Build Burning Gundam. Hope I win something!

  216. I can’t wait for rg double o raiser.

  217. Hi guys;

    Another great show as always. Miss the live builds; so I hope we get another soon.

    I also share Ryan’s reservations about Star Wars, but I think it will still be worth seeing. Now hurry-up and finish that X-wing Ryan so we can see it in action!

    On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone have any experience with Volks injection model kits for five star stories?

  218. Spam be gone! I’ve got the V2 Assault Gundam pre-ordered with you guys!
    Sure would be nice to get another HG Victory kit from you!
    Maybe this time I’ll win!

  219. I want to win!!!

  220. The RG 00Raiser isn’t even out yet and I’m already excited for the next one. What suit will it be?!

  221. Free Stuff!!! I WANT FREE STUFF!!
    Also, glad you guys aware of that and enforce everyone for a hlj account.


    Not much of a star wars kit guy tho

  223. Can you guys show new Armored Core kit from Kotobukiya. They seem interesting… Btw, I want a victory once a while…

  224. Hi Ryan and Syd. I only watch your episodes ones a week, and only when there’s really nothing to do. Another thing is I do learn a lot. 🙂

    I would be looking forward to you guys, archiving all your model building tips. That way, I wouldn’t have to browse back to the old episode just to refresh my memory on building model kits. 🙂

    Awesome Episode once again!

    P.s I think I want to have my hands on that V2 gundam HG. 🙂 Send them here to the Philippines please. 🙂

  225. Great show as always. What nippers would you recommend for clean cuts?

  226. me.. want… it…

  227. I’m also waiting for the build burning gundam MG! even more so for the try burning gundam! (MG)

  228. What I’m interested about “the Shiz” is the new RE100 kit announcement. I’m eager to be surprised about something new instead of wanting to see something we all knew was coming anyway. (like a 47th version of Exia for example…)
    As for the spammers, all it takes to win is that one comment. You don’t win with 10 comments. I hope no one won by spamming…

  229. Hi guys,

    Great show. Thanks.
    Love the X-Wing….a lot….
    Got a question for you….

    I was wondering when you’ll have the RX-78-2 Revive kit for sale?

    Big fan for RX-78-2 and I’m trying to get collection of it on all scales.



  230. ANother solid ep as always gents. I am really liking Bandai’s Star Wars kits. Still waiting on my Boba Fett Bandai.

  231. I want to have a little piece of hlj history so I hope I get chosen to win any of the great prizes you have to offer oh and just in case if you listen to the Beatles here you go “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here”

  232. I am not a Star Wars fan so I am asking this. Why it is called TIE Fighter?

    • TIE = Twin Ion Engine. They probably thought it sounded super fast, but an actual ion engine, used to propel our interstellar spacecrafts through deep space, generates almost zero propulsion: “The ion drive is comparable to a car that takes two days to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour…” (Wikipedia)

  233. Dunno about y’all but I have a sudden love for Code Geass KMF! I know Bandai released some models from the line but I would really like a Sutherland or Glasgow or even a Gloucester!

  234. It is TIE for Twin Ion Engine. It is a fighter because, without any articulation, it is no lover.

  235. The G-self assault pack looks pretty good without the assault pack IMO

  236. I never knew some people can be so desperate for free stuff – no to spamming! LOL

  237. I love the size and detail of the 1/48 X-Wing, but I was never much of an X-Wing fan. Do you think they’ll make other fighters in that scale?

  238. If your going to Anime Expo. You should check out ( Gamera Baene’s Gunpla Building For Adults).

  239. Char’s zaku! Red=3times speed and 3 times power!

  240. Now I’m legit with an account! V Gundam is my favorite gundam design, I have an old HG V2 from the 90’s and it’s a terrible kit!

  241. MG ?

  242. ♪Stand Up to Za Victory!!♪

  243. I am trying to branch a bit out of gunpla. Do you guys have any thoughts on stuff like Zoids and what not? It was cool seeing the frame arms.

  244. Very good episode. Loved the x-wing.

  245. Texas loves Gunplatv!! Thanks for your efforts y’all!!

  246. rng rng work ur magic

  247. Great videos like usual guys. What techniques do you guys use to remove gate marks? I would like to know what you guys do.

  248. I like that they are making star wars kits now. I just wish that they would produce an English branch and distribute gundam further. I really would like to not pay extra shipping for most Gundam.

  249. Great show guys!! You guys should show some love to the mega man kotobukiya kits. I got one and its sickkkk

  250. The X-WING looks great! will you do a review for it when it’s completely built?

  251. Gotta love Tie Fighters. Also I want my new RG yah

  252. Victory is mine!!!! 😀

  253. Frame arms kits lookin’ good! Kotobuyika do seem pretty decent

  254. Wow that X wing sure is Huuuuuuuge

  255. Can’t wait to see an X-Wing all weathered and decaled up and wired with LEDs, it looks so awesome already, great episode guys keep it up 😀

    Sieg Zeon

  256. I will not say ‘Sieg Zeon’

  257. Like how you guys are gonna upload more tutorial videos. Can you guys do a tutorial video on how to fix broken gundam model such as broken pegs? Ive had a few broken models and no idea how to fix them. Wish I could win the V2 HG Victory gundam. As always keep up the awesome work dudes!!

  258. The Xwing looks interesting. I wonder if Bandai will make a 1 to 1 scale statue like the statue of the RX-78-2. Would be nice to watch it get lit up at night. As always, thanks for the new Episode!!


  260. How much should you spend on nippers? Great show.

  261. Great show as always Syd and Ryan. I can’t wait to see what you show us from Shizuoka. I’m personally hoping for a new RG from the Wing series to be announced at least

  262. My name is Victor so a Victory gundam is perfect!

  263. the v2 looks better than the victory gundam to me

  264. are you guys excited for jurassic world ? The new star wars looks sweet but I’m also worried. Also any news on HG Origin RX78 ? great episode as always !

  265. Noticed you mentioned anime expo and places to eat in Los Angeles. Here’s what I recommend:
    Everyone needs to do In-n-out, but if you do, get your burgers “Animal Style”. It’s on their secret menu, and it’s the only way I eat my burgers there.
    Since you’re going to be downtown, I recommend Guidsado’s for a unique taco experience. Get the sampler plate.
    There’s an umami burger downtown too. Umami used to be on forefront of the LA burger phenomenon.
    My favorite pizza place in downtown Los Angeles is Pizzanista.
    I know yelp isn’t a big thang in Japan, but it’s pretty much how we do things in the states. I recommend you download it, and use that to help you find the diamonds in the rough.
    lookong forward to seeing what you have to sell at the expo.
    hope this helps!

  266. V gundam? never seen those before

  267. May the 4th be with you!

  268. Me for the win???

    Now that that is out of the way I was wondering if there will be another GUNPLA COMP in the near future?

    Can’t wait to see the shiz highlights always a great series of episodes to watch. Thanks for the great work.

    PS: Marking out big time when Han and Chewie appeared in the new Star Wars trailer.

  269. Nice episode guys
    Lol im probably never going to win…

  270. Hi guys…

  271. I need to get an x-wing!

  272. Lemme win something! please!

  273. My 1st post on hobby link, been following the series since day 1. Hope to win something!

  274. Nice episode as always guys. Can’t wait to get my hands on the moving edition X-Wing.

  275. Winner!

  276. Keep up the good work 🙂

  277. Upan said on May 2, 2015

    ah, Star War talk all day hah?
    Just kidding, great show like always.
    Really want to see that X-wing in action, also, why not build the re100 GP04?

  278. la k said on May 2, 2015

    nice job. I wish there is close up view of all models in the show.

  279. Wooh Star Wars kits! Excited to see the completed 00 raiser

  280. great episode. star wars kits are starting to look amazing! i have been wanting the victory gundam and its line of suits. course this means I prob wont win them

  281. Zeon sucks, they want ‘freedom’ but they drop colonies on Earth and choose who will remain alive and who will not. I know the Federation is not a perfect organization, but we are better than those space nazis. Hurray for the Federation ^_^

  282. Great episode guys!
    Glad to know the spammer will be gone now
    I started to suspect when I saw 500+ comments in 3-4 days.
    You should build the Gerbera RE/100, it’s a really neat design and I think many of us are still skeptical about the new line and how it stacks up compared to master grade.


  283. I have always have good time whatching gunplatv episodes and building gunpla while im whatching you great job keep doing.

  284. Tyler said on May 3, 2015

    Pick me please

  285. it going to be me

  286. Great job with the reviews. Gotta love Star Wars stuff, however, today, I shall be victorious!

  287. Just WOW!! Bandai has been using much of there LED/Electrical designs into their Model Kits. Great job to Bandai 😀

  288. I’m considering going to Anime Expo so I can meet Brian and Syd! I assume there will be a HLJ booth their? I’m on the East Coast though, so will have to arrange the airplane ticket and hotels.

  289. Nice episode guys!

    I have a question. Which kit is better for posability, Age 1 normal or RX 78 3.0?

    Thanks! Also free stuff is always good 😉

  290. I love that X Wing!!

  291. May the 4th be with you (Star Wars)
    Not a star wars fan but the kits look awesome, can’t wait until they make the first Build Fighters Try master grade kit
    Do you get it Ryan? May the force be with you

    • International Star Wars day! I really want to see a MG from build fighter try since i only build master grade.

  292. Hello please listen to the whole message, Im sorry to say that i was one of the spammers BUT WAIT! It wasn’t really my fault. I was posting to win the Mega size AGE 1 and my message wouldn’t post. I sent it in 3 times but it never showed up until the 3rd time. On the 3rd time it showed up with all 3 requests. I felt bad and im sorry. Keep up your awesome work!

    • Anna said on May 11, 2015

      No problem! If a duplicate message comes through we typically assume it was a mistake 🙂 Our concern about spammers had more to do with commenters writing several different comments intentionally. Thanks for your consideration, though!

  293. Z-men said on May 6, 2015

    Great episode as usual guys, sieg zeon! Long live gunpla tv.

  294. Still really excited for this massive Star Destroyer!

  295. Those FA kits keep looking better and better. Might have to take the plunge someday!

  296. Kovy said on May 8, 2015

    Am I the only one to think RGs are just too small?

    I love the detail (ESPECIALLY Justice) but the size just…

  297. Great episode. Hey syd i like the zssa but had been holding out for a regular yellow version only to find out its a bandai limited kit. Kind of odd. i have to say the new hg chars zaku was my fastest hg build yet.

  298. Its a Gundam!

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