Apr 6

We’ve got some big stuff to show off in this episode of Gunpla TV so be prepared to see Syd and Ryan drool as the Atlas from Titanfall and the Banshee Norn are pretty awesome! As well, Syd shows off some WIP of the newest MG, the Double X!


Kits featured in this video:

Titanfall Play Arts Kai: Atlas
Gundam FIX Figuration Metal Composite Banshee Norn (Awake)
1/100 MG Gundam Double X

Gunpla TV


  1. hope i win nobel :3

  2. shining fiiiiinggerrr!

  3. gunpla is number one, hope I win

  4. Glories to the Empire!

    Hope I win that Nobel!

  5. the titanfall atlas looks badass

  6. Titan Fall died out because the game was hyped and then taken over by CoD Advance Warfare, Battlefield, etc.

    How appropriate that we’re talking about MG Double X. I just received my order from Gundam Planet and 1 item in the order had the MG Double X… Too excited but not enough time to build yet. Hoping for MG X Maoh, MG X Divider, and MG G Falcon.

    Syd…Really? Did you just say there’s no MG Banshee Norn? O_o
    Bandai released the clear yellow psychoframe ver. and the clear green psychoframe version is coming. Albeit a P-Bandai release, but you blatantly said there was no MG for the Norn…

    • Syd said on April 6, 2015

      I meant what I said. If they release it only as a P-bandai item which isn’t available to everyone then it’s not common and many people won’t ever get to experience it.

  7. glad there are other mecha type of models going out, even with a higher price it is very well built and painted. I also like the Fixation line they are for collectors who can’t really build. I’ve given up on winning but keep it guys.

  8. Syd, what exactly is your position with HLJ?

    I would kill to work and live in Japan for a while, were there a lot of hoops for you to jump through?

  9. that norn looks great! always preferred it over the Unicorn.

  10. IG-88 would get my money.


  12. Another great episode guys. I’m going to have to look more into the Fix figuration Gundams.

  13. Luck be on my side! That Nobel Gundam is calling my name 😀 G Gundam was my favorite series. Also, great episode as always guys.

    • Lucky number 13. IT IS A SIGN

      • Well it depends on what number that person feels is lucky to them

        Heck the number 4 is considered as bad luck in China (Now I don’t know what number is considered to be bad luck in Japan since I don’t live there.)

  14. Number 12

  15. winner winner chicken ______________________

    I’d love ht nobel!

  16. Great episode guys. It would be even greater if I won that Nobel Gundam *wink wink*

  17. Um actually there was a MG banshee Norn but it was a P-Bandai online shop exclusive.


  19. Hi Guys
    Great episode. I think the Titan is super cool!
    I would enjoy building it if it was in model form.
    The Norn….. Oh ya very cool as well.
    Keep up the great episodes !
    George AKA SGT Spike

  20. When fixing broken parts what is the best way to fix them. And make it look like it was not broken at all with out braking it again?

    • If a piece is snapped in half, you might be able to simply fuse the pieces back together using modeling cement. Sand the outer surface and excess cement down, maybe add a piece of styrene to the underside of the piece (if possible) for support, and you should be good to go.

      If it’s a snapped peg or other joint, you may have to reinforce the joint with a steel rod, epoxy glue, putty, etc. Strengthen the joint, fill any empty space that may have developed due to the joint warping before snapping, then sand down.

      In either case, you’re almost certainly going to need some paint to cover up the fix. As for not breaking it again, you’ll just have to be conscious of where things broke and be careful not to do so again.

      Hope that helps, good luck.

  21. These hooves burn with an awesome power!

  22. This awesome hand of mine is BURNING RED it tells me to grasp victory take this MY LOVE MY ANGER AND ALL OF MY SORROW SHINING FINGER!!!!!!

  23. Hello hobbylink tv! Do you guys think bandai will be releasing a model kit of the els quanta? because i really love the quanta and i want to have all the figures and models of it and so far I have all of the model kits and robot damashiis. Also, *for Syd* Are you excited for the Rg 00 raiser? I’m really looking forward to getting it and maybe one day, bandai might also release a Rg 00 quanta! Can’t wait for the future 😀

  24. I watched the latest episode and I like the Details of Titanfall Playarts Kai.. So realistic. I also looking forward on your MG DX Gundam..

  25. Anything that isn’t Jar Jar Binks would be fine to make into a model.

  26. Would love that Master Gundam. I’m sure Fuunsaiki’s leg wouldn’t be that difficult to fix.

  27. What is your favorite version ka model???

  28. How old are those g gundams anyway

  29. Dat titanfall machine :DD

  30. Master Gundam!

  31. WOW~

  32. I have built two Master Gundams with Fuunsaiki and both times, Funnsaiki’s leg teared off with the ball joint inside. The first time I got a replacement and the second time I was able to take it out with a screwdriver(blood everywhere) but my Fuunsaiki is now alive :).

  33. It’s incredible how awesome looking the psychoframe transformation is on everything UC related, both figures AND model kits. Can’t wait to see the Double X with the backpack and cannons on! Then the space peacock will be complete!

  34. looking forward to any big starwars kits also guys

  35. Are you guys planning on showing off the snowspeeder when it is released? I was wondering if it has a extendable tow cable.

  36. hg master gundam for the win!!

  37. I want that Fuunsaiki! :v

  38. I would love to have the nobel. Too many kits that i want to build so little time.

  39. Another great episode and THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning me and my comments. And though I’m not the biggest nobel gundam fan I DEFINITELY need more gunpla in my collection. Oh and ill keep commenting on videos until I win something YOU HAVE MY WORD!

  40. Tohofuhai!

    I’m almost done watching G Gundam, I’d love to have a kit from it! Especially one with Syd’s touch!

    Having a lot of fun with G Gundam as it’s a nice break from Universal Century Newtype drama.

    What is your favorite non Universal Century series?

  41. The gundam figure looks pretty cool, but I like messing with my own kits to give them a unique look. The HG kits available this week look awesome too.

  42. 🙂

  43. Syd, the Banshee Norn does exist in MG form. You collect 限定 so you should know.

  44. I would be happy to have my first gunpla by the ones you build 🙂

  45. Always love starting off my week with Gunpla TV guys! And for Star Wars model kits I would love to see a Darth Maul and maybe a General Grievous kit.

  46. hey sid and ryan
    good job with the show, hope to win that master gundam
    and how would you give a sinanju a gundam style face? want to work on making a sin stein, could you show how to do that?

  47. i can here you say my name in the next video thank you

  48. the figures look amazing! great episode as always, I look forward to the next one. I hope I win this time.

  49. I do look forward for the new “revive” version of HG RX-78 and Guncannon. Hope you guys do some review of that kit when it’s release

  50. HG FTW! I can’t wait till the summer rolls around!

  51. Great video again guys. I wanna win :3

  52. Hey, I’m an on & off viewer of the show I always love what you guys do just sometimes the length of the show can’t always fit in my schedule. I agree with you guys about the Titanfall mech I prefer the more rugged and “realistic” style as a opposed to the sleekness of Gundams, reminds me of Armored Core.

  53. Niiiiice figures buddy

  54. It would be sooo cool to win either of those kits for my 8year old daughter who is just getting into gunpla

  55. Sieg zeon.

  56. G Gundam was my childhood favorite!
    Whats is your favorite G Gundam MG?

  57. GTU said on April 6, 2015

    Syd, Ryan, I’m planning on painting an HGUC Z II Gundam I got as a birthday present acouple months back. Now this is going to be the first kit I paint so I’d like to know if you guys have any advice for dealing with “first kit I’m painting anxiety.”

  58. When is the kamiki burning Gundam and super fumino coming out??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  59. Great thing to watch before going to sleep. I would love either of those G Gundam kits, first gundam series I watched, oh the memories.

  60. MASTER GUNDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  61. The double x gundam looks awsame I’m so going to pick it up and I would love to win the master gundam with the horse . My girlfriend has been wanting me to make her a custom built gundam and I want to use the horse to go with the gundam I’m working on . So I hope I win it because ever one is sold out of this kit .


  63. Man, never disappointed with anything related to the Unicorn. Always looks nice.

  64. That Banshee. 10/10 would buy if I had money 🙁

  65. I think i’ll leave a comment before it gets to a billion.

  66. AL said on April 6, 2015

    Great show guys. Talking about highly collectible (pricey) action figures, what do you guys think about the long anticipated Dancouga by Sentinel?

  67. Here I go!
    Shining Commmeeennntt!!!!!

  68. Need Macross Veratech fighters and the SDF-1

  69. Hi. What your favorite board game? National Table Top Day is April 11.

  70. I want that HG Master Gundam! It would be a good place for me to learn how to fix a kit with a metal rod.

  71. i need the kamike burning gundam with the halo and shining fist

  72. Allenby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. i want that nobell

  74. G gundam is my favorite gundam series. I really hope I win one of these kits

  75. Can’t wait to see more of the Double X! The Satellite Cannon is so cool!

  76. The G Gundam series is my favorite Gundam series. I hope I win one of those gundams.

  77. that banshee looks so beautiful.

  78. Awesome!

  79. G Gundam is one of my favorite because it’s the first Gundam series where the pilots actually fought!

  80. Hope them make a rg build burning gundam

  81. The HG God Gundam was actually the first kit of my gunpla collection. Would be great if I could win either of those prizes. Also hoping Bandai plans to make more HGs from the G Gundam series.

  82. Needs more Star Wars!

  83. Ryan: ,Does it transform?”

    Syd: ,Yes, the horse does transform, into a petty stool”

    Wow, that’s way back when…. we where all young and innocent. Haha

  84. I started working on my first MG recently which is the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam and happened to find an older video from Syd putting together the same kit that proved to be extremely helpful. Now that I’ve finished putting together the model I plan to try my hand at weathering it, wish me luck!

    and I hope I win that HG Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki with the broken leg. I need the practice to learn how to reapir a damaged kit.

    • McG said on April 6, 2015

      I’m building that kit now, should be completed this week. Although I’m doing an out of the box build since I like the color scheme

  85. I just realize that Ryan has a beard and mustache

  86. Another great ep guys. Nice grunge look there Ryan. Some nice giveaway kits. Wish Bandai would release more G Gundam kits be it MG or HG.

  87. Great episode awesome double x

  88. Hey Syd and Ryan, I have a questions, how can I can identify a waterslide decal on a certain kit if it’s a waterslide or not, like for example, MG Sinanju ver OVA? And does waterslide decals really need Mr.Mark Softer to use on a certain kit? ? Great video as always. Sieg Zeon!

  89. Awesome episode guys, keep it up

  90. Great videos. You always seem to showcase at least one item of interest to me.
    On a side note, it’s sad that there seems to be fewer “original” MG kits now that both RG and RE kits are impeding on their territory.

  91. That MG Double X looks really great. Time to save some money for it.

  92. Nice episode as always
    I’ve been building gunpla for about a year now, and I finally think I’m ready to build a custom one, any tips/tricks?

  93. Ive been building gunpla for a long time and in all my years ive never met a girl who was interested in it…until now! My girlfriend is very interested in starting gunpla. I think it would be cool to give her that custom Nobell Gundam and buy her a brand new one as well to kind of show the possibilities of gunpla customization! Hope i win!

  94. I would stay up for a Raiser live stream, can’t hardly wait for the release. Though sadly it will enter the ever increasing pile of plastic goodness, obtained from HLJ!!

    Resitance is futile!!

    Much RG lov.

    Going to be waiting patiently for the Damashii Villkiss, from Cross Ange. Thankfully got my preorder in!!!
    Hopeing you gents will show it on Gunpla TV when it’s released.
    There’s a transform…….

  95. Great show as always I’ve been making kits for a while now and even got my girlfriend into it and she’s been wanting the Nobel gundam ever since she first saw it

  96. the banshee looks nice at first i thought it was the p bandai banshee and thought syd painted it lol

  97. hope i win something this time.

  98. Joe said on April 6, 2015

    Great show guys!
    Those figures look amazing, but nothing compares to building Gunpla.

  99. Great episode as always! I enjoy watching this show and look forward to new episodes every single week. As for this week’s kit drawing, I hope I get the Nobel Gundam because its Sailor Moon theme is worth a Gundam Nobel Prize. Keep up the good work!!

  100. The world would be a much worse place without G Gundam.


    Titanfall’s Atlas is cool…nice details…..
    I hope to win one of them but I’ll just leave a comment

    Patience is a Virtue for me so either i win or not you guys are still awesome

    God bless…….and keep up the good work….thanks^^

  102. Another awesome episode guys, I just finished HG G gundam, I need a buddy for it!

  103. Great toys. But not cheap. I want one but i want to buy all the RG first

  104. Another awesome episode guys. I always look forward to ending my weekends with an episode of Gunpla TV. Both of the kits are very cool and I hope to win one. I have friends who are big G Gundam fans and I plan to give them as gifts

  105. good episode. can’t wait for the next ep with new HGs.

  106. Master Gundam…. Goodness I hope I win.
    Great show guys! 😀

  107. Great show and can you suggest what would be a good MG to do for a first kit I just finished my Gundam Charidum in 1/100 scale and want to try a MG kit now

  108. I really wanted to get a metal gundam but after having built the PG Unicorn, the other Unicorn are underwhelming!Anyone having built the PG will understand! I just hope I get to buy the Metal build Amatsu when it comes out!!This one is overwhelming!!

  109. Please be my waifu, Nobel Gundam!!!

  110. Always following the show, keep up the great work guys. Would love to be the winner for the master gundam W/ horse. One of my favorite designs and fighting capabilities. Only pilote that can take down mobile suits barehanded, totally badass.

  111. think i would like to see an imperial shuttle come out for the star wars kits.
    as for that master gundam, looks like he shouldn’t of been horsing around

  112. McG said on April 6, 2015

    Hey Syd and Ryan,
    I just discovered Gunpla about a month ago and am completely into it. All 172+ of your videos got me through many boring shifts at work the last 3 weeks. Though you sometimes kid about the early episodes, they helped increase my modeling skills tenfold. I just want to say I appreciate all the work you guys do, and thank you for the awesome shows and content.

  113. so much money, i wish i had. to buy GFF and Metal Builds of course!

  114. Wow the norn backpack is very interesting, please master Gundam =D


  116. Hey guys, great show, the banshee norn looks amazing, hope to win the master gundam, keep up the great show.

  117. Gundam X needs a lot more love, it’s the Mad Max of the Gundam series’ [have you seen the trailer for the new one btw?]. Another great bit of fun, thanks guys.

  118. I want that horse, Master….

  119. Looks like another couple of nice kits up for grabs, both would go great with the HG God Gundam I just got from you guys.

  120. looks like I won the Nobel prize! get it? no? 🙁

  121. I’m currently in Japan, can’t find the Nobel Gundam anywhere 🙁
    I did spot an HG AGE-2 normal special forces version, but it was as expenive as an MG Hi-v ver.ka :O

  122. Hey syd and Ryan, play arts is releasing star wars playarts figures, you guys should feature those figures too.

  123. i want to ride that horse !

  124. i think i’m gonna get myself that GFF Banshee norn. the shield looks really solid and firm when in destroy mode unlike the MG ver. thanks for presenting it syd !

  125. Ohh that banshee morn looks awesome. Can’t wait to get it.

  126. Hey guys, great show, the banshee norn looks amazing, hope to win the master gundam, keep up the great show.

  127. Happy Easter guy’s!!

  128. that banshee look awesome..

  129. That GFF Banshee looks amazing!! I hope to see more figure reviews in the near future.

  130. OMG THE ATLASSSSSS!!! I love it! And the new Banshee looks rad!!!

  131. Oppai! 😛

  132. I’m also one of the model kit people who who also buys figures from time to time especially if its a favorite character. recently I also delve in to the Play Arts Kai line because of Lightning (FF 13) and Vergil (DMC 3). besides there’s nothing wrong of having a few diversities on one’s collection.

  133. Hi guys, nice done on the this episode. I hope I can win the Nobel because It’s a Swedish gundam and I’m from Sweden so… It perfect. (and yes it looks like a Sailor moon gundam)

  134. The first hing i saw when i saw the kits: Nobel Master!

  135. Mater Asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 too cool

  136. Master Asia tooooooo cool 🙂

  137. omg g gundam kits. im a kid growing on the 90s and i watched it,i loved it as a kid loving it until now. my mg god gundam still isnt built but id surely love owning one of these nobel or master with faunsaki.

  138. Shame of the lack of kits but I seen the great kits of the future.

    Love seeing that banshee though. How expensive tit is seeing it si good enough!

  139. Mama just killed a man
    Put a gun against his head
    Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
    Mama, life had just begun
    But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away.

    • MAMA, OOH~~!
      Didn’t mean to make you cry
      If I’m not back this time tomorrow,
      Carry on, carry on,
      As if nothing really matters…

  140. I don’t even know what to type anymore.

  141. Rob said on April 6, 2015

    Getting that wounded Funsaiki would be the perfect excuse to finally get some glue to fix some of my other slightly damaged kits.

  142. Hey guys! that banshee looks great! 🙂 Nice kits again this week

  143. Another day enjoying Gunpla TV, awesome as always, was hoping to get Syd to tease us with the upcoming HG Zaku the origin so I can bite the bait straight. Great show with giveaway weekly!! Thanks for ‘sharing’ with us 🙂

  144. I would love to see a nicely detailed Death Star. It would be awesome.

  145. bandai needs to come out with a MG GM or guncannon. I love grunt suits!

  146. Hi guys! Am new here, just found the channel a couple of weeks ago because I want to start building Gunpla as a hobby with my girlfriend. We both built the MG Unicorn HD Color + Cage a while back (I had previouysly built the MG Ver.Ka Unicorn circa 2010) And we both loved the experience.

    We are goiung to start doing HG and RG kits startiong with the HG Banshee in a couple of weeks and we are very exited about it. So this episode wwith a Banshee Figure just made my morning!

    Funny story my Girlfriend saw that Master Gundam kit with the unicorn and just flipped out with it… So If I get to win something (fingers crossed and hoping the Random NUmber Generator smiles at me) I would loove that Kit so I can give my Girllfriend the Unicorn (I thingk I can fix the broken peg :))

    Great show guys! I’ve been watching old episodes and I am a HUGE FAN of yours. Keep it up!

  147. emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..I m hoping Bandai would not make the P Bandai coz it sux when the most wanted kits is from P Bandai. I dont care if P Bandai is about special clear version etc but normal MS as a P Bandai…Damn you Bandai. Syd/Ryan can’t HLJ order some of the P Bandai item since i’ve been bulking all the newest release in the HLJ warehouse. I’m not comfortable using other sources since I’m comfortable with hlj responce time and how you handle all my shipment. BTW keep up the good videos guys.

  148. test…test…test…

  149. Quick question, I’ve always enjoyed the various gunlpa magazines like Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan, especially the articles about different model builders’ techniques, though being in either the Japanese or Chinese language really limits how much I can learn from them, I was wondering if there are any other magazine or even websites that features these things in English, that would really be helpful; again great episode, I hope bandai continues the figure toy line like the unicorn here and hopefully they’ll make a Devil Gundam figure since the chance of Bandai making a new model for it are rather slim hehe.


  151. I wish bandai would release a non pbandai mg norn.


  153. Master asia approves the master gundam

  154. That Banshee is one hell of a figure.

  155. Nice! Me want gunpla!

  156. Cool episode! Do you think they will ever produce a Titan Fall model kit? Also I love the Nobel Gundam!

  157. Tim said on April 7, 2015

    There’s MG Banshee Norn but sadly it’s P-Bandai. 🙁

  158. I’m thinking about what Star Wars model I want Bandai to produce.
    Since I don’t like when Bandai use plastic to simulate fabric (like in Darth Vader cloak) I want to see Boba Fett…because it’s easier to hide plastic joints under his armour than in a character dressed only in fabric.

  159. i hope i win that hg master gundam with the horse. i have an idea on how to kitbash the horse

  160. That master Gundam is ridiculous haha

    And to answer the question, I am lookign forward to a nice Slave 1 Model kit from Bandai! With the moving wings and cockpit interior.

  161. The nobel gundam is kawaii. I always find it funny how it has the gundam goatee, it’s basically mecha sailor moon with a beard.

  162. Ryan! Grow the beard!! Aiming for that master gundam!!!

  163. ARGH! almost had that SD but i was off by 15-16 comments! oh well, might as well try my luck again! id like to have a go at that master gundam as I don’t really have any other gunpla from other series besides gundam build fighters and gundam build fighters try so HERE GOES!

  164. i need to get a mg unicorn but im super excited for the real grade 00 raiser

  165. Wow, this is actually the first time I know the difference between action figure and model kits. That GFF is really awesome! But I don’t think I can ever afford it 🙁

  166. Can’t wait to see the Transient Gundam next episode

  167. plz assemble the transient gundam next episode

  168. Gimme dat broken horse!

  169. I hope I win the HG Nobel gundam. I’ll give it to my.. Um… ex girlfriend when I graduate from my school this may. That will be my last present for her.*-*
    Anyway, keep up the good work guys… *thumbs up*. ^^

  170. Ok. My niece just asked me about “girl” Gundams… If I win it, I’d give the Nobell Gundam to her, and probably prove that she’s psychic. Also- Horse Gundam. What? G Gundam was weird…

  171. That Banshee <3

  172. Thanks for the tip about the MG V Gundam decals… only problem is they are impossible to find…

    Wouldn’t mind having the Master Gundam!

  173. Nobel Gundam <3

  174. Great show again !!!!!!! I would love to win the Nobell Gundam !!!!!!

  175. Would be great if they made a sequel to G Gundam

  176. Hi guys awesome episode
    what re you guys thoughts on p – bandai releases and will they ever be in stock on hlj?

    P.s (my baby sister is drooling over that nobell gundam )

  177. Maybe they included the action base for the Atlas because it tends to be leaning either forward or backward easily. The Double X looks like a HG to me. I don’t know why? Maybe because there not enough details on the armors but I am sure a lot are new in terms of mechanical design such as those on the forearm and the sides of the Leg.

    • If you want details, go for the 1990s 1/100 Double X. Details, Details, and more Details!

      The DX is also smaller than most MGs, which might contribute to its “HG-ness.”

  178. That banshee is so shiny

  179. Look the East is Burning Red!

  180. GFF is a bit pricey. I hope Bandai release a bit smaller GFF in size so they can cut off the high price 😀

  181. Atlas and Banshee Norn…. geez super awesome!

  182. Syd and Ryan are the coooooolest.

  183. never saw the G Gundam series,Syd do you recommend it? 😀 thanks

    • If you’ve ever played Xenogears/-saga/-blade, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from G Gundam. Bombastic mecha designs using kung fu and doing their darnedest to pay tribute to the super robots and tokusatsu of yore.

  184. Drooling all over the table staring at the Banshee, then jaw drops at the price…………

  185. I really want the master gundam. “Fuunsaiki become my legs as we fight together!”

  186. me me me?

  187. Great episode, can’t wait to see the backpack.


  189. great video i have the wing zero honoo for my birthday today cant wait to build it i hope i get picked to win a prize ^_^

  190. That Titan fall mech looks really cool, I should play the game one day.

  191. i ordered a nobel gundam for my fiancee last year but hlj ran out of stock before our order got filled…she still doesn’t have one. i’d be thrilled to win that for her. the master gundam would be cool too but that would be for me. poor fuunsaiki!

  192. The titanfall mech lokks cool with that scale figure,mg double x “not bad” either 😉

  193. The titanfall mech looks cool with that scale figure,mg double x “not bad” either 😉

  194. oh..I always wondered what were the ”Fix” kits…

  195. That Banshee Norn… it’s gorgeous!

  196. whyyyy i had comment 200 when i first posted it oh well may be next time. dude looks like a lady and so does that nobel hope i win. piece out

  197. Not really a fan of banshee but i like the unicorn mode too…simple and clean. it would be nice to win a kit,they are in my list anyway soooo…

  198. Nobel looks very sexy ;),if i don’t win it i’m going to buy it because it’s to good lookin to pass up!

  199. Hey syd and Ryan I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend into building gunpla but with not that many kits out there that she likes it gets hard for me to build something for her but that nobel gundam is just the right one for her she’s really into anything that has the kawaii type feel to it

  200. I wanna be that random guy! anyways im too poor to have any model the only 2 models I have is because got a great job now Im unemployee sad story who cares anyways banshee rocks too bad is too expensive for me the tintanfall looks great someday I hope stars looks at me and shine again and get in the rail to get some awesome stuff guys keep it up and thx for the awesome show keep us all updated all times take care and keep having fun

  201. Mg Hyaku Shiki 2.0.

  202. I’ll fix that horse!

  203. Looking forward to Completed Double X with the backpack and twin satellite canons next week. Thanks for the long running show!

  204. Very cool episode! I’m a Gundam X fan and I’m currently working on the HGAW Double X

  205. Wasn’t gonna buy the Double X … but now…

    Good episode as always! Hope I win something!

  206. Hope i win the master gundam

  207. A statue that looks similar to the Mobile Suit Gundam anime’s Zaku mobile suit was found in Ankara, Turkey.

  208. Man! Look at that Banshee Norn! 🙂 I like its shield, it’s so big! I love it psycho frame parts!

  209. Forgot to add in my comment for last week’s video. Dang. And I wanted that SD Wing, too. Oh well. Here’s trying for some G Gundam goodness!

  210. Nice episode guys. That banshee is quite astonishing! Wish I had the money for it hahaha

  211. I want that nobell gundam ver ka.

  212. Definitely will be getting Double X Gundam.

  213. With the upcoming release of the Hgbf Leopard Da Vinci Im hoping we see hgaw Leopard and a re issue if 1/100 non grade also.

  214. aww man build fighters has ended 🙁 need more !!!!!!

  215. I have no idea what I’m doing! 🙂

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    Spray paint –> Mr Super clear Gloss (the acrylic grey can by Mr Hobby) –> Panel line –> Mr Super clear Gloss –> Decal –> ?
    And I’m currently putting up the water decals, was wondering did i did it correctly?
    And can i put the water base gloss top coat after the water decals? or i need to put the acrylic top coat?
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    currently I have a custom build on my work desk and two more on the way, if I can get my painting work done to get paid

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    I really wish they would DUB gundam build fighters so I could watch it and build.

    Also any rumors to next RG? I read a lot of blogs and read they might continue the Gundam Wing line, hopefully.

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    in MG GLORY once again. Cant wait to see your finish kit Syd. I hope to get your NOBEL Gundam Syd!!! What would be your speculation for the next RG after 00 Raiser?? I always hoped it would Hyaku Shiki but having the MG Ver2 coming Im sure its not for a while…. Star Wars wise I would actually like to see the Clone troopers with their more military kinda look and weapons. Maybe far off since after eps 4-6 they will be busy pumping the eps 7 ones don’t you think?? Thanks for reading!!!

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    I would like to ask a question which is not really related to physical robot toys. The question is where can I get the big posters of gundams? The ones that are behind you guys during the show…

    I really love the Hi-Nu Gundam! I have the SD, HG and the MG version. I would like to get my hands on a Hi-Nu poster. Can I order through HLJ?

    Thanks again!


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    double x is looking cool

  333. I think the Banshee looks a lot less cooler without the claw-hand… but that metallic version is awesome.

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    hope you could feature more Play arts Kai, like the new Stormtrooper

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  336. That’s the XO-16 Chaingun, Ryan! That Atlas is absolutely beautiful by the way, I wish I got more time just to stare at it in game, but sadly I can’t tell everyone else to chill and have a picnic. Titanfall is incredibly underrated, the campaign was awful but the gameplay is so exhilarating it totally makes up for it.

    Thanks for the vid and for showing some non Gunpla stuff like the Atlas!

  337. I never knew that the Gundam figures were that big. I always thought that they were more of a size comparing to the “mobile suit in action” figures at only 4.f to 5 inches (112.5-125mm)in height. I’m now interested in getting some of these new figures. I’ve just “returned” to model building as a hobby and I can appreciate how you show the differences between two different kits of the same character (like the Sinanju vs the Sinanju Ver. Ka. from a previous episode). I’m wondering if you could possibly review or compare some of the Space Battleship Yamato kits (affectionately called Starblazers in the US syndication from my youth). I’m also curious about some of the “third party” Gundam kits from the Chinese “Gogo Model”. How do these “third party” kits compare to Bandia kits? Are they comparable to some of, say, the third party Transformer figures? What are your thoughts?

  338. Winner!

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